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16 -- Wednesday, November 9, 2011 -- THE NEWS -

Municipal elections 2011 Name: Christian Cowley Age: 49 Occupation: executive-director, CEED Centre Society Website:

Name: Claus Andrup Age: 62 Occupation: Businessman Facebook: MapleRidgeMatters

1: I have a MBA and am financially literate. I initiated numerous community development activities as the CEED Centre’s executivedirector for the past seven years. Most importantly, I forge partnerships between key groups that get things done in this community. I lead the Wednesday community discussions in Port Haney that prompted council to fund the Christian Cowley neighbourhood change initiative. I set up the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows environmental council, which is holding senior governments accountable for protecting the Alouette watershed. I helped formulate the municipal agriculture plan as vice-chair. I started the Aldridge Acres Connex school farm and played key roles in developing the school neighbourhood gardens. 2. Council has taken at least three steps to revitalize downtown that I applaud. It purchased 14 unsightly properties in the core for resale as a single development. This has a good chance of stimulating attractive development in the right place – downtown. It implemented an incentive package for SmartGrowthcompliant developments. And it financed the Port Haney Neighbourhood Change Initiative to rebuild the community from within, a principle critical to success. I deplore council’s waste of $180,000 of taxpayer money for the Albion flats consultation, when it ignored the recommendations stemming from the process, and its frequent amendments of the OCP for housing outside the urban boundary, which only increases our taxes, decreases livability and make us more car-dependent with all the attendant ills of traffic jams, schools in the wrong places, and poorly accessible shopping. 3. No, I do not support a 13-per-cent increase in councillor salaries. That is out of step with the state of the economy and increases available to workers, public and private. I would support increases indexed to inflation. I would rather have a citizen’s panel set the wages for all political offices – a panel randomly selected from the voters list. I would put this forward as a motion if elected.

Name: Corisa Bell Age: 25 Occupation: (blank)

1: By taking on a volunteer role in the SmartGrowth on the Ground initiative in November 2003, I believe I have helped Maple Ridge move forward in its drive to create a vibrant, viable, and livable downtown. As a vocal critic among those of us who railed against the state of affairs at Northumberland Court, I helped work towards cleaning up Fraser Street and its environs. Lots Claus Andrup more to do, mind you. As treasurer of the Maple Ridge Historical Society, I instituted the reorganization of the society’s accounting system that led to the ability of that organization to achieve Registered Canadian Charity status. At one point, the Maple Ridge Heritage Commission became moribund and I, and a small group, brought it back to life. To the same end, I worked with the economic development department in its early stages in its efforts to create and retain jobs in Maple Ridge. I was a member at large with the economic advisory commission. 2. I believe that council has mishandled the application for the exclusion from the ALR of certain parts of the Albion flats, north of Lougheed Highway. Council ignored the district staff and consultant’s report and recommendations. If we are going to engage public opinion – via a $100,000 public process – then it is beholden on council to accept the outcome. Readers may recall that numerous council members made a fuss over the fact that they were not going to meddle in the Albion process. As it happened, they saved their meddling right up until the end, when council crafted its own socalled plan for the Albion flats and submitted that to the ALC. This was an insult to the taxpayers and to the participants. I did not agree with the Jackson Farm decision, as I draw the line for further urban development at 240th Street. 3. I did not and do not support the recent salary increase for council. Who on earth gets a 13-per-cent wage increase? Council and mayor are more than well enough compensated. Council is neither a career nor a club. I will support a decision to roll back the original decision, if I am asked to.


1: For the past few years, I worked as a full-time volunteer for Fight HST as a board member with Bill Vander Zalm and led as volunteer coordinator for the entire province. I was also instrumental in collecting the petition signatures to recall Maple Ridge-Mission MLA Marc Dalton, then presented to Pitt Meadows council and won the right to post political signs during the Fight Corisa Bell HST campaign, and saw through the successful defeat of the HST referendum, against staggering odds. From rising property taxes and garbage collection for citizens, to red tape, bylaws and parking issues for businesses, I don’t feel concerns are being taken seriously by council. 2. I am most supportive of the decision council made to purchase the properties between Haney Place Mall and Valley Fair Mall. I would like to see more effort to create commercial and residential density in the downtown. By contrast, most of the development approved by our city has been residential development on the outskirts of town, which exponentially increases our service costs and relies on increasing property tax to pay for it. While I support improvements in the downtown core, the fact that 224th Street needed to be redone three times seems to indicate poor planning and use of financial resources, which could have been allocated elsewhere. 3. We are in a recession and the people of our community have had to find ways to do more with less. Giving a 13-per-cent pay increase to councillors I feel gives the impression that government spending is not a concern, when it should be. Councillors should be leading by example. As a councillor, I will put forward a motion to have the raise overturned. In the event that I did not have enough support from other council members to do this, I would donate my raise, totalling more than $5,000, to local charity. Furthermore, I don’t believe councillors should be given the opportunity to vote themselves raises, so I would explore and look to implement an alternative.

On November 19th




Certified in Site Planning - University of BC Certification in Sustainable Community Development - Simon Fraser University Real Estate Salesperson Licensing - University of BC Real Estate Agent 9.15 - University of BC

• A prosperous community with post secondary education • Safe, accessible streets & neighbourhoods • Diverse adaptable housing, housing for seniors • Improve transportation, pedestrian, cycling and transit network • Business retention and expansion • Continue to improve fire safety and policing efficiencies & effectiveness • Reduce homelessness, poverty & crime • Support neighbourhood concept planning • Continue fiscally responsible and responsive government • A safe & liveable community for all residents • Balance, social, economic & environmental growth




Al is a proud life long resident of Maple Ridge (59 years) and has been married to Deb for over 30 years. They have an adult daughter - Aleesha. Al has spent most of his working life in Maple Ridge and has been volunteering in the community for over 35 years. Al has been a member or associate member of the Chamber of Commerce for many years and spent time on the Board of Directors and served a term as vice president. Over the years he has been an active board member and committee member on Alouette Substance Abuse Society, Alouette River Management Society, Silver Valley Neighbourhood Association, Mountain Festival Society as well as two Official Community Plan Reviews.

“It has been a distinct honour to have been Mayor from 1999-2002 and I look forward to continue serving the citizens of Maple Ridge as an incumbent Councillor.”



… and a Progressive Vision

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News - November 9, 2011 Online Edition  

The complete November 9, 2011 issue of the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, visit www.m...

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News - November 9, 2011 Online Edition  

The complete November 9, 2011 issue of the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows News as it appeared in print. For more online, all the time, visit www.m...