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It’s HSC Time Again! Maximise Your Chances in Exams By Practising Exams & Stress

An Interview with

Jessica Mauboy

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Spotlight An Interview with Jessica Mauboy Study & Assessment

An Interview with Jessica Mauboy Photos courtesy of Sony Music Australia.


Maximise Your Chances in Exams By Practising


Exams & Stress


How Do We Encourage Young People to Have More Down Time?


It’s HSC Time Again! Special


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The Expectations of a Modern Man


Should I Stay or Should I Go... To Work After Having a Baby Health


How Do We Ease Kids Off Sugar?


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Editorial It’s been an inspirational experience interviewing Jessica Mauboy, who is a successful singer, songwriter and community worker. The contributor advice on exams and assessments should prove priceless to the HSC students and their families. Most contributors emphasise the vital role of downtime to student health and mental wellbeing. The special features highlight the contemporary challenges of young couples. Husband and wife team Stuart and Natasa Denman offer interesting perspectives on the role modern fathers and whether new mothers should return to work.

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Get Ahead KidsÂŽ Sep/Oct 14

An Interview with

Jessica Mauboy What is your favourite thing about performing to a live audience? The energy of the crowd. I think that’s what really gets me energised. If the crowd are buzzing and wanting more that gets me hyped. What is your most memorable performance to date? Generally throughout filming of ‘The Sapphires’ was definitely a great performance. There were so many performances involved – particularly ‘Land of a Thousand Dances’, we even had extras that became fans on set, which just went off. Performing the songs and doing all the acting and the choreography threw me in the deep end. But the whole performance and atmosphere was incredible. I’ll never forget the experience! Who has been your biggest musical inspiration? My biggest musical inspiration would be Mariah Carey. She has such a wonderful journey that I have been following since I was about four and singing all of her songs and I guess at that age I didn’t really know what she was singing about and what the stories were, but I generally felt the

beat and melody of her songs and forever connected as I grew older and understood her music. I still love her. Where do you get your ideas or new songs? For my third album, that I am finalising at the moment, it has been such a dream to come back down to music and be a part of something that I am really familiar with and know best. It’s been great to be back in the studio and hear and develop new material. I just love it!

It was nice to have the space and time to spill all. With this album you can expect something not too far from my first two albums, but I had a lot more influence and was firmer and took a bigger part in what I wanted the music to sound like. So I used the word ‘no’ a few times which was nice. It was great to be able to steer the boat and to be the boss of the chair and to really say what I wanted rather than someone telling you who you are and what is best for you.



How do you deal with attention from the media? I think generally, I like to keep everything positive and stay within that area. I feel very comfortable when it comes to music, but anything else, I just take a step back and let people who work in that area do the talking. If I don’t know something, I will take a backseat. Where did your interest in music come from? Initially it came from singing in church and having a musical family - a family that played music every day. The house was never quiet, it was always loud and boisterous. The house had a lot of tiles, so it was always loud and echoed. If you weren’t a performer, what would you like to be? I really wanted to be a teacher or a community worker. I would be back at home working with community groups and being a mentor, if music wasn’t going to work out. Maybe kindergarten or up to year three. I have been lucky with my career,


Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

in that I have been able to tie in community work and music workshops with youths and positively influence many young people. I am currently putting my money towards a school, one of my own charities that I believe in called the Yipirinya State Primary in Alice Springs. Where is your favourite holiday destination and why? I loved visiting my boyfriend’s family in Greece, an Island called Kalymnos. He took me there about two years ago and I am just itching to go back! It is such a wonderful small island where his grandparents were brought up. I got to go and see it for myself and it was just amazing, from the water to the simplicity of the food. There is so much community spirit and helping hands. Please tell us about your family Mum has always been a housewife with a few jobs along the way there are five of us so she was always kept very busy. We had a little boy come into our home throughout his teenage years. Our

family was always very open and welcoming to family, cousins etc when things weren’t going right in their families. My parents had an open house policy and everyone was always welcome and familiar. What was it like being involved with the film and the musical production of ‘The Sapphires’ Knowing that it was based on a true story was quite tough as a 23 year old - not knowing so much of the history, but being aware of it but not being fully educated on it. I grew up in a small town in Darwin, with a massive Aboriginal population. I had no problem being there and being of colour, so I couldn’t imagine how the girls who went through it felt. Playing the character of Julie was very intense and eye opening. There is a scene in the pub and the girls have invited themselves to the competition and they get kicked out of the pub - it was such an intense session. I had to take a moment and breathe and talk with the director and calm myself down. It is certainly a special film and experience that I will never forget.


About Jessica Mauboy Born on the 4 August 1989 and raised in Darwin, Northern Territory, Jessica Mauboy rose to fame in 2006 when she was crowned runner-up on the fourth season of Australian Idol; thereafter signing a music contract with Sony BMG Australia. Now, Jessica Mauboy is a household name, thriving in the music and film industry as an R&B and pop singer, songwriter, and actress. Her latest and most successful album ‘Beautiful’, released in 2013, achieved double platinum sales and merited Jessica seven ARIA Award nominations. Along with ‘Beautiful’, her two previous albums have reached over 2 million

sales in Australia, an astounding achievement. In April 2013, she was ranked at number 16, on the Herald Sun’s list of the “100 Greatest Australian Singers of All Time”. Aside from a successful career in Music, Jessica also has a flair for film and television. She made her acting debut in the film adaptation of the 1990 Aboriginal musical, Bran Nue Dae (2010), and starred in the popularly commended film, The Sapphires (2012), which earned her the AACTA & AFCA award for Best Supporting Actress.

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Study & Assessment

Maximise Your Chances in Exams By Practising

Some students (a small percentage) seem to be able to get maximum results from minimum effort but for most, this is not the case. There are some students who have no idea of how to study effectively and they get frustrated because they are putting in a big effort and not getting much in return. For those students, it may simply be that they are not going about it in the right way and so are wasting a lot of time on non-productive study. Students of all ages learn in different ways. Some people learn best from “listening” to information, while others learn best from “reading” the information.


Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

For those who need to hear the information, they could record the facts that they need to learn and then listen to them over and over until they can remember them easily. Regardless of how they learn their facts, both types of learners have to show their examiners that they “know” their work and both groups have to use the same techniques to demonstrate this. A good way to do this is to practise answering the different types of questions that they will encounter in the exams. Multiple Choice questions are often the most difficult simply because you are presented with different

By Dr. Joan Brien

alternatives which are designed to “confuse the issue”. When examiners write these questions, they will usually have three choices which are very close and may differ in only a slight way, and one that is obviously wrong. The most difficult of multiple choice questions are the “negative” ones. For example, “Which of the following is not ...” When answering this type of question, the best way to do it is to say the question to yourself, but look for the answer to “which of the following is…” Then mark each of those and you will be left probably with two alternatives. It is really easy to get confused with these types of multiple choice questions.

Study & Assessment

You should find some “old” exam papers (that you have not seen before) that have multiple choice questions, and answers them as part of your study programme. You could then ask your teacher if he/ she will look over your answers and let you know how you went. Most teachers will appreciate the fact that a student is trying to improve their exam techniques, so are usually happy to do this. You can practise writing essays on particular topics, and ask your teacher to check it over and give you some feedback on how you could improve on it. Most students know that there is a particular method of writing essays, so if you can practise this before the exams, you will be maximising your chances in the exam. This also gives you the opportunity to practise writing your essays in the restricted time frame that is required in exams. You can do this in two steps, 1. Get your technique right 2. Get your timing right If you have a lot of facts like dates, names, times etc. to learn, try drawing a picture to represent these facts, particularly if you need

to remember them in order of occurrence. It is easier to recall a picture than a whole lot of words and numbers. Finally, once you feel that you have learnt your information, test yourself out at random times like when driving, walking, running, washing up or any other non-studying activities that you do. This tests how well you can recall those facts and figures and indicates that it has been retained in your long-term memory rather than just cramming the night before and hoping that you remember.

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Study & Assessment

Exams & Stress By Marina Passalaris

As high school students around Australia prepare for exams, I have some great advice to help families manage pre-exam stress. As a society, we are often taught that stress is a bad thing. Adrenalin can be useful in helping kids stay on track and study longer. The concerns around stress arise when it takes over and your teenager starts to feel overwhelmed and even isolated. One thing we must remember is that exams are the first of many deadlines your child will need to manage. Don’t rob them of developing that crucial skill by jumping in and solving everything. We have all heard the ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ mantra but this is an area that teens really need to focus on during stressful periods. It is vital to get enough sleep and exercise, and to eat properly. Limit caffeine and sugar intake and increase water consumption. Coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks and many energy drinks contain significant amounts of caffeine, which in high doses may cause anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and make it harder to concentrate.

10 Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

Parents need to help their kids create a balanced schedule during the lead-up to exams. Often sitting down and making a plan on paper and breaking up the study into small, manageable time slots can be really beneficial to teens. This joint planning is a fantastic way for parents to be aware of their teens work load and have a clear understanding about what they are going through. It is vital that teens have a good balance between home, school, social and sports time even during busy exams times. As difficult as it may be, parents need to take a step back and let their teens be responsible and in charge of their study times. This will teach them good time management. For some students, the pressures of being a teenager and preparing for major exams can be overwhelming. You may want to talk to their year adviser, teacher, school counsellor or a child psychologist if you’re worried about them having sleeping issues, displaying low self esteem, losing touch with friends and not wanting to take part in their normal social activities.

Things Parents Can Do ❑❑ Keep family life at home calm ❑❑ Don’t put unrealistic pressure on the already stressed teen ❑❑ Be there to support & listen to them ❑❑ Make sure they have healthy food to eat ❑❑ Ensure they exercise on a daily basis (even if it is a short walk for 20 minutes)

Things Teens Can Do ❑❑ Plan a study schedule & take responsibility for your workload ❑❑ Remove your mobile phone from your bedroom to ensure you have a good night sleep without social media interruptions (as challenging as this may be) ❑❑ Caffeine & sugar produce more anxiety. Find an essential oil & inhale it periodically. It will lower the level of cortisol in your blood stream & give you instant calm. ❑❑ Make your study breaks fun. Catch up with family or friends & have a total mental break from the books. ❑❑ Adopt the attitude that you can only do your best.

Study & Assessment Open 7 days 9 - 4pm About Marina Passalaris Author and Teen Expert, Marina is the Founder and Director of Beautiful Minds Australia, a life skills program dedicated to the education and empowerment of teen girls. Beautiful Minds is run Australia wide and educates thousands of teens every year. Marina is the Author of ‘Beautiful Minds’, a guide book for teen girls.

412 Sandgate Rd, Shortland 4951 6466

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Beautiful Minds: A Journey of Self-Discovery for Teenage Girls Author: Marina Passalaris Filled with tips and information from friendships, boys, skin care, bullying and social media, this book helps to promote self esteem and uses imagery and colours that will appeal to teenagers. It is an ideal resource for parents of teenage girls, school counselors and teachers.


Age Guide: 12+ Years Extent: 167 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781452556512 Price: AU$55.00 Publisher: Balboa Press (Division of Hay House) P: 1800 050 315

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Study & Assessment

How Do We Encourage Young People to Have More Down Time?

By Michelle Mitchell

This article has been inspired by a local high school teacher who has children of her own. She was having an interesting conversation with her son. Her initial question was “Why don’t teenagers read as much as they used to?” His response wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but that he didn’t have the luxury to be able to. He felt that there was too much pressure on him to always be busy and productive. I also have four different clients at the moment who would echo this boy’s words exactly. They feel scheduled, driven, pushed, directed and overwhelmed.

12 Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

Although they would never come out and say it, they feel more anxiety than they should simply because of the intensity of their lifestyle. In my words - they don’t have enough margin in their lives. Here are 7 ways to create adequate margin in young people’s schedules: 1. Recognise a young person’s need for margin. Young people need to play. They need to rest and they need time with their thoughts. Without adequate margin, their lives can become imbalanced, stressful and unhealthy.

2. Avoid constantly scheduling them. So often I hear myself say to my children, “What are you up to now?” or “What should you be doing next?” My underlying message to them is “keep busy”. I have had to deliberately choose to ask, “What are your going to do tonight other than homework?” It’s been emphasising that relaxation is just as important as work.

Study & Assessment

3. Yes, I also fear that if I stop nagging nothing will get done. If they are organised and on top of things, there may be less work for me. Young people actually need to drive their own energy and work pace according to their personalities and needs. Recognise their differences. Let go as much as you can.

7. Ask your young people this question - Do you feel too busy? You will be surprised at their answer. Once there is space in their schedule they may actually pick up a book. Until then I assume they will opt for the faster, higher energy version of entertainment - movies and YouTube.

4. Confine jobs and homework to a set time. It is ideal for homework to have a start time and stop time. If homework times aren’t set young people tend to procrastinate, and worrying about homework can overtake the whole night.

About Michelle Mitchell

5. Plan to have breaks. Plan to have dinner together, watch a TV show or go for a walk before bedtime. Plan to create stopping points in your family’s schedule. 6. Value downtime. Don’t be afraid to call ‘time out’ if you know your young person needs some downtime. School work is important, but not as important as their mental health and ability to enjoy life. A day off once in a while or a weekend without anything on can be just what they need.

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What Teenage Girls Don’t Tell their Parents Author: Michelle Mitchell When your little girl becomes a teenager and starts acting up and acting out you may start wondering what went wrong.

Abundant in advice, case studies, revelations and anecdotes, this is an invaluable guide to parents of teenage girls.

Based on numerous interviews with teenage girls, the author reveals what your daughter may not be telling you.

Age Guide: Adult Extent: 170 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781921513770 Price: AU$24.95 Publisher: Australian Academic Press P: 07 3289 5346


Study & Assessment

! n i a g A e m i It’s HSC T By Dorte Bladt

The year 12 students are getting ready to test their knowledge, skills and memory of the past many years’ effort. It can be such a stressful time for these students and their families; even just knowing that it is coming up in the next few years is enough to create sweaty palms. However, that great thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There are valuable tools to make HSC time more tolerable. I know this dates back to the age of the dinosaurs, but I remember doing my HSC math exam clearly. I liked

14 Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

maths, because I had an amazing teacher, who would come doing a jig because he was soooo excited about the day’s topic. He made maths interesting and fun - believe it or not! The big day arrived; I was stressed out of my mind, because it was an oral exam, I had to draw a topic out of a hat and explain to my teacher and an examiner the theory of the topic and solve a problem. I pulled the topic quadratic formulas (I don’t even know what that is now). I had studied that topic, I had prepared for it, and knew I could explain it and do the equation.

However, when I stood by the blackboard I was so stressed my mind went blank, my brain went numb - I couldn’t have told them my name. My teacher was great - he recognised my stress and asked me to sit for a moment while he and the examiner discussed gardening tips. A few minutes later, he asked if I was ready and the exam proceeded and I got an excellent mark. Thank goodness for his help and understanding! You or your child will hopefully not get into that situation. And if it happens, we can’t always count on someone to help us out. We need to be able to do that ourselves, and I want to share with you how to do it.

Study & Assessment Stress is per our usual definition is negative, it causes headaches, immune deficiency, cardiovascular changes, sleeping problems, irritability, forgetfulness and changes to our metabolism. Studies have shown that stress increases our risk of dying by 43%. Interestingly though, only if we perceive that stress is harmful for us. If we don’t think the pounding heart, the dry mouth or the sweaty palms are bad for us, but rather a healthy response of our body to prepare us for an upcoming challenge; it actually is less detrimental to our health than having very little stress in our lives. Another little known fact about stress is that it makes us release stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. It also makes us release oxytocin. Oxytocin is a neurohormone usually thought of as the ‘Hormone of Love’ because it is released from the pituitary gland when we hug someone and when we give birth. Oxytocin is released when we are under stress, and it motivates us to reach out for support. It makes us social, makes us strengthen our close relationships with friends and family and helps make us empathetic and compassionate. Oxytocin also acts as an anti-inflammatory, relaxes the smooth muscles of the blood vessels and regenerates heart cells. So the oxytocin released during stress builds in stress resilience in the stress response. So what does that mean for the suffering HSC student? It means that acknowledging and even appreciating our body’s stress response for what it is; a preparation for a challenge, can turn the experience around, giving us the edge we need. We can use stress to our advantage - it does help keep us focused and on task, and we really need that at this time.

Exercise is a great way to help keep the nervous jitters at bay and improve the focusing ability of the mind. It also means that it is a good idea to encourage time with family and friends, at this time as well as any other time, to help encourage social connection and bonding. Group study sessions, soccer games, family meals and just hanging out chatting and relaxing are essentials. And of course, don’t forget regular exercise, drink lots of water and eat regular healthy brain stimulating snacks. Good luck HSC students!!

About Dorte Bladt


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The Expectations of a Modern Man By Stuart Denman Men have it easy right? We don’t have to give birth, don’t have to make the decision to either give up or postpone our careers and we don’t have to breast feed. We don’t have a baby kicking and pushing on every internal organ and we don’t get ‘cankles’. We don’t get morning sickness and we don’t get post-natal depression. We are often a conflicted observer not knowing when to cuddle, empathize, sympathize or tell you to ‘suck it up princess’ everything is going to be ok. Over the past 50 years roles have changed not only in the parenting space but the overall masculine and feminine dynamic. With the rise of equality and feminism through the 60’s and 70’s to the ‘metrosexual’ male movement of the 90’s and 00’s there are a lot of really confused men out there. “Be a man”, “step up”, “find your passion”, “don’t tell me what to do”, “be sensitive”, “don’t be a girl”, “tell me what you are feeling”, “don’t get emotional”, “dress up a bit more”, “you spend longer getting ready than me” Stop! No wonder so many men I speak with have absolutely no idea what they are expected to do and how they are expected to behave. Being married to a strong, modern driven woman, I spent some years fighting my own battles and working out my place in our relationship. It was hard and it was challenging.

16 Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

I felt like I was being emasculated and the more I became unsure of my place, the more I started taking on the feminine components of my self. I just want to share that all of us have masculine and feminine qualities within us. Many women in business, politics, and the corporate world often feel they are forced to assume a more masculine persona to keep up especially in a male dominated space. This only becomes a challenge in other areas of their life when they assume the masculine role in everything they do losing their femininity, softness and vulnerability. All qualities most men find attractive. When a woman starts to become entrenched in masculine energy, they can very quickly start to emasculate the men in their lives. Now this is where it gets tricky.

Most men, assuming that this is what women want, begin to assume the feminine energy in the relationship. They stop standing up for themselves, are very eager to please and stop making any decisions. They stand back and become passive passengers in their relationship and very often their own lives. By thinking we are doing the ‘right’ thing by our partners we are actually becoming everything that our partners don’t like - passive, weak and more. Then there is the other extreme. We start to feel threatened by our partner’s strength and masculine qualities and decide to fight back. We want to reclaim our Alpha male status and do everything we can to bring our partners down. We make every thing into a contest and attempt to dominate every aspect of the relationship.


Now both of these strategies are so commonly seen in today’s world yet until we start to understand that both masculine and feminine are best conditioned to work together, nothing is going to change. When I began to understand that I was the only person responsible for my state and happiness, I began to see how much better we could be as a couple and family if we started to appreciate the qualities that each of us had. It started by asking what each of us wanted and then giving it freely. Pretty simple hey? I was more driven by nurturing and family time and my wife was more driven by contribution and business so why fight it. When I took charge of my role in the family I started to grow into my power and I was able to give a new level of support to enable my wife to live her passion. I became more certain and more confident and I started to find that things came easily. Our businesses actually started to explode, as we were congruent with having and living our ultimate lifestyle. Our roles were defined and we were able to take control of our own destiny. Once this happened, my own clients started to get amazing results as we spent some time identifying

their current reality in their own lives before we focused on business growth. I always say, if your life isn’t working, neither will your business nor career. Sure, we don’t have to push a babies head through a very small opening, yet we certainly face our own very real challenges and a lot of expectations are placed on us. When you realise that you are the driver of the bus and it is your choice how you are going to live your life, the expectations seem justified. We need more balance and harmony in this world. Once you find and step into your power, there will never be any looking back.

About Stuart Denman


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Stuart is The Ultimate Lifestyle mentor and partner at Ultimate 48 Hour Author, a book authoring mentoring program. He spends his time working with those who are craving a better, more balanced life that they can live with passion and purpose. He is passionate about leadership and empowerment and spending quality time with his 2, soon to be 3 young children and his beautiful wife Natasa.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go… To Work After Having a Baby By Natasa Denman The age old adage of should a women return to work after having a baby is like trying to decide if chocolate cake is better than ice cream. In today’s world, many women have actually chosen to give up on the ideal of having children and being a stay at home mum, as they power ahead with their careers letting neither hell nor high water get in their way. Whatever they choose to do, women need to make a commitment to give 100% of their focus on achieving their goals even if they choose a stay at home mum career. Careers have changed and so have the traditional jobs that women hold. A lot of women have brought forward their masculine side to fit their perceived idea that the corporate world is still a man’s domain. I believe this doesn’t mean not having children or even being seen as maternal. It is about being able to bring forward masculine and feminine when the circumstances dictate. I had great success in my career before having my first child and although motherhood agreed with me, after a few short months I knew I had more to give. As soon as I mastered this first time parenting thing I found that my days were very slow and I longed for some challenges other than the ones mum’s face.

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I first started to delve into personal development books and immersed myself with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of today. I studied their actions and decision making processes and absorbed all of their teachings. Very soon I knew the time was right for me to get back into the business world. Firstly I made sure that my son was still going to have the best of me, as he was now my number one priority. I knew from other parents that childcare was actually a great thing for kids as they get the social interaction that goes missing without siblings. I sat with my husband as we worked out our schedule and how we wanted to structure everything. It was fortunate that he had a very steady roster with the same days off so we only had to put my son in two days a week yet I would still have four days to work in and on my business. Sure, I worked a lot more than that including most evenings yet I soon developed a routine that saw me accomplish some amazing things in the next year. Although we encountered some challenges along the way, I was feeling alive and on top of the world. I knew I made the right decision for me. Although I decided to return to the business world, there is no right or wrong answer whether a woman should go back to work after having children.

I believe there are five main things to consider when deciding which way to go; 1. How content are you with the stimulus that you will find at home? If the biggest decision you have to make is which pair of tracksuit pants you are going to wear to the shopping plaza or what your children will have for lunch, you might find yourself like me needing to contribute in a more meaningful way to society as a whole. For many, motherhood is their calling and they are content to be 100% mum, 100% of the time. Doing what makes you happy is the best job in the world. For a woman who is used to running a business or being in a position of influence, these decisions can soon bore them to distraction and this is what I found happened to me. Many other women who have been in an unfulfilling work or business environment count their blessings that they don’t have to return yet as I found, there are always new and exciting opportunities out there for a more meaningful career. 2. How are your financials? Does your family need the income that you were making to keep ahead? There are now many work from home businesses these days and I have been able to not only work around my children from home yet help many other mums do the same. Another thing to consider is does the cost of childcare impact on how much ‘net income’ you will earn? I have a friend that thought

Special that she had to go back to work as the family needed her income after having a second child yet by the time her two kids were in full time care, there wasn’t that much left over that made a meaningful difference. She now works from home doing some virtual assistant book keeping work for a previous employee and has the best of both worlds. 3. Who do you want to be the primary care giver for your children? The imprint period for children is between 0 and four years of age so you need to consider who will be spending the most time with your children during that period. I never wanted my son to be raised by someone else other than me and because I was fortunate enough to have the choice, I always made sure that either my husband or myself would be the major influence on his imprint period. There needs to be a balance and it is important to know that your children will already be forming beliefs around work and business even during these early years. Do they think that you have to work hard to get money and always be away from them? This can, without the right reassurance and actions, lead them to feel second best behind your work. 4. Who is the more nurturing parent? This is now a very serious consideration especially with many role reversals in relationships in today’s world. Some men would love to work from home or simply be a stay at home dad while many women in my circle are driven by significance and contribution. It also makes sense that if the woman can generate a much higher income than the man, this decision might be an easy one to make. These discussions can be uncomfortable especially if the man is made to feel unworthy to be the family’s main breadwinner. It all comes down to communication and an open and honest

conversation which if handled correctly can actually see an increase of happiness on both parents. 5. Can you have your cake and eat it to? As I touched on earlier, there are many opportunities that abound for women, even those who were high in the corporate world to undertake around their children. As well as the traditional stay at home mum businesses like Tupperware, Cosmetic sales and MLM’s the world of coaching, training and mentoring is giving highly skilled and driven mum’s the chance to earn a huge income as well and empower others to be the best they can be. The opportunities are endless. I began business mentoring and have been empowering other mums to make their dream business a success. There is no greater balancing act as being a parent and business owner yet there is also nothing more rewarding. Being able to provide a lifestyle that gives you the time and the finances to live the life you want sure makes everything else just work.

even be filled. Sure, it isn’t always that easy but from where I have come from, I live my life with no excuses and neither should you. After all, you are worth it. About Natasa Denman

Natasa Denman is the next generation business mentor and product generator specialist. The founder of Ultimate 48 Hour Author, a book writing mentorship program, Natasa is the author of 4 books herself - The 7 Ultimate Secrets to Weight Loss, Ninja Couch Marketing, You Can Live The Life Of Your Dreams and her soon to be released latest, The Ultimate 48 Hour Author.

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Roles have changed and the stigma of a career woman not being a great mother needs to change as well. We can have the best of both worlds and be an inspiration to our children and the business world. It just takes a commitment and certainty that you have all of the skills within you to pull of this balancing act. We live in a county where we are fortunate to have a choice. Growing up in Macedonia where unemployment was so high and finding work so hard, even the decision of whether to have kids was a big one for most women who were working. When I moved to Australia at 14, I was amazed at the amount of jobs that were out there that couldn’t

Ultimate 48 Hour Author Author: Natasa Denman Age Guide: Adult Extent: 158 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9780992357689 Price: AU$30.00 Publisher: Busybird Publishing P: 03 9434 6365



How Do We Ease Kids Off Sugar? By Sarah Wilson

I’ll be getting my hair cut, buying toilet paper at the supermarket or climbing out of my local pool and a parent will come up to tell me how deeply concerned they are about their kids’ eating habits and the way sugar is impacting their health and behavior. Sometimes they’re in tears, totally fed up and feeling like failures. It brings me to tears. Parents feel guilt that they’re doing the wrong thing by their kids. Parents feel powerless to change their situation. The competing food messages, the hidden sugars they’re not told about, the way their kids are “sold to”, the kids parties they don’t want to shut their kids off from. Meanwhile, our kids are feeling addicted and compromised. Should My Kids Be Sugar Free? Yeah, we reckon so. Let’s start here - kids aged 4-8 years should be consuming no more than three teaspoons of sugar a day.

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This is the recommendations from the American Heart Association. That sounds reasonable, and manageable, right? Well, here’s the scary truth: ❑❑ A glass of apple juice contains 8-10 teaspoons of sugar (the same as a can of Coke). ❑❑ The average bowl of cereal has three teaspoons of sugar. ❑❑ A slice of white toast with jam has four teaspoons of sugar. Our kids are eating 3-4 times the recommended daily intake, and that’s before they leave the breakfast table! Here are five easy steps to ease your kids off sugar. 1. Don’t stigmatise sugar In our experience the best way to get people off sugar (that’s big and little people) is to not make a big deal of it. Instead, treat it like a gentle experiment.

Banning or restricting a food often makes it more of a temptation to your kids. “Forbidden” foods sound super exciting, much like touching a “Wet Paint” sign. Highlighting the wet paint (or in this case the triple choc fudge brownie) makes them focus on it and want to grab at it. 2. Be prepared • Quit buying packaged food. Aim for your kid’s diet to be 80 per cent whole food. • Rearrange your pantry. Put treat foods out of reach and out of view. • Mix it up where possible. Don’t get your kids hooked on just one dish. Keep them interested in food with a variety of flavours. • Planning is the key. Have a bunch of ready-to-go meals and snacks in your fridge, freezer and pantry for when the kids are hankering for a quick fix.

Health 3. Take The Kids Shopping

About Sarah Wilson

Ask the kids to find three items on your shopping list in the supermarket. Engaging them in choosing, sorting and finding foods will help them recognise different varieties of fruit and veg, and teach them to select the best options off the shelves. 4. Get The Kids Growing Every expert we’ve spoken to agrees that when kids actively grow their own veggies they’re more likely to eat them, too. It’s a win all round! 5. Get The Kids Cooking The more involved the kids are, the more they’ll learn to recognise foods and appreciate the benefits of healthy choices. And when they cook it themselves, the more likely they are to want to eat it!

Sarah Wilson is a New York Times best-selling author, blogger and wellness coach whose journalism career has spanned 20 years, across television, radio, magazines, newspapers and online. She’s the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and was the host of the first series of MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show in Australian TV history.

She appears regularly as a commentator on a range of programs including Channel 7’s Sunday Night, The Morning Show, Sunrise and Weekend Sunrise, Ten Network’s Good News Week and The Project, Nine’s 60 Minutes and A Current Affair. Sarah is the author of the bestsellers ‘I Quit Sugar’ and ‘I Quit Sugar For Life’. Sarah has also authored the best-selling series of cookbooks from Her 8-Week Program has seen more than 495,000 people quit sugar worldwide.

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treating foot & lower limb conditions for your kids & you



Rheumatoid Arthritis By Dr. Ruth Renfrew (MBChB BSc DTM&H)

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a condition that causes pain and swelling of the joints. It can affect adults of any age but most often starts between the ages of 40 and 50. Approximately 400,000 people in Australia have RA. What happens in RA? Joints are the places where bones meet. There are many different types of joints and their main function is to allow your body to do a variety of movements. RA typically affects synovial joints such as your knees, wrists, elbows and some of the joints in your hands and feet. They are called synovial joints because they have a thin lining called a synovial membrane. This produces an oily substance called synovial fluid, which keeps the joint moving smoothly. Another important component of joints is cartilage, which cushions the ends of bones and acts as a shock absorber. Normally, your immune system protects the body from harm by fighting off infections. RA is an autoimmune disease. Auto means ‘self’, so an autoimmune disease is when the immune system gets confused and attacks its own body, even when there is no threat of infection. With RA, the confused immune system targets the synovial joints, attacking them so that they become red and swollen. The inflamed synovial membrane produces too much fluid, which causes more joint swelling. After a while, the cartilage becomes worn away, which allows the bones to rub together.

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All of this means that the synovial joints in RA become hot, swollen, stiff and painful. Sometimes in RA, the confused immune system also attacks the lungs, heart and eyes, so they can become inflamed too. What causes RA? We know that RA is an autoimmune disease but we don’t know for sure why some people get it and others don’t. How do you know if you have RA? Joint pain, swelling and stiffness is just one of the problems that RA can cause. People with RA might also feel more tired than usual. They might get fevers, dry eyes, and they may also lose weight. Usually the symptoms are worst first thing in the morning. These symptoms are clues that a person might have RA but the doctors will do some tests to make sure. A blood test will show the levels of inflammation in the body. X-rays and other scans, such as MRI, CT and ultrasound scans, will show up any damage to the joints. These tests help doctors confirm whether it is RA, and if treatment is needed. How can RA be treated? There is no cure for RA but there are treatments that can make the symptoms easier to deal with. There are three main types of medicines, DMARDs, NSAIDs and corticosteroids.

DMARDs stands for disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. They work by preventing the immune system from attacking in the first place. They can be given as tablets or injections. DMARDs stop lots of attacks but not all of them. This means they slow down the damage to the joints but are not a cure. Other medicines are used to stop the symptoms. Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are taken as tablets when symptoms are bad. They work quickly to reduce pain and swelling but they don’t stop joint damage from happening. Corticosteroids are more powerful than NSAIDs. They work by relaxing the immune system. They can be systemic or local. Systemic corticosteroids are given as tablets or injections to treat the whole body. Local corticosteroids are injected directly into a joint so they can get to work straight away. Because corticosteroids work by relaxing the immune system, one of the side effects is that more germs can slip past. This can make infections more likely. Physiotherapy is also a good treatment for RA. A physiotherapist can help with exercises to keep joints strong and flexible without hurting them. Occasionally there is too much damage to the joints. When this happens, an operation might be needed to replace the joints with new artificial ones.

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Sometimes the symptoms of RA make everyday activities like cooking, washing and getting dressed difficult. This is where occupational therapists can help. They work alongside doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, and are experts at finding ways to make these activities easier. What is the outlook for RA? Most people with RA have pain and swelling in their joints that comes and goes over time. When the pain is bad, it is called a flare-up. Flareups generally need treatment. The time in between flare-ups is called remission, and during this time no treatment might be needed as the symptoms have settled. Some people have symptoms all the time and need treatment every day. A minority have badly damaged joints causing disability. It can be tough having RA, but there are many people who can offer support. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupational

therapists are all there to help. There are also RA support groups, and some people find speaking to others with the condition helpful, as they will usually have had similar experiences and challenges. Remember • RA is a chronic condition that causes painful, swollen & stiff joints • In RA, a confused immune system attacks the joints, which results in inflammation. No one know for sure what triggers the immune system to attack • Although there is currently no cure for RA, medicines and physiotherapy help the symptoms

About Dr. Ruth Renfrew Dr. Ruth Renfrew is a medical writer at Medikidz, an organisation that provides children with informative, accessible and fun comics to help them understand health and illness.

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ooks to Give awa y!

• Occupational therapists help with ways to make daily activities less challenging • Living with RA can be difficult but there are many people who can provide support

What’s up with Eloise’s Mother? Medikidz - Explain Rheumatoid Arthritis Authors: Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair & Shawn deLoache Eloise’s mum has rheumatoid arthritis and this makes it hard for the two of them to share leisure activities. As Eloise doesn’t understand how much her mother’s joints hurt, she becomes disappointed and angry with her.

This graphic (cartoon) novel offers a light-hearted, easy to read exploration of rheumatoid arthritis and its treatment paths. It is a highly recommended reference book for your home, school and medical library.

Luckily, the five Medikidz Superheroes appear to take Eloise on a trip to Mediland where they explain all about joints and the immune system army, and what happens in rheumatoid arthritis.

Age Guide: Open Extent: 32 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781906935344 Price: AU$24.71 Publisher: Medikidz Limited P: +44 203 691 6230

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Colourful Plate Do you know where the food below belongs on this plate? Colour in the food item the colour of the group it belongs to. e.g. Apple = Red (Fruits), Pasta = Orange (Grains)

DAIRY (Blue)


GRAINS (Orange)



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20 - 21


PERFORMANCES Mon Oct 20 - 6:30pm Tues Oct 21 - 10:00am & 12.30pm 50 MINS NO INTERVAL


Box Office: 4929 1977


A very sheepish, brand new musical based on the quirky and quintessentially Australian picture book. This hilarious musical comedy explores the challenges and rewards of being an individual and honouring your own spirit and strength whilst working with the flock. DIRECTOR: JONATHAN BIGGINS | COMPOSER/LYRICIST: PHILLIP SCOTT | ADAPTORS: EVA DI CESARE, SANDRA ELDRIDGE & TIM MCGARRY


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Wild Spring Excitement At Taronga Zoo

Photo: Lisa Ridley



There will be no shortage of excitement at Taronga Zoo these school holidays following the birth of a male Chimpanzee in Taronga’s renowned Chimpanzee group.

Photo: Paul Fahy

Experienced mother, Shiba gave birth to a healthy baby in August and the youngster is quite vocal when not dozing in its mother’s arms and appears very healthy

Photo: Lisa Ridley

Keen-eyed visitors may spot the baby’s head or hands and feet occasionally poking out from Shiba’s embrace. As he grows and gets more active, there’ll be more opportunities to see the youngster. As well, Tree Kangaroo joey, Nupela, is a year old, senior female, Frala has joined Silverback, Kibali at Gorilla Forest and 12 new Squirrel Monkeys are dashing about the trees of Amazonia.

More Information Taronga Conservation Society Australia Taronga Zoo Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088 P: (02) 9969 2777

Photo: Paul Fahy

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leine Smitha

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“Grow A Star� Supports Talented Soccer Player Mundinarra (Mundi) is a year 11 student studying on the Central Coast and is a very talented and passionate soccer player. She has been identified as being a player with above average ability, and a possible future star of the sport. National Scouting Report (NSR) Australia, a national sports agency identified Mundi and offered her an opportunity of a lifetime.

Mundi signed with NSR Australia that will work with her for the next two years, building a portfolio that can be marketed to 2400 colleges in the USA. She will have the opportunity, when she completes year 12, to be placed at a college in the USA and continue her studies in a course of her choosing, at a degree level. Also as important, Mundi will have the opportunity to play soccer in the world’s premier female soccer competition, where she will be coached and mentored by the best coaches and mentors in the system.

Mundi has a dream of one day representing her country in her beloved sport of soccer and this is an opportunity of a life time and a major step towards achieving this dream. The Grow A Star program is very proud to be supporting Mundi in reaching her dreams and becoming the best person and soccer player she can be. More Information

GROW A Star is an initiative which encourages community engagement, social inclusion and generational change by enabling youth at risk to access sporting, musical, academic activities and other community activities.

Shane Marshall, Program Coordinator I P: 02 4920 2600 I E:


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Miss Ivory Tinklefinger, Queen of Sleep, is hired to sing you to sleep but tonight her piano has a mind of its own. Her lullabies come alive - and the consequences are wild! A gloriously unpredictable, strangely beautiful & ridiculously funny show that delights adults and children alike. Perfect for children 4-10 & their families. WRITTEN BY JESSICA WILSON WITH THE COLLABORATING ARTISTS INSPIRED BY SONGS FROM THE BOOK I’M STILL AWAKE, STILL! BY ELIZABETH HONEY AND SUE JOHNSON Originally commissioned by Sydney Opera House, and supported by Allen & Unwin, Arts Centre Melbourne, Betty Amsden OAM, City of Melbourne, Regional Arts Victoria, the State Library of Victoria and the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.

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Great Thinking


Builds Great Learning! At The Scots College we are excited about the journey boys go on as they move through the College. There are so many different phases of development, so many different opportunities to see and do amazing things. Each year has new challenges for curriculum and activity, sport and academics and opportunities to grow socially. But, there are a few key features that stay the same all the way through the years too. Our approach to thinking is not just soaking up information for retelling. Each year our focus is wide and reaches not just to the child and his interests but also to our responsibility to contribute to the world. This is a place where boys can learn to share in the spirit of brave hearts and bold minds.

One of the key strategies for learning is our move to thinking strategies rather than the collection of information. With the advent of super search engines the ‘what is it?’ questions and the content of topics, is not something we need to learn. We can search and find very easily. The high order thinking involved in being analytical and discerning points of view takes more skill. How we think about a topic, how we understand the big ideas behind a topic and what we can do to further extend our learning, is the really interesting part of the learning. Rich language experiences mean we can use our shared learning to help and grow each others meaningful understanding. Teachers develop strong questioning techniques and thinking routines to

promote richer engagement in topics. By setting a quest for excellence through inquiry, our boys are exposed to great thinking and challenge. This stretches their learning further than just knowing the answer for questions of content. At Scots we are growing curiosity, exploration, wonder, mastery, adventure, courage and finally, after lots of examination and challenge, we meet conviction. Our fine Scots boys are great thinkers, which builds a place for great learning. More Information

Explore the Early Learning Centre at Scots Commencing his journey to brave hearts and bold minds, each boy is an active discoverer of his new world. At The Scots College Early Learning Centre time allows for investigation and the opportunity to build foundational skills. The social, physical, academic, emotional and aesthetic domains for learning are integrated and supported to enrich the best possible learning environment for the boys. Scots’ unique Brave Hearts Bold Minds Education Philosophy and adventurous curriculum awaits each boy. Want to explore more? Our next Information Morning is Monday 27 October, register your place now. Visit


My Heart is Laughing Author: Rose Lagercrantz Illustrator: Eva Eriksson Dani is always happy, however struggles to find happiness after her best friend Ella moves away. School becomes a challenge for Dani. Not only is she trying to cope with Ella’s move, she also becomes a target to two bullies. Exploring the themes of school, bullying, friendship and the power of optimism, this easy to follow chapter book that is perfect for early readers. Age Guide: 6+ Years Extent: 120 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781877579516 Price: AU$15.99 Publisher: Gecko Press P: +64 4 801 9333

My Grumpy Day Author & Illustrator: Felicity Gardner Max, a young gorilla, has woken up with a serious case of the grumps. This delightful tale follows Max as he searches for something to cheer him up and cure his grumpiness. Each page features a colourful illustration which brilliantly depicts Max’s mood making it a perfect book to read with young children. Age Guide: 0 - 5 Years Extent: 24 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9780734415431 Price: AU$14.99 Publisher: Hachette Children’s Books P: 02 8248 0800

The Cake Author & Illustrator: Dorothée de Monfreid Tiger and his friends are hungry and decide to bake cake. However they can’t decide on a cake that would satisfy everyone’s taste. A fun book to read out loud to young readers, the vibrant, cartoon style illustrations brilliantly capture the friends cake dilemma and the humourous surprise ending. Age Guide: 3+ Years Extent: 32 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781927271445 Price: AU$15.99 Publisher: Gecko Press P: +64 4 801 9333

Contents include: 1. All About Your Skin 2. Non Diet Information 3. Eczema Safe Recipes The Eczema Diet includes 100 delicious recipes, suitable for everyone in the family, an extensive meal plan and shopping lists.

The Eczema Diet: Fully Revised and Updated Author: Karen Fischer There are 1 million Australians suffering from eczema and 6 million likely to suffer from this unique skin disorder at some point in their life. The Eczema Diet is more than about food, it contains a variety of lifestyle issues for the treatment and relief of this uncomfortable disease.

30 Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

This comprehensive book is highly recommended for families members who may have Eczema. Nutritionist Karen Fischer has over 10 years experience working with eczema patients. Age Guide: Adult Extent: 288 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781921966460 Price: AU$29.99 Publisher: Exisle Publishing P: 02 4998 3327

Tortoise and the Hair Author: P. Crumble Illustrator: Louis Shea Tortoise has lost his favourite wig. He searches high and low for the wig, as it’s needed for his audition to become a singing superstar. A twist on the classic fable, this hilarious tale about overcoming nerves and self belief is a perfect addition to the family’s bookshelf. Age Guide: 4+ Years Extent: 24 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781743625286 Price: AU$14.99 Publisher: Scholastic Australia P: 02 4328 3555

Lisa Absolutely Loves Art Author & Illustrator: Sophie Norsa After watching artists painting outside the Art Gallery, Lisa and her cat Picasso decide to view the framed works of art hanging inside. Picasso becomes lost in the exhibition, and Lisa begins searching through the gallery, immersing herself in the imaginary world of the paintings. Lisa’s artistic adventure allows young readers to take a closer look a famous paintings, providing further information on each painting at the end. Age Guide: 3-6 Years Extent: 32 Pages (Hardback) ISBN: 9781925059045 Price: AU$24.99 Publisher: New Frontier Publishing P: 02 9453 1525

Healthy Bowel Healthy Body Author: Dr. Sandra Cabot New research has found that gut health plays a crucial role in all aspects of our health. This book provides the vital principles for a healthy digestive system. It presents the latest research and holistic strategies to overcome common bowel issues and includes 150 bowel friendly recipes. This book is a must read for all people with any bowel disorders or for people that want to optimise the functioning of their bowels. The recipes are delicious and easy to make. Age Guide: Adult Extent: 288 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781936609208 Price: AU$24.95 Publisher: WHAS Pty Ltd P: 02 4655 4666

Bistronomy includes more than 100 recipes generously donated by chefs from all over the world, from Paris to London, New York, Copenhagen and the shores of Sydney, Australia.

Author: Katrina Meynink Photographer: Luke Burgess

The menus will appeal to the food innovators and the lovers of alternative recipes. It’s an educational experience in creative ingredients, food creation, stories and experiences.

The new wave of cuisine represented by the Bistronomy movement is led by young chefs, who choose to drop the astronomical prices and stuffy atmospheres of top class restaurants.

Age Guide: Adult Extent: 256 Pages (Hardback) ISBN: 9781743361009 Price: AU$49.99 Publisher: Murdoch Books P: 02 8425 0100

Bistronomy: French Food Unbound

Celia and Nonna Author: Victoria Lane Illustrator: Kayleen West This is a beautifully illustrated picture book about the loving relationship between Celia and her Nonna. When Nonna falls ill, she moves into a new home where she can be looked after. Celia isn’t fond of Nonna’s new home, so she tries to make it more appealing and comfortable. Celia’s pictures and drawings make Nonna very happy. The message from this children’s book is clear - it doesn’t matter where you are in life, it matters who you are with. Age Guide: 4+ years Extent: 32 Pages (Hardback) ISBN: 9781925000603 Price: AU$24.95 Publisher: Ford Street Publishing P: 03 9481 1120

Joy of Business Author: Simone Milasas This book is a spiritual and inspirational journey into creating, building, reshaping and succeeding in business, written by an author that has worked the adventures of business success. What makes this book distinct is the seamless and joyful integration of business and living. Age Guide: Open Extent: 216 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781938487033 Price: AU$38.50 Publisher: Big Country Publishing


Oi Frog!

Tottie and Dot

Good Without Gluten

Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field

Author: Tania McCartney Illustrator: Tina Snerling

Authors: Frederique Jules, Jennifer Lepoutre & Mitsuru Yanase

Frog is trying to find a place to sit, however Cat is busy telling him that he should be sitting on a log.

Tottie and Dot do everything side by side, from living next to each other to fluffing their angel feather pillows.

This hilarious rhyming story, sees frog running through the various other options of where he could possibly sit. Each time Cat responds that other animals sit there.

One day the girls start to compete with each other, progressively adding features to their homes.

Using a range of cereals, flours and clever flour mixes that are naturally gluten-free and healthy, this book presents over 65 delicious and nutritious recipes, guaranteed gluten-free.

The illustrations are fun and perfectly complement the silly story. Readers will be entertained by the funny expressions of the animals sitting on the various ridiculous objects. With an ending that both children and adults will enjoy, this book is definitely worth a second read! Age Guide: 0-5 Years Extent: 32 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781444910865 Price: AU$14.99 Publisher: Hachette Children’s Books P: 02 8248 0800

What unfolds is a tale of jealousy that gets out of control. The vibrant illustrations featured in this story are highly detailed and help convey the importance message of friendship and being yourself. Age Guide: 4+ Years Extent: 32 Pages (Hardback) ISBN: 9781921966491 Price: AU$24.99 Publisher: Exisle Publishing P: 02 4998 3327

The recipes fall into the following chapters: Breakfast, Afternoon Tea, Nibbles, Starters, Mains, Desserts and Breads. These recipes are easy to follow and mouth watering, the photography is stunning and the book is an essential reference for families with gluten intolerant members. Age Guide: Open Extent: 160 Pages (Hardback) ISBN: 9781743363126 Price: AU$29.99 Publisher: Murdoch Books P: 02 8425 0100

For more great reviews visit

Topics include:

Toddler Owner’s Manual: Father’s Edition Author: Steve Bedwell Written in the style of a car manual and in a father friendly way, The Toddler Owner’s Manual is a step-bystep instruction on toddler care and training from 0-3 years of age.

32 Get Ahead Kids® Sep/Oct 14

1. The Road to Toddling 2. The Terrible Twos 3. Eating, Sleeping and Toilet Training 4. Correcting Bad Habits and Unwanted Behaviour 5. Entertainment & Beyond the Home Written in a whimsical way with numerous popouts and warranty exclusion clauses, this is a must read for all new fathers or for new mothers

who want to find out how to effectively communicate to new fathers. Age Guide: Adult Extent: 128 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781925017199 Price: AU$19.99 Publisher: Rockpool Publishing P: 02 9327 7150

Juicy Juicy Green Grass and Other Fun Songs + CD

Edward and the Great Discovery

Author: Peter Combe Illustrator: Danielle McDonald

Author: Rebecca McRitchie Illustrator: Celeste Hulme

Featuring four fun songs, bright illustrations and fun characters, this is an ideal book for young readers.

Edward comes from a long line of successful archaeologists, yet unlike his family is yet to make an important discovery. That was until one rainy night.

The bonus CD is a great element, allowing children and their parents to sing along to Peter Combe’s catchy tunes. Age Guide: 3+ years Extent: 24 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781743620649 Price: AU$16.99 Publisher: Scholastic Australia P: 02 4328 3555

After digging search holes in his backyard, Edward tripped over an egg in the muddy ground, unearthed by the rain. This treasured egg and its contents would transform Edward’s life forever. The moody coloured illustrations brilliantly portray the historic theme of the book. This is a great family read. Age Guide: 3-6 Years Extent: 32 Pages (Hardback) ISBN: 9781925059007 Price: AU$24.99 Publisher: New Frontier Publishing P: 02 9453 1525

Pig the Pug Author & Illustrator: Aaron Blabey Pig is a greedy, rude pug dog who will not share anything with anybody, not even with Trevor the sausage dog who lives in the same house. When Trevor suggest playing together, Pig flips out. This humourous tale draws you in right from the brilliant illustration on the cover, through to the priceless ending. It’s a great resource to encourage children to share and learn about selfishness. Age Guide: 3+ Years Extent: 24 Pages (Hardback) ISBN: 978743624777 Price: AU$16.99 Publisher: Scholastic Australia P: 02 4328 3555

365 More Simple Science Experiments with Everyday Materials Authors: E. Richard Churchill, Louis V. Loeshnig & Muriel Mandell Illustrator: Frances W. Zweifel With more than 300 experiments which use everyday materials, kids under the watchful eye of an adult can explore the world of science and learn about gravity, electricity, magnification and more in a fun way. It’s a book bound to keep readers entertained for many hours by encouraging their inner scientist. Age Guide: 10+ Years Extent: 320 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781579129675 Price: AU$14.99 Publisher: Allen & Unwin P: 02 8425 0100

Natural Remedies Author: Mim Beim Natural Remedies is a comprehensive, practical and easy-to-use reference book for 200 common ailments written by an experienced naturopath. Each condition is listed alphabetically and clearly describes: 1. What it is 2. Symptoms 3. Causes 4. What to do 5. Remedies 6. Aromatherapy 7. At a glance summary

Unlike many healthcare guides, this book is easy to read and follow and simple in advice. It is highly recommended as a resource for all families, medical practitioners and schools. Age Guide: Adult Extent: 512 Pages (Paperback) ISBN: 9781921878107 Price: AU$29.99 Publisher: Rockpool Publishing P: 02 9560 1280



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Babies & Birthdays at The Australian Reptile Park It’s Baby and Birthday time at the Australian Reptile Park and we’re inviting everyone to join in the celebrations these spring school holidays!

Leonardo, the ninja turtle is thought to be around 50 years old and was discovered in a drain in the Sydney suburb of Botany over ten years ago.

Springtime means babies and the Reptile Park has quite a few to show off. The koala joeys are out on mum’s back nearly every day. Dingo puppies have arrived and will be a huge feature of our Kids 2 Keeper programs for 8-12 year olds.

Australia’s favourite roadside icon, Ploddy the Dinosaur concrete structure celebrates 51 years this year so it’s party time for him too.

The beautiful orphaned kangaroo Joey, Nelly, is doing really well and our Tasmanian devil keepers are working hard day and night, caring for our two Tassie devil joeys, Willow and Bear. The celebrating doesn’t stop all holidays. With Hugo, the 165kg Galapagos tortoise turning 64 this year-he actually shares his birthday with the Australian Reptile Park.

5x Pa Fam Giv sses ily ea to wa y!

Like Get Ahead Kids on Facebook to Win! With special thanks to The Australian Reptile Park, Get Ahead Kids has 5 family passes to The Australian

And to commemorate these celebrations, the Reptile Park will be offering free birthday cake to visitors every day of the holidays!

Reptile Park valued at $85.00 each

Visit the Reptile for baby and birthday celebrations for free cake every day of the spring school holidays at the Australian Reptile Park – the best family fun day out!

experience at the Australian Reptile

More Information The Australian Reptile Park P: 02 4340 1022

to giveaway! Each pass allows a family of 2 adults and 2 children (3-15 years) a wildlife Park. Visit GetAheadKids and LIKE the page. Keep watch for The Australian Reptile Park giveaway post and follow the instructions for a chance to win!


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