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22 -- Wednesday, November 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS -

Municipal elections 2011 Name: Mark Kauhane Age: 48 Occupation: business manager, Overwaitea Food Group Website: 1. I believe that I can add value to our community as an elected Maple Ridge councillor because I am proud of and deeply care about our community. My achievements come as a volunteer. I have served on the executive of the Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball Association for eight years, the past seven as president. Although I dedicated many years to leading the association, I also Mark Kauhane had the great privilege of coaching, putting up fences and raking fields alongside many other dedicated volunteers. I sat on committees in the community such as the Ridge Meadows Sportsfield Association and had the opportunity to listen to the issues that were important to our families and help lead in the formulation of our next steps to build a stronger community. I have a business background, with 10 years as an executive of an international communications company and in my current position managing with the Overwaitea Food Group. I have helped a number of small businesses get their start in Maple Ridge, assisting in formulating business and financial plans, and marketing to launch their business. I believe this skill set will help me to identify opportunities in the community for growth. 2. I support council’s decision to finally deal with the issue of Northumberland Court. The process was painfully slow and bureaucratic and aggravated by special interests. It seems that the system let down the residents in the area who were affected, as well as the community in general. However, I believe that we can learn from this experience and look forward to dealing with any future similar situations in a more efficient manner. I support council’s guidance in the downtown core revitalization. It helped to shape a downtown incentive program for new residential and commercial development. 3. I do support the increase in councillor’s salaries approved last summer. It’s important to ensure that we are comparable with our neighboring communities in terms of compensation for these positions to ensure we are attracting high caliber candidates. There is a value provided by the mayor and council to the community and it should reflect current market value. If elected, I would encourage periodic assessments to ensure we are keeping pace with our neighboring communities. I would also like to see clear expectations set to understand commitments and deliverables expected of council.


Name: Mike Morden Age: 51 Occupation: owner of a local security company. Website, Twitter handle, Facebook page:;;

Name: Peter Tam Age: (blank) Occupation: (blank)

1. My most significant request that came to fruition (it took two years) was to have an incentive program. I knew it was a good idea to feed the developers’ appetite and get our downtown revitalization going at a faster pace. Conceptually, it is no different than the old Woodwards $1.49 Mike Morden day – you want to sell something, let’s show some initiative and put the toilet paper on sale. Gets the developers in the door, especially in these tougher times. Simple concept, and we now have a $500,000 annual budget for developers building in our town core with ‘to the front of the line’ permit approvals, inspections, DCC rebates and other tax incentives, depending on the nature of the building. It is an excellent program, with $22 million already written under it in 10.5 months. 2. First is the new development process bylaw, that I first heard about from Coun. Al Hogarth. The new process is similar to the old one, except there is the option to go to first reading with a concept plan only. Typically this would be for land-use decisions. Now, for a lot less work and money spent, the customer can put forward a basic concept plan for what they want to do, and it comes to council much faster. If the land use decision makes sense, it just goes back into the system and proceeds to second reading as normal. If, however, council says no to the land use change, a lot of time and money is saved by only going to first reading. Second, the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy. This plan contains many great things. However, I did vote against it because control of our lands is further taken away by senior governments. In addition to that, we now have another step in our development process bylaw, requiring developers seeking land-use changes to add Metro Vancouver to the long list of approvals we must get. 3. I didn’t vote in favour of it when it came to us. The reason why is because of the policy that drives it. This policy says that staff will do an analysis of all comparable communities and then take the average and then its recommends a pay increase on 65 per cent of the that mean number. The net result of this is ongoing growing salaries with no caps in place. If you extrapolate this further, and look at all salaries paid to all government, with effectively no caps, there is no end in sight for the taxpayer.

Maple Ridge needs your help!

1: Achievements relevant to my ability to be a councillor: RCMP auxiliary constable; started the Ridge Meadows Job Fair; Rotary member, involved in raising hundred of thousand of dollars for local sport and art groups; engineering document management project manager for Nav Canada; supported and sponsored local hospital foundation, hospice society and the farmers market, as well as youth events such as Peter Tam Adstock and Breast Fest; conductor of the Ridge Meadows Symphony Orchestra; ran as MP candidate in last federal election; judged on the Juno Awards; board director for multiple societies and non-profit associations, such as Art Council and Mountain Festival; also volunteered for CEED Centre, ARMS, KEEPS, B.C. Disability Games, Rick Hansen foundation, Kayak club, family education centre, Haney Neighbourhood and Webster’s Corners; was area commissioner for Scouts. 2. I do not support the 10 per cent property tax increase over the last past years. We are spending too much for infrastructure upgrades to accommodate urban sprawl. We should not pay for past and future residential development costs out of general revenues. There is a false sense that we are better off because of development. Development should stand on its own economic merits and should not be subsidized by the taxpayer. I support the initiative to push forward in preparing the core for development and to provide incentives to business to come to Maple Ridge. But we will need to go further by focusing on creating a uniqueness about Maple Ridge (see my platform on building post secondary education) to be proactive establishing partnerships and relationships, and streamlining our core development process. 3. I am in favour of the pay increase only if councillors are committing to their job full-time, thus taking away the opportunity to engage in other businesses that could be a conflict of interest. I will have to resign from the RCMP when I am elected. Bottom line is, people should be paid for what they are worth, and public servants should be accountable to their time and the quality of work. Councillors should take a proactive role in engaging and communicating with the community, to get in to the trenches with all people in the community, as I and many other volunteers do.

Vote Christian Cowley, MBA For Maple Ridge Council

18,000 cars have been added to our roads in 11 years. We can’t possibly continue at this pace.

Put an effective leader with a record of positive change to work for you

Instead of more sprawl, I will concentrate growth in transit-friendly developments located downtown. I am thinking ahead to meet the demands of the future for the best interest of all Maple Ridge residents.

It’s Our Future. It’s Our Maple Ridge.


Vote November 19th

Council with a Conscience!

Let’s Create A Livable Maple Ridge… • Incentives plan to attract industry for real jobs • Shopping in a walk-able, bike-able downtown • Respect urban boundary and the spirit of our OCP • Increase transparency: citizen panel for salaries

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Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News - November 9, 2011 Online Edition  

The complete November 9, 2011 issue of the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, visit www.m...

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News - November 9, 2011 Online Edition  

The complete November 9, 2011 issue of the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, visit www.m...