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(TCO 8) If a Cartesian join is used to link table A which contains five rows to table B which contains eight rows, there will be _______ rows in the results. (TCO 8) Which of the following statements will produce the value 21.1? (TCO 8) Which of the following format elements will display insignificant leading zeros? (TCO 8) Oracle’s pseudo table used only for cases where a table is not really needed is _________? (TCO 7) Using the BOOK_CUSTOMER and BOOK_ORDER tables shown below for reference which SQL statement will return the same results as the following SQL statement? (TCO 7) A table alias or qualifier cannot be assigned in the FROM clause of which type of join? (TCO 7) The _______ query joins a table to itself using aliases to distinctly identify each instance of the table. (TCO 7) Explain the difference between an inner join and an outer join.

Cis 336 quiz 4 (devry)  
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