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Christmas 2011 This year has just flown past and, as ever, it’s been a very busy time at Ard Jerkyll. We’ve re-homed dogs, cats and rabbits who are now enjoying life with their families but we are taking in more and more animals as economic downturn takes its toll on everyone’s finances It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as our staff will make sure the animals at Ard Jerkyll have a happy Christmas, our Sanctuary Manager will read the Christmas story to them and every animal will have its Christmas stocking. We’re getting ready for our birthday year– the ManxSPCA will be 115 years old in 2012 and we intend to celebrate this in style!



an arbitrary decision that the date of our


11th May, simply because it reads as 11/5 and we

hope to have

a street collection, a special event in Douglas, a


is and

lots of other fun activities which will show our supporters old and new how proud we are of what we have, with their help, achieved throughout the years. We’ll publish a programme of events early the New Year once our plans are finalised and it really would be a great help if you let us know of any change of address as well as, if we don’t already have it, your e-mail address as it is so much more economical for us to contact you electronically. If you are not yet a member of the society but would like to receive regular updates and newsletters, please let us have your e-mail address and we will add you, with your permission, to our data base.

We’d like to share some successes with you – first of all, fifteen-month-old Pickle who was adopted in May of this year by our own Peter and Liz Wood. I met Pickle with his new owners in May and didn’t see him again until our carol singing engagement at Tynwald Mills. It was a delight to see this little white dog who was uncertain and shy six months ago transformed through love and security into a confident and affectionate pet. Peter, Liz and Pickle will be spending their first Christmas together in UK and we wish them a very happy life together

Then there’s Milo who came into the Sanctuary in 2005 and was re-homed in 2007. Sadly,

through no fault of his



came back to us in 2010.



independent boy and was




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came. The girls in Cattery made several appeals in an attempt to find Milo a home of his own but to no avail until a very special potential owner came to see us saying she wanted an older, free-spirited cat – well, we had just the cat for her! Milo showed his grumpy side but she wasn’t put off and, after spending time together in the Social Room, Milo went off happily to his new home – we wish him all the luck in the world.




seals at the Sanctuary at the moment,

Smartie, Aero and

Malteser. Aero was found at the Point of

Ayre close to the

Visitors' Centre, well above the water

line in a deep stone

ravine created by the heavy seas.

He appeared to be healthy but when we looked more closely, he was very underweight so we decided to take him back to Ard Jerkyll where he was treated to a drink of lectade, as is common practice with rescued seals, and then fish soup. He obviously enjoys this as he’s not inclined to move on to herring, preferring to wait to be fed his soup. He’s now becoming very adventurous and has obviously decided that, if his fish soup won’t come to him, he’ll go and find it even if it means climbing on to the step and knocking and scratching at the door. He contemplated joining Smartie in the next door pen but, wisely, decided it would be a swim too far! Look out for more news in the New Year about Paul Ashley-Unett from Peel who is going to cycle round the world n an attempt to have an entry in the Guinness Book of Records, while raising funds through sponsorship for a new seal pen for the ManxSPCA. These are just some of the ManxSPCA’s success stories – we don’t win them all but, with your help, we will keep on trying to make sure that all creatures great and small on the Isle of Man have the lives they deserve free from fear and hunger. We are constantly trying to upgrade the service we provide and we’re delighted that this has been recognised by the Pedigree Adoption Drive. Their award of £5,000 will help us to improve the facilities in our kennels – thank you, Pedigree. We value all our supporters and volunteers who work tirelessly walking dogs, knitting blankets, manning Reception at the weekend, raising funds throughout the year, socialising cats, bringing us blankets, towels, books, cat and dog food and thanks to our friends in the Tea Rooms who offer great service, good food and lots of cake! We would also like to thank our staff who work so hard to make sure that every creature in the Sanctuary has the best possible life.

Please continue to support us and come and have fun with us in our birthday year. Remember that Ard Jerkyll means High Hopes in Manx Gaelic and we and the animals have High Hopes for the future, thanks to you. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year from everyone at the ManxSPCA and may all your Christmas wishes come true.

ManxSPCA December Newsletter  

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