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A long time ago, when we were kids, watching cartoon and superhero movies it’s like an important thing to do in our life. Even we can wake up easily and early during weekend to just watch cartoon, whereas on weekday we can successfully make our mom mad because we were very hard to be woke up to go to school. Yah time goes so fast isn’t it? Smetimes we feel that it just yesterday, and now we are already university students. A superhero is a character that possesses "extraordinary or superhuman powers and dedicate themself to protect the public. Super hero is like a role model for us. Most super heroes’ movie not only telling us not to do something bad, but also teaching us to have a good attitude like a hero, to be brave and fight for the right are common message that super heroes tell. In Indonesia, there are two super heroes that used to be famous during 1900s era. Every child must be known about these Super Heroes. If you are wondering who they are, keep reading! :D

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Online Magazine, November edition

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