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CIS 207 Week 1 IT Experience Pre Assessment 1 (2 Papers) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

This Tutorial contains 2 papers

CIS 207 Week 1 IT Experience Pre-Assessment 1

This survey is being assigned to you as a way to get a feel for where you are in your understanding and experience in Information Technology. This course introduces the fundamentals of computer systems and the role of information processing in today's business environment. An overview is presented of information systems, systems development, operating systems and programming, database management, networking and telecommunications, and the Internet. What is the degree you are seeking and your area of concentration? What position are you seeking once you graduate? 1.

How many college level IT specific courses have you taken at any school?

2. Do you have any experience working with or on a Business Information System? 3. Do you have any work experience in accessing, inputting data using a computer? 4. What are the top three software applications you use frequently not including Browsers or Office products? Do you have a Home network

Cis 207 week 1 it experience pre assessment 1 (2 papers)  
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