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Turn key projects • Project management • Stainless Steel & mild steel fabrication & installation • Water systems projects • Insulation and lagging For the Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Power & Petro Chemical Industries.

I ntro d u c tio n New Heights Technology specializes in the Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Beverage Industries in all stainless steel fabrication, installation and associated steel work with more than 25 years experience in this field. The Company at was founded by Stephen Ah Dong , skilled and experienced in the Stainless Steel Industry. New Heights Technology head office is based in Johannesburg since its inception in 1998 and has grown steadily to become on of the preferred service providers in the steel industry thereby enjoying positive and ongoing relationships established

with our clients. A further expansion has seen the establishment of an office in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth. Dedication to precision, resourcefulness and the high quality of our workmanship with a clear commitment to the promptness on delivery time of our services makes New Heights Technology fully efficient andcompetent to take on any task. This results in the fact that we see any project with enthusiasm and no project is too big or too small; we pride ourselves on finding solutions for the impractical and impossible.

our mission Our business philosophy encompasses the concept of superior service and to ensure prompt, reliable delivery and quality workmanship. We are committed to technology and technical skills development of our employees for human advancement, project delivery and business excellence. New Heights Technology dedicates itself in supporting our clients in the process of building & upgrading their facilities thereby optimising their existing plants and industrial works. w e l e av e a r e f i n e d q ua l i t y t r a d e m a r k

S e r v i ce s New Heights Technology offers design, implementation and management services in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors, and remains fervently black empowerment-driven. Our team and company has the capacity to exercise professionalism and leadership within the company’s field of expertise to satisfy customer requirements and demands.

• New Heights Technology offer complete turnkey projects with both mechanical and technical installation by ourselves along with electrical installation by our electrical partner. • We are able to supply all the stainless steel [304L & 316L] and mild steel materials & fittings. • New Heights Technology can design & engineer plant layouts as well as 3 dimensional [3D] plant blueprints. • Insulation [mineral wool and polyurethane] • The Tank division fabricates and supplies storage tanks, staircases with platforms and walkways, batch pasteurisers, cube mixers, mixers, wash drums and sugar hoppers. • Water systems and filtration with our associated companies. • Stainless steel and mild steel fabrication and installations

• Orbital welding supplied with qualified operators • Customer maintenance contracts with a dedicated team per site. • Utilities such as steam lines, air, chilled water, municipal water and ammonia lines • The company additionally functions in the process of removing and cutting out old/unused material and equipment Especially in the Food and Beverage Industries it is imperative that certain grades are achieved, impacting the safety of the products. Incomparable excellence in our workmanship is essential and we take this to heart- our work is beyond the food grade welding standards. All our products are purged while welding. • New Heights Technology specialises in both hot and cold insula tion applications. The mediums of insulation used is Polyurethane Foam Spraying, Foam Injection and Mineral Wool.

w e l e av e a r e f i n e d q ua l i t y t r a d e m a r k

Th e Te a m We provide the skills of a number of highly qualified artisans such as Technicians, Pipe Fitters, Welders & Boiler Makers & Process Technicians. Johannesburg has a permanent staff compliment of 22 employees and Port Elizabeth a compliment of 13 employees. The Business is totally black owned and the four share holders in the business possess the faculty to exercise professionalism and leadership in the Company’s field of proficiency to satisfy the client’s prerequisites and stipulations. Our staff consists of: ·





Pipe Fitters


Boiler makers


Apprentice welders


Apprentice Pipe Fitters


5 Project Managers/inclusive of the directors


2 Receptionists


2 Drivers


2 Storemen w e l e av e a r e f i n e d q ua l i t y t r a d e m a r k

Pro d u c ts

O r b i ta l W e l d i n g New Heights is one of the few companies in South Africa to be equipped with orbital welding equipment. The model at hand is a pre-programmable/programmed inverter type welding power supply and controller designed but not limited to automatic orbital welding applications that require the addition of filler material. With the Model 227 Power Supply, high-integrity, code-quality welds are easily reproduced at the touch of a button. The program library stores up to 100 weld schedules and titles each schedule with a block of information including, pipe or fitting OD, wall thickness, material type and weld type such as tube, pipe, fitting, etc. The optional External Memory Module may be used to store additional weld schedules or to transfer data from one machine to another. Welding quality control is enhanced by programmable override limits. This allows the operator to have control over the welding parameters without exceeding the allowable limits of the welding procedure.

Flow Panels & Transfer Lines

Swing Bend Panels

CIP Tanks

Aseptic Tanks

Piping Layout

Pipe Work on UHT Filling Tanks

Sterilizing Plants

Pipe Work on Fruit Dozing Tanks

Various Types of Clusters

Pipe Work Supplying Filling Machines

w e l e av e a r e f i n e d q ua l i t y t r a d e m a r k

C l i e nts

Classic Beverages Coca Cola Canners Wadeville Coca Cola Bedfordview


New Heights is a proud member of the SASSDA – South African Stainless Steel Development Association.

Guth SA NDE Foodspec Air Liquide Alfa Laval Wika pumps Inoxpa Pumps w e l e av e a r e f i n e d q ua l i -

Johannesburg: 3 Fr ans Venter Stree t, FloriDa, Roodepoort , Johannesburg 2000 Tel: +27 011472 4140 fax: +27 086 624 4952 • Stephen Ah Dong - TEL: +27 011 472 4140 fAX: +27 086 624 4952 cELL: + 27 082 416 6181 Gizelle Ah Dong - TEL: +27 011 472 4140 fAX: +27 086 624 4952 cELL: + 27 082 452 5398 R avi govender - TEL: +27 011 472 4140 fAX: +27 086 624 4952 cELL: + 27 079 873 3550 patrick pe terson- TEL: +27 011 472 4140 fAX: +27 086 624 4952 cELL: + 27 082 680 9043 PORT eliz abeth: 51 Cresswell street, sidweel, port eliz abe th, 1710 Joas Maake - TEL: +27 041 453 0417 fAX: +27 086 624 4952 cELL: + 27 082 452 5398

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