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NPA ART & DESIGN: DIGITAL MEDIA Sighthill College/Edinburgh/2013

Havelock Europa PLC/Edinburgh/2015-Present

Designer in the Corporate Sector. Designing furniture & interiors for clients such as Lloyds Group Bank, Halifax or Peter Vardy.

M.Gavira Architectural Studio/Seville/2007-2012


Interior Designer: interior spaces/furniture & selecting decorative items like furniture, colour, lighting & materials.

ENGLISH/Full professional proficiency

Cartuja Inmobiliaria/Seville/2007

Sighthill College/Edinburgh/2015

Production Manager: Preparing works to be estimated by gathering proposals, blueprints, specifications & documents.


AutoCAD Revit SketchUp ArtiCAD Photoshop Illustrator InDesign

Windows MacOS Word Power Point Excel Premiere After Effects






2 IT DESK | Barclays Aurora Building, Glasgow Barclays wanted to refurbish their IT room in their Glasgow office by having a neater space & my idea was to split the existing desk (1) into two individual & fully equipped desks.

Relocating floor boxes under each desk & providing a PC holder & two cable ports (to feed both computer & telephone), all hidden by a modern curved metal slotted modesty panel (2). Next page: construction & detail drawing.

7 Option A: Table with Modesty Panel Scale 1:20

Front Elevation

Left Side Elevation

CPU Holder

Back Elevation

10mm MDF White

Right Side Elevation

Top View


Cable tray

MDF White Laminate 2mm PVC Edged

Cable Outlets Ă˜60mm hole Hafele 631.04.000

Barclays Corporative Colours

CPU Holder

Section C

Section A

Space Arrangement Scale 1:50

Section B

Option A: Details Not to Scale

Cable tray

Divider to avoid cables to be seen throught slots (332x60x1.5mm)

1.5 mm Metal Sheet with 10mm slots to be painted in colour TBC

Frame: 30x30 Square Tube

MDF White Laminate 2mm PVC Edged Move Floor boxes under the table

Cutout for cables (100x50mm)

CPU Holder

Adjustable Legs CPU Holder

Existing Cabinet

Adjustable Legs

NOTE: Right hand side table shown in this drawing. Same dimensions for the left hand side one.

Main 2D Views

Principal 3D Views

Scale 1:20

Not to Scale

MDF Routered Letters Black Sprayed

White Laminate

White Laminate

Top View

Peter Vardy Logo MDF Routered Metal Sprayed

Cutout for cables

A Internal Shelf

Section A Back Elevation

White Laminate Edge Metal Laminate Insert

Internal Shelf

Sprayed Grey Colour TBC

Back Unit Interior (No Doors) Metal Laminate Insert Sprayed White Colour TBC Metal Laminate Plinth

Front Elevation

CARSTORE | Peter Vardy, Dundee This CarStore was the first incursion for Havelock Europa PLC into the automotive market & I was the designer in charge to design some unique furniture & to propose the

loose furniture for the rest of the areas (back of house, waiting, bar & handover areas). Above left: 2D construction & detail drawings. Above right: 3D model perspectives. Next page: finished reception desk.


Bar Area Scale 1:100

Main Elevations Scale 1:50

Vertical Section

Horizontal Section

Scale 1:30

Scale 1:30

Interior Illumination Sprayed to colour TBC

3D Letters Sink

Hidden LED lights under lid *Graphic by Others

Food Display Space

Upper Shelf Products Visibility


Lower Shelves/ Storage Food Display Space Fridge

Raised floor for cabling/piping pass

CARSTORE | Peter Vardy, Dundee. CONTINUATION. Laminated colours TBC

Dundee is famous by its marmalade & the client wanted to pay a tribute to the city showing a marmalade shaped coffee shop inside the car store. Several designs & finishes were

sent to the client: square & round plans, external marmalade vinyl or solid colour finishes. Above: one of the multiple 2D construction details drawn. Next page: 2D & 3D images with the proposed external finishes.

11 Bar Area Scale 1:100

Main Elevations Scale 1:50

Bar Area

Main Elevations

Scale 1:100

Scale 1:50

Vertical Section


Scale 1:30 Bar Area Scale 1:100


Interior Illumination

Main Elevations Scale 1:50

Vertical S

Hidden LED lights Scale 1:30 under lid Upper Shelf Products Visibility Upper Shelf

Worktop Worktop

Vertical Section

Lower Shelves/ Storage

Scale 1:30

Lower Shelves/ Storage Interior Illumination

Upper Shelf

Product Visibility

Raised floor for cabling/piping pass


Lower Shelves/ Storage

Raised floor for

Main 2D Views

3D Views

Scale 1:20

Not to Scale

Sprayed colours matching brand colours

Glass Panel

Cable Outlet White Laminate

Acrylic with opaque vinyl applied to match brand colours

CPU Holder

CPU Holder

*Graphics by others

Top View


Front Elevation

Left Side Elevation

CARSTORE | Peter Vardy, Dundee. CONTINUATION. For the consultation area, I decided to bring Peter Vardy's brand colours into the consultation tables making easier to the client to identify their car range (pink for small fami-

Other Colourways

ly, cyan for large family, etc.) & complemented with stylish chairs for both consultation & round tables. Above: 2D main views & 3D models & renders with brand colours & proposed graphics. Next page: photos of the finished product.


*Graphic by others

Main 2D Views

3D Views

Scale 1:20

Not to Scale

White Laminate

Finance/Valuation Signal

iPad Holders

Perforated Logo Perforated Logo

Perforated Peter Vardy Logo

Front Elevation

Right Side Elevation

Sprayed grey colour TBC


Top View

CARSTORE | Peter Vardy, Dundee. CONTINUATION. Another part of the briefing was to design a movable table for the customers to check their car's valuation & insurance. The table depicts Peter Vardy's logo in a perforated metal

front panel & two iPads in holders. The group is completed with two colourful high stools. Above: 2D construction & detail drawings & rendered images. Next page: close up & complete view of the finished movable table for finance & valuation areas.


CARSTORE | Peter Vardy, Dundee. CONTINUATION. Following the same principles as in the reception desk in finishes (sprayed colours & laminates) was designed the pass desk at the consultation area. It is provided with storage,

cable ports in the worktop & Peter Vardy's logo at the front. Above: 2D & 3D construction details. Next page: finished furniture.



conference & lecture areas.

The company wanted to keep the same amount of positions & providing new spaces/areas such open & private meeting rooms, break out areas, agile offices & multiple uses for

Above: ground floor (top) & 1st (down) floor previous arrangements. Next page: ground floor (top) & 1st floor (down) design in-


Open Meeting Rooms Private Meeting Rooms Manager Offices Break Out Areas Conference/Lecture Printing + Stationaries



Existing steps

Cleaners Cupboard

Female WC

Male WC

Cleaner Kitchen



Existing steps

Cleaners Cupboard


Female WC

Office 07

Storage Male WC

Comms Kitchen

Lecture 01

Office 06

Lecture 02

Enterprise Centre Breakout & Soft Seating

Office 05

Office 04

Printing Room + Advisor

Meeting Room 01

Meeting Room 02

Office 01

Office 02

Office 03

Waiting Area


ENTERPRISE HUB FIFE | Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland The requirements from Business Gateway Fife -owners of the offices- () were to create open, attractive & modern spaces. I proposed to create different areas such as: low

level curved hot desks, conference room -with a folding wall, giving the possibility of creating two lecture rooms-, printing room, meeting rooms & break out areas -soft seating area & high tables with stools-. Above: empty previous floor plan & design intent.


Entrance Flooring Forbo Nuway Cable (2.7m ²) Forbo Allura Colour 610x610mm C68025 Chartreuse (10m²) Forbo Allura Colour 610x610mm C68035 Marine Blue (11m²) Forbo Allura Colour 610x610mm C68015 Dark Lead ( 45m²)

Entrance Flooring Forbo Nuway Cable (2.7m ²)

Forbo Allura Colour 610x610mm C68015 Dark Lead ( 22m²)

Forbo Allura Colour 610x610mm C68025 Chartreuse (6m²)

Milliken Night 450x450mm NGT01 Ultra ( 20m²)

Forbo Allura Colour 610x610mm C68035 Marine Blue (8m²)

Milliken Night 450x450mm NGT03 Zest ( 11m²)

Full Height Partition MDF 'Amazonas' H3082 ST22 Finish

BILFINGER SALAMIS | Aberdeen Office This project consisted of refurbishing an existing office, designing a new reception desk & waiting area as well as proposing new finishes for the floor & walls, lighting or

manifestations. The three brand colourways (lime, blue & gray) are integrated in the final design. Above left: dimensions plan. Right: two different options on flooring finishes. Next page: 2d & 3D detail drawings.


3D MDF Logo with Coloured Brand Vinyl Applied 3D MDF Letters and Sprayed

Ă˜80 mm Wires Hole

Pidgeon Holes

Adjustable Shelves

Concealed LED Strip Lights

Existing Suspended Ceiling Remove 6No Ceiling Tiles Boxed Panel Attached to Structure Slab

Light Module 600x600 Ceiling Spot light

Existing Suspended Ceiling Twin Multi-Directional Gimble Fitting Existing Ceiling Spot light Light Boxed Panel

12 19





BANK FURNITURE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT As part of the Corporate Sector I designed several pieces of furniture for different retail & commercial banks such as Nationwide (detail drawings for the new corporate image

above), Lloyds (next page images), Barclays, Halifax or Bank of Scotland among others. All in all, provided me experience working for important brands like the mentioned before & with their high standards in design & finishes.


3D VISUALISATIONS As part of my knowledge I am capable of creating realistic images for furniture or interiors, providing to the client a clear idea of what to expect.

In this realistic models client can see finishes & textures for colours, fabrics, wood, metal, plastic or glass. Above: ESA healthcare stand for the Healthcare Estates exhibition in Manchester. Next page: privacy seating for Bank of Scotland.


RENDERING & VR Nowadays virtual reality is becoming more & more present in design & together with board presentations we can see 360 degrees panoramas using virtual reality headsets.

Using this kind of programs clients can 'feel' like they are inside the building & have a look around rooms, corridors, halls... Above: 3D renders for CarMoney project. Next page: scan the QR code & feel the VR experience!





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Interior Design Portfolio  

ENG Inside this portfolio you will see construction/detail 2D drawings as well as 3D models/renders for furniture and interiors. For more in...

Interior Design Portfolio  

ENG Inside this portfolio you will see construction/detail 2D drawings as well as 3D models/renders for furniture and interiors. For more in...