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About Jocasi Jocasi is a London fashion brand of top quality leather belts and bags, known for its edgy, cool reputation, constantly evolving, using the finest luxurious, supple leather‌ You can see Jocasi in iconic stores such as Topshop on Oxford Street, Selfridges and Number 1 online retailers ASOS... Jocasi uses the best leather and distinctive, handmade, cool designs, however, famously, at an affordable, achievable price. This is what matters!



The Story of Jocasi Jocasi was the brainchild of Simon and Carla, who dreamt up the name in a stroke of genius by combining the first two letters, of their daughter, Jodi, Carla, and Simon – Jocasi was born!

Jocasi in the Press

Our Story

They have both always been creative and worked with music and fashion, the story began when these guys were in Bali, their second home, when they hooked up with a local artisan who told them the true story of a specially shaped bag called the Kepis, which had been used for hundreds of years by the locals to carry goods while keeping them fresh. Carla adapted this design, and along with her famous Moon belt, was spotted in London at Camden Stables market, their local marketplace, where they were approached by Topshop. Within weeks, the bag and belt was selling thousands at their own concession and the enigma of Jocasi was first brought to the public awareness...


Jocasi is often featured in cool fashion mags and blogs in Japan, and described in the iconic USA Nylon magazine as a Rock n Roll brand ( see featured story on the right) That’s Jocasi encapsulated ….


The Workmanship of Jocasi The workmanship on a Jocasi bag and belt is what makes it truly special and is the secret to our success. Our famous slogan “Handmade with loving care� is oh so true... Your bag will last you a lifetime, because the absolute serious attention to detail is astonishing. We use only the best, most supple antique style leather, the tailors are truly remarkable - Its that extra sprinkle of magic which makes your Jocasi bag unique, and the comments you receive, when wearing Jocasi, is what makes Jocasi stand out. You are invited to visit our workshops anytime, and see your stuff actually being made... Many of our loyal Jocasi lovers have done just that. Your welcome!



Celebrity Love Naturally celebrities followed, the likes of Katherine Heigl, Kate Bosworth, Eva Longoria and many more papped wearing the brand... Jocasi have always kept true to their word and never advertised or used PR companies. If you see a movie star wearing Jocasi it’s because they have bought that bag or belt! That’s why the cost of a Jocasi accessory is kept low, to maintain affordability, so thanking their loyal army of customers for their support.



International Phenomenon In ten years, Jocasi has grown from a concession in Topshop to being stocked Internationally in knowledgeable, fashion aware countries such as japan, in United Arrows, Beams and Candy, in the USA in Atrium, Anthripologie and Big Drop, across to some of the best stores In Europe, hipster cool Ibiza, to Dubai, Australia and now starting to make waves in China..... Jocasi is now being monitored at by the major fashion Houses, all looking out for the next Jimmy Choo success story, and who knows what future stars hold for the phenomenon which is Jocasi, however Jocasi will always keep their edge, their cool!

Jocasi featured


in various Japanese fashion magazines


The Viaduct, 1 & 2 Southside St James Lane Muswell Hill London, N10 3QX T: 0044 (0)20 8815 9106 E: W:

About Jocasi  

a London fashion brand of top quality leather belts and bags, known for its edgy, cool reputation, constantly evolving, using the finest lu...

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