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WHAT DID THEY SAY ABOUT JTTE 2013 ? JTTE is a great event! it triggers us to think out of the box to find out what is the clue and help usto work as a team. Furthermore, we would like to say thank you to all committees who have organised this event very well. We are looking forward for the next event


This event is very insteresting and unique, if compared to other events in general. Here, we can learn how to get-to-know more and work as a team with our teammates. Not only the physical and the way we’re thinking is tested, the unity of our team also determines whether we can win or not. Furthermore, by joining JTTE, we’re become required to be sensitive with the situation, sign, and places in Singapore around us and BIGOTE - 1st RUNNER UP lastly, JTTE is afeasible event by MAPIA!

JTTE is an amazing experince for me as I had lots of fun and met many new people. The clues were interesting and the bad weather just made the race more challenging. Even the prizes were very attractives which spurred us to do well.


PHAM DIEU LINH - PARTICIPANT JTTE is definitely a fun event. Kudos to MAPIA committee for organising this!

ALDI DANIEL - PARTICIPANTS It was fun! But too sad because it was raining and I thought that the clues must be clearer hahaha. My group was stuck with the puzzle and didn’t know where to go. But, overall that was nice and fun; you guys should join JTTE 2014!

“One for MAPIA, One for Indonesia”


Online Magazine February 2013

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