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CIS 111 Week 11 Final Exam (4 Set) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

This Tutorial contains 4 Set of Final Exam (Approximately – 200 MCQ)

CIS – 111 Week 11 Final Exam

• Question 1 Which query will output the table contents when the value of P_PRICE is less than or equal to 10? • Question 2 The SQL command that lets you select attributes from rows in one or more tables is ____. • Question 3 To list all the contents of the PRODUCT table, you would use ____. • Question 4 To delete a row from the PRODUCT table, use the ____ command. • Question 5 The SQL character data format(s) is(are) ____. • Question 6 A table can be deleted from the database by using the ____ command. • Question 7 The special operator used to check whether a subquery returns any rows is ____. • Question 8 The ____ special operator is used to check whether an attribute value is null. • Question 9 The ____ operator could be used in place of INTERSECT if the RDBMS does not support it. • Question 10 The syntax for the UNION query is ____. • Question 11 The ANSI standard defines ____ type(s) of outer join(s)

• Question 12 A ____ join returns rows with matching values and includes all rows from both tables (T1 and T2) with unmatched values. • Question 13 When using a(n) ____ join, only rows that meet the given criteria are returned. • Question 14 Analyzing the company situation is part of the ____ phase of the DBLC. • Question 15 Creating the conceptual design and selecting DBMS software are part of the ____ phase of the DBLC. • Question 16 Evaluation, maintenance, and enhancement are part of the ____ phase of the SDLC. • Question 17 The primary objective of database design is ____. • Question 18 Installation and fine tuning are part of the ____ phase of the SDLC. • Question 19 The traditional SDLC is divided into ____ phases.

Cis 111 week 11 final exam (4 set)  
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