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Gratitude Report 2015 - 2016

Those Who Make Our Work Possible Board of Trustees 2015-2016 Chris Boone, President Paige Leslie Baird, Vice-President Mark Fleenor, Secretary Olivia Padilla-Jackson, Treasurer Clarissa Krinsky, Board Liaison Kim Baird Chris Cates David Fine William Lang Sarah Laskey Dawn Lorenz Carla Martinez Anne McLusky Gary Miller Lee Patchell Renee Patton Cynthia Phillips Matt Rembe Michael Rogholt Tracy Small Eric Thulin Vincent Ward

Development & Marketing Committee Dawn Lorenz, Chair Neal Piltch, Head of School Cathy Hubbard, Assistant Head of School Clara Kilcup, Director of Development Madonna Prokopiak, Director of Admission & Financial Aid Rachael Miletkov, Associate Director of Development Karroll Candelaria-Bauer, Development Assistant Emily Villegas, Associate Director of Admission and Financial Aid Kim Baird Chris Boone Jessica Carothers Clarissa Krinsky Sarah Laskey Anne McClusky Janice Morrow Katie Ogawa Renee Patton Marcella Stewart

Faculty and Staff Neal Piltch, Head of School Cathy Hubbard, Assistant Head of School Kelly Bauer, Director of Technology Madonna Prokopiak, Director of Admission & Financial Aid Elizabeth Foster, Director of Finance & Operations Clara Kilcup, Director of Development Katie Abbott Rob Aikman Michael Aragon Priscilla Archuleta Jesse Armijo Dina Austin Carla Balkins Melissa Bentley Deb Benton Kristen Bierer Penny Briner Ewell Lisa Brooks Karroll Candelaria-Bauer Jennifer Chavez Michael Chavez Denise Comstock Jennice Coté Claudia Craft Linda Desjarlais Stephanie Dobbie Fran Fernandez Merlinda Foreman Sharol Gabbert Stephanie Garcia Patricia Gonzales Stephanie Harris Jodie Hart Liz Hausenfleck Kimber Hendee Sheila Hernandez Andrea James Jamie Jones Louise Junick Lupita Kendall Shelly Kennedy Michelle Key Carrie Khalsa Leanne Kimbrough Tonya Kopf Jessie Kraemer

A Message from the Head of School Keith Laffler Vanessa Leyba Walter Lopez James Lovato Annie Low Ellen Madden Tesa Maestas Bernice Martinez Rachael Miletkov Lynley Moye Channery Nakai Annie Nash Quang Nguyen Gloriane Ortega Sandy Ortega Kathleen Ortiz Rachel Patton Uriel Pedroza Lorene Peterson Julia Raby Jamie Radenbaugh Albert Ramirez Regina Rizek Lou Romero Jesus Salcido P.J. Salcido Nancy Skilnick Kirsten Smith-Wall Shari Stewart Julius Tachias Leanne Ulibarri Chris Vialpando Emily Villegas Penny Voss Christie Waldschmidt Michelle Wick Kathleen Zenz

Manzano Day School Parents’ Association Officers President: Cindy Silva President-Elect: Jennifer Hubbard Secretary: Cynthia Suchomel Board Liaison: Clarissa Krinsky Pre-k/K VP: Robin Abbott 1st Grade VP: Andrea Cook-Julian 2nd Grade VP: Rob Douangpanya 3rd Grade VP: Anna Mesiti 4th Grade VP: Stacy Wilson 5th Grade VP: Lori Ann Romero

This report was published by the Manzano Day School Development Office and includes gifts received between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. We have made every effort to list all donors in this report. We regret any errors or omissions and request that you report corrections to the Development Office.

The accomplishments presented in this Gratitude Report are as much yours and they are Manzano Day School’s. I recognize this partnership, and I am happy to have this opportunity to thank you. Without your kindness, none of this would have been possible. I am extremely proud to be part of a vibrant, generous, and supportive community such as Manzano Day School. The educational opportunities, the commitment of talented educators, and the nurturing environment of our school ensures our students receive a remarkable elementary education. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our students and their families, our faculty and staff, and members of the broader Albuquerque community. Manzano Day School continues to balance traditional education and innovative learning, while advancing our mission. These advances are made possible by parents, trustees, faculty and staff, grandparents, corporations, and friends, who have stepped up to support our school. I am deeply grateful for your help in preparing our students, and future students, for a life of discovery and community involvement. Our volunteers make a world of difference, and I appreciate their commitment of time and energy. The school thrives, in large part, because of the involved, giving, and talented group of volunteers who help us in so many ways. There is truly no way to fully express what your generosity means to Manzano Day School. Many thanks go to each and every person who has played a role in continuing the tradition of Joy in Learning®. In gratitude,

Neal Piltch

I am deeply grateful for your help in preparing our students, and future students, for a life of discovery and community involvement.

Financial Overview

Gifts to Manzano Day School

2015-2016 Annual Operating Budget Revenue Tuition & Registration



Auxilliary Programs



Unrestricted Contributions



Total $7,195,794 Expenditures Employee Compensation



Financial Aid




479,422 7%


311,600 4%

New Assets Maintenance & Grounds







Debt Service Other

625,517 9%

Total $7,195,794

Annual Fund $135,000

Gifts to Manzano Day School are critically important for sustaining the health and vitality of our programs, facilities, and scholarships. You can be sure that your gift to Manzano Day School promotes our mission. Gifts and ways to give to Manzano Day School:

General Endowment $775,959

Cash Gifts

Birthday Books $7,575 Miscellaneous* $114,213 Total $1,032,747 *Includes capital campaign, Amigos dues, restricted, and Wings gifts. Manzano Day School is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible as provided by law.

The Manzano Day School Parents’ Association (MDSPA) supports our community by providing the opportunity for the Teacher Fellowship Award. In addition, the MDSPA gives to various Manzano Day School needs. In 2015 - 2016, the MDSPA donated $15,210.00.

• •

Endowment Gifts

Manzano Day School’s endowment ensures the long-term stability and security of our school. Tuition and Annual Fund dollars help support operational expenses, facilities upkeep, and existing programs. Endowment funds can be used to enhance and develop our educational programs, as well as to recruit and retain outstanding faculty, in addition to other unforeseen needs of the school. Ten percent of all unrestricted monies raised under the sponsorship of any committee or organization associated with Manzano Day School are placed in the general endowment.

The breakdown of this generous gift is as follows: • •

Cash is one of the most popular and easiest ways to make a charitable contribution. A cash contribution to Manzano Day School can be in the form of cash, check, money order, or cashiers check. We also accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards.

$5,000.00 - Teacher Fellowship Award $2,677.00 - General Endowment ($600.00 of this used to honor retirees) $5,422.00 - Updated adult bathrooms $2,111.00 - Teacher appreciation activities

Planned or Deferred Gifts


Manzano Day School is dedicated to innovative child-centered education, excellence in teaching, and Joy in Learning® to prepare children for a life of discovery and community involvement in our diverse world.

Create a legacy, and make a lasting contribution to future generations, by including Manzano Day School in your estate plans through a planned or deferred gift. One of the simplest ways to support Manzano Day School’s future is through a bequest donation in your will. Deferred gifts may bring donors several benefits, including income for life

or for a term of years, income for a second beneficiary, and reductions in income, capital gains, gift, or estate taxes. These gifts take many forms, including annuities, remainder trusts, and life insurance.

Securities Gifts of stocks can offer special charitable opportunities for donors, and Manzano Day School accepts donations of securities at any dollar value. It is very important that your financial advisor contact the Development Office in advance of the gift for instructions for handling gifts of securities and to ensure proper documentation and receipting.

Honor or Memorial Gifts A meaningful way to honor a special occasion or remember a loved one is to make a gift to Manzano Day School in honor or memory of that person.

Property & Real Estate Gifts

Gifts In-Kind Donors can provide unique resources to Manzano Day School while receiving recognition for non-cash items that are in direct support of the school’s mission. Examples of such gifts include computers, books, sports equipment, receptions, and advertising. In-kind donations must meet the standard charitable organization rules of usefulness. Our school could not possibly be what it is today without the thoughtful and generous stewardship of our families and friends who have given so generously to Manzano Day School throughout the years.

Gift Categories: Founder’s Circle

Donate your treasures, collectibles, or a parcel of land through a gift of property or real estate. Gifting real estate may allow you to preserve liquid assets while maximizing your charitable contributions.

Matching Gifts

Sustaining Friend

Take advantage of employer matching gift programs that can double or even triple your gift. Ask your personnel office for the proper form to send to Manzano Day School.

$10,000 or more

Benefactor’s Circle

$5,000 - $9,999

Patron’s Circle

$2,500 - $4,999

Partner’s Circle

$1,000 - $2,499 $500 - $999

Supporting Friend

$250 - $499

Contributing Friend

Up to $249

Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Because of YOU...

every area of student life is enriched at Manzano Day School. Annual Fund dollars help meet daily school needs by directly supporting programs, curriculum, professional development, and ongoing technology and facility needs. Thank you! $500 - $999

$5,000 - $9,999

Manzano Day School Parents’ Association

$2,500 - $4,999

Stan & Jennifer Hubbard Kenneth & Tracy McCormick Michael Olmi & Tiffany Sanchez The Walter Henry Freygang Foundation

$1,000 - $2,999

David Baird & Paige Leslie Baird Tracey Bowen & Francine Olmstead Dwight Burney & Gwenn Robinson Phillip & Minerva Camp Joshua & Jessica Carothers Matthew & Julia Coyte Tushar Dandade & Rebecca Hoggatt Rob Douangpanya & Kathleen Allen Mark & Kristen Erasmus Daniel Friedman Kenric & Kristy Garcia Trevor & Erica Hatchell

Dale & Madelynne Johnson Brook & Sarah Laskey Kevin Lee & Mona Abousleman Jeremy & Amber Logan Peter & Dawn Lorenz Geoffrey Scovil & Kathy Love Mary Ann Lucero Kashif Malik & Safura Saeed Thomas Martin & Cynthia Phillips Malcolm Montoya Laura Nathanson Floyd & Sharon Pacheco Srikanth Paladugu & Leena Cherukuri Doug & Alison Peterson Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos Gopal & Kantha Reddy Suraj & Evan Reddy Lou Romero Gilda Romero & Lisa Napolitano Glenn & Joyce Shaffer Ray & Kay Shollenbarger Sujay & Usha Thakur Todd & Kayci Trevino Rick & Anna Wilkerson Kevin & Jessica Williams

Brian & Robin Abbott Larry & Linda Abbott Anonymous Mark Baca Alexei & Ludmila Bakhirev Lara Barkoff Stanislav Belyaev Kirk & Debra Benton Bill & Sharon Bice Pat Brouillette Chris & Lauren Cates Brendan & Catherine Cavanaugh Enrique & Lindsey Cavazos Greg & Katie Chant David & Kristina Czuchlewski Josh & Elisabeth Eden Michael Emerson & Kathryn Naassan Susan Feil Michael & Kimberlee Fernandez Matthew & Karen Finkelstein Elizabeth Foster Aaron Geswaldo & Lilibeth Sanchez-Geswaldo Jan & Kristin Gilmore Gary & Terri Gordon John & Cathy Hubbard Zachary Ives & Laura Schauer Ives Victor Kearney Bart & Jerri Kinney Jerry Koppman & Selina Silva Eric Benson & Clarissa Krinsky Jayant Kumar & Maria Sequeira Kumar William & Margie Lang Greg Levenson Paul & Paige Melendres Gary & Ellie Miller Agatha Norwood David & Sandy Ortega Brian & Mardi Papworth Andrew & Elizabeth Paterson J.C. Peterson & Alicia Feil Peterson Jennifer Plane Trent & Elizabeth Proffitt Mickey & Madonna Prokopiak Allyson Ray & Sara Roybal

Mike & Michelle Renaud Gabriel & Anna Sanchez Cindy Silva Toby & Elisa Simon George & Sara Skarbek-Borowski Kevin & Tracy Small Jonathan & Ashley Stone Target Brian & Carrie Terrell Joseph & Angie Thompson Eric Thulin & Michelle Weh-Thulin Ray & Kathy Trombino Wells Fargo Foundation Bill & Janislee Wiese

$250 - $499

Michael Aragon Vincent Aragón Mark & Shana Baker Harry & Sarah Barnes Stuart & Alberta Benson Christopher Boone & Jennifer Anderson James Braun & Cerianne Mullins Alice Chavez Paul & Linda Cochran Robert & Stephanie Del Campo Jim & Stephanie Dobbie Maxine Friedman Michael & Robyn Gaffney Sendalio & Bernie Garcia Neal & Wendy Gerstein John & Stephanie Good Lorenzo & Olivia Gutierrez Stan & Stephanie Harris Mark & Elizabeth Harris Nathaniel & Aliyah Hill Intel Foundation Brad & Jamie Jones Ronnie Jones Nicholas Kadlec & Casey ReidKadlec Daniel & Vivian Kammler Gurujot & Carrie Khalsa Erik & Tania Kraai Kroger Mark & Donna Lesher Victor Limary & Jocelyn Chao Santiago & Angela Macias Shannon McKigney & Jane Girard Anthony & Angela Mary Miller Lynn Mullins Riaz & Sheliza Musani Peter & Annie Nash James & Ann Nawarskas Thanh Nguyen & Xuan Ngo

Denis & Beverly Pirio Lee Pirnie & Colleen Barkley-Pirnie Virginia Porterfield Sam & Sarah Richardson Leonard Romero John Ryan & Veronica Gonzales Stephen Scissons & Santee Lewis Garth & Jennifer Scrivner Michael & Lori Seligson Arthur & Sonoya Shanks Rahul Sharma & Laura Fitzpatrick Terry & Barb Shirrod Jeremy & Jennifer Taylor Ken Tekin & Annie Gendron-Tekin Matthew & Tasha Teskey Richard & Chandler Todd Norbert Topf & Anne McLusky Richard & Christina Vigil Luis Viveros & Davina Motlow James Walker Vincent & Renee Ward David & Susan Willis Taylor & Katherine Wray

Up to $249

Paul & Susanne Anderson Steve & Maryellen Anderson Patrick & Kathleen Abbott Marcos Abeyta Abinash Achrekar & Shalini Shanker Hemant Agarwal & Sunita Dwivedi Robert & Margherita Aikman Albertsons Allstate Insurance Anonymous Tommy Ao & Soo Jin Kim Arbie Aragón Jesse Armijo Ed & Leslie Atler Timothy Atler & Denise Chanez Larry Ausherman & Amy Sproul Dina Austin Christopher Baca Jacob Baca Michael & Kimberly Baird E. Brooke Baker William & Carla Balkins Frank Barela & Kristina Gutierrez Barela Ted & Rachel Barrett Grant Bauer & Karroll CandelariaBauer Kelly & Ruth Bauer Melissa Bentley Robert & Kristen Bierer Alemayehu Biffa & Adanech Gebre Sat Kartar Bird & Sat Bachan Anthony Julie Bishop & Liz Griego Barbara Blewett Ryon Bornemeier & Bree Lovelady Frank Brady & Nice Koch Chuck & Mary Brindle Toni Briner Penny Briner Ewell Lisa Brooks Alan & Lisa Brooks John & Jennifer Brown

Annual Fund

Annual Fund

Up to $249 (continued)

Todd Bruner & Linda Rios Jacob Buehler & Amber Hayes James & Heather Burdge Paula Butterworth Peter & Dianne Campbell Charles & Karen Cannon Caring Cent Richard Carlson & Siriwan Pitayasak Malcolm Carroll & Armelle Casau Dean & Rhonda Chavez Fernando & Hope Chavez James & Jennifer Chavez Michael & Viola Chavez Patrick Chavez & Elizabeth Hausenfleck Kevin & Pam Cheek Mica & Denise Comstock Adrian & Arellana Cordero Anthony Costanza & Shaina Spreng Marley & Jennice CotĂŠ Claudia Craft Alexander & Sara Crecca Tom Cushing & Yasmin Magdaleno Sasha Custer Drew & Jennifer deGraauw John & Debbie deGraauw Christopher & Jamie Delaney Daniel & Anita Delgado Adam Delu & Sonlee West Dieter Dennig Michael & Linda Desjarlais Charles & Anne Dimas Stephen Dixon & Rebecca Vasilion Bill & Kathie Dolan Drew & Katie Dolan Paul & Tracy Dominguez Christian & Sarah Downey Elyse Eckart & Audrey MorrisEckart Nickolas & Sayoko Eleftheriou Treveston Elliott & Ruth Rosenstein Barry & Christine Epstein Kenneth Eras & Berlinda Baca Eras Gilbert Esser & Elizabeth Whitacre Luz Estrada Kevin Ewsuk & Jill Glass Helen Feinberg Nathan & Fran Fernandez David & Emily Fine Mark Fine & Kirtan Khalsa Mark & Shelly Fleenor

Gilbert & Jenique Flores Brian Forde Jeffrey Forehand Mac & Kay Forehand Merlinda Foreman Susan Fox Sharol Gabbert Ruben Gallegos & Christina Estrada Paul Garcia Dominic & Stephanie Garcia Joseph & Andrea Garcia Stephen & Lisa Garcia Matthew & Rebecca Geballe Shaun & Stephanie Gehres Samuel Gerstein Justin Gibbs Patricia Gonzales Nilo & Dania Gonzalez Frederick Grambort & Cecily Yee Alejandro & Antonette GriĂąe Christopher & Rebecca Gutjahr Stefan & Mindy Gutow Janene Haldeman David Hanson & Jennifer Kavka John & Melissa Harmon Jodie Hart Britain Harvey Dusti Harvey Paul & Stephanie Helman Neal & Kimber Hendee Craig & Amber Hendren Tesa Maestas Laurence & Sheila Hernandez Shanna Hicks

Jim & Bridgette Honea Imogene Hughes Todd Hynson & Vanessa Hawker Derek & Leslie Jackson Travis & Olivia Jackson Andrea & Eric James Stephanie Jaramillo Michael Jasso & Heather Foote Jasso Antonio Jesurun & Kimberly Kalupa Jerome Johnson Gregory & Anna Jones Cotye Julian & Andrea Cook-Julian Don & Louise Junick William & Holland Kastrin Tracey Kelly & Cynthia Suchomel Michael & Lupita Kendall Shelly Kennedy Douglas & Michelle Key GTS & Jivan Joti Khalsa John & Cristin Kiburz Glen & Clara Kilcup Leanne Kimbrough Melissa Klein & Deb Harcke Eron & Tonya Kopf Sara Koplik Jessie Kraemer & Michael Goodrich Thomas & Melissa Kreutzian Tomasz & Anna Kulczycki James La Fata & Katarzyna Kulig Keith & Christine Laffler Randall Lahr Kurt Larson Kevin & Tiffany Leigh

Eric & Dana Lester Gwendolyn Lewis Joe Mendoza & Irene Leyba Laurene Leyba Vanessa & Melissa Leyba Joshua & Jessica Lieb Paul & Elizabeth Livingston Walter & Priscilla Lopez James Lovato Stan & Annie Low Alex Lubin & Kelly Gallagher Greg & Jennifer Ludington Bruce & Susan Machol Ellen Madden Andrea Maestas Larry & Diane Maestas Steven & Jasmin Maestas Julian & Lynda Maietta Bernice Martinez Robert & Anne Marie Martinez Ronnie & Carla Martinez Ruben & Raelene Martinez Jeffrey & Molly Mazer Helen McNaney Timothy McNaney Aubrey & Trisha McWilliams Charles Meade & Julie ArmijoMeade John & Lindsay Meade Juan Medina Ilir & Anna Mesiti Robert & Terri Mickelsen Edward Mignardot & Robin Napoleone Nikolay & Rachael Miletkov David & Susan Minkus Max Minzner & Mary Tobler Jason & Gurprasad Mitchell David Montoya Thomas & Estella Montoya Jaime & Elizabeth Moya Scot & Lynley Moye Channery Nakai Kyle Nayback & Briana Zamora Michael Nelson & Marron Lee Nelson Stephen Newsom & Tory Gong Quang & Lau Nguyen Andreanna Ochoa Katherine Ogawa Francis & Ruth Olmstead David & Gloriane Ortega Diego & Kathleen Ortiz Thomas Otero & Kya Zhuckkahosee Jeremy & Meagan Parmley Fabiola Parra-Oldham

Wristen & Kelsey Paschich Laura Paskus Shay & Lee Patchell Chris & Renee Patton Jason & Rachel Patton Matthew & Amy Patton Christen Payne Danielle Pecos Uriel Pedroza John Pendergrass & Sushilla Knottenbelt Stephanie Pendergrass & Ann Winegardner Kristina Perea Elizabeth Perlino Walker Vinodh & Malini Perumal Nathan & Lorene Peterson Erin Pettyjohn Steven Piltch & Sondra Greenberg Phillip & Julia Raby Jamie Radenbaugh Siva Rajamanickam & Sridevi Kumaravelu Albert Ramirez

Jessica Romero Lori Ann Romero Aaron Rosato & Tina Mamdani Brooke Rosen Arthur Rosenberg Morgan Royce & Nicole Custer James & Cecelia Ruelas Todd Sandman & Leah Blaugrund Sandman Arthur Sandoval & Jessica Berenson Jesus Salcido & Socorro Villar P.J. & Vicky Salcido Joseph & Erica Salmond Troy & Ann Samora Inigo & Alicia San Gil David & Diana Sanchez Sara & Joaquin Sanchez Joel & Rachel Sanchez Marcos & Dolores Sanchez Seneca & Vanda Savage Richard & Anne Schiek Duane & Elaine Schultz Eugene Schwartzman Francisco & Audra Sedillo

Joseph & Anic Ramirez Ray & Jeanne Renaud Lance Richards & Megan Hill Bill & Carol Richardson Caleb Richardson & Sarah Pirio Richardson Sarah & Roland Richardson Trevor Rigler & Jennifer Jernigan Barbara Rios Dennis Rivera & Alicia Gutierrez Tim & Regina Rizek

Darren & Lisa Shafer Birge & Julia Shulman Nina Simon Vivian & Chelsey Sisneros Robert & Kellee Skelton Trever & Nancy Skilnick David & Aimee Smidt Akshay & Vanita Sood Matt Spader & Lisa Robinson Spader Nicoleta Spilca Sarah Steele

Annual Fund

Up to $249 (continued)

Douglas & Marcella Stewart Bruce & Shari Stewart Ibuki & Akiko Suga Christopher & Margaret Sumruld Julius Tachias Farhan & Felicia Taghizadeh Donald Tennent & Nancy Kirkwood Weigang Tong & Jade Lin Ben & Leanne Ulibarri Mark Unruh & Elizabeth Clewett Imesh & Bhavna Vaidya John & Amy Van Kesteren Adrian & Kendra Vega Jorge & Kit Vela Chris & Megan Vialpando Analisa Villarreal Rolando & Emily Villegas Ross & Tina Volzer Penny Voss Craig Vroman & Esmé Finlay Aaron & Christie Waldschmidt Steve Wall & Kirsten Smith-Wall Robert Wallach & Christine Smith Joseph & Joni Waterman Jo Webb Robyn Weiner Eric & Michelle Weinstein Michelle & David Wick Dora Wiemann Michael Wilson & Ashley Aceves Stacy Wilson

Wings Program

Kenneth Wojciechowski & Uma Krishnamoorthy Eddie Woodfin & Leslie Martinez David & Gigi Yu Mahmood Zamanian & Fakhrossadat Zarifkarfard George Davidson & Kathleen Zenz

“I grew up in Albuquerque and lived there for eighteen years. I then departed for Houston, TX where I eventually became a neuroscientist. Fundamentally, a person owes a large part of his life circumstances to the education received along the way. For me, everything began at Manzano Day School. I’m so grateful to the teachers at Manzano Day School for starting me off on a wonderful path.” David Eagleman, recipient of the 2015 Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms Alumni Award

Wings of Brotherhood Endowment Nicholas Freygang & Jean Rosenthal Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos

Wings 5 & 6 Endowments Abinash Achrekar & Shalini Shanker Arbie Aragón Kelly & Ruth Bauer Alemayehu Biffa & Adanech Gebre BNSF Railway Foundation Martha Brown Richard Carlson & Siriwan Pitayasak Chris & Lauren Cates William & Karla Cates Alexander & Sara Crecca Kevin Ewsuk & Jill Glass Susan Foley Sharol Gabbert Samuel Gerstein Dwight Grant Stan & Stephanie Harris Stan & Jennifer Hubbard Travis & Olivia Jackson Brook & Sarah Laskey Orlando & Kelley Leyba

Paul Nathanson David & Sandy Ortega Floyd & Sharon Pacheco Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos Cynthia Piltch & Jaime Katz Trevor Rigler & Jennifer Jernigan Joel & Rachel Sanchez Terry & Barb Shirrod Eric Thulin & Michelle Weh-Thulin Vincent & Renee Ward Eric & Michelle Weinstein Martin & Tracey Weisberg Bill Moye & Laurie Wiggins-Moye George Davidson & Kathleen Zenz

Wings Scholarship Fund Anonymous Kirk & Debra Benton Elizabeth Foster Glen & Clara Kilcup Greg Ogawa & Diane Harrison Ogawa Chris & Renee Patton Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos Steven Piltch & Sondra Greenberg Mickey & Madonna Prokopiak *Italics indicate gifts of $1,000+

Established in 1988, the Wings Program provides full scholarships and related support to academically promising students from families with severely limited financial resources.

Endowment & Other Gifts General Endowment Albertsons Susan Altman Anonymous James & Cynthia Arndell David Baird & Paige Leslie Baird Michael & Kimberly Baird Robert Ballance & Kathleen Blake Bank of Albuquerque The Private Bank Grant Bauer & Karroll CandelariaBauer Stanislav Belyaev Melissa Bentley Kirk & Debra Benton Robert & Kristen Bierer Clifford & Nancy Blaugrund Christopher Boone & Jennifer Anderson Tracey Bowen & Francine Olmstead Penny Briner Ewell Elizabeth Brown Phillip & Minerva Camp Peter & Dianne Campbell Joshua & Jessica Carothers Enrique & Lindsey Cavazos Greg & Katie Chant René Chartier & Marilyn Morton Matthew & Julia Coyte Tushar Dandade & Rebecca Hoggatt Adam Delu & Sonlee West Bill & Kathie Dolan Evansville Auto Parts Foundation, Inc. Kyle & Jennifer Farrell David & Emily Fine Mark & Shelly Fleenor Elizabeth Foster Frank’s Supply Company, Inc. Neal & Wendy Gerstein Aaron Geswaldo & Lilibeth SanchezGeswaldo Pat Good Robert & Barbara Gorham Thomas & Leigh Growney Mark & Elizabeth Harris Dusti Harvey Stan Heyman John & Cathy Hubbard Todd Hynson & Vanessa Hawker IBM Intel Foundation Ted & Margaret Jorgensen Tracey Kelly & Cynthia Suchomel John & Cristin Kiburz

Endowment & Other Gifts Do it for the Legacy. Love it for the Impact.

Kenric Inc McDonald’s Family Restaurant Kona Ice of Albuquerque LLC Krispy Kreme Alan & Linda Laxson Dennis & Lou Liberty Daniel Libit Lowe’s Corner Market Gary & Ellie Miller Monroe’s New Mexican Food National Distributing Papa Murphy’s Brian & Mardi Papworth Redi Ice Rhubarb & Elliott LLC Rodgers & Co., Inc. Stacy Wilson Starbucks

Douglas & Marcella Stewart Norbert Topf & Anne McLusky Cindy & David Welch Rick & Anna Wilkerson George Davidson & Kathleen Zenz

Honor / Memorial Gifts In Honor of the Administrative Team Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos In Honor of Connie Guy Orlando & Kelley Leyba In Honor of Christopher Jillson Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos In Memory of BJ Micetich Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos

Restricted & Other Gifts

Glen & Clara Kilcup Nancy Klion Sara Koplik Eric Benson & Clarissa Krinsky William & Margie Lang Orlando & Kelley Leyba Jeremy & Amber Logan Peter & Dawn Lorenz Geoffrey Scovil & Kathy Love Santiago & Angela Macias Manzano Day School Parents’ Association Thomas Martin & Cynthia Phillips Ronnie & Carla Martinez Kenneth & Tracy McCormick McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya, & Love Gary & Ellie Miller Lynn Mullins Wai Pong Ng Shay & Lee Patchell Chris & Renee Patton Kay & Marvin Pickett Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos Mickey & Madonna Prokopiak Rhubarb & Elliott LLC Edward Ricco & Mary Ann Sweeney Michael & Estela Rogholt Brooke Rosen

P.J. & Vicky Salcido Troy & Ann Samora Gabriel & Anna Sanchez Sandia Foundation Richard & Anne Schiek Glenn & Joyce Shaffer Arthur & Sonoya Shanks Kevin & Tracy Small Southwest Capital Bank Target Eric Thulin & Michelle Weh-Thulin Norbert Topf & Anne McLusky Rolando & Emily Villegas Joseph & Joni Waterman

In-Kind Gifts Donors 5 Star Burgers Atlas Electrical Construction, Inc. Harry & Sarah Barnes, Jr. Julie Bishop & Liz Griego Tracey Bowen & Francine Olmstead Crystal Springs Bottled Water Garcia’s Kitchen Hinkle Family Fun Center Just the Best Victor Kearney

Anonymous David Baird & Paige Leslie Baird Robert Ballance & Kathleen Blake Eric Benson & Clarissa Krinsky Kirk & Debra Benton David & Gay Bernitsky Anthony & Beverly Bernitsky Clifford & Nancy Blaugrund Christopher Boone & Jennifer Anderson Curt & Jeannine Comstock Matthew & Julia Coyte Claudia Craft Rachel Flax Sharol Gabbert Dominic & Stephanie Garcia Gary & Terri Gordon Connie Guy Stan & Jennifer Hubbard IBM Keller & Keller, LLC Nancy Klion William & Margie Lang Peter & Dawn Lorenz Thomas Martin & Cynthia Phillips Lynn Mullins Peter & Annie Nash Christie O’Bryan Chris & Renee Patton James & Mary Peterson Neal Piltch & Rhonda Loos Matt & Teresa Rembe Barbara Rios Dennis Rivera & Alicia Gutierrez Crescencio Rivera & Melissa Deaver-Rivera Todd Sandman & Leah Blaugrund Sandman Terry & Barb Shirrod Maggie Simms

*Italics indicate gifts of $1,000+

15th Annual Golf Tournament

15th Annual Golf Tournament Hole Sponsors

Eagle Sponsors

Anonymous Acme Iron & Metal Aflac Agile Group Albuquerque Academy Albuquerque Community Foundation Albuquerque Duplicator Supply Allstate Insurance – Dennis Rivera Agency AON/Weinstein Family Anderson Consulting Argus Investment Realty ARS Restoration Specialists Atlas Electrical Construction, Inc. David Baird and Paige Leslie-Baird Bank of Albuquerque – The Private Bank Base 5 Retail Partners Business Environments Kellie Brito CliftonLarsonAllen Crystal Springs Bottled Water Duran Family (2) Jean Eddy/ABQ Involved Susan Feil and Alicia Feil Peterson – Coldwell Banker Fine Law Firm (2) The Forensic Firm Forever Lawn Freedman, Boyd, Hollander, Goldberg, Urias & Ward, P.A. French Funerals Shaun and Stephanie Gehres Gertrude Zachary Jewelry Douglas B. Gibbons, DDS, PC Celine ‘04 and Bryce ‘09 Gordon Graphic Connection The Growney Family Tim Gutierrez Hanna Plumbing & Heating Robert Harcke HB Construction Hewlett-Packard Bud and Ruthann Holm High Country Macula, Retina, and Vitreous, PC Highway Supply HUB International Kirtland Financial Services Judge Bill Lang Just the Best Law Office of Brian K. Branch Leigh & Dougherty Family Law

Notah & Apryl Begay Boxing Bear Brewing Company Budai Chinese Gourmet Coyote del Malpais Golf Course Desert Greens The Grove Il Vicino Nexus Brewery One World Rug Care Sandia Golf Club Scalo Tanoan Country Club Trombino’s Bistro Italiano UNM Championship Golf Course Vinaigrette

Los Alamos National Bank Manzano Day School Parents’ Association Marisa Margaret Brito Lienert – Class of 2014 Mas Tapas y Vino Melendres & Melendres, PC New Mexico Bank & Trust Phil & Erin Noel Chris & Renee Patton People’s Flowers Neal Piltch and Rhonda Loos Pitre Buick GMC Chuck & Pam Reardon Rembe Properties Rhubarb & Elliott Gary Sanchez, DDS Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union Sandia Prep The Socha Company Incorporated Douglas and Marcella Stewart – Calvin ‘11 T&D Services, LLC The Topf Family – Karl ’11 Hannah ‘16 Verge The Weaks Law Firm Wiggins, Williams & Wiggins, PC ZByte

Cash Gifts Foster, Rieder and Jackson, P.C. Stan & Jennifer Hubbard The Lebeck Company, LLC Sizemore Foundation Inc. – Pat and Ellen Abel The Socha Company Incorporated

In-Kind Donors

Proceeds from the 15th Annual

Baskin Robbins JC’s New York Pizza Department Monroe’s Restaurants National Distributing PepsiCo Food Service

Golf Tournament benefited the

Gift Bag Donors Harry & Sarah Barnes Papworth Endodontics Rachelle Shaw, DDS Pediatric Dentistry

Prize Donors Albuquerque Country Club Albuquerque Isotopes Aveda Institute

Wings Endowment at Manzano Day School. The Wings Program provides full-tuition scholarships for academically promising children from families with limited economic resources.

Birthday Books Joshua (Dash) Abbott Kenneth (Gage) Abbott Nandini Agarwal Haylee Alderson Patrick Ao Jack Aragón Frankie Baca-Lucero Josh Baker Emery Baker Nylah Baker Frank Barela Amelia Barnes Isabella Barnes Jennifer (Jill) Barrett Emma Bauer Antonella Begay Santiago Begay Olivia Benavidez Cecily (Cici) Benson Cosette (Coco) Berg Jack Berg Nahili Biffa Dakota Bishop Rosallina Blewett-Raby Nathaniel (Nate) Boone Dawes Bornemeier William Bowen Jet Branch Aleea Bridges Ella Briggs Alan Brindle Madalynn Brindle Reagan Brindle Spencer Brooks Winston Brooks Riley Brown Eve Buehler Zoe Buehler Aidan Burdge Ivy Burdge Grant Campbell Abbott Carothers Cole (Coley) Carothers Sophie Carroll Addison Cates Reily Cates Claire Cavanaugh Bronx Cavazos Marley Cavazos Aiden Chanez-Atler Rio Chavez Ruth Chavez Olivia Chavez Emma Cordero Andrew Costanza Charlie Coyte Isabella Crecca Kindell Custer Lauren Custer

Abigail (Abby) Czuchlewski

TJ Dandade Derek (Robert) Del Campo Gabriella (Gabby) Delaney Jack Delu Sabina Delu Alexandra (Lexie) Dixon Olivia Dixon Finn Dobbie Abby Dolan Elle Dolan

Luke Dolan Quinn Douangpanya Sage Downey Aria Eckart Emma Eden Zoe Eleftheriou Leah Esser Liesel Esser Thomas Ewell Zachary Fernandez Audrey Rose Finkelstein Ealysia (EJ) Flores Alana Foghi Riley Forde Joely Forehand Kiera Friedman Marek Gaffney Elizabeth Gallegos Ellie Garcia Samuel Garcia Kaden Garcia Joseph Garcia Lillian (Lilly) Geballe Kai Gehres Kellan Gehres Abraham (Abe) Gerstein Hugh Gerstein Tiffany Geswaldo Evelyn Gibbs Dominic Gonzales Maren Good Nico Gutierrez Jonah Gutow Katie Gutow Ben Hanson Sasha Hanson Brooke Harmon Alicia Harris Gavin Harris Troy Harris Sutton Hatchell Tess Hatchell Aislinn Hazdra Lexi Hendee Andreas Hendren Dakota Honea Connor Hubbard Ryan Hubbard Stanley Hubbard Eleanor Hynson Harper Ives Alexander (Alex) Jackson Isabel Jackson Ryan Jackson Audrey James Joshua (Josh) James Hadley Jasso Callia Jesurun Maya Jesurun Archer Jones Ethan Jones Addison Julian Ella Julian Lola Kadlec Zoë Kadlec Miles Kammler Liam Kastrin Rowyn Kastrin Kingston Kearney Victory Kearney

Alexandra (Alex) Kelly Akasha Khalsa Sukhmani Khalsa-Bird Addison (Addie) Kiburz Caroline Klein Nathaniel (Nate) Klein Solomon Koplik Max Kraai Hazel Krinsky Olivia Kulczycki Anais Kumar Nalini Kumar William Landahl Madeleine Landrith Luke Laskey Lillian (Lillie) Lawrence Langston Leigh Abigail (Abby) Levenson Samuel (Sam) Levenson Josiah Lieb Oliver Lorenz Solomon (Solly) Lubin Julian Lucero Zoey Ludington Ryan Maestas Amelie Martinez Grace Mazer Ruby McCampbell Custer Bridget McKigney Patrick McKigney Mark McNaney Camryn McWilliams Benjamen (Ben) Meade Scarlett Meade Ethan Meade Olivia Medina Paul Melendres Emma Mesiti Connor Mickelsen Carlo Mignardot Augustine (Auggie) Miller Anthony (TJ) Miller Molly Miller Landon Minton Arjun Mitchell Kayhaan Mohamed Antonio (Jared) Montoya Arthur Montoya Dai’ja Montoya Niksen Motlow-Viveros Abby Myers Isaiah Nash

Michael Bruce Ochoa Dylan O’Connell Greer Olmi-Sanchez Santiago Ortiz Rhean Otero-Chaves Collin Pacheco Lauren Pacheco Susheer Paladugu Emerson Papworth Jackson Papworth Stratton Papworth Evamarie Park Avery Parmley Joshua (Josh) Patchell Rachel Patchell Katherine (Katie) Patton Nevaeh Payne Apollo Pecos Amelia Peterson Kate (Katie) Peterson Elizabeth (Lizzie) Peterson Lucy Peterson Caelyn Pettyjohn Ryan Pirnie Anne Porterfield Joseph (Joey) Porterfield Adyleigh Proffitt Saxon Proffitt Adan Ramirez Nicolas (Nico) Ramirez Akash Reddy Lillian (Lilly) Renaud Grace Richardson Vivian (Vivi) Richardson Harrison Richardson Townes Richardson Ava Rieland Ezra Rigler Maddox Rios Bruner Marisa Rogholt Isabella Romero Román Romero Mario Rosato

Catherine (Cate) Roybal-Ray

Jon Roybal-Ray Lucas Ruelas Theodora (Thea) Ryan Findlay Sage Noah Sage Avonlea Samora Sidney San Gil Diego Sanchez Madeleine (Maddie) Neidhardt Joseph (Silver) Sanchez Iona Ann Nelson Harrison Schiek Trevor Nguyen Julia Schiek Trina Nguyen Preston Schultz Azaliah Noor Rebecca Schultz

Kaitlin Scissons Xavier Scovil Addison Scrivner Sophia Seligson Addison (Addie) Siembieda Josh Simon Zoey Simon Cruz Sisneros Sienna Sisneros Anna Skarbek-Borowska Nicholas Skarbek-Borowski Phillip Skarbek-Borowski Lucy Steele Adyson Stone Mikiko Suga Rainen (Ray) Tekin Rylan Tekin Connor Terborg Cabot Teskey Finn Thompson Gianna (Gia) Thompson Caleb Todd Hannah Topf Karl Topf Andres Tourtillott Riley Trevino Lucy Tyroler Alison Unruh Katharine Van Kesteren Aiden Vega Earl Velasquez Logan Vigil Harrison (Hattie) Villegas Shaffer (Shay) Villegas Ethan Volzer Tyler Volzer Miles Vroman Delaney Wagner Cyrus Walker Callia Ward Evan Webb William Weinstein Greta Williams Josiah Wilson Jacob Winegardner Theodore (Teddy) Wray Thomas Wray Mary Zhuckkahosee Thomas Zhuckkahosee

Birthday Books are books that are donated to the library at Manzano Day School. Participants select a book and a special guest delivers the book to their classroom on or near their birthday. The student is the first to read the book and has a donation bookplate placed in the book.

With gratitude for your support. 1801 Central Avenue NW Albuquerque, NM 87104 505.243.6659

Manzano Day School Gratitude Report 2015-2016  

Thank you to donors to Manzano Day School from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

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