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María Paula Cabrera Santos 10C


EDISON’S WINDMILL I LEARNING EXPERIENCE Maria Paula Cabrera, Sara Gonzalez, Mariana Mahecha We decided to apply the gear assembly mechanic principle in the construction of a windmill.

How gears works? A gear is a kind of wheel which is serrated. In this case the gear let to the machine to produce movement which could control the speed of it. In the movement that each gear do we can observe how each tooth is engaging and another disengaging. Also the size of each gear would affect the speed between the input and output. The first one is the one with the movement and the second one is the one that “drives” it.

Does the size affects? The bigger the gear is, the slower the system’s speed would be. And, in the same way, the smaller the gear, the faster the system would move.

Types. On the Basis of Arrangement of Shafts

On the Basis of the Types of Gearing

On the Basis of the Position of Teeth on the Gear.


External Gearing



Internal Gearing


NonIntersecting and NonParallel

Rack and Pinion


Based in this model with tried to do our model on Edison:

Position of Teeth on the Gear.

Types of Gearing


Arrangement of Shafts



Description of the Prototype We aimed to do a windmill, so we used the Edison as our source of power, there are 5 gears to give more power to the whole system, all the teeth are in line because other way the whole system wouldn’t work. The strength in the system increases when it goes from gear to gear, so with them 5 gears it´s a strong system, efficient for the type of work that a windmill does. The first gear is smaller than the rest because we are interested in the speed of the system. It was difficult to put together the pieces because the will fell off. But finally we achieved what we wanted from the beginning.


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Taller robótica 3 cabrera maria