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CIS 336 Final Exam 3 (Devry) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

1. (TCO 2) Explain what physical independence means. (Points : 15) 2. (TCO 8) Sally wants to query the EMP table and determine how many of the employees live in each of the cities the company has factories in. She writes the following query but it does not work. What is wrong with the way the query is constructed? 3. (TCO 3) Explain in what two specific cases presented in the text composite primary keys are particularly useful. (Points : 15) 4. (TCO 7) How are comparisons done on character string data in a queries WHERE clause, and why would this be especially useful in comparing certain attributes? (Points : 15) 5. (TCO 6) Oracle will not allow the changing of a column's data type unless the column is empty, and even then it may still be prohibited. Discuss why? (Points : 15) 6. (TCO 7) Write a join query using NATURAL JOIN that for every order in the ORDERS table will list the order number and order date along with the cusnumber, last name, and first name of the customer who placed the order. 7. (TCO 8) Write a query that will list the part number, part description, and onhand value (units on hand * unit price) for each part in item class AP. Give the expression an alias of "On Hand Value". 8. (TCO 8) Write a query that will display the customer number, first name, and last name for every customer with a balance greater than $50. Display the first and last name as a single column and provide an alias for the column. 9. (TCO 7) Write a query that will list the customer number, last name, and first name for every customer represented by sales rep 03 or sales rep 12. 10. (TCO 7) Write a query that will list the customer first and last name and the sales rep commission rate using JOIN ON.

Cis 336 final exam 3 (devry)