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CIS 407 Midterm Exam

When you employ____,your data can be altered only by the methods you choose and only in ways that you can control.

Conventionally , arrows used in a____ to show inheritance relationships extend form the descendant class and point to the from which it descends.

Which of the following statements depicts the valid format to call a superclass construcfor form a subclass constructor?

The class used as a basis for inheritance is the _class.

Usually, the subclass constructor only needs to initialize the___, that are specific to the subclass.


You use the keyword

to achieve inheritance in java.

7) ___ method is useful in debugging a program because it can be used to display and examine values.

8) If java did not allow you to ___ classes, you would need to create every part of a program from scratch.

9) When a class both extends and implements, by convention the clause is layst in the class header.

10) When you define a class, if you do not explicitly extend another class, your class in an extension of the ___class.

11) If you attempt to instantiate an object from an abstract class, you receive an error message from the compiler that you have committed a(n)___.

12) ___Compress the data they store, Which reduces the size of archived class files.Selected Answer:

13) In the case where a method might throw more than one exception type, you specify a list of potential exceptions in the method header by separating them with___.

14) When you use a(n)___ statement, you state a condition that should be true, and Jave throws an Assertion Error when it is not.

15) ___ statements are program statements that can never execute under any circumstance. Selected Answer:

16) In order to use a variable both with a try or catch block and afterward, you must declare the variable before the __ block begins.

17) If a method throws an exception that it will not catch but that will be caught by a different method, you must also use the keyword ___ followed by an Exception type in the method header.

18) The___ class represents more serious errors form which your program usually cannot recover. Selected Answer:

19) When you have actions you must perform at the end of a try catch sequence, you can use a ___ block.


A ___ is a group of characters that has some meaning.

21) After you creagte a File System object, you can define a Path using the ___ method with it. Selected Answer:


You can create a writeable file by using the Files class ___ method.

23) The___method returns the Path element in a list of pathnames. Selected Answer:

24) An array of bytes can be wrapped, o encompassed, into a ByteBuffer using the Byte Buffer__methoud.

25) Any of the file input or output methods in a Java program might throw an exception, so all the relevant code in the class is placed in a ___ block.

Cis 407 midterm exam (all possible questions)  
Cis 407 midterm exam (all possible questions)