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Benemérita Escuela Normal “Manuel Ávila Camacho” Ingles A1 Party Mtro. Salvador Díaz Sánchez Perla Janette Sánchez Hernández Velia Alexis Bonilla Gabriela Dafné López Juárez Wanatzi Berenice Reyes López Tercer semestre Licenciatura Educación Primaria 22 de agosto de 2013.

Last Friday at school there were flyers about a huge party hosted by Velia, everybody wanted to be at the party of the year, they were very excited. While Gaby was in the hall she saw the flyers and met with Perla. Hi! Perla have you see this flyer? I am ready for the party. Let´s go!

The next day Velia called her friend bere I am very tired, were you at the party last night? I did not see you there No I wasn’t, I was at home sick. Were you? I hope you feel better now. I am fine, thanks. But tell me, how was the party? it was great but now my home is a mess Velia come and clean the house! That´s my mom, I have to go. See you later.


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