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October 2013

Issue I The Oath

We, the members of the Media and Publishing Club 2013-14, solemnly swear to try our best to not maim the sanctity of the written word, to the best of our abilities. We realise the power of the pen, and we shall not use it for any selfish or misguided motives. Our interests lie solely in the propagation of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We promise to provide our readers with: ‡,QIRUPDWLRQDERXWDOOWKLQJVUHOHYDQWRULUUHOHYDQW ‡(QWHUWDLQPHQWDWWKHVWDNHRIRXUQLJKWVVSHQWFRPLQJXSZLWKQHZLGHDVDQGZULWLQJ countless articles. ‡0DWWHUWRWKLQNDERXWWRGLVFXVVDQGWRDFWRQ ‡6FUDSWRFRYHU\RXUFORVHWRUERRNVZLWK :HGRQœWSURPRWHWKLVEXWUHFRJQL]HKRZVDGO\ true this is) :H VKDOO DOZD\V WU\ WR EULQJ SULGH WR WKH ,QGHSWK QDPH VHWWLQJ D KLJK VWDQGDUG IRU RXU VXFFHVVRUVVDWLVI\LQJWKHZRUULHVRIRXUSUHGHFHVVRU,QWKHHYHQWRIDQ\SHUVRQDOFRQIOLFWZH promise to act fair to the best of our abilities. We strive to provide you with coverage you can count on. :HSUD\WRWKHPLJKW\)DWKHUVRI-RXUQDOLVPWRPDNHWKLVHQGHDYRXUDVXFFHVV Amen.

This being the first edition we have had a lot to ponder and write about, those ranging from the all controversial election to the amusing everglades of gaming. But some beaming issues have come up which interest everyone. To introduce to you, as readers the truth behind the concept of Ragging. This has been done a sublime and subtle way covering each aspect of it and is constituted by the say of both the so-called doers and the receivers. There have always been some questions which arise in one's mind, when the meaning of the word itself is scrutinized. The following article cum survey is an attempt to answer all the queries regarding the"R"-word‌‌‌‌ continued on page - 5

Although "It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. It affects us everyday, so much as three times a day. Had it been only affecting us only a pinch, everyone could have been considerate. But it concerns us gravely, it is burning a hole in our pockets and also leads to a state of near starvation at the end of each month. Yes, you and I very well know, what it is -- Food. This necessity is severed by two establishments, one being our very own mess and the other - the ruining canteen. To know more turn to page - 6

And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen." People say this it just a boring newsletter. What we don't want, is to repeat what does not interest our readers. At the same time, to say what is necessary and our aim is to interest everyRQHZKRUHDGVLW)RU,QWHUHVWLVQRWKLQJEXWEHLQJSDVVLRQDWHO\FXULRXV 6RZHZRQ WUHSHDWEXWOHDYHIRU\RXWRMXGJHKRZWKLVLVVXHLQWHUHVWV\RX

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InDepth, Oct. ‘13

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InDepth, Oct. ‘13 Heading


The Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Among Youth (SPIC MACAY), in the previous academic year, kept up with its tradition of organizing exquisite traditional performances by renowned artists from all over the country. The year began with a wellreceived performance of “Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya” by Habib Tanwar’s Naya theatre group, a play depicting the contrasting harmony and hatred that used to co-prevail in pre-partition India, among the Hindus and Muslims. It brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience and also captivated them by the intensity of the emotions that were so meticulously portrayed. The next event was a spectacular Quawalli performance by the famous duo of Hyderabad, the “Warsi Brothers” who mesmerized the audience with their melodies and enchanting music, ranging from devotional to divine romance, each one outdoing the others. The next on the list, was the Movie Mela organized by the team in an ef fort to promote Classical Movies of the Golden Era in both Hindi and English Cinema. The event saw an enthusiastic turn out in the audience, with large numbers occupying the auditorium for “Anand”, the story of a young man battling with cancer, who manages to maintain high spirits to the very end of his short life, bestowing happiness to those around him, even as death closely shadows him. The music complemented the movie very well, with melodious tracks, that spell bound one and all. “Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator” left everyone in f its of laughter as they watched the great comedian portray a parody of the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, adding a humorous touch to a very serious event in history. “Twelve Angry Men” is a psychological drama that shows how personal prejudices act in ‹ƪ—‡…‹‰ƒ’‡”•‘ǯ•†‹•…”‡–‹‘ƒ”›’‘™‡”Ǥ –•Š‘™•ƒŒ—”›‘ˆ–™‡Ž˜‡‡ǡ‘—–‘ˆ™Š‹…Š eleven are ready to send a man to gallows because his of fence is of personal signif icance to them, disregarding true justice. The vetoing juror manages to save the innocent boy, bringing his fellow jurors to realize what a crime they were set to commit. Thus, ended a happening year-round celebration of Indian Culture, achieving its objective of gaining appreciation of Indian Culture and Music.

CONVOCATION The Annual Convocation Ceremony of the year 2013 was held on 23th September, 2013 in Roorkee. The Chief guest on the occasion was the founder of 'GreyBird Ventures' and former GM of 'Carl Zeiss', Mr. Thomas J. Millers Jr. Apart from the distribution of respective degrees amongst the alumni, medals were also presented –‘ –Š‡ •–—†‡–• ˆ‘” –Š‡‹” •‹‰‹Ƥ…ƒ– ƒ…Š‹‡˜‡‡–• „‘–Š ‹ academics and curricular activities. The most coveted President's Gold Medal for the student with highest CGPA was awarded to Vihan Jain of B.Tech (CSE) while Director's Gold Medal for the Best All-Rounder went to Shashank Shekhar of B.Tech (EE). Amongst the students of Saharanpur Campus, the Institute Silver Medals for the highest CGPA in their respective branches were bagged by Nilawar Sagar Ram (Int. Polymer Science and Technology), Himanshu Khera (Process Engineering with MBA) and Navneet Kumar (Pulp and Paper Engineering). The Institute Medal for the Best Project in Engineering and Architecture was won by Narayanan Murlidharan in Pulp and Paper Engineering. The atmosphere in the institute was ecstatic and the juniors were extremely delighted to meet their seniors, knowing well that it would be a long span of time before they meet again. Apart from the ceremony, it was the time of rejuvenation and jubilation with the earning seniors treating their juniors with parties and of course, the typical 'Chapos'. However as the moment of separation came near, the melancholia spread all over as it is always hard to bade good bye to the ones who cared about you and guided you in †‹ơ‡”‡–ˆ”‘–•‘ˆ–Š‡…‘ŽŽ‡‰‡Ž‹ˆ‡Ǥ The MAPC team wishes each of our dear seniors a very pros’‡”‘—•ǡˆ—ŽƤŽŽ‹‰ƒ†•—……‡••ˆ—Ž…ƒ”‡‡”ƒŠ‡ƒ†Ǥ



InDepth, Oct. ‘13

Mockingbird is Dead but the Chirping Continues 'Elections at any level, without doubt, the most important symbol of a people's participation in public affairs' It is irrelevant to know which great mind has expressed his thoughts about elections. It is also non-essential to know the context in which such a comment was made. But what needs to be understood here is the very gist of the idea of elections. Elections are not just a process of electing leaders through a form of public voting that lasts a few hours. They are simply not just a melodramatic film that the brawny picturize to win the hearts of their audience. An election, at all levels, is the voice of the commons. It is an exclusive platform where each and every individual fearlessly shows his/her political participation and exercises his right to freedom and consequently, ensures his 'say' in matters of profound importance. Critics may come up with an argument of corrupt audience and biased voters and therefore, may regard the whole election scenario as faulty. But such arguments are baseless when it comes to elections at the prac premier institutions of a country, inhabiting the most fertile brains of nation. Tainted and dishonest practices, to buy-out the voters, may find their place at the campuses of some lowly reputed, unadministered colleges in the dark places of our country, but when it comes to the IITs, the situation is quite the oppooppo site. With such exemplary people at work, the quality of both, the contestants and the voters, is indisputindisput able. Needless to mention, the people belonging to this place can be considered mature enough to make healthy decisions pertaining to their governance-related matters. What can be deduced from the actions of a contestant for a whole year and that too being a part of the voters himself, cannot be done solely on the basis of a single one-hour walk-in-interview. No person, whatsoever, can be talented enough to recognize a gem of a person in a single shot. It takes time and patience to look through an individual, contemplate over his deeds and assess his true intentions. It is an open question to the readers, "who comes out of the interview with flying colors?". The one with a vision or the one with a voice a n d visionaries do not necessarily have a voice. All they have is a plan, a plan to realize the hopes of the people, a plan to be in a better place than yesterday. Here is my next question to the readers, "Who knows best about the premises they live in?" A professor living in the comfort of his home at a distant place or the student himself, struggling to get every utility fixed and his corridor cleaned! Everyone knows the answer to this question. An interviewer can only manage to judge the authority one possesses. But authority confined within you does not make you a leader. It is the authority created by you that makes you influence people with your purpose. And therefore, elections, are undoubtedly the most appropriate fashion to testify that.


The student council, represents the entire student community and takes important decisions on their behalf. It presents their demands and requests in front of authorities, and must therefore be composed of only the most dedicated and competent students, willing to handle the responsibility with utmost sincerity and commitment. Its purpose is to provide students with an adequate platform and a common voice to cite their opinions and demands, in a procedural manner. So, isn’t it essential that the selection of its prospective members be done through a transparent process based on their experience and ability to handle the work, rather than on their eloquent speeches and numerous but often empty election-time promises? On the same note, isn’t direct appointment by authorities a better option than cumbersome election procedures? In their present form, elections to the student council have a voting system where students vote by secret ballot. The election system has many disadvantages. First, there is a frenzy of pre-election campaigning by the candidates, involving presentation of agendas to gain voters’ support. Post elections, not being enforceable, many of the promises made, remain just that, empty promises. If instead, agendas were prepared after the selection of the candidate, incorporating suggestions from students, wouldn’t we have a clearer picture presenting what changes we can expect? Secondly, pre-election politics is a major disadvantage; with candidates make use of all sorts political strategies to maximize votes, setting aside all ethics. Votes are quite often, sold for incentives, and when things get ugly, rowdy bullying abolishes all codes of moral conduct. Thirdly, in the present system, the probability of securing a position is proportional to one’s popularity among the voters. While this is important, it cannot be the sole criterion for such an important decision because, the popularity enjoyed by the candidate in his own peer group, may not be similar in front of the authorities whom he has to ultimately deal with, to make his opinions respected and requests adhered to. If on the other hand, the authorities do believe that the candidate chosen is able and deserving, they tend to respect him pay greater heed to his suggestions. Lastly, I believe that elections give rise to needless contretemps between student groups. Even after elections are done, with the existence of political altercations, walls of differences create political tension,with personal grudges assuming mammoth proportions. In conclusion,I strongly assert my belief,that the election to the student council must be replaced with a nomination procedure by the authorities.

CounterCounter VIEW


The general cliches of time one often comes across advocate the fatality of time wastage and its remarkable ability to 'fly'. Well, in my childhood, I never questioned its sanctity but to be frank, never bothered much about it. It is striking, to say the least, how every memorygood or bad, lays the foundation of how we perceive and deal with things that come up at a later stage in our lifetime. Life tends to become a roller-coaster ride for people who dare to dream and shun the disease of contentment. Daring to dream myself, I recall leaving my home and my parents on an endeavor to achieve more in life by gliding through the seas of opportunity. Perhaps, it is this stride to new destinations that still makes me introspect and reminds me of the places I roamed as a child. Introspection about one's childhood, simply for the sake of relishing and cherishing of memories is futile, resulting only in after-effects of melancholy.The recollection of one's past should rather be devoted to carving out 'sense' from a series of presumably minute contests and incidents that took place in one's childhood. Self-examination should exist as a form of self-education. A majority of the logically affluent minds may associate the word 'sense' with 'righteousness in times of dilemma' but, actually, its meaning is beheld by the accident of birth. The similar incident of being beaten up or perhaps scolded by a shopkeeper for shop lifting might give different sermons for kids of varying backgrounds. It may make one kneel down in guilt, or quite contrarily, result in the instigation of revenge against the shopkeeper. Pertinently, the lack of rationality in childhood can lead one astray and make one follow morally or socially questionable paths, unless one chooses to rethink and recapitulate the true significance of past events. Quite often, we come across the quote of Hard work being the key to success. However, for me, it was not until an academically superior classmate of mine, in the fourth grade, challenged me to surpass him, that I put this quote into practice and managed to succeed. A seemingly different dimension of the same incident now contributes to my refusal to accept someone's absolute superiority in genres I have not tried my hand at. Perhaps, this is hovv every story of our childhood molds our adulthood and sows the seeds of understanding and intelligence with the course of time. Here, the depth of our thoughts and realization of the importance of events plays the pivotal role. I don't intend to advocate a philosophical analysis of one's past, but one needs to make sure that the transition from childhood to adulthood focuses more on mental, social and critical uprightness. The power and wisdom to differentiate between two rights, ratlner than just between right or wrong, can develop only if we care to think and analyze things critically. Then, shifting to love, another dimension of childhood, it is generally noticed that people who have experienced the shallow bursts of what seems to them as love at younger ages tend to become 'aptly' mature about relationships in future . Their counterparts, lacking similar experience, are more likely to get involved in ego-clashes, and develop an unbending attitude of refusing to accept a NO from their partner. In acute cases, the same love transcends all levels of sanity and reaches the controversial, yet popular, congruency of love and justice equalling blindness. However, an early experience on this front makes sure that we keep our heads straight and give due importance to weightier things in life. After a warmer reconciliation with our younger versions, we will begin to realize that even though the Mockingbird is dead, the chirping continues, retaining its power to be the beacon- even in the succeeding stages of our life. All that is required to do is to keep calm and realize.

Ehtisham Qalander

InDepth, Oct. ‘13 Heading


The following survey was conducted amongst the first-yearites. The note worthy points amongst the many were – t "MNPTUPGUIFĂĽSTUZFBSJUFT perceive ragging as a means of healthy interaction between the seniors and KVOJPST )PXFWFS    EP OPU XJTI UP walk in the same shoes as their dreaded seniors, which clearly indicates that the ragging instances will drastically go down. This fact is quite in accordance with their approval of ragging. t 8IJMF B SFTQFDUBCMF QSPQPSUJPO of the targeted audience thinks ragging is done to make the subjects CPMEBOEDPOĂĽEFOU BCPVUBEIFSF UP "OUJ3BHHJOH "GĂĽEBWJUT 5IJT JO itself is a clear indication that majority of the first year-ites have complete GBJUI JO UIF "OUJ3BHHJOH QSPWJTJPOT UIBU IBWF CFFO NBEF CZ UIF"ENJOJTtration. The following survey was conducted amongst the senior students of the campus. The note worthy points amongst the many were – t %FTQJUF BMM UIF "OUJ3BHHJOH measures that are taken every year to have a check on ragging, the survey results show a sharp contradiction to what is generally believed among the DPODFSOFEBVUIPSJUJFT XJUIBMNPTU PGUIFTFOJPSTUVEFOUTBENJUUJOHPG being ragged in their 1st year. t "NPOH UIPTF XIP IBWF HPOF through the ‘perils’ of ragging, a stagHFSJOH   CFMJFWF UIBU SBHHJOH XBT much sort of a healthy interaction XIJMFTBJEUIBUUIFZXFSFTVCKFDUed to physical and mental harassment of varying intensity. t .BKPSJUZ PG UIFN TVQQPSU UIF system of segregation since they believe that it reduces the frequency and intensity of ragging. On the contrary, a handful of them do have an opinion that segregation might create a vacuum between the junior-senior community and has little to do with the intensity and frequency of ragging.

For 2nd and 3rd Year only : Q : Have you ever been ragged ?




55.7% Yes

Physical/Mental Harrassment



Just a Healthy Interaction


Common Questions : 2%PZPVBQQSPWFPGSBHHJOH 68.4%




Physical Harassment






Mental Harassment

Can’t say

Both Healthy Interaction Prepares you for future bullying







Yes 15.70%

No Can’t say



Prepares you for future bullying Builds up healthy senior-junior relations Makes you bold and confident Just an excuse to harass people for fun


2%PFTTFHSFHBUJPOPGĂĽSTUZFBSJUFTGSPNUIFSFTU imposes any impact on the ragging scenario ? 44.60%

15.52% 44.60%


t 8IJMF B MBSHF NBKPSJUZ PG TU No year-ites disapprove of ragging, the Can’t say 15.52% senior clan is at loggerheads with their KVOJPST XJUIOFBSMZPGUIFNBEWP DBUJOHGPSUIFBDUPGSBHHJOH"MUIPVHIOPDMFBSJOGFSFODFDBOCFESBXOBTUPXIZSBHHJOH is done, healthy junior-senior relations and personality development seem to be the prime reasons for practicing the same. t 5IFTUZFBSJUFTNJHIUDPOTJEFSUIFTFHSFHBUJPODMBVTFBTBEFUFSSFOUUPSBHHJOH  there seem to be two opposite notions among the seniors supporting both the sides equally.

10.8% No, it only creates a vacuum Yes, it decreases the frequency & intensity of ragging Can’t say

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InDepth, Oct. ‘13

In the current period of sky high prices, no commodity has been successful in escaping the deadly claws of the surging inflation. With the condition still worsening, it is expected that soon, onions and tomatoes may end up giving a tough competition to movie stars. Rupee, which once used to sail much higher tides, comparable to the US Dollar, has now sunk down to unfathomable depths. In such a scenari of escalating rates, I wonder how our mess fees could have possibly lagged behind in the competition. I still remember that fine Wednesday morning with my pockets burdened with the fees of the institute, the fees whose disclosure though ingeniously to any relative or friend would give me thorough pleasure, owing to the fact that it is probably less than half of what other colleges charge. With the changing times, however, the weight of my pockets has been amplified by 1500 rupees, the egoistic onions being one of the obvious reasons. With this, all of a sudden, a bolt from the blue, "Privatization" hit my vocabulary deck, compelling me to buck up for a mysterious journey to investigate its deepest secrets.

WHAT IS PRIVATIZATION? Privatization, literally, means transfer of ownership or control of government or state assets, firms and operations to private investors. This transfer takes the form of issue & sale distribution of shares to the general public. Broadly used, the process such as "contracting out" is the one in which the activities, publicly organized and financed, are carried out by private sector companies, e.g. street cleaning, housing, education etc. The concept of privatization was conceived and extensively implemented in UK and since then, has been adopted in different forms across the globe. Privatization brings about radical structural changes in the system, providing momentum in the competitive sector. It leads to the adoption of properly administered practices along with the management and motivation of human resources to foster sustainable competitive advantage and improved resource management. State owned enterprises are usually outdone by the private ones in competition, with the latter displaying better results in terms of revenues, efficiency and productivity. Therefore, privatization can provide the necessary impetus to under-performing PSUs.

IDEA OF PRIVATIZATION IN OUR MESS Let us explore the scope of privatization in our food villa by glancing at the problems we face day-to-day. The point of utmost concern is the reckless imposition of dues to the already bulky mess fees. These dues are born out of the increasing prices of commodities used as raw materials in our hunger haven and it is something that was probably not expected when the fee structure was formulated. Taking the example of a water cooler, we found that the in case of purchasing a new water cooler, the price is borne by the administration whereas the expenditure for maintenance is supposed to be shouldered by the student fraternity. Privatization might solve this puzzle of dues since the caterer would take maximum care of every asset in his possession, being unable to afford to invest in frequent repairs. Another issue that needs to be heeded to is the distinction between permanent workers and temporary workers. While the permanent workers are relaxed government employees, spending most of their time in speculating others' jobs, gnarling in their own comfort zones, and boasting about their job security and fat pay scale of about INR 20,000, the temporary workers, have to work beyond the usual as the sword of suspension threats dangles over their necks. They have to make do with a mere income of about INR 5000. Presently, we have 10 permanent and 15 temporary workers in our mess and the worker-student ratio is 1:20 , maintained as per Government norms.

Feedback received from the students clearly reflects that they are dissatisfied with the present state of the canteen, issues being many ranging right from the seemingly exorbitant prices to the cleanliness of the bathrooms on canteen premises. MAPC brings you an exclusive interview with the manager of the canteen to get some answers! MAPC: Sir, would you please brief us up on how the canteen is owned and managed?

Manager: The canteen is under complete private ownership, monitored by Mr. Ajay Jain (who controls the Bru cafeteria at the main campus as well). The premises belongs to the institute and is given on lease for a period of 3 years for which the owner of the canteen pays rent. The electricity bills of the entire ground floor, housing the Cafeteria are also borne by us. A pact signed with the institute prevents any other canteen opening on the premises for the next three years, so that our already narrow market base might not dwindle further. MAPC: There has been mass dissatisfaction regarding the exorbitant prices charged here. Can something be done to lower them?

Manager: Due to complete private ownership and management, there is absolutely no subsidy provided by the Government on the items we sell at the canteen. Since the ownership pattern is the same as that in the Main Campus, we assure you, that the prices we charge are very much the same. Moreover, it is not feasible to slash the prices any further as the market base we have here is not wide enough (compared to the main campus), and the losses due to pilferage of utensils and crates also amount to a lot, leaving very little margin for profit.


MAPC: You mentioned losses due to pilferage. Would you kindly elaborate a little on that?

Food for THought If the mess is handed over to a private caterer (supplier of foods and services), his first and foremost step would be axing off the paunchy, non-productive permanent workers so that money thus saved can be invested in more "productive" uses such as waking up those late sleepers whose reliance on their neighbors for this purpose would considerably be reduced. The private caterer tends to be more vigilant in fulfilling his duties owing to the fact that he has to survive the competitive atmosphere and avoid any possibilities of getting his contract cancelled.

HISTORY OF PRIVATIZATION IN VARIOUS MESSES OF OUR INSTITUTE The taste of privatization has not been that sweet as far as our institute is concerned. Out of the three messes privatized yet in IIT Roorkee, the mess of Radhakrishna Bhawan has lived up to expectations. The privatization of Cautley was also a great success. Food there, in general opinion, was the best among all messes in Roorkee. Infact, the owner was ready to run the mess even in a loss because for him, the reputation attached with a privatet party running a mess in an IIT was good enough for him to get other good businesses outside. Ashutosh Baghel, the Secretary of the Coordinating Committee of Bhawans (CCB) which controls all messes, showed us the way out of the 'mess' of the mess. His thoughts on the privatization of Malviya Bhawan mess seemed liberal, "Privatization would be the best option for Malviya Bhawan mess as Saharanpur being a big city possess financially strong and stable caterers unlike Roorkee where they turned out to be bankrupt." However, he also cautioned us about the loss in transparency which might occur as a result of hiring private players to maintain the mess facilities.

VIEWS OF THE CONCERNED AUTHORITIES: Chief Warden On being asked about the introduction of privatisation in the Maviya Bhawan mess, the Chief Warden Dr. Dharamdutt said, "Privatization has not worked out well in the messes of various Bhawans at the Roorkee Campus where it has been implemented earlier. The major shortcoming faced by privatized messes, currently there, is the establishment of private caterer's monopoly over the functioning of the mess. As far as our mess is concerned, the present system is absolutely unquestionable since the quality of food is at par with all other Bhawan messes and the food is served on time without any operational delays. Regarding the problem of non-productive permanent workers, that will be automatically resolved, post their farewell from the mess, within the next 4-5 years ". However, he didn't mention the delays that occur as a result of the guests who are quite frequently seen dining in the mess. The Chief Warden also mentioned that he has little or no role to say in the routine working of the mess.

Chief Mess Councilor The recently elected Chief Mess Councilor, Sandeep Garrepally, seemed optimistic about the condition of the mess after Privatization. On being asked about the changes that can take place after the privatization of mess, he replied, "Privatization would result in cleaner and more hygienic surroundings, food would be served as per the scheduled timings without any delay. The best part about it, is our elusion from the no profit-no loss system that is currently prevalent in our mess .The private caterer would run the mess on a fixed fee basis and no excess dues would be charged". He also mentioned his active attempts to transfer a few permanent workers to the Roorkee campus as a cost-cutting measure therefore, investing more on the quality and the variety of the food that is served in mess.

Manager: Soft drink bottles and sometimes even plates and glasses are not recovered after use, most finding their way, either into dustbins or into Hostel rooms. We have to face great losses due to that. Further, crates belonging to the canteen, which were initially 9 in number have now reduced to 7. MAPC: There is a general belief that despite the prices burning a hole into everyone’s pockets, the quality of food hardly justifies them. Who is in charge of monitoring the food quality?

y Getaway


C u r r e n t l y, there is no person in charge for food quality monitoring from either the institute’s side or the students’ side. Earlier, Mr. Mudit Gurnani used to personally come and check the quality of the food served, but now, no longer being a member of the SAC, this no longer comes under his purview.

MAPC: Is it possible for you, in response to majority demand by the students, to increase the variety of food served in the canteen?

Manager: The variety of food available is more extensive than that in the main campus, and we assure you, is the maximum that we can hope to offer given the narrow market base and consequently low demand.

MAPC: What about the maintenance of the Canteen premises?

Manager: The premises being on lease , is cleaned by workers employed by the canteen itself, although the bathrooms and kitchen are to be cleaned by the Bhawan employees (the canteen being officially designated as the Bhawan canteen for Indira and Malviya Bhawan, housed outside the Bhawan premises owing to lack of space) MAPC: Lastly sir, we’d like to know how feasible it is to extend the timings of the canteen beyond the stipulated 10am to 10pm?

Manager: As per availability of employees, as well as government regulations, the maximum time for the canteen to operate can be 12 hours. This 12 –hour shift can be adjusted anywhere through the day, as per demand. Since most people miss breakfast in the mess, it becomes essential to open the canteen by 10am in the morning, and given this condition, it must close by 10pm. During examinations however, the canteen timings extend up to 1 am, to facilitate easy availability of food, when most needed.


CAMPUs Lingo A

A.I.R.-(often pronounced as air) All India Rank in IIT-JEE (How each of us began our IIT journey and hence the dictionary too) Audi (/a’wwdee/)-The only available space to accommodate the masses (only the active and the interested) of the campus under one roof, used for pretty much every purpose ranging from campus celebrations to being let out for outside functions. Acads-The dark place in one corner of the campus where people are rumoured to ‘visit’ each day to attend classes in the event of short attendance (offended? Congrats you are now a certified GHISSU). Aloo-From sandwich to uttapam, mutter, methi, daal, chawal, paratha and even water (:P) you’ll find aloo everywhere. It has now become the official vegetable, fruit, snack, drink, soup and almost everything else of the campus. No wonder I’ve come across people who believe that the Mess council owns the entire Nation’s aloo fields. Atthi- An eight pointer or grade B+. Atthi scoring people are the red-hot commodities that sell like hot cakes during placement session. Auto-(Or tempo, as the locals call it)The popularly believed to be 7 seater and the ONLY means of public transport in the City. At times its immobilized until 17 people board it. Best Wishes and Bon Voyage in this unique mode of transport complete with its aroma massage with a variety of scented sweat.


B.C.-Its actual meaning varies a great deal depending on the context it is used in but respecting the fact that INDEPTH is censored, let’s just say its Branch Change (or the fortunate one who gets it ‘A Branch Changer’) Back-An opportunity to redo what you have already (not) studied. Not something you can actually be proud of. (Freshers its time you realise the significance of number 35 in an engineering student’s life) Bakar-Discussions that are nonsensical, baseless, aimless, random, unadulterated, unproductive and above all HIGHLY ADDICTIVE especially during exam time! Bandi- “THAT GIRL”. How imaginative and delusional!!! Baski-Basket Ball (played here on possibly the MOST well maintained and of late non existant court among all the IITs) :P :D Baghiyal- From the Romeos to the geeks to the chimneys, he caters to everyone’s needs. ALL IN ONE, BAGHIYAL IS NUMBER ONE. Bhandi - The "high" community of the campus - warden's favorite. Bond- Knighthood of DPT. Its the highest honour bestowed upon a student by his fellow students


CC- Perhaps the only easily accessible Air Conditioned chamber of the campus, and a popular between-lecture hangout spot.Our very own COMPUTER CENTER. Also one genuine reason why you would love to visit the Acads ;D C.G.P.A or C.G.-Cumulative Grade Point Average a.k.a. pointer. One of the very few things that actually matters in this materialistic world. You might come across people saying pointer isn’t important but it indeed is VERY IMPORTANT. Make sure your C.G. is at least a 7.5 (no matter what) and for a branch change about 9.5 (yup you heard it right a nine point five “:O ?” ) CS- Counter Strike. An adrenaline pumping, pulse quickening and a very genuine reason to stay up the whole night. The best way to take out your frustration either by aiming headshots or keeping cocky names just to piss the person off. Also a very good medium of befriending your skilled seniors. CAREFUL WITH THE WORDS!! Chaapo- The best legal way to rip off and take revenge on your seniors. Ragging ain’t that bad I tell you. Freshers look for the most expensive hangout places and grab hold of a senior. Wish I could suggest you a few names. ;) Chaggi-A six pointer or a grade equivalent to C+. The “cool dudes” of the campus, lying in this range, admit it or not, are in desperate pursuit to be known as Sattiwaley. Chep-Bakar that is ‘supposed to be funny’,but its not…ITS REALLY NOT!!! PST students ‘by default ’are blessed with divine talent in delivering cheps time and again, being tutored by their guruji :-P Chill - synonyms - lite, thanda, chillax A state of mind to be attained - will be advised by everyone on-campus every now and then.The attitude to be flaunted in every walk of life - during preparation of exams, interviews, towards profs in matters of attendance, accepting rejections and so on. Cognizance Evolution-Our VERY own version of the HAPPENING annual technical fest, second largest on our continent (Oh that didn’t fool anyone I see!) Convo-Mixed emotions all over the place. Our annual CONVOCATION ceremony!!! (Usually happens in the mid of Autumn Semester)Party Time indeed, rules may be broken for a change ;-) Cool- The much desired and talked about people come under this category. I’ve seen people make several lame attempts to become/appear/sound COOL but in vain (


DC++ - The Direct Connect network used extensively throughout the campus for “file”-sharing through LAN. D.-A grade which can be enormously soothing at times but get them in pair and ….. yuck, disgust and hatred comes to your mind. You are encountered by D.D. every semester which rips your @$$ off everything you still have managed to retain. MAPC announces a billion dollar prize to the one who helps us get rid of that menace but to be honest it is also the safest and most convenient mode of payment (The Demand Draft) !!!!!! ;-) D.O.M.S.-Department of Management Studies IIT Roorkee (PEM students’ desirous destination :P). D.O.S.W.-Dean of STUDENTS’ WELFARE (I’m at a loss for words). D.P.T.-(Department trifurcation aside) Department of Paper Technology! Dassi/Daheli- A perfect 10 pointer or grade A+ Dark Knight-Indeed the Darkest and the most faithful of all living beings in the campus, anything ranging from biscuits to everyman’s drink will woo him off completely. ;-) Despo- The other name of every single on this illustrious campus of ours. (Sarcasm intended) Dhakkan-The student with the numerically largest JEE rank being admitted in the department/institute/batch(literally meaning the cap). DOTA- Defence of The Ancients (a highly addictive game that keeps an entire length of corridor awake for weeks).Those who consider AOE and CS not good enough for them and looking for something relatively more adventurous, may seek refuge here. :P


E.T.E.- End Term Examinations. They carry a very significant influence on your C.G.P.A. Buckle up for the nightouts. Thank goodness they are nowhere round the corner. Entra –You’ll need this to interact with the cool Haddu mamas of this campus. Literally means a “wassup ?”


Faccha/Facchi- The fresh bacchas and bacchis of the campus, and presumed easy targets!(watch out facchalog :-P) Fattu- The “bheegi billi” of the campus! A Meek or Coward, and the general public is allergic to these species. Field - The lush green patch of the campus which is its centre - geographically and literally. A stage to showcase your finesse at not only 1 or 2 but 3 sports - Footi, Cricket and hockey. Footie- The AWESOME game of Football (or Soccer for the Americans) (Itz jus’ that v lyk cuttin words short n pretending dat v hav r own ‘lingo’)


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Ghissu:The minority and much hated (or envied ?) community in the campus. The hatred stems from the ghissu’s existence with a non-existent social life and their inability to comprehend life (which really shouldn’t bother others, if they DO have no social standing whatsoever no?) G.P.L.- It’s the best(and the only?) gift we offer the Birthday boy/girl (with loads of love indeed). For the poor victim I recommend MOOV, Himami Fast Relief, Zandu Balm etc. Gym - A small room cluttered with mirrors and music. A place where half of MB crowd will be found in the evening hours pumping iron, trying to impress their fairer counterparts. Residents of MB would be glad to know that this place is going to expand SOON(read on to know what I mean)


H.E.C.- Himalayan Explorers Club. A must join for the adventurous ones, with activities ranging from treks to exotic destinations to Taekwondo and cycle racing, that’ll have your heart pumping! Haddu-They are the single largest political power block in all the IITs, they are the omnipresent omnipotent and omniscient people from the great state of ANDHRA PRADESH and TELANGANA Hobbies Club- With sections ranging from Photography to Literature, if you’ve got a hobby… better pursue it yourself :-P Hockey Goal Post- The action point enclosure for the BLESSED. Wander not anywhere close to it in the nights or you may find yourself interfering in “people’s” privacy ;)


Indepth- The great institution of “FREE PRESS” in DPT comprising of BRIGHTEST, COOLEST and HOTTEST happenings of our campus, covered five times a year, comprising of regular features on placement, interns, entertainment and all that you can possibly ask for! IMG-Information Management Group (Dark Brotherhood.) The team that functions in the dark in the depths of academics responsible for the proper functioning of many essentialities in one’s life such as DC++, channel I and DPTV(and the lightning fast net speed ? ). NO! They are not your complete PC solutions don’t call them for installing your MS Office for heaven’s sake. I.P.T.- Institute of Paper Technology as our campus was formerly called and is still known among the locals.(Warning don’t get in an auto and demand to go to IIT because after some 90 odd minutes you’ll find yourself in ROORKEE) ITI-Another infamous name our SRE campus has possessed over the years.(God!! We are recognised in this place as everyone else but IITians)


Katta- “Hath ko aya muh na laga”. This expression is used whenever someone beats you to the finish line and you get no consolation prize for coming second. Kaudi-The credits of an academic course (for e.g a do kaudi ka course, is worth 2 credits) Kholu-Saddest guy on the campus, the unlucky one with the best JEE rank in a batch. HOW IRONIC!!!! Freshers there is a lot more you need to know. Kuch bhi?- Our own synonym of “what nonsense ?” Kulgeet- The official anthem of IIT Roorkee, composed especially by poet Sumitra Nandan Pant. You ought to by-heart it especially if you’ve got intentions of joining the Music Club “Jayathi jayathi vidya sansthan,……” (no kidding around this time)


Lappie- An IITians best friend, the all-knowing and all doing (:P) LAPTOP !(Slideshows are more relavant exam material than textbooks here)


MAC - aka Multi Activity Centre. The second most happening place in the campus (after the Field). A place where one can play guitar while enjoying an art exhibition. The most hackneyed place for Lit guys, debaters and dancers. M.A.P.C.-The Media and Publishing Club (A mere mention of the name commands respect for the club _/\_ ). Stay connected via InDepth, Renaissance and inDepth Live. M.T.E.-Mid Term Examinations, held in the middle of the semester(screw them up and you may find yourself in darkness and desperation later and may be in Roorkee too during summers :P ) MANAS-The most awaited day of the year (chiefly for the delicious dinner and………) Bhawans’ Day of Malviya and Indira Bhawans (usually in the month of April) Maal-It means a lot of things but only one is of real significance (sorry girls we’re just trying hard to sound funny). Maddu-The people from the state of India’s biggest superstar (Rajnikanth). Yes you got it right TAMIL NADU! Maggi- Popular food item on the campus, an escape route from the rather dull and tasteless Aloo that preceedes over every meal eaten in the mess! Main Campus-The Roorkee Campus. A loooooooong way to go (50 kms isn’t next door you see).Those extra ‘o’s there do speak of something …..something which our authorities have.…. (Figure out yourself ) Mallu-Cool cousins of the Maddus. People from God’s own country, the Keralites (talk about going home!!) Mama- Telugu greeting for a friend (the cooler ones usually). Matka- Master of Technology Students of IITs. Warning: Calling any one "matka", especially if he/she is not one, might lead to loss of life or property. Mess-Aptly named so I would say. Rumours have it that the Mess is ISI’s way of demoralising and starving “India’s BEST” (That’s us by the way). Mukki Don- The former INDIAN NATIONAL HOCKEY VETERAN Mr.Mukesh Chaudary (who has an abnormal fetish for making people run long distances in very, very short periods of time).He is also all in one coach of Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, Athletics, Long Jump ……. the list goes on(Rumour has it that he is trying to take over AOE, CS and Gilli-Dandaa too …. Way to go Sir!). For best results do wish when you encounter him, especially if you are an NSO student.


N.C.C.-National Cadet Corps (not an available option for students of this CHARMED campus). N.S.O.-National Sports Organisation (gear up for the early morning sprints and soccer games, you may refer to “mukki don” for further info :P) N.S.S.-National Service Scheme (It is very surprising that several students who have managed good grades in it aren’t aware of its full form)NSS is not just another 2 credit course, it’s an opportunity to support your nation with your dedicated and committed service with whatever little you have to offer, and obviously, an easy augmeant to your final CG Nehali- ‘A’ grade a.k.a. 9 pointer. I can sniff ghissai from a long range.


P-(or PONdy as you may call it) All I ADVISE you is to augment your stealth when dealing with it (unless you want your lappie to be seized. JK) Panji-A five pointer or grade C. Get your lazy @$$ working panjiwaalon. Pappu- Lugdi avum kagaz abhiyan”tricky”, Phodu-The opposite of Ghissu and much respected intelligentsia of our campus,the species who manage to maintain their “Chill attitude” perpetually

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sTudent list

Pinky- The most beautiful female species to have ever stepped in Malviya Bhawan(No offence Indira Bhawanites).Leaves Tiger, Dark Knight and other admirers (homo sapiens even!!) drooling all the time. She will acknowledge your interest in her especially during the winters ;) Poll- The perfect way to prove that IITians have no class at all, when all of us engage in a battle of serious bitching, lying, backbiting for a “short” period of time during elections, when friendships mean nothing and allies and competitors replace them, leaving a desolate campus barren of all that’s good Poly-Bahulak vigyan avum praudyo ”geeky”, the CHEPstars of the campus, with a long legacy :-P Proxy-The perfect possible productive practical demonstration of how good our mutual cooperation and team working skills are. Not recommended for newbies and amateurs ….or anyone else for THAT matter ;)

R Re - The lone opportunity to keep up with your batchmates and escape from being harassed by the same prof again and secretly sneered at by your juniors. A means resorted to by the sick and not-so-sick escaping the dreaded BACK (:-O) Ren-The beginning of the literary revolution in DPT,Badabhai of INDEPTH officially listed as Renaissance.(You will be handed a copy of it SOON.Do make a point to give it a thorough reading) Roomie-A Roommate (Malviya Bhawanites my condolences to you).Your first roomie may later turn out to be your best pal (or not)


Satti- A seven pointer or grade B. Million dollar question after every ETE “Bhai satti kitney pey lagegi ?” SOON- A versatile word which is used to signify a period of time varying from a few minutes to a few years (especially when used by the establishment) Star Paper Mill –You smelled more of it than heard of …didn’t you ? Lying anterior to the campus gate, the Paper Mill provides us with a splendid once in a life time opportunity to witness the actual paper being manufactured. (P and P guys now must be excited to pay a visit, but trust me it’s not the utopia you imagine)

Sutta-a huff.. and a puff.. beware before that turns into a cough! One-time puffs often turn to smoking chimneys in the shake of a Goldflake!

T TN-The Talent Night of DPT. The best opportunity you get to showcase your hidden talents DO MAKE THE MOST OF IT , even if the encouragement from the audience is not quite the “cherry on your cake” !!! Tiger- His highness but rather silent canine commander of this campus with 24x7 access to every nook and corner ranging from classrooms to the Bhawan corridors (except the faculty home of course) TT room - previously famous as old cafeteria-governed by Lord Tiwari. That deserted room where prodigies hone their skills at racket and ball. Tufiya(Sutiya/Futiya)- (rhymes well with….you know what ;D ) A rather “decent” and “sophisticated” way of expressing your arrogance towards an annoying friend. Tute- The inhuman exercise of testing your skill to outrun the Xerox machine. To simply put it the Tutorial Exercise (R.I.P. Peace and harmony)

V Vella- The most stable equilibrium state attained by people in the campus. Chill maaroo DUDES!!!

Y Yo-Yo – Spartans (as you may call them).Inspite of being a “tiny” secluded minority, they are the most (linguistically) talented, much admired and arguably the most happening group of the campus(need not be academically though :P).”Eminem ki Aulaad ?” ….I leave it for you to decide. 10:00 pm- Metaphorically means Death before actual demise, as the gates of IB close, with all its inmates locked safely inside…Jag soona soona laagey rey! :’( 11:00 pm- The official time after which entry into campus gates is possible only after a due entry in the guards’ register which serves as a warning to late comers, who may otherwise be prepared to camp outside the gates of our comfy cozy campus

first year student list ENROLLMENT NO 13120001 13120002 13120003 13120004 13120005 13120007 13120008 13120009 13120010 13120011 13120012 13120013







13121025 13121026


















13214010 13214012 13214013 13214015 13214016




13214017 13214018





13214019 13214022 13214023 13214024

















13120016 13120017




13120018 13120019 13120021 13120022




13120023 13120025 13120026 13121001 13121002 13121003




13121004 13121006 13121007 13121008






















13121009 13121010 13121011 13121013 13121014 13121015 13121016 13121017 13121018

13121019 13121021 13121023 13121024




13121029 13121030 13214001 13214002 13214003 13214004 13214005 13214007 13214008 13214009

13214025 13214026

Janta Confectioners A House of Bakery & Sweets

Court Road, Opp. Parsvnath Plaza, Saharanpur-247001







tHe B.C.s

InDepth, Oct. ‘13

Branch change- the two words that led you here, the two words that seem to hold a promise for a better branch to all those that couldn’t make it into their dream branch, the two words that every parent reminds their child of, the two words that are so tempting, offering redemption to those who messed up their JEE. Yes, we know it, we’ve been there. The competition starts off as cut-throat, “nerds” refusing to help out by lending their notes, people not sharing books, etc. But as the weeks progress, people just calm down and realise that these antics won’t actually ensure you a branch change. So what does get you a branch change? A staggering cg which reflects the insane amount of hard work you put into it, the numerous one nighters you pulled mastering physics, the caffeine you over dosed on. And there is no one better than the people who have achieved the seemingly impossible to give you tips on the same. These tips may seem repetitive, maybe even obvious, but let’s face it people, there is no felix felicis to guarantee success here; follow these tips as faithfully as possible, and that will ensure that you’ve at least given your best. 1. Routine, routine, routine. Ayush says: Routine is essential! Slacking off to a branch changing aspirant is like the forbidden fruit, luring you into the promised land- where you can watch HIMYM reruns all day, play CS till you forget what outside looks like, sleep so long that people think you’ve died. But succumbing to it didn’t work out for Adam, and it won’t for you. It just serves to distance you from you goal. This path of indolence has no return, young ones. Stay away from it.

2. Stay Motivated Lilly says: Tell people who doubt you to Fluff off! Once you start your preparation, there are going to be people who demotivate you- to get an edge over you, to put you down to soothe their own ego, or maybe just because they have nothing better to do because it’s Saturday and their daily soaps don’t air. Stay miles away from them. These people serve no purpose, they are not well-wishers who are giving you the handy criticism, for criticism and negativity are all they spread. Remember that the director isn’t going to ask them on who they think should be the branch changers. Just smile at such people while mentally setting them on fire. You need to be motivated- there’s slim chance of success when you don’t believe in it yourself. 3. It’s all about equality: Aashiq says: Give equal importance to all your subjects. Letting those C++ lessons pile up while you just focus on Math is a bad idea. It may seem easier to ignore the subject you detest but, in the end, this negligent attitude of yours will just further you from your aim. Closing your eyes doesn’t make the problem go away, it just gives the problem more time to grow into an ugly scary monster, persisting forever. At the same time, don’t ignore the easy subjects. One of the perils of relative grading is that you are not the only one that aces the paper. It’s a tough competition, the A+ window closes fast, only a couple of marks wide to begin with. Your over-confidence and complacency might turn that assured A+ into a dreaded B+. 4. Breathe, once in a while: Yuvraj Says: Breaks are important to refresh yourself. While studying for oh-so-long hours at a stretch may seem like a good idea in the start, it will absolutely kill you and turn you into a depressed maniac in a few months. You need to refresh yourself, have some sort of a reward for sticking to your regime. Listen to music, watch an episode of The Family Guy, dress your finger up as little people and talk to them (hey, we aren’t judging!), but do SOMETHING. Have a life beyond your books so that you don’t give up on your aim altogether, claiming it to be too difficult.

5. Succeed, like a boss: Is it possible to get a branch change and not give up on your social life altogether? Yes it is, and KP Vikas and Prabhakar Bhargava are our very own shining examples. KP Vikas could be found playing football and cricket, socializing with his huge group of friends, partying, anchoring the talent night, (dancing too!) and well, just about anything. And yet he managed to get an amazing cg! How did he do it? Is he secretly a wizard? A robot? A male Hermione Granger? Or a guy who has his life all balanced, and knows how to work smart while working hard? My money’s on the robot. ( :P) Prabhakar, too, excelled in sports, and seemed to handle his academics wonderfully! Remember facche, it’s all about time management- how to fill those gaps and judiciously take breaks.Sacrificing the less important to save those activities that are dearer to you. And yes, KP and Prabhakar have proved that you don’t need to turn into a zombie, locked up in your room to get a branch change. KP was unavailable for comment as he was busy being fabulous.

6. History Repeats Itself: Prabhakar says: Practice previous year question papers.Some subject’s end term question papers are, I kid you not, more than 50% copied from previous years. Besides showing the complacent attitude of the paper setters that the students don’t bother referring to previous question papers, it serves as a jackpot to those that had practiced away

7. Losers Procrastinate: Aashiq says: Do your tutorial sheets on time. Yeah, you are supposed to solve those sheets you get, instead of folding them neatly and never looking back at them, except when using them to wipe away dust from your laptops. It will give you ample practice and in subjects like math, it helps a tonne in the exams! And besides, once you’re done, just lend your solutions to others so they can benefit as well. It is the highest form of charity you can do, being an IITian.


So facche, follow these mundane tips to have an exceptional success story! Maybe we’ll cover you next time for this article ! Happy Ghiss-ofying :D

InDepth, Oct. ‘13 Heading

travelogue Bucket List Footloose Lana Del Rey

The mid summer schedule turns out to be quite boring, eh? These monotonous sleep-sessions, (are they called classes?) and boring, dreary practicals! (It’s Third Degree Torture I tell you!!) I know how you’re Upcoming legend, Lana Del Rey, has something about feeling; tired, moody, frustrated. Well, Is it ADHD (Awfully Drowsy yet Holding it Disorder) ? her that captivates you completely. Her style of music, Cheer up guys! I’ve just the cure for it- you (desperately) need a “Break”-away (from everything, lyrics and the overall “feel” of her songs are completesigh!). To cure the boredom, and provide the much needed adrenaline boost, I’ve the place for you! ly unearthly and, assuredly, something you’ve never Manali, nested in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is a picturesque hill station, renowned for its heard before. Her genre is emo, a little different form the usual Rock, Pop and Metal you’re used to hearing aesthetic beauty and serene surroundings. Circumscribed by the snow-clad mountains of Himalayas, and her songs convey a much deeper meaning than dense pinewoods and the meandering Beas River, mere words cannot describe the breathtaking beauty meets the eye! Some of her must-hear tracks include: of this place. Situated at an altitude of 6260 feet, Manali is the premier hill station in the Kullu valley, “Carmen”, “Video Games”, “National Anthem”, “Puppy Love”. whose splendour lies in the perennial Beas river with conifer gradients and crop orchards hiking up to Perhaps most striking is how poised Del Rey remains, her the snow clad knolls of the Himalayas. This awe inspiring hill resort thrives between the imposing peaks remarkably controlled performance- maintaining the uber-cool compoof Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges, believed to be the holy abode of numerous Gods and Goddesses. sure that defines her as a glamour icon as well. Now guys, I’m not going to carry on with the usual stuff (blah blah blah) but I guess little clues about the place were necessary, right? Manali has something in store for everyone. The Shiva Trilogy For the Art-Culture fanatics, The Naggar Castle, which also houses the famous Reorich Art gallery, is just the place. Amish Tripathi’s Shiva trilogy is THE HOT TOPIC of discussion regarding Housing the paintings and art works of many famous books these days, with every second book stall Russian artists (chiefly Nicholas Reorich), this place is also having it on display! But for those of you wondering an architectural wonder, encompassing the blend of both whether or not you should pick up a copy just Western and Himalayan architectural styles. Before I forget, because everyone says you should, here’s a little yet another place to visit is the Urusvati Himalayan Folk Art something that’ll help you make your decision: Museum which comprises exquisite, enchanting art Well written, it is an enjoyable read but be warned, it work(you better not miss it :-P ) Now, obviously, there are does get draggy as you progress through the books. multitudes of temples both in and near Manali, having great It’s sort of the writer’s own version of the Indian religious significance, some of them being, Bijli Mahadev Temple, Hadimba Temple, Gayatri Temple, Jagga- mythology, quite different from that which we know, nath temple, Raghunath Temple, Hanogi Mata Temple (this list, like that of the deities, is endless).The but then again, what’s mythology but a collection of myths? Lord Manu temple (the only temple of Lord Manu) and Jagatsukh temple. These are one of the few temWho’s ever to know the truth? ples which not only architectural marvels through their finest wooden carvings but also charm you with the peace and beauty of the environment, that attracts a hoard of pilgrims with the peace and serenity that envelops one’s mind and soul, inexpressible in any mortal language. Breaking Bad has become the most sensational The main attraction of the tourists is the Rohtang Pass (15 km from Manali), a place of breathtaking show on television in the current times for more beauty. The top presents a spectacularly panoramic view of the surroundings, consisting of magnificent reasons than one. glaciers and mighty peaks, including the wonderful Rahara Falls. Located at a height of 3980 m, the Pass Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White, a strugonce served as a crucial trade route, and still remains a gateway to the districts of Lahaul and Spiti. gling high school chemistry teacher, diagnosed with Just beyond the Pass lies the Sonapani Glacier and the twin peaks of Gaypan. Beas Kund, the source of inoperable lung cancer, who turns to a life of crime, producing and selling the Beas river, a holy site for Hindus where sage Vyas is said to have meditated, is also accessible from methamphetamine with a former student, Jesse Pinkman. The show has the Rohtang Pass. The Tibetan Monasteries and hot sulphur springs also attract multitudes of tourists. vision, and the writers manage to take a long Tedious travelling, isn’t it? Curse me, How can I forget those lurching and moaning tummies! Hungry, story-arc and not let it get away from them. right? What about a place right in the middle of lush green alpine vegetation dotted with myriad hues Everything compliments everything else. The color of blossoms, spiced up with perfect ambience and serene surroundings? and the music, the increasingly unsympathetic role Did I forget to mention the “Real” Italian handmade pizza, baked specially of Walter White in stark contrast to the increasingly in wooden oven, served with a large variety of 5 star rated desserts? human Jesse Pinkman, the humor and the tension. That’s Casa Bella Vista, just the perfect place to pamper your taste buds. Moreover the cottages there are exceptionally comfortable with amazing interiors and top class facilities where you can relax peacefully, after tedious trekking on the mounaneous terrain. Too much relaxing for now. Buck up pals! Here comes the flush of adrenaline overdose. To all those adventure sports fanatics, here are your Elysian Fields. A must try is Zorbing. Imagine the thrill of rolling The Internship is a humorous take on down steep slopes at heart racing speeds inside your transparent plastic zorb! Mind it, even “bonds” get internships and how grueling they can goosebumps. get! Two salesmen whose careers Paragliding presents yet another thrilling experience, have been torpedoed by the digital and the mesmerising slopes of Solang Valley (12 kms age find their way into a coveted from Manali) offer just the opportunity to spread your internship at Google, where they must wings and glide along the clear blue skies. A word of compete with a group of young, caution: Don’t just fall in love with it, you would never tech-savvy geniuses for a shot at wish to leave. Oops! The take off might give you gooseemployment. Follow the hilarious bumps, but the ride is smooth with perfect aerial view adventure and discover how these of lush green slopes and alpine meadows dotted with old dogs learn new tricks! fluffy white sheep. Skiing is yet another sport to excite your nerves. The two slopes here in Solang valley are ideal for beginners and are rated among the best ski-resorts. What more, all this fun in summers! Foreign internships coming up? Feeling lost, where to take lessons in the Then, you can enjoy trekking through the tricky slopes of Kullu. Nested on the upper Kullu Valley, on basics of the country’s native tongue? Worried the banks of Beas, there are enormous trek-routes where you can trail through rocky terrains, crystal about how you’ll find time to fit in those clear lakes, blossoming pastures, dense forests and sanctuaries. (Fun time guaranteed!!) River Beas is also lessons in your tight schedule? one of the finest spots for rafting. The snow-fed river bed of this untamed, ruthless, fast-gushing Beas Well, worry not people! DuoLingo is an absooffers an awfully thrilling experience that mere words cannot describe. This bone chilling, body-dripping lutely free Application for both iOS as well as rafting experience petrifies the experts as well! Android users and with lessons available Sigh! There’s so much to go on about Manali, but why should I disclose ALL the fun? Shun the offline- making it possible to take them at your own convenience, on laziness, people, to explore the nature, rather than just grumbling and sulking about your dull, drab college your own portable device! DuoLingo offers a wide range of languages life. Pack up, guys! Manali awaits you!!! including French, German, Spanish and Italian- all free of cost


Travelogue by : Apoorva Vishwakarma



InDepth, Oct. ‘13

not just A profit-loss stAteMeNt An empty mind is a devil's workshop", it’s a universal truth, though the devil is not literal. Only a few in the world are blessed with blissful solitude in their free time and idle mind. Many others may retract to their pensive mood, but most would like to socialize in any way possible, just to escape that lonely, isolated feeling. It's high time now, the load of hefty syllabus and cramming concerns being off your shoulders. Think about it- now you are free! No matter how you perceive that to be. In true sense as you are following this article, you have absolutely hours and hours of “nothing to do” time, “bakar” time and what not. After all this comes a brief stint, it may not seem brief but mostly is; this is the time when you get "bored", and realize being awful. Let your time not go in vain: the real world is just a stage, but the play at times might be badly cast. Secluded from reality you can now take a trip to the virtual world. That can be your very own enamoured dream, your own INCEPTION.


Gaming:- People usually say games are just an asset you have for passing time. I ask these people - then why are people so captivated by them? Why do these games become so intense, so much so as becoming the reality? Let’s face it, no matter what nerds or geeks might say - the gaming industry is booming and still has a lot ofpotential. Based on opinion poll


Honestly - Nothing, but when only gain becomes the primary objective, artistic integrity is repressed. This is not the platform to repeat the well known "All work no play-Jack" saying but it’s perfectly suited. Following the daily routine causes your mind to stagnate, and might even hamper your creativity and growth. The one sure shot thing gaming does is to improve your perception of things around you, it modifies the thinking process and even promotes creativity to an extent. All these come in a single disguised package.

Variety : Choose what suits you MIND BOGGLERS

Limbo, Portal, Heavy-rain might be less heard of, but are some of the most enticing games ever. Observation and out of the box thinking are some of the features which are abundant throughout these games, forcing you to utilise your grey mater, thus taking gaming to a whole new level.

THE INTRIGUING OTHERS The SIMS, Trine, Gone Home etc. might not have a large fan following, but these too pack a punch, and can bring you to the edge of your seat just with a glimmer of some outstanding innovations.



No matter how much you try to describe them, words always fall short.The pioneering Assassins Creed, the flamboyant Max Payne, to the open worlds of GTA, the multiplayer warfare of Call of Duty, to the clan matches in Counter Strike, everything is just so irresistible.


The all time favourites :- CS, COD, Team Fortress etc. are very popular multiplayer, LAN - play games. Single player mode though exciting, has become a faded fashion. Clan play and Team Deathmatch are the order of the day.

This category has evergreen games including the likes of FIFA, NBA, Cricket, etc. This genre may even be broadened to include the racing world - NFS, Grid, Dirt are few of the tycoons who sweep the market in this section.



The never ending and ever interesting games :- Batman Arkham series, GTA, Farcry, Splinter Cell, Crysis, Max Payne. The storyline is just awesome. The fiction created in nothing less than a well thought out novel, with twists and turns ready to just stupefy you.

Constituted by :- Real Time Strategy and Turn Based.Few of the popular ones are DOTA, AOE, Starcraft and Civilization. Establishing your kingdom, making your authority felt in vivid gaming environments, comprising of other kingdoms as well, all competing for power. Defending against invasion and eliminating threats to your survival. The diversity and intricacies of each game.


Hi Reader, HOVAWIUE. TPANRHCTGMEICYOMS . Grid the Off Live We Cheers, Xx

in the Counter Strike game, your 2. Last alive Counter Terrorist wnctions as it displays the follo defusal kit unfortunately malfu the line generated in the series is ing on the screen. The Next , Beep you help yourself survive? code to defuse the bomb. Can beep, beep

1 11 21 1211 111221 n line of one of the greatest villai 3. The cipher quotes a famous the same charisma?. of all time. Can you enact it in

Between where do the pigs live?


InDepth, Oct. ‘13 Heading


Great enthusiasm, interest and passion are certain omnipresent sentiments associated with any general sport. A game doesn’t incorporate just physical or mental attachment, but involves emotional attachment too. A cognitive view would reveal that the sheer pleasure you feel when you actively participate in a sport, breaking sweat of pure hard work, satisfies you comprehensively. We, as sportspersons, live for this feeling, which essentially comes from one's own effort, from within. A bulging net from a sweetly struck volley, a well timed late cut, a full pouncing smash, a precisely placed top-spin, a pile driver into the goal or a last second three pointer are just some things that comprise an essence of this enticing feeling. Such acts do enthral any sportsperson, sending chills down their spines. As a player, one yearns for such acts of perfection. In this multitude of happenings, we move on to a section with which we are presently concerned with: Campus Sports.

The one thing fans want most is to win this coveted title, lifting the champions trophy, the most eliteclubs championship. Same as every year the battle is intense. According to UEFA the top 5 ranked are :1. 2.

FC Barcelona . FC Bayern München


Real Madrid CF


Chelsea FC


Manchester United FC

ENTHUSIASM FOR SPORTS The enthusiasm for the game, true for any campus, is prevalent here too, with its own peculiarities. The field is hammered each day, the routine of the evening events kick off with cricket, followed by hockey and then football- all inter-mingling, interfering and imposing over each other. It seems to be quite absurd, but it is rightly said, "Reality is what you take it to be". Nonetheless, this has never belittled the spirits of the budding, yet naive, sport enthusiasts. With the sole aim of competing in the Inter Bhawan or trying for the Inter IIT, people do tussle a lot on the multi-purpose field. Though this aim might be motivation enough to try to excel, most of the players play with a play-for-fun mentality, rendering the very motivational aim vague. Always remember though, nowadays people know the price of everything but the value of nothing. So everyone give the best they can, have their bit of fun and appraise these 'sporting' moments of college life.

Cricket at its best, India the proud organisers and as everybody knows, cricket is in every Indian's blood. Crickets lovers just can't keep away.

Nadal proved his point, grabbing the title, dominating over Djokovic in the finals All the greats have a point to prove, eagerly waiting for the thrilling Australlian open To look forward to

DFL'13 : Leagues Ka BAAP !! The FOOTBALLING fantasy everyone wants to be a part of , be it the managers , owners or the players. The stakes are atrociously high, with a staggering sum up for grabs they ought to be .The very same fact has also increased intensity with which everyone perceives football and in turn has promoted hostility among the four franchise owners. The common notion of world football being spoiled with the inflow of extravagantly large monetary sanctions, in our scenario too this may play a role, but to an extent. This frightens football supporters that the spirit of this beautiful game might be lost. As a player myself it concerns me and causes me to question, to whom would the players swear their allegiance? If lucrative offers are concealed at every corner and then deception would become the state of play. Putting all “may be“ things apart, the present scenario indicates the general increase in interest towards football. This is elucidated by the fact that drama on and off the field has grown in leaps and bounds. The austerity can as well be imagined with change in the game-play of this beautiful game. Players , do try their level best to “level up “ their game all year round, but this time of the fall is witnessing, great fervour and vigour in every player to prove his worth. Players are yearning for playtime, often getting nothing, contrary to what they generally wish for. The purpose of DFL, to promote football in the campus has seen progress in a tremendous fashion. The competition is now tougher, thus a whole new breed of talent is being nurtured - one which can handle the pressure and perform to the best of their ability. This may even serve as a revelation of the ostentatious players who desperately want to impress with their seemingly high end talent. Nevertheless all one needs is a composed head, quick feet and a big heart. Now putting all things to bed, everyone is hoping for a successful tournament, with lots of goals, excitement and drama, wishing for the same. KEEP CALM AND ENJOY THE DFL



InDepth, Oct. ‘13

hat better way to describe the world of cinema, than through the simplicity of a child’s perspective. Let us begin with a story… A child went to watch the blockbuster Chennai express, which shattered all the records ever established in the golden history of Indian cinema. To his great amazement, he saw a man with dazzling looks and a supernatural sparkle in his eyes, marching towards him, saying “Child, I am Mr. Bollywood. I am 100 years old but still young and dashing. Today I will accompany you to those dimensions of Indian lm industry which are hardly strolled”. He then escorted the child to unveil his own secrets and mysteries through the artists who like magicians, perform these amazing feats.


The driver of the movie express is the man who himself lays the rails and simultaneously drives the cinematic train on it. Man with the vision, who develops the mental blueprint of the film, convinces the producer to invest, illustrating the gravity residing in his idea. He then approaches an editor, the artist who can transform the abstract ideas into material form through the script. Thus begins the casting process, done with the casting director’s aid. The setting of the movie, be it an exotic tropical destination, or the slopes of the Swiss alps, is decided by the director in collaboration with the producer.

The boon for the director of the movie is the casting director. He hand-picks for the director, the cast for specific roles in the movie ranging from side to lead actors. This genre includes the likes of Mukhesh Chhabra, who casted the trio of “Kai Po Che” and it is because of his grace, that the talent of Shushant Singh Rajput was unveiled. In “Gangs of Wasseypur 2”, he was the reason behind director’s success due to his perfectly suited cast of 325 actors, ranging from Faizal played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the son of the slayed Sardar who eventually traced his footprints to heaven, or maybe hell, (who knows?), to the Sultan played by Pankaj Tripathi the slayer. Casting individuals for a movie requires excellent communication skills, through knowledge of the script and ability to recognize and hone the talent of future superstars.

The producer initiates the process of movie making by waving green flag to the director’s dream express and financing the movie. The producer shepherds the movie right from its inception to the completion and even beyond. Actually his main interest lies in the beyond section as that’s the time he can reap the fruits of the hardwork put in by his team. Producer is the one who must remember the central vision and goal of the movie and be fiscally and creatively responsible for that. With so much money to be invested along with so many responsibilities to bear, producers can have executives to share the workload and assist them in their project.

Chief Patron Prof. Pradipta Banerji

THE SCREENPLAY WRITER Famous novelist HG Wells once wrote, “The past

Co-Faculty Advisor Dr. S. K. Mishra

is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is or has been is but the twilight of the dawn” The Screenplay writer sets the foundation on which the movie crew can endow their unique artistic talents. His talent must give birth to something which can decode the whole story in reader’s mind. The script must draw in fascinating characters, exciting plot and the great premise yet, strictly adhering to the limits of dramatic construction and industry expectations regarding style and format. Screenplays are broadly bisected into two key parts, firstly, spec or speculative script written for open market without any pay promise and commissioned script, written by hired writer for the film.

protest, the studdness of Salman , the young looks of Shivaji the boss and the serene and supernatural beauty of all the Bollywood actresses is not totally by grace of God, it’s the magical effect of a cinematic weapon ,the camera , directed by cinematographer and controlled by cameraman. Lighting is one of the fundamental elements of film making , the way in which light falls on an actor’s face, reveals an interior space, or illuminates the landscape, can create mood , drama and excitement for the audience. The prime role of cinematographer is to provide film with unique visual identity.

Director’s , producer’s hyped by the media , superstars are being recklessly awarded with extra stars crafting an aura of superiority but behind this shimmering glamour a community resides who bears the onus of acquiring a slate of films via deals with studios and through production companies. He handles media promotion and formulate the master plan regarding the bumper box office collection

Faculty Advisor Prof. S. Palsule

Secretary Hari Govind The Team Abhinav Dixit Abhishek Dutt Abhishek Kulkarni

THE MUSIC DIRECTOR In the game called life it’s said, “people come THE CINEMATOGRAPHER A fact though hard to believe and subject to firm

Patron Prof. Ravi Bhushan

Akshay Jassal

and go, but memories last forever”. From Anand Gaggar Naushad Sahab’s music in the cinematic epic, Apoorva Vishwakarma “Mother India” ,to the modern day Mithoon’s music in the sentimental “Aashique 2” ,the leagcy of producing world class music in Divyanshu Jaiswal Bollywood perpetuates.The folks who hide themselves behind the Ehtisham Qalander description of divine love in Aarohi’s heart through “Tum hi ho” in “Aashiqui 2” or the Badtameezi of Bunny in “Badtameez Dil” of “Yeh Himanshu Manchanda Jawani Hai Deewani” or the intense desire to succeed through “Zinda” of “Bhag Milkha Bhag”, are a group of individuals who work in Marutesh Agarwal communion to fabricate a masterpiece. The lyricist provides body to Mohit Bairathi the song as per the script; the composer adds the soul, that is the music, to the song. The finishing touch is bestowed upon by the singer who showers the Mukund Devulapalli vvvmelody of his voice, breathing life, into what has now become a living, breathing song.


Navaneet Madhoor

Nishant Ketan Singh “Without music and dance life would be a mistake” but there is a community which dwells in the huddled streets of Bollywood and is responsible for picturising the confluence of these invaluable gifts. Their technical job is to choreograph and direct the dancers to perform in the movies in an articulate manner, as per the theme of the script. Prabhu Deva , Indian Michael Jackson, known for his fast paced dance movements, choreographed Hrithik for “Mai aisa kyun hun” from “Lakshya” and was awarded the national film award for choreography. Saroj Khan, known as the best Indian choreographer, has choreographed iconic stars in more than 200 films! Farah Khan, choreographer turned director, has won the hearts of masses by choreographing the item numbers like munni badnam hui and Sheila ki jawani.


Saharsh Sharma Shubham Tikkiwal Sunil Kumar Ravindran Vaishnavi Shukla Vineet Yadav Wardah Akhtar

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InDepth Vol. 5 Issue 1  
InDepth Vol. 5 Issue 1  

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