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Tuesday, T uesday, December 3, 2013

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Animal welfare

Fire engulfed a section of a Whonnock mill early Saturday morning, but firefighters were able to contain it.

Snail, who survived the 2010 Whistler massacre, has a new best friend in Bobbie Charette.

by Roxanne Hooper

by Troy Landreville

19800 Lou gheed Pitt Meado Hwy, ws 32136 Lou gheed Hwy, Mission

Sawmill, Sled dog jobs saved finds new, from blaze loving home

Part of a Whonnock sawmill went up in flames early Saturday morning, but a fire official is lauding his crew for preventing it from spreading and for subsequently saving upwards of 100 local jobs. Maple Ridge firefighters were called out to Fraser Cedar Mill, in the 27400 block of Lougheed Highway, just after midnight, explained fire chief Dane Spence. “Electrical arcing from the mills high voltage power lines illuminated the sky for miles around and the building that housed the chipper unit at Fraser Cedar Products was completely involved with Dane Spence fire on our arrival,” Maple Ridge fire chief he said, noting there was multiple 9-1-1 calls. “Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the building of origin and prevent the flames from damaging the main portion of the sawmill,” said Spence, who explained it wasn’t without its hurdles. The mill’s fire pump, which is designed to supply fire suppression water from the river, was out being serviced, leaving firefighters to bring water in tanker trucks. As well, since the mill is located along the river, railway traffic had to be halted to allow fire trucks to shuttle water back and forth. “In my world, we judge our successes by what doesn’t burn after our arrival. So by that standard, today’s efforts were a great success,” said Spence, who concluded the fire was started by welding on Friday.

Head down, tail tucked between her legs, Snail quickly ducked out of the living room. The click clack of her toenails hitting the hardwood filled the room with sound. She returned, and from a safe distance warily watched the conversation unfold in the Pitt Meadows rancher that she shares with her owner and best friend Bobbie Charette. Snail is a survivor. And even though she’s put on eight pounds during the last 11 months, the 10year-old Husky-cross is rail thin, emaciated and showing tell-tale signs of a canine version of post traumatic stress disorder. The horror she witnessed, helplessly watching 56 of her pack systematically shot, execution-style, likely loops through her memory over and over again. A worker from Howling Dog Tours Whistler Ltd. murdered 56 dogs two days after the Vancouver Winter Olympics ended in 2010. The employee responsible for the cull, Robert Fawcett, pleaded guilty last year to causing unnecessary pain and suffering to animals and was fined $1,500. He was ordered to do 200 hours of community service and was given three years probation. “She saw the dogs being killed,” Charette said. “When the person you trust is the person who’s going around knocking off your friends and family, I would be pretty leery of people, as well.” Snail was one of the lucky ones who found new homes. As of Saturday morning 19 surviving dogs remain available for adoption at the SPCA shelters in Burnaby, West Vancouver, Victoria, and Sechelt. “The dogs are just like people,” Charette said. “Some are extroverts and some are introverts. Snail… I got the introvert. But

Troy Landreville/TIMES

Pitt Meadows resident Bobbie Charette held 10-year-old former sled dog Snail, who Charette adopted this past January. She’s trying to help find homes for the other Whistler sled dogs that survived the 2010 massacre. some of these dogs, they’ve bonded with their owners within a week or two.” In a perfect world, Charette would like to see all of these dogs adopted, or even fostered out to loving temporary homes. “These were outdoor animals,” she said. “Get them sleeping on a cushy bed, get them sitting by a fireplace or being part of a family. That’s the retirement they deserve.” Charette adopted Snail on Jan. 28 from

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the WAG (Whistler Animals Galore) shelter and since that day, has piece by piece gently cracked the protective shell that envelops this skittish dog. “I’d been looking for an older dog or a dog with a disability,” Charette said. “And when we found her, she was just about to turn 11 years old. I thought, ‘Oh, perfect, you are about to become a senior, my friend! Let’s go!’”

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Tuesday, December 3 , 2013

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Sex offender arrested A high-risk sexual offender, wanted for breaching a probation order, was arrested in an apartment in Maple Ridge on Thursday. Surrey RCMP’s high-risk target team located and arrested Jeffery Allan Goddard. After a brief negotiation, he surrended to police without incident. • More at

Mria Ratnanen/TIMES

Susan Miller is the new Katzie chief.

Chief keeps door open Newly elected Katzie chief Susan Miller, the first chief from Langley’s Katzie 2 reserve, said she wants to consult more with band members and encourage communication between the chief and council and the band. Miller was elected in a by-election on Oct. 25 after the previous chief stepped down. There will be a general election on March 1. • More at

Law targets bullying The federal government has proposed anti-bullying legislation that would, among other things, ban the non-consensual distribution of intimate images, empower courts to order the removal of intimate images from the Internet, provide reimbursement for victims, and impose a maximum five-year prison term. • More at

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Maple Ridge

Packaging deal rocks recycling world The recycling world is changing with more responsibility being placed on producers of packaging. by Maria Rantanen

Residents shouldn’t notice any difference in the pickup of their recycling next year, despite huge changes taking place in the recycling world. The changes come from amendments to the BC Recycling Regulation that took place in May 2011 on the collection and recycling of packaging and printed paper. Multi-Material BC (MMBC) was set up as a not-for-profit agency to develop a stewardship plan for packaging material throughout the province. Of three options laid out for council, Maple Ridge voted to accept the financial incentive offered by MMBC and continue to have Ridge Meadows Recycling pick up recyclables. This will be monitored for a year. Getting to an agreement with MMBC has been “frustrating,” said Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie Daykin. “They had three years to come up with a program,” Daykin said. “In my view, the consultation hasn’t been great.” But the goal has been to have no change for residents, Daykin added, and weekly pickup will continue as before. “For us, it has to be a benefit for our residents,” Daykin said. The District will receive about $1 million from MMBC annually for the collection of recyclables,

Maria Rantanen/TIMES

John McNinch and Darren Leenders were showing some packaging items that come under a new recycling program. turn, will pay the recycling sociwhich Ridge Meadows Recycling easier to recycle, Day said. ety to collect the recyclables. Packaging includes paper, will continue to do. “It’s changing the whole fundglass, cardboard, plastic, paper, But with the new system, the ing model,” Day said. and composites. recycling depot will no longer “I think why everyone It will take about The produsell the products on the open is trying to remain three to six years market, decreasing their depend- cers will pay set positive is because the before the program amounts for packence on commodity prices, said goal of the program is is running smoothly, aging – or, for Kim Day, executive director of positive.” she added, but in the imported goods, the the Ridge Meadows Recycling Kim Day meantime, there are a packaging costs will Society, located in the Albion lot of unknowns and be paid for at the industrial area. concerns during this “huge tranpoint of entry, for example, the Producers of packaging will sition period.” retail store. start paying fees for the amount “I think why everyone is trying The money collected will go to of packaging they use. MMBC, and this money will then to remain positive is because the The goal is to get producers goal of the program is positive,” be passed along to the District to reduce the packaging they Day said. of Maple Ridge. The District, in use and to use products that are


Stricter smoking restrictions before council The District is aligning itself with provincial laws on the use of tobacco. by Maria Rantanen

Maple Ridge council is updating its smoking bylaw. District staff have proposed

two options for the new bylaw: to restrict smoking to three metres from commercial and municipal buildings and municipal parks and playgrounds, or to restrict smoking to six metres from these areas. Maple Ridge’s current smoking bylaw was passed in 1997 and amended in 2002, but there have been changes to provincial legislation since then.

The new bylaw would align with provincial legislation passed in 2008. Municipalities can stick with the provincial law or add stricter restrictions. The provincial legislation restricts workplace smoking to only those environments not open to the public where an owner works, and to designated smoking rooms in hotels. Fraser Health enforces the

provincial law, the Tobacco Control Act Regulation. If council keeps the threemetre restriction, more resources wouldn’t be needed, whereas, the six-metre restriction would require more from the District. Pitt Meadows doesn’t have a smoking bylaw of its own and is bound by provincial legislation. Council’s decision came after The TIMES’ press deadline.

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Tuesday, December 3 , 2013

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, December 3, 2013



Integrated Homicide Investigation Team’s Insp. Ward Lymburner (left) and IHIT Cpl. Dominic Duchesneau (at the mic) addressed the media during a press conference Monday afternoon where they announced the arrest of a suspect in a 2008 Pitt Meadows murder.

Man charged in old slaying An Ottawa resident is in custody facing first-degree murder and kidnapping charges in a 2008 case. by Roxanne Hooper

Almost six years after a Port Coquitlam man was found dying in a ditch on Old Ford Road in Pitt Meadows, one of his alleged drug associates was arrested. A 32-year-old Ottawa man, Maly Morn, was arrested on Saturday during a visit to the Lower Mainland. While police are not divulging details of his arrest, he has been charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping without use of a firearm. Morn made his first appearance in Port Coquitlam provincial court Monday. He has been detained. His next court date is Jan. 10 to fix a date for trial.

Eric Zimmer/ITMES


Meter holdouts face ultimatum There are about 1,300 households locally that have refused a new smart meter from BC Hydro.

Justin Aaron Yusko, 28, was found waving down a passing motorist on the side of the road in the 18600 block of Ford Road, near the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport, on Jan. 29, 2008. He had been stabbed. Even though he was rushed to hospital, he died later. Yusko, who had lived in Port Coquitlam for the last three years before his death, had grown up in Maple Ridge. He was survived by his mother and his stepfather, explained Cpl. Dominic Duchesneau, a member of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team who announced Morn’s arrest during a press conference in Surrey on Monday. The men were known to each other through the “drug trade,” Duchesneau confirmed. It’s believed Morn was a Lower Mainland resident at the time of the murder, but moved to Ottawa some time later.

• More at

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Those refusing smart meters had until Dec. 1 to let BC Hydro know whether they will accept one, pay extra fees to keep their old meter, or get a radio-off meter. So far, BC Hydro has installed 38,000 smart meters in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, but about 1,300 homeowners have asked not to have them installed. For those who refused the new meters, BC Hydro has drawn up options, which the utility is calling “meter choices”: get the smart meter at no cost; get a radio-off meter – a smart meter with the radio turned off – for a set-up fee of $100 and monthly operating fee of $20; or keep the old meter and have a monthly fee of $35. One of the smart meter holdouts is Corisa Bell Maple Ridge Councillor Corisa Bell. Maple Ridge councillor She said to date. she’s received about 260 emails, Facebook messages, and phone calls with concerns about smart meters. Those who have refused a smart meter were asked to respond by Dec. 1 to a letter from BC Hydro asking which option they want. Bell is advising people to write void across the letter and then to send a form letter composed by Citizens for Safe Technology, which tells BC Hydro the customer refuses to pay the fees and “...I now refuse to agree to make any payment in exchange for your agreement to refrain from installing such a device...” Bell’s concerns with smart meters are two-fold, first, that wireless technology can be hacked, and secondly, the long-term health concerns. “We turn our Wi-Fi off at night, I do not have a microwave, and I am very aware of the warnings that come with the almost-impossible-in-2013-to-live without cellphones,” she said. She has signed up for a class-action lawsuit against BC Hydro. The class-action application, however, has not yet been approved by a judge, said Greg Alexis, spokesperson with BC Hydro. The fees for keeping an analog meter or for having a radio-off meter have been approved on an interim basis by the BC Utilities Commission. If the final fees differ, BC Hydro will adjust customers’ bills, Alexis said. Customers agree to the terms and conditions of BC Hydro’s Electric Tariff when they asked for service from BC Hydro, Alexis continued, and this includes having to provide access to their property to read, maintain, and exchange the BC Hydro meter.




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Tuesday, December 3 , 2013

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Surviving sled dog regaining trust

in people. Snail was born at the sled company, “You see these personality traits coming Charette said, and pulled there her whole out again,” Charette said. life. To help re-integrate Snail into society, The Whistler Sled Dog Co. was started Charette takes her to the local dog park on in the wake of the massacre. The goal of a regular basis. the company – which folded this summer “She feels like she has a pack, there’s a – was to allow canines to perform sled group of us [dogs and owners],” Charette dog duties in a way that is in the best said. “She cuddles up to people she rubs interest of the dogs, Charette noted. her face on their legs, she’s got a lot of “The money went back to the dogs, personality.” everything,” she said. Charette has nickBut Snail was too old named Snail “Cougar” to pull, so she was put because she gravitates up for adoption. towards much younger The younger Snail male dogs. – vibrant, strong, “She flirts shameoutgoing – is a polar lessly with them,” opposite of the dog she Charette said. “So you is today. see this personality “She was the Queen coming out and it’s ‘B’ and I’m using the amazing.” ‘B’ as the abbreviated They also go hiking, version of the [five-letand she went on her ter] word,” Charette first camping trip this Troy Landreville/TIMES said with a laugh. “She summer. Retired sled dog Snail is learning to trust was the head lady in “For 11 years old, humans again, thank to the love she’s charge at the sled comshe has more energy receiving from her new best friend Bonnie pany. And now she’s than I do,” Charette Charette of Pitt Meadows. extremely introverted, said. she’s skittish, she’s But this is very much scared, she’s shy, she’s timid.” a symbiotic relationship. In many ways, Each day remains a struggle, Charette having Snail in her life has been hugely said, especially when it comes to loud gratifying for Charette. noises such as firecrackers. Asked how much her new dog has The cracking sound instantly triggers the benefited her, Charette paused for a memory of what Snail witnessed, Charette moment, then spoke, her voice filled believes with emotion: “I’m a pretty impatient “We can’t go walking on the dike during person and she’s definitely taught me: hunting season because it will trigger a take your time, slow down, calm down. panic attack,” Charette added. “She panShe’s shown me that you can go through ics, she’ll wet herself, she goes through some pretty traumatic things in your life anxiety attacks.” and still come out of it so loving that, it’s Slowly, with a lot of love and TLC from remarkable. It’s a huge lesson.” her new owner, Snail is regaining her trust – With files from the Vancouver Sun

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Tuesday, December 3, 2013



Local high school graduation rates are rising Aboriginal and non-aboriginal students are all graduating at higher rates than their B.C. peers. by Maria Rantanen

There are a lot more students graduating from high school in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows than in the rest of the province. Improvements in graduation rates were in both the non-aboriginal and aboriginal student groups last year, reported superintendent of schools Jan Unwin. At last week’s school board meeting, she pointed out the graduation rate for 2012-

13 was 90.7 per cent, while the provincial average is 83.6 per cent. The number of aboriginal students who graduated in 2012-13 was also higher than the B.C. average. The provincial average graduation rate was 57 per cent, whereas, in School District #42, 74 per cent of aboriginal students graduated. Unwin said aboriginal graduation rates still aren’t where the district wants them, but she attributed the continued improvement to dedicated staff and community relationships. Aboriginal education staff in the school district are keeping a close watch on aboriginal students to make sure they’re not falling through the cracks, according to department principal Ron Lanzarotta.

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He also chalks up the worker. improvement in graduation rates At the secondary school level, to the good staff they have. aboriginal staff members do “If you have good people, our double checks to make sure job as administrators is easier,” students are on track to graduhe said. “We support them and ate and, if not, see what can be get out of the way.” done to get them to graduataThere are about 1,100 selftion. identified aboriginal students in “We’re working harder and the school district, which brings harder and harder to be more in targeted funding to help these connected with every student,” Jan Unwin students. Lanzarotta said. Twenty-one staff members are Staff is also organizing tours Superintendent of schools placed throughout the school of post-secondary institutions to district, including four teachers, six supgive aboriginal students the opportunity port workers in elementary schools, to see what choices are out there for them eight support teachers in high schools, and give a sense of purpose and relevance two child-care workers, and one cultural in their education.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Canada part of spy game Revelations from Edward Snowden’s store of secret documents continue to amaze and astound. Snowden, you’ll recall, is the American computer geek and former CIA employee who garnered world attention by leaking reams of intelligence documents and running off to a Russian ariport. Snowden’s leaks included the remarkable revelation that the Americans’ National Security Agency had a special facility to horn in on millions upon millions of telephone calls and electronic communications around the world – with embarrassing tidbits about monitoring French citizens… and the German president. Canadians were mostly amused. What else would you expect from those paranoid Americans and their Hollywood-revered spy gamesmanship? We were amused… until Snowden revealed that we had a game of our own going in Brazil, with Canada’s spies, the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), running the ball on behalf of Canadian businesses. Now we find that CSEC was playing waterboy for the NSA at the G20 Summit in 2010 – yet another black eye for a summit that was marked by questionable suspension of Canadians’ civil liberties, arrests of questionable legality, questionable expenses by government and ministers… wait a minute! Should we really be surprised that there was questionable spying going on, too? At a more recent world leaders summit, Russia gave out “goodies bags” that included gifts of portable memory chips… with spyware aimed at extending Russia’s ability to catch a glimpse into other governments’ computers. Spying and electronic surveillance have become ubiquitous. Canada is no worse than anyone else. And no better. – B.G.

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Officially waiting to get going It’s officially the Christmas seaWe’ll string up a few lights in son… in most households. the bushes out front and along Here and there, you’ll already the back gate. have seen a few Christmas lights I think we have a couple of adorning porches and eaves, outstar-shaped configurations with lining doorways and windows, most of the lights still viable, and and dangling from gutters. last year Donna procured a new Some folks start decorating as outside Christmas tree-like object soon as the commercial big boxes made of a spiraling strip of plasdo, which even ignoring the tic attached at one end to the top Christmas in July blasphemies, of a sturdy pole. means they have been bending Very jubilant. by Bob Groeneveld their festive/holiday (but rarely Except when I’m putting it up. “Christmas”) spending season I’m not very jubilant when I’m forward further and further, until we now might putting up most Christmas decorations. see boughs of holly and spruce branches like I’m sure it was at my house, in the weeks pew markers on the ends of store aisles as soon leading up to Christmas, that the term “Blue as Back-to-School exhortations are shifted to a Christmas” was coined. Elvis was probably lisback room. tening in as I tried desperately to get another Even among those who refuse to accept string of Christmas lights to stay on for more Christmas until after midnight on Nov. 30, there than a minute and a half. are some who simply can’t wait to get at ’er. Thankfully, many of those lights are LED now For some of those decoration-crazy folk, – and they will eventually put paid to the old November is not yet a cold, wet memory before ritual of trying bulb after bulb, one at a time, to nimble fingers – nimbler than mine, at any rate see if a string of 25 lights can be brought briefly – eagerly unpack strings of last year’s lights, back to life… and then starting that ritual all mix them with this year’s brilliant new addiover again when one of those bulbs – the unitions, and create a cacophony of colour replete verse would not allow you to know which one with bouncing Santas, dancing Dashers, dashing – chooses to die (and you hope like crazy that Dancers, and thundering Blitzens, all manner of TWO haven’t gone out at the same time). elves, gnomes, and angels, flashing snowflakes Nevertheless, there is still the fold-down artifiand shining stars, and for those who still recogcial tree (with lights already attached – in excelnize that Christmas was once a religious holiday, sis gloria!) to wrestle down and fix into a stand nativity scenes with spotlit shepherds and wise that most of the time, despite it’s name, doesn’t. men smilingly guarding Mary, Joseph, and a I know that the lights and glitz of the season handful of sheep, pigs, goats, and cattle huddled are precisely what it takes to launch many folks over a straw-bedded crib containing a chubby into their Christmas spirit. plastic doll. But me? Let’s just say I’m a little more reticent, Whew! and favour an approach to Christmas decorating I’m already exhausted. that resembles something akin procrastination. And I haven’t even brought the stepladder in I have to admit that, once Christmas arrives, I can’t get enough of it. yet to get at the attic, let alone started hauling But I also have to confess that I can never down the boxes – which, incidentally, hold very drive myself to be in a hurry to get there. little of all that stuff.

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Scouting and Guiding

Rates hurting youth programs

tricts. The maximum rate per hour for nonDear Editor, profit youth groups is: in Coquitlam, $15; The school system is drifting away from Mission, $6.25; Surrey, $12; Abbotsford, no groups that also educate the youth in our charge; Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows, $33.75. community, the Scouting movement in parIt makes you wonder how this ticular. happens, when most school disHistorically, schools in Maple tricts get much the same per capita Ridge and Pitt Meadows have funding. Perhaps there are other provided the majority of the faciliareas of our school board budget ties needed by the Scouting and which might provide a more fruitGuiding programs for youth. ful area for savings, and not make This is no longer the case. Today Letters to the delivery of additional educain Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, the Editor tional youth programs more difof the eight Scout groups in the ficult in our community. area, there is only one now using Would it be possible to incorporate the our school facilities, and they may be lookScouting and Girl Guide programs into the ing for an alternative facility if something community and adult education programs? doesn’t change. The new rental rates that Although the current policy is written for are being proposed for 2014 may make the adult education programs, I can see no use of those facilities unaffordable for their reason that youth programs could not be Scouting program. incorporated. Compare MR/PM school district rates with those in our neighbouring school disBruce Wilson, Maple Ridge


Youth issues presented to mayors Dear Editor, While we appreciate your interest in Vancouver Foundation’s 2013 Youth Vital Signs (YVS) report [Few surprises in youth report, Nov. 19 Opinion, TIMES], there are some statements not reflective of the information contained in the YVS report. The purpose of the report is to start a dialogue among youth, local governments, and the general public about how youth can contribute to the health and well-being of our communities. With regard to the high cost of living driving youth out of Vancouver and into other regions, the TIMES states, “What’s surprising is that those who compiled the survey are apparently unaware that Maple Ridge and Langley are both part of Metro Vancouver.” I can assure you that members of the Youth Vital Signs Youth Leadership Council who compiled the report and the more than

3,500 Lower Mainland youth who responded to the survey are well aware of the various cities and municipalities that make up Metro Vancouver. In fact, youth from Maple Ridge and Langley were well represented among survey respondents. The Youth Vital Signs Youth Leadership Council, with support from Vancouver Foundation staff, will be giving presentations to mayors and councils across Metro Vancouver. There has been great support and expressions of interest from elected officials. We’re encouraging citizens to come out and join in the conversation as young people work to make Metro Vancouver communities even better places to live. Vi Nguyen, director of grants & community initiatives for Vancouver Foundation [Note: A fuller version of this letter is online at Click on Opinion/ Letters, or search the writer’s name.]

What you’re telling us on Facebook

Following the arrest of a suspected chronic “trouble maker” outside Target last week, what do readers suggest can be done to deter shoplifters? “The biggest issue is that the penalties are not sending a clear message to these offenders. Not only do they not deter the offenders from the act of theft, they don’t stop them from doing it again, either.” – Robin Bloch “Post their pictures in the local newspaper, online, and on posters in stores around town. I understand that there is a privacy issue, but in my mind, if you violate the law in this fashion, then you should lose your right to privacy protection.” – Dean Barbour “I got caught shoplifting once, and I never did it again.” – Colin Cumbridge “Three strike rule, same as the States. But on strike three, do a live TV report showing the coward and what he stole – example, he’s going to jail for stealing a women’s panties.” – Tracy Maddison “Harder punishments! And be banned from the store… And have their photo plastered in the mall on a ’these people should not be here!’” – Kristi Roberts “Perhaps a little community service? “ – Beneath Your Feet Landscaping “There needs to be more of a punishment, not just a slap on the wrist. “ – Kimberly Plumridge “The best deterrent presently available is a high quality surveillance system with loss prevention officers and security officers in place, until the juvenile laws are tightened up society will just have to cope with the police releasing young offenders with little or no sanctions for their illegal actions.” – Bryan Strong

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DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION MEETING You are invited to attend a Development Information Meeting where representatives from Maridge Properties Ltd. will present details on an Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application 2013-041-RZ The purpose of the application is to develop 20738 -123 Avenue into approximately 23 single family lots (R-1 - 371sm). The intention of the meeting is to seek input from the area residents on the proposed amendments and address any questions which may arise.

A Development Information Meeting will be held on: Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the library in Laity View Elementary School at 21023 - 123 Ave. Maple Ridge

Please join us. Your thoughts are important to us. If you are unable to attend the meeting and would like information regarding this proposal, please contact:

David Laird of Damax Consultants Ltd. at (604) 224 - 6827 or

Planning Depar tment

District of Maple Ridge 11995 Haney Place Maple Ridge, BC

(604) 463-5221

Help our less fortunate families: Drop off a donation of new toys, non-perishable food, or a financial contribution for the

Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Christmas Hamper Society and Friends In Need Food Bank with us: #2-22345 North Ave., Maple Ridge


Variance ruins street history Dear Editor, Maple Ridge has a prominent local realtor who seems to get anything he wants from city hall. The latest case is 124th Avenue west of 203rd Street, which has always been half-acre lots and only ranchers. I have lived there since 1983, and that strip of 11 homes was arguably the nicest in Maple Ridge. Now, after being given variance by city hall within the past year, seven driveways could be built in the first 200 feet coming into 124th Street. Three thin two-storey homes on tiny lots will totally ruin the whole history and appearance of what the street was. The decision by City hall and the mayor was fiercely contested by myself and other residents of 124th Avenue, but it was obvious the decision to ruin our street had already been made. Ron Thomson, Maple Ridge For more letters to the editor visit... – Click on Opinion/Letters.

LETTERS POLICY: Copyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarily to the Publisher and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the Publisher and its licensees may freely reproduce them in print, electronic, or other forms. Letters are also subject to editing for content and length. The Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows TIMES is a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership.

2014 BUSINESS PLAN PRESENTATIONS AND PROPOSED BUDGET PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULE Don’t miss the opportunity to find out more about Pitt Meadows’ 2014-2018 Proposed Budget, Financial Plan and department Business Plans. Presentations include highlights of each department’s Business Plan, a review of previous year’s accomplishments and an overview of the City’s proposed financial plan and related tax effects.

ALL MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO ATTEND Wednesday, December 4 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM • Office of the Chief Administrative Officer • Parks & Leisure Services

• Fire & Rescue Services/ Emergency Preparedness • Finance & Facilities

Thursday December 6 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM • Library • RCMP/Police Services • Economic Development • HR & Communications

• Corporate & Business Services • Operations & Development Services • Utilities

Thursday, December 12 5:30-9:00 PM • Budget Deliberations (with opportunity for public input) Monday, December 16 5:30-9:00 PM • Budget Deliberations (with opportunity for public input) Further meetings will be held as required and updates posted on our website at

Meetings will be conducted in Council in Committee format with a question and comment period provided at the end of the meeting. Copies of each department’s business plan is available for viewing at the Pitt Meadows Library and the Pitt Meadows City Hall or online at Public comments can be made online through our webpage at until January 12, 2014. These comments will be summarized and presented to Council on January 21, 2014 as part of the Final Budget presentation.

For more information, please call: Mark Roberts, Director of Finance & Facilities | Phone: 604.465.2449

12007 Harris Road Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B5 The Natural Place Phone: 604.465.5454 Fax: 604.465.2404



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rick Moyer/TIMES

Helping deliver meals The 11th annual country music Christmas concert at The ACT on Saturday helped raise money for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Community Services, and specifically the organization’s Meals on Wheels program. The event was produced and starred Rob Hess (above), who was joined on stage by Abbotsford’s Rosslyn Delmonico and Donna Lou Gilbert. The three-hour afternoon show also featured a number of other entertainers, including Polynesian dancers such as Louise Buonsante (right), as well as Nicki Meier (inset). Community services staff were estimating they raised more than last year’s concert, well over $14,000.

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Highways department


money will go into the provincial highhere’s 52 acres of land for sale, way’s budget, not Maple Ridge’s coffers. big enough for Wal-Mart. My question was at that time and still is The District of Maple Ridge appears to have succumbed to the today, why doesn’t the municipality give the department of highways department of highways a refund on all the money and agreed to help them spent purchasing land for maximize the sale of lands the bridge that never was? assembled by the highWhy should highways ways ministry back in the benefit? 1980s. Perhaps it should be our The regional governcommunity that decides the ment of the day decided use of the land and benefits the next crossing [of the from the rezoning. Fraser River] would be at This is public money, 232nd Street. after all. The department of highby Gordy Robson Nowhere in this current ways started assembling plan is there any concept property for their “bridge for commercial or business development. head.” One would hope – with our demoMaple Ridge, at that time, dedicated cratic process – when 52 acres close to corridors to facilitate the crossing and the our downtown core is offered for sale by northern bypass. a branch of the provincial government, It was a good, long-term vision. there would be a discussion about it. The plan for the highway corridors was Let’s start with calling it Telosky Park. contested in what became a precedent-setOne of the most disturbing things I ting court case about designating corridors have noticed is someone has spent a lot without a plan to purchase. of taxpayers’ money enhancing, beyond As a result, the municipality abandoned need, Lougheed Highway between 228th the designation of both corridors. So sad. and 232nd Streets, the section known as I believe the Canadian Pacific Railway Telosky Hill, which has a ridiculous speed had influence in relocating the crossing limit. to 200th Street in Pitt Meadows to faciliCoincidentally, that is one of the tate its growing container yards, and our improvements a developer would have to regional town centre is moving. pay for, if he was developing the lands The highways department has been trycurrently for sale and proving there is no ing to liquidate the property for the past traffic problem. decade, and apparently they have conAnd now it all makes sense. vinced the current Maple Ridge council Just saying… they should be allowed to maximize the density for residential construction. Gordy Robson’s column appears Tuesdays in the print and/or Highways wants to offer its 52 acres of online versions of The TIMES. Reactions can be emailed c/o land for sale with pre-approval, and that

Just Saying

Christmas aglow Have you seen an eye-catching Christmas display in town? Let us know about it, so the community can enjoy it, too. Email the address and details to:


Hearing Instrument Practitioner B.C.C.S.H.P

with Jessica Lloyd and Shannon Kusch

Hello my name is Robert Lloyd and I have been serving the hearing impaired in Surrey at Sears Hearing Aid Centre for the past 25 years. Now it is with great pleasure I announce the opening of my new business Emerald Hearing. I would like to invite all my past and new customers to visit our new location at #4-B 9965 152nd Street in the Guildford area.

#4-B 9965 152nd Street Surrey 604-583-1316 Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:30am-5:30pm Sat: 10am-4pm


Who should benefit from land acquired in failed bridge plan?

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

40 th Anniversar y

faces Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows



View more photos with or online

Maria Rantanen/TIM

The Haney Rotary Club table at the Dignity Breakfast, put on by the Caring Place at The ACT, included Trudi Appleton, Ken Holland, and Wendy Whitter. Maria Rantanen/TIMES

Showcasing some of this community’s people and happenings


Place, from the Caring ike Emery, staff M The d T. an AC w e rla Th Ca Jason Wednesday at st la t as kf ea Br cil ity n Army fa ity. were at the Dign r for the Salvatio ise ra nd fu a s wa breakfast

Darrell Pilgrim, director of the Salvation Army’s Caring Place ministries, addressed the crowd during a recent fundraising breakfast. Roxanne Hooper/TIME

Local mortga

Maria Rantane

Constables Oliver Broermann and Cara Thomson of the Ridge Meadows RCMP were among about a hundred guests at the Caring Place’s Dignity Breakfast on Nov. 27.


ES ge broker B onnie Telep was at last week’s Dignity Bre akfast, a fu ndraiser put on by th e Caring Pl ace.

Maria Rantanen/TIMES


Roxanne Hoop


dows and Pitt Mea dows MLA ws ea o M d t ea it M -P tt ge Maple Rid ted with Pi at ch g in n B o issi Doug aple Ridge-M Councillor alters and M st. W fa ak eb re D B r o y it May at the Dign n to al D c MLA Mar

Roxanne Hooper/TIMES

TIMES sales representative Sheryl Jones, Maple Ridge Councillor Michael Morden, and Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation’s executive director Laura Cherrille visited before the Dignity Breakfast Wednesday.

How can you share?

Maria Rantanen/TIMES

Do you have a local photo of someone or some place you’d like to share with the rest of Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows? Email it to us as a high-resolution .JPEG to Please include a brief description – including everyone’s first and last name. Put “faces & places” in the subject line of your email.


s Santaari v at M es Jon a Hond URDAY




Celebrating 40 years serving our community

Sales 604.343.2036 Service 604.465.7622 20611 LOUGHEED HWY MAPLE RIDGE



er 7


Join us for our FAMILY FUN DAY

11:30am m to 3:30p

Author an d speaker Roxanne Ho oper/TIMES Peter Legg right) auto e (above graphed o n e Envision F of his boo inancial’s Susan Byro ks for his motiva m followin tional spe g ech at the fundraisin Caring Pla g Dignity ce’s Breakfast Meanwhil last e, Caring Place’s Tim week. charge of Sarsfield w making su as in re everyon event. e was fed at the

Face Painting Food & Goodies - Kids Crafts Silent Auction- Santa Photo Free With a Food Donation


Tuesday, December 3 , 2013

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Acting author makes stop in Maple Ridge Beachcombers’ star Jackson Davies is in town Saturday autographing a book about Canada’s longest running television show.

Grade 4-7 students from Laity View Elementary reacted after winning a round of literary Wheel of Fortune during Bookfest.

by Roxanne Hooper

It may date him, but 50-year-old Ron Kalmakoff gleefully shares fond memories of watching The Beachcombers and he’ll tell you that while expressing his excitement that one of its stars is coming to his Maple Ridge store this weekend. Little Cricket Gift Gallery is hosting a book signing on Saturday, featuring Beachcombers’ Jackson Davies. “Many, including myself, grew up with the show and watched it every Sunday night on TV at 7 p.m.,” recounted the long-time shop owner and musician. “Growing up on the Prairies (Saskatchewan) Sunday night television was a big deal for my older brothers and myself,” Kalmakoff said. “I remember when CBC television was really the only station that was on the television (boy, this is making me sound old). My brothers Jackson Davies and I would watch Disney followed by The Beachcombers most every Sunday night.” They loved following the hi jinx of the Beachcombers cast, that included Nick (Bruno Gerussi), Relic (Robert Clothier), Jesse (Pat John), Molly (Rae Brown), and Kalmakoff was particular fond of Const. John Constable – played by none other than Jackson Davies. Kalmakoff also remembers being mesmerized by the scenery of the Sunshine Coast. “The Beachcombers really put the town of Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast on the map,” he told The TIMES. “As a young boy, I had never been to the West Coast of Canada, and I really wondered if a place like Gibsons existed and thought as a kid, how great would it be to experience the life out on the water that the characters in the series were doing, to visit Gibsons and to visit Molly’s Reach someday.” He fell so in love with the Sunshine Coast, that he now divides his time between a home in Maple Ridge and another in Sechelt. “I remember a number of years ago my first trip on the ferry to The Sunshine Coast and how excited I was even as an adult to finally get a chance to visit the area. I am glad that Molly’s Reach is still in business today. Every time I visit it or am near it, the building brings back memories of the series. I could not imagine Gibsons without it.” Admittedly, watching Davies and the crew on all those episodes of the longest-running dramatic series (1972 to 1990) in Canadian TV history affected Kalmakoff, who said he’s almost giddy about meeting the actor and author who’s written a book about that show. Davies teamed up with the now late TV producer and writer Marc Strange to write Bruno and the Beach: The Beachcombers at 40, published to commemorate the show’s 40th anniversary. Illustrated with photos and memorabilia, the book features behind-the-scenes stories from the cast and crew, Beachcomber trivia, and profiles of some of its stars. Davies, who has acted in more than 160 stage shows across Canada and has appeared in more than 300 TV shows and 30 movies, will be at Little Cricket answering questions from Beachcomber fans and autographing the book, which was a finalist for two BC Book Prizes earlier this year. He will be at the gallery, at 22347 Lougheed Hwy., from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 7. Kalmakoff hopes this is the first such events at his store: “I would like to bring in other authors, illustrators, and celebrities into Little Cricket Gift Gallery in the future who have a strong connection to British Columbia or Canada with their writing or work.”

Troy Landreville/TIMES


Book reading not lost on kids: librarian Students from across the district tested their knowledge on books during Bookfest. by Troy Landreville

With the plethora of digital distractions at the tips of their fingers, it could be a fair assumption that the tactile experience of picking up and reading a book is lost on the younger generation. Not so, said Albion Elementary teacher/librarian Jim Graham. “I think kids are reading more than ever,” he said. “There’s so much more out there for them.” The popularity of reading amongst local students was clear Thursday, Nov. 28 during Bookfest, a district-wide literary skills event that involved 18 elementary schools and about 400 students in Grades 4 to 7. School District #42 teacher/librarians put together this 32nd celebration of literacy at the Greg Moore Youth Centre and The ACT. Armed with knowledge from eight books they read, teams of students

Troy Landreville/TIMES

Lower Mainland author spoke about her book The Metro Dogs Of Moscow inside The ACT Theatre during Bookfest. representing their schools in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows competed against each other at two stations: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. The eight titles read by the students included: The Metro Dogs of Moscow by Rachelle Delaney; One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate; Explorer The Mystery Boxes by Kazu Kibuishi; Shannen and the Dream for a School by Janet Wilson; Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper; Between Heaven and Earth by Eric Walters; Seven The Series; The Tiffin by Mahtab

Narsimhan; and Eye of the Crow by Shane Peacock. The event also featured a question-and-answer period in The ACT theatre with author Rachelle Delaney, whose book The Metro Dogs Of Moscow was voted by the students as the most popular among the eight novels they read. Meanwhile, competition was fierce. “We don’t keep formal scores, but the kids do,” Graham explained. “They could tell you exactly what the scores were.” Bookfest promotes all different genres of literature, said Graham. “A lot of kids will only read one genre,” he said. “With Bookfest, they read eight books, generally different genres. We try to have some Canadian [authors] and some [from] around the world. We try to expand their horizons a bit more.” Students who participate do so voluntarily. Graham was heartened by the enthusiasm he saw during the day. “It’s fabulous,” Graham said, who brought 46 students from his school to take part. “There’s a lot of excitement. The kids know the books inside and out.”

Lonely seniors die sooner. Do something about it.


Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Tuesday, December 3, 2013



Reach The TIMES' sports desk: Phone: 604-463-2281 or email:


Tourney funded


Grant money will help bring the top equestrians to Maple Ridge in July for the BC Heritage Circuit finals.

Maple Ridge skip Bob Goodin delivered during the Haney Masters Spiel that took place at the Golden Ears Winter Club from Thursday to Saturday (Nov. 28-30). Former Brier champion Bernie Sparkes and his rink defeated Bill Ellis’ rink from Chilliwack 7-3 in the final of the 57th annual championship. Doug Spencer of Peace Arch and Earl Werk from Chilliwack placed third and fourth, respectively.

The B.C. government is giving a $3,000 boost to a Maple Ridge equestrian competition coming up next summer. The province is providing a $3,000 Hosting BC grant to Maple Ridge in order to support the BC Heritage Circuit Finals tournament. The competition will bring B.C.’s top equestrians to Maple Ridge from July 4 to 6, 2014. These funds support competitions at the regional, provincial, national, and international level. “In providing this funding, our government recognizes that championships help athletes develop their skills at their respective sport,” Maple Ridge-Mission MLA Marc Dalton said. “Congratulations to all who are competing in the 2014 BC Heritage Circuit Finals.” Doug Bing, MLA for Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, said it’s important to provide funding to sporting events such as this upcoming equestrian tournament because “these events help bring the community together, and celebrate our local athletes.”

Troy Landreville/TIMES

Junior B hockey

Flames starting to show some spark Ridge Meadows garnered three points this past weekend.

View photos with

by Troy Landreville

or online at

The Ridge Meadows Flames are forging on without the services of their leading scorer. Marco Ballarin has made the jump to the junior A ranks, joining the B.C. Hockey League’s Prince George Spruce Kings. Prior to becoming a member of the Spruce Kings on Sunday, Ballarin was enjoying a stellar season offensively. He sat alone in fourth in Pacific Junior Hockey League scoring with 17 goals and 33 points. “He’s without a doubt the best player we have on our team,” Flames head coach Jamie Fiset said. “To lose him at this time of the year is going to be a challenge. We’ll see how we respond.” Ballarin scored the game’s first goal during the Flames’ 3-3 tie with the Port Moody Panthers Saturday in Port Moody. The Ridge Meadows junior Bs opened the weekend Friday at Planet Ice by edging PJHL powerhouse Delta Ice Hawks 3-2 in double overtime. This marked the Flames’ first overtime win of the season. Judging from their final two games of the month, the Flames appear to be turning their fortunes around after a rather dismal November that saw them finish 2-4-1-1. “We’re starting to see the real potential of our team,” Fiset said. “When you learn new concepts and new things with a rookie-[laden] roster, you’re going to have some unpredictable nights, which we had often in November.” With 15 PJHL freshmen in his lineup,

Flames’ next home game Who: Flames vs. Port Moody Panthers Where: Planet Ice When: Friday, Dec. 6. Game time is 7:30 p.m. Tickets: At the door Rick Moyer/TIMES

Ridge Meadows Flames goaltender Tyler Read followed the puck while being screened by Delta Ice Hawks’ Mark Trotman Friday at Planet Ice. Read stopped 27 of 29 shots in his team’s 3-2 double overtime victory. Fiset predicted the Flames would have some growing pains to start the season but believes the team is beginning to find its identity. “Our second-half [of the season] goal is pick up points on as many nights as possible,” he said. Flames 3, Port Moody Panthers 3 A powerplay goal from Nicholas Coltura with 41 seconds to go in regulation time salvaged a single point for the Flames,

who outshot the hosts 42-33 overall. The Flames led 2-0 after the first period on goals from Ballarin and Dale Howell. The Panthers answered in the middle frame with a pair of goals, then took their first lead of the game 4:47 into the third frame when Jonathon McPherson found the net. Even though the Panthers have a lessthan-stellar 6-17-2-1 record, Fiset knew they were going to give his team trouble. “We had a double OT win the night

before and they were coming off a big [5-4] win over Abbotsford,” Fiset said. “They are a much improved team and are way better than their record shows. They wore us down. They did a really good job of clogging up the ice.” Flames 3, Delta Ice Hawks 2 Rookie Jordan Rendle’s second goal of the night, scored 23 seconds into the second overtime period, put an end to the Flames’ three-game losing skid. Rendle’s goal during three-on-three overtime action lifted the Flames past the Delta Ice Hawks in what many would consider an upset of mammoth proportions. Going into the game, Delta had only lost four times all year. Compare that to the Flames, who improved to 7-12-3-1 with the win. “I think we play all the top teams fairly well, but we seem to have a little more success against Delta,” Fiset said. “We have a great deal of respect for what they do as an organization, and to have that type of challenge in front of you, the guys understand they were going to be in for a 60-minute war.” The game was even throughout, with Delta taking a 1-0 lead into the intermission on a goal from Ryan Lisowsky. The Ice Hawks moved ahead 2-0 on Michael Olson’s goal exactly two minutes into the middle frame. Danny Wilson got the Flames on the board 26 seconds after Olson scored, and then with 4:45 remaining in the second period, Rendle tied the game at two. ICE CHIPS: The Flames, who sit third in the PJHL’s Harold Brittain Conference, play back-to-back games this weekend, starting Friday at Planet Ice where they host Port Moody at 7:30 p.m. On Saturday, the Ridge Meadows juniors travel to Sungod Arena in North Delta to take on the Devils.


Tuesday, December 3 , 2013

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


9DR? K= ;?AD?/ +.' "%( +))%** (- +// -# -&, %!)/&*1$% '%+/*0


5H 7S

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*H&724!JJ *H!!4 P@I =*I GFO9726J8 )&A : *L70072M >2$4F"!" ;?AD?/




Tuesday, December 3 , 2013

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times



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Tuesday, December 3, 2013







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Tuesday, December 3 , 2013

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Family Christmas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times



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Family Christmas

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times | Tuesday, December 3, 2013 B3

Giving spirit

Hamper society elves appreciated for years of service

Local Christmas helpers volunteer their time out of the goodness of their hearts.

She helps out with the society “as much as I can when needed” from Nov. 17 to as late as Christmas Eve. Donations can be dropped off for children, teens, moms, and dads seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day at the society office, located at the Albion Fairgrounds – next to Planet Ice. Cash donations are also gratefully accepted because they, as society co-chair Tom Cameron puts it, “help pay the bills.”

by Troy Landreville


Last chance to register


Troy Landreville/TIMES

Patti MacIntyre, Kim Spence, and Cathy O’Brien are dedicated volunteers with the local Christmas hamper society. does a little bit of everything. She helps with registration and with the Kids Only Gift Shop, in which children from registered families shop for free for a Christmas gift for their parents or caregivers. “They [the volunteers] go down to the back and they wrap everything up for them,” O’Brien said, of the kids-only program. “Then

they usually get to go see Santa.” With parents in mind, more gifts for dads are needed, such as shaving kits, aftershave lotion, tools, socks and underwear, coffee mugs, gloves, toquesand , ice scrapers. Joining O’Brien on the society’s volunteer force is Kim Spence, who has helped out for seven years. She said “the kids” keep her



203rd Stre et

Dewdney Trunk Roa d


207th Stre et

hirteen years ago, at the request of her friend Patti MacIntyre, Cathy O’Brien agreed to volunteer for a couple of hours with the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Christmas Hamper Society. She never left. “I went down and helped out and then I was invited to the thank-you party,” O’Brien recalled of the first year she got involved. “When I went I felt so compelled. I met all these wonderful people and for what they did, I thought I’d got to get in there and [thought] I’ve got to do more than a couple of hours.” Each year since, O’Brien has returned to help out the 100-percent volunteer-run society, which gives toys and gift certificates for food to local families in need during the holidays. As a member of the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, the society helped 608 families in 2012. O’Brien is now volunteer coordinator with the society and

Lougheed Highway

coming back year after year. O’Brien, who figures she volunteers five to six hours a day as needed with the society, added, “Just to know that we’re helping some of those families in need, and plus it makes me feel really good to know that you’re doing a little bit, at least, to help out someone else.”

he final day to register for a hamper is Sunday, Dec. 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the hamper office in Albion. “If you receive a monthly financial assistance or disability cheque, you need to bring your last stub as well as care cards for yourself and all family members, proof of age for any child aged 16 years and older, proof of residency, and a photo ID for yourself,” Cameron said. “If your family is low income, you must bring any proof of (or lack of) income, wage receipt, rent, phone, hydro, car payments, bills, and care cards for yourself and all your family members.” Also required: proof of age for any child aged 16 years and older, proof of residency, and a photo ID for yourself. Info: 604-463-6922.

Dress to Impress

Westgate Shopping Centre 520 - 20395 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge 604.460.0330


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So Much More than a Lighting Store 11947 227th St.



Family Christmas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Christmas in the Park is from 4PM to 8PM

December 7, 2013

Santa Claus Parade starts at 6pm on Dewdney Trunk Rd & Plaza St.

• Free hot chocolate (bring your own mug), popcorn, Smore pops, hot apple cider • Free pictures with Santa • Free Christmas crafts for children • Live Nativity scene • Live entertainment on the Bandstand • Hot dogs (by donation) • Santa Mailbox for letters to Santa

Please bring donations to the Friends in Need Foodbank or unwrapped gifts for the Christmas Hamper. Show your community spirit, come out and volunteer. For more information please visit our NEW website at TO REGISTER YOUR COMMUNITY OR BUSINESS FLOAT, PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE

Rick Moyer/TIMES

Falling from the sky Alex Boileau and Noah Trulsen were out last week, part of a crew from Boileau Electric, stringing lights throughout the downtown core of Maple Ridge. The new lights are being admired by many, including those hung high in the trees that give the effect of falling snow. If you know about an eye-catching residential Christmas display, or you’re personally responsible for putting together an incredible holiday scene, let us know. Send us pictures, along with a detailed description, the address, and the owner’s name and contact information, and we’ll put together a list in The TIMES print and online editions so others can enjoy. Email details to


Kindness, gifts overflowing Shoeboxes packed by generous local residents are en route to impoverished kids. by Troy Landreville

E Simply beautiful, one Design at a time... #5-20691 Lougheed Hwy (Westridge Centre) Maple Ridge

Christmas Hours Mon - Wed 10-5, Thu-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4

ach November, the generosity of people in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows floors Barb Gustafson. This year is extra special. For the past 13 years, Gustafson has tackled the role of Operation Christmas Child Ridge Meadows coordinator [Good things do indeed come in small packages, Nov. 14, TIMES]. OCC is an international program in which individuals, families, businesses, schools, and churches pack shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, and hygiene items for impoverished children around the world. Through Operation Christmas Child (OCC), these gifts are transported to suffering children in Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Haiti.

It was a record year in terms of the number of Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes that were dropped off at the OCC Ridge Meadows headquarters located at Maple Ridge Baptist Church. Locally, shoeboxes were dropped off from Nov. 18 to 24 at Maple Ridge Baptist Church. Thanks to the generosity of people in this community, this was a banner year. The Ridge Meadows total is by far the highest total ever, with 3,711 shoeboxes packed for needy children, Gustafson noted. The shoeboxes have since

been delivered to the OCC warehouse in Calgary where they will be inspected to ensure they are safe for their young recipients. Roughly 14 local residents including Gustafson will be at the Calgary OCC warehouse at the beginning of December to help out with the inspection. “It will be an awesome time,” Gustafson said.

Family Christmas

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times | Tuesday, December 3, 2013 B5


Serving crepes on Christmas morn


with a Full Glass of Holiday Cheer!


iranda Tymoschuk is a Grade ever they like! 12 student at Thomas Haney “One of the things we always do is roll Secondary, who is planning her the crepes up with heated blueberries, third trip to Africa to whipped cream, and brown sugar. It help with charity work through is so delicious! I also enjoy them the organization Free the with a combination of butter, Children. brown sugar, and cinnamon Leading up to the holior even just peanut butter day season, she has held and brown sugar,” she a number of bake sales said. at Haney Place Mall. “This is our fun tradGiven her prowess at ition that makes our baking, The TIMES breakfast together on invited her to share Christmas so special.” one of her favourite holiday recipes: “This is a really special holiday recipe to my family. I love to bake Ingredients: but I’m definitely not as skilled as my 4 eggs 1 cup of milk mom when it comes 1 cup of water to making crepes, 2 cups of flour haha,” she wrote. 1 tsp of sugar “Every Christmas, 1/4 tsp of salt my mom makes these crepes no matter what. Directions: She triples the recipe Beat the eggs in a large bowl and then and freeze them to be add the rest of the ingredients. enjoyed for breakfast on Beat smooth. Christmas morning (and Cover and store in the fridge for a few as leftovers for a few days hours, and add milk before cooking if after Christmas),” Miranda too thick. Maria Rantanen/TIMES recounted. Pour 2 Tbsp of batter into a greased hot Miranda Tymoschuk has held “This recipe is a pretty simpan and swirl all over the bottom. several bake sales to raise ple one to mix together, but Remove when the underside is lightly money for her upcoming trip to gives everyone the chance to browned. Ghana in western Africa. be creative or enjoy it howMakes 24 crepes.

We Have lots of Great Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List... Especially the Wine Lover!

Tymoschuk Christmas Crepes

Come in and Check Out Our Great Selection

Gift Certificates Available

It’s About Wine! On Premise Winemaking

2-20306 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge


Love your Wine. Guaranteed. Visit us at



$ Support your local Food Bank

December 2nd - 6th Bring in a can and get a FREE Tan* (Limit 3 Tans)


Westgate Centre #310 -20398, Dewdney Trunk Rd.


Family Christmas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

#270-22709 Lougheed Hwy

Holiday help

Ph: 604-467-1206


Together again at The ACT

The annual Christmas Haven ensures no one has to be alone on Christmas Eve. by Ronda Payne

50% 1 Carat Diamond


$899 *limited quantity


t takes a lot of work to put on an event as popular as Christmas Haven, but according to one event organizer, Maple Ridge Councillor Corisa Bell, cash and gifts are needed the most to make this year’s event a continued success. “It’s such a special evening. It’s something that people really want to be a part of,” Bell said. “People feel really passionate about it. That’s why volunteer spots fill up in September and October.” In fact, the volunteer positions for the 16th annual non-denominational evening already have a wait list. For those who are unable to take part in person, but want to contribute to the event designed to bring the community together on Christmas Eve, a cash or gift donation would be appreciated by the organizers and attendees. It is a free event for those who attend and certain costs associated with putting on a turkey dinner, entertainment, children’s

activities, and a visit from Santa – complete with gift – need to be covered by donors. Cash donations will be accepted at either the Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows leisure centres, according to Bell. Another need is gifts for those hard-to-buy-for teenagers as well as adults. Gifts can be dropped off at the leisure centres and at Temptations Salon, Bell noted. But what kinds of gifts are most needed? “I was thinking gift cards for the movie theatre, local bookstores, or Subway. Those kinds of things,” said Bell. A taxi service will be available for seniors again this year to ensure they are able to get to the event on Dec. 24 from 6 to 9 p.m. Seniors interested in the taxi service to get to Christmas Haven should contact 604-465-8085. “If the event wasn’t put on, there’s nothing else like it in the community,” Bell said. “No one has to be alone on Christmas Eve.” Regardless of age or soci-economic status, Christmas Haven is a warm, welcoming night of belonging and camaraderie for everyone. For more information about Christmas Haven, email, call Corisa Bell at 778-861-9477, or visit


25% OFF



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Levelling Kit from $395* Installed

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Authorized Dealer

19120 Lougheed Hwy. Pitt Meadows BC


A West Coast Auto Group Company

Family Christmas

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times | Tuesday, December 3, 2013 B7






Rick Moyer/TIMES

Beavers Andrew Goncalves, seven, Zoe Koehn, seven, Felix Rowley, five, Tim Makela, five, Cub Scout Matthew Goncalves, 10, and Beaver Andrew Makela, seven, are selling Christmas trees at a tree lot at 216th Street and Lougheed Highway this holiday season. The sales began Sunday.


Scouts kick off Christmas tree selling by Eric Zimmer


resh, locally grown Christmas trees went on sale this weekend, courtesy of the First Haney Scout troop, Beavers, Cubs, and Venturers. Now in its second year, the sale runs daily from now until Dec. 23. With prices ranging from $29-$53 trees can be purchased any time between the hours of 11 a.m and (Monday to Friday) and 9

a.m to 7 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday). So far, this year looks to be off to a positive start, said cub leader Phil Goncalves. The first day of sales this year were “a lot better than our first day last year,” he added, attributing this to increased word of mouth and more community involvement. Goncalves said overall sales from last year’s event totalled about $6,000. The tree lot is located at Cap’s Westwood Cycle on the corner of 216th Street and Lougheed Highway.



TH 13 EXPIRES DEC. 24 , 20

11979 - 224th St., Maple Ridge

604-380-4444 •

Brunch with Santa Brunch with Santa December 15 & 22 10am & 12:30pm Celebrate Christmas with us 3 Course meals for Lunch & Dinner Regular menu also available Join us for New Year’s att the ourse meal $50 per person** Live Liv Music 4 Course Join us for New Year’s Eve Gala at Meadow Gardens $90 per person all in. Everyone Welcome! We are open to the public Call us for more info!

**Plus Tax & Gratuity

Reservations Required 19675 Meadow Gardens Way, Pitt Meadows



Family Christmas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Tuna treats a hit with the cats




t should come as no surprise to learn that Jennifer York, manager of the Maple Ridge SPCA, has three pets. Each of them has been adopted from the animal welfare organization where she’s employed, although from different branches she has worked at through the years. She’s sharing a recipe that was passed down to her from her mom, who is a volunteer for the SPCA and attends all the events. Because York’s mom’s loves her grand-cats and recognized everyone makes dog treats, she went on a hunt for a cat treat recipe and found this one. Mom has made it for years, and York said her two cats, as well as the shelter cats, love it when her mom surprises them with the treats. While York’s own cat, Ash, snubbed York’s attempts at the recipe, other cats have been quite happy to eat up what Ash leaves behind.

Oatmeal Tuna Cookies for Pets Ingredients:


Two 6-oz cans water packed tuna, drained 1 egg 1 Tbsp vegetable oil 1/4 cup bran (or oat bran for wheat free) 1/4 cup oats 1/4 cup finely grated zucchini (optional)


20640 DEWDNEY TRUNK RD. | (604) 465-8911 |

Preheat oven to 350 F Chop tuna in food processor or blender until fine. Add to other ingredients in mixing bowl. Using hands, work ingredients until well blended. Roll into 1/2 ounce balls (about the size of a marble), and place on lightly greased baking sheet and flatten with a fork. Bake 11 minutes, transfer to cooling rack.

Ronda Payne/TIMES

Maple Ridge SPCA manager Jennifer York looks forward to sharing the holiday season with her own pets, Asheron (Ash), the black cat in the back, Marmalade (Marmi) on her lap, and her dog Carla (Beans – because she’s full of them).


5th Annual




Friday, December 6 6pm - 8pm


Spirit Square • 12007 Harris Rd.

Merry Christmas from Harris & Hazel, our Centennial Ambassadors!

Contest runs from now until December 6, 2013. Be sure that your name, age and phone number appear on the back of your picture or on attached form and either drop it off at the A Pitt Meadows Christmas event on December 6 from 6pm – 8pm at Pitt Meadows City Hall 12007 Harris Road, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2B5 or mail to Santa at the Times 22345 North Avenue, Unit 2, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 0R7. Have fun celebrating the season!

NAME:______________________________________________________________________ AGE________________________________________________________________________ PHONE: _____________________________________________________________________

• Free Family Fun • Music & Entertainment • Refreshments • Centennial Photobooth • Official Lighting of the City Tree • Ice Sculpture • Kids Activities

Santa & Mrs Claus are arriving in Pitt Meadows Bring your Camera! Please bring a non-perishable item for the Friends in Need Food Bank. Go Green - drop box available for non-LED Christmas light recycling. Johnston Meier Insurance

Family Christmas

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times | Tuesday, December 3, 2013 B9

Christmas breakfast

Family tradition kept alive


veryone in the Jones household gathers together in the kitchen on Christmas Eve, to help create breakfast. Yes, breakfast! TIMES sales representative Sheryl Jones, her husband Norm, and their children, eight-year-old Jake and fiveyear-old Christina, each play a role in making the time-honoured Christmas Sausage Ring. The ring is a family tradition, Sheryl explained. “I don’t know where it came from,” she said, but Sheryl can’t remember a Christmas growing up when her mother didn’t make the ring, and she’s kept that tradition alive with her kids. “It probably came from her Troy Landreville/TIMES mother – my grandmother. I TIMES’ Sheryl Jones shares don’t know. But everyone likes a breakfast tradition. it. It’s a family favourite, so we keep it going,” she said. To lighten the load and to allow her family to focus on opening gifts and enjoying the merriment of Christmas Day, Sheryl said she typically makes the ring the night before, then throws it in the oven to cook while opening gifts. “It’s easy, too, which is good,” she emphasized. “Enjoy.”

Christmas Sausage Ring


2 lbs ground sausage 2 eggs – beaten 1/4 cup parsley

2 Tbsp grated onion 1 1/2 cups dry toast crumbs


Mix all the ingredients together and place in the pan. (You can pre-make the night before and have it ready to go in the morning). Cook for 20 minutes – pour off the excess fat. Cook for an additional 20 minutes, or until the edges have moved away from the side of the pan. Let it rest for at least 5 minutes, then serve. Note: Preheat the oven to 350 F, and use a 9-inch pan or a cake ring pan

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Home Studio shag 5’x7’ rug

Home Studio 40" faux leather storage ottoman

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Family Christmas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Post events 10 days in advance by email to:


What’s On


December 5, 6, 7: Emerald Pigs

• Emerald Pig Theatrical Society presents The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, adpated from the book by C.S. Lewis. The play will be at The ACT, 11944 Haney Pl. on Dec. 5 and 6 at 7 p.m. and Dec. 7 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets for the Maple Ridge show are available at

Located at 21626 Lougheed Highway, M.R. Dates: December 1st to 23 rd Time: Mon.-Thur.: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Fri.-Sun.: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. dQObSkRRh mQM`]kNh fOkNaO kRb dQj]a lON Price range: $20 to $53

TREE PICK-UP and CHIPPING by Donation!

Y_c^ UPN[ ekRMkOi \th & 5th January 11th & 12th (May not be exactly as shown)

Musicians needed

Funds raised will support year round program activities and events, to replace old program equipment and our Jamboree fund.

purchased your name will be entered in a draw to win a Norco Rise BMX bike valued at $195!

December 17: Writers group

• Golden Ears Writers present “An Evening of Readings: Winter Holiday Theme.” The group meets from 7 to 9 p.m. the third Tuesday of every month at The ACT, 11944 Haney Pl. Info: Katherine at 604-467-7198.



E DRA FREWith every treeW!

Rogers and other special guests. Jammin’ for the Philippines will raise money for the country devastated by a recent typhoon. All proceeds go to the Red Cross for disaster relief.

Call to Schedule Your Pick Up: (604) 244-2850 Norco Rise BMX bike generously donated by

“Unique” Collectibles for the whole Family!

December 5: Seniors

• A Seniors Helping Seniors meeting takes place at 9:30 a.m. at the Ridge Meadows Seniors Activity Centre, 12150 224th St., Maple Ridge.

• Volunteers are needed to be mentors for newcomers to Canada. Settlement Mentoring is looking for volunteers who can act as a community guide and resource person. The time commitment is two to three hours once a week for three to six months. Contact Immigrant Settlement Services of B.C. (Maple Ridge) at 778-284-7026, ext. 1582 or smentoring.

• Alzheimer Society of B.C. holds a teleworkshop at 7 p.m. about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, “Understanding Behaviour,” offering practical strategies that family caregivers can use when dealing with the challenges of supporting a person with dementia at home. To take part, visit or phone toll-free 1-866-994-7745, and enter passcode 1122333, when prompted.

December 7: Fundraiser

• Breaking Barriers, a fundraiser, to help people in the Phillipines affected by the typhoon, will be held at the Open Door Church. 11391 Dartford St., Maple Ridge. Every dollar raised goes to the Canadian Red Cross. Artists set to perform at the event are Ria Jade, Jada McKenzie-Moore, DaniElle Severinski, Kim and Zenia, Darren Exley, Glisha Dela Cruz, Louis Luzuka, Northern Rain Band and the PNT Singing Idol Finalists. Tickets cost $10 each. Info: Bradley Christianson-Barker at 604-779-7229 or Jackie at 604-466-5992.

Quilting guild

• The Ridge Meadows Quilting Guild meets the second Tuesday of the month at St. George’s Anglican Church, 23500 Dewdney Trunk Rd., at 7 p.m.

Special needs support group

• Parents Supporting Parents helps families of special needs children. The group meets the first Friday of each month at 7 p.m. at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 9975 272nd St., Maple Ridge. Cost: $10/person. Info: Anne at 604-477-2575.

December 8: Field naturalists

MS support group

• Alouette Field Naturalists travel to Golden Ears Bridge wetlands. They will meet on Bonson Road in Pitt Meadows at 9 a.m. There’s parking at Bonson and Harris roads. Info: Ken at 604-476-0105.

• The multiple sclerosis self-help group for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, Hope & Balance, meets the second Thursday of each month at Willow Manor, 12275 224th St., from 2:15 to 3:45 p.m. Info: Greg at 604-8958202 or

December 12: Cycling advocacy

Women’s support group

• A support group for widowed and divorced women aged 55 and older meets the last Friday of the month from 2 to 4 p.m. at St. George’s Anglican Church Hall, 23500 Dewdney Trunk Rd. Info: Rose at 604-4678319 or Lil at 604-463-4703.

December 13: Fundraiser

• TIMES photographer Rick Moyer is hosting a jam session at the Kingfisher Bar & Grill, 23840 River Rd., featuring James “Buddy”

• More online at

dirbclye dC sore

gure skaters: Featuring fi ,

nlle SpoFi

gift ideas and more!

Volunteers needed: Crisis line

• The Fraser Health Crisis Line is recruiting volunteers to provide assistance to people in the region who are experiencing emotional distress. No previous experience is needed as extensive training and on-going support is provided. Info: go to and follow the link for the crisis line.

Mentors needed

December 5: Dementia info

• The regular monthly meeting of The Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Chapter of HUB: Your Cycling Connection will be held from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. at the Maple Ridge Library.

Sonic Screwdriver TV Remote

• Experienced brass instrument players are needed for Garibaldi Secondary’s production of Monty Python’s Spamalot. Rehearsals are every Thursday from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the school, 24789 Dewdney Trunk Rd., Maple Ridge. Info: Rebekah Bell at 604-463-6287,, or

Christmas favorites performed live by jazz singer

Holly Cole

ning Kurt Brow ochette, Joannie R o, Elvis Stojk , ie Meissner

le, Kimm Jeffrey Butt hn Kerr, Sinead & Jo d more! an r, ye Shawn Saw

Friday, December 6, 7:00pm Tickets at


or Call 1-855-985-5000

Family Christmas

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times | Tuesday, December 3, 2013 B11


Christmas happenings December 3: Poets

• Holy Wow Poets hold their Christmas musical poetry show at 7 p.m. at The ACT, 11944 Haney Pl., Maple Ridge.

Dessert theatre

• Burnett Fellowship Church presents This Isn’t Christmas, a play challenging traditional Christmas ideas. Dessert will be served during intermission. The play runs on Dec. 5, 6, and 8 at 7:30 p.m. There is a matinee performance at 3 p.m. on Dec. 8. Tickets are $10 and are available at the church, 20639 123rd Ave. or online at www.

December 3: Concert

• The Maple Ridge Secondary’s Dessert Concert will be held at 7 p.m. at The ACT. Tickets are available at The ACT in person, or by calling 604-476-2787, or www.

December 6: Pitt Meadows

• A Pitt Meadows Christmas celebration takes place in Spirit Square from 6 to 8 p.m. featuring music, entertainment, and lots of holiday cheer. The event is put on by the City of Pitt Meadows and the Pitt Meadows Community Foundation.

December 7: Santa parade

• Christmas in the Park and the Santa Claus Parade take place from 4 to 8 p.m. in Memorial Peace Park. The parade begins around 5:30 p.m. on Dewdney Trunk Road, winds down 224th Street and turns into Selkirk Avenue. In the park, there will be photos with Santa and live entertainment on the bandstand, with the Johnson Brothers as the headliner at 7:30 p.m. The parade is also a fundraiser for the Friends In Need Food Bank, and food and monetary donations are accepted along the parade route. In addition, everyone is encouraged to bring a new, unwrapped toy or gift for the Christmas hamper society. Volunteers are needed on the day of the event. Info:

December 10: Pitt Library

• Pyjama Storytime, a Christmas special takes place at the Pitt

Meadows Library, #200-12099 Harris Rd., from 6:45 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Children will be entertained with Christmas stories, carols, and rhymes. Kids are encouraged to wear their pyjamas and bring their favourite stuffie.

December 15: Carolling

December 15: Choir concert

December 15: Holiday Train

• The CP Holiday Train will pull into the Port Haney West Coast Express Station at 9 p.m. with entertainment by Melanie Doane and Matt Dusk. The event is a fundraiser for the Friends In Need Foodbank and includes entertainment, refreshments, and holiday cheer.

SPECC-tacular Productions

• SPECC-tacular Productions presents Aladdin at The ACT on Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m., Dec. 14 at 2 and 7:30 p.m., Dec. 15 at 2 p.m., Dec. 19 and 20 at 7:30 p.m., and Dec. 21 at 2 and 7:30 p.m. For tickets, call 604476-2787, go to, or visit The ACT at 11944 Haney Pl., Maple Ridge.

December 24: Christmas Eve

• Christmas Haven, open to everyone, will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. at The ACT in Maple Ridge. The non-denominational event provides a free, warm, welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages to enjoy a turkey dinner, Christmas carols, children’s activities, and a gift from Santa. Taxi service to the event is available for seniors by calling 604465-8085. • Full calendar list:

Give the gift of music this Christmas to the child who has everything

Limited space available-reserve today! We are now accepting registrations for the winter/spring semester beginning in February 2014

604.809.6874 |

Arte Vargas Glass Calendar Club Cell Planet Christmas Hamper Donation Box Club 16 Custom Hyde Strapz N’ Accessories Emily & Art Crafts Luxurie Fashions JW Sales & Marketing Novo Life Cosmetics Sincere Arts & Crafts Sugar & Spice Bath & Bodycare Time Center Vintage Winterbourne Alpaca

• Maple Ridge Choir Society’s Choir presents its annual Christmas concert at 3 p.m. at Maple Ridge Christian Reformed Church, 20245 Dewdney Trunk Rd. Coffee and treats follow. Tickets are $10 and children are free.

These Christmas event listings are free but at the discretion of the editor. To be considered for publication, items must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the publication date. Listings appear in print and at Submit to

We offer early childhood music and movement classes beginning as early as birth and continuing to 6 years of age. Music positively influences childhood creativity, family bonding, self-esteem, confidence and emotional development. It also builds language, evokes movement, stimulates the brain and nurtures coordination.

Specialty Kiosks

• Dynamic Music Instruction and Kanaka Creek Coffee host an afternoon of carolling from 1 to 2 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to dress warmly as they will be singing outside, weather permitting. Songbooks will be provided. Kanaka Creek Cafe is at #101-24155 102nd Ave., Maple Ridge. Info: 604-463-6727.








3-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

4-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

5-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

6-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

7-Dec MALL 9:30-6:00 SANTA 11:00-1:00 2:00-4:00

8-Dec MALL 11:00-6:00 SANTA 12:00-2:00 2:30-5:00

w MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

10-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

11-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

12-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

13-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

14-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

15-Dec MALL 11:00-6:00 SANTA 12:00-2:00 2:30-5:00

16-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

17-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

18-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

19-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

MALL 9:30-9:00 20-Dec SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

21-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

22-Dec MALL 11:00-6:00 SANTA 12:00-2:00 2:30-5:00

23-Dec MALL 9:30-9:00 SANTA 11:00-2:00 3:00-5:00 6:00-7:00

29-Dec MALL 12:00-5:00

30-Dec MALL 9:30-5:30


Christmas Eve

MALL 9:30-5:00 SANTA 11:00-1:00 2:00-4:00

New Years Eve 31-Dec

MALL 9:30-5:00

25-Dec Christmas Day CLOSED

1-Jan New Years Day CLOSED

26-Dec Boxing Day MALL 9:30-5:30

2-Jan Regular Mall Hours Resume MALL 9:30-9:00



MALL 9:30-9:00

MALL 9:30-5:30

Photos & visits with Santa til Dec. 24

224th & Lougheed • 604-467-1554 •


Family Christmas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times





$49 $499


• Smooth Top • Self C Clean • Duel Element Bake

• Internal Water • Ice Maker • Turbo Cool Setting







ge Rack • Beverage • 2 Slide Out glass Shelves Separate Fridge/Freezer • Separa ridge/Freezer




REG. $1099


REG. $649








• 400 cfm fan • Express cook • 2 Position rack




Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times December 3 2013  

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times December 3 2013

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