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Your brand made simple. NOVEMBER 2016 EDITION


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Welcome to the Travel Money Group. Welcome to the brand storybook for the world’s most exciting foreign exchange brand. My hope for this book is to take you on a journey from where our brand started in 2006 to where we are now and of course where we will be as we look forward towards 2020. The Travel Money Group aims to challenge the status quo. I fundamentally believe in providing our customers with a foreign exchange experience, not just a transaction. Our industry is a complicated one, but it doesn’t have to be. By being a brand made up of FXperts that profoundly believe in the products that we sell and the experience we offer, we aim to deliver a consultative experience that simplifies the world of foreign exchange. Our team at the Travel Money Group have a meaningful purpose. We want to get to know our customers and to be a part of their stories. Our care and expertise will be critical for our customers through the exploring and planning stages and will support them all the way through until they are ready to make a purchase. However,we won’t stop there, we are also here for them when they return. We care about delivering an amazing travel money experience. We recognise that our customers always have a choice. Along with our Best Price Guarantee and no fees or commission, it is our mission to deliver a superior customer experience that differentiates us from our competitors. I hope you enjoy learning more about our brand; I am so excited that you will be an integral part of our success into the future!

Dion Jensen

Global General Manager


Flight Centre Travel Group. For Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) to survive, grow and prosper for the next 100 years and beyond, we must clearly define and live by our vision, purpose and philosophies. We must protect and further develop our company culture and philosophies. Our culture must be robust and independent, with the ability to outlive our current and future leaders.

Vision To be the world’s most exciting and profitable travel retailer, personally delivering amazing experiences to our people, our customers and our partners

Purpose To open up the world for those who want to see. For our people this means our purpose is to open up their world by helping them develop professionally and personally. For our customers this means opening up their world through the exciting medium of well-organised, targeted and great value travel experiences. For our shareholders, it is giving them a magnificent return on their investment.

Our Noble Selling Purpose. Why our cause matters?

• Travel connects people to the humanity of others. • Travel helps make the wheels of commerce spin. • Travel creates first time experiences that changes lives.

We need to be:

• PASSIONATE about our customers. • FEARLESS about speaking the truth. • RESILIENT in the face of challenges. • EMOTIVE story tellers.

How do we deliver amazing travel experiences?

• Sell the complete experience. • Look beyond price as the only measure of value. Our customers deserve more from us! • Ask the big question – “Have I done enough to make every part of this experience amazing?” • Do it again and again for each customer every time they visit.


Our Vision ‘To become the world’s most exciting and profitable travel retailer, personally delivering amazing experiences to our people, our customers and our partners’.

Welcome. Our company is now one of the largest businesses of its kind in the world. At the end of the 2015/16 financial year, we have about 2,800 businesses and 19,000 people in 14 countries. Specifically, our network extends from Australia to New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Ireland, Singapore, India, Mainland China, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. Ireland is our most recent addition. This creates exciting career opportunities for our people and you will have the chance to progress professionally, as we are committed to promoting from within wherever possible. We strongly believe in reward and recognition and our leaders at all levels will be happy to work with you to help you achieve your Brightness of Future.

Our Philosophies Our Values

Our Business Model



Our company is our people. We care for our colleagues’ health and wellbeing, their personal and professional development and their inancial security. We believe that work should be challenging and fun for everyone and through work we contribute to our community.

We believe each individual in our company should have the opportunity to share in the company’s success through outcome-based incentives, profit share, BOS (franchises) and Employee and Leadership Share Schemes. It is important that business leaders and business team members see the business they run as their business.


Our Purpose ‘To open up the world for those who want to see’.

We recognise that our customers always have a choice. We care about personally delivering amazing travel experiences. This is provided with honesty, integrity and a great attitude. It is the key to our company’s success. The key measure of whether we really are personally providing our customers with an amazing experience, an amazing product and a very caring service is they will return again and again.

3. BRIGHTNESS OF FUTURE We believe our people have the right to belong to a Team (family), a Village, an Area (tribe) and Nation (hierarchy) that will provide them with an exciting future and a supportive working community. They also have the right to see a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. Promotion and transfers from within will always be our first choice.

4. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY We take full responsibility for our own successes or failures. We do not externalise. We accept that we have total ownership and responsibility, but not always control. As a company we recognise and celebrate our individual and collective successes.

2. INCENTIVES Incentives are based on measurable and reliable outcome-based KPIs. We believe that ‘what gets rewarded, gets done’. A reward for producing the needed outcome. If the right outcomes are rewarded, our company and our people will prosper.

3. OUR STANDARD SYSTEMS – ONE BEST WAY In our business there is always ‘one best way’ to operate. These are standard systems employed universally until a better way is shown. This improved way becomes the ‘one best way system’. We value common sense over conventional wisdom.

4. FAMILY, VILLAGE, TRIBE Our structure is simple, lean, flat and transparent, with accessible leaders. Our business Model is being one of the worlds best and biggest small business operators. There is a maximum of 4 and sometimes 5 layers. The village is an unfunded, self-help support group that forms an integral part of our structure. 1. Family (Teams – min 3, max 7 members) Villages (min 3, max 7 Teams).


2. Tribe (Areas – min 10, max 20 Teams).

In our company, we believe that each individual should have equal privileges and rights. In all our countries and all our businesses there should be no ‘them and us’.

3. Nations/Brands (min 8, max 15 Areas).
 4. Regions/States/Countries. 5. Board and senior leadership team.

5. PROFIT A fair margin resulting in a business profit is the key measure of whether we really are providing our customers with an amazing experience, an amazing product and a very caring service – an experience they genuinely value and will pay us for.

We have a strong company culture, built around 10 core philosophies, and a trackrecord of success, which we are determined to build upon in the future. Thank-you for choosing to join our company.

Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner

Founder and CEO, Flight Centre Travel Group



The Family. Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) Brands

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The Group.

Our Story. It was 2006 when Flight Centre Ltd purchased Nationwide Currency Services (NCS) which operated seven businesses across Australia (2 in Perth, 3 in Melbourne, and 2 in Brisbane). The purpose of the acquisition was to complement the retail travel business and offer the customer an added service. At the time NCS operated with a “Best Rates Guarantee” similar to that of Flight Centre’s “Price Beat Guarantee”. The business was a high volume, low margin business with margin being influenced by movement in the exchange rates impacting the value of the currency held in the stores NCS was renamed Travel Money in 2007 and had 3 distinct colours for implants into Flight Centre (red fit-out), Escape Travel (blue fit-out) and Student Flights (black fit-out) retail stores.

The Travel Money Oz Brand As the business grew from 7 stores into 46 stores in early 2011, it was critical that Travel Money had its own strong brand identity to enable it to dominate the market place. Many competitors were similar in look, feel and positioning, so it was critical that Travel Money stood out from the rest. As a result, Travel Money was rebranded Travel Money Oz in April 2011. This name leveraged on the Australian theme with the tagline being “No Fees, No Commissions, Great Rates”. The colour of the brand became black and white to differentiate it from its competitors.


Rapid Growth Story

The Bureau has Changed

Since 2011 the brand has grown both in size and strength. Since 2011 the Australian business has more than doubled in size, with over 130 Australian stores open in June 2016. In 2014 the store fit-out was redesigned to cater for not only the travel store implant design, but also for standalone kiosks in shopping centres, and standalone flagship stores.

We have revolutionised the look and feel of the traditional currency exchange bureau. Gone is the traditional barrier glass and red rate boards and in their place, clean counters that encourage consultation and discussion coupled with easy to understand rate boards, clearly showing the customer the value our brand offers. Everyday we live our noble selling purpose of “We care about delivering amazing travel money experiences”. Our store designs have been recognised, winning national awards in 2015 for both store design and signage.

A Passion for Customer Service Rapid growth also underpins our desire to create a simple, scalable and replicable customer sales experience model that grows consistently with us. To enable this to occur it was apparent that a more structured approach to training was required. We expanded our executive team to include a ‘Learning and Developmental Leader’. Their primary focus was to develop, engage and deploy a OBW sales training program to all levels of our business.

Dion Jensen Global General Manager

Dennis Garrett

Global Financial Controller

Sarah Adam

Global Program and Operational Leader Key to the World

Global Business Expansion In 2014 our cousins from across the ditch made the decision to join with us and have never looked back. In 2016 their transformation from a disparate set of 11 non-aligned stores to a united brand of 20+ stores is completed, becoming New Zealand’s largest specialist foreign currency retailer by the end of the 16–17 FY. To support this change, and further expansion into other countries worldwide – the Travel Money Group logo and corporate identity was developed in 2015.

Rowena Samaraweera Cameron Boyd Global Product, Advertising & Customer Experience Leader (PACE)

Global Product and FX Leader

In late 2015, the global expansion continued with the first Travel Money USA store opening its doors in Manhattan’s Union Square, followed by another in the iconic Times Square District in early 2016 with a focus on servicing inbound tourists to the USA. To further the support the growth and global expansion, the support team also expanded with the introduction of a Retail General Manager for the core Australia and New Zealand business.

The Business Today With over 150 stores across three countries, the Travel Money brands are truly national brands, on their way to becoming the largest and most preferred specialist travel money retailer in their respective markets. Via our online offering and in-store, we are available 24/7 when the customer wants us to be, becoming FCTG’s very first truly blended brand. We’ve created a dynamically priced, blended model that allows customers multiple ways to interact with our brand. Our Best Price Guarantee underpins our revolutionary pricing strategy as we build our cash margin beyond 6%, whilst still engendering trust in our brand from our customers and delivering expertise and value.

Laura Moran

Global Learning and Development Leader

Scott McCullough

General Manager, Retail Australia and New Zealand

Julie-Anne Coghlan Global Business Protection Leader


REBRANDED TO TRAVEL MONEY [FC/ET/SF] 3 distinct colours for implants into Flight Centre (red), Escape Travel (blue) and Student Flights (black)




Now with 46 stores, it was critical that Travel Money had its own strong brand identity. The Australian theme with crisp no frills black and white branding allowed Travel Money Oz to stand out from its competitors and position the brand as low cost in the bottom half of the market.




As the retail and banking space evolved we needed to offer more than just price, we needed expertise! Travel Money Oz was repositioned in the market as a sophisticated and modern brand with knowledge and expertise. This was demonstrated through fitout, marketing collateral and our tone of voice.


The TRAVEL MONEY GROUP expands to the United States with the first Implant store opening within Liberty Travel in October and more stores on the way.

FROM 7 TO 125



online unique visitors per month

& 670,000 in last 12 months!




Average transaction size





transactions last year

Targeting turnover of



touch point is often 1–3 weeks from departure

USD $340M NZD $12M Sold last year



Transferring funds internationally

Travel Money Group launches their innovative and award winning digital travel wallet Key to the World in June, the first of its kind in the world.

The Future Looks Bright. Back then, who would have thought we would have the second highest retail brand TTV within FCTG second only to the eponymous Flight Centre brand. Looking further into the future, towards 2020, we are not simply a FOREX retailer anymore, we are a truly global financial services business with a retail, corporate and wholesale product offering. Our network is diverse with 600+ stores strong in over 10 countries with an annual turnover in excess of $4b and profit in excess of $23m.


Vision and Purpose • The #1 Travel Money brand customers recognise and choose in the markets we operate in. • We’re passionate about making Travel Money simple and fun.


Our Footprint. Travel Money Group is taking on the world, now with a presence in over 4 countries and many more on the way.

Travel Money Canada Coming Soon

Travel Money UK Coming Soon

Travel Money USA Travel Money India

Travel Money Oz

Travel Money NZ

Our Awards. 2015


Sydney Design 100 Award – Silver - Digital Experience - Signage

Sydney Design 100 Award – Silver - Advertising: Outdoor, Retail, POS - TMUS Broadway Digital Marquee

POPAI Marketing Retail – Silver - Physical store design - Kiosk POPAI Marketing Retail – Bronze - Physical store, Rate and Content Screens POPAI Marketing Retail – Bronze - Occasion Based Shopper Campaign - Parity Party - TMNZ

Sydney Design 100 Award – Silver - Travel Tech - Key to the World Brisbane Lord Mayors Business Awards – Finalist - Digital Strategy - Key to the World Innovation Awards – Finalist - Best Internet Banking - Key to the World



Fitout. Our frontline look >



Our Culture. We’re really proud of the fun, team based culture we have developed over time. Our goal is that every person in our business can enjoy our successes, be recognised for their achievements, and be passionate and engaged about their role and the part they play.

Events and awards: As part of the wider FCTG team, the Travel Money Group is right there on the front line of renowned industry events. Our top performers join the best of the best every year at the annual Global Gathering, and we have had fantastic success at achieving a number of key Global awards for both individuals and teams. We also conduct our own Annual Ball, Staff Conferences and Buzz Nights to celebrate our successes.

• Buzz Nights. • Senior Team Leader (STL) Annual Conference. • Travel Money Annual Conference. • Annual Ball (July each year). • Global Gathering (July each year).



The Brand.

Brand Presentation. Our stores.

Logos Our logos have been developed to stand apart from our FCTG brands as well as our competitors. Over time, our logos will become the well known mark of a trusted and reputable ‘world famous’ brand. When our customers see the logo, they will know they are dealing with a reputable and professional foreign exchange retailer. The logos are protected by trademark registration and cannot be mimicked or misused. Logos will always be used consistently and professionally in line with our brand guidelines. As a global business, each country we operate in has their own brand logo, reflecting the identity of the home country. There is also a Global logo for Travel Money Group which is used for the Global support team and for internal use. As we develop wholesale and reseller relationships we will also extend to Authorised Partner logos.

Make sure that only product material supplied by Travel Money Marketing or LSM templates are used in your business. Our logos are not to be used on any unofficial marketing materials or ‘home made’ posters. Partner logos can only be used within strict contractual conditions and are not to be used on any unofficial marketing materials or ‘home made’ posters. Keep up to date with brochures and campaigns to unsure you have the correct POS materials in store. Ensure you always have stock according to the Mandatory Items list.

Independent businesses either implanted into a Flight Centre Travel Group shop or a standalone business in high traffic retail areas offering the customer foreign exchange products from experienced consultants. The new store design encourages communication and connection and sets us apart from the ‘human ATM behind the glass wall’ experience of our competitors. We will continue to innovate and lead the industry with modern and customer focussed store designs Clean your shop daily. Maintain a tidy, clutter free workspace with stationery and paperwork kept off the counter and other visible surfaces. Posters should be displayed in designated frames only and should be in accordance with marketing standards. Report breakages or damage promptly and follow up to ensure they are addressed.

Our marketing and point of sale Makes all of our foreign currency products simple and easy to understand. We will promote and explain products and features in a way that is easy to understand. We will also explain how to get the best out of those products and services, and offer a range of tips and tools demonstrating our travel money expertise and knowledge. WEB – Is an essential front door to our brand, acting to attract target customers, explain who we are, and lead them to our stores through both phone and email enquiry. For convenience customers can also check exchange rates, order cash for in store pick up, and buy travel insurance and travel money cards online. Our website and digital marketing will also help build longer term relationships with customers, encouraging repeat purchases and cross sales. TRAVEL MONEY GROUP BRAND GUIDE

Our websites will be a valuable information tool for customers researching and planning their trip. Keep up to date with content on the website so you know what those customers who research ahead may have questions about. Ensure your store location and opening hours details are correct and up to date. DIGITAL SCREENS – Our in-store digital screens are a huge innovation and improvement in the customer experience and our marketing capability. Gone are the old red L.E.D rate boards. In their place are standardised, modern in-store digital displays that can be updated regularly. Report any issues or down time with your digital rate boards or screens. Never have your screen turned off.

Our people Passionate, well presented travel money experts who are ambassadors for our brand. Our uniforms are crisp and professional and an important part of the Travel Money brand image, as are our shop-fronts, our logo and the Best Price Guarantee stamp. Our uniforms symbolise our egalitarianism, and are a stamp of the professionalism and trust we present to our customers and supplier partners. Full uniform is always to be worn during work hours including correct coloured shoes. Do not mix your uniform with casual wear when in store including jumpers and jackets. Ensure that it is cleaned, ironed and in good condition. Maintain a good level of personal hygiene and tidiness, including hair, beards and nails. When in uniform, ensure your behaviour is in keeping with the professionalism and respect our customers should expect of us.


Great Brands Have Personality. At the heart of every great brand, be it chocolate bars, banking, cars, pop stars or a charity, is a compelling story built around an emotive character or personality. A relevant and vibrant brand personality helps our customers connect to us, see us as different, and return to our business again and again. Brand archetyping distils 12 key personalities and provide intuitive and emotional pathways to connect quickly and firmly with our customers.

Richard Branson – The Rebel.

Albert Einstein – The Sage.

The Brand personality of Travel Money is the “Rebel-Sage”. It’s a mix of two different personality types:

1. The Sage (predominant) defined as

2. The Rebel (secondary) defined as

THE EXPERT A scholar, advisor, thinker, researcher, planner, professional, mentor.

THE RENEGADE A revolutionary, an outlaw, a maverick, an iconoclast.

DESIRE To find the truth.

DESIRE Revolution.

GOAL To use intelligence and analysis to understand the world.

GOAL To overturn what isn’t working.

HOW Seeking out information and knowledge, understanding thought processes.

HOW By disrupting the status quo, breaking the rules.

STRENGTHS Wisdom and intelligence. THE SAGE fits the Travel Money brand, because we are a brand that:

• Provides expertise or information to customers. • Encourages customers to think and understand. • Is supported by research-based facts. • Wants to differentiate itself from others whose quality or performance is suspect.

The Sage is a natural choice for the Travel Money brand, because so many of our customers need an expert to guide them through the travel money experience, and help them on their way to an amazing travel experience.


STRENGTHS Freedom and outrageousness. THE REBEL fits the Travel Money brand ,because we are a brand that:

• Thinks and acts differently to the competition. • Tells people the truth. • Motivates people to do something that will improve or benefit their lives. • Takes travel seriously but can laugh at itself. • Wants to shake things up. What are we rebelling against?

• Misleading fees and pricing. • Letting customers stay confused. • The human ATM experience. • Boringness. • A lack of care for customers and their travel experiences.


Our Customer Value Proposition.



Expectations. STORE

To deliver a consistent brand experience, our stores must be kept clean, professional and smart at all times.

 n official opening hours sign should A be displayed and adhered to in each store.

S afes must be kept locked at all times except when transferring money between the till and the safe. Cupboards and drawers should be closed while serving customers and any cash not relating to the customer in front of you, stowed away.

• •

Shop must be clean and tidy at all times.

L ights and all digital screens should be on and fully functional.

 ny posters must be brand sanctioned, A up to date marketing material and displayed in official frames.

• • •

 oors need to be fully open during D trading hours.

B rochure racks must be fully stocked with official, up to date materials.

S hops without answering machines must answer their telephone promptly and take a name and number if serving another customer. All calls should be returned within the shortest possible time frame. If voicemail is available, official messaging scripts must be followed. Message banks must be checked at least twice daily.

 esks and counters should be kept D clear of clutter and mess.

E mails must also be answered as promptly as possible, at least within the same day.

 ny notes, hand-made posters, shop A business plans or whiteboards intended for internal communication must be out of customer view in a back room or the inside of a cupboard.

P ersonal mobile phones must be on silent and out of sight during operating hours.

D  igital Rates boards and advertising screens must be turned on and displaying official rates.

 ny maintenance issues should be reported A to the relevant parties at the earliest opportunity.

 lass and counter tops should be dusted G and cleaned of smudges daily and the store vacuumed as needed, at least weekly.

S hops should be staffed effectively to ensure we are there when our customers need us to be. This means having rosters completed a month in advance, maintaining clear communication about upcoming holidays or staff turnover, responding to busy periods by assessing opening hours or when breaks are taken.


 ll Welcome Aboard training and the A Novice checklist must be completed before working in store alone.

 omplete your Buddy Book each week C and take responsibility for your growth and development.

 ttend the Professional Sales A Program workshops and any other developmental training.

 ttend Buzz Nights, conferences, meetings A and training where required.

F amiliarise yourself with the code of conduct and company policies on Flight Deck.

 are about Delivering Amazing Travel C Experiences for all customers.


F ull uniform and name badge to be worn at all times.

 ork with your leader to set goals and make W plans that will benefit you and the team.

S upport Novices through Buddy Time and leading by example.

 ttend Buzz Nights, conferences, meetings A and training where required.

T ake responsibility for your growth and development.

Familiarise yourself with the code of conduct and company policies on Flight Deck.

 are about Delivering Amazing Travel C Experiences for all customers.

 perate in accordance with your O AML responsibilities.

Customer Pledge. At Travel Money we’re committed to providing you with a friendly, personal experience and expert advice every time you visit. We guarantee you the best price+ with no fees or commissions on all foreign currency cash conversions. Thank you for choosing Travel Money.


Expectations. TEAM LEADERS


 onsistently lead by example C to exceed Cost of Seat.

Consistently lead by example to achieve Cost of Seat.

T ake responsibility for your own and your team’s growth and development.

T ake responsibility for your own and your team’s growth and development.

R un your shop as though it were your own business: monitor competitors, track enquiries and sales, know you business, seek assistance and make full use of the experts and tools at your disposal to improve.

T rain novices that are coming into your business in accordance with the One Best Way Welcome Aboard Program. Ensure support fro m their team lea der and the wider village after graduation.

 Lead your team by setting goals. Help them to find and follow the pathway to reach their goals.

R un your shop as a TL is expected to and support and coach the other TLs in your village.

 are about Delivering Amazing Travel Money C Experiences for all customers.

 dopt and clearly communicate change A of company systems to your team. Ensure they feel involved and valued in the wider company.

S et the example within your village in leading your people, developing novices and selling. Answer questions and help the other TLs to develop their own business and themselves.

 onduct monthly one on ones with your C team members and weekly catch ups to keep on track for your goals. Attend implant store meetings monthly to maintain a good relationships and communication.

E mpower your novices to continue their development using the Buddy Book.

 omplete rosters a month in advance C to plan for leave, training and meetings. Ensure everyone knows who to contact for unexpected changes.

E nsure the Best Price Guarantee is understood and celebrated in your business.

E nsure your business is operating in accordance with our AML responsibilities.


S pend a maximum of one day per week visiting other stores in your village and run the Weekly Village Call to identify opportunities and solutions for the whole team.

Inspire and keep your village on track to a shared goal by ensuring all the TLs are involved in supporting you towards this. Coach and mentor so that they can be the leaders of their individual business and responsible for the day to day running of it.

S pend time with your Brand Leader learning some of the responsibilities involved in their role including recruiting, creating budgets, conducting effective one on ones.

E nsure your business is operating in accordance with our AML responsibilities.


L ead your area towards improvement through sales coaching, disciplined adherence to One Best Way policies and procedures, one on ones and team visions and goals.

K now, meet, understand and look after your customers.

R ecruit and retain future leaders and potential sales stars. Ensure they are on-boarded and supported throughout their novice year in accordance with the One Best Way.

Identify and mentor future leaders by introducing business acumen, sales skills, product knowledge and leadership tools. Ensure the right support is given to the people you are developing through situational leadership and open communication.

E ffectively deploy the Vehicles of Inspiration to maintain team morale, celebrate success and drive towards a common goal.

 versee and problem solve the team rosters O to ensure your businesses are open and effectively staffed to serve our customers.

S upport and maintain a disciplined, passionate approach to our Brand standards in accordance with One Best Way marketing, shop fit, processes and customer experiences within your area.

 ommunicate at least weekly with C team leaders to set goals and identify opportunities in their businesses. Visit each TL to conduct an effective one on one each month and follow up outcomes.

 ommunicate with your area regularly. C Celebrate successes, set the team direction and update on results.

E mploy the Ba-Six to ensure all members of your area know what is expected of them and how to get there.

 reate and regularly communicate the vision C and business plan for your area.

E nsure your business is operating in accordance with our AML responsibilities.


Learning and Development Pathway. Welcome Aboard Program (WAP)

• Induction to the Brand • Sales, product and systems training • In store learning and assessment • Creating a foundation for ongoing development

Buddy Time

Professional Sales Program (PSP)

• Ongoing support from a designated Buddy each week.

• Ongoing workshops after WAP. • Consolidate and further develop

• Self directed with support from team mates and leaders.

• Weekly research topics build on the knowledge and skills gained during WAP

sales and product skills

• Create plans for success and Brightness of Future (BOF)

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” Don Williams

Leadership Development

• Back to Black club to reinforce the basics of running an effective Travel Money Group business

Ongoing Development

• Monthly One-on-Ones with your leader to review goals and create plans

• Monthly Team Leader meetings • Leadership skills training for STLs • Cert IV in Business or Diploma of Management for STLs

• Next Generation Training Course



Our Marketing. “Marketing is a contest

for people’s attention.”


- Seth Godin


Marketing Goals. Stimulate



Attract customer to stores and website.

In centre posters, local store marketing. Email marketing to Flight Centre Travel Group customers booking. Take off calls and VIP customer cards. Advertising in FCTG publications. SEO and SEM and content marketing.

Currency Alerts. Expos.


Convert leads into sales online and in store.

Special offers, campaigns, email marketing.

Retain and Grow

Encourage repeat purchasing.

Email marketing post store sales Database marketing.


Build awareness of and engagement in brand.

Advertising, social media, Expos, blogs and SEO content. In-store fitout and customer experience. NPS and customer feedback programmes.

Direct Marketing (emails)

Through high levels of customer marketing consent.

Building Relationships

LOCAL STORE MARKETING For a more targeted and tailored layer of marketing support, we localise and personalise the Travel Money brand image. Our stores can connect, build relationships with locals and to take advantage of local opportunities.

ALWAYS ON MARKETING ACTIVITY To ensure we always stay front of mind for our target market, a number of marketing channels are manned 24/7. Think digital screens, online advertising, our websites and email programs.

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS For us to achieve a specific purpose such as increasing store traffic or driving a specific product, a series of marketing activities at a regional, state or national level form our campaigns.  


the Marketing Home Page on Flight Deck to stay up to date with the latest in Marketing and Campaigns.



Digital Screen Tips. •

Check they are on and working regularly.

T hey are not optional – DO NOT turn off unless they are broken.

If your store gets walk by traffic overnight please leave playing.

R eport any problems with screens or the content on them promptly.

They will need a regular dust and clean.

In-store Digital Screens. Our in-store digital screens are a huge innovation and improvement in the customer experience and our marketing capability. Gone are the old red L.E.D rate boards. In their place are standardised, modern in-store digital displays that can be updated regularly. There are a number of different formats in the network, depending on the age and size of the store.

Portrait Rates Boards

• • •

 ain screen in all stores and kiosks. M Displays rate content plus some brand and product messaging. Often facing outwards of the store.

Landscape Content Screens

• • •

K ey promotional and campaign space for most stores. Will replace posters over time. Only in our Implant store designs.

2 x 2 Videowall

• • •

L arge format. Main brand and campaign area. Standalone stores only.

Small Portrait ‘close up’ screens

• • •


P roduct and tip/ expert brand messaging. Will replace posters over time. Only in our Implant store designs.


Leveraging our Flight Centre Family. One of our biggest competitive strengths is being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group family. Our retail travel brands are selling around 100,000 international tickets every month. Imagine if every customer got in contact with us to arrange their travel money? This opportunity will be a key marketing focus in the next 12 months. We are developing better and improved tools including:

• Inserting Travel Money flyers into FCTG retail ticket wallets. • Sending emails to outbound FCTG retail travellers. • Including branded Travel Money on copy on FCTG retail websites. • Targeting the millions of visitors to our travel brand websites. • Targeting and improving referral cards and POS materials. Implant Stores

Stand Alone Stores

Your opportunity is to build strong relationships with your host Flight Centre, Escape Travel and or Student Flights teams.

Even if you’re not co-located with a travel brand store, you’re still very close to a FCTG family member. Building strong awareness and relationships with these FCTG stores is a great opportunity.


• Attend their team meetings regularly. • Discuss the currency aspect of their


• Ensure they are aware of our staff

• Visit the local FCTG stores in the area. • Make sure they know where you are

• Take aside each novice in their store and

• Distribute referral cards and Point of Sale

key campaigns with them. special rates policy.

make sure they know about Travel Money and our CVPs.

• Make sure they are stocked with referral cards and point of sale (POS) materials promoting Travel Money.

• Offer to attend their Local Store Marketing (LSM) information evenings to explain Travel Money to their clients.


and what we offe r. (POS) materials.

• Explain the FCTG staff special offer and

offer to sort out THEIR next Travel Money products for them.

• Offer to attend their Local Store Marketing (LSM) information evenings to explain Travel Money to their clients.

Take Off Calls Take Off Calls are Travel Money Group’s unique customer sales experience. Our partnership with the travel brands gives us the opportunity to call customers who book international travel in their store and offer them information about their Travel Money options and a VIP discount on cash purchased.


• TOCs are an extra service to travel customers; a way to give them expert advice on their travel money options and answer any questions they may have.

• Always take responsibility for the follow up of TOCs to make it simple for your customer. If they are not leaving right away, give them a call every couple of weeks to keep them up to date on the rates movements. If they need time to read or think about a product, make a time to call them back and answer any other questions they may have. You don’t need to secure a deal on the first call but when it comes time for the customer to transact, give them every reason to choose you.

• If you cannot get through to a TOC customer straight away, leave a short message explaining your name, where you are calling from and your number for them to call back.

• Get your travel team on board with the calls. A few positive words about you to their customers will go a long way in making them feel comfortable when you ring.


Our Brand Approach. Our brand personality continues to be rolled out across Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Attention Grabbing Headline

BREATHTAKING. Just how much your bank charges you for overseas transactions.

Cheeky take on a customer problem


WERE HERE? Instead of wasting half the day looking for a currency exchange kiosk.

Aspirational Travel Imagery

Base Plate

Travel Money Oz are your local experts when it comes to foreign currency and travel money. Avoid the post holiday credit card and bank statement blues and ask us how to avoid those crazy bank fees.

Lock-up of what we offer

1300 768 021

1300 768 021

*Competition terms and conditions apply. See for full terms and conditions. Transactions to Ghana and Nigeria are ineligible for entry. Only available at Travel Money Oz locations. MoneyGram, the Globe and MoneyGram Bringing You Closer are marks of MoneyGram. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Š 2015 MoneyGram. Travel Money Currency Exchange Pty Ltd trading as Travel Money Oz. ABN 46 121 451 723.



Websites. | | | Customers use our websites to find us, check rates, and to increasingly buy online. They can email us, call us and find their nearest store location. These days, 90% of customers research extensively online before going to a store or buying.


Use our websites as a sales tool

• Keep up to date with the content being published there.

• Remind customers if they need more information to look online.

• If they are in a hurry remind them they can

buy order cash, get an insurance quote, and buy a travel money card and travel insurance, all 24 hours a day! (coming soon for NZ).

• Remind inbound travellers and tourists of our stores across the country – they can find out store locations and opening hours online.

• Store Locators including opening hours • Trip Budget Planner • Currency Rate Alerts • Blog and FAQs • Destination Guides • Historical Rate Charts • Online Currency Ordering • Careers Page





Foreign Currency. Outbound Outbound travellers are our most common transaction. Customers vary in how much cash they are comfortable carrying with them. Customers typically buy quite close to the departure date and may be at the mercy of fluctuating exchange rates.

Key customer needs

• SAFETY – by buying from a reputable exchange business before they go, they know they are getting legal tender.

• I NFORMATION – which currency do I

need? How much? Is it a good time to buy?

• PERSONAL SAFETY – how much is safe to take? Tips on avoiding theft and robbery.

• VALUE – getting a good rate and avoiding fees and commissions.


• Always offer or hand out our plastic Cash

Wallet: handy for keeping cash safe and dry, especially in a money belt.

• Stop over cash: many long haul passengers

have to stop over in a foreign airport or city. By taking a small amount of stopover currency with them before they go, they can relax at the airport an d avoid high airport fees and commissions.

• Be discreet when counting and handing over

Inbound Tourists and recent arrivals will have foreign cash to sell for local currencies. Often rate sensitive, they may hold small amounts or a range of different currencies.

• Show an interest in where they are from. • Encourage them to visit our other stores along the way.

• Don’t forget to promote domestic travel insurance cover.

cash so your customer doesn’t feel attention is being drawn to it.

• Remind customers they can exchange leftover cash when you get back.

Cross sales reminders

• Every cash customer is a potential


money card customer.

• Offer a quote for travel insurance cover. • Remind them they can get both online at our website.



Pre-Paid Travel Money Cards. Pre-paid Travel Money Cards are the modern version of Traveller’s Cheques. They are essentially a simple single card product, onto which you can load up money into a number of different currencies.

• Safer than cash. • Prepaid: You’re using your own money. • Can hold up to 10 currencies on one card (9 in NZ). • You lock in your exchange rates before you go. • Load up in advance to save up before you go. • Easier to budget because you know what exchange rates you’ve got and you are paying in the local currency.

• Widely accepted at millions of merchants and online. • Separate to your everyday banking and credit cards, protecting your finances and identity if compromised.

Who do they suit? • Travellers who like to have certainty and know what exchange rates they are getting. • Travellers who want to save ahead or reduce their currency risk by locking in rates before they go. • Anyone visiting multiple countries needing a range of different currencies all on the one card. • Travellers who like to separate holiday spending from their home bank accounts

Multi-currency Cash Passport.™ (NZ & USA only) A CHIP & PIN protected, pre-paid travel money card • Load multiple currencies onto one easy to use card. • Free reloads in store at all Travel Money stores (for foreign cash transactions). • Reload any time via Bill Payment through phone or online banking. • Access your money safely when travelling. • No international ATM fees*. • Lock in exchange rates and know exactly how much foreign currency you have left to spend. • Accepted at over 35.9 million locations worldwide and gives you access to 2.1 million ATMs. • 24 hour Global Assistance. • Free second back-up card. • Obtain card balances and ATM location information online. • Order online for delivery to your nominated pickup location within 2 business days (Australia only).

for either budgeting or security reasons.

• Travellers who don’t want to carry large amounts of cash. • Travellers who prefer to spend their own money and not face the hefty credit card bills after their trip overseas.

*Some ATM operators may charge an additional withdrawal fee.

Available NZ and USA.


Available Australia only.

The Multi-currency Cash Passport is an unsecured debt security issued by Travelex Card Services Limited, a member of the Travelex Group. Multi-currency Cash Passport is not guaranteed by any member of the Travelex Group or any other entity. Before you make a decision to acquire a Multi-currency Cash Passport card, we recommend you to read the Multi-currency Cash Passport prospectus which is available free of charge from


Key to the World. (Australia only) Key to the World is a unique digital travel wallet that allows customers to manage their travel itinerary, prepaid foreign currency card, travel insurance and overseas phone and data - via a single online portal - anywhere in the world 24/7. Key to the World keeps their travel plans organised so that they can spend more time doing what matters most – enjoying their trip.

Itinerary • View all itinerary items

(flights, accommodation etc)

• Choose and set trip name online • Automatic flight updates (when online) • Tailored trip destination image for dashboard based on destination

• Call-My-Agent function • Include other trip details by simply emailing additional itineraries to

Currency Card • One card with up to 10 currencies • Use at millions of locations where MasterCard® is accepted

• Withdraw cash from millions of ATMs around the world where MasterCard is accepted

• Contactless card with Tap-and-Go capability • Save on bank card currency conversion fees

when customers spend in the local currency that has been loaded on their Currency Card

• Safer than cash - Chip and PIN protected • Lock in exchange rates • 24/7 Global Support • View and manage their account online • Fast and easy reload using debit or credit card and Bpay


The Key to the World app is the quickest and easiest way to access the customer’s important travel details. All they need is a smartphone or tablet device If your customer has a Key to the World travel insurance policy, Currency Card or Global SIM, they can also access the Key to the World digital travel wallet via the online portal.

Travel Insurance • Comprehensive travel insurance provided by Cover-More, one of Australia’s largest insurers

• View all their policy details online • Get Emergency Assistance contact numbers • View past travel insurance policies • View multiple insurance policies from Cover-More

• Get a quote and purchase their insurance • Find out how to make a claim Two in One: When a customer takes out international Travel Insurance, customers will be sent an Insurance Card within 2 weeks. This card has the added benefit of also acting as their Prepaid Currency Card, if they choose to activate this functionality.

Global SIM • View SIM call and data balances online • View up to five SIMs per user • View call pricing • Buy and activate their SIM online • Purchase credit for their SIM 24/7 • SMS call/data usage alerts

Key to the World is exclusively available to customers of Travel Money Oz, Flight Centre, Escape Travel, Student Flights, Cruiseabout, My Adventure Travel and Travel Associates.


Money Transfers. MoneyGram® International Money Transfers For amounts under $10,000

Boasting a worldwide network of over 347,000 agents across 200 countries, MoneyGram® has made sending money home to your loved ones even easier. In fact, once you complete y our transaction, your money will be on its way and arrive within 10 minutes*.

Target Customers Migrants, foreign visitors, or local residents wishing to send or receive money overseas for personal and business reasons.

Customer’s Goal Send money quickly and securely.

Customer Segmentation Migrants & non-residents are typically

• Foreign students. • Backpackers or travellers. • Foreign workers. Majority of these transactions are SEND, but we also act as a RECEIVE agent for people receiving an inward transfer.

Customer Needs

• Access to arrange the payment at convenient location - when they want. • Often work long hours and are doing the transfer on weekends or after work. • Good value and trust they’re not being ripped off. May be on low wages and balancing tight budgets.

Range of choices

• Cash to Cash at the other end. • Cash to Bank account

(not available for all countries).

Drivers for the send transaction

• Support family and loved ones at home. • Celebrate special religious or cultural festivals. • Personal savings purposes (e.g. foreign/migrant workers). • Pay expenses in their home country (involving homes, investments). • Emergency/ back up cash to loved ones or family travelling overseas. Key Send Corridors

• Philippines • India • Fiji • Nigeria

• South Africa • Zimbabwe • Pakistan • Indonesia

• Ghana • Bangladesh • USA

Key Times of Year Chinese New Year

Mothers Day





• Easy process, not too much paperwork. • Might be doing this regularly (even every pay day). • Trust the money will get there. • Flexible payment/money options that suit the specific destination. • Expectation of speed and efficiency as see it as a bank teller transaction.








Count your blessings

– Andrew Scully (Melbourne Central, VIC)

Travel Money Oz Consultant Andrew Scully was touched by the story of one of his Melbourne Central customers – struck by the hardship of a migrant from Liberia who has made Australia her home as a result of war in her home country, he explains how Travel Money Oz played a pivotal role in assisting her in sending much needed funds via MoneyGram® to support her spouse who was left behind.

“I now understand that

“She shared with me the atrocities of war and her first hand experience seeing people suffer under a cruel regime,” said Andrew. “She also told me of the sacrifice she had to make to leave so that her children could have a better future. I feel very lucky to be in Australia where we can all live peacefully.” “I now understand that at Travel Money Oz, we are not only make travelling dreams come true but more importantly to help those less fortunate have a better life. Let’s count our blessings.”

we are not only making travel dreams come true but more importantly, we help those less fortunate, have a better life.”

International Transfers over $10,000 GlobalSend Money Transfer For customers wanting to transfer over $10K to another country or those that have money overseas that they need to transfer into Australia or New Zealand, the recommended service is a secure international money transfer with GlobalSend powered by TorFX. TOR FX are a leading currency exchange specialist who have assisted thousands of individuals and businesses when making international money transfers and payments around the world. An alternative to the banks, they provide far more competitive exchange rates with no hidden fees or charges. Depending on the size and nature of the customer’s requirement, the savings that GlobalSend offers means the customer could be better off by hundreds if not thousands of dollars, often beating the bank’s exchange rates by over 3%.

What can GlobalSend assist with?

• Emigrating / Relocating overseas. • Returning home / Sending money home. • Buying / Selling property in another country. • Sending money to family. • Paying for overseas holidays. • Expats in Australia. • Receiving an inheritance from abroad. • Businesses paying a foreign currency invoice. • International Students. • Importing goods from overseas.

Key Benefits

• Highly competitive exchange rates. • ASIC and AUSTRAC regulated. • Personal account manager. • Fast, free and secure transfers. • Online money transfers. • No hidden fees or charges.

TorFX Pty Ltd are Regulated in Australia by ASIC (AFS Licence number 246838). TorFX Pty Limited under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 is regulated by the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre ‘AUSTRAC’. TorFX Pty Ltd ABN 27 103 142 829.



Travel Insurance. Cover-More Cover-More is part of one of the world’s most respected travel insurance groups. This group, founded by Kiwis in 1986 now provides travel insurance to over a million travellers each year and has operations in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Malaysia, India and China.

Why is Travel Insurance Important? Travel Insurance is important as it provides essential protection for your customers.

Cover-More offers our customers

• Overseas medical and dental cover. • Cancellation and luggage cover. • Choice of excess levels. • Adventure sports travel cover (including

skiing and other winter sports). • Pregnancy Cover. • Money-Back Guarantee.* • 24 hour emergency assistance. • View insurance policy details using their secure Key to the World login (Australia only).

A customer who is not covered by travel insurance may incur a claim, which could involve hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Global SIM features

Statistically 1 in 8 Cover-More policy holders will make a Cover-More claim. 30% of claims happen prior to departure which is why it is so important that your customers protect their trip by taking travel insurance as early as possible after they have booked their travel.

• Mobile and tablet ready. • No contract or minimum spend. • Control your spend.

Cover-More Product Options Cover type

Product description

Best suits

High Level/ Premium cover

Options Provide the highest level of travel insurance, including Unlimited cover for Emergency Medical and Dental expenses, as well as protection for trip Cancellation, cover for Rental Vehicle Excess, Resumption of Journey, lost Luggage and Travel Documents, and much more.

Travellers wanting the top level of cover.


Travelsure (Australia only) Comprehensive travel insurance cover but still great value for international and domestic travel.

Travellers wanting intermediate level of cover.


Essentials gives you just the benefits you need, including overseas medical and dental, at a price you’ll like.

Perfect for backpackers, students, and anyone who needs more affordable travel insurance cover!

Annual Multi-trip

Cover-More’s worldwide annual multi-trip travel insurance plans could save you time and money.

For frequent travellers planning to take several trips a year.

Domestic cover

Cover to protect customers against extremely high cancellation charges associated with domestic airlines, accommodation providers, rental car companies etc!


Business cover with annual multi-trip coverage.

Coverage for the INDIVIDUAL business traveller.

• Works in over 180 countries. • Save on calls, SMS and data and

receive SMS free in most countries.

For more details on the Global SIM visit

Customer Stories… with Cover-More.

Shannon, Dengue Fever Survivor Shannon experienced a mosquito bite in Bali that resulted in Dengue Fever. “Cover-More were absolutely fantastic. I wasn’t responding well to medical treatment, so they flew in a specialist from Singapore to accompany me all the way home. I’m so glad I had Cover-More Travel Insurance.” CHECK OUT MORE >> amazing customer stories and reviews on Cover-More at TRAVEL MONEY GROUP BRAND GUIDE

Business Cover

Residents on domestic trips.

Incorporates 6 weeks leisure travel coverage, with flexible premiums which are varied for max trip length ranging from 30,45,60,90 days and more.

Corporate Cover

Cover includes a single annual premium covering all employees on all business trips, as well as pre and post business leisure travel.

Businesses wanting to purchase cover for employees on business trips.


Our Customer.

Customer Needs. Outbound Travellers


Our outbound foreign cash customers are often in a hurry, focussed on getting a good rate and getting their money sorted, and are both distrustful of and mainly loyal to their Bank. The ins and outs of foreign currency are a bit of a mystery to them, with rate expectations largely influenced by media economic commentary about what the dollar is doing.

When it comes to defining more detailed sub segments for the outbound tourists, we have segmented them based on their attitude to organising their money.

The actual numbers are confusing for most when converting currency. If they’re about to travel they are both excited and stressed getting the trip organised. Convenient store hours and locations are essential as they rush to finalise this last job. Our customers are generally very active online and use the internet to find information, locate suppliers and find their way about town. They are active smart phone users and expect suppliers to make it easy to engage with them online. They are worried about overseas Roaming costs and living without their phone while away. Many of our in-store cash transactions are at imminent departure (tomorrow or in the next week) hence customers are in a rush. On the other hand travel insurance is often arranged at time of booking or shortly after, and a Cash Passport decision is often made early in the trip planning process. We know the average outbound spending money for an overseas trip is around $1800, meaning a big opportunity to improve from our current ATV levels. When it comes to financial services products generally, they run the gamut from being organised and in control to being mainly disengaged with their money. They are used to banking models of retail and online customer service, and will compare us and our efforts to that of their Bank. Our customers expect speed and professional service; convenience, expertise, trust and service are essential to them.

International Transfers 11% TTV








Help now to source their currency. Convenient opening hours. Advice on what to do.

Make it easy for me. Help me out. Handy local solution. Looking for information to support choices.

To make the right choice. To be in control.

In a hurry. Confused or under pressure. Excited about the trip.

Pressured to get organised. Lack of knowledge.

Organised. In control. Has got time. Wants to get it right.

I have no time, if I could go to one place nearby to get this fixed, that’d be great.

I’m on a mission to get this sorted.

Planning things properly is important on such a big trip and will make sure I get the best products for me.

Store hunts at the last minute. Low information searching. Looking for a solution now. May walk the strip/centre to check rates.

Might be 1–2 weeks before departure. Acts on recommendations of others. Some online research but limited attention span.

Visits online. Researches early. Shops around and looks for recommendations. Hungry for information and to figure things our.

Based on the send or receive corridors

Inbound 28% TTV

Outbound 61% TTV Planned / Unplanned / Influenced


Australia’s Top 10 Outbound Destinations

New Zealand’s Top 10 Outbound Destinations

1. New Zealand 2. USA 3. Indonesia 4. Europe 5. Thailand 6. UK 7. China 8. Singapore 9. Fiji 10. India

1. Australia 2. USA 3. Fiji 4. UK 5. Cook Islands 6. China 7. Europe 8. Samoa 9. India 10. Africa and the Middle East


Customer Needs. Inbound Travellers Customers buying the local currency or returning leftover cash in our stores tend to be eking out their spending money. They may hold for a good rate and are looking for value. Larger cities may also have high proportions of backpackers and long term migrant workers.

Australia’s Top 10 Inbound Travellers

New Zealand’s Top 10 Inbound Travellers

USA’s Top 10 Inbound Travellers

1. New Zealand 2. Europe 3. China 4. UK 5. USA 6. Other 7. Singapore 8. Malaysia 9. Japan 10. Other Asia

1. Australia 2. UK 3. USA 4. China 5. Germany 6. Singapore 7. Japan 8. Canada 9. Korea 10. Malaysia

1. UK 2. Canada 3. Brazil 4. China 5. France 6. Australia 7. Germany 8. Italy 9. Mexico 10. Spain

There were

There were



visitor arrivals into Australia for year ending July 2016, an increase of 10.6% on the previous year.

visitor arrivals to New Zealand in the year ending July 2016, an increase of 11% on the previous year.

There were


visitor arrivals to USA in the year ending July 2016, an increase of 4.3% on the previous year.

Migrants, Residents and Non-Residents Sending or receiving money internationally

Both Australia and New Zealand have a strong track record as countries of migration. Recent migrants as well as temporary workers frequently need to send money home, or to receive funds from overseas.

Examples of events triggering transfers

• Just moved here. • Sold a property or investment back home. • Bought a property or investment home. • Family or personal crises or emergency. • Emergency cash for traveller overseas. • Gifts for loved ones – celebration, birthdays, special occasions. Reasons to send/ receive money regularly

• To support family at home. • Regular savings. • To celebrate religious festivals or customs. • Business purposes. Key needs

Customers transferring funds internationally for the first time will know little about the process. They may turn to their bank first, not realising exchange rates and fees.

• Convenient locations and opening hours that suit my working/studying situation. • Range of simple choices which match my needs. • Professional and expert level of service. • Safety and reliability. • Trusted brand and credible professional staff. • Make it simple for me and easy to buy. • As a repeat customer, show me some extra love. • Great value for money. • Show respect for me and interest in my story.


Our Customer Sales Experience. LET'S EXPLORE YOUR PERFECT MATCH




• Ensure Lisa's needs are completely satisfied. • Invite her to come back for more and not to forget her friends and family.









• Make Lisa feel welcome to Travel Money Oz/NZ/USA by immediately acknowledging her in a warm and friendly manner. • Connect with Lisa by asking a minimum of 3 open ended questions about her story.

• Discuss which TMOZ/NZ/USA products are Lisa's perfect match. • Use expert knowledge to guide Lisa to the best solution. • If Lisa is heading overseas, make sure she is signed up for KTTW.


Customer Stories… Graeme Kilpatrick - Travel Money Oz Highpoint Two customers had just returned from Hawaii and absolutely raved about their Key to the World. The customers advised that they did not withdraw money from an ATM while they were there and used it only for purchasing. They had no issues with the card whatsoever, Pay Wave worked well and when they got home, they were easily able to transfer the remaining USD back to the AUD purse with no hassles!!! The customers are already looking forward to their next holiday that they can use the card!!

Amanda Borg - Travel Money Oz Narellan A customer’s Key to the World card was stolen on their first day in Greece whilst swimming at the beach. The customer called the customer service hotline who put a stop on the card and they was able to access her money multiple times through a money transfer agent free of charge. The customer was very happy after the initial panic of the theft and relieved that they were always able to access their money whenever they needed to. Back in Australia the customer popped in store to let me know of her ordeal and to organise a replacement card so they had access to the balance of their funds.

• Confidently ask Lisa how that sounds and how she would like to proceed with the transaction.


Customer Service Standards. Email Footers It’s essential that we have a consistent and professional standard in all our communications, including emails. All Travel Money stores should have the following set up as an Email Footer. All email signatures/footers are to be created using the approved DigiTech Branding system. Please note the version WITHOUT the photo is the only acceptable version.

Australian Standards

New Zealand Standards


NAME SURNAME Your Job Title Store

Your Job Title Store 0000 000 000 Address line one Address line two


Please call me: ???? Years in the industry: ???? Favourite currency: ????

0000 000 000 Address line one Address line two

Please call me: ???? Years in the industry: ???? Favourite currency: ????

Countries visited: ????

Countries visited: ????

Favourite city: ????

Favourite city: ????

Last business trip: ????

Last business trip: ????


Customer Service Standards. Voicemail Standards If your store has voicemail, please set it up correctly and use it. Remember though that all calls are ‘gold’- even if you have someone in front of you, it is possible to answer the phone, take a number and call them back directly.

All voicemail messages must follow the following script Hello! Welcome to Travel Money Oz/NZ/USA {Store Name} We’re sorry we’re unable to take your call right now, so please leave your name and contact number after the tone and we’ll call you back as soon as we can. (Oz/NZ) Our store is open 7 days a week for all your travel money needs, or you can also visit us online at / to order cash 24/7 or send us an email. (USA) Our store is open 7 days a week for all your travel money needs or you can also visit us online at and send us an email. Thank you for calling Travel Money Oz/NZ/USA. We look forward to talking to you soon.


• Practise. • Check it has been saved correctly. • Keep the tone light and friendly. • Take a breath at the end of each sentence. • Pace yourself and speak clearly.

Delighting Our Customers. One of the greatest rewards of providing great service and an amazing Travel Money experience is the difference we can make to our customers.

Smiles all Round (Tessie Proutsos) My motto has always been that you treat people with respect and provide exceptional customer service at all times. Last week, at the Bankstown store, an 83 year old lady came in to ask a few questions on currency and how she can take her money with her on a holiday to Europe and the UK. She was going to visit her grandchildren, family and friends. Asking her the right questions Tessie determined the currencies involved where Euro and Great British pounds.

Tessie opened the CPP and loaded it with EUROS for now and also advised her client of the benefits of loading in our stores as there was no charge. The client advised she would be back to load with GBP. “My client did purchase some FX and she was happy with the AED as she had never considered her stopover,” said Tessie. “She left with a smile and happy that a very large part of her holiday had been taken care of. I also had a big smile on my face that I was able to assist her on her adventure.”

“I also asked which airline she was travelling on, knowing if she was on Qantas there would be a stopover in Dubai,” said Tessie. “I recommended that she take some FX in EUR and GBP and also AED for her stopover. I also recommended the Multi-currency Cash Passport™ and the benefits with having such a card. Once having all the facts she decided to do just that.” TRAVEL MONEY GROUP BRAND GUIDE





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