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Thank you to all of the distributors, brewers, volunteers, vendors, sponsors & supporters who have helped make this festival a reality!

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Entertainment Lineup FRIDAY, JUNE 16

6:15 - 7:30 pm The Quick & Easy Boys Rock / Funk / Punk 7:45 - 9:00 pm

Redwood Son Roots Rock / Country

Dead Wood Standing 9:15 - 11:00 pm

Stompgrass / Folk Rock

Redwood Son

SATURDAY, JUNE 17 5:00 - 6:00 pm

Melville Indie Rock

6:15 - 7:30 pm The Tumblers Country 7:45 - 9:00 pm

Hillstomp Blues / Rock

9:15 - 11:00 pm Brothers and Sister Allman Bros. Tribute Band Brothers and Sister



12:30 - 2:00 pm Livi Yiu Alternative Indie Pop

Chuck Westmoreland 2:30 - 4:00 pm

Country / Folk / Psychedelic 4:30 - 6:00 pm Lenore Folk


Livi Yiu

FIND YOUR FAVORITES Booth # Elysian Brewing Co. Fremont Brewing Georgetown Brewing Co.





Buoy Beer Co. Fort George Brewery Pelican Brewing Co.


Alameda Brewing Co. Gigantic McMenamins Old Church


Double Mountain Brewery Full Sail Brewing Co. Logsdon Farmhouse Ales



Freebridge Brewing No-Li Brewhouse Ordnance Brewing










V 9

Gilgamesh Brewing Ram Brewery Salem Ale Works


+ Merchandise

Coin Toss Brewing Drinking Horse Brewing Co. Silver Falls Brewery Golden Valley Brewery Rusty Truck Brewing Co. Wolf Tree Brewery

Fat Heads Brewery Rock Bottom Brewery Uptown Brewing

Ancestry Brewing Base Camp Brewing Co. Burnside Brewing

















V2 V6

V3 V4 V5


Breweries Booths


Info Booth



Food Vendor Booths


First Aid








Deluxe Brewing Co. Vagabond Brewing Wandering Aengus Ciderworks




Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. Silver Moon Brewing Three Creeks Brewing Co. Worthy Brewing

2 Towns Ciderhouse Mazama Brewing Co. Nectar Creek


Ballast Point Brewing Firestone Walker Brewing Co. Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Agrarian Ales ColdFire Brewing Ninkasi Brewing Co.

20 Founders Brewing

10 Barrel Brewing Co. Atlas Cider Crux Fermentation Project

Lost Coast Brewing Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.






V1 Bakke Brothers Jerky Drink Tank

Assorted beef & game jerky

V2 Kettle Corn


Sweet popcorn and nuts

V3 Baked & Loaded Potatoes


Delicious, loaded potatoes

V4 NW Mobile Cuisine

Individual-sized pizzas

V5 NE Crêperie

V6 Kona Ice


Bearded Oregon Flood Clothing Haute Candles Island Fire Arts Kinmanstudios Returning Veterans Project Sage Stone Botanicals Thai Dye

Sweet and savory crêpes

Family Privacy Tent

Refreshing shaved ice

V7 Sweet Oregon Rain

Wine slushies

V8 Oregon Garden Resort

Sausages, mac & cheese, and more

V9 Adam’s Rib Smokehouse RESTROOMS


Authentic American BBQ




5 Rock Bottom Brewery 16 Agrarian Ales


Trip and Stumble 9.7% – Belgian Tripel Libertine – Apple Ale 7.0%


3 Double Mountain Brewery 3 Logsdon Farmhouse Ales 14 Wandering Aengus Ciderworks 14 Wandering Aengus Ciderworks 15 2 Towns Ciderhouse 15 2 Towns Ciderhouse 17 Atlas Cider 17 Atas Cider


3 Full Sail Brewing Co. 4 Ordnance Brewing 5 Rock Bottom Brewery 10 Silver Falls Brewery 11 Rusty Truck Brewing Co. 20 Founders Brewing 20 Lost Coast Brewery

Double Mountain 6.7% Dry Cider Wilde Appel 6.9% Anthem Cherry 5.5% Wandering Aengus 6.5% Wonderlust Outcider 5.0% Made Marion 6.0% Apricot Cider 6.2% Pineapple Mango 6.0% Blood Orange Wheat 5.2% Bloops Blueberry 4.6% Wheat – American Sassy Pants 5.0% – Fruit Ale Will-O’-the-Wisp 5.5% Strawberry 4.5% Wheat Tonic Rubaeus 5.7% – Raspberry Ale Watermelon Wheat 5.0%


6 Burnside Brewing 18 Silver Moon Brewing

Sakura Gose 4.9% Salty Bog 4.5% Cranberry Gose

1 Elysian Brewing 1 Fremont Brewing 1 Georgetown Brewing Co. 2 Buoy Beer Company 2 Fort George Brewery 2 Pelican Brewing Co. 3 Double Mountain Brewery 4 Freebridge Brewing 4 No-Li Brewhouse 5 Fat Heads Brewery 6 Ancestry Brewing

Day Glow IPA 7.4% Lush IPA 7.0% Bodhizafa IPA 6.9% Amarillo Single 6.7% Hop IPA 3-Way IPA 7.0% Dirty Bird IPA 7.0% – Seasonal Hop Lion IPA 6.7% Suicide Grade 8.0% Imperial IPA March Forth – Citrus 7.2% Vantastic IPA 6.7% Best Coast 7.0%



# Brewery



7 Alameda Brewing Co. 7 McMenamins Wilsonville Old Church Brewery 10 Drinking Horse Brewing Co. 11 Rusty Truck Brewing Co 12 Gilgamesh Brewing 12 Salem Ale Works 14 Deluxe Brewing Co. 14 Vagabond Brewing 16 Ninkasi Brewing Co. 17 10 Barrel Brewing Co. 17 Crux Fermentation Project 18 Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. 18 Silver Moon Brewing 18 Three Creeks Brewing Co. 18 Worthy Brewing 19 Ballast Point Brewing 19 Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 19 Lagunitas Brewing Co. 20 Founders Brewing 20 Lost Coast Brewery 20 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Admiration IPA 6.5% – American Hop Gremlin 9.7% Double IPA NE by NW IPA 6.0% – Vermont-style Juicy IPA 6.0% Doug Firocious 8.7% – Double SGNARLY IPA #3 5.2% Diabolic IPA 6.4% Attack Owl 7.5% Beer Run 7.3% Juicy Fruit 5.8% Gimme Mo IPA 6.2% Mosaic IPA 6.5% IPA 97 7.0% CrowdPleaser IPA 7.3% StrataSphere IPA 6.4% Grapefruit Sculpin 7.0% Easy Jack 4.5% – Seasonal Lagunitas IPA 6.2% Centennial IPA 7.2% Fogcutter 8.7% Double IPA Tropical Torpedo 6.7%

2 Buoy Beer Company 3 Full Sail Brewing Co. 10 Coin Toss Brewing 10 Coin Toss Brewing 12 Gilgamesh Brewing 12 Ram Brewery 15 Mazama Brewing Co. 18 Three Creeks Brewing Co. 19 Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Buoy Helles 5.3% Sesión Cerveza 4.5% – Mexican-style 1845 Amber Lager 5.5% – Oregon Common Half Penny Lager 4.2% Classic Lager 5.4% Cinco Patas 5.5% Mexican Style Lager Uno Mas – Vienna 5.0% Helles Canyon Lager 4.4% Lagunator 7.9%



15 Nectar Creek 15 Nectar Creek

Cluster – Cranberry 5.1% & Strawberry Session Mead Sting 6.2% – Session Mead





PALE ALE 1 Elysian Brewing 1 Fremont Brewing 4 Ordnance Brewing 7 Gigantic 11 Golden Valley Brewery 14 Vagabond Brewing 16 Coldfire Brewing 16 Ninkasi Brewing Co. 18 Cascade Lakes Brewing Co.

Super Fuzz Blood 6.4% Orange Pale – Northwest Summer Ale 5.2% RX Pale Ale 5.6% Axes of Evil – Collabo 6.0% American Pale Ale 5.2% Mango’d 5.5% Outpost Pale NW Ale 5.2% Pacific Rain 5.4% – Northwest Drop the M.I.C. 5.6%

1 Georgetown Brewing Co. 2 Pelican Brewing Co. 4 Freebridge Brewing 11 Golden Valley Brewery 14 Deluxe Brewing Co. 17 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

Roger’s Pilsner 4.9% Five Fin Pilsner – Northwest 5.3% Pulpit Rock Pilsner 4.3% – German Red Hills Pilsner 5.0% – Czech-style Deluxe Resurrection 5.5% Pilsner Out of Office 5.0% – Hoppy Pilsner


PORTER 10 17

RED 5 7 18

Silver Falls Brewery Crux Fermentation Project

Eureka Porter PCT Porter

5.5% 5.5%

Uptown Brewing Alameda Brewing Co. Worthy Brewing

Oatis Reddin Rose City Red Stoker Red Ale

8.5% 6.4% 6.6%


5 Uptown Brewing 7 Gigantic 10 Drinking Horse Brewing Co. 11 Wolf Tree Brewery 15 Mazama Brewing Co.


Taming of the 7.1% ‘Shroom The City 7.6% Never Sleeps – Imperial Black Thaistick Saison 5.0% Memba’ Berry 5.5% Saison Naked & Hoppy 6.3% – Dry Hopped

# Brewery



3 Logsdon Farmhouse Ales 4 No-Li Brewhouse 6 Base Camp Brewing Co. 16 Coldfire Brewing


Szech ‘n Brett 6.5% – Farmhouse Unbreakable 7.8% Imperial Sour Bretta Livin’ Plum 4.8% – Sour Fruit Ale Lilikoi Sour 4.3%


2 Fort George Brewery 6 Ancestry Brewing 6 Burnside Brewing 7 McMenamins Wilsonville Old Church Brewery 11 Wolf Tree Brewery 12 Salem Ale Works 16 Agrarian Ales 19 Ballast Point Brewing 19 Firestone Walker Brewing Co.


6 Base Camp Brewing Co. 5 Fat Heads Brewery 12 Ram Brewery 20 Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Spruce Budd Ale 5.0% – Spruce Beer Ancestry Cream Ale 5.7% Sweet Heat 4.9% – Fruit and Spice Confessional Kölsch 5.3% Spruce Tip Ale 6.5% Hootenanny 4.2% Honey Basil Tartan – Scotch Ale 6.0% Bonito – Blonde 4.5% Luponic Distortion 5.9% – Rotating Hop Series Lost Meridian Wheat 5.0% – Dry-hopped Chocolate Goggle 5.4% Fogger – Hefeweizen Barefoot Wit 5.3% – Witbier Ovila – White 5.3%


Silverton Taxi 503-873-2716

Willamette Valley Yellow Cab 503-362-2411

Yellow Taxi Cab (Wilsonville/PDX)

503-922-1234 9 503.460.9025 4765 NE Fremont St. Portland, OR

503-874-4888 200 E. Main St. Silverton

Serving Breakfast & Lunch Local Beer & Wine 7 Days a Week 8am – 3pm


Apocalypse IPA Outcider

ABV: 6.8 IBU: 70 ABV:version 5% Our of the West Coast style Rugged, andcan not talk afraidabout of taking IPA. All fresh, day we how the trail less traveled. Jonagold apples great we think it is, but if you likeare pressed, fermented, leftyourself. unfiltered. IPA’s…just give it and a run You can experience their raw character.

Made Marion

Corvallis, OR

Swill ABV: 6%

ABV: 4.5 Ripe and juicy,IBU: 4 Made Marion unites Northwest apples with whole locally grown marionberries, thethrow crowndown. jewel ofWe all blackberry Our Swill was designed to started with a varieties. Marionberries are a true testament to themultiple bounty of laybase of German Berliner Weiss and added Oregon. ers of grapefruit to this summer crusher!

Booth 15 Cherry Bl’awesome Out 6 of Office Pilsner ABV: Tart ABV:and 5% floral, this seasonal cider made with NW apples, An all is grain Pilsner dry-hopped with sour a bunch of Citra hops. A light, crisp cherries, wholehop hibiscus lager withand amazing flavor and blossoms. Smells like awesome aroma. is in the air!

Bend, OR

Juicy Fruit IPA

Serious ABV: 5.8%Scrump ABV: This is11 the juice box for adults. Simcoe, Mandarina Bavaria, and Serious Scrumpaisjuicy a dry cider made in traditional scrumpy Galaxy delivers hop experience that is accentuated by a fashion, withsweetness. a Northwest mellow malt It’s twist! good to be grown up.​ An eclectic blend of apple varietals are slow fermented with traditional English cider yeast. Enjoy this tart, floral, celebratory cider and get serious about your scrump! Booth 17

Hell or High WaterMelon Wheat Libertine IBU: 17 ABV: 7% ABV: 4.9 A golden beer/cider hybrid made Classic American wheat beer, which with Liberty apples picked at our undergoes a traditional secondary neighbor’s farm. Apple fermentation using freshtartness waterpresentAinstrawthe finish, which is dry melon. and crispy despite the malt and colored, refreshing beerrich with a kiss apple flavors lingering on flavor. of watermelon aroma and the palate. Eugene, OR Brew Free or Die IPA ABV: 7 IBU: 70 Tartan Scotch Ale ABV:a6% Aromatic golden IPA starts with sucker punch of six different quickly balanced by a solid maltand backbone. Top Wehops, separated the potent sweet first runnings caramelized selling beer at the pub; starts andbrew finishes clean. them into a thick syrup while thebig full size boiled away with Newport hops. Near the end the syrup goes back into the main kettle for its dark color and rich malt flavor. Malty yet dry, rich and smooth. Booth 16 11 1 1

Admiration IPA ABV: 6.5% A rich malt backbone supports an intense citrus character derived from massive amounts of Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook hops.

Rose City Red ABV: 6.4% A Pacific Northwest-style red ale brewed with the highest quality Crystal malts and copious amounts of Nugget hops.

Portland, OR

Booth 7

Best Coast ABV: 7% Our flagship IPA: bright citrus and stone fruit on the nose and in the flavor, with a clean-yet-complex malt profile to round out the light bitterness.

Tualatin, OR

Ancestry Cream Ale ABV: 5.7% A light, refreshing ale that exhibits lager characteristics, barley, corn and oats, mixed together with bitter gold hops to provide a drinkable summer beer.

Booth 6

DAMNESIA Apricot CiderIPA ABV: 6.7 IBU: 70 ABV: 6.2% We use Chinook, Golding,dominate Galena this Golden orange apricots and Cascade hops a subtle flavor that is tart cider, adding giving this beer a herbaceous, like combining peach and aripe plum but fruit,quite floralasflavor. not sweet.

Pineapple CRYSTALMango RED

ABV: ABV:6%6 IBU: 45 Bend, OR Tart pineapple skillfully balanced with An uber balanced example of a Northmango sweetness and flavor. An off-dry west Red Ale named from the use of Crystal hops and the many but fruitmalts forward profile showcases aromas and flavorsdeof Crystal roasted for that different lengthsthe to contribute varying these distinctive fruits. A non-cloying finish. Many red ales, esgrees of color, sweetness and depth ofclean character.

pecially from the Northwest, are IPAs with a more reddish hue. Ours marries hop character throughout a layered malt bill for supreme harmony in a style all its own. Booth 17 12

Sculpin IPA Grapefruit Sculpin IPA ABV:7%7 IBU: 70 ABV: After years of experimenting, we knew Award-winning IPA, with a citrus twist. hopping an ale at separate stages Tart freshness offive grapefruit complements wouldcitrusy produce something special. The reIPA’s hop character. Grapefruit’s is thisfruit, gold-medal IPA, whose asult winter but thiswinning easy-drinking ale inspired usesummer. of hops creates hints of apricot, tastes like peach, mango and lemon, but still packs a bit of a sting, just like a Sculpin fish.

Bonito Blonde Pale Ale

San Diego, CA ABV: 4.5% ABV: 5.2 IBU: 23 An approachable beer, with some Our original Pale you Ale in is with a rich brew, crafted with substance. It draws its golden golden color and soft malt aromatic German hops and and rounded outkeeps with ayou blend of character. The light mouthfeel dry finish coming American and Munich malts . back. A subtle hint of hops, naturally. Booth 19

Bretta Livin’ Plum ABV: 4.8% The latest in our all-Brettanomyces fermented, soured fruit beers. It’s bright and acidic from a native maltbased Lactobacillus kettle souring. Showcases the bright, tart flavor of Oregon plum, added during later stages of fermentation.

Lost Meridian Wheat

Portland, OR

ABV: 5%

Cloudy, opaque white color and silky mouthfeel from loads of wheat and oats. Not quite an American hefeweizen, not quite a Belgian witbier. Via a huge dry-hop dose, Meridian hops deliver a brightly citrus, refreshing mimosa-like character. Booth 6

Buoy Helles ABV: 5.3% With delicacy and richness, the palest, softest celebration of high quality German Pils Malt is composed to create Buoy Helles. Helles lager style was born on March 21, 1894 in Munich. Buoy Helles was born 120 years later with nothing lost in translation.

Amarillo Single Hop IPA

Astoria, OR ABV: 6.7%

Our single-hop series uses the same IPA malt base, the only change the type of hops. This non-complex malt base showcases hop profiles. Amarillo offers citrus and grapefruit flavors and a spectrum of aroma: grapefruit, orange, lemon, melon, apricot, peach. Booth 2 13

Sakura Gose ABV: 4.9% Originally brewed in collaboration with Japan’s Shonan Beer, this kettle-soured ale comes with an elegant twist. Sakura, salt-cured cherry blossoms, added in both the kettle and fermenter creates the salt and flavor components in our take on the Gose style.

Sweet Heat

Portland, OR

ABV: 4.9%

A GABF Gold Medal winning wheat beer with an addition of 200 pounds of apricots, then dry hopped with imported Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. Reminiscent of a Caribbean chutney, with subtle tartness from the fruit with a slight spiciness from the peppers. Booth 6

Mosaic IPA ABV: 6.5% This India Pale Ale offering is the big American IPA we all crave in the upper left-hand corner of the country. With an incredible tropical fruit nose and an amazing soft bitterness on the finish, this Mosaic IPA is an extremely well balanced ale.

Drop the M.I.C. Pale Ale

Redmond, OR

ABV: 5.6%

For those who enjoy a hoppy brew without the high alcohol and bitterness of an IPA… this one’s for you! Citrusy and floral intense Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Citra hops play well together and bring a beautiful hop aroma to the nose. Booth 18

German Pilsner 1845 Amber Lager

ABV: 5 IBU: 20 ABV: 5.5% Crisp, clean, refreshing beerhave Our interpretation of what may that prominently features noble been brewing in the Oregon Territory German around thehop timebitterness of the Lovejoy versus Pettygrove coin toss in 1845. Brewed with pale Mosaic and dark crystal malt, Half2-row Hitch ImpeNorthern Brewer hops and warmrial IPAwith lager yeast fermented Oregon City, OR ABV: 10 IBU: 80 Mosaic hop imparts Half Penny Lagersurprisingly floral aromas instead of the more expected grapefruit-y notes. On the palate, complex ABV: 4.2% layers of flavors might remind you of guava, mango, stone Light, crisplemon, and refreshing. Brewed with 2-row pale malt, flaked rice fruit and unraveling your idea of what an Imperial IPA and lightly should be.hopped with Hersbrucker and Nugget. Booth 10 14

NW Ale ABV: 5.2% Our flagship pale ale is a mix of dry and refreshing elements with a soft, rounded delivery. Bold tangerine and light pine on the nose. Pours a light golden orange color. Flavors of honey and citrus with a softness that defies dryness. Floral, citrusy, perfect.

Lilikoi Sour

Eugene, OR

ABV: 4.3%

Lilikoi is another word for passionfruit. A passionate beer with tropical light fragrance of apricot and a touch of sea air. A sessionable yet complex sour beer, its firm tart character is balanced by a generous amount of passionfruit and apricot. Booth 16

Crispin Original Gimme Mo IPA Apple Cider

ABV: 6.2% ABV: 5 sweet IBU: A slightly and0 lower ABV, A classically styled,relief yet from the this IPA provides untraditional hard apple onslaught ofcrisp bitter hop bombs. Bend, OR cider. Fruitaromatic forward, with a fresh Complex layers suggest crunchy, appley a delimango, melon,nose pineand and berries, ciouslyby creamy, driven whole-leaf Mosaic and Citra hops which are balanced by refreshingly an acidulatedcrisp andmouthfeel. pilsner malt bill.

Fox Barrel PCT Porter Blackberry Pear

ABV: 5.5%

We open a combination of Sterling and crystal hops with ABV: 5 ferment IBU: 0 Munich Lager yeast. Clean, crisp, refreshing. is unfiltered. An authentic blackberry dark-fruit taste This andbeer a sweet-sharp Robust flavors driven by a roasted chocolate malt bill paid off fresh tang. Mouthwatering juicyand complexity. Luscious pearwith refreshing day-in and day-out drinkability. Ahhh‌ berry bouquet. Pears are from Oregon & Washington. Booth 17

German Pilsner

Diabolic IPA

ABV: 5 IBU: 20 ABV: 6.4% Crisp, clean, beer Triple hopped refreshing with Nugget, Chinook that prominently features noble and Cascade this IPA is outrageously German hop bitterness wicked with a perfect blend of hops and premium malts. A smooth, hoppy dangerously drinkable IPA. Half and Hitch Mosaic Impe-

rial IPA

Deluxe Resurrection Pilsner ABV: 10 IBU: 80

Albany, OR

ABV: 5.5%hop imparts surprisingly floral aromas instead of the Mosaic A hoppy, thirst-quenching Pilsner! Pre-prohibition style brewed with more expected grapefruit-y notes. On the palate, complex traditional Pilsner might malt and flakedyou maize for a full-flavored lager. layers of flavors remind of guava, mango, stone Mt. and Santiam hops add moderate and fruitHood and lemon, unraveling your idea ofspice what anbitterness. Imperial IPA should be. Booth 14 15

Hop Lion IPA ABV: 6.7% Introducing a new core beer to our IPA lineup. Played with the malt bill much more than in the past, giving it a lighter and brighter color. Giving the base something different for the hops to stand on.

Double Mountain Dry Cider

Hood River, OR ABV: 6.7% Heirloom apples from Double Mountain Orchards and Hood River Newtowns, Braeburns and Hanners create old world complexity. With plenty of time to dry out and develop aromas of pear, lychee, green fruit and chamomile, it finishes tart, crisp, dry and quenching. Booth 3

Kolsch NE by NW IPA ABV: ABV: 6%5.2 IBU: Characterized by a 40 hazy body this new a In Cologne, many style is sweeping thea brewery produces Clackamas, OR nation. Big juicy hopa light-bodied ale with delicate and bouquetfruitiness and a fruity rounded maltiness, courtesy of a unique strain. Our Kölsch hop flavor make this bright tangy IPA a yeast winner. Close your eyesis 8 Fourthcousin St. unfiltered and more hoppedathan its German and you might thinkgenerously you are drinking mimosa on a tropical Hood River, OR 97031 beach.

Hop Lava

Thaistick ABV: 5% ABV: 7 Saison IBU: 75 A classic Belgian powerful farmhouse dry copious hopped with This big, glowing, IPAgenerously is packed with lemongrass. This is about as close as you can get to backpacking amounts of Northwest hops. We balance the considerable through Thailand in the 1970s while of simultaneously attending a hop flavor with a sturdy backbone malty goodness. beer festival in Oregon. Booth 10 California Super FuzzBlonde Blood

ABV: 5.8 Pale IBU: 10 Orange A light, crisp blonde ale brewed in 6.4% aABV: pilsner style with a delicate malt Super Fuzz Is a mind-bending character balanced by a very subtle whirlof ofspice the aromas flavors touch from theand Pacific of blood orange Northwest Northwest organicand hops. Seattle, WA hops. Brewed with Pale and Munich malts, German Northern Brewer, Cascade, Citra and Amarillo hops plus blood orange. Dig it maaan. Organic IPA

ABV: 7.2 IBU: 40 GlowEnglish IPA Style IPAABV: ADay balanced with7.4% a crisp hoppy flavor and light malt is background, theEl floral andand citrus aroma Dayglow packed with featuring juicy Mosaic, Dorado Centennial ofhops, Pacific Northwest Organic featuring pineapple andHops. tropical fruit flavors and aromas. A touch of wheat hazes the malt bill, softening this bright and crisp IPA. Booth 1 16

Super Fuzz Blood OrVantastic IPA

ange ABV: 6.7% West with45 big citrus ABV:Coast 5.4 IPA IBU: and tropical fruit aroma Superfuzz Blood Orangeand Pale flavor. is a beer you can get behind, with Pale, Munich and Dextri-Pils malts and German Chocolate Goggle Northern Brewer and Cascade hops to bitter and flavor. Fogger But it’s the Citra, Amarillo and ABV: blood5.4% orange peel and puree that’ll re- Portland, OR Imagine a on light refreshing chocolate ally get you your feet. covered banana. We took our bavarian-style wheat beer with lots of banana esters and subtle clove phenolics and infused it with a Immortal IPA generous amount of chocolate. Dessert-like without being overly ABV: 6.3 IBU: sweet and cloying 54 A Northwest legend loaded with hop flavor and aroma. Brewed with Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-hell malts. BitBooth 5 Little Sister

Luponic Distortion

ABV: 4.3 IBU: 65 ABV: 5.9% Full IPA flavor and aroma, with An ever-evolving mix of a low ABV. experimental hops, designed to deliver mind-blowing flavors that break the rules with each Daily Bread new release. Every 90 days, the Paso Robles, CA ABV: 5.5 IBU: 65 brewing team is going to mix things up and deliver a new batch of Luponic Distortion. A hoppy beer whose flavor falls between a pale and an IPA. The Summit hops provide the orange peel notes. Easy Jack Session IPA ABV: 4.5% A Common Ale is a lager beer, brewed fast and warm Brewmaster like an ale. Matt Brynildson went to the mountain top and returned with a vision. Brewed and dry hopped with newer German, New Zealand and North American hop varieties. Massive hop aromas, surprising dimension, a signature malt balance. Booth 19

Wild Oregon Logger

3-Way IPA

ABV: 5.4 IBU: 20 ABV: 7% Pre-Prohibition lager with all OrA Fort George summerand seasonal egon grown ingredients an collaboration with extra twist: Wild RiceGreat fromNotion Eastern Brewing (Portland, OR)hops and for a Oregon and Willamette Rueben’s Brews WA). delicate aroma of(Seattle, flowers and nutAstoria, OR tiness. Deep gold color with gentle malt flavor creates a beer impudent of Spruce Budd Ale corn/rice lager. contemporary American ABV: 5% Brewed entirely with 2-row barley Stout and hand-picked coastal Dreadnut Foreign Export spruce tips. This unique beer holds hints of spruce, citrus, and ABV:spruce. 7.2 IBU: 30 more Tropical Stout has roast and sweet coconut aromas, full bodied with treacle, molasses, and a creamy coffee finish. Dreadnut is Jamaican slang for coconut. 55# Coconut sugar brings you right near da’ beach. #### Booth 2 17

Feckin Stoned Rubaeus ABV: 6.2 IBU: 60 ABV: 5.7% Indian pale alethe recipe fromof fresh Optimizing flavor Findlater’s Brewery in Dublin. raspberries, Rubaeus isThe the brewery closed down 1949, Founder’s way of incelebrating we’ve original IPAyearthe taken joys their of summer recipe and hopped it up with NW round. This stunning berry-red hops, we dry hop with a river rock masterpiece is the perfect blend toofsubmerge theand whole leaf hops sweet, tart, refreshing. in the fermenter hence the name Stoned.

Grand Rapids, UT

Centennial IPA

ABV: 7.2% Irish Oatmeal Porter

ABV: 5.8 IBU: 30 Sweet yet balanced. Malty undertones shake hands with hop character the abundance of dry hopping.recipe circa Taken fromfrom a classic Beamish and Crawford 1934, using Irish steel cut oats. Known in Ireland as “The Workman’s Friend” Booth 20

Pivo Pils

Pulpit Rock Pilsner

ABV: 4.3% ABV: 5.3 IBU: 40 Oregon Awards 2017 Silver Medal German Beer Pilsner with a hoppy Bohemian Winner. A rich bodybeautiful with a twist. Bright lagergolden topped with brilliant white foamy head. Crisp, clean white foam lace. Lightly toasted malt flafinish. Distinct light lagerhop flavor offering vors underscore German character. aMagnum whiff ofhops noble hopsthe which showcase deliver lupulin foundation.delicate Finishedmalt with character German Saphir foreasy a the of this touch of bergamot zest and lemongrass. drinking German Pils.

Velvet Merline

ABV: 5.5

Suicide Grade Imperial IPA IBU: 27

The Dalles, OR

ABV: 8%

Mosaic hops oatmeal are showcased with this balanced big and burly A decadent stout. Robust cocoa and espresso IPA. Begins theAmerican burst of fruit dense, aromas withwith subtle hop aroma, nuances. Rich rich darkmalty flavors followed up withcoffee a balanced Slightly sweet chocolate and roasted flavorbitterness. with a creamy mouth feel with rich aromas of fruit. Dense malty body with a big and wonderfully dryfresh finish. bitter finish. Booth 4

Lush IPA

ABV: 7%

Lush is made with a handselected blend of malts paired with the tropical additions of Citra and Mosaic hops as well as Citra Lupulin Powder. Previously a spring seasonal, we got so many requests for this beer that we decided to make it yearround!

Summer Ale

Seattle, WA

ABV: 5.2%

Summer Ale tastes like tangerine flowers in a glass, endless days brewed into nectar of barley and hops. Booth 1 18

Tailgater Kölsch Blood Orange Wheat ABV: 5 IBU: 10 ABV: 5.2% Brewed with 2-row Our flagship brew andNorthwest Silver Pa le,Winner Mal teatd the Wh2013 e a t,GABF. and Medal Unmalted Wheat. Provides This easy drinking German-style a subtle twist. It pours ale is sure to satisfy all beerwith fans.a white lacy head and a hint of Hood River, OR orange aroma. A medium malt a crisp wheat finish and subtle orange flavor. 6body amwith Stout ABV: 6.5 IBU: 45 Sesión Cerveza ABV: 4.5% A bold, roasty, dry stout with oats and locally roasted Sesión Mexican-style Lager is loco bueno cerveza. Virtually coffee. everyone who likes beer likes Session, and our new Sesión is no exception. Light, refreshing and totally drinkable, it’s pure gold in a bottle, made for a hot day, a hot date and everything in between. Booth 3

Suicide Squeeze IPA

Bodhizafa IPA

ABV: 4.5 IBU: 65 ABV: 6.9% Spring seasonal is a collaboration Light texture with thesilky Seattle recordfrom label rolled Suioats. The flavor and Hoppy aroma cide Squeeze. This supper express and hop citrus. Session IPAmandarin is busting with flaOver pounds hops per vor andfive aroma thanksof to the large Seattle, OR barrel ofmakes this IPA truly amount late addition Bodhilicious. Goldofmedal winner the American Style IPA Mosaic hops. Favors mango, citrus, in pine and tropical fruit. category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2016!


Roger’s ABV: 4.9% ABV: 5.1 Pilsner IBU: 5 Yakima grownpride Czech-style Sterling hops giveallthis refreshing We take great in our fruit beers, using organic barpilsner a spicy and earthy aroma. Maltfrozen character is ley, organic wheat grains andhop 60 lbs of whole, Olallie accentuated by aaBavarian Lager Yeast that ferments berries to impart subtle tartness and divine color. dry but round and complex. Booth 1 Manny’s Pale Ale

Axes of Evil Pale Ale

ABV: 5.2 IBU: 38 6% selection of Northwest AABV: careful Gigantic + Three Floydsand hops, premium barley, Brewing unleash this this trueale a our unique yeast give weapon of mass distraction. rich and complex malty middle Portland, OR Citrus, floral and hopwith a snappy hoptropical finish. Crisp, pynessand lead to full malt flavour English malt, kilned clean, smooth with hints offrom citrusproper and fruit. over Welsh coal.

Lucille IPA The City Imperial Black Saison ABV: 6.8 Never IBU: Sleeps 85 Floral, citrusy and awesome. Anything so innocent and built ABV: 7.6% like gotta namedofLucille. Fromthat thejust deep darkbe recesses our minds emerges this imperial black saison. A beer shrouded in mystery and depth of flavor. A night you will never forget. Booth 7 19

Gigantic IPA Classic Lager

ABV: 7.3 IBU: 85 ABV: 5.4% True tossic its name. Cascade, A cla Am er i ca n l aCeng er . tennial, and Simcoe Lightly Crystal hopped and crisp,crethis ate a citrusyoffering hop confluence refreshing is builtthat and continuously embiggens brewed for all to enjoy. with Salem, OR each drink. The embodiment of our brewing philosophy to “Never Give an Inch”.

Doug Firocious

ABV: 8.7% Firebird

Doug emerged from the depths of the dense Willamette ABV: 6.1 IBU: 24 Valley forests. This giant is brimming with FIRocious hop A German-Style Smoked with who a refreshing comnectar, putting hair on theHefeweizen chests of those slug it down. plexity. Aromas of clove and banana intermingle with light Be FIRocious! smoke imparted from German malt kilned over beechwood fires. Booth 12

Mamba Red Hills Pilsner ABV:5%6.5 IBU: 1 ABV: A unique malt beverage definedsummer by Golden Valley Brewery’s black tea, bergamot, peel and seasonal lager istangerine brewed from rye. B o hMamba e m i a nis lightPilsner malt and flavoredSaaz and smoothed bodied. Czech hops. Bright and crisp on the palate with a spicy and floral Saaz hop bouquet.

Oedipus ABV: 5.9

McMinnville, OR

IBU: 60

American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.2% northwest IPA with a blend of hops. It’s well A complex Golden Valley’s Pale Aleand is brewed annually coincide balanced with aAmerican light bitterness defined by it’s to citrus and with American Craft Beer Week.  Citrusy northwest grown Citra passionfruit flavors. and Centennial hops ride pillowy waves of pale and light crystal malts to a well balanced finish. Booth 11

Geist Bock Lagunator

ABV: 6.5 IBU: ABV: 7.9% 28 It’s a dry-hopped California In the style of a German Common with a massive Helles Bock: a lighter style out Seattle, WA malt character, rounded of bothbalance in alcohol andsome bybock a bitter from dark malt components. Imported PilsnerValley, and Vienna maltswill areleave used experimental hops from the Yakima this beer 70 SWThe Century Dr. ito develop full malt flavors and rich aromatics. malt profile is you saying ‘I’ll be bock!’ Bend, OR of a true heightened and clarified with the slow cold fermentation lager yeast. Tettnang and Hallertauer hops.

Lagunitas IPA

Bald Peak IPA ABV: 6.2%

ABV: 6.5 IBU: 85 Golden Valley’s highly hoppiest year-round BrewedMalt A well-rounded, drinkable IPA. offering. A bit of Caramel using Apollo, andthe Cascade barleyNorthwest-grown provides the richness thatColumbus, mellows out twang of hops, for a true Northwest-style IPA. Pungent pine and floral the hops. aromas lead to a lingering citrusy hop finish. Booth 19 20

Comatose Imperial IPA Szech ‘n Brett

ABV:6.5% 9.5 IBU: 95 ABV: The creative juices of musicians jump from Farmhouse ale brewed with Szechuan and an unconscious, winter mindset spuring you pink peppercorns and brettanomyces. to think concerts, road trips and campsites. One sip of this beer will get your blood flowing as you jam to your favorite tunes!

Wilde Appel

ABV: 6.9% Sweet Ascider Pacific Farmhouse madeAle with Newtown Hood River, OR ABV: 6 IBU: 18apples Pippin and Jonagold refermented with pearwith juice100% and brettanomyces. Brewed New Zealand Hops where “Sweet As “ can be used to describe a fishing hole, a ski run or a sunset. Sweet As means “Really Good.” Booth 3

Goose Island 312 IPA Fogcutter Double

ABV:8.7% 4.4 IBU: 3.4 ABV: Spicy aroma is followed by a True hop lovers, get ready for a crispy, fruity ale flavor delivered great ride. The bitterness is in a smooth,creamy body. in perfect balance with malt flavors and aroma. Enjoy Goose the brightIsland aromaticIndia citrus nose Eureka, CA from with Paleextra-dry-hopping Ale Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Citra hops. ABV: 5.9 IBU: 55Crystal, Recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were

Watermelon Wheat highly hopped to preserve ABV: their 5% distinct taste during the

long journey. A refreshing watermelon ale that combines our Harvest Wheat Inviting spicy hop aromaessence and fruity flavor, set off by a dry with natural watermelon for exemplary aromatics while malt middle. maintaining light, crisp and refreshing flavors. Brewed with a combination of wheat and crystal malts; unfiltered. Booth 20

Citrus Mistress IPA Uno Mas

ABV:5%6.5 IBU: 80 ABV: This V i eseasonal n n a L IPA a g features e r s w four ere different hops with flapopularized in themultiple late 19th cvors e n and t u r aroma y w h ecomplimented n Austrian with the addition of grapefruit brewers shared recipes with peel. It creates a bouquet of Mexican breweries. Ours fruits has a Corvallis, OR citrus, peach, and tropical pleasant maltiness and medium with enough Munich malt to probody. maltorange flavor and duce aBiscuity classic burnt color.aroma with a clean, crisp finish.

Hop Valley Pale Ale Naked & Hoppy Saison

ABV: 6.3% ABV: 5.4 IBU: 40 Crisp and refreshing for the hot summer weather. We brewed Thisone is a«naked» classic Northwest paleall ale utilizing this by eliminating spices fromand the showcasing recipe and Northwest malt and hops. The addition of two different cardry-hopped with Amarillo hops for a tropical, floral, and citrus amel malts down aagainst slightlya sweet toffee-like aroma that islay balanced dry finishing beer.malt fabric that is brightened up with the quintessential Northwest hop, Booth 15 21

Organic RiseKolsch Up Red Confessional

ABV: 5.8 IBU: 32 ABV: 5.3% This full-bodied NW Red Ale is a light Confessional Kölsch boasts mahogany and hopped to dry malt body,smooth a mild hop spice and the rafters with locally grown Cascade grainy finish. This light refreshing and Centennial hops. Rise up and get ale is a great alternative for those down! seeking the light color of a domestic Lager with the flavor and richness HUB Lager Wilsonville, OR of a craft brew. ABV: 5.1 IBU: 32 Our German-style pilsner is all malt all the time. Spicy and Hop Gremlin Double hopsABV: 9.7% the delicate herbal notes from OrganicIPA Perle balance honey flavor fromisorganic 2-row and light caramel malts. This little beastie packed with rich hop notes of tropical fruits, This golden lager is dry and refreshing with surprising citrus, evergreen and fresh pine. Don’t let the dry finish and depth ofmouthfeel character.fool you. This impish delight still clocks in at smooth over nine percent. Booth 7

Summer Shandy


ABV: 4.2 IBU: 13.5 ABV: 5.1% shandy is beer mixed with A traditional This ruby coloredextra meadlike is alemonade, stunner, raw a little something unfiltered honey, cranberries soda, juice or gingerassertive ale. Leinenkugel’s® and delicate strawberries combine Summer Shandy® is crisp, refreshing for a thirst quenching session mead. flavor. wheat beer with natural lemonade

StingEddy Imperial IPA Big

Corvallis, OR ABV: 6.2% ABV: 8.2 IBU: 80 Fresh100% ginger pure Oregon The maltand base makes for a honey bold foundation, while the combinebalance for a sting warmth and aIPA tease of sweetness in this perfect Bigof Eddy Imperial delivers is derived refreshing session mead. from the five distinct Pacific NW hops that are hand-selected and added at each stage of the brewing process. Booth 15

Kells PacificIrish RainSyle PaleRed Ale ABV: 4.6 IBU: 22 ABV: 5.4% flavorful refreshingly AFiercely classic Irish syle redand with hints of red fruit and toffee from the malt and drinkable. Crafted with lava itfilt is deliicately ered wahopped ter f r owith m OMt. re Hood gon’s and Willamette hops. McKenzie River andAaclassic band Irish of four yeast strain imparts a slight tartness distinguished hops (Citra, Mosaic, inSimcoe, the finish. Nugget) this Northwest Pale is citrusy, crisp and tailor-made for easy drinking.

Miley Citrus India Session Lager

Beer Run IPA

Eugene, OR

ABV: 2.4 IBU: 26 ABV: 7.3% at warm temperatures, it has a bouquet of orange Fermented Gloriously crisp IPA with bold hops and tangerine butand the flavorful body of classic lager with Saaz(Equinox, and Eureka, Chinook) a lively2citrus kick.Vienna for malts. This Hallertauer hops. and Premium Row and light dry fruity beer is freshing with lots of citrus character. Booth 16 22

Lagunitas IPA

March Forth IPA

ABV: 6.2 IBU: 51.5 ABV:recipe 7.2% was formulated with The Packed withworking orangetogether peel and malt and hops to a zesty citrus for balance it all outfinish. on yourPerfect ‘buds so you a warm spring day. than one withcan knock back more out wearing yourself out. Big on the aroma with a hoppy-sweet finish. Unbreakable Imperial Sour ABV: 7.8% Undercover InvestigaThis experimental tion Shutdownbeer Aleis for those

Spokane, WA

of us who don’t let our troubles get us down. Prove to yourself ABV: 9.75 IBU: 66.5 Imperial Sour features Pale and that you can be unbreakable. This A bitter ale in remembrance of the 2005 St. Patrick’s Day Caramel malt, Zeus, Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops with Pink Guava Massacre and our 20-day suspension that followed. The ABC and Blueberries. conducted an undercover investigation, finding us guilty of operating a “Disorderly House” as well as “Moral Turpitude”... We disagree! Do the crime. Do the time. Get the bragging rights. Booth 4

Laurelweizen Bloops – Blueberry Wheat

ABV:4.6% 4.9 IBU: 11 ABV: Laurelweizen traditional style Ba-local Brewed withis ablueberries from varian Hefe. The banana, clovebeer farms, Bloops is haze, a balanced wheat and gum aromas comearoma from the withbubble just enough blueberry and signature yeast.delicious This is flavor to German provide Wheat something an incredible food beer,and pairing wellfruity. with without being sweet overly just fromit’s spicy dishes, all Thisabout is so anything popular that available to desserts to…just about anything you year long now! want to throw at it.

RX Pale Ale Red ABV: 6.2% Free Range

Boardman, OR

RX Pale Ale delivers ABV: 6.1 IBU: 60 everything an IPA drinker wants in character, but not the bitterness causes some to avoid IPAs. A rich copper colored ale withthat loads of hop flavor. Medium Its crisp, leaner on alcohol and bitterness, with just enough hop Rye in body, the caramel sweetness blends with the smooth spice add complexity and intrigue. flavortocreating a balanced, super drinkable beer. Booth 4

Seizoen Dirty BirdBretta IPA ABV:7%8 IBU: 36 ABV: Organic Farmhouse brewed A seasonal delight,Alewith its with bright 4 types ofcolor malt, whole cone hops and copper and gorgeous hop multipleEldorado yeast strains fortogether a complexwith profile. hops, fruity profileMeridian, with mild and acidity from the Magnum, Centennial addition of brettanomyces. hops present a citrusy, tropical hop aroma – complimented by a rich, toasty maltDrieling climax. Straffe ABV: 8.8

IBU: 40

Five Fin Pilsner

Pacific City, OR

ABV: 5.3%

Organicwith Farmhouse Triple Crafted Centennial and Sterling hops from the Pacific characterized a mild yetBavaria complex spiciness. Subtle HopNorthwest andby Mandarina hops from Germany. sweetness derived from pilsner maltand is balanced driven flavors of tangerine, pineapple, lemon zestwith withwhole classic cone noble hops for a rich and full flavored spicy, floral notes, all balanced against a toastybeer. malt character. Booth 2 23

Hop Eruption Barefoot Wit

ABV: 6.8 IBU: 75 ABV: 5.3% A palate-smashing resin bomb. A Refreshes with exotic citrus and pungent and in your face NW IPA spiceCascade, notes, Chinook, Belgian and yeast and with Columunfiltered into lazy bus hops. Itflavor. eruptsSip on away the palate summer days! with mango, stone fruit, and savory citrus notes.

Salem, OR

Cinco Patas Mexican Style Lager

ABV: 5.5% d’Etre Saison

This light-bodied Mexican ABV: 6.3 IBU: 25 Lager is crisp and refreshing - possessing a sunny disposition and a subtle malt sweetness that is held in check Spicy and aromatic, this beer has a dry, peppery finish. It is by some restrained earthy and spicy hop notes. spiced with coriander, orange peel, juniper berries, and a hint of black pepper. Booth 12

Ginger Session Sassy Pants Mead

ABV: 5% ABV: 6.2 IBU: 0 A Blond Ale brewed with apriPure Oregon honey andand cots and hibiscus. Sweet Portland, OR fresh floralginger flavors make with athis crisp and exquisite refreshinggolden finish mead. The Ginger Session Mead is defined by a sting of warmth, a tease of sweet and a dry finish. Refreshing.

Trip and Stumble Belgian Tripel

ABV: 9.7% Raspberry Session Mead

Complex flavors of stone fruits, spicy black pepper, orange ABV: 6.2 IBU: and 0 rose-y perfume, brought to life by a zest, bubblegum, Pure Oregon honey and juicy raspberries make the fuchsia colored bubbly, effervescent body Raspberry Session Mead. The berries bring a mildly tart and crisp sweetness to this semi-dry honeywine. Celebrate the Pacific Northwest with a glass of this beautiful berry mead. Booth 5

Snap Shot

Strawberry Wheat IBU: 12 Tonic

ABV: 5

ABV: 4.5% Snap! You just captured an Made withwheat whitebeer wheat unfiltered fulland Northwest pale malt aged of refreshment and and a flash ontart 80 at lbsthe of strawberries, of finish. Citrusper 10 barrel batch, this from brew the will hops aromas jump put you in athe springtime mood. nose, plus sweetness of coriander and grains of Lincoln City, OR paradise. Brewed with Juicy IPA ABV:wheat 4.5% and pale malt, it pours a hazy, lemon-yellow with bright-white In collaboration with Bier One in Newport, we have made a lacing. “hazy IPA” with aromas and flavor of passion fruit and mango. Non-traditional hopping methods pull out the aroma oils and do Spring Blond ABV: 6 IBU: 48 Blondes are a not extract as much bitterness. favorite style. Brewed with pale and Munich malts, this golden ale pours bright copper and holds a strong, white head with a Booth 11 24

Sping Reign Honey Basil Hootenanny

ABV: 6 IBU: 38 ABV: 4.2% A lightly toasted British-style malt Pale blond in color, this light beer is flavor balanced by bright Northwest-style topped withforward a pure with whitethis head of foam. hops. Spring refreshing Only lightly freshmalt basiluptakes seasonal ale. hopped, Notes of the toasted over the yetand remains balanced and front, witharoma a bright crisp Northwest not finish. over-powering in the taste. Honey hop A lends abeer touch of sweetness, the finish dry session everyone can enjoy. and crisp.

Little One

Salem, OR

ABV: 5.4 IBU: 30 SGNARLY IPA #3 ABV: 5.2% In the age-old tradition of brewing Barley Wines, we brew Thebig thirdmashes installment ouronly SGNARLY Rotating HopThen, Series.we Light two and of take the first runnings. bodied, the moderate notesbeer of pineapple, guava,recitrus, sparge grainsbitterness, to make awith second (historically and subtle stone fruit.Beer) This series is builtLittle around exploring the infinite ferred to as a Small to create One. Rich malt flacombination of hoppy flavors vor of its bigger relative butand notaromas. the bite. Hopped solely with Hallertau hops. US Booth 12

Watershed IPAWit Ovila Belgian

ABV: 6.7 IBU: ABV: 5.3% 70 The monks at the Bold. Aromatic. Balanced. Abbey of New Clairvaux It derives its malt character challenged us to create from Munich and Carared. a beerhops thatprovide transcends Chico, CA Nugget all others. Our brewers bitterness while Amarillo, blended Old Worldand tradition modern-day tograpedeliver Centennial, Crystal Simcoewith provide flavor andmastery aroma of the perfect expression of Belgian hop oils present in the fruit, resin and pine. Mouthfeel is enhanced finished beer TropicalHell Torpedo IPA ABV: 6.7% Smokin This hop delivers ABV: 5.1 torpedo IBU: 20 an intense rush of hop flavor and lush of mango, papaya, and passionfruit. Tropical twist on Aaromas true German lager. It is golden in color, light in body, and the aAmerican has tiny hintIPA. of smoke in the nose from 12% Cherrywood smoked malt and 8% Beechwood smoked malt. Baked bread and toasty flavors follow Boothand 20 a faint smoked note lin-

Spring Rose Will-O’-the-Wisp

ABV: 7.4 IBU: ABV: 5.5% 25 A wheat ale with This W i lBelgian l a m e t tstrong e V aale lley was brewed with rose Fruit Company rasphips, orange peel, during cranberries infused Silverton, OR berries, and fermented fermentation. A light with a Chimay yeast refreshing flavor without the tartness and bitter. strain. The malty character and higher alcohol percentage meld well with the sweet and dark fruit character of the yeast and spice additions, givingPorter this beer a wine like quality. Eureka ABV: 5.5%Otto’s Hefe Crazy

A smooth light smokey flavor from the Chocolate specialty malt and ABV: 5.4 IBU: 16 Hallertauer Hops. This classic Hefe was brewed in honor of Ludwig II of Bavar ia’s younger and more insane brother. Traditional flavors of banana and clove from the yeast are hallmarks of this unfiltered wheat ale. At 5.4% this is a great sessionable beer for Booth10 25

Dale’s IPA 97 Pale Ale

ABV:7%6.5 IBU: 65 ABV: Voluminously mutha Packs a punch hopped with bold, tropical fruit delivers hoppy nosecreating and asserand citrusa zest flavors, a light tive-but-balanced flavors of pale pine aroma. malts and citrusy floral hops. America’s first-craft-canned mountain Pale Salty Bog Cranberry Gose is a trailblazer that changed the way Bend, OR ABV: craft 4.5% portable beer is perceived. Our newest beer. A tart, yet balanced gose brewed with sea salt and real cranberries from local G’Knight purveyor, Oregon Fruit Products, out of Salem, Oregon! ABV: 8.7 IBU: 60 Our “Velvet M-80” is a hefty, dry hopped double-red ipa with a nose full of aroma, a sticky mouthfeel, a malty middle and unctuous hop flavors. Sports a surprisingly sensuous finish for a beer of its size. Booth 18

The GovernorIPA CrowdPleaser

ABV: 7 IBU: ABV: 7.3% 30 A 92 rating from Beer Connoisseur magazine, Pale golden in color, the b r emaibock w e r s ’ c has r e a at iprove use this of hops, pale Sorachi and nounced maltAce profile Amarillo, with makea this powerbalanced subtly ful IPA drink likehop a pale ale. floral and spicy charOne for the consumer who acter. typically isn’t an IPA fan.

Sisters, OR

Silverspot IPA

ABV: IBU: Lager 55 Helles6 Canyon ABV: 4.4% Silverspot IPA holds a permanent slotLager in theutilizing Pelican lineup with its A traditional German style Helles German Lager brilliant gold color andPilsner assertively hop aroma. yeast, floor malted maltcomplex and Northwest grown Liberty Brew Master Darron Welch selected the blend of Sterling, Fuggle hops. Lagered for 2 months prior to release, a crisp and clean, and Meridian hops, focusing on herbal, floral, spicy and tangerstraw colored lager emphasizing malt and hop balance. ine-like characters. Booth 18

Hop’rageous Taming of the

ABV: 6.8 IBU: ‘Shroom 10 ABV:Hop’rageous 7.1% Portland, OR The is dry A collaboration between hopped with select hop Uptown Brewing and the fellas over at Gigantic, this Saison varieties and boasts a wonderful, bitter orange peel. dry, floral, peppery flavor and aroma with just a hint of umami on the finish from Oyster-Mushrooms that we added at the end of fermentations. Sorta Sweet

ABV: 4.5 IBU: 0 Oatis Reddin 8.5% Like biting into your favoriteABV: apple, this is sweet without tasting sugary. Full ofwith apple Absolutely Deep red color anflavor. intense balance of Newport-hop delicious and dangerously easy and a succulent creaminess bitterness, soft malty backbone, to ondrink. the palate courtesy of the oatmeal addition. The up-front bitterness returns at the end to complement the oats and lingers. Booth 5 26

Bramble OnIPA Brown Ale Attack Owl

ABV: 7.3 IBU: 69 ABV: 7.5% Celebrate spring with this multi grain Big, fruity, pungent, sticky, delicious hoppy brown ale. With layers of caramel, IPA. Mosaic and Citra givebacked it a very toasted, and chocolate malts, up fruity hop character, with with a generous hopburst of Centennial providing enough a floral and lemon floral, fruit and citrusofnotes from Palibackbone to prevent it from going off sade, Amarillo and the deep end. Columbus hops.Malt character gives it a medium body.

Salem, OR

Big Horn Hefeweizen

Mango’d ABV: 5.5% ABV: 5.2 Outpost IBU: 15 Pale Unfiltered authentic Bavarian Hefeweizen. Banana Cascade and Simcoe Bright tropical fruit and and pine clove wheat body. Prost! noteswith givea itcrisp an uber-pungent aroma, with the grapefruity citrus of Cascade providing a touch of balance. Mango adds a nice complexity while keeping it a drinkable pale ale. Booth 14

Wandering Aengus Wonderlust ABV: 6.5% Wanderlust is an authentic semidry cider with a rich body and long ginger spice finish. Serve slightly chilled and enjoy with BBQ, pork, turkey or aged cheddar. Salem, OR

Anthem Cherry

ABV: 5.5%

Montmorency (Tart) and Bing (sweet) cherries sharpen Anthem Cider’s tartness and add a rich background of a dark woody bark undertone. Cherries sourced from valley processing in Yakima, WA. Booth 14

Cherry Tip Chocoholic Spruce Ale

ABV: 7.2 IBU: 25 ABV: 6.5% Classic Baltic-style porter brewed with Crisp, malty unfiltered ale packed black hulless barley and three specialty with spruce tips that lend a light citrus malts, then aged on 90 lbs of handflavor. pressed Willamette Valley cherries per 10-barrel batch. Flavored with natural

chocolate forBerry big cocoa aroma and Memba’ Saison

flavor, balanced by a sweet cherry finABV: 5.5%as night, full-bodied, hopped ish. Dark Seal Rock, OR Memba’ marionberries? Yeah, we enough to balance its rich profile. memba’. We added heaps of Oregon marionberries to Medal our SaisonDouble resulting IPA in a tartABV: and bright FarmPedal to the 8.7 IBU: house 100 Ale sure to make you smile, rain or shine. Memba’ the sun? Yeah. Wenearly memba’. Brewed with 3.5# of hops per barrel it has a deep copper color and huge Cascade hop aroma. The hop flavor is dominated by citrus and piney notes. The finish is a touch of malt, followed by a big, clean hop bitterness. Lean back Booth 11 27

Misery Whip IPA Stoker Red Ale

ABV: 6.1 IBU: ABV: 6.6% 80 First, we shovel in four Named the Oregonafter hops tologging spark the term for athen two-man crosscut flame, we keep it Bend, OR saw, Misery WhipMandarina is a traglowing with ditional balanced American IPA. Bavariana buds until this Hopped-Up Red roars with flickers of Dark copper in color, it features aromas and flavors of hops from citrusy aroma balanced by thethe copper-colored embers of malty the Pacific Northwest. Dry hopping with Amarillo hops adds a touch sweetness. of citrus.

Hootenanny StrataSphere Honey IPA Basil ABV: 6.4%

ABV: 4.2 IBU: 19 is brewed using English crystal and This summer favorite Very lightwheat beer topped with with a white head ofline foam. Lightly premium malts along an all-star up of Simcoe, hopped, fresh takeshops. overHazy the aroma yet not over El Dorado, andbasil Chinook and resinious with powa silky ering the taste. Honeyundertones lends a touch sweetness, the finish mouthfeel, grapefruit andof spicy pine notes. is dry and crisp. Booth 18

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GLOSSARY ABV: Alcohol By Volume, measures how much alcohol is contained in beverage, as a percentage of total volume. ALE: A malt beverage, darker, heavier and more bitter than beer. AMBER ALE: A pale ale brewed with a proportion of crystal malt to produce an amber color. BLONDE: Blondes tend to be clear, crisp, and dry, with low-to-medium bitterness and aroma from hops, and some sweetness from malt.  BROWN ALE: North American brown ales have a slight citrus accent and aroma, bitterness, and medium body. CIDER:  A fermented alcoholic beverage made from apple juice, ciders can be classified from dry to sweet. CREAM ALE: Brewed to be light and refreshing with a straw to pale golden color, with generally subdued hop and malt flavors.  DRY HOPPING: The addition of dry hops during first or secondary fermentation to add a hoppy character to the beer without affecting the beers bitterness. GRAIN: Primarily barley, occasionally wheat. Different varieties, such as 2-row, have distinct flavor and color value. HOPS: Herb added to boiling wort or fermenting beer to impart a bitter aroma and flavor. IBU: International Bitterness Scale, measures the perceived bitterness of beer with lower values being “less bitter” and higher values “more bitter.”

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GLOSSARY INDIA PALE ALE: Commonly referred to as IPA, hops dominate the profile, creating a bitterness to spicy flavor and a heady aroma. LAGER: Pilsner pale lager is the most widelyconsumed and commercially available style of beer in the world. The flavor is usually mild, and lagers represent some of the world’s most alcoholic beers. LIGHT LAGER: Tends to contain less hops and barleys which reduces the caloric content. Also may have a slightly lower alcohol concentration. In Europe, the designation refers to color rather than calories. MALTED: Grain to be used for beer-making is sprouted in a warm humid environment, then roasted at its peak sugar content. The longer it is roasted the darker it becomes. PALE ALE: One of the world’s major beer styles, this beer’s higher proportion of pale malts result in a lighter color with a subtle hoppyness. PILSNER: Tends to be pale in color, however, may have more distinct flavors and are often more bitter than pale lager. PORTER: A very dark, almost opaque style of beer, with hints of roasted grains, chocolate and toffee. SESSION: A beer with high drinkability with no more than 5% ABV. STOUT: A creamy beer with a very dark brown or black body and a thick head, made using roasted malt or roasted barley. Traditionally the generic term for the stoutest porters. WHEAT/WIT/WEISS: Brewed with a large proportion of wheat, they are pale and unfiltered with a hazy appearance.

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Brewfest 2017  

Your guide to the 13th Annual Oregon Garden Brewfest in Silverton, Oregon.

Brewfest 2017  

Your guide to the 13th Annual Oregon Garden Brewfest in Silverton, Oregon.