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MARCH 30 1860

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The Embassy Arrives

March 30 1860 the Japanese have arrived here in San Francisco. As we know a few days ago the Kanrin Maru arrived. Now Cpt. Pearson has arrived with the rest of the embassy. Aboard the USS Powhatan which was the flag ship used to convince the Japanese to open up to trade. My what a historical day my fellow Franciscans. This indeed will go down in the annals of history. We are taking part in a historic moment. For years Japan has had its country closed to trade to foreigners. Allowing only trade from the Dutch and China. Now what can they truly achieve from that. Our President

sent the USS Powhatan with a message and a threat. Now here at San Francisco they are greeted by commodore Tattanal and Cpt. Pearson. Which included an seventeen gun salute. What a greeting indeed for men of honor like the Japanese. Many major business men believe setting this deal up and this embassy would benefit us dearly. Imagine the exotic goods we would get here from this trade. It’s such a pity that they did not bring any of their women along . What a show that would have been guys. Oh what a sight to see! The men wore elegant robes in which to

me looks like dresses. Their culture seems so absurd but we must put on a good image to make this deal work. According to the ambassadors the journey to San Francisco was not a pleasant one indeed. As our translator did his job we found that the trip was a long one. If I had heard it correctly most spent their time relieving their stomachs over the bow. My dearest sincerities to you ambassadors for the trials you may have faced at sea. It is a pleasure to have met them here at the docks ,but now it is time for me to bid you all adieu.

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The Embassy Arrives


The Peoples Opinion


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The Peoples Opinion

“So what’s so bad about this? I myself am baffled to find people apposed to this plan”

As you know the embassy has arrived. Now many of our fellow citizens believe this is a wondrous opportunity. But there are those who believe it is not. I myself see no fault in this arrangement. Many of you might be thinking what the big idea in this event is. We have all the products we need? But the business men say “no the more the better”. Well my friends profit is profit. Those corporate owners don’t care when they have their pockets filled

with money. I have met with some business men and recorded their thought on the issue. Some believe it beneficial to the states and countries economy. Others said that the market will receive some new exotic goods. . Goods such as furniture, fine silk, clothing, utensils, and many more. An official said the embassy would mualso provide tual partnership with Japan. Hence forth making our country a little bit more formidable. So now what’s so bad about this? I myself am baffled to find people opposed to this plan. What is the reasoning behind such thoughts? I tried to find light to this issue. I met with a fellow Franciscan at City Hall. He expressed his displeasure on the topic at hand. He spoke of

only foul proceedings of the Japanese. It seemed that his displeasure was based on the people of Japan and foreigners in general. As I continued to ponder the subject I find that people just did not like the establishment and arrival of the Japanese, due to lack of knowledge. The lack of knowledge strikes fear in the hearts of men, for we fear what we don’t know as we fear the dark. Well this concludes my report of the people’s thoughts of the establishment of the `Japanese embassy.

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The Slave trade Canceled

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News Paper Artilce on Japanese Embassy

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