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The all-new Nissan Pulsar is here. And it, quite simply, has more. More style thanks to a striking, contemporary exterior. More space with a sophisticated cabin offering soft touch finishes. And more performance and efficiency, courtesy of a 1.8 litre engine offering standout fuel economy. Add the extensive list of technology and features and you’ll discover the new Nissan Pulsar offers yet another more – incredible value. Discover it for yourself at your Nissan Dealer today.



6 year Our comprehensive ownership experience

120,000km capped price servicing

3 year

100,000km Warranty

3 year

24 Hour Roadside Assistance‡

Team Nissan Dealers 1300 910 850

‡Applies to the first 12x10,000kms scheduled service intervals for up to 6 years/120,000kms (whichever occurs first). Some exclusions apply. Ask your Nissan Dealer or visit nissan.com.au/cpstcs for full terms and conditions. Prices and floor stock will vary from dealer to dealer. NNR2753/MM

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#149 the dreamers

THE design ISSUE february2013 4,539 days since we launched another idea by

22 local

[encouraging dreaming]

“Have confidence and humility.”

media architects managing editor carl lindgren business manager wendy schipper publishing manager chrisanthi demos global editor mikki brammer assistant editor melinda halloran editorial assistants sarah bristow, linsey rendell copy editor matthew brady art director lila theodoros production manager sarah hyne web/graphic designers sarah hyne, amy melksham, richard taylor photographer melinda halloran account managers paige gumbley, amelia labzin, jennifer macmillan financial controller kathryn lindgren web developers morgan daly, dino latoga, sam pospischil contributors frances frangenheim, eric lindgren, kathryn lindgren map cheer squad kara ciampi, ashley tucker map babies jasper york, mia, milo day, mollie, oscar map sponsor kids modester, naboth map foster animals jarot the orangutan, maxwell the rhino, migaloo the whale, pedro espinodo the iguana, philadelphia nightingale the turtle, rosie the giraffe, sinya the elephant map sponsor items a charity: water well in ethiopia a swing in bolivia an acre of the gondwana link if you don’t want to share your copy of map magazine with a friend, please place friend in a recycling bin. if you don’t have a recycling bin, it’s about time you got one! all paper used in the production of map magazine comes from well-managed sources. map magazine is owned, produced and printed in Brisbane, Australia. map magazine is published lovingly by map creative. map magazine pty ltd ABN: 98 088 035 045. ISSN 1443-5772 postal address 5 Morse Street, Newstead, Q, 4006 enquiries 07 3251 4900 subscribe $33 for 12 issues. Tel 07 3251 4900 Contents of map magazine are subject to copyright. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. The publication of editorial does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of views or opinions expressed. The publisher does not accept responsibility for statements made by advertisers.

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map magazine – proudly carbon neutral since 2006.

cover Something Wonderful is About to Happen Image by Lila Theodoros mm149-p01-COVR.indd 1

– – KEvin Finn

3/02/13 6:20 PM


“The courage to transcend the fear of failure is what propels you forward.” – – William Wilding 40 international


“You either take a chance or you don’t – but I say just do it.” – – LAURENT CHEHERE 52 arts


“Look outside yourself.” 56 theatre

– – Helen Howard


“Just the act of caring about the other point of view is sufficient.” – – Jo Kukathas

contents village






think 06 direction Michael Koliner

street 25 raw 28 cloth


Matthew Edelstein




global report


39 42 43 44

space home pantry place food




Helen Howard

Mekong Delta, Vietnam

mood book 54 gallery 53

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Jessica Lafleur



rolemodels Paul Nolan

Toby Hutcheon

travellers map





Jo Kukathas

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Sam Cranstoun


managing editor’s note

From wonder into wonder existence opens.” –– lao tzu

Welcome to map magazine’s 149th issue. Here’s to an amazing, prosperous, peaceful and wonderful 2013! A few nights ago at home, I took a mattress out onto the top of our roof and lay under the stars with my two boys. Stargazing is something I did with my father and I love doing it with my kids. You cannot help but feel inspired and in awe as you lie on your back looking up towards the heavens with the stars as your blanket. It is one of the easiest ways to have a lightning bolt of inspiration straight to your heart. The sense of wonder is truly breathtaking! This year is the start

of what will hopefully be an incredible year for you all. The new year is a great time to reenergise yourself for the year ahead and focus on the things that are most important to you. It’s also a great time to dream some dreams with your eyes wide open. We kickstart 2013 with some inspiring words by a collection of extraordinary dreamers. From cutting-edge design to aweinspiring photography, this month’s dreamers have acheived incredible success by taking a risk and setting sights on their dreams. I hope something wonderful will happen for you this year, and as always, remember to dream ...

Carl Lindgren :) Managing Editor carl@mapmagazine.com.au look out for the next issue of map magazine THE Cloth ISSUE follow map magazine on facebook, twitter & instagram

out March 8th

map magazine aims to foster a culture of confidence, spirit & individuality in people to help them embrace a mindset where they can be positive about the future.

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“Happiness is when what you think,

follow your own ...

what you say, and what you do are in harmony.




“Happiness is a direction, not a place.” – – Sydney J. Harris


earth friendly


ark bag free February

editor’s memo


The start of a new year signals the beginning of blossoming ideas, new possibilities, and dreams to be chased. While any time is the best time to chase your dream, starting afresh in the new year with an even greater enthusiasm can be just the momentum you need to work towards whatever it is you’ve had in your sights. For our first edition this year, our February Design issue, we chat to three inspiring gents who have found success by tapping into a magical combination of ideas, imagination and a sense of adventure: local designer Kevin Finn, purveyor of custom wallpaper William Wilding, and Parisian photographer Laurent Chehere. The common thread between each of these dreamers is their insatiable optimism – may their tales inspire you to chase your dream with even more gusto this year!

Mikki Brammer Editor

While you won’t quite be rendered a social outcast for carrying a plastic shopping bag, you may have to endure the withering looks of fellow shoppers who have long been toting their green bags to the supermarket. Bag Free February is an initiative from Queensland Conservation Council, aimed at weaning shoppers off their reliance on plastic bags, which can be damaging both to the environment and its water-dwelling inhabitants. We’ll be swearing off single-use, non-compostable plastic shopping bags to help raise awareness about their harmful impact. We hope you’ll join us! @ qccqld.org.au

retroDREAMER ––


“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Many attribute Roald Dahl’s fanciful tales as being the fuel of their childhood imagination, but in fact the famous author only took to writing children’s stories after he had offspring of his own. Following a heroic career as an ace fighter pilot in WWII, Roald set about crafting his impish literary worlds (accompanied by the illustrations of Quentin Blake) as part of his dream to inspire the fertile imaginations of children.

INVITES YOU TO ... Great Expectations While we are lucky to live in an age where the future holds seemingly endless possibilities, past generations did not enjoy the same fortune. Set in the early 1800s, Great Expectations follows Pip – an orphan who lives with his aunt and uncle, and is destined to follow in his uncle’s blacksmithing footsteps. In a stroke of good fortune, however, Pip learns that he has a wealthy benefactor and moves to London to become a gentleman. Director Mike Newell’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic novel relives Pip’s rise in society with a cast including Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes and Jeremy Irvine. For your chance to attend map magazine’s special screening at Dendy Portside on February 26 at 6:30 pm, visit mapmagazine.com.au and follow the links. 112 lucky entrants will receive a double pass and winners will be notified by email.








win at ... mapmagazine.com.au # o1

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04 map magazine

# o5 T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

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# o3

# o6

01 Win one of ten double passes to see the time-travelling science fiction story

04 Win one of ten double passes to see Stephen Curry in the comedy

Cloud Atlas

Save Your Legs

02 Win one of ten double passes to see

Rose Byrne in the romantic romp

05 Win a copy of The Art Book and The Art Museum as part of the

I Give It A Year

Phaidon Art Book pack

03 Win one of ten double passes to see

06 Win one of ten double passes to see

the powerful historic tale

director Kathryn Bigelow’s film


Zero Dark Thirty



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SAVER Discover the freedom of choice with our exquisite Australian-made ‘Beacon’ Desk. Intricately hand-crafted from premium Tasmanian Oak and showcasing sleek, contemporary styling, this quality piece can be customised to perfectly suit your home office style and space.



Tip: Place the ‘Nantes’ ottoman in front of the 1-seater sofa to sleep a single person.



Available in an array of stains and types of timber.





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Tip: Place the ‘Nantes’

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Domayne® stores are operated by independent franchisees. End 28/02/13. Mattress and accessories are optional extras.

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Level 1, Homemaker City, 1058 Ann St.

3620 6600

(Free underground parking)


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michaelkoliner.com –– Hoping to bring a touch of glamour to the usually dowdy worm compost bin, designers Michael Koliner and Ryan Hammond crafted a version worthy of any kitchen space. age 23. born Pittsburgh, USA. thing that made the world sit up and take notice of you That’s an

odd question. I’m not sure exactly. describe yourself in ten words

Talkative, obsessive, hairy, dry, off, messy, short, white, spunky and observant. gets you out of bed in the morning Other people. I wouldn’t do anything if there wasn’t anyone else to do things for or with.

epicurean // hideaway Not ashamed of sharing its moniker with a particularly meaty body part, Parisian restaurant Derrière is more akin to visiting an aesthetically astute friend’s apartment than dining out at a restaurant. The eclectic space (marked only by a lowly doorway tucked between a Moroccan restaurant and a bar), features a variety of rooms – including a lounge, dining room, bedroom and boudoir – in which you can enjoy your simple French fare amongst an amalgam of flea-market treasures. @ derriere-resto.com

something you discovered this month Income taxes. last thing that made you smile The shop dog,

CLASSIC // simplicity

Betty, at Hess Industries. She gets really excited and doesn’t know what to do with all the energy, so she wags her whole body.

The advent of digital photography has meant that almost anyone can take a good photo. But the challenge of getting the shot right in one go – and the exciting wait to develop your photos to see how they turned out – has been lost. In a bid to bring this more romantic side of photography back to the fore, New York-dwelling designer Enrique Diaz-Rato created his own version of the traditional pinhole camera. Stripping the camera down to its basic parts to seem almost toy-like in nature, Enrique hopes to bring a touch of simplicity to the complicated art of pinhole photography. @ enriquediaz-rato.com

most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen A tagged baby shoe. idea of complete happiness

I don’t believe in complete happiness. makes you different Over-thinking things always seems to set me apart. scares you Being completely powerless. environmental beliefs My thought is that without an environment I would be dead, so I have a responsibility to it. The hard part is figuring out how I am most effective. biggest inspiration The things that I don’t know how to change. words of wisdom It’s less about whether you are good or not, and more about how you are good.

06 map magazine

Surreal // tank

designer // digs

A fishtank usually succeeds in being a centrepiece of a room simply due to the comings and goings of its occupants. And when the tank itself is particularly eyecatching, it can be difficult to tear yourself away. Swiss design outfit Atelier Peekaboo used traditional glass-blowing techniques to create the gravity-defying fishtank known as Panse. As a result, what appears to be melting liquid sliding ever so slowly off its log perch is actually a functional abode for pets of the scaled and finned variety. @ atelierpeekaboo.com

We’ve long been fans of the Palihouse Holloway hotel in West Hollywood, and so we were rather excited by the news of its sister property – a 32-room boutique hotel known as Palihotel. The first boutique hotel to be posited on the famed Melrose Avenue, Palihotel shares the same quirkybut-discerning design aesthetic of its older sister. In true Pali style, the decor of these digs is enough to make you feel right at home, while the Dean & DeLuca-stocked mini bar and the absence of telephones and alarm clocks make it all the more easy to hole up in your room undisturbed. @ pali-hotel.com

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

be the change you want to see in the world

Map_Valenti mm149-p06-07-DRTN.indd 6

1/02/13 4:42 PM

Map_Valentine's_Day.indd 1

25/01/13 11:56 AM

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1/02/13 4:43 PM

Br mo w sh

Leather Cuff SEED

Super Cute Contrast Shirt SEED

Novo Bracelet LISA HO

Spliced Jegging SEED

Sleeveless Colour Block Top VERONIKA MAINE

Pretender Short LEE

Feeline Black Leather Heels with Jewels WITTNER











Riley Crushed Metallic Leather Boots SAMBAG










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R.M.Williams Deli







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Ms Rodd


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Qi Gunn













Peter Parking



Sheppard |




Footwear |

Sheike Hilfiger

Torts Famous Grill | Veronika Maine | VIP Nails | Wagamama | Winnie Bridal | Wittner

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Bring in the new season with monochromatic patterns. Add glam with interesting textures and sharp metallic glints.

Henson Ring BESSIE HEAD Beaded Jacket LISA HO

Talulah Wizard Music Dress BESSIE HEAD

Everyday Clutch SEED

Leather Cuff SEED

Head Indy Crusted Metallic Leather Ballet Flats SAMBAG






Alaska Black Suede Heels with Studs WITTNER

Aztec Animal Pant SEED


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global report


a tiny yet versatile retreat

Few people would argue that one of the places most conducive to finding peace of mind is in a cabin by a lake. But while many dream of owning such a nature-swathed hideaway, it can be a challenge to find just the right structure in the right location. Taking away the stress of finding the cabin itself, industrial designers Evan Bare (608 Design) and Nathan Buhler (BLDG Workshop) have taken a furniture-building approach to constructing a cabin, coming up with the concept for The Bunkie. A prefab oneroom abode, The Bunkie is intended to act as an experiment in ideas that blurs the line between architecture and furniture design. Even the designers themselves view the product as a large piece of furniture rather than a small-scale piece of architecture, as the techniques used to manufacture it are more similar to those used in plywood

furniture design. Using a CNC router to cut accurate parts that fit together like a puzzle, the duo creates the frame of The Bunkie before covering it in plywood and barn board. As for the interior, the petite dwelling is designed to maximise all available space and can be customised according to its intended use, which falls into three categories: Sleep, Play and Open. Sleep mode features two queen-sized Murphy beds built into one main wall, while Play mode comes with a small dining table and set of four chairs that are visually integrated into the main feature wall and can be detached for use. For those who prefer to use The Bunkie for recreational activities, Open mode allows access to open space, which can then be used for yoga, aerobics, reading, meditation and even the odd game of Twister if you feel so inclined.

The Bunkie Toronto, Canada


10 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p10-11-GRx2.indd 10

map magazine is proud to be carbon neutral

4/02/13 12:16 PM


a design feat of aural pleasure

The acoustics of a performance space can be a saviour to a musician – propelling sound into the realm of the musical sublime – but bad acoustics are an absolute curse. It is for this reason that painstaking thought is poured into the architecture and design process when building concert halls, opera houses and music studios. It’s vary rare, however, that such attention to acoustics is employed in the creation of headphones. But this is exactly the approach that designer Antonio Meze took when formulating the concept for the Meze Audiophile Headphones. Tapping into the audio nous of an elite group of sound engineers, product designers, craftsmen and musicians, Antonio set about creating a pair of headphones that would embody the imperative acoustic values of clarity, balance and harmony.

global report

In order to avoid creating a product that would exist merely as a fleeting trend, Antonio and his team crafted the headphones in a classic wooden finish – meaning no two pairs are the same. Not only does this enhance the overall aesthetic of the product, but it also contributes to an irresistibly warm and natural sound and a clarity that succeeds in making the listener feel as though they are present for the performance itself. The headband connecting the ear pieces is constructed from polycarbonate, meaning it is both lightweight and flexible, while the ear pads naturally isolate the sound from outside noise. The Meze range features several models, depending on just how much of an audiophile you really are, and also includes a foldable version – the Meze 55 Classics – which are handy for music-loving travellers.

Meze Audiophile headphones LONDON, ENGLAND


map magazine is proud to be carbon neutral map magazine

mm149-p10-11-GRx2.indd 11

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3 11

4/02/13 12:15 PM

global report




‘LE •W

a POWERFUL message TOLD through design

For the citizens of Israel and Iran, the terrifying inevitability of the impending war between the two countries is a reality that is forever present in their minds. The conflict itself stems from a long history of cultural ideologies that, some believe, cannot coexist harmoniously. But for many of the people living in Israel and Iran, the animosity constantly projected by their respective political figures does not reflect their own feelings. Frustrated by this fact, Israeli graphic designer Ronny Edry posted a simple message on his Facebook page – a photo of him and his daughter with the words: Iranians, we will never bomb your country. We love you. In doing so, Ronny inadvertently started what became a global movement, with people from Iran and other Middle Eastern countries reciprocating with similar typographical messages of peace. In October 2012, Ronny founded The Peace Factory – a non-profit, non-political

organisation intended to promote peace in the Middle East by providing a new line of communication that would enable people from different cultures to connect with and ‘re-humanise’ those traditionally referred to as their enemies. Reaching out to Iranians, Palestinians, Israelis, Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese, Turkish, Jordanians and other cultures who are traditionally thought to be opposed to one another, The Peace Factory hosts events where such cultures can interact on the basis of love, peace and understanding, rather than hate and animosity. Ronny’s philosophy is that once people see their enemy as a human being similar to themselves – and understand that they don’t hate them despite what the propaganda might try to make people believe – it’s impossible to go back to blind hate. And it is only then that they can start to know each other and be ready for peace.


‘B •



Dom End

12 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p12-13-GR.indd 12

map magazine supports modester and naboth

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‘LEDGE’ QUEEN BED WITH SLATS • White, polyurethane finish • Bookcase bedhead • Sleek, modern design



‘BEACH COMBER’ QUEEN BED WITH SLATS • Stunning, louvred design • Clean, white finish

FORTITUDE VALLEY, BRISBANE Level 1, Homemaker City, 1058 Ann St.

Visit www.domayne.com.au

Domayne® stores are operated by independent franchisees. End 28/02/13. Mattress and accessories are optional extras.

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3620 6600

(Free underground parking)


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Paul Nolan

Toby Hutcheon

What is your profession? I am essentially a visual

What is your profession? I am an environment advocate.

communicator. It is a specialist industry and I am grateful to have been specialising in custom-lettering type work for almost five years. What training or qualifications do you need to fill this role? There isn’t a specific course, but Design College Australia has courses with a typography focus and the only letterpress facility of its kind in Australia. What are the key skills and responsibilities of the role? Communication skills are essential. Listening, reading, writing and comprehension are also critical, as well as creative thinking, problem solving and time management. How did you get involved in your profession? While studying, I secured work with an extremely talented corporate/type designer and was offered a full-time job after graduation. Can you break in to the industry in other ways? There are so many avenues for designers – it is essentially a creative industry, so simply be creative. If you know the type of work you want to do, research relevant groups and contact them.

At the Queensland Conservation Council, our key role is to represent a community view of environmental policy and change. What training or qualifications do you need to fill this role? There are many avenues – some advocates come from science or legal backgrounds, but I have a background in communication. Conversely, some campaigners have no formal qualifications, having learnt about issues by arguing for them. What are the key skills and responsibilities of the role? Principally, I am a project manager. I manage a team or use the skills of others to construct a campaign and implement it. Skills I possess (or use in others) include scientific research, legal and policy expertise, communications, human resource management and financial controls. How did you get involved in your profession? By accident. I was asked to help out with a campaign as a volunteer and at the was offered a part-time position. Can you break in to the industry in other ways? Yes, but volunteering is highly regarded. Most enter the sector through a particular expertise such as science, legal or communications. What do you hope to achieve within your industry? What I hope to achieve, I already do – making a difference. I am very lucky. Are you in the industry for the long term? I always see myself doing work associated with this sector. What advice

custom letterer/pno design

executive director/queensland conservation council

What do you hope to achieve within your industry?

A body of work I am proud of. Are you in the industry for the long term? What I do is innate – I don’t turn it on at 9:00 am and turn it off at 5:00 pm. I love what I do and will do so until the day I die. What advice would you give someone looking to emulate your success? Love what you do! Did you always think you would be in this role? Yes, but it has taken some time and experience to be where I am now. What was your first paid job? My first project was a small one-colour identity

job for an art-framing company that quickly became a much, much larger project. What would you love to do if you weren’t in this role? I’d be a curator of a type museum – I’d love that. What inspires you? I am generally inspired by craftspeople whose work exudes passion and craftsmanship. Who is your rolemodel? Picasso, for his sheer creativity and output, and Dare Jennings (founder of Mambo, now owner of Deus Ex Machina) – an entrepreneur with vision who embraces the craft of art and design. What are your words of wisdom? You are only as good as your last job.

14 map magazine

T H E de s i g n ISS U E f e b r ua r y 1 3

mm149-p14-15-ROLE.indd 14

Love what you do.” – – Paul Nolan

Life is change.” – – Toby Hutcheon

would you give someone looking to emulate your success?

Believe in what you are doing and that you can make a difference. Never give up – campaigning is a marathon, not a sprint. Did you always think you would be in this role? Never – the opportunity happened and it aligned with me. What was your first paid job? Picking tomatoes. What would you love to do if you weren’t in this role? Play the music I like for others. What inspires you?

People who stand up for what they believe in and make a difference. Who is your rolemodel? Saul Alinsky, the father of community organising. Saul spent a lifetime helping communities work together to stand up for their rights, often against big business. What are your words of wisdom? Life is change.

map magazine supports the david sheldrick wildlife trust

1/02/13 4:45 PM

Introducing ... www.rossevansgardencentre.com.au

Lightweight & self watering planters, perfect for urban spaces, indoors and out.

Open 7 days

Kenmore SuperStore 2274 moggill road Kenmore t. 07 3378 5553 | m. 0411 630 510

runaway Bay SuperStore 300 oxley Drive runaway Bay t. 07 5537 2244 | m. 0411 630 510

Our promise to you great prices, great advice.

QUT’s innovative masters degree combines visual communication design and interaction design in a single program. Take your career into new and emerging technologies.

Get the online design skills employers are looking for

Develop your discipline speciďŹ c skills, as well as entrepreneurship and career strategy with the Master of Creative Industries (Interactive and Visual Design):

More information

visit www.qut.edu.au/design-for-you

mm149-p14-15-ROLE.indd 15

1/02/13 4:45 PM



VILLAGE voices

Alexis Sugden 2d/3d Animator Liquid Animation

liquidanimation.com ––

FAVOURITE ... WORD Susurrus. SOUND Rain at night. PLACE Lucerne, Switzerland in winter. PASSION Comics. THING Inspiration – there’s no better feeling than a good idea. FOOD Chocolate. SMELL The ocean. TIME OF DAY 2:00 am, when all is quiet. BOOK Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

switzerland in winter, inspiration ...

Design // Dialogue The process of creation often stems from inspiring dialogue that encourages designers to challenge their perceptions and look outside conventional wisdom. In an attempt to facilitate this type of discussion on a local level, and examine the role of design within society, Responsive Projects hosts events that promote conversation and progressive thinking on current design-related issues. British designer Ken Garland, along with other guest speakers, will explore the theme of identity at the next Responsive Projects event, held from April 11–12. @ responsiveprojects.com

CHARMING // Tomes According to René Descartes, “The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of the past centuries.” Embodying the charm we imagine Charles Dickens would have possessed, Archives Fine Books is home to a collection of pre-loved reads that snakes through the shop in heavily laden floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Owners Hamish and Dawn can help you navigate the collection that currently includes a rare first-edition copy of Lolita, howto books on old-world skills and philosophy volumes patiently awaiting a new companion to share their knowledge with.

swell, rain against a window ...

Brenton Craig Lecturer Shillington College

shillingtoncollege.com.au ––

FAVOURITE ... WORD Swell. SOUND Rain against a window. PLACE Sourced Grocer, Teneriffe. PASSION Growing ferns. THING Sakura Pigma Micron Pens. FOOD Teriyaki salmon with brown rice. SMELL My wife’s baking. TIME OF DAY 10:00 am. BOOK The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

16 map magazine

RELIABLE // Wheels

PORTABLE // Canteen

Those who spent their formative driving years in a vehicle as reliable as Kenickie’s first car in Grease will recall the perils of a lack of power steering and air-conditioning. If you have paid your dues and are looking for a brand-new vehicle, the Nissan Pulsar could be a worthy candidate. Returning to Australia this month, the redesigned vehicle features a spacious interior for your belongings – whether they be children, shopping or holiday luggage – and aerodynamic efficiency. Pulsar Hatch and Turbocharged SSS models will also be available mid-year. @ nissan.com.au

Popping up in Fortitude Valley late last year, Sushi Pod is a portable structure that has brought new meaning to an unstimulating carpark. An urban engagement experiment by local engineer John Tuxworth, the takeaway lunch spot was inspired by John’s interest in the relationship between community and streetscapes, and how new structures can enrich and provide meaning to a locality. Sushi Pod sells sushi prepared fresh offsite, so the pod can be easily relocated. John is currently planning more pods for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, with New York City also in his sights. @ sushipod.com

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p16-17-NBHD.indd 16

map magazine supports greenpeace

1/02/13 4:46 PM



Learn from Brisbane’s premier florist. 18 week Commercial Course commencing Tuesday, 26 February 6.30pm


phone. 3252


Discover where your passion for design can take you with QUT’s unique Master of Design (Research).

New design research masters apply now

Be part of the next generation of design champions and leaders, through this innovative practice-led research course. As a professional in the design industry, you’ll gain valuable research skills and knowledge to advance your expertise. Only QUT offers a research masters program across a wide range of design disciplines, in a world-leading creative environment: industrial design, interior design, interactive and visual design, landscape architecture, and urban design

career, or develop your research and design thinking skills for an academic or business career. More information To enquire about potential study areas and enrolment in February, call 07 3138 8114, email ci.hdr@qut.edu.au, or visit www.qut.edu.au/design-for-you

CRICOS No.00213J © QUT 2012 CI-12-380 19278

mm149-p16-17-NBHD.indd 17

4/02/13 12:14 PM



Photography by Eva Kolenko Photography

cool site://globalyodel.com

designer // flashcards For the trained design eye, there are certain objects – such as the Eames Lounge and the Aalto Vase – that are instantly recognisable. For others, the task is not so simple. Fortunately for those who are looking to hone their eye, illustrator Jen Renninger has created the Modern Design Deck – a set of flashcards featuring retro illustrations of the 20th century’s most recognisable works. Spend a few hours flipping through the 30 cards and you’ll be able to tell your Bertoia from your Breuer in no time. Plus, the set comes with a booklet discussing each of the designs, which are also available in individual prints. @ letslivelikethis.com

discover: //architecturefordogs.com luxury // camping The art of camping inside is one we master as children, stringing bedsheets from an elaborate structure of dining chairs, couches and bookshelves to construct our own cosy tents. A similar feeling, but with a slightly more grown-up approach, imbues the dwellings of Basecamp Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, California. The boutique hotel – built as a base for exploring the myriad lakes, trails, and mountains in the Lake Tahoe Basin – comprises 50 rooms that are designed with a sense of rustic adventure. Chances are you’ll find a room that appeals to your inner childhood explorer, whether your style leans towards bunk beds or that good-old indoor tent. @ basecamphotels.com

top 6 optimism websites

Monopoly Nostalgia

Therm-O Terra

Pig on the Wings Stool




top 6 magazine inspiration websites













18 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p18-19-SRCH.indd 18

stop global warming

1/02/13 4:47 PM

Serious about coffee? you should be talking to us. ⟡ Coffee pods ⟡ Coffee Beans ⟡ Coffee machines ⟡ Coffee tins

forged in tradition WORKSHOP & SHOWROOM NOW OPEN AT 26A CHESTER ST, NEWSTEAD HEAVY METAL CUFFS, RINGS & BRACELETS Shop for unique pieces online now


1300 866 173 66 Hope Street, South Brisbane

lucaffe.com.au Lucaffe Australia

Create and commercialise new music with the help of leading industry professionals in QUT’s new hands-on masters degree. The Master of Fine Arts (Music Industry Professions) will take your career to the next level.

New music masters puts you in control

Join fellow professionals in the program where you will: landscape

More information visit www.qut.edu.au/creative-industries

mm149-p18-19-SRCH.indd 19

1/02/13 4:47 PM




street musings what we asked – – what is the world you imagine?

“A world

though it’s their last day.”

where everyone is equal.”

“People focus on

“Peace and

“Everyone lives as

the positives in their lives.”

equality for all.”

Greg Edmondson, 26

Amy Chambers, 27

Ellen Yang, 35

Alan Pinkerton, 69

Architectural Designer LIVES: Kangaroo Point

Doctor LIVES: Dutton Park

UTS Creative Intelligence LIVES: Sydney

Public Accountant LIVES: Robina

only a local would know … ?

only a local would know … ?

only a local would know … ?

only a local would know … ?

I like to go to the cinema at Sunnybank because it has a really good atmosphere. what design

Dutton Park is a beautiful area to live – it’s a tiny, leafy and breezy suburb perched on top of a hill. what design

Pearl Cafe in Woolloongabba is a really nice spot. what design

item has caught your eye recently?

item has caught your eye recently?

The design of the louvre-operated opening roofs by Vanguard Blinds.

The porcelain jewellery by local Brisbane designer, Erin Lightfoot.

Get to the Boggo Road Markets early on a Sunday morning for the best produce. what design item has caught your eye recently? After the Apple handbags. They are simply and beautifully designed. what is

what is stimulating you at the moment? I am in the process of

what is stimulating you at the moment? I recently started going

looking for a new job and I’m excited by the prospect of change.

to bikram yoga and I feel amazing after each class. what issue needs

what issue needs immediate public attention? I really feel as though

immediate public attention?

stimulating you at the moment?

Being back in my hometown of Brisbane for a holiday. what issue needs immediate public attention?

item has caught your eye recently?

I want for very few things and don’t shop often, but I do like the design of the Mazda6. what is stimulating you at the moment? I am really enjoying being on holiday with my wife, as I haven’t had a break in quite a while. what issue needs

Try to live in the moment and never let the sun set without having done something good. who is inspiring you and why? My grandparents – they have been married for more than 60 years and still adore one another.

The issue of women’s rights. Women need to be respected internationally, especially in developing countries like India. what are your spiritual beliefs? Be good to those around you, be good to the environment and embrace as much as you can. who is inspiring you and why? My partner, because he is in the process of stepping out to do his own thing and is taking a risk.




Queen Street Mall

Woolloongabba Antique Centre


Pacific Fair





South Bank

Quan Thanh

Cafe O-Mai






Jade Buddha

On my verandah

French Martini

Coffee at French Twist, The Barracks





Watching cricket at The Gabba

New Farm Park



the issue of global warming needs attention, because the planet is getting too hot. what are your spiritual beliefs? I believe in karma and that what goes around comes around. who is inspiring you and why? I am inspired by a good friend of mine, because she is a very driven and motivated person.

The poor levels of aboriginal health and education need to be addressed. what are your spiritual beliefs?

immediate public attention?

The clarity of parking signs needs to be addressed, as they can be very misleading. what are your spiritual beliefs? Be ethical, act morally and always set a good example for others. who is inspiring you and why?

My son. He has been working with me at my company for two years and in that time has done an extraordinary job of building the business.

Where do you like to ... ?

20 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p20-21-PVMT.indd 20


join map magazine on facebook and twitter

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In No

Style & Convenience

Inspect our furnished display apartment Now open Saturday 11am – 1pm or by appointment n

Brand new 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartments


Only 9 units in complex


Secure parking and intercom


Lift access


Easy access to retail precincts


Air-conditioning to living and bedrooms


Spacious balconies offering privacy and generous outdoor living space


Approximate 10 minute walk to the train

Priced from $434,000 Graceville Quarter – 9 Allardyce Street, Graceville. Contact Jan Slabosz on 07 3325 7800 or 0409 563 324 231 Given Terrace, Paddington www.positionproperty.com.au

mm149-p20-21-PVMT.indd 21

1/02/13 4:48 PM


local dreamer

adventurous mind

KEVIN FINN It was early in the morning in the remote Kimberley town of Kununurra, when graphic designer Kevin Finn arrived at the gym to find his class had been cancelled. Opting to use the gym facilities instead, he joined the two other muscled figures already working out. The two men turned out to be Hugh Jackman and David Wenham’s stunt double for the film, Australia. And as Kevin himself happened to be David Wenham’s standin for the film, he wasn’t so out of place. But as to how Kevin found himself in that situation in the first place, it was by adhering to a simple maxim: If you choose adventure, you never know where life will take you.

There are a few things that must be taken into account with this story. First, is the fact that Kevin is a fair-skinned, coldweather-raised Irishman (hailing from the small town of Sligo) who had followed the love of his life into the sweltering Australian outback. Then there’s the fact that, a designer all his life, he had no experience whatsoever working in film, but, bearing a vague resemblance to David Wenham, he decided to audition to be his stand in. The most important factor, however, is that Kevin’s never been one to rest on his laurels. During his childhood, Kevin’s imagination toyed with many different career paths: garbage collector, fire-engine driver, farmer, vet ... But something in particular that caught his eye were the action-infused drawings of the 2000 AD comics. “Before I even knew what design or creativity was, I loved those comics for the artwork and the storytelling,” Kevin recalls. “I used to try drawing them and stick them on the wall.” At the age of 14, Kevin bought his first album by the band Dead Can Dance and it was then that he discovered Vaughan Oliver’s designs for the album covers of independent label, 4AD Records. “When I looked at those album covers, it really was the whole package – the music, the lyrics, the look, the imagery and the evolution of a band across several albums. But it wasn’t until four years later that I realised that was someone’s job and understood the power that design could have on a recipient.” It was fitting then, that Kevin ended up

22 map magazine

working as a young designer in a Dublin studio with Steve Averill, the renowned designer of U2’s album sleeves. “It wasn’t a big studio of something like 27 people where I was just a cog – there were four of us and I was sitting right next to Steve,” Kevin recalls, still seeming slightly in awe. But even in his dream job, Kevin still had the nagging feeling that there was a whole other world out there waiting for him to explore. “I thought to myself: the world is bigger than design,” he says. While many of his friends were moving to Australia, Kevin preferred not to travel to the other side of the world only to hang out with Irish people, so he chose New Zealand instead. At least at first – after spending 18 months working in New Zealand, he found the lure of Sydney too tempting. Eventually he made the permanent move to the harbour city, where he worked his way up in the design world to the coveted role of joint creative director of the high-profile Saatchi Design. Eight years later, just as Kevin was enjoying new heights and accolades in his design career, life presented him with another choice. His girlfriend (and now wife), Keren, had accepted a job working with the local indigenous community in Kununurra and the two had been commuting for eight months, often meeting for a rendezvous in Perth as a middle ground. When Keren decided she’d like to stay there long term, Kevin again chose adventure. In February 2007, he resigned from Saatchi and moved to Kununurra to set

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p22-23-LOCL-xx.indd 22

up his own studio – with very little money and not a client to speak of. “It was really different from living in a big city where it’s really hard to create a network of business clients and hard to break into a social scene,” Kevin explains of the experience. “In Kununurra – a small community – everyone’s interested in who you are and they invite you to their house for dinner. I always say Kununurra is not a remote town, it’s a town in a remote place – there are people living there from all over the world, with all sorts of expertise. It’s the openness and friendliness of people in Kununurra that I loved.” Kevin says that the experience also changed his design approach. “It removed me from the pressure of other designers looking at what I was doing, and my attitude changed from being away from the concentrated design scene I’d been in. It also made me really resourceful. We didn’t have a lot there to work off, except how we think – I had to rely on ideas and simplicity. And there’s definitely a difference between being simplistic and being simple.” The change in Kevin’s approach certainly worked in his favour, and, amongst other things (including an un-design-related stint as a film double), he was awarded the contract for the rebrand of SBS, assisted by the fact that he was based in Kununurra. In 2010, Kevin and Keren decided to move Brisbane, where he once again began the challenging task of starting from scratch. But in the years since his arrival, through his

interview by MIKKI BRAMMER photography by Carl Lindgren


Have confidence and humility ... ”

map celebrates 13 years of positive media

1/02/13 4:49 PM

local dreamer




EVERYTHING MUST GO! Billecart Salmon NV Champagne Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2009

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was $35




Kalleske Clarrys GSM Angostura 1919 8yo Rum

was $20




was $75




Besserat de Bellefon Cuvee des Moines NV Champagne was $60 NOW $50 Chateau les Carmes Haut-Brion 2005 was $180 NOW $150 Bollinger RD Vintage Champagne 1990 was $599 NOW $390 Leeuwin Art Series Chardonnay 2009 was $ 85 NOW $69 Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2008 was $35 NOW $28 Chateau d’Yquem 2004 375ml was $440 NOW $330 Salon Vintage Champagne 1996 was $895 NOW $550 Dom Perignon Oenotheque Vintage Champagne 1992 was $500 NOW $450 Scorpo Shiraz 2007 was $35 NOW $24 Telmo Rodriguez ‘el Transistor’ Verdejo 2008 was $60 NOW $45 La Forts de Latour 2004 was $340 NOW $280 Penfolds Bin 128 Shiraz 2010 was $35 NOW $28 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 2004 was $700 NOW $550 Chateau Latour Paulliac 2004 was $1100 NOW $840 Seppelt Original Sparkling Shiraz was $30 NOW $22 Segura Viudas Aria Cava NV was $20 NOW $15 Torbreck ‘The Pict’ Mataro 2004 was $210 NOW $150 Krug Vintage Champagne 1996 Magnum was $1950 NOW $1100 Penfolds RWT Shiraz 2008 was $170 NOW $130

practice more interesting, but it’s also made me more knowledgeable. I think the reason I’ve managed to do it without any resources or backing is just due to having a curious mind.” Despite Kevin’s constant willingness to make life choices that favour adventure over stability, he says that all of those choices have been accompanied by their fair share of doubt. The challenge, he says, is learning to find a balance between keeping that doubt at bay, while also keeping a very sharp ear on it. “It’s about ignoring it at your peril, but embracing it at your peril too,” he says. “One of the best ways to suppress doubt is to commit to your decision and make it work, however that might be. When you succumb to doubt, you’re paralysed.” Stemming from that philosophy are the words of wisdom Kevin offers when asked to give advice to young students. Rather than present a long list of things that they need, he prefers to tell them the two things they don’t need: fear and arrogance. “You don’t need fear. You’ve got a head, you’ve got an opinion and fresh ideas, so don’t be afraid to voice them. But don’t be arrogant. Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you know everything. In other words, have confidence and humility.”

map magazine



Portside Wharf 39 Hercules Street, Hamilton 1300 138 838 Personal shopping only. Sale finishes 17/2/2013.


studio TheSumOf, Kevin has carefully carved his own place within the local design community. He has breathed new ideas and refreshing simplicity into projects such as the 2010 rebranding of Brisbane Festival, and also acted as the brand coach and mentor of the team creating the new brand identity for SLQ. In addition to his adventures, both in design and otherwise, Kevin has also continued to work on Open Manifesto – his self-published journal of critical writing on graphic design culture – which he had launched in 2004. In the past ten years, as writer, interviewer and editor for the journal, Kevin has featured many of the world’s greatest minds (in the design field and beyond) including Stefan Sagmeister, Edward de Bono and Alain de Botton. The idea for the journal itself had long been milling around in Kevin’s imagination, and he finally decided to take the leap at age 29, at the peak of his career at Saatchi Design. “I wanted to do wider research into things because my belief was that design really sits in that cross-section of social, cultural and economic issues, but the jobs that we take on as designers don’t really let us explore that. Open Manifesto has not only made my design

was $85


1/02/13 4:49 PM



Whillas & Gunn Trap Duffle Bag Dirtbox dirtbox.com.au

Gold Machine Gun Bangle Convict Cuffs convictcuffs.com

B.Sirius Cafe Clutch Green Tangerine greentangerine.com.au

Shakuhachi Neon Lace Dress Designer Archives designerarchives.com.au

Perspex Cuff Pure Florist

1950s-style floral dress Boxvintage boxvintage.com

Hand-blocked Hat Pure Florist

Modern Architecture London The Modern Furniture Store themodern.net.au

Laura Ashley Gumboots Foliage

Mr Simple Shirt The Happy Cabin thehappycabin.com

Horse Brooch Maiocchi maiocchi.com.au

Lola vs Harper Floral Shorts The Happy Cabin thehappycabin.com

Zoda Turquoise and Stone Necklace The Robe

Cotton Candy Sewing Set Maiocchi maiocchi.com.au

Nero Watch with Leather Band Green Tangerine greentangerine.com.au

24 map magazine

THE d e s i g n ISSUE f e b r u a r y 1 3

check out the latest news at theweekendedition.com.au


Call us: 07 5477 1460 Visit our showroom: 2/42 Enterprise St, Kunda Park Qld

mm149-p24-25-STRT-RAW.indd 24

View collections: www.timberartfurniture.com.au

1/02/13 4:49 PM



Mara Quinn, 23

Ken Mizuno, 26

Josephine Harding, 71

What do you do? I’m a photographer, writer and artist. What are you wearing today? A 1980s

What do you do? I am a flight attendant and I have my pilot licence. What are you wearing today?

off-the-shoulder floral dress and earrings from Prague. Describe your style? Bright, vintage and edgy. Where is your favourite place? Honeymoon Bay at Moreton Island. What is the best advice you have ever received? Everything will be okay. Who is your rolemodel? A friend of mine, local artist Tigerlil. She is elegant, classy and talented.

A ksubi shirt, Topman chinos and a Rolex watch. Describe your style? Relaxed to suit the Australian lifestyle, but with a Japanese edge. Where is your favourite place? Tokyo. What is the best advice you have ever received? Focus on the positives, not the negatives. Who is your rolemodel? Richard Branson – his motto is: ‘Screw it, let’s do it.’

What do you do? I am retired. What are you wearing today? My favourite black dress and Mimco earrings. Describe your style? Simple and casual. Where is your favourite place? Paris, because it is glamorous and gorgeous. What is the best advice you have ever received? Live life to the fullest, because it is short. Who is your rolemodel?

Fashionwise, I admire Maggie T. I like what she is doing and that she always bounces back.

check out the latest news at theweekendedition.com.au map magazine

T H E de s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3 25

The Skin Lab now offers CoolSculpting®, the revolutionary new body contouring treatment that freezes fat...

Get into Gurgle!

4 No needles 4 No surgery 4 No downtime

our freshly made juices and smoothies are a healthy alternative for busy, active people

l gurglejuice f gurglejuice

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shop 2, 388 Logan Road, stones Corner 4120

mm149-p24-25-STRT-RAW.indd 25

1/02/13 5:12 PM

cupid’s corner promotion

Cupid’s Corner Jean Boggio for Franz Figurines Margot McKinney 3257 7787

Baroque South Sea Pearl Collier Margot McKinney 3257 7787

Victorian Rose Gold Chain with Locket Kellies Antiques 3221 4825

Kellies Antiques Gallery Level, Brisbane Arcade, City kellies-antiques.com Margot McKinney Shop 40, Emporium, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley margotmckinney.com

Victorian Y/G Double-sliding Albertina Kellies Antiques 3221 4825

Boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend, find that something special for that someone special.

Yellow Gold Satin-finish Earrings and Necklace Margot McKinney 3257 7787

Statues of Nike Happiness Place 3367 3114

‘Why Not Have a Big Life?’ Decorative Plate Happiness Place 3367 3114

White Gold and Aquamarine Flower Earrings Margot McKinney 3257 7787

Alba Roses

Happiness Place

The beauty of a fresh flower speaks for itself. This philosophy is employed by Alba Roses, which specialises in crafting elegantly minimalist bouquets and gifts to deliver throughout Brisbane. February is a celebratory month for the boutique florist, which will not only be commemorating its 21st birthday, but also the romance of Valentine’s Day. On the day, treat your loved one with one of the Valentine Gift Boxes – a stunning mass of roses presented in a unique hand-decorated box. Mention map magazine when you place your Valentine’s Day order and you will also receive a 10% discount.

Inspired by the excitement of a new year’s possibilities, Happiness Place is already eagerly planning for a busy 2013. A new range of accoutrements has been sourced from a recent buying trip that saw the team visit stylish nooks in Atlanta, London and Paris. The 20 additional lines have been collected to display alongside the current wares in store. In April, Happiness Place will also welcome the Design Room – a concept that will see the boutique work closely alongside Langlois Design to create unique spaces and interiors using in-house papers, fabrics and trims.

Shop 1, 21 Zillman Road, Hendra T. 3868 1051 albaroses.com.au

181 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington T. 3367 3114 happinessplace.com.au



Western Wac

the walnut restaurant

Tucked away inside the cavernous Woolloongabba Antique Centre is Western Wac, a store of curious wares. The small boutique has carefully accumulated a specialised range of trinkets and clothing from around the globe, with items discovered from England, Mexico and the USA. Mexican and Western-inspired treasures abound, with Rockmount western shirts, cowboy boots and folk craft lining shelves. Accompanying this eccentric line-up are colourful Hawaiian shirts, tiki wares, Uppercut Deluxe Pomade, 1950s pin-up jeans, vintage sunglasses, and kitschy 1950s memorabilia.

Relish a delicious meal with views overlooking the City Botanic Gardens at The Walnut Restaurant. Tucked inside the chic Royal on the Park Hotel, the dining destination serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to city visitors. Sample fare from the latest a la carte menu and degustation dinners, or indulge for Valentine’s Day. Treat your special someone with the Valentine’s Dinner – for $159 per couple, you will receive a three-course dinner, a demi bottle of Moët & Chandon, an elegant long-stem rose, a gift box of delicate macarons and complimentary parking. Visit the website for opening hours.

22 Wellington Road, Woolloongabba T. 3392 1114 f//western.wac

Corner Alice and Albert Streets, City T. 3221 3411 royalonthepark.com.au


26 map magazine

Margot McKinney Shop 40, Emporium, 1000 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley margotmckinney.com Happiness Place 181 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington happinessplace.com.au


THE D e s i g n ISSUE F e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p26-27-PROMO-cupidscorner.indd 26


be the change you want to see in the world

4/02/13 11:14 AM

wax M untain progressive hip hop and nu soul beats s at u r day M a r c h 2 at s u p e r w h at n o t

mm149-p26-27-PROMO-cupidscorner.indd 27

1/02/13 4:51 PM





friendshop.us –– The work of stylist, editor and all-round fashion savant Matthew Edelstein, Friends & Associates synthesises clean lines with vivacious colours and prints. age No. born Huntington, New York. thing that made the world sit up and take notice of you I haven’t

done it yet. Hopefully I’m working on it now with Friends & Associates. describe yourself in ten words

I hate talking about myself. Ten words wouldn’t cut it. gets you out of bed in the morning My dog wakes me up every morning. He gets cold and likes to get into bed with us.

sharp // shoes The form over function debate has long been waged in the field of fashion, with many arguing that it can be difficult to make the two work in harmony. In the case of Mus&Roew, a sharp young shoemaking collective in Barcelona, it is this very conundrum that inspires its approach. Each pair of kicks is designed to marry three important elements: elegance, usefulness and resistance. Regardless of your preferred method of being shod, something from the Mus&Roew collection – from two-toned derbies to bright chelsea boots – should suffice. @ mus-roew.com

something you discovered this month Handmade Belgian chocolates from Antwerp! last time you did something for the first time It’s been a long time. last thing that made you smile I woke up early

aquatic // jewellery ‘Peculiar’ is often the label given to things that are somewhat of a beautiful oddity. Such can be said for the collection of stackable rings from UK jewellery design studio, SMITH/GREY. The organically shaped rings – forged from rose gold, silver and ruthenium-plated silver – are part of the brand’s Peculiar Things collection and were inspired by the sea life artfully represented in Ernst Haeckel’s book, Art Forms in Nature. For added effect and fancy, the rings (which can be worn individually or as a set) are designed to catch the light with each movement of the hand. @ smithgrey.co.uk

this morning and saw a giant orange full moon just before the sunrise. idea of complete happiness

I’m going to keep that one for myself. makes you different Being human. Thankfully, every person in this world is one of a kind. worth fighting for Love, freedom, creativity. biggest inspiration I can find inspiration everywhere and anywhere. environmental beliefs Let’s just try to have a planet left for our grandchildren. world you imagine Like John Lennon said, ‘Imagine all the people sharing all the world’. words of wisdom Do what you love.

sculPTural // neckwear

Conspicuous // specs Terry Richardson, Elton John, Harry Potter, Atticus Finch – all gents who have managed to make their distinct style of spectacles iconic. The key to mastering a certain panache whilst wearing glasses, of course, is to ensure they possess an element of uniqueness, be it shape, colour or material. The creations of Swedish spectacle designer Oscar Magnuson – which come in both ophthalmic and sun-shading varieties – feature just the right amount of quirk to ensure that the wearer is always noted for their individual stylish inclinations. @ oscarmagnuson.com

28 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p28-29-CLTH.indd 28

Inspired by the notion of dressing the entire body in jewellery, Stockholm-based designer Cornelia Webb employs a sculptural philosophy when designing her pieces. The avantgarde creative aims to blur the boundaries between clothing and jewellery, and between skin and metal, forming pieces that don’t merely act as accessories, but rather integrate with the wearer and highlight the beauty of the human body. The jewellery pieces themselves are informed by the curves of human anatomy, incorporating Scandinavian sensibility with a raw aesthetic. @ corneliawebb.com

map magazine is proud to be carbon neutral

1/02/13 4:52 PM

moments ...

Capturing life’s breathtaking


Innov ative


• Spring Hill location less than 10 min walk to Central Station and Queen Street Mall • Potential multiple uses Lightbox studio is an independently owned and operated boutique portrait studio, providing a contemporary and relaxed photography experience. We listen to what you want from your shoots so that we can deliver breathtaking portrait and wedding photography that you will cherish for years to come.

46 Warren St, Fortitude Valley Tel: 07 3831 1916 www.lightboxstudiobrisbane.com

• 605sqm plus 23sqm deck • 6 Secure car spaces (3 covered) • Kitchen with indoor and outdoor recreation John Roberts 0407 734 676 3832 7799 johnroberts@gregoryrealestate.com.au www.gregoryrealestate.com.au

Get comfortable

1045 Ann St Fortitude Valley QLD / Phone 07 3257 0098 / Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm / Sat 10am - 4pm Made in Melbourne / Visit us at jardan.com.au

mm149-p28-29-CLTH.indd 29

4/02/13 1:08 PM


lovers union promotion

Lovers Union

All you need is love ... and this guide to fabulous venues, perfect dresses and everything in between.

Customs House

Port Office Hotel

Customs House hosts some of the most remarkable architecture in Brisbane City, making it a stunning location to celebrate a stylish wedding reception. The heritage building is nestled on the banks of the Brisbane River, with sweeping panoramic views that include the renowned Story Bridge. Explore the opportunities Customs House can create for your dream wedding at the Open Day on Sunday February 24. From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, you can peruse the interiors of the charming city icon, as well as discuss possibilities with the event coordinators and wedding specialists in attendance.

Enjoy a modern wedding reception at Port Office Hotel, a location that prides itself on being up to date with current trends and styles. The sophisticated venue can help you to incorporate traditional and innovative touches into your special event, with the help of its wedding coordinator. All wedding styles and sizes can be catered to, with packages individually tailored to suit your needs. Receptions are hosted in the award-winning Fix Restaurant, which has executive chef Andrew Lincoln at the helm to help construct indulgent menus that suit the season. Contact Emma Stephenson for details.

399 Queen Street,
City T. 3365 8999 events@customshouse.com.au

40 Edward Street,
City T. 3003 4700 portofficehotel.com.au



Alter Ego


Nothing can quite compare to the elegance of a well-tailored outfit. Alter Ego is a proud purveyor of madeto-measure bridalwear, whether for bridesmaids, mother of the bride or the bride herself. The company’s founder, Daniel Moore, has plenty of experience and knowledge in garment design, having been in the industry for more than ten years. Daniel will help you to craft an outfit that fits like a glove, using fabric samples, magazine and photo inspiration to form your dream dress. All garments are made onsite in Australia, with bridal alterations and men’s suiting options also available.

482 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley T. 3358 1930 alter-ego.com.au

Sofitel Brisbane Central Victoria Park


Relish a magical wedding at Victoria Park where your style is captured in a celebration to remember. Choose from one of six wedding spaces, all featuring outdoor terraces from which to marvel at views of the city skyline and surrounding golf course. Indulge in exceptional food, with all-inclusive beverage and food packages available that feature delicacies created from locally sourced ingredients. There’s also a New Year’s Eve special offer – for $145 per person, guests will receive a six-hour beverage package, dip platters, two-course dinner, cheese platters, sixhour room hire and fireworks on-site. Herston Road, Herston T. 3252 0666 victoriapark.com.au

30 map magazine

THE D e s i g n ISSUE F e b r u a r y 1 3

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Renowned for being an impressive location to celebrate a romantic wedding ceremony, Sofitel Brisbane Central can also help you toast to the company of your significant other with a Valentine’s Day held amidst its resplendent celebrations. The luxury hotel is home to a number of distinguished restaurants that cater to the romantic occasion with a range of delectable dining options. Feast upon a mouth-watering seafood buffet at the open-plan Thyme2 Interactive Restaurant. Its wood-fired ovens and wok stations make the food destination a great means of entertainment for the evening. Or you chould choose to indulge in the fivecourse degustation menu available

at Privé 249. The French-inspired dishes will be crafted by the expertise of chef Josh Okorn. Enjoy your meal surrounded by the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows, with views of the city skyline. Extra treats for the evening include live musical entertainment from a harpist and a complimentary glass of Chandon Rosé on arrival. Sofitel Brisbane Central’s celebrations may be an ode to Valentine’s Day, but the special event lasts from February 14–16, providing plenty of opportunity to treat yourself and a loved one at the esteemed restaurants. Bookings for the special occasion are essential. 249 Turbot Street, City T. 3835 3535 sofitelbrisbane.com.au

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World Expeditions adventure For travellers, a journey to Nepal often claims pride of place on a bucket list, no doubt drawn by the allure of the world’s highest mountain peaks. Traversing this stretch of the Himalayas can now become a reality for the adventurous, with trips to the destination crafted by adventure-holiday company World Expeditions. This year marks a significant date in history as the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest, made by the late Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. To celebrate this momentous occasion, World Expeditions has devised five specialised treks to converge on the Everest region. Each journey ranges in the physical and experience requirements of participants (from introductory to challenging), but all teams will meet at the Thyangboche Monastery on May 29, 2013 for a celebration banquet. The banquet will be hosted by World Expeditions guides and Mount Everest summiteers Greg Mortimer and Brigitte Muir,

and attended by a number of Sherpa legends of Nepal mountaineering. Not only is this trip a unique opportunity to trek amongst the flanks of Himalayan giants, but the effort is also a fundraiser – $5,000 will be donated to the Australian Himalayan Foundation’s medical, education and environmental projects across the Himalayas. Choose from any of the five treks, which encounter Everest Base Camp, the spectacular Gokyo Lakes and the Everest Circuit. The journeys on offer range in distance and price, with 12to 23-day trips available. For trek details, contact Pam Drummond in the Brisbane office.

Level 2, 129 Margaret Street, City T. 3003 0954 worldexpeditions.com

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T H E d es i g n I S S U E fe b r u a r y 1 3 31

second cbd location now open! The Barber Shop for the Gentleman

corner of albert and elizabeth streets (next to the newsagency) p: 3229 3331 e: info@jimmyrods.com.au w: jimmyrods.com.au QUEEN STREET, THE BARRACKS, THE GAP VILLAGE, CALAMVALE CENTRAL, OXLEY

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lovers union promotion

Lovers Union

All you need is love ... and this guide to fabulous venues, Beauty tips, stunning photography and everything in between.

Hotel Urban BRISBANE

Royal On The Park Hotel

Celebrate a modern ceremony in the architecturally designed Hotel Urban Brisbane. A blend of open spaces, stylish interiors and modern comfort sets the scene for a memorable wedding at the destination. On the top floor, the Parklands Room provides spectacular views of Brisbane City and the Roma Street Parklands. With two full sides of glass-panelled windows, the space is filled with an abundance of natural light. Or choose the Panorama Room, which provides breathtaking 180-degree views through its five-metre -high glass walls. For more information, contact Katherine on 3230 7872.

The Royal on the Park Hotel can help you to host a spectacular wedding reception that is memorable for its warm atmosphere. Sitting adjacent to the stunning City Botanic Gardens, the hotel is conveniently located for post-ceremony socialising and prereception drinks. All weather conditions are catered to, with the option of a permanent silk-lined marquee available – also perfect for the ceremony itself. Boasting an on-site wedding coordinator armed with extensive supplier contacts, Royal on the Park can help make sure your special day is a stylish but stress-free affair.

345 Wickham Terrace, City T. 3230 7872 hotelurban.com.au/brisbane

Corner Alice and Albert Streets, City T. 3221 3411 royalonthepark.com.au



Studio Impressions Photography


Studio Impressions Photography will help you to capture life’s touching moments. Marcus Bell and his team have created one of the most awarded studios in the country by applying a relaxed, understated approach to shoots that makes the group of photographers a popular choice for weddings. A new range of photographic services is now on offer, encouraging you to add your own unique touch to your wedding photography package. Additions include fun photobooths, stop motion and cinematography. For details, visit the webpage or call to enquire.

T. 3832 0444 studioimpressions.com.au

QUT Old Government House and room three sixty


Hamilton Lashes

Situated in the heart of the city, the leafy campus of QUT Gardens Point can provide two distinctly varied venues for your special day. Experience the old-world charm of Old Government House, or the modern style of Brisbane’s newest venue, Room Three Sixty. Opening in March 2013, Room Three Sixty epitomises sophistication. Imagine celebrating your special day on this top-floor venue, with a backdrop of stunning panoramic views of the surrounding river and city. Room Three Sixty accommodates between 200 and 320 people, and features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, two adjoining outdoor terraces and a serviced bar. For a ceremony that

32 map magazine

embraces more traditional charms, Old Government House has been the setting for romantic and elegant memories for couples for more than 150 years. Enjoy your celebration amidst the grandness of one of Queensland’s most important historic buildings – its traditional colonial architecture, high ceilings and statement staircases will provide the perfect backdrop. Various wedding packages are available to suit all styles and budgets, with each venue providing fully inclusive packages and a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to help make your wedding-day dream come true.


2 George Street, City gardenstheatre.qut.edu.au

Shop 5, 28 Racecourse Road, Hamilton T. 0423 930 801 hamiltonlashes.com

THE D e s i g n ISSUE F e b r u a r y 1 3

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If the eyes truly are the window to the soul, then you should accentuate them accordingly. Hamilton Lashes can help, providing luscious eyelash extensions that are designed for individual needs. Dozens of unique styles of the coveted extensions are available to choose from and are applied by experienced professionals. Excitingly, brides and bridesmaids can now win a year’s worth of Hamilton Lashes eyelash extensions, worth more than $2,500. To enter, take a flattering snapshot of you and your Hamilton Lashes at the ceremony and post the picture to the Facebook page.

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Jetts Fortitude Valley fitness After a month of overindulgence at Christmastime, you may have placed the concepts of losing weight and getting fit at the very top of your list of new year’s resolutions. Instead of leaving that list to gather dust in a corner, tackle your goals head on with the assistance of the team of healthy lifestyle experts at new gym, Jetts Fortitude Valley. With the help of the team at Jetts Fortitude Valley, you can make 2013 a year of improved health and wellbeing. The fully qualified personal trainers not only help you start achieving your health and fitness goals, but also keep track of your progress and motivation in the process. As well as the support provided by personal training options, visitors can utilise nutritional advice for members, enjoy outdoor group training and the state-ofthe-art strength training and cardio equipment. For the benefit of commuters to the CBD, the facility is located on the fringe of Fortitude Valley, making it a convenient place

to drop by before or after working hours. Jetts members will also enjoy the freedom of 24-hour gym access, meaning your exercise regime can easily fit into a busy lifestyle. Should you travel around Brisbane, members of the 150 Jetts clubs in Australia and New Zealand have the ability to use any Jetts club at any time, without needing to pay extra fees. To celebrate the gym’s opening on February 15, Jetts Fortitude Valley will be offering new members the chance to save $148 off the Club Access Fee, with no contract fee required. Those who join will receive a free personal training session, as well as access to outdoor group fitness classes.

356 St Pauls Terrace, Fortitude Valley T. 3852 6058 jetts.com.au

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No contracts. Low fees. Open 24/7. Jetts Fortitude Valley OPENING FEBRUARY 15 E. fortitudevalley@jetts.com.au T. 3852 6058 1300 JETTS 247 | jetts.com.au

*Offer is limited to 150 members. Weekly membership of $11.95 is based on recurring fortnightly direct debit in advance. The minimum amount payable per member is up to $23.90. Terms and conditions apply and are available at jetts.com.com.

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grooming # o1


# o4

Jessica Lafleur

# o2

# o3

CEO, CANADA Stark Skincare

starkskincare.com –– Made in Montreal with a ton of love, Stark Skincare is vegan, and cruelty and chemical free. Composed of natural ingredients, the products are crafted for city living. age 31. born Ottawa, Canada. thing that made the world sit up and take notice of you

Not sure if the world has noticed me yet, but the world is starting to take notice of my little natural skincare company, called Stark. describe yourself in ten words

I think I’ll always be a creative and curious kid. gets you out of bed in the morning Being seven months pregnant comes with an internal alarm clock impossible to ignore.

CLEAN // The term ‘squeaky clean’ evokes that feeling you get when you first step out of the shower, freshly scrubbed and smelling sweet. How sweet you smell, of course, depends on your choice of soap (we recommend avoiding Imperial Leather). Swedish brand Underwearables’ range of soap bars will have you smelling so good that anyone in close range will be unable to resist getting in for a closer whiff.

02 Avène TriXéra Emollient Cleansing Gel from theskinlab.com.au

# o5

03 Sodashi Jet Lag Recovery Mist from sodashi.com

something you discovered this month I rediscovered how much

I love rooibos tea. Good stuff. scares you The thought of ever returning to a nine-to-five job.

01 Underwearables Lemongrass & Neem Leaf Soap Bar from underwearables.com

04 Gentleman’s Brand Co. Body Wash from gentlemansbrand.co

# o9

idea of complete happiness

05 Sans Goji Cleansing Oil from sansceuticals.com 06 glominerals Pressed Base from theskinlab.com.au 07 Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade from jimmyrods.com.au

Freedom, lots of gelato and the day I get to meet my son for the very first time. makes you different I always find my own way of doing things. worth fighting for Health, happiness and love. world needs to change We need to stop neglecting the environment. Everybody can make personal improvements that can make a positive impact. biggest inspiration My husband-to-be. He makes me a better person. words of wisdom Make self-care a ritual of love and compassion. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself (and others!).

08 Nasomatto Narcotic Venus from nasomatto.com 09 C.O Bigelow Mentha Hair Conditioner from bigelowchemists.com

silky // In a bid to develop

# o7

skincare for a new generation, Lucy Marr enlisted the help of a clever team of scientists to create the Sans line of products. Pure and ‘sans’ chemicals, the deliciously scented range includes this Goji Cleansing Oil, which gives the skin a boost of antioxidants while leaving it silky smooth.

# o8

INTOXICATing // Without even

catching a sniff of the Narcotic Venus scent from Dutch parfumier Nasomatto, your level of intrigue will be instantly piqued by its name. And rightly so, for this delicate number is inspired by a quest to capture the ‘overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power’. A lot to ask of a tiny bottle of perfume, perhaps, but divinely smelling nonetheless.

34 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

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# o6

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Improve Your Lifestyle


Improve Your Lifestyle When it comes to shading your home, Vanguard have the widest range of external products, sourced from the world leaders in innovation. An application to suit every requirement; including Louvres, Opening roofs, Awnings, External Aluminum Blinds and Shutters. Ph: 3852 2999 // Showroom: Cnr McLachlan St & Connor St, Fortitude Valley (Complimentary parking available in Connor St)

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national dreamer

ideas alchemist

william wilding To be constantly working in the realm of ideas, one must open themselves to an internal process that subsconsciously connects abstract dots, which must then be made sense of in order to bring an idea into being. This is the realm in which William Wilding operates. An inveterate thinker, dreamer and optimist, William reaches deep into his own imagination and subconscious, pulling out myriad creative ideas before collaborating with designers and artists to bring them into tactile fruition for his custom wallpaper and interior objects studio, Wilding Wallpaper.

A great insight into how people see themselves professionally is to ask them what occupation they put on their customs form when leaving the country. This is a particularly difficult question for William Wilding, as he is loath to find a single label for what he does. “It’s a question I really don’t know the answer to, because the minute I call myself something or define myself, I cease being what I am,” he muses. “This is the paradox that I live in. I don’t think I fit into any category. If I was to say that I’m a designer, I’d be insulting a lot of designers. If I was to say I’m an artist, I’d be insulting a lot of artists. And the same goes for craftsmen. That’s why I try to let the work stand by itself and step out of it as much as I can.” His work takes the form of his creative studio, Wilding Wallpaper Design & Production, which designs custom-print wallpaper, fabric and interior objects. But rather than being the physical creator of such objects, William acts as the inspiration behind them, working with designers, artists and craftspeople to put his own abstract imaginings into tangible form. William’s first exposure to a sense of design was through his parents’ building company, which also did interior design. “They had a little factory with a screen printer and a graphic designer and I used to go there after school and when I was at uni and just do work,” he recalls. “Back then, design wasn’t such a popular thing – more just something

36 map magazine

you needed with manufacturing.” But it wasn’t until his mid-twenties, when William and his wife Esther made the move from Melbourne to Hamburg, Germany, that he really became serious about working in the design world professionally. “Along with Berlin, Hamburg is the most liberal city in Germany,” William explains. “My creative interests lie more in literature, theatre and poetry, which is what I was working on there. But what we saw in Hamburg is that they were way in front of Australia in terms of the artistic and design mood. I realised I could go back to Australia and set up a studio and really engage with people here.” He was also enamoured by the opportunities that design presented to make real change in the world. “I guess I got interested in design because it touched on art, craft and manufacturing, but also because I liked the ethic,” he says. “It was promising change, and to produce a more positive type of society. Those were all things that were important to me.” It was then that William and Esther decided to take stock and get serious about life, committing to setting up their own studio. “My interest and inspiration are ideas,” he explains of the philosophy behind the studio. “My purpose right from the beginning was to meet and be engaged with more people because I was really isolated when I was growing up – I was really different from other people and

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r ua r y 1 3

mm149-p36-37-NTNL-xx.indd 36

generally quite unhappy. When I was away in Germany, I really started getting deeply into ideas and I found that abstract ideas were really alive, and I started to get a kind of spiritual connection to that. I wanted to learn more about feelings and how to feel more, because I felt really cold.” The couple returned to Melbourne seven years ago to establish their studio in Australia. Admittedly having drifted into design, they found themselves being drawn further into the industry as they began to create projects involving different artists, designers and craftspeople. “We founded the studio really as an artistic tool – one that required graphic design and screen printing in order to produce products and ideas that I could then project into the world. So in that way, the ideas could take the form of wallpaper and material. And as our studio and our relationships with other similarly minded people developed, the studio would just morph and change with the development of us as people and society at large.” Collaborating with like-minded people to drive change in the world, and challenge mediocrity, is what drives William. “I think the really big problem that the world has is that business and bureaucracy are such that they really don’t want to take any chances and they really look to eliminate risk,” he laments. “So everything becomes increasingly standardised and motorised and decreasingly organic. People have

interview by mikki brammer


The courage to transcend the fear of failure is what propels you forward ... ”

stop global warming

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national dreamer


with Chef Dominique Rizzo

Platinum Travel’s Pure Sicilian Food Wine & Cooking 2013 tour with Dominique Rizzo become conditioned to that averageness and they’re willing to accept mediocrity and often can’t recognise things that are exceptional. There are lots of us out there who are working against that, but we just need to get together.” He admits that this task is not always easy to achieve and that one of his greatest challenges has been dealing with his own self-doubt. “When you’re right on the edge of yourself and you’re abstractly working beyond your limits, you’re being sucked into the effervescence of life. But then when you come back to general society and industry, people don’t have that same feel for it and can’t recognise what you’re doing. I really want to take the life coursing through me to the wider public, and I want to show them that life’s not all about getting something and being someone.” Facing such challenges, and seeing other people do the same, is part of what inspires William most. “I’m enormously proud of my wife and daughter and the fact that they are able to confront their difficulties, whether they be professional or personal, and really just overcome them,” he says. “And what I would say I am most

proud of generally is when I see anybody doing that – when it’s small and when it’s large – just when somebody really has the courage to overcome something that has the potential to debilitate them. I think that’s just amazing.” Having experienced plenty of dark moments of doubt himself, WIlliam’s wisdom to the world – and to creative people in particular – is simply to believe in yourself, no matter what may come. “Have the courage to fail,” he says. “With creative people it’s very hard, because you’ve really got to put yourself on the line. Everyone around you is ready to knock you and tell you that you can’t do it. And because creative people are sensitive, it’s easy to just cop it and then just go and hide in the corner, and they lose contact with themselves and with life because of fear. But if you can learn to get out there, it doesn’t matter what other people think or how they value you, as long as you value what you’re doing; then you can experience freedom. It’s really about having the courage to transcend yourself again and again – the courage to transcend the fear of failure is what propels you forward.”

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mm149-p36-37-NTNL-xx.indd 37

For those of you who fallen in love with Italy, Sicily will capture your heart. For those who have tasted some of Italy’s finest produce, Sicily will always call you. For those who have been lost in history, architecture and tradition, Sicily will lift you up in its arms and carry you further.

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

Here’s an opportunity to travel through Sicily with the cultural experience of learning the secrets of traditional food, wine & cooking with Dominique Rizzo on our special Platinum’s Pure Sicilian Food, Wine & Cooking tour:

Discover Eastern Sicily & the Aeolian Islands Tour: 19 May - 3 June 2013 Limited space available! 16 days/15 nights $6695*pp twin share (single supplement $1220.00). (Airfares additional cost) Ask us for the best airfares - all classes, to join this tour. Contact your holiday specialists at Platinum Travel for more information and a full itinerary for this truly unique Sicilian experience!

Phone: 1300 791 761 Email: holiday@ptc.travel Website: www.ptc.travel/plus 37

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what we found out – – Look closely at the wallpaper in Botanica and you will spy a series of boxing rabbits. The Travelling Wares Caravan is affectionately known as Frankie.

intriguing places


Shop 9, 1 Enoggera Terrace, Red Hill T. 3367 3334 botanicarealfood.com.au

A feeling of curiosity can be hard to deny, particularly when your instincts are telling you there are rich discoveries to be found. When wandering through Red Hill, you may spy a discreet shop sporting ‘real food’ signage that tempts you to look inside and investigate this mantra. As you peek through the window, a table of golden cupcakes, warm muffins and gooey brownies will first catch your eye, before you spy a colourful cabinet filled with fresh ingredients in the distance. Created to provide a nutritious takeaway option, Botanica serves fresh food in inviting fuss-free surrounds. The simple design of the space is as refreshing as a cool breeze on a warm day, and is designed to lead the eye

to Botanica’s focus – its salad selection – with food playing as much of a role in the design of the space as any other element. The fresh and natural theme is translated into the interiors through polished floorboards, custom-made timber cabinets and colourful pops of wallpaper and bowls of apples. Owners Alison and Brett are chefs by trade and the large rainbow of cookbooks that watches over the space, including one from noma’s René Redzepi, reflects the couple’s dedication to food. The salads are made fresh each morning, along with the baked goods, which include vegan brownies and delicate gluten-free cakes that seem to float in your mouth like a sweet puffy cloud.

Travelling Wares

Jan Power’s Farmers Markets, New Farm Park, New Farm travellingwares.bigcartel.com

For Kara Rosenlund of Travelling Wares, markets are the original pop-up shops. Springing up in a matter hours and disappearing just as quickly, the nomadic convoy of fruit, vegetables, plants, cafes, homewares and crafts is a community beacon that fosters a casual atmosphere rarely found anywhere else. Revelling in this atmosphere, interior stylist Kara and her revamped 1956 Franklin caravan join a throng of stallholders when the Jan Power’s Farmers Markets roll into New Farm Park. Her idea to begin travelling around in a caravan filled with pre-loved wares came while she was holidaying in France and stumbled across gypsy women selling linen goods from a caravan. Kara is the fourth owner of

38 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p38-39-HOME-SPACE.indd 38

her Franklin caravan, and has taken great care to respect the caravan’s history when revamping it. During the restoration, the exterior received a fresh lick of paint, cupboard doors were repaired and replaced, new flooring was put down, a crisp white finish was applied to the walls and seat covers were reupholstered. Pieces stocked in the caravan (and on the Travelling Wares website) are sourced from auctions, clearance sales and overseas buying holidays, and are collected according to a serene aesthetic filled with whimsy and inklings of seaside holidays. For Kara, the thrill of her role at the helm of Travelling Wares is seeing pre-loved items carted off to new homes in the arms of happy owners.

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# o1

# o3

# o2

LITHE // Our relationship with time is one of constant

fluctuation. Sometimes precious moments slip away too quickly, escaping like water between fingers. Other moments drag, as if suspended, seemingly never moving forward. It is this juxtaposition that Israeli design collective Studio Ve hopes to capture in its creation of the Lithe Clock. Rising and falling, wilting and bending, the arms of this clock seem to dance to their own varying rhythm.

# o4 01 Lithe Clock by Studio Ve from studiove.com

Sweet //

When building a nest to raise its young, a bird will shrewdly choose each element used in the construction process, taking care to ensure each twig is perfectly positioned to create a cosy home. Thoughtfully placed in a nest-like basket, this Blueberry Milkshake arrangement from Perrotts Florists is a creamy-hued centrepiece that serves as a reminder of the beautiful works of art that can be found within nature.

02 Nour Table Lamps by Note from notedesignstudio.se 03 Hwoarang Hanger by Dan Hoolahan from danhoolahan.co.uk 04 Blueberry Milkshake Arrangement from perrotts.com.au 05 A Cup of Light by Anton Bjรถrsing from antonbjorsing.se 06 Plockepinn Table Lamp by Marten Andersson from behance.net 07 Letoile Bed Bench from domayneonline.com.au 08 Boop Sofa by Note from notedesignstudio.se

# o8

# o6

# o7

boudoir //

While waking up in a tidy bedroom is a serene way to start the day, many struggle to maintain a sense of order in the boudoir during the week. Clothing for the next day must be laid out, cushions are hastily thrown onto the floor in pursuit of an early night and spare blankets must be handy in case of a cold snap. Providing some relief, the Letoile Bed Bench will keep things in one place up off the floor and your blankets within close reach.

# o5

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photo magician

international dreamer


The sight of anything unusual flying through the air usually induces a fanciful leap of the heart. French photographer Laurent Chehere’s series Flying Houses takes the varied buildings from different arrondissements of Paris and turns them into whimsical airborne montages. Through the series, Laurent’s intention was to take ‘sad buildings’ – apartments, cinemas and even circus tents – left to wilt in the shadow of anonymity and give them new life by telling their stories, whether true or fantasised. For Laurent himself, photography – along with wandering the far reaches of the world – is the perfect way to nourish his own imagination.

I grew up … in the eastern part of Paris in Ménilmontant. These days it’s a bit of a ‘bobo’ (bourgeois-bohemian) neighbourhood but there’s still a really interesting mix of people – you have a lot of Chinese, Arabs and people from Mali. Growing up around so many different cultures, I always dreamed of being able to travel around the world. I always had a camera … when I was a child – all different cameras from the seventies and eighties. I remember that, each year, my father would film our vacations on an 8 mm camera and after that he would create a montage. Then he would shoot a pack shot using our toys to spell out the name of the place we had been to on our holidays. I did a one-month internship … in an advertising agency when I was 20. It was really just by chance – I didn’t have any interest in design before that but I had studied art at school. At the end of the month, the guy asked me if I wanted to go back to school and learn about advertising, or if I wanted to just keep going and learn it on the job. I chose to keep going and I never looked back. I worked in an advertising agency ... for 14 years, and that’s how I learned to develop my eye. Because I was an art director, my job was to find ideas and work with photographers and directors. Eventually I realised that my own true path was photography and I left my job six years ago to become a photographer.

40 map magazine

Advertising is really frustrating ... because your job is to find the best ideas but, in general, by the end of the project the client has killed the idea. It’s frustrating because at the start you feel like you can make something great, but in the end you can’t. At the same time, it’s a very good ‘school’ in a way, because I learned to write scripts, to direct and to do photography and I also learned a lot from working with different graphic designers. But after a while you realise that eventually you will have to leave that ‘school’ and do something different, otherwise you’ll just keep working on the same brief with the same result. I wasn’t scared to leave my job … because as soon as I quit, I went directly to Australia to spend some time with a friend of mine there. He had been an art director for DDB Paris but had been fired, so he decided to go to Australia and went travelling around it in caravan. That was really my first big trip and I spent two-and-a-half months just travelling around. Then people kept saying to me: ‘Why don’t you go to South America? It’s the same distance from Paris as Australia is.’ So then I spent four months exploring South America. After that, I just couldn’t stop travelling. I love reportage photography … but it doesn’t always pay well. Once I was paid 80 euros for six pictures of a Chinese dam, but then you can be paid 4,000 euros just for shooting balls in the National Lottery.

T H E d e s i g n I SS U E f e b r ua r y 1 3

mm149-p40-41-INTNL-xx.indd 40

This is the reality of photography. I’m still working in advertising, but I try only to work on things that I like. The money from my advertising work pays for me to do the travelling and reportage that I love. I was in Bolivia last year for the fifth time, shooting reportage in a mine, because that’s what I love to do. The Flying Houses series … is, for me, the perfect mix between reportage and conceptual ideas. I saw interesting houses in the street, but the streets themselves weren’t interesting, so I thought it would be a good idea to isolate the houses and to use that idea. When you look at a house on the street, it’s very different to seeing it isolated. If it’s by itself, it could be a fortress or something massive, but on a street it just looks really small and blends in. It’s really interesting to see how architecture can change when you put it in a different context. I really wanted to tell a story … through the series and think about the people who lived inside these buildings and whether they were happy or not and stuff like that. Whenever I walk down the street, for example, and I smell someone cooking something, I look at a building and think maybe the people inside cooking are African, because it smells spicy – things like that. You can really come up with stories for all the people who live inside these buildings, which is what I did for Flying Houses.

interview by MIKKI BRAMMER


You either take a chance or you don’t – but I say just do it ... ”

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international dreamer


LANNAH DUNN E S T. 1 9 8 5

Trusted by generations

It’s a fun way to create something … because once I have drawn the building, I can choose the elements I want it to have, like windows and graffiti, etc. and then I go out and shoot them in good light on the streets of Paris and add them in Photoshop. The circus tent … came from a circus in the north of Paris close to the Boulevard Périphérique – the ring road – around the city. It’s a grey area with lots of cars and young gypsies asking for money, and there’s this circus right in the middle of it. I was also inspired by Wim Wenders’ film Wings of Desire, which is about an arch angel who fell in love with a trapezist. It’s beautiful and poetic, but dark at the same time. So I put a lot of references from that – and also from Fellini films – in the circus tent image. It was Paris that inspired me … to do the Flying Houses series. I was inspired by The Red Balloon, which, coincidentally, was shot by Albert Lamorisse on my street in Ménilmontant in 1956. That movie really was a very poetic depiction of a particularly poor area in Paris. People always ask me if I was inspired by the movie Up, and I tell them that there were a lot of other movies that

came before that! But it’s funny because I read somewhere that the script writer for Up was also inspired by The Red Balloon. I love architecture in general … but I don’t really like the Haussmann architecture of Paris because you have 4,000 versions of the same building. Haussmann was kind of like a dictator of architecture – Hitler just didn’t have time to do the same thing! The parts of Paris I do like are Belleville, Ménilmontant, La Chapelle and the suburbs, because those are the places where you can see the old Paris – it’s disappearing, but you can see it. The greatest challenge for me … has been just to be able to find a way to do what I want to do. Everybody is a photographer these days, so you have to be better and more inventive if you want to be a professional photographer. My advice to people is … to just do it. Often people talk about being lucky or not lucky in your life, but I don’t think it’s a question of chance. In life you have choices – you do something or you don’t. And maybe you have different reasons for it, but in the end it’s your decision. You either take a chance or you don’t – but I say just do it.

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T H E d e s i g n I SS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

Bespoke eNGAGeMeNT top to bottom Platinum English three-stone circa 1950 $4,650 French ‘Toi-et-moi’ early 20th Century $5,450 Platinum French Solitaire circa 1950 $4,250 French Five-stone mid-20th Century $5,985 French carved five-stone circa 1950 $6,850

2013 brochure now available instore & online

www.lannahdunn.com BRISBANE CITY Shop 7, Tattersall’s Arcade Cnr Queen & Edward Streets p.32211588 TOOWOOMBA 175 Margaret Street p.46328670


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The True History of Tea Scrumptious Reads scrumptiousreads.com

Condiment Glass Bottle Foliage

Homemade Brownie Two Trees Espresso Bar 2-trees.com

Ladelle Oven Mitt Scrumptious Reads scrumptiousreads.com

Zombie Cocktail Cabiria cabiria.com.au

Saison Matches The Robe

Raspberry Iced Tea Gramercy Espresso & EAts gramercyespresso.com.au

Zyliss Ice-Cream Scoop Gourmet Providores gourmetprovidores.com.au

Marimekko Coasters The Modern Furniture Store themodern.net.au

Coloured Woven Placemats Foliage

Mud Australia Yellow Carafe Green Tangerine greentangerine.com.au

Picnic Blanket Pure Florist

Tea Cup and Strainer Set Maiocchi maiocchi.com.au

L’Epicurean Provence Herbs Mustard Gourmet Providores gourmetprovidores.com.au

Rococo Rose Organic Dark Chocolate Monty’s Chocolates montyschocolates.com.au

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THE d e s i g n I S S UE f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p42-43-PNTY-PLCE.indd 42

check out the latest news at theweekendedition.com.au

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The Walrus Club //


Next Door Kitchen & Bar //

543 Coronation Drive Toowong

Treasury Casino, 130 William Street City T. 3306 8 8 8 8

Shop B11, Little Stanley Street South Bank T. 38 46 6678

While some locales are based on a theme, rarely is the theme executed as steadfastly as at The Walrus Club. Situated in the cavernous basement of the Regatta Hotel, previously used as a horse stable and cellar, the latest incarnation of the space is a distinct change of pace. As the concept stems from Prohibition-era speakeasies, the bar is not signed, save for a small walrus drawing near the discreet entry. Inside, antique furnishings and exposed brick walls are dimly lit, and rum is the main spirit offering, as it was the preferred beverage of the era. The rambling layout includes a ladies lounge, a hall of moustaches and a cigar room.

Despite his Vietnamese heritage, chef Luke Nguyen is known for his love of all Asian food, and his willingness to look outside Vietnam for culinary inspiration. Applying this philosophy to Fat Noodle, Luke has created a culinary haunt that traverses much of the Asian continent. The restaurant is nestled in Treasury Casino, and visitors are guided into the eatery by following a dragon tail. Inside the restaurant, the dragon’s body slips into the open kitchen where it watches over the chefs. Other elements of the lavish decor include richly illustrated wallpaper, touches of bamboo and a chandelier made from hanging woks and 2,500 chopsticks.

As the sun begins to slink behind the horizon and a warm technicoloured sunset lingers in the sky, the temptation to farewell the day over a tipple grows. With its outdoor setting that mingles with the streetscape and overlooks the Parklands, Next Door Kitchen & Bar is a space where you can watch on as the night stars begin to glimmer. A bar laden with colourful spirits sits alongside the moody interior that is accented by the flicker of candlelight and a burnt orange hue emanating from bronze light fittings. Menu offerings include share plates of food, cocktails and one-litre bottles of House Made Hooch to share amongst the table.

check out the latest news at theweekendedition.com.au map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3 43

More style. More inspiration. More love. Architecturally designed with breathtaking 360 degree views of the Brisbane city skyline and Roma Street Parklands, Hotel Urban Brisbane offers you a truly unique and captivating experience for your special day. For more information or to arrange a private viewing of one of Brisbane’s most sought after venues, please call Katherine on 07 3230 7872 or email katherineb@hotelurbanbrisbane.com.au


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iconic // cookies

wily // wares

Cascading // Fromage

Amongst the culinary tools that evoke the most product envy when you spy them in friends’ kitchens, anything from Italian brand Alessi rates particularly high. You can now immortalise such products in the form of a biscuit with the Alessi Progiotti Cookie Cutters. Clearly knowing to stick to good thing when you’re onto it, the design-savvy folks at Alessi created cookie cutters in the shape of some of their most famous products, including the Hot Bertaa kettle, the Mami pot, the Bombé teapot, and the Alessandro M. Corkscrew. @ alessi.com

In children’s books, the character of the fox is usually the most astute, using its clever wiles to thicken or advance the story’s imaginative plot. The fox also plays a starring role in British artist Tom Frost’s Wildlife collection of objects, part of a collaboration with design studio, Magpie. Based on Tom’s series Mammals of the British Isles, four nocturnal creatures – the otter, owl, hare and fox – are immortalised in illustration on items such as espresso cups, cake tins, tea towels and notebooks. @ magpieline.com

Whether sitting on a cheese platter, or hidden as a delicious surprise in arancini, brie is one of the most treasured fromages of the cheese world. If you fall into the category of ardent cheese lover, it is likely you have tried your hand at baking brie. As you cut through the baked brie’s soft rind and watch a rich river of cheese begin to flow, you may choose to savour the delicacy with a baguette, or drizzled with plum sauce. However you prefer to enjoy the treat, you’ll find this porcelain Brie Baker to be a handy kitchen companion. @ domayneonline.com.au

modern // mexican Traditionally, the decor of Mexican-themed restaurants leans on the side of kitsch – a fact happily accepted by its diners as something that goes hand in hand with the delectable cuisine. But what started out as a Mexican food truck on the streets of Vancouver has now evolved into the rather chic gourmet institution, Tacofino Commissary. This bricks-and-mortar sibling of the mobile Mexican food purveyor features weathered wooden benches for communal seating, with an elaborate lighting installation that achieves the unthinkable – making cacti look classy. @ tacofino.com

Photography by Gwenael Lewis

to make

half-hour hungries: 36 Awesome dishes for kids to make when time is short! By Sabrina Parrini. Published by Hardie Grant Books.


Knickerbocker glory

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T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p44-45-GOURMET.indd 44

1 large jam swiss roll 1 cup quality readymade pouring custard 16 tinned peach slices, drained 8 scoops vanilla bean ice-cream

1 cup raspberries 1 1/4 cup softly whipped cream 4 red glace cherries 20 g crushed peanuts 4 Scandinavian-style ginger thins

Cut the swiss roll into eight and divide the slices between four tall dessert glasses. Press the swiss roll slices firmly into the bottom, then pour 1/4 cup of the custard into each glass. Add four peach quarters, followed by a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, to each glass. If you put your ice-cream scoop in a bowl of boiling water, it makes scooping the ice-cream easier. Divide the raspberries between the four glasses, then evenly dollop the cream on top. Garnish each with a glace cherry and the crushed peanuts. Finish with a ginger thin and serve immediately with a sundae spoon. Serves 4

be the change you want to see in the world

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February is the Month Of Love @ the Summit ROMANTIC COUPLES PACKAGE

$169 per couple each course matched with a complimentary wine.


Sunset dinner from 5pm, $80 per person. Summit’s Late romantic Sitting from 7.30pm , $130 per person.


decadent selection of sweet and savouries with tea or coffee. Sundays from 3pm, $30 per person.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL sir samuel griffith drive, brisbane lookout, mt coot-tha

3369 9922

www.brisbanelookout.com Open everyday




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taste sensations promotion

Taste Sensations

from the Boldest Coffee to Sumptuous dinner spots, discover the whereabouts of Brisbane’s biggest and best flavours.

325 on George

Brew Cafe & Wine Bar

A stylish inner-city dining destination, 325 on George is an ideal venue for all occasions. Conveniently located in the heart of the dynamic legal precinct in Brisbane’s CBD, the restaurant has quickly become a favourite amongst locals. 325 on George’s open-plan design flows towards the two alfresco decks located at the front of the restaurant. Here you can kick back with friends and celebrate with a few drinks after work. Sip on a refreshing cocktail or select your drop from the extensive wine list that includes a range of red, white and sparkling wines.

Comfortably settled in a secret nest
 in a Brisbane City laneway, Brew
Cafe & Wine Bar is a great space to
enjoy a hot or cold drink. A hidden oasis from the hustle and bustle of its surrounds, the cavern provides an inviting environment
and comfy couches to relax with friends, chatting and indulging the night away.
With weekly drink and food specials,
and coffee by Di Bella and Louie Louie, Brew is intended for any occasion. Savour eats and drinks from the recently expanded
menu, which is full of tapas selections, tasty craft beers, delicious wines and creative cocktails.

325 George Street, City
 T. 3308 0736 325ongeorge.com.au

Lower Burnett Lane, City T. 3211 4242 brewgroup.com.au



Reverends Fine Coffee

The Alliance Hotel


For coffee drinkers, there’s no better way to welcome the dawn of a new day than with a warm cup of coffee in hand – preferably made from a fresh brew of deliciously ground beans and crafted by a well-trained barista. Grab your morning coffee fix from the boutique caffeine nook Reverends Fine Coffee. A recent addition to Brunswick Street, the locale has found its footing as a popular destination for Fortitude Valley dwellers by offering smooth coffees and convenient takeaway options. In February, Reverends will be introducing a food menu, with options intended to be simple, but fresh and tasty to complement the coffee. Accompanying the existing

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gastronomic range of freshly baked goods will be menu options that include a Signature Bircher Muesli with creamy coconut yoghurt, and Chilli Beef Jaffles – a menu item that may stir comforting memories from childhood. These dishes are the perfect pairing for the quality coffees brewed from a house blend, as well as seasonal espresso blends and single-origin coffees offered. Organic juices and soft drinks are also available to help quench your thirst. Drop in to try Reverends’ creations for breakfast and lunch, Monday to Saturday. Follow Reverends on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with the latest news. 372 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley T. 0423 603 495

THE D e s i g n ISSUE F e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p46-47-PROMO-tastesensations-1.indd 46

The traditional Aussie pub is a treasured part of national identity for many. But, while still a community beacon, the pub has recently seen a makeover at the hands of an uprising of foodies eager to merge tradition with epicurean tastebuds. Perched on a bustling Spring Hill street corner, The Alliance Hotel is an esteemed member of Brisbane’s growing gastropub scene. The familyowned and operated enterprise has created the warm and inviting experience of a traditional pub, but with the culinary innovation of a modern restaurant. You can savour your meal with a drink from the extensive wine list, or sip from the huge selection of craft beers and

ciders available by the bottle and on tap. If you are eager to try a more refined tipple with your dish, select from the vast selection of rum, vodka, gin and scotch in stock. The Alliance Hotel can also help host your next function, with three levels of event spaces available for intimate gatherings or lively parties. The hotel can cater for 250 or more – visit the website for details and all of the latest news. In March, the gastropub will begin opening for lunch on Sundays, with a full menu of sumptuous dishes available, including roast. Sundays will also feature a fun make-your-own bloody mary bar. Corner of Boundary and Leichhardt Streets, Spring Hill T. 3839 0169

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Lock’n’Load Bistro fiesta A lively Sunday session is a great way to bid adieu to the weekend before returning to the working week. Beloved West End locale Lock’n’Load Bistro (LnL) may be renowned for its function spaces and hearty dining options, but it has just introduced a Sunday party that is a unique celebration of the Queensland weekend. Sub-tropical Sundays, a recent addition to LnL’s events calendar is a response to the growing petition from regulars to turn the venue’s spacious outdoor area into a tropical party setting. Normally reserved for intimate dining, or a unique function space, the outdoor area has also proven to be a laid-back setting for funk DJs to spin their tunes. Those seeking a dose of live music will enjoy the live bands playing on Sunday afternoons in the main bar. Revel in the melodies with a creative drink or two, perhaps starting with a tower of cider and then moving on to some of the best mojitos Brisbane’s bar scene has to offer. Both cider

towers and mojitos are on special on Sundays, as are the towers of deliciously refreshing Tiger Beer. The quirky food den will also be offering its loyal attendees the chance to win a suave retro ride. The Peugeot 203 from 1951, the same model that won the historic Redex Trial in 1953, has been restored to near-mint condition. In a unique interactive twist, each Sunday, patrons partaking in the aforementioned deals will be donating towards further restoration of the ride for when the prize is drawn later this year. For more information, you can visit the competition’s Facebook page, facebook.com/LnL.Ride.

142 Boundary Street, West End T. 3844 0142 locknloadbistro.com.au

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save 40 off lamp # shades! %


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T H E d es i g n I S S U E f eb r ua r y 1 3 47

now on!

The quickest and easiest way to add a stylish new look to any room is by changing the lamp shades! Our selection of mix & match lamp shades will have you spoilt for choice. Bring in your lamp base, or select one of ours, and match it up with one of our quality lamp shades.

JINDALEE - Homemaker City - 1300 296 011 ASPLEY - Homemaker City - 1300 295 285 INDOOROOPILLY - Indooroopilly Central - 1300 297 625 LOGAN - Mega Centre (near Ikea) - 1300 297 625 new store now open! #

Savings off regular prices, and do not include bulbs unless stated. See in store for details.

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taste sensations promotion

Taste Sensations

from the Boldest Coffee to Sumptuous dinner spots, discover the whereabouts of Brisbane’s biggest and best flavours.

Spring Hill Deli & CAFE

honour espresso

Julia Child once said, “Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” Following Julia’s advice, local providore Spring Hill Deli & Cafe has translated its passion for food into creating the most delicious dishes possible for innercity visitors. The gourmet cafe makes everything on-site, including relishes, emulsions, house-made bread (with gluten-free options), cakes, take-home meals and paninis. Ingredients are also sourced locally, with Leavain bread, Barambah Organics yoghurt, Maleny Dairies milk, LICK! Ice Cream and Cup Coffee lining the shelves.

A colourful addition to the quiet streets of Graceville, Honour Espresso sits just across from the train station in the perfect spot for grabbing a bite to eat and a warm coffee before work. Take a seat in the cosy cafe or enjoy the takeaway service available for the time-constrained. Conveniently, a text service is also on offer – simply text your order to the number below and it will be ready for collection shortly. Delicious cups of welcoming coffee start at small takeaways for just $3.50. To accompany your morning brew, you can also sample some of the tasty sandwiches and cakes on display.

Shop 2, 537 Boundary Street, Spring Hill T. 3161 3031 springhilldeli.com

Shop 1, 327 Honour Avenue, Graceville T. 0435 400 632 f//honour.espresso


Aura Bar

Vespa Pizza



Australian cuisine long ago graduated from the realms of pub grub into something a little more sophisticated. You can sample the taste of national flavours at Aura Bar, which specialises in the niche of modern Australian food. The bistro is open from 6:30 am on weekdays, meaning you can tuck into a delicious Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict served with baby spinach before work. The dining space opens until 4:30 pm, with light lunches that range from delicious sandwiches to salads, pastas and Turkish breads with creative fillings. If you are feeling particularly famished, you can order something a little heartier, such as the Premium Eye Fillet Steak with Bearnaise Sauce and a side

48 map magazine


of steamed seasonal vegetables. Accompany your meal with a fullbodied coffee, perhaps a glass of the smooth Maxwell Silver Hammer Shiraz or a cold beer. After work on Fridays, drop in to the inner-city bar for a relaxing evening of live music, drinks and a meal. A range of signature cocktails is available alongside icy cold local, imported and craft beers, and a lengthy wine list to choose from. Conveniently, for those interested in hosting a celebratory affair, Aura Bar can cater to functions seven days a week. Quality corporate catering is also available, with delivery free of charge. 131 Barry Parade, Fortitude Valley T. 3831 6661 aurabar.com.au

THE D e s i g n ISSUE F e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p48-49-PROMO-tastesensations-2.indd 48

The Italians are passionate about creating simple dishes from the finest of ingredients. In homage to the Mediterranean nation, Vespa Pizza crafts traditional Italian wood-fired pizza from fresh and flavoursome produce. Tasty morsels are scattered on top of flavoursome bases, with everything from the sauce to icecream made in house. Creative toppings form the tantalising array of piping-hot pizzas, ranging from classic Margharita to a Streaky Bacon and Red Current with Camembert. Enjoy the dishes from either of Vespa Pizza’s two locations in New Farm and Woolloongabba. Both restaurants are licensed, and can provide a tipple at the bar, or the opportunity to BYO.

Each location boasts its own specialty, with Woolloongabba accommodating groups of up to 90 and New Farm housing its own beehives from The Downtown Honey Co on its rooftop. The first treasured batch of this natural golden honey is about to be used in Vespa Pizza’s delicious dessert menu and to flavour the icecream. Vespa Pizza has now made takeaway even more convenient for city dwellers, with delivery to the CBD available from the Woolloongabba haunt. An online ordering service is also now available to customers of both pizza nooks. New Farm T. 3358 4100 Woolloongabba T. 3391 4300 vespapizza.com.au

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Sustainable Fashion is an on line Eco boutique selling Rant Clothing and Bestowed, Ethical and sustainable labels 100% made in Brisbane All natural fibres, perfect for our climate www.sustainablefashion.com.au

Online eco-boutique now open sustainablefashion.com.au

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mm149-p50-51-DPS.indd 50

4/02/13 12:10 PM

ove you. SubScribe

Sleep in. Slow down. enjoy.


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prelude Production still from Mùtóng, 1963, image courtesy of China Film Archive



Helen Howard Actor, Australia Holding the Man

laboite.com.au –– In Holding the Man, showing at La Boite from February 16, Helen Howard will step into the shoes of 12 characters in a succession of quick costume and wig changes. age 50. How?! born South London. performance that first made your world come alive A performance

of The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol by Complicite theatre company at West End in the mid-nineties. something you discovered this month Fear of failure is self-centred

and unhelpful – I’m still trying to kick the habit. last thing that made you smile The beautiful miracle of my sons smiling lovingly at me.

ANIMATION // RETROSPECTIVE From ink-wash painting to shadow plays, papercuts, puppetry and woodblock prints, Chinese animators draw upon a variety of techniques to create new works. As part of The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, GOMA’s Australian Cinémathèque is showcasing a retrospective of 200 animated works. Titled Mountains and Waters: Chinese Animation Since the 1930s, the retrospective presents animation from Hong Kong and Taiwan, classics from the pioneering Wan brothers and film from the golden age of Chinese animation. @ qagoma.qld.gov.au


last time you did something for the first time I try to have

fresh thoughts about things every day, so today! tell me about passion It’s a fire in my belly and an aching drive in my heart for love, family, helping people to realise their potential, learning and loving. scares you Guns, ignorance, inhumanity in governments, airless places and not being able to protect my kids. tell me about creativity It’s wonderful! It needs feeding with reading, listening, talking, watching, imagining, dreaming, touching, breathing, sleeping and loving. world you imagine Free, colourful and peaceful – it still looks like it does now, but all bad architecture is gone and old buildings, forests and lost creatures have returned. words of wisdom Look outside yourself.

52 map magazine

As well as the anticipation of who will take home a golden statue, the appeal of the Oscars also extends to the red-carpet fashion, the carefully scripted one-liners from the hosts and the behind-the-scenes stories that are revealed the next day. To see this year’s Academy Awards live on the big screen (so you don’t have to spend the day avoiding all news and social media websites), visit Dendy Portside cinemas on February 25 from 11:00 am. Tickets include drinks, canapes and popcorn – and don’t forget to don your finest attire as there will be prizes for the best dressed. @ dendy.com.au



While the ukulele hasn’t always enjoyed the same popularity as its cousins the guitar and the violin, its sound can be as sweet as honey when the instrument is entrusted to a skilled musician. In homage to the humble ukulele, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has been trotting across the globe, reinterpreting different musical genres through the strings of their petite instruments. The playful orchestra is performing at QPAC on February 18 to play covers from the likes of Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson in a show that definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. @ qpac.com.au

When friends Miles and Simone started singing improvised duets together last summer, they discovered a musical chemistry that flowed naturally. Miles is a founding member of The Suitcase Royale and Simone is an opera singer, and together the duo has cultivated a sparse yet soothing sound tinged with folk and country influences, which is simply supported by an acoustic guitar, an old piano and a banjo. Miles and Simone are performing a free gig at Brisbane Powerhouse on February 13 that will showcase songs from the duo’s first album, Home In Your Heart. @ brisbanepowerhouse.org

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

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Production still from Mùtóng, 1963, image courtesy of China Film Archive

mood by mikki brammer

marty robbins


Luciana Souza

roo panes

by Columbia Records, 1959

by Rough Trade, 2012

by Sunnyside, 2012

by CRC Music Group, 2012

There’s a certain charm to the Wild West, inspiring countless films over the years. But the music of the genre is generally overlooked (except, perhaps, for one particularly memorable Bon Jovi song). Purveying the music of sunset showdowns and bouncing tumbleweeds, Marty Robbins’ Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs is unapologetically cowboyinspired. One of the first country singers to have his work cross over into the pop genre, Marty’s romantic guitarpicking ditty ‘El Paso’ (from this album) was a hit on both country and pop charts, winning a Grammy in 1960.

It’s hard to peg the sound of Alabama Shakes to a certain musical genre, and that’s exactly how the band likes it. Evoking a sound akin to a female Otis Redding or Jack White – with inklings of Janis Joplin – the enthralling vocals of lead singer Brittany Howard (who prefers to be likened to Bon Scott) are instantly addictive. One listen of the band’s debut album, Boys & Girls will leave you feeling like you’ve been listening to it for years – a clever fusion of heavy, dirty blues guitars on certain tracks, with other more soulful offerings on others.

Classical music, bossa nova and advertising jingles are just the start of Brazilian jazz singer Luciana Souza’s varied musical stylings. Her latest Grammy-nominated album, The Book of Chet, features the sultry South American chanteuse vocally exploring the genius of jazz trumpeter, Chet Baker. Recorded live in LA, accompanied by a trio, Luciana lends her pipes to classics including ‘The Thrill is Gone’ and ‘The Very Thought of You’ amongst many others. Her delicate treatment of the iconic works is testament to Luciana’s impeccable lyrical sense and musical control.

Sounding somewhat like a long-lost member of Mumford & Sons, young Brit Roo Panes first started crafting his own style of folk at the age of 13. Rather than following the welltrodden path of cover songs, the guitar-toting singer leaped straight into writing his own songs. The result is his EP Weight of Your World, a dream-like layering of stringed instruments, mellow vocals and a soulful, summery sound. Roo’s charms beyond his musical talents also led him to the world of fashion, where he (and his music) recently featured as part of a Burberry campaign.

gunfighter ballads and trail songs

boys & girls

the book of chet

weight of your world






Nomad Two worlds

The Best of Grand Designs

Edited by Gary Takle

By Tim Costello

By Russell James

By Kevin McCloud

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown (18th-century English landscape architect) excelled in turning mediocre English countryside into masterpieces of garden design that continue to inspire. Today’s landscapers take advantage of modern technology and concepts, as well as a greater variety of plants available, to construct gardens of excellence, such as the Trailfinders Australian Garden in Victoria that exhibits at the prestigious Kew Gardens exhibition. In all of the featured gardens is a sense of minimalism, yet each achieves its goal.

As the voice of World Vision, Tim Costello has seen the world’s most poor and deserving people. He has travelled worldwide on emergency relief, yet still retains his enthusiasm for charity work. Naturally, his experiences have been both good and bad, and here he relates some of the more memorable events that have shaped his career. From the struggles of a lifetime battling injustice, to near-death experiences of believers and non-believers, this is a book of hope for those who wish to see it, or about the unknown for those with enquiring minds.

Dreamtime melds with the West in an ochre and digital mix that brings to fruition the author’s desire to appreciate the world’s oldest and most modern cultures. He conceived a photographic project dealing with innocence, inhibition and discovery. Innocence is the Dreamtime, when Australia was female, underwater, unaware of other environments; inhibition is when Earth-mother emerged onto land, constrained by the transition from wet and dry; and discovery is a rebirth, wakening the ancient and modern cultures of this land in likeness and difference.

Kevin McCloud’s philosophy is “Good old-fashioned story telling; the joy and sorrow, torment and triumph, tangibly expressed in the making of a building.” Whether an ancient windmill, a forsaken lighthouse or a rotting factory, Kevin has provided an assortment of projects where ordinary people have poured their desires into reshaping a structure into a living space. Some more successful than others, but in all is the persistence to complete and occupy a chance of a lifetime. Many a story is remembered within this book to inspire us all.

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life is captured

what is inspiring us this month? – – John Lubbock believed THAT “As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life.”

Second Life

Butter Factory Arts Centre

For artist Mary Elizabeth Barron, using recycled materials in her sculptures is a way to create a new purpose for unwanted remnants and imbue her art with familiar memories. Mary uses a traditional basketry technique to create each sculpture and her pieces

are often made from her old clothes, adding a personal touch to each work. During Second Life, Mary will be teaching gallery visitors a traditional coiling technique and each visitor’s work will be joined to create a community artwork. UNTIL MARCH 9

Chromophobia Jan Manton Art

The realm of digital art presents an evolving paradigm to artists seeking new ways to continue furthering their craft. Utilising this media to rethink common perceptions of photography, Tasmanian-based photomedia artist Paul Snell uses the digital realm to experiment with how colour can inform his art and convey a message. In Chromophobia, Paul’s use of colour is not to create a striking picture, but rather to reconsider the way information can be conveyed. Using this method, Paul has created a series of images that further the potential of digital image making. Rather than conveying an object-based image, each work reworks the representation of data. From February 21

Above: Paul Snell, Trace # 201303 Image detail, Image Courtesy of Jan Manton Art. Top Right: Mary Elizabeth Barron, Sewing Machine, 2008, Photography by Rod Buchholz. Bottom Right: Dan McCabe, Photo-drawing #1 image detail, 2012, Image Courtesy of Queensland Centre for Photography.

54 map magazine

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p54-55-GLLY.indd 54


Queensland Centre for Photography

By drawing over matte photographs with a pencil, artist Dan McCabe challenges perceptions by presenting the viewer with two defined pictorial and linguistic planes. As well as interrupting the image and the photographic medium of presenting an image, the pencil marks also contribute

a deeper level of meaning to a photograph. The veil over part of the landscape makes it more difficult to grasp and hides part of the truth of the image. In doing so, the artist changes the dialogue of the image and delivers a new message to the viewer. FRom February 23

map magazine supports greenpeace

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420 BRUNSwICk STREET, FORTITUDE VALLEy, BRISBANE iMa receives financial assistance from the Queensland government through arts Queensland (major sponsor), from the Visual arts board of the australia Council (the federal government’s arts funding and advisory body), and through the Visual arts and Craft strategy (an initiative of the australian federal, state, and Territory governments). iMa is a member of CaOs, Contemporary art Organisations australia.

Valentine’s Day Special. Book your LOVERS photography session for February and receive your favourite image FREE on a vintage birch timber print.* “We’re all a little wei rd. And life is a little weird. And whe n we find someone whose weirdness is com patible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying wei rdness - and call it love - true love.” Robert Fulghum

p: 0430 156 333 e: meganrizzo@tpg.com.au meganrizzophotography.com.au

Organised and TOUred by ChrisTChUrCh arT gallery Te PUna O WaiWheTU in assOCiaTiOn WiTh The insTiTUTe Of MOdern arT, brisbane. iMa thanks iMa supporters and hotel Urban brisbane.

*See Facebook for info.

20% OFF

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$1 OFF

SAVE $30

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theatrical advocate

Jo Kukathas Malaysian theatre director and writer Jo Kukathas is a brave and respected voice in Asia. As co-founder and artistic director of Malaysia’s The Instant Café Theatre Company, Jo directs plays dealing with prickly subject matters, from race and religion, to politics and sexuality. In such a multi-ethnic and multicultural country, the challenge for The Instant Café Theatre Company is to encourage dialogue without deepening divisions. Parah is one of the company’s latest works to tread this fine line and it will show at the World Theatre Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse from February 13–17. Jo Kukathas is not one to sweep issues under the carpet. Since forming The Instant Café Theatre Company in 1989, Jo has helped create complex political and satirical works that celebrate the redemptive power of shared laughter. Jo qualifies, however, that while her plays may deal with contentious issues, they do not aim to stir controversy. Rather, The Instant Café Theatre strives to encourage people to think, feel, talk and understand each other’s identity. Take Parah, the new work that will make its Australian debut at the World Theatre Festival, as an example. Written by Singaporean playwright Alfian Bin Sa’at, the play broaches racial issues sparked when the Malaysian novel, Interlok, became a school text. The book was criticised within Malaysia for using the word ‘pariah’, which is defined as ‘outcast’ and is considered a derogatory racial term. In Parah, the four main characters are 17-year-old friends studying Interlok at school. The book spurs them to question their personal histories and identities and, in the process, tests their friendship. “The play transcended the issues around the book,” Jo explains. “It made the audience feel that this may be happening to these four young people, but this is a microcosm of what’s happening to us adults. The book was a catalysing point to make us look at what is so latent in our society.” Jo started The Instant Café Theatre

56 map magazine

Company with friends Andrew Leci, Jit Murad and Zahim Albakri in December 1989. Over the past 23 years, the company has grown to be respected throughout the international theatre scene and Jo is revered as one of Malaysia’s artistic and intellectual gems. “We came together because we felt, ‘What about the stories that surround us?’ It was a political time and it was quite difficult,” Jo explains of the company’s foundation. “Operation Lalang (where 150 people were detained without trial) was a catalyst for some of us to feel anger and hurt.” Instant Café used black comedy to comment on issues of the time, from the absurdity of society to tyranny, stupidity and corruption. “People responded immediately to it,” Jo recalls. “We were full of satire and silliness. It was a really good antidote for people, and audiences liked that.” From the early days, Jo and her colleagues knew they would look beyond political satire and respond to the issues of the day. “Our manifesto was that we didn’t have a manifesto because we realised we are living in a young country, things are constantly changing and we are part of the change …” Jo knows her work upsets some people because it doesn’t always make Malaysia look “shiny”. “But I feel like I have to deal with those things that are bothering us as a nation,” she explains. “People are hungry to talk publicly about these things

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

mm149-p56-57-LIVE-FACE.indd 56

and to share in a collective experience where people in the same room with different beliefs say, ‘I can now empathise with that character when I couldn’t before. I’m not sharing their point of view, but I didn’t know they felt that way’. Just the act of caring about the other point of view is sufficient.” Jo explains that she cares about her work because public discourse is in her blood. Her late father, K. Das, was a foreign diplomat, playwright and journalist. Jo observed many different cultures during her childhood, variously living in Australia, Hong Kong and India, and studying politics and philosophy at university in Britain. “When I came home from studying abroad, the first thing I did was to edit my father’s manuscript for a book he was writing, which was challenging the politics of the country at the time,” Jo recalls. “So I read this book like 15 times, correcting the proofs, and I began to feel as deeply as he did that if there was something that was wrong, you should talk about it.” Jo admits there are constant challenges, such as ensuring the company’s financial viability, but there are also constant rewards. “I’m glad that I’ve been able to play a role in helping people bring their plays to the stage. We need more of our writers telling our stories … Parah was incubated here in Instant Café and I’m glad those sorts of things can happen.”

interview by Frances Frangenheim


Just the act of caring about the other point of view is sufficient ... ”

stop global warming

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Matthew MacFadyen


directed by Tom Tykwer/Andy & Lana Wachowski

directed by Joe Wright

directed by DAVID O. RUSSELL

Halle Berry was cast into the public eye at age 17 when she won the Miss Teen All American beauty pageant. She then became a model and starred in the weekly television series Living Dolls, before scoring her first film role as a drug addict in Jungle Fever. Some of Halle’s career highlights include her roles in the X-Men series and as Pierce Brosnan’s Bond girl in Die Another Day. In the science fiction fantasy Cloud Atlas, a film based on David Mitchell’s layered novel, Halle steps into the shoes of several different characters across time, who all share the same soul. As time progresses and the cast appears in multiple roles, the film considers how souls continually gravitate toward one another and weaves between several different storylines.

Just as Colin Firth’s portrayal of Mr Darcy is one of his most memorable performances, Matthew Macfadyen also owes much to the role of Mr Darcy, after receiving his big break in the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. When dreaming of acting as a child, Matthew’s thespian ambitions were nurtured both at home, by his actress mother, and at school where he studied drama. Now an actor in his own right, Matthew’s latest role is as Oblonsky in Anna Karenina sees him reunite with Keira Knightley and director Joe Wright from Pride and Prejudice. Set in Russia, the film follows Anna (Keira Knightley) as she visits Moscow to reconcile her brother Oblonksy’s marriage. After meeting the dashing Count Vronsky in Moscow, Anna starts to question her own marriage.

While Jennifer Lawrence spent her childhood in Kentucky, a visit to New York for auditions at the age of 14 showed she possessed a star quality that helped kickstart her career. Jennifer’s family moved with her to LA when she was 16 and, in 2010, The New York Times listed her as one of the 50 people to watch that year. Shortly after, Jennifer starred in her major breakthrough role in Winter’s Bone, followed by performances in X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games. In her latest role, Jennifer plays grief-stricken widow Tiffany, alongside Bradley Cooper who plays Pat, a sufferer of bipolar. Pat has recently been released from a mental institution and is hoping to reconcile with his wife when he meets Tiffany, who helps Pat cope with his suffering.

cloud atlas

anna karenina

silver linings playbook

QSO WITH ILIC & NORTHEY 7pm, Friday 3 May 2013 QSO Studio, South Bank

Wild Swans


20/21 ONE

stop global warming map magazine

7pm, Friday 8 March 2013 QSO Studio, South Bank

BECKEl In the Mind’s Eye, Images for Horns and Orchestra MaTThUS Timpani Concerto Der Wald SaMUEl JONES Tuba Concerto STaNhOpE Jet Stream

p. STaNhOpE Machinations KaTS-ChERNIN Wild Swans - Suite GlaSS Symphony No.8

mm149-p56-57-LIVE-FACE.indd 57


Listen to Queensland Symphony Orchestra players take the lead as concerto soloists and enjoy rarely heard works celebrating the unique voice of unusual instruments.

CONDUTOR Benjamin Northey SOpRaNO Milica Ilic

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! www.qso.com.au or qtix 136 246

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3 57

qso.com.au/facebook qso.com.au/twitter qso.com.au/youtube

1/02/13 5:08 PM

ticket Photography by Jeff Busby










Since its small beginnings at Balmain High School in 1991, Flickerfest has grown to become one of Australia’s most prominent short-film festivals, receiving a record 2,300 entries this year. Of the entries, a shortlist of 100 films will be screened at the festival that travels across Australia every summer. The Brisbane leg of the festival is being shown at the Judith Wright Centre across three nights, broken into Australian and international film screenings. Brisbane talent is represented in two of the films, Captive and The Captain.

As one of the most enduring ballets ever performed, Swan Lake has been reinterpreted and reimagined in all manner of creative pursuits. In celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Australian Ballet, choreographer Stephen Baynes has taken the ballet back to its classical roots to create a performance that embodies elegance, enchantment and purity. Swan Lake was the first ballet performed by The Australian Ballet upon its formation in 1962 and this performance will take place against an Edwardian-inspired setting and a sea of flowing tutus.

Queensland Theatre Company is launching its 2013 season with a double bill of high-energy companion performances, The Pitch and The China Incident. In The Pitch, Hugh Parker plays more than 30 characters in a story where his main character, film writer Walter Weinermann, prepares to pitch his big idea to a panel of producers. The China Incident tells the fast-paced story of Bea Pontivec, played by Barbara Lowing, who is a diplomatic consultant with a frenetic career that collides with her personal life.

Inherently complex in nature, with no clear beginning, or ending in some cases, love is a difficult emotion to define. Amour, meaning ‘love’ in French, deals with the nature of love through the eyes of Georges and Anne, a retired couple in their eighties who become dependent upon one another in their old age. After Anne becomes ill and is left partially paralysed, the depth of their love is tested as Georges struggles to care for her. Directed by Michael Haneke, Amour won the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.





february 21–23

58 map magazine

february 22 to march 2

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r u a r y 1 3

until march 9

from february 21

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ViSiT ThE Showroom For FrESh idEAS For your homE

See our new range of award winning marble and porcelain. Selected for ASA Tiles in Australia.

ASA Tiles Australia

open 7 days Shop 9, Emporium 1000 Ann Street Fortitude Valley T. 3257 4940 www.asatiles.com.au

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Timeless beauty in tiles for over 13 years

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say hello to ...

Sam Cranstoun Fox River Rising Until February 23, Milani Gallery

›I became an artist because ... being an artist is the ideal way to combine what I’m interested in with what I’m good at. The moment I realised that I could spend every waking hour making work in some way or another was when I knew art was for me. ›My creativity comes from ... curiosity. I’m a big fan of history and pop culture, and I try to fold these interests into my practice. In a way, it legitimises my ad hoc, attention-deficit approach to research. ›I ‘fuel’ my creativity by ... obsessing over anything I find interesting, to the point of absurdity. The things I choose to bring in to my work are all things I’ve found compelling in some way or another. They may not seem to make sense at times, or to relate in any obvious way, but they make sense to me. They’re all connected by an internal logic. ›I love my job because ... I can sleep in. That, and watching movies can be considered research. ›Through my work, I would like to ... avoid boredom. At the very least, I would like my work to curb my own boredom and keep my interest. Ideally, my work will have this effect on others as well. ›Favourite author: Cormac McCarthy ›Director who inspires me: Paul Thomas Anderson ›Favourite actor: Michael Fassbender ›Most played on my iPod: Jack White ›A performer I love: Bob Dylan ›Artist I most admire: Dave Hullfish Bailey ›Makes me laugh: Jerry Seinfeld ›Designers who inspire me: Charles and Ray Eames

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Downstairs BEAUTIFUL ART ~ MWERRE ANTHURRE ARTISTS 12 February - 23 March

West Macdonnell Tourists, Billy Kenda 129 x 91 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

T H E de s i g n I SS U E fe b r ua r y 1 3 59

Upstairs VISTAS ~ DESLEY ROLPH 26 February - 26 March

Rolling Vista, Desley Rolph 140 x 160 cm, Oil on Canvas

613 Stanley Street Woolloongabba Q 4102 ~ Tuesday to Saturday 9am – 5pm ~ Enquiries (07) 3891 5551 ~ email@wag.com.au ~ www.wag.com.au

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stimulus CONCERT

more ...



Recording under the moniker Cat Power, Chan Marshall has become known for her gentle melodies and soft femininity. Following a recent period of self-evaluation, Chan’s locks were transformed into a mohawk, her backing band was made redundant and the songstress penned, recorded and produced her new album, Sun, by herself. In her upcoming show, the new-look Chan will deliver her rich and explorative new music alongside the revealing tunes her fans adore.


Revel in a performance of the heartwarming

Photography by Jenni Li

Pulitzer Prizewinning play.



FESTIVAL february 13–24 at BRISBANE POWERHOUSE A constantly evolving art form that draws inspiration from changes within society, theatre is one of the most diverse platforms for sharing new ideas. World Theatre Festival presents the latest shows from around the world and allows local artists to collaborate with their international counterparts. In addition to performances from Ireland, Malaysia, Iran, Germany, UK and Belgium, the festival will show a range of works still being developed with the Scratch Series.



Explore the exhibition that is raising funds



for charity.

Set in Morocco and starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, the 1942 wartime film Casablanca is an enduring classic. In its first show for 2013, Brisbane Arts Theatre is reliving the romance and nostalgia of the film in the form of a radio play. Casablanca – A Radio Play will recreate the 1944 radio broadcast of Casablanca, which was part of the Lux Presents Hollywood series that adapted Broadway plays and films into one-hour live radio programs.



Photography by Justin Pugliese Photography by Ed Sloane


Be swept away by a story

THE REEF february 22 at QPAC

that embraces

Separately, a striking image or a swirling musical composition can be powerful art forms, but when skilfully combined, the pieces become all the more moving. To bring a new dynamic to an orchestral performance, the Australian Chamber Orchestra produced The Reef. Filmed and recorded at Ningaloo Reef, where the sea laps at the desert, The Reef is filled with beautiful music and striking scenery that transcends the boundaries of classical music concerts and surf films.

the music of the 1980s. FEBRUARY 14–23 AT SCHONELL THEATRE

60 map magazine

T H E design I S S U E february 1 3

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‘Celebrating 10 years of service in Brisbane’ Thank you Brisbane! We love you!

$25/week for all the classes you want! Sign up now! Limited number accepted.

OPEN DAY! All classes FREE on Sunday 10th Feb from 11am to 5pm.

Over 80 classes a week. Dance classes for adults. Level 1-2, 43 Adelaide Street, Brisbane 3210 6724 www.maddance.com.au

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stimulus GIG

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Musician, actor and novelist are all professions Nick Cave can put to his name. Noted for his ability to pen and record music filled with pensive and powerful lyrics, the Australian crooner is most widely recognised as the frontman of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. To date, the band has recorded 15 albums, and songs from this repertoire – as well as rich sounds from new album Push the Sky Away – will be played at the upcoming gig at Riverstage.


See the songstress as she returns to Australia to perform songs

Photography by Cat Stevens

from her latest album, Little


Broken Hearts.

Launch march 9 at JUDITH WRIGHT CENTRE After playing together for 13 years, the three gents known as Trichotomy create music in a fluid and intuitive process that often results from free improvisations. To launch its new album, Fact Finding Mission, Trichotomy is performing a gig at Judith Wright Centre. The sound of the new recording is grounded in the trio’s signature jazz-influenced style, but also draws inspiration from European and Indian folk.



Wear your boardshorts to work to raise


NEIL FINN & PAUL KELLY february 26–27 at BCEC

funds for Surf

After enjoying long and successful careers, Neil Finn and Paul Kelly are teaming up to take their favourite songs on a tour of Australia. As well as reliving a diverse array of memorable moments from their respective careers, the musicians will also perform together on stage throughout the show. Elroy Finn will join Neil and Paul on drums, Dan Kelly will be on guitar and demure songstress Lisa Mitchell will also be performing at the Brisbane show.



Photography by Joshua Morris

Delve into all


things gaming by


playing mobile

Hope and belief are powerful and uplifting emotions. In exploring the joy that can come from faith, artist Angelica Mesiti recorded a ten-minute silent film at a rock concert. Named Rapture, after the Christian ideology, the slowmotion film shows teenagers at a rock concert in scenes of fervour that are suggestive of religious worship and spiritual transport. Rapture won the $20,000 2009 Blake Prize for Religious Art and was the first video work awarded the prize.

games, attending workshops and listening to talks. UNTIL APRIL 14 AT SLQ

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T H E design I S S U E february 1 3 61

we have moved! Make 2013 a year of great adventure! Visit Intrepid My Adventure Store’s new location in Paddington to plan your next overseas sojourn. Our team have all the experience to help you book your tours, flights, accommodation and insurance for your expedition, no matter the destination.

10% Off * your family adventures if your journey is booked before February 28, 2013*

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3338 0600

Go to myadventurestore.com Visit us at 211 Given Tce, Paddington *Travel restrictions & conditions apply. Airfare not included. Call for details. Prices subject to availability. See myadventurestore.com for full details. QLD LIC. 2TA6026

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travellers map

bicycle journey


Bicycle riding around Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is like riding down the hallways of a home – chatty friends and relatives are at each doorway, kids play and leave toys where they are dropped, teenagers linger and whisper, and the scent of the next meal is lingering in the air. Old concrete structures line one side of the bike paths in this area, with the river side of the paths dotted with separate (but related) shanty-style shacks. With all members of the family, including toddlers, flowing freely between these parts of their homes, and across the bike paths, I am very much inside the locals’ world.

After leaving the congestion of Ho Chi Minh City behind, I drive with my family along the mighty Saigon River, then travel inland toward the Mekong Delta. A biological treasure trove, Mekong Delta is the region in southwest Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea through a network of distributaries. In the morning, we visit an island in the middle of the Mekong that is well known for its candy making and snake wine, which my stomach later informs me is not such a great combination. We had been invited to morning tea by the occupants of local home on the island to experience the simple way of living ‘communal style’, as Westerners might say, with uncles, cousins and grandparents all in one large room. Their lush gardens, filled with an abundance of fruit trees, clearly demonstrate the subsistence living of these remote ‘river islanders’. After the return boat trip and another short drive, we stop along the side of the road at the back of some local shops to unload our bikes and get ready for our first ride. The initial set-up of our bikes includes settling my three-year-old into a cane chair – affectionately known as the ‘king’s chair’ – strapped to the back of my bike. Once we are all ready, our guide laces his neck with a high-pitched whistle, and we set off to ride along a small estuary of the Mekong Delta. We ride for hours on local bitumen and

62 map magazine

cobbled roads used only by bicycles and motorbikes. No cars or trucks are allowed, which is a pleasant surprise. We ride amongst the community, alongside women traditionally dressed in leaf hats on their way home from a day in the rice fields, and with children racing to keep up with us. Many children ride rickety old adult bikes, choosing to either touch the pedals or sit on the seat – an entertaining encounter for my six-year-old son who laughs with them like they were schoolyard pals. As we continue, we ride through local villages, passing through farms and traversing bridges. Hundreds of ‘bridges’, resembling massive concrete pipes cut in half with no railings, enable us to warily crisscross the many Mekong Delta estuaries. The whistle that the guide has strategically given my three-year-old builds our group’s camaraderie. At each rotation of my bicycle wheel the whistle is blown, letting the locals know that we are approaching whilst also encouraging us to keep going. Our destination that evening is an eco-guesthouse on Binh Hoa Phuoc island. But first we have to navigate the traffic of bustling Cai Be city, which, being in a rural district of the Mekong Delta, is overrun with dirty and noisy trucks. It’s a scary thing to encounter with a six-year-old just six months out of training wheels, and a whistle-blowing three-year-old in his ‘king’s chair’ directing traffic. Red-faced and relieved, we arrive at Cai Be city wharf and are handed

T H E d e s i g n ISS U E f e b r ua r y 1 3

mm149-p62-63-TMAP.indd 62

an iced washer by our mini van driver who had been waiting dockside for us to arrive. He loads our bikes and bags onto a Sampan boat and we cruise the 1.5 km-wide river to the guesthouse. It is sunset and watching the magical coloured silhouette of my three-year-old sitting on the lap of the boat driver, while we feast on local mangos, is a pretty amazing end to a wonderful ride. It’s dark by the time the boat docks alongside the bridge to the guesthouse, which to our amazement is on stilts over the river’s edge. That night we feast on local Mekong cuisine and sleep under thick mosquito netting listening to the calming sound of the lapping water beneath us. The next four days are spent exploring the area by bicycle and by boat – we pedal to a ferry crossing where we board a vehicle ferry to cross the wider part of the Mekong before floating along bustling riverside markets on small Sampan boats with a smorgasbord of sounds, colours and smells. We visit fish-farm villages with tons of fish swimming beneath hundreds of connected floating homes, and we cycle alongside many more locals going about their day. Despite the heat, the long rides on two wheels and the millions of shades of brown dominating the scenery, the Mekong Delta is a kaleidoscope of interconnected vibrant communities, whose entrenched history from existing on the water’s edge pleasantly sparked all my senses in every imaginable way.

text & PHOTOGRAPHY by kathryn lindgren


That night we feast on local Mekong cuisine and sleep under thick mosquito netting ... ”

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bassike now lives at


camargue | t 3252 1100 | 5/46 james st fortitude valley | www.camarguefashion.com.au

mm149-p62-63-TMAP.indd 63

4/02/13 12:08 PM

mm149-p64-OBC.indd 64

1/02/13 5:11 PM

Profile for map magazine

map magazine issue #149  

Our February design issue featuring Kevin Finn, William Wilding, Laurent Chehere, Helen Howard, Jo Kukathas

map magazine issue #149  

Our February design issue featuring Kevin Finn, William Wilding, Laurent Chehere, Helen Howard, Jo Kukathas

Profile for mapmag