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This Tutorial contains one Final Exam + a set of over 200 MCQ from Chapter 1416 (it Doesn’t contains Chapter 17 MCQ)

Sample Final Exam listed Below

To specify an italic font, you pass

_________ to the constructor.

A _________ is a Component the user can click with a mouse to make a selection.

Which of the following statements will correctly set a JFram named my Frame to be visible ?

Which of the following statement will change the value displayed in a JLabelmamehello ?

When constructing a Font object, which of the following argument is NOT required ?

You define the text to be displayed in a tool tip by using the set ToolTipText() method and passing an appropriate to it.

Which is the immmcdiateparcnt class of JTextFicld ?

The parent class for all event object is named_________, which descends from the Object class.

Each JMcnu can contain, called JMcnultcms, or can contain submcnus that are .

If you wanted to see the x coordinate of a user click, you would use the method of the MouseEvent class.

The state of a JCheckBoxMenuItem or JRadioButtonMenuItem can be determined with the________method.

Use the________ layout manager when you need to add components that are displayed one at a time.

The JMcnus areabbcd to the JMcnuBar using the


The_________ method creates a solid are.

The _________ method provides information about the system in use.

You specify 2D colors by using the _______ method.

The drawRoundRect ()method requires _________argument.

You can instruct a Graphics object to use a font by inscrting the font as the argument in a _________ method.

If you callgetGraphics() in a feame that is visible, you receive a(n) --_________.

The tag that begins every HTML document is ________ .

YOU override the existing empty________method only if you want to take some action when a JApplet longer visible.

The _____ method is used to load an Image into the named Image in the applet .

If you want to place an image on a button, it is simplest to the______ class.

With an applet, the browser can call __________ different methods automatically at different times.

You can run an applet in a ---______.

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