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Question 1. (TCO 8) The ____ set operator in SQL combines rows from two queries and returns only the values that are common between the two sets.

Question 2. string format?

(TCO 8) Which SQL function converts a value to a particular

Question 3. (TCO 8) Based upon the contents of the BOOK_ORDER table shown below, which of the following SQL statements will display only those orders shipped to the zip code zone that begins with 323?

Question 4. (TCO 8) Oracle’s pseudo table used only for cases where a table is not really needed is _____

Question 5. (TCO 7) Using the BOOK_CUSTOMER and BOOK_ORDER tables shown below for reference, which SQL statement will return the first and last name of each customer who's order has not yet shipped?

Question 6. (TCO 7) A table alias or qualifier cannot be assigned in the FROM clause of which type of join?

Question 7. (TCO 7) A(n) ____ join returns not only the rows matching the join condition (that is, rows with matching values in the common columns) but also the rows with unmatched values.

Question 8.

(TCO 7) Which statement will display the date in this format:

Cis 336 week 5 quiz (new)  
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