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(TCO 2) Explain what a composite attribute is (TCO 1) Data constitutes the building blocks of (TCO 1) Successful database design is first and foremost based on _____________ requirements. (TCO 1) The lowest level in a database hierarchy is the ____________ or value as it is often referred (TCO 2) The term _____________ design is used to refer to the task of creating the conceptual data model represented by an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). (TCO 2) Within a table, the primary key must be unique so that it will identify each row. When this is the case, the table is said to exhibit ___________. (TCO 2) A field that consists of data values that can be used for arithmetic procedures is a _________ type field. (TCO 2) A relationship is an association between ___________ (TCO 5) The _____________ model represents a global view of the data. (TCO 5) In Crow's Foot notation, a forked end means

Cis 336 quiz 2 (devry)  
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