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Manuel Caballero

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Ma Manu Gonzรกlez Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011


Manuel Danilo González Caballero

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Panamá, 25 de octubre de 1984 8-779-2246 Llanos de Curundu, calle 8, N°2306, ciudad de Panamá. (507) 232-5080 (507) 6049-3342 MC CAS San José Costa Rica / LC USMA Panamá (507) 230-8383 Manu.gonzalez.caballero




April 2006 – TM member March 2007

Responsible of a pocket recruitment also responsible of members satisfaction. / I learned how a team works in AIESEC, how to motivate a team and how to create an effective strategy

July 2006 – November 2006

It was my first LR position in AIESEC and we made an incredible Regional Conference with more than 90 members and it was the first time a conference was totally in English. MAX experience was amazing my first team was very motivated and we all did a great job.


April 2009 – ICX Reception Manager August 2009 August 2009 LCVP ER – Deceber 2009

July 2009 – RST/ KAM December 2009 January 2010


I start with an X team ICX and I was in charge of interns satisfaction, also all the migration process and as account manager for some companies. Such as Bimbo, HSBC, etc. My best experience in AIESEC was my roll as LCVP ER in LC USMA, working with a team of 12 members all of them Account managers of very important companies, I learned how to make an effective strategy with all my team, how to manage the biggest team in CAS, and also how to create an impact with my team members experience. We have the best results in all CAS about 23 TN’s in the Q3 and Q4; because we are all focus in the goals we have. At the end of 2009 LC USMA is racing in the top 10 of IGN with 40 X’s and 29 of them were sold by my team. As RST in Corporate in CAS, I am KAM of 5 Regional Companies and I have learn so much about how to work in an MC level, we have a very effective structure and communication between us. Since December 2009 I receive the control of ER in CAS, st and I’m formally working since January 1 . And we already create a good work structure with the LCVP ER of our 5 LCs and we are working in the development of CRM and the JD of ER members in the LC’s. Our achievement as

Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011


Describe briefly your experience


8months / TM member


Reception Manager Migration Process




How3 would this benefit the MC? Talent Management gave me all my knowledge in what Team Management means, it will be very beneficial in a MC level because I know how to motivate, how to communicate and how to do tracking in a goal setting or in a process. X for me means the essential of AIESEC I have learned all the ICX process as matching, how to use, International Communications, how to organize your time to answer all the e.mail in a organized way. And it will be very beneficial for the position of MCVP because your perspective is different about our organization. As LCVP ER MCVP ER and RST KAM, I have learned how to lead a team in the AIESEC way, and also the Corporate view of AIESEC and is very important for an MC position because I know how works the complete process of X and I have a very good global view of the Organization.

THE FOLLOWING FOUR QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED BY ALL MCVP CANDIDATES 1. Please describe your top three strengths as a team member and three areas to develop. How can the team benefit of your strengths and how will you overcome your weaknesses so that they do not stop the team from achieving higher results? As a team member my strengths are excellence,

respect for differences and

motivation/ motivation/ commitment,

this is very important in a team because is like an injection of adrenaline when I start with my team, as they say things start changing with the team motivation and as I use to be excellent in my goals and I respect all different point of view the team use to fill very comfortable with my participation and my abilities; BUT … I’m developing:

1. Planning skills: I’m a pragmatic person so is a challenge for me to follow what is in the paper but I love to do it because is difficult and the things that are difficult are more exciting for me.

2. Effective communication of the process: I

am effective when I have to transmit a message to someone but connected with planning I don’t use to communicate the process when I get something, but as in AIESEC we use following and tracking tools per month and per week, is very easy to work with this weakness, and the last one is:

3. Impatient: Impatient I’m a very active person and for me is difficult to stay in a chair for more than 4 hours and when meeting are long I will ask for a time to take a break, I’m also very impatient when I want to get something so I will do it fast, and I will think in the way how to get it, I am working all this with the following and tracking strategies that we use in AIESEC and you will feel my energy in this, but is something that I can handled in a good and funny way so don’t be afraid if I start jumping around in a team meeting.

Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011

2. Describe an environment that enables you to perform at your best. How do you want to contribute to the creation of such an environment during your MC term? When I start my period as LCVP ER the team was really small and our goals were 14 TN’s and with 6 months of the last LCVP ER they just get 5, in this moment I take the position and I use my TM XP to motivate my team with a Regional ER campaign (Are you a LovER?) In that moment the first week I work harder with one of my members and we get 14 TN’s in one week and in the next week we get other 8 TN’s, so in 15 days of hard work we get 22 TN’s for our LC, the other two members were very bad focus in our goals and talking with them they decide to leave and them we work hard whit TM team and them we recruit 10 members for ER, as was what our LC need in my team, at the end of my period we get 40 X 29 TN’s in 2009 and the gave to the next LCVP ER around 14 TN’s in pipeline for 2010 also the ER team was very motivated and with 13 members they are the biggest team in CAS. This was the biggest success in our LC, because my period as LCVP ER was just 5 months and them I apply to MCVP ER in CAS and I start working since December giving coaching to 5 LCVP’s in my region, with a lot of things to do, we are creating very strong ER teams in all the LC’s.

3. Why have you decided to apply for position of Member Committee Vice President in Southern Cone? You can call me Manu, I’m currently the MCVP ER in Central America South and my experience in the other Region that we have in AIESEC network and the successful of my work is something that I want to share with ConoSur, because this 3 amazing countries means for my an exciting opportunity to make an impact in AIESEC and make people look at the south I want to change the World and make people see the top of the world in the other side, My North is the South I’m passionate with Latin-American culture and History and I know I can develop myself cultural and professionally with great people such as chilenians , Argentineans and Uruguayans I study in Chile and in Panamá I use to drink MATE as a family culture stuff, but the strange thing is that we are 100% Panamanians, well in my education I read a lot about history of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile and I’m sure that if I have the opportunity I will do a big impact, I will learn in this amazing side of the World, And I will make people change the North of the world to ConoSur.

4. Link to the presentation video uploaded on YouTube CHOOSE 3 QUESTIONS OF 5 FROM THE FOLLOWING LIST (MUST BE ANSWERED BY ALL MCP/MCVP CANDIDATES) 1. How would you evaluate current state of AIESEC Southern Cone development? How would you like to see it at the end of your term? How will you as a leader contribute to it? Cono Sur as we know is one of the best members in IGN, with very strong LC’s such as LC Buenos Aires and LC Santiago that are in the Top 5 in IGN but with a big difference between other LC’s, the MC 2009-2010 is a very good MC that is very strategic and with a lot of motivation to create the correct environment in the region, to start making big changes in the way we do things. The Ideal for me is to see a small difference between the strong LC’s and the other ones, we must start creating a focus in results culture in all the LC’s and work hard with them so we can have at least 5 strong LC’s Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo, Cordoba and Concepción they are the most potential ones, but as in the region we have very good members we can make all

Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011

of them strong. What I really want is to create a great structure of communication and help between MC and LC’s and between LC’s so we can share experiences to improve our work. I want ConoSur to be st the top 1 in IGN, we must start thinking out of the box to make it possible, working with the government as Colombia, working with NGO’s as Brazil and creating different type of project such as CAS, to use our region as a potential exchange growth factor. I want to see AIESEC network looking at the South because something big is coming to change the world. Our North will be the South.

2. What are the AIESEC global trends from your point of view? How they can influence on Southern Cone development? Actually the world is a Change process environment care, Economical and political changes are our day by day breakfast, we should start thinking in how we can take advantage in the World Changes, AIESEC is the right tool were young people can participate in this big changes. So we must start doing project with this profile, environmental care, Social responsibility and Social Technology are the main areas we can work with. The Economical and Political changes in ConoSur will be a strong tool to impact the world how a region with different countries can make the difference and how we can work with a Right government and 2 left governments with the same people, will be a challenge that ConoSur will handle in 2010-2011, and the achievement of our goals and overachievement of them will show the world all the potential that Latin-American countries have. Southern Cone must start thinking in the network that we have between our 3 countries and we must create projects together, in this way we will have LC to LC cooperation and exchanges of experiences that will bring us very good results. I have the experience in CAS and I want to do this in ConoSur also.

3. What are the three key elements that make an AIESEC Experience life changing? How can these elements be scaled up to ensure the organization supports the growth of such experiences? The 3 key elements that make an AIESEC XP life changing are: a. International Network: the international friends and contacts that an AIESEC’er get in our organization is as big as we want, if we get in contact with all our old members we can make our organization stronger, so we must create the right channels of communication between new and old members, an Alumni Association is essential to do this. Sharing in Conferences is important but day by day work is even better. b. Respect and learning about the differences: the AIESEC’ers must bet focus all the time, in the learning about the differences we handle each day in the organization work, talking with different people all around the world helping them and asking help from them is something that in the future will give us skills to make a better world, the technology will support it, but is something that is in our brain and in the way we perform this ability we are going to be better global citizens. c. Professional and Personal Development: the members experience must be our first focus area, in this way we will have motivated members working in different ways but with the same common North; their professional and personal development is in their hands but as MC we must take care about it, the results are coming but in the hand of our members.

Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011


You are given 7 Minutes with Bill Gates to invite him to speak at our 1st Regional Stakeholders’ Gala in Southern Cone. In maximum 250 words please outline how you would gain his interest to attend and agree to speak at this event? event?

I will say: Mister Gates now in front of you I’m representing 38,000 young leaders from 107 countries that are present in more than 1700 Universities all around the world, always available to make good things for our Planet, all of us working each day to make projects about CSR, Education, Health, etc. And all of us connected in an amazing web platform that make us follow the same ideas and make us share our experiences. As two days ago I was talking with a guy in India, about a recycling project in the morning and in the afternoon I talk with a girl from Kenya that was interested in a project in Panama and at night I went to bed talking with a friend from France that returned from Latin-America; believe me in this way we are a new generation of people that is changing this World each day. I will ask you an opportunity to share with the Southern Cone Region in the biggest conference that we have in the year with the youth leaders of our region and other international leaders also, we will have managers from different companies, and what we really want is to share with you all your experience as one of the most influent leaders in the World. You will have an impact in 3 amazing countries Uruguay, Argentina and Chile but what is better is that you will help us in our growing as leaders for our countries. Thank you very much for your time and we hope to see you soon, My name is Manuel González and this is my card.

2. Identify 2 key trends of each country that is shaping its external reality today and how AIESEC can take advantage of them. CHILE a. New Government: with the election of Sebastian Piñeiro as new elected president of Chile, AIESEC should try to contact this new government that will be based in the free market strategy and that can benefit us if we find right contacts in this new government that will try to change things in Chile, after more than 20 years the Right hand is controlling the government in Chile and out of any political perspective of this situation we should start contacting new government people, to see how we can enter there and work with them in the new focus areas of Piñeiro’s government. b. Definitely Chile is the country in Latin America with better economical situation and we most take this advantage from Chile, sponsorships and most be the country that will give us better results in this sense. Chile is a country with International investment and with a level of investment very high and we should contact this International investors to work with them in their projects.

URUGUAY a. In the same way Uruguay have a new government based in the left that can benefit us if we work with them in social projects, we can win a lot of things. b. In the Oriental Republic of Uruguay we should take the advantage of the better economical situation that is changing things, also Uruguay is the country in Latin America with less % of youth people, and what we are young people trying to change the world, and I am sure with the right focus we can get in Uruguay a high potential of Exchange and make there a stronger partner in ConoSur.

Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011

ARGENTINA a. In a government way we should see what are Fernandez Kichnner’s focus areas in the government, as we know she is doing different politics that must of the time change the social situation in Argentina, as a Peronist politic her government will be focus in the th workers needs, and we have a lot of international resources to help in this side. b. With the actual situation in Argentina, coming since the Economical crisis in 2001 what we should approach in this amazing country is that for the rest of the world LIFE in ARGENTINA is very CHEAP, and we must promote all the advantage of living in Argentina, Culture, Beauty, and in a very cheap. Out of this, I just want to say that AIESEC as a non political organization should take advantage of the economical situation in any way. We will have different political point of view but as we know AIESEC born in the middle off a world w war crisis, and is difficult to work with a government that you don’t like but if we start working with the government we can help better our own countries and we are going to get very good results because of the big network that they manage.

3. What are the main benefits that AIESEC AIESEC in Southern Cone can give to a company, University and chamber in terms of positioning, exchange and leadership development? The main benefits are: a. Company: AIESEC can give International Resource, International Perspective of your opportunities, contact ontact with young leader, promotion as a Social responsible Company or Corporation, Leadership development in our conferences. b. University: AISEC will bring to the University, possibilities of International Networking of the students, DT’s and ET’s that can help in different areas such as Languages and IT development, also Development of University students in leadership and positioning as University that work with students that take control of the World cares. c. Chambers: Networking with all our companies and projects, Social responsible Chamber, contact with the next generation of Leaders in the Region and helping in the leadership development of young South American Students.

4. Please explain your past experience in the following areas: 1. Selling new partnerships and TNs 2. Selling AIESEC congresses, conferences, events 3. Running successful projects with impact in X growth 4. Renewing current partnerships (either TN takers or other other partnerships) As MC and LC VP ER and Account Manager in CAS I have the experience to get the ER results, people say I am the person of the money. My experience is: 1.

Selling new partner: I get results for LC USMA with around 5 new TN Takers, 2 media Partners, 1 Government Organization and 5 Sponsors. And with CAS I get 3 new TN takers, 1 media partner, 4 sponsors. International Companies such as: Citigroup, HSBC, Sanofi Aventis, COPA airlines, ines, Sab Miller, Scotiabank, NGO’s, Government Institutions and Hotels are actually in my portfolio.


Selling AIESEC congresses, conferences, events: In numbers 3 Conferences, 2 DLD’s, 1 Recognition Cocktail and LC conferences such as SI and OPS. In all of them we get good results.

Ma Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011


Running successful projects with impact in X growth: I am in charge of a DT project in CAS, that last year give us 48 X’s and this year will give us 96 because we will run it 2 times in the year, I really want to do it in CONOSUR because is a project that could being a lot of benefit just in regions; also I was in the OC of one Recycling project.


Renewing partnership: partnership is something that I use to work in LC USMA in CAS as LCVP ER, with companies such as DELL, Scotiabank, KPMG and Sanofi Aventis. We get results in all of them but we still waiting to get more MT’s with Scotiabank.

5. What do you think should be the three main priorities of your area, what initiatives would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those areas at the end of your term? External Relations Main Strategies Priorities

Alumni Data Base

ER Coaching

Competitive Analysis Tool development



Contacting in different ways our alumni to make them participate in our event and creating a strategic data base so we can communicate effectively with them and training LC’s in how to perform their communication with the alumni, because we need a pipeline in Spain for this position.

We should have a bigger alumni data base at the end of the term, and in this data base we must have a person in charge of managing in a National level (NST position) in this way we can control effectively the communication with the Alumni. Another way is creation an Alumni Association with specific responsibilities.

We should creating a right channel of communication from the MC level to the LCVP ER’s, giving them international strategies and ideas that can solve any situation. In a MC level we must be very strategic and less operative that’s something that LC’s are always asking to the MC roll According to the International perspective, perspectiv LC’s must manage the Competitive Analysis Tool, so they can sale in the market in a right way, in this sense we must help them and teach them how to use this tool in a smart way.

We should have the right results in a LC level vel and that’s in part the responsibility of the MC, in this way LC’s must know how to sale and how to use strategic tools that will give them the right results in each case. ER teams in a LC and MC level will show their strategic plans in a smart way, and they will use the trends of the market in their benefit, and we will get better results in a short and long term.

6. Please exemplify at least 2 external relationships that you have managed before and what were your achievements. As ER member and in my both leadership positions as ER in CAS I get a lot of things to my LC and to other LC’s, in this question I am going to talk about 1 Corporate and one none Corporate organizations: 1.

Sanofi Aventis: I manage this account since I start working as LCVP ER in USMA and the relation with the e company is very good they are one of the best TN taker in LC USMA and currently we have 1 girl from Colombia working in Sanofi and we start a project with them for 2010 and we have 2 TN raising with them to be match soon and in the year we are expecting 3 other TN’s to be realized, the success with Sanofi is based in the great communication that we establish with the TN Taker and the strategy when we sell them AIESEC as a solution for their GAPs in the market..

Ma Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011


Proniños del Darien: I start working withh Proniños del Darien when I was LCVP ER in USMA and last year they raised 6 TN’s and this year other 4 are realized, the experience is very good and the success with them is based in the opportunity that we gave them as one of the best NGO’s in Panamá, to get very good Human Resource in a very effective and cheap way. Effective Communication was very important in this sense also.

7. What products can the AIESEC create and sell that will hit both the objectives of revenue, raising and delivering a higher number of high quality AIESEC experiences? Some products that we can create in AIESEC that will bring us better results are: 1.

New Projects: such as the project that we create in CAS that bring experiences in 2 different countries Costa Rica and Panama, we can make it better in Southern Cone with 3 countries managed by the MC and with exchanges in the LC’s, my experience in this way ay will bring ConoSur a lot of good results.


New Proposals: we should create a bigger impact in our proposals, they must be focus in the Company needs and in the company market area.


Offering different Products:

products such as media appearances, recruitments for the company, Conferences focus in the company needs are products that we can negotiate with our partners, whatever they need we have to see an opportunity for us to start having a relationship with the company.

8. Which action steps would you you take in order to guarantee the financial sustainability of the Member Committee in 20102010-2011? Some action Steps that I will do to take care about the financial sustainability of Member Committee in 20102010 2011 are: a.

Financial study: we should


Market research:

we must see which w ich companies in the region can give us sponsorships or how we can get money from them there are different different kind of products that we can offer as Organization and in Sothern Cone we we have an amazing potential, but in a smart way a Competitive Analysis Tool must be created in the Region and developed in LC levels to get the right benefits from the Companies, es, Government, etc.


Networking Sales:


Action Plan for Sustainability:

check how much money do we need in this year and how money we will need to work and to invest in the membership.

we should check in our membership network what contacts we have in Companies, Government, etc, to see how we can contact them to get results. we the right focus we should finish our year ye with enough money to work at least for another year with out problems. We must safe money as much as possible but we can get money from companies in sponsorships and in this way we will have enough money to work the complete year.

Ma Manu González Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011

9. How can you capitalize on incomes the relationships within the corporate and nonnon-corporate sectors? Corporate and Non Corporate Sales Strategy Priorities

Focus Sales According to the National Trends.

Use the Networking as a right tool to get results

Use the BOA’s or Alumni in Networking



We should start selling with the right focus, using the tools we can develop in a National Level, is better to sale in a smart way using the competitive analysis tool, it means that we will focus our north to the companies that are having better economic results with the crisis or with the actual situation of the market. Networking is a good tool to sale our organization if Spain develop a tool where all the members can put their contacts we can implement an strategy to ask for dates to many managers or companies that have a small relationship with AIESEC, in this sense we can get results and improve our sales. The BOA’s or Alumni are always good channels to start selling our organization, in this sense we can ask them to help us calling their contacts and asking them to come with us to some dates, what will give us a more formal view for new companies.

We will get better results if we focus in the National market trends. That also involves selling exchanges or selling sponsorships.

We can improve our sales using the right channels of communications in this way, networking is the right smart strategy to get sponsorships at the beginning and at the end Companies can take exchanges from us.

We can increase our sales and get a more formal point of view from Companies.


Manu... Manu GonzĂĄlez Caballero / Southern Cone

MCVP ER Application 2010-2011

Application MCVP ER Southern Cone  

Manu Gonzalez MCVP ER Southern Cone 2010-2011.

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