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Physical Education Special Movement & Learning for 0-5 Year Olds Sports & Physical Participation Body Image Family Fitness

An Interview with er in ra T r e s o L t s e g Big

Michelle Bridges

Quality, Low-Fee Christian Education to Over 500 Students Located adjacent to Lake Macquarie and a short walk from Fassifern Railway Station, Charlton Christian College is a progressive school that caters for students Kindergarten-Year 12.

Love, Integrity, Faith, Empowerment

Junior School (K-Yr 4)

Middle School (Yr 5-8)

Senior School (Yr 9-10)

• A separate ‘Kindyland’ facilitates a smoother transition to school

• The SmarTrack program provides students with choice in their interest areas

• Offers a focused HSC Program

• The successful phonics program assists in early literacy gains

• Provides student choices in Sport, Creative & Performing Arts & Environmental Studies

• The high proportion of male teachers provide male role models • Neurological ‘Learning Connections’ Program is implemented on a daily basis • Interactive Smartboard technology provides diversity in visual aids

• Student learning contracts are based on Multiple Intelligence Theory • Extensive extra-curricular activities provide diversity in school experiences • The school focuses on making learning challenging, engaging & fun

• Outstanding 2009 HSC Results include 1st Place in NSW, in Tourism • The number of pathway options include TAFE, on-line study & traineeships • There is a focus on excellence in pastoral care & student welfare support • The exceptional staff are gifted in their specialty subject areas

Charlton Christian College | K-12 Non-Denominational Christian College | 43 Fassifern Rd, Fassifern NSW 2283 | P: 02 4959 9111

Mar/Apr 2010


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Spotlight An Interview with Michelle Bridges

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Business Saving Habits for Kids


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Students Rejoice at School Funding Success


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2009 Aurealis Award Winner


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looking after your body as well as your brain. My son has been using a chiropractor since he was 2 months

Cert no. SGS-COC-005911

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Students Rejoice at School Funding Success On Thursday 28 January 2010, eight Newcastle Grammar School students returned home from a trip to the small community of Farkwa, Tanzania where they saw first-hand aid work funded from money raised by Newcastle Grammar School

Staff and students also met with the

Newcastle Grammar School


board members of the school to

commenced a programme

discuss the building project, the

alongside World Vision in October

running of the school and other

2007, with an ambitious target of

needs and challenges facing the

raising $150,000 over three years to


build 3 boarding houses for a School

The purpose of the delegation was for students and staff to experience the environment in Farkwa, the work being done and co-ordinated by World Vision, as well as to enhance

The aims of the funding proposals

the relationship between Newcastle


and the Farkwarian Community.

With still nine months left to go until

❑❑ Increase the student education &

These students experienced being

performance by providing safe &

students in a class, taught a class

comfortable accommodation

themselves, exchanged sports

in Farkwa.

❑❑ Boost the morale & motivation of

the official end of the project, the School has raised and pledged almost $140,000 for the new facilities.

More Information

and games, performed songs for

the students by providing them

each other, planted trees at the

Michelle O’Toole

with a secure home & study

opening of stage 1 and laid bricks

Communication Manager


of stage 2 of the proposed hostels, shared meals, collected firewood, explored the school and attended

❑❑ Reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS





MARCH 2010


Newcastle Grammar School p: (02) 4929 5811




An Interview with

Michelle Bridges

What do you consider the best

What are your thoughts on the

physical activities for families to do

media hype surrounding child



Games! Everyone loves to play

I don’t believe that it’s hype! You

bike riding, cooking, listening to

games including tennis, touch

can’t fight with statistics. We are one

music, reading books and watching

football, beach volleyball or cricket.

of the fattest nations in the world per


What advice would you give to encourage parents to raise physically fit and healthy kids? Be a role model. Your children will watch and imitate you. Be someone who sets a fantastic example of how to live a healthy, energetic life. It’s the best gift you can give your children. How can parents motivate their children into becoming physically

getting really sick. Type 2 Diabetes

When I am not exercising and working I love horse riding, motor

What was your first job?

is now hitting kids as young as 8 and

In Barbara’s House & Garden at

9!! It’s outrageous!

Nelson Bay

There is simply too much food

What are your career highlights?

available. Our diet is too high in refined carbohydrates, fat, sugars, and there’s too much salty food available and the meal portions are too big.

• Australian Fitness Leader of the Year 1996 • Fitness Expert on Mornings with Kerri-Anne Kennerley • The Biggest Loser trainer

It’s just got really out of hand! The

• Publishing three books

only people who can change this

‘Crunch Time’, ‘Crunch Time

are parents. But I have to say that

Cookbook’ and ‘Michelle Bridges’

Again by being the role model

in my line of work, I find that if Mum

Australian Calorie Counter’

and taking the lead. It’s about

and Dad are overweight, then all

building regular habits and being

the kids are too and so are the

consistent. Perhaps they can do

family dog and cat!

What do you value most in life?

Everyone is eating too much and

My health


a sport together or do some basic training together such as laps of the pool, a jog around the block or going for a bike ride. Your kids are your responsibility; so it’s up to you as a parent to give them a healthy start in life. And, you will get fit and healthy too! What examples can parents set for their children to encourage them to be physically fit? Be involved in a sport! Do some form of physical training everyday that they can participate in or at least they are seeing you and the way you live your life. They are more likely to follow in your footsteps.


capita and Australian children are

What are your hobbies?

Get Ahead Kids® Mar/Apr 10

no one is moving more. In fact Australians are moving less and less. I am really worried for our nation’s health. Where did you go to school? New Lambton Primary, Lambton High and Nelson Bay High Please tell us about your family. I have a small family! Just me, my husband and my dog Paddy! We are all exercisers though!

• Publishing three fitness DVD’s

What is your most unforgettable personal experience? Learning how to accept everyone for who they are. What is your favourite Australian destination and why? I love Byron Bay; we went there for our honeymoon so it holds a special place in my heart.


What is your best overseas experience?

Biography In today’s weight conscious society

Crunch Time is about how one can lose weight fast and keep it off. It is divided into three main sections -

Paris is a city I adore as is New York.

where childhood obesity, meal

I also love the ease of Bali. It’s so

replacements and lap band surgery

warm and heavenly.

are common conversations, the

On top of her many television

uncluttered message delivered

commitments, Michelle is never

by Michelle Bridges is a refreshing

far from front of mind with regular


features in magazines and on radio,

What do your books contribute to family fitness? My books give families ideas on training at home, how to clean out the kitchen and great yummy meals

Best known as the straight talking red team trainer of Channel Ten’s

Get real - Get moving - Get cooking.

and plays an active marketing role in all her programs and books.

The Biggest Loser, Michelle mixes

She has been an ambassador for

her tough love message with

Adidas Women Australia since 2007

heart warming compassion and

and was the face of their 2009

understanding. Her endearing

campaign. She has also been an

Michelle’s Tips To Get In Shape

qualities and positive messages

ambassador for the National Heart

have captured the hearts and minds

Foundation and the RSPCA since

• Think of training as an everyday

of all Australians.

2004 and is working with CanTeen in

for everyone! It will inspire you and your family to be the best they can be!

event similar to taking a shower • Avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’ - put your joggers on & get out the door • Start & maintain a healthy eating plan • Make the time for training 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, 30 minutes there

Her books include: • ‘Crunch Time Cookbook’: 100 Knockout Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss • ‘Crunch Time: Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off’ • ‘Michelle Bridges’ Australian Calorie Counter’ Michelle’s book ‘Crunch Time’ blasted to number one on Penguin’s best seller list across all genres.

their healthy lifestyle initiatives. Michelle also takes her message to schools, corporations and community groups, inspiring and educating school children and executives alike. Last year Michelle was one of the contestants in Celebrity MasterChef Australia.

More information


Movement & Learning

for 0-5 Year Olds By Dr. Jane Williams

Eleven month old Jill is always on the go - climbing the stairs, pulling herself up onto the furniture and creeping into every available space in the house. Her busy body was exploring the world around her, saturating her senses, feeding her brain with lots of information from her eyes, ears, hands, feet, muscles and skin. While her movements may still be clumsy she is not only learning to move, but she is moving to learn.

What Happens If Babies & Young Children Do Not Move? Children who have not had the opportunity to move a lot as infants may be placed at risk of later school learning difficulties. Growing research points to the link between learning difficulties and movement. This link has to do with how the brain develops and the skills a baby develops as he moves -

Importance of Movement for Babies & Young Children

young babies who move are able

Infants and young children need

newborn survive.

to inhibit the involuntary, inbuilt reflexes that are designed to help a

to move. It is one of the important keys to later learning. Moving

Once these reflexes are inhibited

stimulates the development of the

the babies can learn to control

brain in many ways. When babies

body movement and stimulate

are born, their brain is a mass

higher levels of brain function -

of millions and millions of mostly

levels that are important for the

unconnected nerves. Emotional,

accomplishment of complex skills

sensory and movement experiences

that are required for learning at

that an infant and child have

school. Toddlers are refining the

stimulate these nerves to connect,

movements of their bodies, learning

and this allows information to flow

to balance and improving hand-eye

smoothly and quickly between the

and eye-foot coordination.

body and the brain, and around the brain. The more stimulation these nerve pathways receive the more consolidated they become - eventually transforming from disconnected tracks to superhighways that efficiently and rapidly zoom messages throughout the brain and to and from the brain to the body.


Get Ahead Kids® Mar/Apr 10

Lots of movement in the toddler years brings with it the opportunities for both sides of the brain to work together, so that by three years of age the young child is able to engage in more complex movement skills, cross-pattern actions, throwing and catching with a preferred hand, refined handeye coordination, smooth running, jumping, hopping, skipping and marching. These movement skills stimulate the higher order centres of the brain that are important to academic learning. As the child is able to engage in movement experiences the message superhighways in the brain develop and the child is able to perform more and more complex tasks.

What Fathers Can Do To Help Babies Babies need tummy time to really get going. Babies are born with inbuilt reflexes, some of which help a baby push forward - but to do this,

During this time the brain is working

they must be on their tummies while

as two separate sides – this means

they are awake. Baby’s who spend

both sides of the body like to do the

lots of time on their tummy have

same thing at the same time - just

stronger heads, necks and shoulders,

ask an eighteen month child to hold

move earlier, are more content

out his hand for a treat - both hands

as they don’t rely on parents to

go out!

entertain themselves and are stimulating their brain through their senses of taste, touch, hearing, sight and balance.

Physical Education Get your baby used to tummy time

❑❑ Encourage your toddler to hang by

from as early as five days after birth.

his hands to strengthen shoulder,

Lay your baby on your own body,

neck & back muscles. You can just

across your legs and over your arm

use a broom handle for this.

in the tummy position. You can do

❑❑ Dance with your toddlers - they

this while you watch TV or are resting

love moving & grooving to the

on the couch!

beat! - bobbing, turning, clapping

❑❑ Take your baby for a walk in the pram - over bumpy paths as well as smooth. If your baby is awake, lie her on her tummy. She can strengthen her neck & shoulder muscles as she responses to the bumpy ride! ❑❑ Once babies are over four months of age dad’s are

& running. ❑❑ Play ‘topsy turvy’, swinging, rolling, tumbling games to help their

General Manager for Research

muscle tone, balance & vision.

and Education, Toddler Kindy

Pre-schoolers (3-5 years)

will be refining their movement skills.


❑❑ Go for walks - these provide opportunities to balance along lines on the footpath, along gutters,

to have an inbuilt understanding

on low brick fences, run, jump & skip. ❑❑ Provide lots of opportunities to

lowered, or to be spun around

climb, roll, swing tumble, go upside

while wrapped tightly in dad’s

down, run, jump, hop, skip &



❑❑ Once babies are crawling &

Lecturer at the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Nutrition, James Cook

get lots of movement - they seem

high in the air & then rapidly

GymbaROO and Adjunct Senior

By three years of age most children

important in making sure babies

that babies just love being raised

Dr. Jane Williams is a Director and

❑❑ Help your pre-schooler learn to

Is Your Child Reaching Their Milestones? BOOK NOW Speech & Language Assessments

creeping - get down on your

ride - at first a tricycle (3 year old),

hands & knees with your creeper &

then later a bicycle (4 year old).

Ph: 1300 657 220

encourage them to explore the

Scooters are also great at this age.

East Maitland |Charlestown |Nelson Bay

world around them - under chairs &

Start with a three-wheeler for a

tables, through open boxes, over

three year old & move to a two-

different textures, along ladders

wheeler once this is mastered.

flat on the floor & up & down slopes.

games - throwing, catching &


hitting a ball with a bat are great

Toddlers need lots of opportunities

skills & muscle control.

to explore. Their energy and enthusiasm for movement need only be curbed for safety concerns - this is the age where they really get out there and discover! ❑❑ Visit your local park regularly they love running up & down the grassy slopes, swinging & spinning,


❑❑ Find some space & play ball

for eye-hand coordination, timing


The more chances your child has at practicing these movement skills, the more refined their movements will be & the more prepared their brain pathways will be for the challenges of academic learning.

More Information

chasing balls, & having the

Toddler Kindy GymbaROO

freedom to run unfettered by the

P: 03 9817 3544

confines of a house.

Babies and children often look a little bent over in a jelly bean or banana shape. Sometimes this is the only sign of physical restrictions in the body. Others present with a concern: Difficult delivery Ear infections

Settling Slow to crawl or walk

Kim Wheeler, Bianca Oehme, Eleanor Fernon University trained, Registered Osteopaths, AOA Members WARNERS BAY OSTEOPATHIC CLINIC Suite 9, 478 The Esplanade, Warners Bay NSW 2282 P: 02 4947 3099| F: 02 4947 3088 E: www.


Physical Education

Family Fitness By Christine Atkins

Regular physical activity is essential

Inactivity and long periods of time

This rise in the number of overweight

in the attainment of health and

spent in passive pursuits including

children is disturbing because it

wellbeing. Participation in fitness

electronic games, the Internet

causes health problems and can

activities promotes good health,

and television viewing are major

lead to social problems. Training kids

improves metabolic quality and

contributors to increasing childhood

to take charge of their fitness and

regulates appetite.

obesity problems amongst kids.

adopting healthy food choices are

According to a study conducted

The number of overweight children

by the University of Michigan Fitness

in Australia has increased as one

Research Center, family life is

in four kids is now considered

An enjoyable family fitness program

probably the single most influential

overweight. About 5-6% of kids are

can add health benefits, diversity

factor in kids’ health habits. By

classed as obese.

and richness in all family members.

Apart from lack in physical fitness,

Active people:

establishing a healthy role model, your kids are given the opportunity to create lifelong healthy habits at an early age that they can make use of for rest of their lives.

10 Get Ahead Kids® Mar/Apr 10

unhealthy food choices and unwise family eating habits are considered the major causes.

first steps in achieving control and direction over their lives.

• Concentrate more • Are sick less often • Are more productive

Physical Education

Exercise can help to: • Improve circulation • Reduce blood pressure • Reduce stress & tension • Reduce cholesterol & blood fats


Exercise also: • Helps maintain weight & counteracts obesity • Reduces the risk of joint injuries • Increases muscle & tendon


strength • Exercise simply makes you feel good!!

Family Checklist ❑❑ Parents need to be role models to their kids

Christine Atkins P: 02 4937 0286 Christine is the owner of Body &

❑❑ Have a good exercise program

Mind 2000 Pty Ltd that is committed

❑❑ Start exercising slowly & build up

to increasing people’s quality of

❑❑ Avoid being discouraged if you

life through greater fitness and

don’t see results immediately ❑❑ Record any fitness sessions in a diary to see progress ❑❑ Stretch before & after every session


Body & Mind 2000 Pty Ltd


improved body image, which leads to greater confidence and higher levels of achievement in all areas of their lives. Since 1984, Body & Mind 2000 has managed the staff gym at the Kurri Aluminium Smelter.

❑❑ Commit yourself to fitness

More Information

of the progress of all participants



❑❑ Drink plenty of water

nutrition. Comprehensive records






fitness, flexibility, strength and


❑❑ Make a schedule for fitness

perspective and include physical



❑❑ Set achievable & realistic goals

and developed from a holistic



All programs are designed


❑❑ Determine your current fitness





are maintained to keep them motivated through awareness of their achievements.


Physical Education

Body Image

Studies have shown that many teenage girls have distorted perceptions about their bodies perceptions which are shaped by the ‘beauty ideal’ presented to young women through various media sources - television, magazines and the Internet. The 2008 Mission Australia National Youth Survey (45,000 people) identified body image as the top ranked issue of concern for young people. Kids come in all shapes and sizes. It is

Body dissatisfaction is widespread in

important for parents to appreciate

Australian adolescents - 75% of high

and celebrate the diversity in their

school girls desire a thinner figure

kids’ physical appearance as well as

that the one they have (Durkin et


al, 2005) and 50% of high school

Many kids worry about what they look like and what others think of

boys are dissatisfied with their body (Pope, 2001).

them. They may perceive they are

According to the Eating Disorders

too fat, too thin, too tall, too short,

Foundation of Victoria, eating

and many more negatives.

disorders affect about 10% of young

Body image is how kids perceive, think and feel about their physical body. This perception may not be based on truth, but kids accept it as the truth. Kids who are dissatisfied with their body image and embark on extreme diets are often likely to also suffer depression and a variety of esteem issues that may include

women and 1% of young men aged 14-24. Anorexia is the third-most common disease in Australia for females aged 15-24.

Self-esteem is all about how kids feel about themselves, and how worthwhile they feel. A kid with high self-esteem makes friends easily, is in control of his/her behaviour and enjoys life. For many people, especially those in their early teens, body image can be closely linked to self-esteem. That’s because as kids develop into teens, they care more about how others see them.

Parents Need to Be Role Models ❑❑ Show a healthy relationship with food as kids learn eating behaviours from you ❑❑ Become aware of your own attitudes about body weight & shape ❑❑ Avoid crash diets & warn your kids about the dangers of crash dieting ❑❑ Accept your own body size & shape ❑❑ Avoid negative comments about

The image of beauty presented

other people’s body sizes &

in the media especially to young


women is unrealistic as they compare themselves to images that have been digitally altered and manipulated.

moodiness, suicidal thoughts, anger

If you suspect that your kids have

and anxiety.

a negative body image you can consult your doctor, guidance counsellor, community health centre, a practising dietician or psychologist.

12 Get Ahead Kids® Mar/Apr 10

Why Are Self-Esteem & Body Image Important?

❑❑ Plan for regular family physical activity ❑❑ Discuss media messages & images that promote unrealistic beauty messages ❑❑ Provide healthy food choices & snacks ❑❑ Expect kids to take responsibility for good nutrition

Physical Education Research School Culture ❑❑ Make sure your kids’ school has an effective anti-bullying policy ❑❑ Monitor peer influence in school, on the internet & in social settings ❑❑ Ensure that school culture nurtures individuality In July 2009, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) launched the Cybersmart Schools Gateway. This



Easy, permanent, cost effective identification for schoolwear, workwear and sportswear. RED, BLUE or BLACK lettering woven into white tags. P: 02 9699 8805 E:

is a web portal on the Cybersmart website which gives all Australian primary and secondary schools easy access to the full range of cybersafety education resources published by ACMA.

Encourage Kids to Adopt Regular Exercise ❑❑ Emphasise fitness, health & enjoyment as the major reasons for exercise ❑❑ Encourage kids to take up a team sports ❑❑ Focus on planned physical activity to help kids maintain a healthy body weight ❑❑ Be cautious of kids’ activities that

In 2009, The Minister for Youth, Kate Ellis, accepted an advisory report to help the Australian Government tackle negative body image. The Proposed National Strategy on Body Image, which includes a voluntary Industry Code of Conduct, was developed by the National Advisory Group on Body Image. This report encourages advertisers, the media and the fashion industry

emphasise thinness - gymnastics -

to promote more positive body


image messages. It incorporates a

Build Kids’ Self Esteem ❑❑ Encourage individuality of thought & opinion ❑❑ Provide strategies for kids to handle peer pressure ❑❑ Train kids to be assertive ❑❑ Listen to their concerns about body shape & appearance ❑❑ Avoid teasing kids about their weight, body shape or looks ❑❑ Focus on building kids’ personality & talents ❑❑ Discuss the role of genetics in shaping kids’ physical body ❑❑ Discuss how digital image manipulation sets unrealistic body

Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image which recommends using healthy weight models, realistic and natural images of people and disclosure when images of people have been digitally manipulated.

DOES YOUR CHILD HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH READING? Some children experience reading and learning difficulties as a result of visual perceptual problems caused by

IRLEN SYNDROME Irlen Syndrome can cause Dyslexia and difficulties with Spelling, Writing, Comprehension Concentration

The report also recommends building resilience in young people through a focus on peer interactions, parenting, the role of schools and community groups.

More Information

IRLEN DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC Suite 2/136 Nelson Street WALLSEND 2287 Ph: 4955 6904 Email:



The remainder, approximately 5.5 million reported that they did not participate in any such activity in the 12 months before the interview.

Most Popular Activities While there are a great variety of sports and physical recreational activities that people participate in, the ten most popular activities accounted for 76% of participation in 2005 -06. Walking was the most commonly reported physical recreation activity among Australians. Walkers also accounted for over half of those who participated in sports and physical recreation more than twice a week. Aerobics/fitness was the second

Sports & Physical


most popular activity, with 13% of the population aged 15 years and over participating. Swimming, the third most popular activity, had a participation rate of 9%. About 6% of the total population

Regular physical activity is important

Data derived from the 2005–06 ABS

participated in cycling and a

in reducing the risk of chronic

Multi-Purpose Household Survey

further 6% played golf. Unlike the

diseases, such as heart disease and

focuses on the characteristics of

top three activities that female

stroke, obesity, diabetes and some

participants as well as the main

dominated, these tended to be

forms of cancer.

motivators for involvement and

male dominated.

The National Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults recommend at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity, preferably every day of the week, to obtain health benefits. Health related campaigns focus on promoting activities such as walking, as this is likely to benefit all age groups and minimise risk of injury.

the main constraints given for not participating in physical activity.

Participation Rates In 2005 - 06, 10.5 million Australians aged 15 years and over (66%) took part in sports and physical recreation.

Males also had higher rates of participation in running, soccer and cricket, while women were more active in netball, yoga and dancing.

Characteristics of Participants Factors that affected participation included high household income,

About 4.7 million of these Australians

having a post school qualification

regularly participated more than

and family type.

twice a week and about 5.8 million participated up to twice a week.

In 2005 -06 Survey, the participation rates for sports and physical recreation were higher for the younger age groups.

14 Get Ahead KidsÂŽ Mar/Apr 10

Physical Education Participation rates declined with

One of the strongest associations

For those who participated more

increasing age, with the lowest level

with participation rates was

than 12 times within the 12 month

(49%) being reported for those aged

education level. Australians

period before interview, the majority

65 years and over.

with tertiary qualifications had a

of people (5.2 million) reported

participation rate of 81%, relative to

health and fitness as the most

59% for those whose highest level of

common main motivator.

People born overseas in the main English speaking countries had the highest rate of participation, with 72% reporting participation in 2005–06.

attainment was Year 12 or below.

Constraints & Motivators

More Information

For those who did not take part,

Employed people had a much

or who reported participating 12

higher overall participation rate

times or less in any sports or physical

(72%) than those who were not in

recreation in the 12 months before

the labour force (55%).

interview, the main constraint cited by 22% was insufficient time because of work or study commitments.

Main Constraint For Non Or Occasional Participants - 2005-06

Insufficient time due to work/study Insufficient time due to family Not interested Age/too old Ongoing injury/illness Already active Other a.

Males Females

Injury/illness (not further defined)

0 5


15 %




MAITLAND CHRISTIAN SCHOOL SCHOOL Do all God’s glory Do all forforGod’s glory

Maitland Christian School, nestled away in the middle of Metford, is a great place to educate your children. With 580 students from Kinder through to Year 12, at Maitland Christian School you won’t get lost in the crowd! The school’s mission is to work in partnership with families and churches by offering a sound Christ-centred education which encourages the fullest possible development of the spiritual, academic, physical and social characteristics of each child. Ph: (02) 4933 7633

Maitland Christian School


a. Includes temporary injury/illness, cost and insufficient time for reasons other than work, study or family. Source: ABS 2005-06 Multi-Purpose Household Survey.

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Gain Your Teachers Aide Qualification in ONE Year Enrolment: Rolling enrolment! Enroll anytime! Time: Day Class - 10:00am - 1:00pm Evening Class - 6.30pm - 8.30pm Duration: 1 day or evening per week + distance education study + workplace experience Certification: CHC30808 Certificate III in Education Support Venue: ICCC,146 Lambton Rd, Broadmeadow Cost: $200.00 per unit


Physical Education

r o f n cer


l o o Sch

g n i y l l Bu

The ‘Method of Shared Concern’

• It is assumed that bullies are

• Victims are not always ‘innocent’

was devised by the Swedish

often insensitive to the harm, or

psychologist, Anatol Pikas as a

the extent of the harm, they are

if anything, the victim may be

method of tackling school bully/

doing to the victim

doing to provoke & perpetuate

victim problems. This methodology has been successfully used in many British, European and Australian schools. It incorporates role play, interviews and small group discussions. A trained mediator holds relaxed separate talks with each party to bullying and a joint meeting is not initiated prior to the development of shared solution.

• The use of punishment is often ineffective in preventing bullying • Bullying is ratonalised as the group having fun

• It is important to understand what,

the bullying • The aim is to change bullying attitudes & behaviours • After progress has been made

• As individuals, bullies usually feel

it is important to see the group

uncomfortable about what is

of ‘bullies’ together to positively

being done

reinforce changes & negotiate

• If an authority figure blames the bullies, it is likely to accelerate

further progress • This approach aims to produce

bullying & increase the bond

a change of attitude on the part

amongst the bullies

of bullies & remove the need for

• Working with individual bullies by

constant surveillance • If individual bullies do not respond

Each meeting is prolonged until

sharing with them the concern

each party has stated what actions

for the victim is likely to generate

to shared concern, further action

more positive outcomes

such as interviews with parents &

need to be taken if any of them should transgress the agreed outcomes.

• This approach is direct, confrontational & has an inbuilt expectation for positive outcomes

“Applying the Method of Shared

• Having made a commitment to

Concern in Australian Schools - an

the interviewer, usually means

Evaluative Study” was commissioned

that members of the bullying

under the previous Howard

group do not share the interview

Government and undertaken by the

outcomes & this may weaken

University of South Australia.

group influence

Ken Rigby of the University of South Australia states that “Shared Concern” is based on assumptions that include: • This approach requires training &

• It is essential to follow-up what happens after promises are made

suspension may be required On January 17, 2010, The Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, released the Australian research that found that the prevalence of bullying in Australian schools is on the rise. This trend is compounded by the emergence of cyber-bullying. The National Safe Schools Framework (NSSF) consists of

• Initial interviewing with the victim

nationally-agreed principles for safe

needs to be avoided as it may

and supportive school environments

place him/her in greater danger

that guides schools to help them address the serious issues of bullying,

planning for successful

harassment and violence in their


classrooms and playgrounds.

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Physical Education

The Federal Government is funding a $3 million pilot program in about 160 Australian schools to work out what methods are currently being used in schools and what works. It has also committed $125.8 million over four years to a Cyber-Safety Plan which is being delivered by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

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y that’s wh LE O MAURIE M HAS A

Putting service and the needs of people first.


Old mines and potholes can be dangerous! If you see a hole, don’t think you’re a mole, walk in the opposite direction and report your detection.



People in Focus

An Interview with

Shane Thamm Author of My Private

Pectus - Story of Adole

scence, Family & Bo

dy Image

Where did you go to school?

What are your hobbies?

exist if I didn’t do that Masters.

I went to a bunch of schools. My first

I really enjoy riding my road bike,

Other things I do include

school was Gillen Primary in Alice

even though it’s ready for the scrap

interviewing people, reading

Springs, and then Living Waters

heap. It’s about 20 years old and I

transcripts of interviews and listening

Lutheran Primary. I went there in

can’t get parts to fix it. It was given

to radio. Radio is good because

its first year, when it had just 25

to me by a very close friend who

you get to listen to real-time

students. We moved to Brisbane in

later died in a car accident, so I’ve

conversations, not manufactured

1989, where I finished my primary

got a lot of emotion attached to

ones like you often get on TV shows.

schooling at Prince of Peace

that bike.

I do this because I like books with

Lutheran Primary before completing my high school at Grace Lutheran

What are your career highlights?

contemporary dialogue that springs off the page.

College. The distinct Lutheran theme

My greatest highlight was getting

comes from the fact my Dad was a

‘My Private Pectus’ published by

Lutheran Pastor. The school didn’t

Ford Street late last year. That was a

come with the job, but at times it felt

real thrill and still is. It has since been

Get to the end of your manuscript. If

like it.

shortlisted for the Northern Territory

you don’t finish a story, you’ll never

Book of the Year award.

get it published. When you do finish,

Please tell us about your family? I have a sister in Mongolia who works in child protection. She lives through

How do you go about researching for your books?

What advice do you give aspiring authors?

call every publisher you can and tell them how good it is and why people would love reading it.

winter days of -30 degrees Celcius

Mostly I just like to read books by

and many other things I wouldn’t

lots of different authors. I don’t have

want to deal with. My brother is

a favourite author, I never have.

I reckon there’s a fair bit of fun in

an engineer, who has worked on

I look at how they use dialogue,

it. When you list the themes in the

some major dam constructions and

build suspense and develop their

novel - body image, casual drug

is now trying to get a renewable


use, family relationships - it sounds

energy company off the ground. Dad’s a Lutheran pastor, semi-retired

I’m terribly critical, but it certainly

because of migraines and Mum’s

has helped my writing.

the one that makes sure none of us forget each other exists.

For ‘My Private Pectus’, I researched masculinities as part of a Master

But the real joys for me are my wife

of Arts at Queensland University of

Meghan and our son Angus, who’s

Technology. A lot of my research

18 months old. Baby number two

was very theoretical, stuff about

is on the way, a girl, so we’re very

gender theory. The novel wouldn’t

excited about that.

What does your book offer readers?

really serious, but I don’t think of it that way at all. There’s a chapter I really like and I think it sums up the novel pretty well. The main character, Jack, steals his best mate’s car. With another two friends he speeds around the city, going absolutely crazy. It’s a stupid thing to do, but he has an absolute blast. Then he returns the car and reverses it into a retaining wall.

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People in Focus Biography

Top of the world one second,

Who are your major readers for this

absolute bottom the next.


As I wrote ‘My Private Pectus’ I

I had teenage boys in mind when I

school outdoor education and the

often laughed at the stupid things

wrote ‘My Private Pectus’ and I’ve

masculinised outdoor adventure

Jack does, and how it always takes

had some great feedback from

industry. I became intimately

a monumental stuff up before he

them, particularly boys aged 14 to

interested in what makes young

learns anything. Luckily, he works a

17. But the weird thing is I’ve had

men tick and the emotional

few things out by the end.

loads of mothers tell me, “I’m going

challenges they negotiate each

to get my daughter to read this

day, often in silence. My first novel,

just so she can understand boys.”

‘My Private Pectus’, gives these boys

They’ve always liked it too, which is

a voice.

Inspiration for your book My Private Pectus Inspiration came from all sorts of places. I read a lot of books about teenage boys and young men. A lot of them were adult books, but there were young adult books as well like David Metzenthen’s ‘Boys of Blood

a bonus.

the biography of Jimmy Wan, a

my book that way. It’s pretty cool

pioneer of the coffee industry in

that people see it as being more

Papua New Guinea; and a young

than just a ‘good read’.

adult novel called ‘Torbreck’, which

How important is body image to

‘Deadly Unna’.

teenage boys?

I also poked fun at my Dad in

It’s more important than many

the opening chapters. I slipped a

people realise and it’s becoming

few of his old footy yarns into the

more so. Men’s bodies are on

beginning, which was a lot of fun,

display in the media more now than

especially when it came time for him

ever before, which means teenage

to read it.

boys are bombarded with images

of a fallacy. Sure, there can be wild moments when the story spills onto the keyboard, but most writing takes a lot of work. Not many words or sentences or chapters come freely

I’m now working on two new books:

I’m thrilled that parents want to use

and Bone’ and Phillip Gwynne’s

But in truth, I think inspiration is a bit

For six years I worked in high

is about a girl who knows what the future holds, but has no way to control it.

More Information

of muscular men such movie and sports stars. As a result, teenage boys often want the same body as men ten years older. That can be an awfully unrealistic expectation for bodies that are still maturing.

for me. They take planning and a lot

However, I’d hate to simplify body

of perseverance.

image into an argument that just blames the media. It’s far more complex than that. When you read Jack’s story in ‘My Private Pectus’, you’ll find that his body image anxiety isn’t just because of his chest deformity, even though Jack thinks

The New Way to Play!! Fun for kids, fab for parents! • Air Conditioned • Carpeted • Qualified Teachers Babies, Toddlers & School Readiness programs.

it is. It’s because he lacks social confidence. He feels like he fails his Dad and that he can’t match his mates in two areas he thinks are important: sport and sex. Jack starts

P: 02 4968 2246

looking for reasons why, and that’s when he starts blaming his chest for all of his perceived failings. It takes him a long time to work out that his body isn’t really to blame.


Physical Education

Parents & Children Partners in Reading

Shared book reading is a family event for many young kids and their parents. This is an enjoyable way of

• Shared reading improves a child’s interest in language, reading & words • Shared book reading is successful

improving a kid’s developmental

at stimulating a child’s language &


literacy development especially

Much media attention has been given to the importance of parents reading to their children in the early years.

By Dr.. Jane Williams You may very well ask;

when the child is interested & engaged in the book-sharing session • By providing children with the opportunity to engage with books, & encouraging a child’s interest in reading, a parent can

“Why and how does reading out

make a significant long term

aloud to children help them with

contributions to a child’s language

their reading and literacy skills once

development & literacy skills

they begin school? “ There are some fabulous books for There are many ways that shared

children of all ages. Visit your local

reading stimulates a kid’s language

library and make the most of the free

and literacy development and these


include: Dr. Jane Williams is a Director and • When an adult reads to a child,

Education, Toddler Kindy GymbaROO

questions, broadening a child’s

and Adjunct Senior

comprehension of the story being

Lecturer at the


School of Nursing,

• Parents often elaborate on a

Midwifery & Nutrition,

child’s focus, improving visual-

James Cook

perceptual & auditory-perceptual


skills • Regular reading provides familiar linguistic routines in which children progressively become more actively involved

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General Manager for Research and

they frequently use open-ended

More Information


What Is an


Accountants are analytical thinkers

Other Services Provided By

who are perceived a tad dull in

accountants include:

our society that reveres outgoing personalities.

• Audit, assurance & risk advisory • Financial advice

But, there is nothing boring about

• Corporate finance

the numerous employment options

• Forensic

and relatively higher salaries that are

• Business planning & restructuring

open to qualified accountants.

• Transaction analysis

ACER Research indicates that graduates in arts and humanities subjects had among the lowest earnings upon gaining employment and accountancy graduates were earning about 40% more than them over the course of their life In addition qualifying as an accountant can be a rewarding and challenging avenue that opens doors to many senior corporate and government positions.

• Taxation • Business resource planning

How to Qualify As an Accountant The traditional route into accounting is a degree or diploma with a major in accounting subjects. Most Australian technical colleges and universities offer these - and you can combine accounting with other subjects to broaden your skills and outlook.

What Accountants Do?

To improve employment prospects

An accountant is responsible for

qualifications to become members

monitoring and recording the flow

of industry bodies such as the

of money through households,

Institute of Chartered Accountants

businesses, organisations or

or Australian Society of Accountants.

governments. The accountant verifies the accuracy of all monetary transactions and makes sure that these are legal and are following legal guidelines. Some accountants may work tax returns, financial decisions, investments or retirement options.

Employment Prospects

Secure Employment in Marketing, Advertising, Real Estate, Hospitality, Tourism, Legal, Events, Human Resources, Public Relations, Business &/or Administration

Enrol For 2010 Call 4926 1577

Accountants are increasingly in demand so their employment opportunities are very strong. An understanding of money, costs and profits is an advantage when managing businesses, people or

re Can I Fin da Whe

As accountants are in high demand,

• CD & DVD duplication • Transfer photos/slides to CD • Runs from 10 - 5,000 • Course material to CD/DVD • Restore & preserve videos to DVD from film & VHS tapes

they earn a good salary upon

Call Us at CD-Genius

graduation. A graduate accountant

P: 02 4962 3583 18 Wood St Newcastle West NSW 2302


How Much Do Accountants Earn?

with no experience, for example, can expect a starting salary between $AUD35,000 -$AUD45,000.

G e ? us ni

directly for families to help with

accountants gain additional industry

Confused by your Career Options?



Saving Habits for Kids

In the words of Robert Kiyosaki’s

Giving kids an allowance either

Families that openly communicate

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, money is

dependant or independent of their

about money issues, provide a

power and it is best taught at home,

household contributions, behaviours

better financial framework for the

not by an educational institution.

and school achievements, is a


Educational institutions rarely provide kids with financial skills to

critical first step to their financial training.

Teenage kids need to be aware what happens when debt gets

grow their wealth. Being wealthy is

The Bankwest ‘Raiding the Piggy

out of control and encouraged to

not about how much money you

Bank’ Survey (1092 people)

steer clear of credit cards, internet

make, it is about how much money

conducted June 2009, indicated

purchases and uncapped mobile

you keep and how long you keep it

that 58 percent of Australian parents

phone spending.

for, in terms of years.

give out weekly pocket money, and

It is important to teach your kids how to earn, use and save money from an early age.

more than half of children regularly save it. Kids need to be encouraged to develop good saving habits and budget for big ticket items.

22 Get Ahead Kids® Mar/Apr 10

Teach kids essential financial skills that may include how to pay bills online, write a shop list and shopping on a budget.


Parents are in a unique position to set good examples for saving, investing and spending money. Encourage your kids to open up a bank savings account for these big

Tips for Helping Your Kids to Save

More Information

❑❑ Encourage kids to open a savings

account & teach them about interest ❑❑ Provide incentives by adding

purchases as well as a method of

an additional amount to their

investing for the future.

voluntary savings

Some schools are working with financial institutions to bring back traditional school banking. For example the Mutual has six Lower Hunter primary schools already involved in such a program. School kids open Young Endeavour Accounts with minimum opening

❑❑ Set a fixed percent of allowance that needs to be saved ❑❑ Train kids to work for their money & save a fixed amount ❑❑ Give them a piggy bank to save coins until full ❑❑ Encourage kids to use landlines/ VOIP not mobile phones ❑❑ Train them to cook treats rather

balances of $2.00 and The

than buy them & pay them the

Mutual accepts deposits from the


convenience of their school.

❑❑ Split their savings accounts into university fees, holiday & car

Each week a representative of

❑❑ Involve kids in the grocery buying

The Mutual visits the schools and

from writing a list to checkout

processes the student transactions.


This Bank@School program is a worthwhile initiative for children to understand the nature of the savings and banking process.

❑❑ Teach teenagers how to invest in stocks & bonds ❑❑ Help kids to set budgets & make choices ❑❑ Introduce kids to sites such as eBay for selling their surplus items

TICKING ALL THE BOXES Quality Learning Caring Christian Environment Strong Academic Programmes Low Fee Structure New Facilities Transport Options Independent School Education Kindergarten to Year12 Call for a School Tour 256 Minmi Rd, Fletcher 2287 ph: (02) 4979 8484 www

Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College



thy Life l a e H , e n i p S y h t l Hea By Candice Robertson

If there was a way you could

The goals of the Healthy Spines

Environmental factors - These

prevent or minimise spinal health

Program are:

factors are about how supportive

problems from developing in your child you’d want to know about it, right? Do you realise that 80% of the

1. To improve knowledge & practice of spinal health & care among primary school students. 2. To increase the ability of school

adult population experience back

communities to promote

problems at some stage in their life?

spinal health & care through

Good spinal health in childhood lays an important foundation for preventing or minimising spinal health problems in adulthood and contributes to a better quality of life.

appropriate policies & environments.

What are the risk factors? Make sure you know if your child is being compromised. The risk factors

In recent years there has been

for developing neck and back pain

considerable national and


international support for taking early preventative action and promoting health in schools.

Constitutional factors - These are the factors that people are born with. People may have good or limited

There is no better place to start this

flexibility, strong or poor muscle

process than with kids!

strength, and the size of different

For the past six years, the Healthy Spines National Health Promotion Program has been running in primary schools throughout Australia. Healthy Spines is focused on promoting young people’s spinal health. This hands-on program targets Years 3-5, is taught by trained

body parts may be in or out of proportion. Postural factors - These factors are about the shape and position of the

our environment is for spinal health. Things to be considered here include the way in which furniture is designed; whether we have to do too much heaving lifting, twisting, bending or prolonged sitting; and if current rules and regulations support spinal health.

School Backpack Checklist The Healthy Spines program believes that good spinal health contributes to good health overall so here are eight guidelines for packing and carrying backpacks. ❑❑ Always carry loads over two shoulders. Shoulder straps on the backpack should be adjustable. ❑❑ A waist-strap is extremely important & should be clipped shut to keep the backpack firmly on the spine & distribute weight evenly on the hips. ❑❑ A backpack should never be

spine. People may be born with or

wider than chest width & should

develop postures that are not good

not be any lower than the hollow

for spinal health, so they are not

of your back, i.e. does not hang

good for their health overall.

below your waist. ❑❑ Look for backpacks with wide

volunteer chiropractors and funded

Recreational factors - These factors

padded & adjustable shoulder

by the Chiropractic Association of

are about the physical activities we

straps which ergonomically

Australia (CAA).

do. We can do these things safely or

contour to your child’s body.

unsafely, too little or too much.

❑❑ Keep zips closed to contain the load.

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❑❑ Always pack heaviest items at the back of the bag (against the spine of the pack) so they are closest to the child’s back. ❑❑ Backpacks should be worn straight with the top of the backpack at shoulder height (not too low). ❑❑ A backpack’s weight (including books & materials) should be no more than 10% of your child’s body weight. The promotion of spinal health can

More Information P: 02 4731 8011 Candice Robertson Healthy Spines Program Team Member Chiropractor Family Chiropractic Charlestown 2 Lincoln St Charlestown P: 02 4942 4842

result in more informed families and safer, healthier environments. It also reduces health care costs for


individuals and society in general.



Concert Highlights Baby Ballerinas & Co Concert Saturday 28 November 2009 Civic Theatre

More Information

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Baby Ballerinas is a unique pre-school dance program for 3-5 year old girls. It guides them through creative imagery and develops an appreciation of rhythm & timing, music, movement, grace, gross motor & social skills. Free Trial Classes • Morning Classes • Parents Able to Observe Classes. Baby Jazz is ideal class for boys and girls 3-5 years Central School of Dance is for kids 6 years and after & provides RAD based exams and Eisteddfod Oakdale Studios, Unit 4, 9 Oakdale Rd, Gateshead NSW 2290 Ph/Fx: 02 4948 2953 •



2009 Aurealis Award Winner The Aurealis Awards were established in 1995 by Chimaera Publications, the publishers of

Victor’s Challenge

Aurealis magazine, to recognise the

Author: Pamela Freeman

achievements of Australian science

Illustrator: Kim Gamble

fiction, fantasy and horror writers.

Prince Victor wants to marry his

The Awards Ceremony was held

love Valerian and make her his

on 23 January 2010 and the winner

princess. But, her father does not

of Best Children’s (8-12 Years) Short

believe in princes and Victor must

Fiction/Illustrated Work/Picture Book

pass three difficult tests of bravery,

This is an awe-inspiring, feel-good

was ‘Victor’s Challenge’ by Pamela

endurance and cleverness.

tale that preschoolers and first

Freeman and Kim Gamble.

Victor’s three tasks in the Dark Forest of Nevermore:

This book took Pamela Freeman 13 years to write and features an

1. Get the Scepter of Good

intriguing plot, charming characters

Fortune from the fiery

and interesting illustrations.

man-eating dragon 2. Retrieve an armband from

More Information

the peak of a wizard’s glass For publicity enquiries please



3. Collect a tail feather from the

Juliet Izatt – Publicist

rare White Unicorn Owl.

P: 02 8666 8333

readers will enjoy. For teachers and parents that want to capture kids’ interest, it is a great book for reading out aloud. Age: 4-9 Years Extent: 80 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781921150326 Price: AU$12.95 Publisher: Walker Books Australia P: 02 9517 9577

WolframAlpha Search Engine Unlike the major search engines

Enter a few words into the Alpha

It has been described as the first

that you ask it a question and it

homepage, and the magic begins.

step towards artificial intelligence

suggests where to find the answer,

You can ask questions and get

and a worthy winner of the Popular

WolframAlpha answers factual

answers to:

Science Best of What’s New 2009

questions and relies on analytical methods instead of humangenerated documents.

• The population of New Guinea • What percentage of the population are named John • The exact position of the moon on 7 March 2010

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Computing Award.

More Information


7 Year Old Gains

‘Gold Wings’

7 year old Ben Tennant, Lakes Grammar - An Anglican School student and member of the Central Coast model aero club gained his ‘Gold Wings’ model pilot qualifications. Ben is the youngest person to have gained his Gold wings in Australia. ‘Gold wings’ are the highest pilot rating awarded by the Model Aeronautical association of Australia (MAAA). He was awarded with his ‘Gold Wings’ badge, at the general meeting of the MAAA in March, 2009. As a regular competitor in the Model aircraft scale competitions, Ben flew in the National model aircraft championships in Albury. He is the only child competing in his category, holding his own amongst the adult competitors. Ben was awarded a special encouragement award for his excellent performance.

More Information

Head of Junior School at Lakes Grammar, Mr. David Sarich & Ben Tennant.


Lakes Grammar opened in 2004 and has grown to nearly 700 students this year. A reputation for excellent student care with a high quality academic program, at an affordable price. Buses from Swansea & Erina

Enquire Today Call 02 4393 4111 Cnr Sparks Rd & Albert Warner Dr, Warnervale

School Captains 2010 Peter Sweeney & Tahlia Mulder


Activity Zone

Outdoor Fun

Visit for the activity answers.

Can you find these 5 items in the picture above?


Baseball Bat

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Skipping Rope







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Pilates, Brass Band, Choir, Chess, Table Tennis, Judo, Akido Kickboxing Boxing, Gymnastics, Circus, Dancing, Fencing

P: 4961 4493 |


Reviews Chookies! Author & Illustrator: Lexie Watt This book delves into the meddlesome adventures of Bantam chickens, Esmeralda and Oswald that escape their chicken pen. The funny escapades include causing havoc in a retail store and council building before they are

Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s the Science Author: Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki Illustrator: Adam Yazxhi

caught, padlocked and sent to bed with no dinner. This is a humorous book that is great for reading out loud to preschoolers or as a first reader.

Age Guide: 4-8 Years Extent: 32 pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9780980575019 Price: AU$16.95 Publisher: Little Steps Publishing

It is an interesting book especially as

P: 02 9453 1230

‘Never Mind the Bullocks, Here’s

chickens are a favourite animal for

the Science’ is yet another

young kids.

fantastic book from Dr. Karl. This is a must for readers interested in the truth and the scientific workings of

For more great reviews visit

inventions in today’s society.

to separate fact from fiction,

Conspiracy 365: #2 February

answering some essential

Author: Gabrielle Lord

In his 28th book, Dr. Karl continues

questions such as ‘Will lemon juice actually make you slimmer?’ and

Callum Ormond is a fugitive

‘Can talking on mobile phones

desperately trying to survive the

turn petrol stations into fiery

next 334 days, living life on the


run accused of a crime he didn’t

Age Guide: General


Extent: 256 pages (Paperback)

February is a hard month for Cal.

ISBN: 9780732285371

He has survived a near drowning,

Price: AU$27.99

a kidnapping, being chased by

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

criminals and he is still no closer to


solving the Ormond Riddle.

biting cliffhanger. This book will leave

Readers also have the option to join

wait for March!

P: 02 9952 5000

the Conspiracy 365 website. This is a great interactive element for today’s

Don’t miss out on your chance of winning Dr. Karl’s ‘Fact or Fishy’ board game. Details on page 31. Dr. Karl is our celebrity in spotlight the July/August issue of Get Ahead Kids®.

32 Get Ahead Kids® Mar/Apr 10

technologically minded youth, allowing them to answer a monthly trivia quiz and follow the countdown to the truth.

An action packed book from the very beginning right until the nailthe readers wanting more. Can’t

Age Guide: 12-16 Years Series: Conspiracy 365 Extent: 192 pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781741690347 Price: AU$14.99 Publisher: Scholastic Australia P: 02 9416 4000

Reviews Our Pick Braille letters shadow the text on each page and the raised line drawings help visualise the colour through touch. At the back of the book there is a Braille alphabet,

The Black Book of Colours

which gives sighted readers the ability to identify letters through

Nitboy: Lift Off!

Author: Menena Cottin


Author: Tristan Bancks

Illustrator: Rosana Faria

This is a unique original book

This book is about 11 year old

How do you describe colours to

that uses simple language and

Lewis Snow, who has never had a

someone who is blind? This book is

fascinating artwork to describe

hair cut and his large blonde Afro

black in colour and contains white

colour. Its not only a great book

is full of nits.

bold text, but yet it’s full of colour.

for visually impaired children but

Seeing without your eyes is possible,

also allows sighted readers to

as the textured artwork in this

experience what its like to be

book explores your sense of touch.

without the sense of sight.

Welcome to Thomas’ world.

Most people wouldn’t want nits, but Lewis has developed a liking for them, he considers them as his pets. He engages in an

Age Guide: 3-7 Years

ongoing battle to keep his nits

This is a place where you have to

Extent: 24 pages (Hardback)

and his afro.

rely on smell, touch, hearing and

ISBN: 9781406322187

taste to interpret colours. “Thomas

Price: AU$19.95

says that yellow tastes like mustard,

Publisher: Walker Books Australia

but is as soft as a baby chick’s

P: 02 9517 9577


The fight to get rid of the nits is led by the deputy principal, Ms. Herrick who refuses to give up until his nits are eradicated. One of the subplots is the story of Ned, the world’s first ever leaping nit. Ned’s father has a vision

Hunting for Dragons

to train Ned and his offspring

Author: Bruce Whatley

another. But Ned is not interested

to jump from one human to he is happy in his home.

Suited up in armour that she has made from household objects in

This story is very humorous and

the kitchen and garage, the little

enjoyable! The text is enhanced

girl explores the garden and all

with black and white illustrations

the corners of the house seeing

that help to visualise the story.

imaginary dragons everywhere. In a

Kids will love this story. There is

surprise ending the little girl actually

also a quiz at the back of the

sees a Dragon in her bedroom - one that isn’t at all scary.

Age Guide: 3-6 Years Extent: 32 Pages (Hardback)

book that teaches kids the facts about nits.

This book explores the gulf between

ISBN: 9781741693294

Age Guide: 7+ Years

reality and the child’s imagination.

Price: AU$26.99

Extent: 112 Pages (Paperback)

The colourful illustrations dominate

Publisher: Scholastic Press

ISBN: 9780980566406

the story, making it ideal for parents

P: 02 9416 4000

Price: AU$14.95

and preschools to read out aloud.

Publisher: Laguna Bay Publishing P: 02 9960 5420

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Get Ahead Kids Magazine Vol. 2. No. 2. Mar/Apr 2010  

Get Ahead Kids is an educational magazine for kids from 0-25 and their families. Full of quality educational articles and activities, design...

Get Ahead Kids Magazine Vol. 2. No. 2. Mar/Apr 2010  

Get Ahead Kids is an educational magazine for kids from 0-25 and their families. Full of quality educational articles and activities, design...