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A word from the President Today is a day to remember those who have gone before us that made this club and gave it the history it has. They are too many for me to mention, players, coaches, administrators, supporters and sponsors. They are all still with us. Just look around the club today. On the walls old photos, notice boards, honours board, photo albums. If you’re not sure who, what and how, club officials and members will be able to walk and talk you through. So please ask. It’s the way to pass on the history of the club. Special thank you to all those today that helped organise this event. The players in the curtain raiser and pre match entertainment. Then the past and some present player’s game. I feel sure it will live up to the dizzy heights it has attained in previous years. During the day take a moment to reflect. We do have history and it was created by great club stalwarts. Let’s never forget. Kerry Bevan President

At 11am the Curtain Raiser Game kicks off between 16th Conference teams Manurewa Pumas and Birkenhead. The Pumas have had an amazing season. On 10 August they played Hibiscus Coast at home winning 1—0 and guaranteeing them the Winners of the Inaugural 16th grade Conference Championship with 3 games still to play. The team is a close knit group of lads who through the first half of the season were lead by team Captain Aaron Dormer. Aaron suffered a season ending injury but has still been there on the side line leading and supporting his boys. After loosing Aaron, the boys put in the extra miles and have achieved the results to make their coach Ben Hill, Manager Derek Jarman, parents, supporters and the entire club extremely proud of them. Congratulations to everyone involved with the 16th Pumas, Winners of 16th Conference League.

PAST MEMBERS Bill and Jean Semple (Founder) Bob Pinkerton Reg and Betty Lincoln Dennis Lincoln Jim Donaghue Cor Kessels Alex and Marie Ogilvy Hank and Tina Bookhorn Reg and Belle Throughgood John Fahey Stan Beanland Alf and Marjory Campian Barry and Noeline Hummels John and Chris Leigh Vic Ayers Alec Ross Caroline Marsh Steve Symes Ross Cooper Dawn Hair Dawn Callander Manu Hudson Greg Hough Paul Gemmell Peter and Margaret Foster Eddie Hercomb Trevor White Hamish and Shirley Cowie W Whitman Athol Pratt Betty and George Sedgley Kath and Jack Crichton Ian Anderson Bill Erskine Norm Jenkins Des Hastings Trish Armstrong Lew Lack

Brian Glass Barry Lewis Alan Quigley Terry Blackman Geoff Baker Alan May Brian Gatward Kees Vander Salam John Archer Leo Davis John Bryson Marie and Ivan Sharp Vic Wright John Eagleton Chris Lucas Graham McMaster Howard Ries John McMillan John Vos Stan Macy Ralph Stanners Alan McMillan Archie Heron Joe Appleford Ray Harrison H Littleford Bob Bollers John Rafe Mrs Sahur Bruce Penny Grant Wetherall Martin McShane Bobby Ritchie Ron Snell Mike Duffield Bill Blakeman Jacob Williamson (U19)


Kevin Birch Mark Armstrong Wayne Jensen Rhys Bresnahan Simon Bilton Simon Stratford Ian Sloane Tony Smith Cole Stewart Brett Shields Shannon Stratford Mark Taylor Martin Rodwell Keith Mackay Bobby Van Bellen

Brett Caddy Alex Metzker Lee Stickland Brendon Smith Shane Hummels Gareth Jenkins Richard Underwood Brendon Coe Craig Ashton Duncan White Andrew Mallia Andrew Dewhurst Murray Wallace Vada Miers Karl Miers

Subject to change depending on age and fitness Physio of the Day: Dawn Church (who I’m sure will be kept busy!!!)

Winning both National League and Chatham Cup. Keith Mackay

1978 winning Northern League 1st Division, Chatham Cup & Adidas Challenge Cup. Sue Stewart

I think my most memorable moment would have been taking the juniors to Mt Smart for the Chatham Cup final against Gisborne. Yvonne White

Most memorable moment at MAFC

Winning National in 1983. Mark Armstrong

Chatham Cup semi final in Wellington. Gayle & Richard Coe

Dad’s cheering from the Gallagher Park grandstand. Laurette Hummels

Chatham Cup final against Gisbourne—one brother with blue/yellow hair using house paint—Mike Rose racing off to get water for ladies whiskey in the grandstand only to realise on his return the flask full of straight whiskey. Craig Hastings

Being a player/coach of 1982 reserves winning the league and the cup and winning the Chatham Cup against Gisborne. Barend Hummels

1978 Chatham Cup Final, 3/9/78, at half time and we were up 1-0 over Nelson. Bill Semple decided to come into the dressing room and encourage us on in a rather whiskey -drowned state. Bill thought we needed some help. JA didn’t appreciate it as he had already decided what we needed and that was a good serve. JA had a go at the Club President and he almost went white at the words and bolted out. Needless to say it was all forgotten after the final whistle, but very memorable …. Lee Stickland

In the clubrooms when the word came thru that the 78 team had beaten Nelson in nelson for the Chatham Cup. The roof lifted off Gallagher Park. Freda Hastings

As a youth player playing on No. 3— retrieving a ball from a neighbouring property and getting chased by a dog. I dived through a hedge rather than going over it—ball in hands. Barend Hummels

Nathan trying to get a yellow card when they played Central so he could stand down the next game and therefore play at the semi final. Gayle & Richard Coe

Ladies team Fashion Parades were always a hit but especially when we had First Team players in Mens Underwear. Brent Woods/ Cameron Pascoe & Mike Foster I believe. Such a laugh. Craig Hastings

Robbie Leijh lifted a back pass from half way over Frank's head to score an own goal against Glenfield Rovers in the second to last game of the 78 season. We had not won the Northern League at that point, but if we won the game we would, but Robbie had put it all at risk. He was laying on the ground on his back -I stood over him and told him "what a stupid bastard he was". We went onto win 4-2 - all was forgiven, of Robbie and me. We often laugh about it… Lee Stickland

Too many fun times to remember them all. Mark Armstrong

Bar at Gallagher Park & Frank Van Hattum letting a chicken drink out of his pint of beer. Sue Stewart

Funniest moment at MAFC

A Junior friendly game against Birkenhead and seeing the fathers of Manurewa team trying to get into their sons soccer gear to play parents game. Yvonne White

Maurice Tillotson asking Craig Hastings to try and mark me in a practice game. LOL Keith Mackay

Wellington Chatham Cup Semi Final—Ants De Vries booking return flight for his family for a.m on match day instead of p.m costing him extra flights and accommodation. (The kids were happy!!!) Laurette Hummels

Waiting at the hotel in Mt Manuganui for the first team to arrive. They were being picked up from the airport by supporters who had driven down by cars. Rest of supporters has gone by bus. Team arrived and were greeted by everyone. About 10 mins later a phone call came from the airport. It was from the captain coach Dave Bradley to say he had gone to the loo and was left behind. No one noticed he was missing. Freda Hastings

We would like to thank John Danbury and his team at Copy Solutions for their continued support of our programmes. Ph: 377-8484 Fax: 302-2518

Manurewa AFC Memorial Day Programme 2014  

The match programme for our annual game to remember those members no longer with us

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