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Question 1.

(TCO 3) When designing a database, you should _____

Question 2. (TCO 3) A table that is in 1NF and includes no partial dependencies only is said to be in _____

Question 3.

(TCO 3) (TCO 3) A table is not in 1NF if _______________.

Question 4. except _____

(TCO 9) All of following are examples of DML commands

Question 5. object?

(TCO 4) Which of the following is not considered a database

Question 6. _____

(TCO 4) In Oracle, the DEFAULT constraint is used to

Question 7. disk, is _____

(TCO 4) The SQL command that lets you save your work to

Question 8. (TCO 9) Which of the following SQL statements would insert a line of data into the DEVRY table and supply a NULL value for the Student_city column?

Cis 336 week 3 quiz (new)  
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