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AIESEC experience 1. List all aspects & roles of your AIESEC experience Dates


Responsibilities/knowledge gained

2006 -2007

TM member

Responsible of a pocket recruitment also responsible of members satisfaction. / I learned how a team works in AIESEC,, how to motivate a team and how to create an effective strategy



It was my first TL position in AIESEC and we made an incredible Regional Conference with more than 90 members and it was the first time a conference was totally in English. MAX experience was amazing my first team was very motivated and we all did a great job.


ICX Reception Manager

I start with an X team ICX and I was in charge of interns satisfaction, also all the migration process and also account manager for some companies.



My best experience in AIESEC is my actual roll in LC USMA, I am working with a team of 12 members all of them Account managers anagers of very important companies, I learned how to make an effective strategy with all my team, how to manage the biggest team in CAS, and also how to create an impact the my team members experience. We have the best results in all CAS about 23 TN’s in n the Q3 and Q4; because we are all focus in the goals we have.



This is my actual roll in AIESEC CAS I am RST in Corporate in CAS, I am KAM of 5 Regional Companies and I have learn so much about how to work in an MC level, we have a very effective structure and communication between us.

2. Please list the National and International Meetings you have attended in the table below. Year



You’re Role



Costa Rica









Faci / OC



Dominican Rep.








Costa Rica

Delegate /Co-Faci



Costa Rica



OPSI Rech Rech.



3. Rank the 3 mains areas where you have had the most experience. Area

Describe briefly your experience


8months / TM member


Reception Manager / Migration Process



How would this benefit the position you are standing for? Talent Management gave me all my knowledge in a team Management it will be very beneficial to my team because I know how to motivate, how to communicate and how to do tracking in a goal or in a process. ICX for me means the essential of AIESEC I have learned all the ICX process as matching, how to use the, International Communications, how to organize your time to answer all the e.mail in a organized way. And it will be very beneficial for the th position of MCVP X because I have the learning I need from ICX. As LCVP ER and RST KAM, I have learned how to lead a team in the AIESEC way, and also the Corporate view of AIESEC and is very important for X because I know how works the complete process and I have a very good global view of the Organization.


Please outline your experience and any results in each of the following areas (max 2 lines by area) Area


Results Achieved

Key learning’s from challenges faced

Partnership Management


Managing 5 Regional Accounts, Cooperation with PWC, COPA Airlines and ManPower, 2 Exchanges with BIMBO

I have learned how to get benefit from Big Regional Partners, and a good perspective about the MC work.

Exchange Management


Migration Process updated and Creation of Structure in the Migration Process of all our interns. In AFS I am International Trainer and also we receive more than 200 participants per year from all around the world

I have learn all the AIESEC process in ICX,, myaiesec how to match and also with AFS and AIESEC I learn how to communicate effectively with different people all around the world, the world time perspective and also the way different cultures think about important topics.

Conference Management

Faci / Co CoFaci

Trainer and Faci in many National and International Conferences all with good results

I have learned a lot of Educational learning, How to manage a group, tips and practical training strategies and also I perform my abilities in Coaching and Mentoring toring and also Training.

Financial Management


Very good financial results in our conferences.

I have learned how Budget works, how to make the financial control of an activity.

Strategic Planning

LCVPER / Competiti ve Analysis Tool Supervis or

Structure and action Plan for my team. Competitive Analysis Tool.

I have learned how to prepare an action Plan with my team and also an Strategic Plan to review and attack possible partners.

Team Management

2 TL positions

24 TN’s uploaded in the last 2 Q.

We overachieved our goals of 23 X now, we have 28 and at the end of the year this number will be up to 34 X; and I have learned that if you make your team focus in our goals in a very motivated way they will work as much as you.


ER Coach

All our goals in ER and OC’s (all of them overachieved the goals)

I have learned how to make an effective coaching to different kind of people.

Training & Facilitation

Faci /Trainer

Effective and productive Conferences

I have learned with all my experience been Faci that as much as you prepare your sessions and your speech it will be better but you always need to adapt to the circumstances.

Talent Management

TM Member

Effective Pocket Recruitment 12 new members and motivated members.

I have learned how to manage a team, how to see with them to the same North and how to be a great Mentor and Coach.

Agenda Development

OC / Faci

Effective Conferences

I have learned how to follow the timing in the Conferences and how important imp are the pre-meeting meeting and the post meeting for the development of our Conferences.

Budget Management


Good Financial Results

I have learned how a budget works and how to create an effective budget.

International Relations


Very good international Relations.

I know how to work with different people from all around the world, I am a global citizen and I know how the differences between us could be the most strong similarities that tomorrow we have.

Control System


Effective Health Indicators Control and CRM control

We use many control for our health in my team, and with this tools I have learned that is also important that you take a time to organize your achievements, so everyone can know them and you can work with that tomorrow ow as a trend of your team.

Evaluation and Results Tracking


Overachieved Goals and good tracking to our process

We overachieved all our goals our HI are in the top of our LC, and I have learned from this that once you give more than 100% of you, them you can give more if you love it.

Information Management


Right use of myaiesec and information tools

I have learned how to use myaiesec for matching and to check relevant information about AIESEC in the wikis and newsletters you can access fro m myaiesec.



Effective communications with gmail and

I have learned how to inform all your team from relevant information and in that way you can achieve more things.

General Questions 1.

Why have you decided to stand for this position and how does it fit to your long long--term goals?

After a time looking around the World opportunities I decide to apply to MC in France because I have an special feeling about French people and their potential, since I was child I had dreams about Paris and in 2007 I visit Paris and I’m in love of Fren French ch culture and Paris way of life. MCVP X in France means for me a great opportunity to develop and put in practice all my experience with Exchange Programs, but in a huge way, because France is a country with a lot of Potential specially in AIESEC, becaus because you have a commitment with your history and I’m sure that I will be an important key to return to the top of the AIESEC Network.


What is your role in a team and what do you see as reasons for this (e.g. personal drivers, strengths…)?

My role in a team m normally I use to listen all the ideas and them I will try to create a group idea that seems good for everyone, the consensus is the way I prefer in a group, but I will take the leadership if is necessary but I prefer to be the brain mind behind the lead leader er that support and give great ideas to the team. My strengths in a team is that I use to motivate the team work and I use to share all my experiences to everyone in the team, I am very open to help other and to learn new things. People use to say that I’I’m very easygoing and that everyone likes me, but is because I use to give an smile also in the difficult times. 3.

You’re just coming back from a really huge networking event and you meet Nicolas Sarkozy & Barack Obama in an elevator, they asks you to explain him what is AIESEC is by sharing your personal AIESEC Experience. You just have 1 minute. What will you say?

I will say: “Well AIESEC is for me the realization of the Idea that a better world is possi possible ble and that is in the new generation hands were you will see the new change agents; as now in front of you I’m representing 38,000 young leaders from 107 countries that are present in more than 1700 Universities all around the world, always available to make ake good things for our Planet, all of us working each day to make projects about CSR, Education, Health, etc. And all of us connected in an amazing web platform that make us follow the same ideas and make us share our experiences. As two days ago I was talking alking with a guy in India, about a recycling project in the morning and in the afternoon I talk with a girl from Kenya that was interested in a project in Panama and at night I went to bed talking with a friend from France that returned from Latin Latin-America; a; believe me in this way we are a new generation of people that is changing this World each day. I will ask you an opportunity to present you a proposal about how you can help us in our activities and you will be part of our Organization, as you are now leaders of wonderful countries and you can make a bigger impact in the world. We are very interest in make an alliance with your governments. Thank you very much and this is my AIESEC card.

4. Identify three key external trends that are happening in the world, and with an impact in France, and explain in a few words how can AIESEC in France leverage on those trends to improve the performance and increase the results? Trend

Ways in which AIESEC in France can capitalize on the trend

Economical Crisis

According to the Global Economical crisis as AIESEC France we need to see all the trends; global market is changing a lot and the Technological Corporations and the Alternative energy sector is stable but this could change, that’s why we need to focus to the global trends to capitalize the best companies establish in France to work and to adapt us to their needs, for example if there is a company that needs a TT we should offer them the cheapest one in the France market or the cheapest possible that still bring us profit, them we need to check our competitors in each sector and we need to take decisions about prices that bring us better benefits and better relations with our partners, I that way once we involve them in the AIESEC struc structure ture we can start getting more and more benefits from them as learning partners or supporters in special topics. France should work with European companies that are stable with the crisis or bring them good solutions according with each company needs. With the expansion of Non Traditional markets such as China, India and Brazil we should make agreements with those countries to get access to their exchange platform easily. In this case France is a very attractive destiny in the AIESEC network and we can talk with our partners to create strategic alliances with companies that are establish in France and in other countries, and we can offer them the exchange programs to train new employees or to ma make ke the work mobilization in an easy way, and cheaper than what will normally cost if they do it with out us.

Expansion of non traditional markets (China, India, Brazil)

Global Warming and High Agility Enterprise

Billions will be invested in alternative energy, clean tech and climate change in 2010. The new administration will embrace, whole hog, the sustainability trend. We will capitalize on cleaning up the planet, reducing foreign oil dependence and reducing global warming. Customers are going green. Consumers will want increased corporate accountability in protecting and saving the environment. Smart companies will now leverage Green & Clean policies, products and services services—and and be held accountable if they are not. AIESEC in France should be prepare to create projects about global warming, this is a reality that the World is taking care more and more, each day; and as one of the best countries in this topics are the EU countries and France as one of the leaders; them we can prepare projects to develop by LC’s and helping them with the organization and the development velopment of activities with our partners that care about it. EU stability is starting since some months and countries as France are getting in better economical situation; in that case we should be prepare to make strategic alliances with the companies th that are growing up faster. Fast to change. Anticipatory of what's next. Exceeding expectations. New innovations to serve customers, find profit, accelerate transactions, release creativity and empower employees and customers will transform business in 20 2010 and AIESEC France could offer this change with AIESEC’ers that are studding in the best universities and are prepare for the new trends.

5. What is your SWOT Strategic Analysis of AIESEC in France? Taking the main idea about France situation, I will analyze basically with the knowledge I get in this selection process about : What is happening in France?

Strengths: AIESEC in France is getting back with a lot of strong members that are motivated and with a great future in the corner. Some strengths of France are: a. 13 LC’s and 300 members, an MC with a lot of experience and motivated to change France. b. Presence in Important Companies such as Google, Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Delphi and Microsoft c. Exchange growth and LC’s doing ICX again. d. Good National structure Weaknesses: AIESEC France weaknesses are related with the participation of the members in such a case I will resume: a. b. c. d.

Participation and AIESEC experience of members. Lack of sustainability. Learning and preparation of members of some LC’s. Low performing LC’s, closing LC’s. Non-Active motivation of some LC’s. LC’s without getting the goals and without an structural Plan.

Opportunities: AIESEC in France have great opportunities to growth, and to have motivated members, the best opportunities we have are: a. b. c. d. e. f.

International Experience and stability. International support of AI and other European MC’s Strategic Alliances with strong Countries. Very good International applicants with experience to develop strategic areas. France economical stability and leader at international activities such as Environmental trends. LC expansion.

Threats: AIESEC in France is right now in a very good moment but with some Threats that we have to take car off. a. Global crisis, affecting France more than what we expect. b. Companies without resource to support sponsorships or TN’s. c. Close of some LC’s.

6. What do you think should be the three main priorities for AIESEC in France, what strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those areas at the end of your term? Priority



ICX and OGX TranX4mation

We should start thinking in a X transformation; preparing PBox models to use in France according to the Global Trends; and also a National Campaign with videos and newsletters and visiting Radio stations and TV programs, to promote AIESEC Experiences. Also with a National X structure that give us the potential candidates dates in the Universities to live our Experience. I will help with the Campaign structure something like “International Superheroes” give us a lot of exchange applicants. And also PBox templates or models to adapt in each LC and Coaching and Learning of this is PBox and tracking of this TranX4mation.

The results I expect from France is around 300 X’s and an ICX stronger in the LC’s.

ER Strategic Plan and Impact in each LC

We should create an ER structure in each LC, Focus in the networking and possibilities for each case. But a National Plan of action must be focus in the Training and Coaching of each ER team; as I have experience in ER with very good Results I can help giving coaching and trainings to ER members so they can attack strategic companies.

I want to see an ER Strategic Plan raising in the LC’s. with networking strategic and stakeholder focus.

Coaching and Learning Plan

We should create a Year Chronogram about the Coaching and Trainings for each area and each MC member and other Supporters as NST’s can help us in develop and give tracking to online and normal trainings. I have experience using online programs to give trainings and also been Faci, I can help creating a Tool were we can have a System Con Control to give following to the Trainings and Coaching Coaching.

I will want to see a Health LC’s and members with all the information and training opportunities each month.

SPECIFIC QUESTIONNAIRE Questions for VP Exchange 1. Analyze the Exchange Potential in France in both side ICX & OGX As we know Exchange potential of AIESEC France is bigger than what we have, in the past France was one of the bigger Partners with around 1000 exchanges per year, and after the crisis things start changing but I am sure that better times are coming for AIESEC in France.



•In In the case of Incoming exchange France as Industrial Country have a lot of Companies that can take Interns, there is a lot of Potential for TT and MT’s but also DT’s, all the International Companies have offices in France and the population of this country is bigger than 50 millions so we can find good companies that work in other countries in the world with AIESEC and make them partners of us in France; as in the past France can host around 500 participants, and that will be my goal, I want to be part of this change in a country that open the doors to our Organization since the beginning. •In In this case, OGX have a lot of potential also, French students are using a lot of other Organizations to do exchange because as a rich country a lot of people have the opportunity, we must sell us in a huge way as the best option in the French market, as we are the biggest Leadership Organization in the world; and the cost of take our experience are lower than with other Companies and Organizations. I will work hardly to make an strategic plan to help OGX.

2. resent your Key Strategies for Exchange Growth in France with the results expected & how will you do the tracking of your initiatives. The key Strategies for the Exchange Growth will have the next structure:

Comm. /Mkting




LC X teams •

This structure is based in the importance for exchange growth that work with synergy between X and ER teams; because in this way we can offer in myaeisec the specific needs of the partners; in this way with good communication ion between both teams we can get better results. In the other hand I propose NST in X that will help in the Coaching and Tracking of the exchange strategy and also the Training of the X teams in the LC’s. In the other circle you will se LC X teams, we ne need ed to work strongly with the LC X teams empowering them if we want to make the do ICX in that level. That will be my legacy I want to have X (ICX and OGX) teams working with an organizational structure and very motivated and open to changes. An at the top p the circle is Communication and marketing I will work strongly in exchange Campaigns to promote our experience not only inside the organization we can also promote it in the French media; and as soon as we create a Media strategy we will get very good re results.


How will you manage the downsizing of 80 TNs next year from National to Local Level ensuring the same level of quality? The best way that I have to ensure that we will downsizing 80 TNs to LC level, will be giving tem motivation, coaching and tracking of the work I’m proposing also an online tool to have a control that the X teams at the LC level, can access In order to have a effective control of the TN’s and wha whatt is happening. In our case In CAS we are implementing this with small comities and is working effectively in th the way that the MC and RST’s are giving tracking to this process.

LC Level

• 80 TN's

MC Level

• 80 TN's

• Tracking • Coaching By NST and MCVP X

In this Graphic you will see the normal flow how it works, once we pas the 80 TN’s to a Local level we should give them Tracking and coaching an this tracking will be done by NST and MCVP X coordinating all the process and the motivational campaigns.

4. What international cooperation will you recommend for AIESEC France next year having in mind the Global & the National Exchange Trends? Having in mind the Global and National Exchange Trends I will recommend to sign agreements with countries such as India, China and Brazil that have a lot of opportunities in ICX and d OGX and are countries with a very good structure, I have good contacts with India and with Brazil that are working with us in CAS; in this way we can sign and present them good proposals for Projects with them. Other market that could be very effective w with France is Europe, because is easy to travel and have short term exchanges between other countries in Europe and France. And we can have also cooperation with small countries that are growing up with quality such as CAS an other countries in IGN, such a ass Colombia that have very good quality and in CAS we have very good relations with AIESEC Colombia, they have a lot of experience and also GKP, we can use in France. Also I have to mention that in Latin America France Is a very attractive destiny so we can send X campaigns to IGN to promote the opportunities.

China & India

Brazil & Colombia

• Strategic Countries for International Cooperation Agreements


Countries ries such as India, China, Brazil Brazil, Europe and Colombia according with the graphic are the best options for International Cooperation Cooperation.

5. Briefly state your opinion on the topic of Exchange in the context of AIESEC Experience.

In the AIESEC experience Exchange is the most amazing experience, travel to other country opening your mind to a new culture and to a new language with people that you never know before, makes any person a global citizen and that’s what I work for, to transmit what I learn in my experience in AIESEC in my exchange in Chile and also that I am sure that I am a totally different person than before I took this risk. With the Exchange you will open your eyes to a world of opportunities that is always there for us, waiting for Global citizens that wants to do something big, something good in order to change this beautiful and amazing world. As I see in the Exchange you have the opportunity to depend on yourself , the opportunity to be independent in a different place, far from your environment far from your friends and family, with a totally different culture and you have to be part of it; then you learn that sometimes our differences are more similar each day, until you adapt your life to the new place and to thie culture and things start been logical.

MCVPX France Manu Gonzalez  
MCVPX France Manu Gonzalez  

Application MCVP X ICX France 2010 - 2011 Manuel Gonzalez Caballero