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Harnessing the Cloud for future growth

New Heights with Lean Sigma

Manufacturing Companies

To Work For 2014/15

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Strategies for global success I n th i s i s s u e o f Manufacturing Global our cover

story celebrates the success of BAE Systems. Back in 1997 the pioneering aviation, defense and military manufacturer made the bold decision to combine both lean methodology with six-sigma best practice. The outcome: a hybrid strategy known as Lean Sigma which has helped the company reduce waste, boost efficiency and ultimately, stay competitive in a saturated marketplace. We take a look at the strategy today and how the multination conglomerate implements it for global unity and success. Also in this issue we unveil the top 10 manufacturing companies to work for in 2014/15. From the likes of GE to Jaguar Land Rover, from Philips to Siemens, we take a look at what makes these big brands such appealing companies to work for, as told by their current employees. As always we also showcase some of the most influential companies operating on a global scale in the manufacturing sector.

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Bosgraaf Group offers a total package

Bosgraaf Group’s state-of-the-art systems and service for the production of semihard and hard cheeses, is a result of the company’s extensive experience and innovative technical solutions. With an unrelenting focus on performance, hygiene and sustainability, Bosgraaf’s bespoke production facilities ensure that an optimal solution is found across the organisation to suit the clients’ needs, including the use of robotics in mould handling and treatment lines. Bosgraaf specialises in cheese moulding, handling and pressing systems as well as rack brining, treatment and maturation installations. www



Top 10

Manufacturing companies to work in for 2014/15


24 Lean BAE SYSTEMS Achieving Excellence with Lean Sigma

Technology Harnessing

the Cloud: New IT solutions position manufacturers for rapid growth

8 5



May 2014




38 66

Tintas Hidracor

CITIC Heavy Industries



CNH Mexico

Tech Blend



38 Allnex

98 CITIC Heavy Industries


108 Varley Group

52 Tetra Pak



Latin America

116 Tintas Hidracor

66 CNH Mexico

126 Kepler Weber

80 Arbomex

140 Assoc.: Abquim


148 Assoc.: AIAB

92 Tech Blend

156 Assoc.: VDI



Harnessing the Cloud: New IT solutions position manufacturers for rapid growth Many think of the Cloud simply as a backup system, however scratch the surface and the relatively new technology could position manufacturing companies big and small for substantial growth Writ ten by: Simon Shorthose, MD, ReadSof t


TE C HNO L OGY For many organisations, the Cloud is still all about storage and backup. For organisations looking beyond this, the Cloud can be transformational, enabling businesses to compete effectively in a marketplace dominated by large corporations. Why start with accounts payable? Traditionally, manufacturers receive a large number of supplier invoices. Processing invoices manually takes a significant amount of time and resources, both human and financial. Furthermore, consistently achieving total accuracy during manual processes can be difficult, as there is always a chance of error. This difficulty is compounded in the modern manufacturing environment, where invoices arrive in different formats from various locations. Invoices now arrive on paper, from online systems, in emails and as PDFs. Complicated manual processes can push turnaround time beyond 14 days, risking late settlement fees and missing the opportunity to benefit from early payment discounts and improved supplier relationships. 10

December 2014

Although larger businesses statistically tend to be worse at paying invoices on time, they have the available cash and finance ability to absorb late settlement fees. This is not the case for the many organisations that have less access to reliable and consistent finance and less cash on hand to absorb charges. Effective AP management combats this problem, avoiding damaged relationships with suppliers that may refuse to make future agreements if they find a company unreliable. The success of a manufacturing business depends on the effectiveness of production lines. Automating administrative processes frees up resources that can be utilised in other value added services, like keeping production local and reducing the need to outsource. Where production is already distributed between several global offices, invoices can be uploaded locally, processed automatically and managed at the business headquarters. Laying the foundations of automation with AP allows an organisation to start with the core process, before extending to the entire

Harnessing the cloud

‘Manufacturers are in a better position now than ever before to completely automate business processes’ 11


‘Moving from a local IT set up to a Cloudbased service can enhance security as well as drive business efficiency’


December 2014

Harnessing the cloud

financial process suite. Manufacturers can then automate sales order, delivery note and purchase requisition processing. Building financial suite automation in this way maximises both productivity and return on investment. How can the Cloud help? The Cloud is the infrastructure where an application or programme can run on many different computers simultaneously. Whilst it can refer to other types of network, Cloud computing normally refers to the Internet. In this sense, a company can provide access to software, but will store it on their central server rather than issuing the customer a physical copy. Customers can then access and use the software by connecting to the Internet and logging into the secure server. This is the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. As software is run on the provider’s central server it is not necessary for the customer to store and run the software on their computer, freeing up the memory on the computer and increasing performance. Cloud AP Using Cloud based SaaS to automate

the back office AP function enables adoption of a complete solution for invoice capture and processing with minimal IT involvement or investment in additional hardware and software. The most effective solutions will extract data from documents automatically, understanding the difference between (for example) text that is an address or company name and a purchase order number. By automating the extraction of this information, manufacturers can automatically match invoices to purchase orders and delivery notes. Where all of the relevant documents are available and the information matches, the software can process invoices for payment and securely store the information together in the Cloud. Manufacturers are in a better position now than ever before to completely automate business processes. Historically, expensive additional hardware, software and infrastructure have been required from the outset, leaving comprehensive process automation available exclusively to large organisations. The SaaS model enables even smaller manufacturers to experience 13

TE C HNO L OGY the same results without the initial investment and with an extremely fast implementation time. Within a few weeks, managers can be approving invoices externally, even away from the office. For many organisations, moving business process automation to the Cloud will enhance security. Ensuring the levels of security and redundancy that a SaaS or Cloud service provider will have in place is extremely costly with local infrastructure. Consequently, moving from a local IT set up to a Cloudbased service can enhance security as well as drive business efficiency. Positioning manufacturers for growth In addition to processing invoices, managing payments, planning cash flow and maintaining supply chain fluidity, manufacturers need to ensure an effective paper trail for audit. Using Cloud functionality enables businesses to streamline finance functions and drastically reduce the time needed to ensure compliance. Cloud automations services enable businesses of any size to scan every invoice when it 14

December 2014

arrives, immediately ensuring that there is a copy securely stored online. Cloud-based invoice systems position manufacturers for growth, allowing them to take advantage of flexible resource deployment and the ability to efficiently re-scale business activity. Time savings of 75 percent for the finance functions are common, particularly for companies that have a large number of suppliers and have to process more than 5,000 invoices per year. Invoice processing no longer takes

Rather than having to spend valuable office time processing piles of invoices, managers are free to grow the business, improve supplier relationships and compete with the best in the marketplace

up the valuable time of decision makers. Managers can instead focus on the small number of exceptions the software identifies. These can be approved from anywhere: on a smartphone, PC or tablet. Rather than having to spend valuable office time processing piles of invoices, managers are free to grow the business, improve supplier relationships and compete with the best in the marketplace. Research conducted by ReadSoft found 77 percent of manufacturers

believed growth was being held back by manual sales order processing, with 61 percent of companies still receiving paper sales orders that need to be processed manually. By automating the core AP process, organisations are positioned for growth through technology. It is then a clear and simple step towards sales order automation and a reduction of 42 percent in the delay of sales order fulfilment time.


Le a n

Achieving Excellence with Lean Sigma A look behind the scenes of BAE Systems Lean Sigma strategy Writ ten by: Abigail Phillips



Typhoon assembly line at Warton BAE Systems is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed corporations. Underpinned by a desire to be trusted, innovative and bold, the company has found success where countless others have failed. Founded as part of a $7.7 billion merger in 1999, BAE Systems has continued to grow from strength to strength as one of the world’s largest manufacturers. 18

December 2014

With operations in Australia, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States, BAE Systems is a multinational defense, security and aerospace business. With a workforce of 84,600 people it works hard to promote and maintain is culture of innovation and standards of excellence across the globe. On the company’s website it

B A E S Y STEMS A c h i e v i n g E x c e ll e n c e w i t h L e a n S i g m a

states, “Our culture focuses not on what we do, but on how we do it. If we focus on the how, the future that we wish to attain will follow. We have a culture of total performance; a commitment to the highest standards in every aspect of the way we do business.” One arm of its total performance strategy centres on lean six-sigma – a principle the business has adopted and endorsed for some time. Six-sigma methodology Developed by Motorola in 1986, six-sigma is a world-class, process improvement and problem solving methodology. It seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability

‘The concept of merging lean and six sigma can be traced back to 1997 when BAE Systems combined both principles’

in manufacturing processes. It uses a set of quality management methods, including statistical methods, and creates a special infrastructure of people within an organization Champions, Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts, etc. - who are experts in their fields. Those experts help teach fellow employees, problem solve and innovate processes when required by the business. Each six-sigma project carried out within an organization follows a defined sequence of steps and has quantified value targets, for example: reduce process cycle time, reduce pollution, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and increase profits.

BAE Systems Taranis is an unmanned combat aircraft system advanced technology demonstrator programme


Lean Considering BAE System’s vision and mission “to be the premier global defence, aerospace and security company,” and “to deliver sustainable growth in shareholder value through our commitment to total performance,” its no wonder that six-sigma is part of its continuous improvement strategy.

BAE System’s experts teach fellow employees, problem solve and innovate processes

Lean manufacturing is centered eliminating waste and driving efficiency throughout the manufacturing process


December 2014

Combing lean manufacturing and six sigma Lean six-sigma is a combination of both lean manufacturing processes and six-sigma methodology and was developed by BAE systems in 1997. Six-sigma derives from Total Quality Management (TQM) and like its predecessor, relies on the use of statistical analysis and other quality tools to identify and eliminate defects, but provides a framework for using them. Its focus extends beyond quality to other strategic areas of the organization. Lean manufacturing is centered eliminating waste and driving efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. By combining lean and six-sigma methodologies manufacturers can achieve total customer satisfaction and improved operational

f e at u r e a r t i c l e s h o r t e n e d h e a d l i n e

‘BAE Systems has implemented lean sigma across its business and many argue it’s this strategy that allows the company to remain at the forefront of the sector’ effectiveness and efficiency by removing waste and non valueadded activities, decreasing defects and decreasing cycle time. The concept of merging lean and six-sigma can be traced back to 1997 when BAE Systems combined both principles. The company named the program Lean Sigma, its aim being to protect market share in the aerospace industry. They mixed together the

Kaisen team with Black Belts, the aim being to reducing variation within their processes. As a result the company achieved substantial improvements in productivity, lead-time, savings and reliability. Since then, BAE Systems has implemented lean sigma across its business and many argue its this strategy that allows the company to remain at the forefront of the sector.


Lean BAE System’s Sigma Leadership Programme As part of its dedication to Lean Sigma, BAE Systems has developed a Sigma Leadership Programme, which is a three year fast-track programme created for people with the highest leadership potential within the business. With only a few places available each year, it’s unique, fast-paced and aimed at giving individuals a wide breadth

and depth of knowledge from across multiple business areas. Fully endorsed at board level, the Sigma Leadership Programme offers no blue print or structured path to follow, so each member is responsible for his or her own journey around the business and development plan. BAE Systems offers its Lean Sigma students the opportunity to have both a corporate and functional mentor to guide him or

BAE Systems has developed a Sigma Leadership Programme, which is a three year fast-track programme created for people with the highest leadership potential within the business

B A E S Y STEMS A c h i e v i n g E x c e ll e n c e w i t h L e a n S i g m a

her through their development and leadership skills. Additionally, there’s financial and practical support to gain further relevant qualifications and accreditations within either business or engineering. Engineers are expected to gain chartered engineer status; the Sigma programme is accredited by a number of relevant institutions, demonstrating the company’s long-term investment in real leadership potential. Sigma workshops are run regularly, which provide an opportunity for all ‘Sigmas’ to convene and engage in activities designed to develop their understanding of an element of the business. Recent workshops include Leading from the Inside Out, Building High Performance Teams and Environmental Sustainability. Sigmas are also responsible for organising less formal “Learning Sets” to further develop relevant skills and understanding. Additional activities are encouraged whilst on the Sigma Leadership Programme as an additional means of development. This may be undertaking a role as a STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) Ambassador,

BAE’s staff who participate in the Sigma Leadership Programme are also responsible for organising less formal “Learning Sets” to further develop relevant skills and understanding contributing to corporate working groups or writing group strategy & policy. Community Investment projects are also undertaken, which have recently included revamping a hospice and taking part in the Prince’s Trust Million Makers Challenge. BAE Systems has demonstrated a clear and unwavering commitment to promoting Lean Sigma throughout every facet of the business and it has paid dividend. 23

TO P 1 0

Manufacturing C

To Work For

A breakdown of the top 10 companies to sector, as decided by the Job Crowd, a co businesses based on employee surveys a


r 2014/15

work for in the manufacturing ompany that reviews and reviews Written by: Abigail Phillips


top 10

4.25/5 average employee rating


General Electric

General Electric (GE) is a multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Connecticut, USA. It has a diverse portfolio of products and services that span many markets worldwide and employs in the region of 307,000 employees. The company scores highly for career progression, training and compensation, but also ticks all the boxes when it comes to 26

December 2014

environmental awareness, work / life balance and company culture. Employee reviews of the company are littered with praise, citing technical excellence, teamwork, an emphasis on development and growth and a good support system as benefits of working for the company. GE has also been commended for its safe working environment and open lines of communications with upper management.

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g C o m pa n i e s T o W o r k F o r 2 0 1 4 / 1 5


Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover is a prestigious luxury British automaker headquartered in Coventry, UK. Individually, Jaguar and Land Rover are iconic brands – each with distinctive hallmarks, but together they form one business with a unique organisational approach. This approach is referred to at the company as the Jaguar Land Rover Way. “It sums up how we do business, wherever we do business.

And it is something we all live and breathe every day,” says the company website. The company scores highly across the board in areas including company culture, environmental awareness, compensation and career progression. JLR has been applauded for offering employees flexibility and the opportunity to work on different projects across the entire business – it also scored highly for overall enjoyment and job satisfaction.

4.0/5 average employee rating


top 10


Renishaw plc

Renishaw is a British engineering company listed on the London Stock Exchange. The Renishaw culture is one that promotes innovation, progress and a desire to deliver exceptional customer support worldwide and the company is constantly striving to recruit and develop talented individuals.

Part of Renishaw’s ongoing success is due to its commitment to investing in the training and development of people. Employees have the opportunity to discuss their training needs, concerns and career ambitions and being an international company, career development may include the opportunity to work overseas.

3.9/5 average employee rating


December 2014

name of top 10 article

3.8/5 average employee rating


thales group

Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defence, transportation and security markets.

The company scores particularly highly from an employment perspective in career progression, compensation and benefits and training. There are a number of graduate training schemes focusing on different areas of expertise throughout the business. 29

top 10

4.0/5 average employee rating


Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a British multinational public holding company that, through its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures and distributes power systems. Rolls-Royce Holdings is headquartered in City of Westminster, London. Again, Rolls Royce scored highly 30

December 2014

across the board, but excels in the areas of good colleagues, work / life balance and overall enjoyment. The company has also been praised for its flexible and varied graduate schemes, which allows students to partake in three-month placements inside different divisions of the business.

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g C o m pa n i e s T o W o r k F o r 2 0 1 4 / 1 5



As the leading global engineering company, Siemens is behind a diverse range of technologies and services used in our everyday lives. The company designs and manufactures products and systems ranging from traffic lights and wind turbines, to rail

systems and motor drives. Siemens has been credited for providing excellent career progression opportunities and flexible working conditions. Its commitment to environmental awareness has also been cited as a huge positive by many of its current employees.

3.9/5 average employee rating


top 10


WSP Group

WSP Global Inc. is a Canadianbased business providing management and consultancy services to the built and natural environment. It is listed on the

Toronto Stock Exchange. With an overall score of 3.7 out of 5, the company has been credited for its commitment to employee development and continual training.


average employee rating


December 2014

name of top 10 article


average employee rating


BAE Systems

Being a global company and a well known brand, BAE Systems has been hailed with offering its employees exciting career opportunities across the globe, with scope to earn extremely

competitive salaries. Its training, career progression opportunities and the fact that employees can take on a reasonable amount of responsibility early on in the career are all factors that have been cited as positives by employees. 33

top 10


Hilti GB Ltd.

Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Hilti products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with


December 2014

outstanding added value. The Hilti Group headquarters are in Schaan, Liechtenstein and has been credited for offering world-class training schemes to employees as well as being an environmental and sustainability advocate.

4.0/5 average employee rating

top 10

4.3/5 average employee rating

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g C o m pa n i e s T o W o r k F o r 2 0 1 4 / 1 5


Philips UK

Philips, headquartered in the Netherlands is a diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of healthcare,

consumer lifestyle and lighting. Credited with excelling in the fields of environmental awareness, job satisfaction and continued career progression, Philips has been cited as a great company to work for.



Underlines Ambitious Growth Plans with New Joint Venture in China Written by: Tom Wadlow Produced by: Alex Barron



Having become an independent company in April 2013, the specialist resins manufacturer is driving continuous improvement and innovation as part of its plan to grow alongside its customers across numerous industries


December 2014


lobal resins producer Allnex has been on a journey of growth since becoming an independent operator last year and is showcasing its ambition by entering a joint venture in China to boost its crosslinker (amino resins) presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Awaiting final clearance to team up with Taiwanese company Eternal Materials, Allnex is looking to bring its specialist products and technologies to geographies which can benefit from its expertise, which now has the company hitting the $1.5 billion mark. The company has more than 2,500 customers being served by its 2,000 employees over 16 manufacturing sites in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific, with Europe accounting for around half of business (48 percent). These include big industry names such as PPG, AkzoNobel, Michelin, BASF and Axalta, with more than 500 suppliers feeding into Allnex’s operation. Francois Thys, Vice President Operations outlined the key pillars to the business furthering its success going forward. He said: “Three important elements to us moving forward are growth, operational excellence and people and culture.” “The growth will be achieved both through acquisitions and organically as we strive for continuous improvement. Growth is going to drive success and we want to grow with our customers – we have ambitious plans to grow the top line and our service, products and processes.”

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g

Pilot plant

The Advent of Allnex Becoming an independent company in April 2013 and making a quick, seamless transition without losing market position has been one of the headline achievements made by the business in recent times. Allnex came into its own after being bought by private equity firm Advent International, a company with 20 years in the chemical sector and with a matching focus on growth. The move brought with it a need for Allnex to rebrand itself externally and internally, with finance, IT, HR and manufacturing departments having to adjust and become centralised. “To the outside world we were continuing as we

Key Personnel

Francois Thys VP Operations Allnex

w w w. a l l n e x . c o m


We bring chemistry in your organsation



It’s all about the right combinations TriFinance is a unique and contemporary organisation in finance consulting. We offer solutions in do-how: the new combination of consulting and secondment resulting into pragmatic advisory. How can we support you? Together we discuss your challenges: a big change project in your organisation, the set-up and organisation of a shared service center, a carve out or merger, ERP-implementations, … All big projects where you need a partner who understands your needs and who can deliver. That’s exactly what we do. The unique part of our approach is how we look at solutions and how we are organized. Our Business Units each have a specific focus and the power of our approach is based on the unique combinations we can make. We go beyond classic consulting and do not think in boxes. By making the right combinations we will bring chemistry in your organisation.

Allnex were, but we had to reassure customers that our operations would not be disrupted and that the new owners would help us to raise the bar even higher,” Thys said. “We also had to find a new name, research its availability and identify ourselves with clients, which was not an easy task.” Allnex is among the leaders in the $35 billion coating resins industry, thanks to its four specialist products lines which include Liquid Resins & Additives, Radiation Curable Resins, Powder Coating Resins and Crosslinkers. Key technologies across these lines respectively include Alkyds and Acrylics, various Oligomers and Lamination, UV powder Resins, and Formaldehyde-Free Crosslinkers and Technical Phenolics.

supplier profile


Radcure synthese lab


TriFinance is a unique and contemporary organisation in finance consulting. We offer solutions in do-how: the new combination of consulting and secondment resulting into pragmatic advisory. Today, we employ more than 600 professionals. Our people have the necessary conceptual know-how and are eager to share their broad practical experience. TriFinance is a single point of contact for CFOs, CCOs, CIOs and CEOs and other company managers looking to solve several issues within their organisation. The unique part of our approach is how we look at solutions and how we are organized. Website:

w w w. a l l n e x . c o m


Aditya Birla Chemicals - Epoxy Division

Asia’s first Germanischer Lloyd accredited Mechanical & Analytical Test laboratory

With manufacturing capabilities in Thailand, India & Germany we are able to deliver our products globally Infinite Applications...One product range... Epotec for all your epoxy needs Epotec resin systems are well established in the industry and used by leading manufacturers. The product portfolio includes a wide range of Epoxy Products based on Bisphenol A, Bisphenol F, Multifunctional Epoxy Phenolic Novolac, Reactive diluents, Cycloaliphatic epoxies, Epoxy blends, water based epoxies and curing agents are offered for various applications in Composites, Coatings, Adhesives, Construction, Electrical and Electronics.

For more information please visit us at or

Innovating epoxies for a better world



CeTePox® As individual as you are



Electricals & Electronics


Allnex The front-end applications of these products vary enormously with such resins being used in automotive, industrial, packaging, consumer electronics and architectural products among many others. Driving Growth Allnex’s new owners very quickly demonstrated their vision for growth and continue to back expansion plans. In October 2013, only months after the takeover, Allnex acquired Desmolux from Bayer MaterialScience, a series of nonwaterborne radiation curing resins. The company has also formed a joint venture in China with Taiwanese crosslinker producer Eternal Materials subject to final clearances from the competition authorities.

supplier profile

Radcure synthese lab

Aditya Birla Chemicals

A US $40 billion corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500. It is anchored by an extraordinary force of over 120,000 employees belonging to 42 nationalities. The Group has been ranked Number 4 in the global ‘Top Companies for Leaders’ survey and ranked Number 1 in Asia Pacific for 2011. ‘Top Companies for Leaders’ is the most comprehensive study of organisational leadership in the world conducted by Aon Hewitt, Fortune Magazine, and RBL (a strategic HR and Leadership Advisory firm). Website:

w w w. a l l n e x . c o m



If approved, this will result in the construction of a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, and will combine Allnex’s specialist technology with the local business knowledge of Eternal, creating a mutually beneficial partnership. Thys added: “We have the technology to go into a market which is asking for it, but not easy to penetrate. Eternal has a presence in the base end of the market and we can help steer a lot of new developments. 46

December 2014

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g

Radcure application lab

Crucially their expertise in operating plants in China is invaluable – partnering with somebody who has this local knowledge of business and the authorities will help us thrive in the market much quicker than going alone.” This plan represents an important step in the wider goal of extending Allnex technologies to parts of the world where they are currently unseen. In February this year it opened an Americas HQ and Technology Centre at Alpharetta in Georgia,

“We have the technology to go into a market which is asking for it, but not easy to penetrate.” – Francois Thys

w w w. a l l n e x . c o m


Allnex runs SAP, powered by Delaware Consulting

In today’s challenging business environment, companies are continuously looking for ways to optimize their end-to-end processes, with only one goal: create Operational Excellence. Creating a business that is agile enough to respond to customer demand, anytime, anywhere and under any operating condition. We examine various aspects of processes and technology, make recommendations to optimize the efficiency and we implement IT-solutions. We understand the need to keep pace with technology and take advantage of the tremendous opportunities, offered by technological innovation.

You operate across Europe. So do we.

Sylmar Technology is dedicated to the supply of high quality solid surface products for domestic and commercial use. In addition to the supply of its key brands maia, minerva and Avonite, Sylmar Technology also offers turnkey solutions for all your solid surface needs. The range of work undertaken ranges from one-off individual retail projects to the full design and fabrication of components delivered to your production line. Whatever your requirements – we can help. Contact Sylmar or visit our website now for more details. | 01773 521300

t: Your contac er Bernd Labugg 452, 8055 Graz sse Alte Poststra 900 ) 5 7686-231 Phone: +43 (0 nk he sc @ az gr www.dbsche

You do business throughout Europe. And we have the network to match. In fact, we have the continent’s densest land transport network, with more than 720 locations in roughly 40 European countries. No one can offer you more ground coverage in Europe or comparable options for transporting your goods. Whether it’s packages or general cargo, partial or full load – we deliver Europe-wide from everywhere to anywhere. The fast lane directly to us:



USA, one of several important research hubs across the company’s network that prides itself on developing innovations hand-in-hand with customer requirements and dialogue. “If you want to ensure growth you need to come up with innovative solutions in what is a quickly changing world with new demands surfacing across sectors,” Thys said. “The natural way to grow for us is with our clients and tracking the evolutions in their markets. “Transforming to a customer focus as part of our continuous improvement is very important; our project called Commercial Excellence involved our sales people mapping our customers and improving the way we work with them.” Customers can also be assured that Allnex operates to high certified standards, with the company’s manufacturing sites up to OHSAS 18001 (health and safety), ISO 9001 (management systems) and ISO 14001 (environment management) levels.

48% Of employees were seconded from the business into the Phoenix ERP project

Phoenix Internally Allnex is harmonising processes across all departments thanks to its two-year Phoenix ERP project; 48 employees from various units including finance, manufacturing, procurement and marketing were seconded from the business to the project team to ensure the new ERP was based on best in class business processes. Having started this in November 2013, Thys is hoping the system will become fully operational w w w. a l l n e x . c o m



Pilot plant


December 2014

in November 2015 with pilot tests now being conducted. The system will provide vital enhanced visibility, from top floor to shop floor, allowing the company to unify processes and ultimately better serve customers. This project is a leading example of Allnex stepping up its efforts to bring the whole workforce working towards one common objective. “Internally we are communicating to engage our workforce across the whole business, the best ambassadors for the business are our own people,” Thys added. Projects like Phoenix are part of the company’s training initiatives for new and existing employees, which also include on-the-job training and work with outside consultants. Thys said: “We want to develop listeners, communicators and networkers, both for


Company Information Industry

Manufacturing headquarters

Brussels founded

2013 (became Allnex) employees

activities inside and outside the business. Leadership is vital because the cycles we operate in are becoming shorter and shorter so we need people who can guide us through that.� Another important part of staff development is in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE). The SHE management system adopted by Allnex ensures the protection of Allnex employees, customers, and also enables the company to positively interact with the communities neighbouring its facilities and to preserve the natural environment for now and future generations. The past 18 months have been an exciting one for Allnex, and with bold and ambitious new owners, fruitful joint ventures and ongoing continuous internal improvements, the company can continue to bring its resins to parts of the world yet to benefit from its specialist technologies.

2,000 revenue

$1.5 billion products/ services

Resins Manufacturing

w w w. a l l n e x . c o m


Tetra Pak

Invests Heavily in the African Market Written by: Sam Jermy Produced by: Kiron Chavda


T e t r a Pa k

The global food and drink processing and packaging company Tetra Pak, recognises huge growth potential in Southern Africa


December 2014


etra Pak is looking forward to a surge in market growth in the coming years as southern Africa’s appetite for dairy and juice products held in paper based packaging shows no abating. The company, which was founded in Sweden in 1951, is continuing to plough significant investment into strengthening operations in its Pinetown packaging material factory near Durban. It is also investing heavily in training and employee development. John Strömblad, Managing Director of Tetra Pak South Africa, said: “We are investing a lot on staff training to ensure we are meeting increasing demand and heightened customer expectations.” He explains that consumers are constantly looking for new, more convenient products,

af r i c a

which puts pressure on manufacturers to continuously innovate their offerings. “There is a lot more diversity in food packaging and products compared with five years ago,” he said. Due to this increased demand, the company is always looking at ways to develop new packaging solutions and update its production facilities. “We already have a strong technical service area, but we can be even better,” said Strömblad. “We are expanding our capabilities in that respect by offering value added services such as training external operators by illustrating how to reach higher levels of efficiency.” Rise to prominence Aseptic packaging, which is the practice of filling a sterile food or liquid into a paper based

250 The number of employees across its South African operations

w w w. t e t r a p a k . c o m / z a


Founded in 1994, JPM is in the fields of Industrial specialized in the design equipment, primarily in

s a technologically advanced company that develops its activities primarily l Automation and Mechanical Engineering. Throughout its journey, JPM has n, production, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial plants and food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

supplier profile

JPM industry

Services: Founded in 1994, JPM is a technologically advanced company that develops its activities primarily in the fields of Industrial Automation and Mechanical Engineering. JPM has specialized in the design, production, installation, maintenance and repair of industrial plants and equipment, primarily in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We offer accuracy, innovation and quality in every product and service we develop in order to effectively attend the needs of our customers. JPM has a long experience, founded in numerous projects developed in more than 30 countries all over the World. We are a team of more than 90 people, average age 34, with the appropriate competencies in mechanics, mechatronics, automation, electricity, programming, project management, maintenance and kaizen & lean methodologies, operating on an industrial area of approximately 10.000 m2. Vision: To grow in a sustained way and in the long-term, acting as a lead partner for multinational companies. Mission: To offer engineered solutions, automated equipment and maintenance services for distribution lines, using the latest technologies available, to industrial customers on a global scale, aiming to optimize their production and/ or logistics processes. Website:

T e t r a Pa k

af r i c a

package, started in 1959 at Tetra Pak. When a sterile product such as UHT milk goes into the packaging, the perishable goods can then be kept for much longer periods without the need for refrigeration. This led to generous savings in distribution and the overall handling of products, such as a reduction in energy consumption. Then in 1991 Tetra Pak acquired a diverse Swedish engineering company called Alfa-Laval AB. It produced industry leading industrial and agricultural equipment and milk separators. At the time of the takeover it was the largest deal Sweden had ever seen. Strömblad said: “Today, if you set up a dairy you can buy or lease everything you need from Tetra Pak. Not only the filling and packaging equipment, but also everything you need for processing such as pasteurisers, sterilisers, homogenisers, automation equipment and so on. “Obviously it’s an investment for that company, but then we also provide technical service and maintenance support to make sure everything is performing properly. The technical service training centre in Johannesburg is where we train our employees from the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. “Most importantly we train our customer’s operators too; we run very practical training courses in our Johannesburg facility. The vast majority of business comes from within South Africa but we’re seeing very interesting growth

Key Personnel

John Strömblad Managing Director John Strömblad MD of Tetra Pak Southern Africa is a 28-year Tetra Pak veteran who has risen through the ranks. He began as marketing trainee and sales administrator in Lausanne, Switzerland. He joined Tetra Pak South Africa from Greater China as VP Sales Management. Prior to Greater China he was the M&PM VP based in Seoul. He has a great deal of experience in developing markets having led the Greater China region for Tetra Pak since 2012

w w w. t e t r a p a k . c o m / z a


Your partners from

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Johannesburg Phone: +27 (0)11 493 7816 Fax: +27 (0)11 493 2389

Durban Phone: +27 (0)31 701 0260 Fax: +27 (0)31 701 0294

Cape Town Phone: +27 (0)21 535 1515 Fax: +27 (0)21 535 1513

T: +27 31 201 4715

T e t r a Pa k

af r i c a

potential in other markets such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola and Mozambique too.” The global Tetra Pak group has seen a tremendous growth over the past 30 years, and the same can be said for South Africa since operations started there in the early 1990’s. Today it employs around 250 people in its country headquarters in Johannesburg, engineering centre in Cape Town and packaging material factory near Durban.

“The most obvious way to reduce impact to the environment is to reduce the amount of packaging material” – John Strömblad, Managing Director

Managing growth The encouraging signs of growth throughout the region Strömblad manages has seen many of its customers forge successful international brands. The South Africa entity oversees a total of 10 southern African countries including Botswana, w w w. t e t r a p a k . c o m / z a


T e t r a Pa k

Tetra PlantMaster

75% Percentage of Tetra Pak packaging used for milk-based products 62

December 2014

Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe and its main export market is west Africa. However, there are 38 Tetra Pak factories worldwide so there is an allocation of products on a global scale too. Globally, 75 percent of Tetra Pak packaging contains milk and by-and-large South Africa follows this trend. But recently, as well as the leading juice firms, there has been a more diverse range of produce utilising the packaging such as tomato centric products, wine and even canned food like baked beans. StrĂśmblad said: “We provide various different packaging materials which we produce in the factories. That material is then shipped to our

af r i c a

customer’s site, sold to them, then the customer uses that material to pack their product. That’s the overall business model. “We have recognised that seed and oatmeal drinks, as well as almond and soya milk is probably one of the biggest growing segments globally and we expect similar growth movements in the future. If we look at market data, we are looking at around 10 percent growth in carton packaged milk and a decline of chilled milk of about four or five percent going forward in the coming years.” Sustainability and CSR The three parts of Tetra Pak’s products are the paper-based material, polyethylene and aluminium foil. Carton material is sourced mainly from Scandinavian manufacturers because in order to form these packages longer fibre is needed, and that comes from slowly growing forests typically found in Scandinavia and North America. “Environmental thinking is in our genes, it started right from the beginning in the 50’s. The most obvious way to reduce impact to the environment is to reduce the amount of packaging material. If you take a typical 1 kilogram carton it weighs 28 grams but if you have a glass bottle it is more like 300g. “A straightforward reason for our fantastic sustainable performance is down to the fact that we are basing our manufacturing on a renewable

13% Percentage the group’s carbon footprint was reduced by from 2005 to 2010

w w w. t e t r a p a k . c o m / z a


T e t r a Pa k

Technical Training Centre 64

December 2014

af r i c a

resource of paper. It comes from responsibly managed forests which means you plant more trees than you cut down. Most of our packaging material has an FSC marking on them and we are a driving member of the Paper Recycling Association of South Africa (PRASA).” “We are working with the Polyethylene technology providers who can give us green PE produced mainly from sugar cane. We are also striving for a barrier material in place of aluminium. You will see an entirely green product from us in the not too distant future.” Tetra Pak has worked hard to reduce environmental impact and achieved tangible results; the group’s carbon footprint was reduced by 13 percent from 2005 to 2010 despite substantial company-wide growth. It also has a three year old partnership with the paper mill Gayatri, going from zero recycling due to a lack of facilities to 16 percent overall, which is continuously rising, enhancing Tetra Pak’s image as a sustainable, ethical company in Southern Africa. Tetra Pak has become a household name in the packaging and food storage sector. Its commitment to sustainability, product development and continued expansion means it remains a long way in front of the competition. With on-going investment into employee development and geographical expansion, it’s likely to retain its world-leading title for many more years to come.

Company Information Industry

Manufacturing headquarters

Johannesburg, South Africa founded

1951 employees

250 in South Africa revenue

Not disclosed products/ services

Packaging & Processing

w w w. t e t r a p a k . c o m / z a


50 Years of World Class Equipment for Agriculture CNH Mexico implements global standards to manufacture, distribute and export products that meet farming needs..

Written by: Mateo Rafael Tablado Interviewed and translated by: Rebecca D. Castrejon Produced by: Diego Pesantez Interviewee: Thierry Mahe, CEO of CNH Mexico


CNH M e x i c o


he beginning of CNH Mexico is traced back 50 years, when entrepreneurship met agricultural productivity. The producer and assembler of agriculture tractors began operations in 1981 as an initiative of the Federal Government in collaboration with Ford Motor Company.

New Holland Tractors

During a privatization period in Mexico from 1988 to 1994, Grupo QUIMMCO acquired 60 percent of Fabrica de Tractores Agricolas. In a parallel event, FIAT acquired Ford New Holland and their industrial activity in the manufacture of tractors. By 1993 the acquisition rebranded with the name New Holland NV. After a merger of New Holland and Case tractors, CNH Global NV was formed, and by 2011 FIAT became the third participant of this fusion. The company employs more than a thousand workers at its production plant in Queretaro (Mexico) for the manufacture and supply of tractor parts. CNH Mexico also maintains its own distribution network with in-house funds. “We have suitable products that will satisfy the needs of the local market,� said Thierry Mahe, CEO of CNH Mexico in regards to the longevity of the company. For the past five years, Mahe has been leading CNH Industrial off-road vehicle operations


December 2014

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g G l o bal

in Mexico. Mahe is a mechanical engineer graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in England, his additional studies include an MBA in finance from Ecole de Management de Normandie. He has 25 years of managing experience and has been working with FIAT since 2005.

Key People

Equipment that Meets Agriculture Needs CNH’s catalog is defined by considering customers’ needs, from tractors with plow attachments, to foragers, harvesters, spreaders, and equipment for other farming tasks. Due to the company’s high production quality, the manufacturing and sales volume has to be large in order for them to be profitable. As a consequence, CNH has successfully exported

Thierry Mahe CEO of CNH Mexico Mahe is a mechanical engineer graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in England, his additional studies include an MBA in finance from Ecole de Management de Normandie. He has 25 years of experience and has been working with FIAT since 2005. He speaks five languages; this is one of his many abilities that have granted Mahe opportunities all over the world.

CNH manufacturing plant, an affiliate of Grupo QUIMMCO w w w. c n h m e x i c o . c o m . m x


supplier profile

Sistemas Automotrices de México (SISAMEX) Sistemas Automotrices de México (SISAMEX) ) was founded in 1975, is a co-investment of Grupo QUIMMCO and Meritor, Inc. It has 3 manufacturing sites; 2 located in Nuevo Leon and 1 in Jalisco. In SISAMEX we are a world-class manufacturer of automotive components for commercial and off-highway vehicles. In six manufacturing business units we manufacture axles, brakes, drive shafts, and related components. 1900 employees work at these facilities. Our process capabilities include high precision machining, heat treatment, welding and assembly. We supply products to customers such as John Deere, CNH Global, Caterpillar, Magna, Detroit Diesel, Daimler, and through Meritor, to major original equipment manufacturers like International, Daimler Trucks, Kenworth, Mercedes-Benz, Dina. In our company, innovation means creating ideas that will transform into products, processes and services with high market acceptance. Our goal is to visualize, develop, implement and commercialize opportunities. With this objective in mind, we recently opened our Human and Technology Development Center (CDTH). This new facility is a key tool for innovation, technological research and personnel training, that will not only help strengthen our company but also shape a better country by promoting the development of the domestic industry. With over 80,000 sq. ft. the CDTH holds 7 labs focused on development, optimization and validation of products and processes intended for the commercial and heavy vehicle industry in Mexico. Simulation and design tools are supported by over 40 researchers and technicians. We are a recognized socially responsible company. We know the talent of our people is one of our competitive advantages; this is why we constantly promote their personal and professional development.

Visite nuestra página web:

CNH M e x i c o

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g G l o bal

equipment to more than 30 countries. The operation in Mexico includes machining, pre-assembly and metal-cutting processes as well as pressing, welding and mounting of products. The company also has a self-sufficient, in-country marketing department and distribution network. “We are leaders in this market because of the evolution of our products, these being closer to the customers’ needs,” said Mahe.

Farm tractor New Holland

Product Adaptability CNH Mexico focuses on the production of industrial machinery and off-road vehicles by considering factors such as use, performance, expected productivity and durability. The Company’s tractors are now more complex in terms of the options they can offer, as well as the field of work and purpose for which they are intended, including features such as GPS systems and field adaptability. “A brand with good products but without a strong distribution network can not operate; products and distribution are equal in importance,” said Mahe.

w w w. c n h m e x i c o . c o m . m x


Lubricants for Professionals Advanced lubricants for optimal performance AKCELA lubricants have been developed using the most advanced technologies available today to ensure optimal performance and reliability for CASE IH machines, even under the most severe operating conditions. The AKCELA product line includes: • Engine oils • Brake fluids

• Transmission oils • Grease

• Hydraulic oils • Coolants/Antifreeze

PETRONAS is a world leader in fluids and lubricants technology for agricultural machinery., With extensive field and laboratory evaluations in collaboration with CASE IH, we developed the most effective lubricant solutions for CASE IH machines. This is why AKCELA lubricants and functional fluids are the only ones certified by CASE IH and specified for every CASE IH machine, making it always the right choice. PL NA Mexico—for Mexico Viscosity Oil Co.—for USA & Canada Wholly-owned subsidiaries of PETRONAS 600 Joliet Road, Suite H • Willowbrook, IL 60527 • (630) 850-4000

AKCELA lubricants are exclusively distributed by CASE IH and CASE Construction dealers

CNH M e x i c o

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g G l o bal

Suppliers that Raise Standards CNH Mexico has adopted the World Class Manufacturing system from its Italian corporate entity, FIAT, which consists of technical and management principles, establishing high levels of quality and productivity in the production of offhighway vehicles. In the manufacturing

“The role of our suppliers has been key, we have opened our doors to hear their innovative ideas in the field of technology and our overall evolution,” said the CEO.

process of New Holland machinery

Innovating Production All technological developments we see in CNH tractors respond to factors beyond productivity, such as: 1. New tractors have a 99 percent reduction of pollutant emissions thanks to the introduction

“A brand with good products but without a strong distribution network, can not operate; products and distribution are equal in importance” – Thierry Mahe, CEO of CNH Mexico

w w w. c n h m e x i c o . c o m . m x


Always the Right Choice Advanced lubricants for optimal performance AMBRA lubricants have been developed using the most advanced technologies available today to ensure optimal performance and reliability for NEW HOLLAND machines, even under the most severe operating conditions. The AMBRA product line includes: • Engine oils • Brake fluids

• Transmission oils • Grease

• Hydraulic oils • Coolants/Antifreeze

PETRONAS is a world leader in fluids and lubricants technology for agricultural machinery. With extensive field and laboratory evaluations in collaboration with NEW HOLLAND, we developed the most effective lubricant solutions for NEW HOLLAND machines. This is why AMBRA lubricants and functional fluids are the only ones certified by NEW HOLLAND and specified for every NEW HOLLAND machine, making it always the right choice. PL NA Mexico—for Mexico Viscosity Oil Co.—for USA & Canada Wholly-owned subsidiaries of PETRONAS 600 Joliet Road, Suite H • Willowbrook, IL 60527 • (630) 850-4000

AMBRA lubricants are exclusively distributed by NEW HOLLAND and NEW HOLLAND Construction dealers

CNH M e x i c o

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g G l o bal

of Tier 4 engines, with comparable standards to those used in the United States. 2. Vehicles designed to enhance the driving experience of the operator. An example of these features is the optimization of productivity depending on the process. 3. Automation / Robotics: Tractors and machinery capable of adapting to the land in real time. These advances are projected to increase productivity by 15 to 20 percent.

“There is a fairly strong modernization in the supply chain and we are expecting an interesting growth in the coming years,” said Mahe.

CASE Tractors, one of CNH’s brands

Environmental Awareness As a “Socially Responsible Company”, CNH compiles with certificates such as ISO 14001; but its most important contribution is the aforementioned reduction of pollutants in vehicles produced by CNH Industrial, which has gone from a reduction of 70 percent to 99 percent over the last two years. “We have a larger collaboration with the environment since the introduction of our greener vehicles,” said the CEO.

Quality in the field thanks to CNH Mexico

w w w. c n h m e x i c o . c o m . m x


CNH M e x i c o

Celebrating 50 years of CNH Mexico

CNH M e x i c o

Ma n u fa c t u r i n g G l o bal

Future Plans: A Greater Global Presence CNH Mexico is looking to expand its products and services to existing customers, as well as increase exports. In order to increase exports to 50 countries, the company is planning to elevate its production quota to 18,000 tractors per year within the next two years. “This company has evolved with globalization challenges and stronger difficulties each day, and now we are prepared to face them,” said Mahe.

“We are leaders in this market because of the evolution of our products, these being closer to the

Company Information name

CNH Mexico Industry

Tractors and farm machinery headquarters

Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico founded

1964 under the name “Ford Tractores Agricolas” employees

1,200 revenue

USD $500 million website

customers’ needs” – Thierry Mahe, CEO of CNH Mexico

w w w. c n h m e x i c o . c o m . m x


Quality Casting

and Machining for the Automotive Industry

ARBOMEX’s foundry and manufacturing works transcend the automotive industry, with more and more brands relying on them for the production of key parts, such as camshafts and crankshafts.

Written by: Mateo Rafael Tablado Interviewed and translated by: Rebecca D. Castrejon Produced by: Diego Pesantez Interviewee: Mario Ramirez, CEO of ARBOMEX, S.A. de C.V.


A R B O M E X , S . A . d e C . V.


ARBOMEX headquarters in Guanajuato, Mexico

RBOMEX is a manufacturing company with an established position as a worldclass automotive provider from Mexico. This industrial sector has poured more than USD $2,800 million in investments in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. ARBOMEX is also a pioneer in making the region a bastion for the manufacture of vehicles. It was founded in 1977 in Tlalnepantla, Mexico, and they moved to Celaya, Guanajuato in 1981. Another transformation occurred in 1985 when the company went from making auto parts to manufacturing original equipment for the automotive industry. Values such as honesty and persistence, along with the production of quality equipment, have won the company positive recognition from wholesalers, distributors and their customers, primarily Chrysler. Some of ARBOMEX’s clients are big manufacturers, such as Mazda, Daimler, American Axle Manufacturing, as well as industrial companies such as Trane and Copeland (a subsidiary of Emerson). The company’s manufacturing plants mainly produce camshafts and, crankshafts, among other vehicle components.


December 2014

M a n u f acturi n g G l oba l

“We are reaching an annual turnover of almost USD $80 million based on manufacturing,” said Mario Rodríguez, CEO of ARBOMEX.

Key People

Rodriguez graduated from the electrical and mechanical engineering school of the university IPN in Mexico City. Years later he took a course in Senior Management at IPADE Business School in Mexico. A majority of his professional development has occurred within the manufacturing field, from which he has made several benchmark trips all over the world, but specially to USA and Japan. He worked for 27 years at Grupo Spicer. He then joined DINA MCI, a company dedicated to the manufacture of buses in Ciudad Sahagun, Hidalgo. Rodriguez has been CEO of ARBOMEX since July 2001,

Mario Rodriguez CEO of ARBOMEX Rodriguez graduated from the electrical and mechanical engineering school of the university IPN in Mexico City. Years later he took a course in Senior Management at IPADE Business School in Mexico. His professional development has happened in the manufacturing field, from which he has made several benchmark trips all over the world, but specially to USA and Japan. He worked for 27 years at Grupo Spicer; then joined DINA - MCI, a company dedicated to the manufacture of buses in Ciudad Sahagun, Hidalgo. Since July 2001 is the CEO of ARBOMEX, reporting directly to the Chairman of the Board.

ARBOMEX at the 2014 “Mecánico Automotriz” Expo w w w. a r b o m e x . c o m


com pa n y n ame

No Bake Foundry

“We want to conquer other customers, that is why we are getting closer to Honda, Nissan and BMW, which can only be achieved with quality, price, service and partnerships” – Mario Rodriguez, CEO of ARBOMEX


December 2014

reporting directly to the Chairman of the Board. Improving Manufacturing Quality ARBOMEX operations are focused on the casting and machining of precision parts. The company manufactures all camshafts for Chrysler V8 engines and 80 percent of its V6 engines at the Celaya and Apaseo plants in Guanajuato, Mexico. In addition to the lasting relationship the company has with Chrysler of more than 30 years, ARBOMEX started to manufacture camshafts for Mazda’s 1.5 and 2.0-liter engines. ARBOMEX has a catalog with about 45 products for the replacement market; a figure that increases every year. Its business strategy is based on manufacturing engines for global

A R B O M E X , S . A . d e C . V.

M a n u f acturi n g G l oba l

brands with the most outstanding presence in the market, and with a price range that could yield to distributors without sacrificing quality. “We have a vertical integration, there are only three companies in the world with the same form of production, one in Japan, another one in India and ARBOMEX,” said Rodriguez. Portfolio Expansion Through Alliances ARBOMEX’s growth is the result of delivering quality, competitive products. These attributes won Chrysler’s preference as one of its most distinguished clients, giving the company access to the Chrysler Pentastar program. With key investments that exceed USD $60 million, ARBOMEX has increased production capacity by expanding lines and creating 180 new jobs. Its commitment with Mazda has generated interest from other Japanese companies such as Kawasaki, now a client of ARBOMEX, for the provision of camshafts for Kawasaki Lawn Mowers. Every procedure in the marketing chain is important for the company, maintaining an active involvement with clients, from the design of components to the manufacturing of new engines. Distributors set standards for new models to be manufactured. Additionally, promotional efforts w w w. a r b o m e x . c o m


A R B O M E X , S . A . d e C . V.

M a n u f acturi n g G l oba l

in fairs, exhibitions and trade events are part of intensive work complemented by unions and associations that work directly with mechanics, where the company receives feedback on new products. In addition, constant training is given to these professionals in the use of the promoted parts and engine performance. “We believe that supplying the products they consume is how business is done, gaining business with the same philosophy of quality, cost and services,� said Rodriguez. Technology as a Production Force All processes performed in ARBOMEX’s

Top manufacturing products w w w. a r b o m e x . c o m


A R B O M E X , S . A . d e C . V. manufacturing plant, such as metal smelting and heat treatments are subject to improvements fostered by new technologies. However, the company has established a balance between new equipment and the personnel capabilities to get the best results with specialized training on handling machinery. Lost Foam Foundry

“Automation has to help us in the manufacturing process, the company’s concept of modernization is for our human talent to control procedures and bring quality with this, a shift from labor-intensive to mind-intensive, that is our concept of modernization, having Mindfacture and not Manufacture,” said the CEO. Cost-Effective Suppliers Suppliers have been a major player in the commercial chain, by getting direct loans from them for the acquisition and renovation of equipment and raw material. These relationships are reflected in the development of cost-effective provisions. “What we have in suppliers is an asset, they are our first ally,” said Rodriguez. Sustainability All human resources, from management to new employees, are properly instructed in the concept of Lean Manufacturing and Mindfacturing, adopting Toyota’s no-waste


December 2014

M a n u f acturi n g G l oba l

Machined Process with equipment CNC

manufacturing procedures. Its facilities have integrated green initiatives such as water recycling programs and photovoltaic systems as an energy source. In addition, many products used in machining are being recycled. For the past decade, ARBOMEX has won the National Automotive Quality Award of the National Association of Mechanics (Asociacion Nacional de Talleres Mecanicos de la Republica), based on satisfaction surveys conducted in mechanic shops. In addition to this, the company has ISO TS-16949 and ISO 14001 certifications.

“We are further developing our goal, to grow with productivity and talent” – Mario Rodriguez, CEO of ARBOMEX

“From the presidency of the board we have w w w. a r b o m e x . c o m


A R B O M E X , S . A . d e C . V.

M a n u f acturi n g G l oba l

sustainability guidelines, that starts with clean air in the manufacturing plant to the production of green energy,” said Rodriguez.

Company Information n ame

2014 and Beyond ARBOMEX considers short, medium and longterm goals. Among their top immediate goals, the first one is to increased the smelting capacity, doubling the company’s productivity and delivering 64,000 tons of molten material as net revenue.


By 2015, ARBOMEX will continue to produce camshafts for Chrysler’s 3.6-liter engines as well as for Kawasaki’s lawn mowers.

h ea d q u ar t ers

“We want to attain new customers, that is why we are getting closer to Honda, Nissan and BMW, which can only be achieved with quality, price, service and partnerships,” said Rodriguez.



Casting and machining of precision parts with high added value for the automotive industry

Celaya, Guanajuato, Mexico

1977 em p l o y ees


Figures for 2014 are projected to end in USD $85 million in sales, with an expected growth for 2016 of up to USD $120 million, and doubling that last figure in 2020 with sales between USD $200 to $210 million.

reve n u e

USD $95 million w ebsi t e

“We are further developing our goal to grow with productivity and talent,” said Rodriguez. w w w. a r b o m e x . c o m


Tech Blend

Tech Blend Celebrates 15th Anniversary Manouk Djoukhadjian, president and CEO of Tech Blend, discusses the company’s business strategy and how Tech Blend has sustained its growth in the industry over its 15 years of success. He stresses the importance of organic growth and how the company will strive to achieve this in the years to come. Written by: Lindsey Ryan

Produced by: Sean Bakke


Tech Blend

Kevin Greene, VP Sales and Marketing once again be attending Plastimagen 2014 November 18 to 21 in México City at the Canadian Pavilion sponsored by Foreign Affairs Trade and Development and Economic Development Canada (EDC) to further develop Tech Blend’s International Sales.

Tech Blend, a manufacturing company based in Quebec, has specialized in customized carbon black concentrates for the plastics industry since its establishment in 1999. Tech Blend combines different types of carbon black concentrate with various polyolefinbased resins to produce a new, more durable plastic product that is protected from UV radiation - This preserves the life of the product and lowers the level of plastic consumption over time. “The role of the carbon black is to extend the life of the 94

December 2014

product. It is one of the most cost effective chemicals to protect plastic products against the sun’s radiation,” states Manouk Djoukhadjian, president and CEO of Tech Blend. This year, the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary and Djoukhadjian is excited for the future. He discusses how the company has sustained its success over the years and what the goals are moving forward. 15 Years of Success With his Engineering degree


Quality checks, visual line inspections are performed throughout the production cycle

and over 30 years of business management experience, Djoukhadjian had a vision for the company when he became a Tech Blend shareholder in 2006. He had done some research on Tech Blend and wanted to see it grow financially while simultaneously developing a unique business strategy. “As we developed the business strategy we had to recalibrate the business. We have maintained our main strategy with periodic changes and we’re working to continue to do that. Our current strategy is successful so we continue to use it and modify it as needed,” he explains. Constantly working towards continuous improvement, Tech Blend has re-focused its business strategy over the past 15 years so that

“The role of the carbon black is to extend the life of the product. It is one of the most cost effective chemicals to protect plastic products against the sun’s radiation” – Manouk Djoukhadjian, president and CEO of Tech Blend

w w w . Te c h b l e n d . c o m


Tech Blend the company is prepared to easily adapt to any circumstance that may arise in the work place. For example, Djoukhadjian explains, “We have developed a culture that ensures that if a problem or issue occurs more than once, it has to be eliminated and resolved. We need to find a solution to it. This could involve planning, scheduling or maintenance. It’s a business strategy that was developed about six years ago has shown to be effective and successful.” Achieving Organic Growth While many companies aim for strategic acquisitions, looking forward, Tech Blend is

Solutions for all your business needs

Let’s talk. Congratulations Tech Blend on your 15th anniversary! Pierre Franzidis* CLU Tel: 514-866-5811 ext 2286 1001 Square Dorchester, Suite 600 Montréal, QC H3B 1N1

Life’s brighter under the sun Financial Security Advisor and Group insurance and group annuity plans advisor Sun Life Financial Distributors (Canada) Inc.†, Financial Services Firm *Mutual funds representative, Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc.† Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies. © Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2014.

Whether it’s a business plan, a financial plan or a group benefits plan, as a business owner, you know how important it is to be prepared. Helping business owners like you, we’ll work together to build a plan that suits you and your employees – for a bright today, and an even brighter tomorrow.


focusing on organic growth within its industry. Djoukhadjian believes the company’s number one current strategic business goal is to grow organically in active markets rather than achieving vertical integration. To attain this goal, Tech Blend is developing its business to utilize recycled resin, which differentiates it from other companies in the industry. The company offers an economic choice to clients while still providing the most cost effective and durable product. “We are a major user of recycled resin. This has been beneficial because it has taught us to develop the technology and the knowledge to use recycled resin to convert something that is reused, and at a lower value, to make a functional product,� says Djoukhadjian. Additionally, Tech Blend is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ensures the highest quality and stability of every product while providing excellent customer service at the same time. The staff is committed to customer service and strives to deliver the finest concentrates. Recently, the company even built a new distribution center which has enabled the company to serve the industry more efficiently and effectively. Tech Blend has certainly demonstrated its success over the past 15 years, most notably through tremendous company growth and their constantly evolving business plan suggests that Tech Blend can look forward to continued success in the industry.

Company Information Industry

Manufacturing headquarters

Quebec, Canada founded

1999 employees

45-50 revenue

$47-51 M

w w w . Te c h b l e n d . c o m


Citic Heavy Industrie

CITIC HIC Continues to Dominate as a Heavy Machinery Manufacturer

CITIC HIC is a market leader in China with equipmen successfully in China and around the world (includin America, Africa and Australia). Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: James Hayes


a Mining and

nt operating ng Asia, Europe,


Ci t i c H e a v y I n d u s t r i e s

Large automatic welding machine


itic Hic Began its stellar track record of success back in 1958. After more than 50 years of evolution and development it has become a significant global supplier of mining, cement and metallurgical equipment. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Luoyang, China, and Pontevedra, Spain. CITIC HIC has offices in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, South Africa and Spain. CITIC HIC is the second-largest manufacturing facility in China. As part of this, the company is especially proud of its 18,500t forging press, which is the 100

December 2014

world’s largest, capable of handling a 400 tonne single piece forging. In addition, their large casting workshop can pour one of the world’s largest single steel castings. “We have a melting capacity which is virtually unheard of in the western world, equaling 900 tonnes of molten metal that we can pour,” says Citic HIC CEO Rajiv Kalra. These robust and comprehensive facilities help enable the HIC to produce over 200,000 tons of quality equipment annually. “We design equipment according to both standard designs and made-toorder designs,” says Kalra. “The made-

a u s t r al i a

Sino AG Mill

to-order designs usually include large grinding equipment for applications in the mining industry, mainly copper, gold and other base metals.” CITIC HIC also produces premium grinding mills, scrubbers, crushers, kilns, coolers, hoists, reducers, steam turbines and compressors. CITIC HIC also manufactures heavy castings and forgings, as well as electric/hydraulic control and lubrication systems. Their factory in Luoyang covers more than 3 million square meters, of which 2 million square meters is under cover. It has a total workforce of approximately 10,000 employees, of which more

than 1,200 are engineers. Major Mining Equipment “The largest of the grinding equipment that we have supplied so far are 12.2 metres in diametre and 11 metres long,” says Kalra. “Each of these has 28 megawatt drives (28,000 kilowatts). There are six of these being supplied in Australia, two of these lines are in operation right now, and the other four are set for operation by the end of this year. CITIC HIC has the capability to design and manufacture Grinding mills up to 13.7 m (45 ft) diameter with 35 MW gearless drives and 12.8 w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m


Ci t i c H e a v y I n d u s t r i e s m (42 ft) diameter with dual 12 MW drive geared mills.� Mining Industry Jaw Crushers

“As far as the standard equipment is concerned, we also produce giant jaw crushers. These are used after the mining companies complete their blasting. They bring their blast material to giant dumpers, and the dumpers feed directly into our giant crushers. On average, the blast material is approximately 1 to 1.5 metres in size. Our giant crushers process the materials down to approximately eight inches in size,� explains Kalra. The company also produces the highly impressive CITIC-HIC AJ (Auto Jaw) Range of single toggle jaw crushers. These incorporate the use of a hybrid cylinder (patent 102

December 2014

pending) toggle system. The new design of toggle system has made the operation and maintenance of the jaw crusher simpler and safer than other jaw crushers currently available in the market. The traditional tension rod system has been eliminated and replaced by a hybrid cylinder- the toggle arrangement not only allows for the equipment to be easily adjusted. This design also provides tramp relief for the equipment which adds another level of protection to the machine and minimises potential damage to the crusher when tramp material enters the crushing chamber. An added advantage of this system, the crusher is able to be adjusted while the machine is running reducing which improves the availability and productivity of the crusher. The toggle system has also been designed with maintenance in mind, the toggle system pivots outward to create easy access to the toggle area for maintenance purposes. Largest Design and Manufacturing

a u s t r al i a

Sino Grinding Mills Lines

Kalra points out a unique element to the Company’s approach, highlighting that they are “likely the largest company in the world in our specific industry who does the design and the manufacturing.” CITIC STIRRED MILL (CSM)

features to handle wide range of regrind and fine grinding applications. Three units of CSM1200 are currently under manufacture for project in South America, there units will replace the existing conventional regrind mills in copper mine.

CITIC STIRRED MILL (CSM) 3D MODEL CITIC has developed a range of vertical stirred mill with advanced

About Sino Iron Project The massive Sino Iron project is being developed at Cape Preston, 100 kilometres southwest of Karratha in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. It is the largest magnetite mining and processing operation in Australia. The Sino Iron project is focused on delivering a world class magnetite iron ore development which will add value to the Western Australian economy through w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m


Ci t i c H e a v y I n d u s t r i e s significant downstream processing, employment, community benefits and international technology transfer while balancing social and environmental considerations. Once operating, the project will mine about 140 million metric tons

a u s t r al i a

each year and the processing plant will handle approximately 80 million tons of material. This material goes through in-pit crushers before being transported to the concentrator. The crushed ore then enters giant grinding mills, the most powerful in

supplier profile Business Friend Businessfriend is the place where social networking leads to productivity. The site connects employees with one another, wherever they may be, and empowers your team(s) with the necessary tools to collaborate and conduct business in their own unique way. Website:

w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m


Ci t i c H e a v y I n d u s t r i e s

Technical Centre

the world. There will be six grinding mill lines, each using an autogenous (AG) mill 12.2 m (40 ft) diameter Ă— 11 m (36 ft) long with a 28 MW gearless motor followed by a 7.9 m (26 ft) diameter Ă— 13.6 m (44.6 ft) long ball mill, each with two 7800 kW 106

December 2014

motors (44 MW in each of six lines) and standing more than 17 meters high. The final product from these large regrind ball mills using small grinding media will be approximately 28 microns. The mills will produce a fine ore stream which enters

a u s t r al i a

magnetic separators to become a concentrate. The concentrate will be thickened and stored before being pumped 25 kilometers to the port, where it is filtered to reduce moisture. From there, the concentrate will be exported for use in steel making. The world’s largest AG mills (12.2 m diameter × 11 m long with 28 MW drives) and six 7.9 m diameter × 13.6 m long ball mills with dual 7.8 MW drives are designed and manufactured by CITIC HIC.

Company Information Industry

Mining headquarters

Luoyang, China founded

CITIC SMCC Process Technology CITIC SMCC Process Technology Pty Ltd (CITIC SMCC) is a newly formed subsidiary company of CITIC HIC Australia, following the exclusive 100 percent acquisition of SMCC Pty Ltd and its IP by CITIC HIC Australia 100% owned by CITIC Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. China (listed on the Shanghai stock exchange) on 6th July 2012. CITIC SMCC is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, and has commenced to provide technical services to various mining projects since January of 2013, mainly in the area of communication circuit design, technology and equipment selection, and optimization of mineral processing plants. The formation of CITIC SMCC will expand the CITIC HIC’s current technical services and provide more complete solutions to its customers with the best suited solutions for milling technology selection, comminution circuit design and plant optimisation.

1965 employees

+10,000 revenue

$2 Billion products/ services CITIC Heavy Industries Company Ltd (CITIC HIC) began in 1956 under the name of Luoyang Mining Machinery Plant, in Luoyang China. In 1993 it was merged into the CITIC Group to become CITIC Heavy Machinery Company Ltd. CITIC HIC was one of 156 “Important Projects” initiated under the Chinese Governments first “Five Year Plan”. Now more than half a century later, CITIC HIC has become the largest mining machinery manufacturer and one of the largest heavy machinery manufacturers in China.

w w w. c i t i c - h i c . c o m


Varley Group:

Defence & Aerospac

As one of Newcastle’s oldest manufacturin Group has the expertise and wide-ranging companies do not.

Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Robert Lundbe

ce Leaders

ng companies, Varley g knowledge other


Va r l e y G r o u p

Varley Electric Vehicles retrofitted a passenger bus with electric vehicle technologies as part of a multi-million dollar growth program.


s one of Newcastle’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies, Varley Group has provided its customers with innovative solutions and quality designs and products for over 125 years. The company has worked on projects in several different disciplines and industries including defence and aerospace, specialised vehicles, electric vehicles, power services, ship repair rail services and telescopic towers. Recently, in 2013, Varley 110

December 2014

Group acquired Telescopic Tower Enterprises in Queensland and BJM Electrical. Varley Group is committed to safety, in ensure the welfare of its people and visitors; customer focus, to offer the best customer service through open and honest relationships; high quality workmanship, to ensure highquality products, services and employees; acceptance of change, to adapt to changes in customer needs, technology and social

a u s t r al i a

Hydraulic pump jacks improve operational efficiency on operations floor.

demands; and success, to secure continuing financial, technical and market success. With locations in New South Wales, Sydney and Brisbane, the company has demonstrated its expertise on projects both large and small, earning a reputation for first class work locally, nationally and internationally. By providing quality customer service and a broad but specialised skill base, Varley Group has had the competitive edge in the region since its inception.

Defence & Aerospace Varley Defence & Aerospace has been a recognised supplier of engineered military products since its establishment in the early 1980s. This division of the company has been responsible for the design and manufacture of a wide variety of land, air and sea products for military applications. For over 30 years Varley Defence & Aerospace has been building up extensive knowledge and experience. The company is able to provide w w w. v a r l e y g r o u p . c o m


Varley’s automative capabilities include metal fabrication, machining, fusion welding, vehicle building, mechanical assembly.

Va r l e y G r o u p

services ranging from conceptual design through to product manufacture and provide throughlife support. Several products are available from Varley Group’s defence and aerospace line: • Deployable shelters and enclosures integrated with tactical mission systems and logistics support equipment • Specialised trailers fitted with stabilising system and elevating platforms • Specialised vehicles bodies and modules • Specialised aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) • Customised storage and transportable containers • Marine gangways and accommodation ladders This particular arm of the company prides itself on its continuously improving service to customers— which includes both the Australian Defence Force and Defence industry alike—providing innovative, integrated and cost-effective solutions and continually factoring lessons learnt into the company’s

a u s t r al i a

approach to new projects. Major Contracts & Manufacturing Skills In both prime and sub-contract arrangements, Varley Defence & Aerospace offers customers the benefits of knowledge, experience, flexibility, and highly skilled design and manufacturing teams supported by the full resources of the Varley Group of companies. Most significant contracts include: • Land121 Phases 3A & 5A Vehicle Modules for new fleet of Army G-Wagons • RAAF Transportable Air Operations Tower (TAOT) Mobility Systems • Deployable Tyre Maintenance System (TMS) Shelters • F-35 JSF Landing Gear Handling Systems and Canopy Lifting Assemblies • AP-3C Orion Aircraft Docking Stations, and Mobile Work, Support and Access Platforms • Army Medium Maintenance Shelters • Assemblage Enclosures for

w w w. v a r l e y g r o u p . c o m


Berendsen has provided hydraulic support to Varley for over 20 years. From technical advice, to equipment supply, to custom design and manufacturing, we have become one of Varley’s most trusted suppliers. We provide customised solutions to meet any hydraulic requirement and work with our clients every step of the process to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

 Filtration Systems  Standard & Custom Power Units  Lubrication Units  Standard & Custom Cylinders  Standard & Custom Manifolds 10-18 Carbine Close Wallsend NSW 2287

Ph: +61 2 4955 0660


Quality Management System s Certificatio n Services

AME Products is your “Serious DC Specialist” in the Australian

We deliver the most comprehensive range of electrical & mechanical services in the industrial & commercial sector.

P ONE STOALE DC electrical market specialising in DC solutions for agricultural, WHOLES mining, automotive, marine and emergency services applications R IE L P SUP

» Electrical Contracting » Industrial Control Systems » Building and Facility Services » Industrial Machine Services » Catering Equipment Service & Sales » Automated Building Systems » Health and Hygiene Equipment » Commercial Laundry Equipment

02 4968 7500 - 24hrs 7days

Contact your local AME branch on:

1300 883 263

Va r l e y G r o u p

a u s t r al i a

Battlefield Telecommunications Network • RAAF Control, Command and Communications Shelters • Fit-out of MECC Expandable Shelters • Secure Office Shelters • Air Defence Vehicle Bodies These projects were supported by Varley Group’s expertise and highly developed skills in manufacturing. Below is a list of skills the company has mastered and can offer to its clients. • Metal Fabrication • Machining • CNC routing • Lightweight metal fabrication • Fusion Welding • Vehicle building • Mechanical Assembly • Fit-out (mechanical, electrical, data/video/ audio cabling) • Vehicle body/chassis building • Auto electrical 12V/24V • Electrical 240V/415V • Fibreglass and laminated panelling • Spray painting • Panel beating • Plumbing • Shipwright • Product maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade

Company Information Industry

Manufacturing headquarters

New South Wales, Australia founded

1886 employees

650 revenue

$110 Million products/ services Varley is one of Newcastle’s oldest and most advanced engineering companies. We have consistently provided our customers with innovative solutions and quality in design and manufacture for 128 years. Varley’s work on projects large and small has earned the company a reputation; locally, nationally and internationally, as a supplier of first class work, a manufacturer of quality products and a provider of unsurpassed service.

w w w. v a r l e y g r o u p . c o m



a journey of success With a full mix for real estate painting, the company has built up its success with stringent quality control and market recognition

Written by: Flavia Brancato | Produced by: Nayara Ferreira




ith the mission of “promoting pleasure and comfort through colors, respecting man and nature and generating sustainable growth to the business,” Tintas Hidracor is a synonym for liability and, present in the market for over five decades, it maintains important partners and an excellent relationship with consumers. A leader in the production of water-soluble powdered paint and superlime since it was founded early in the 60s, the company has been honored with multiple awards in the category of best product and the recognition of stringent quality control from mining limestone in its mines through the final product. Driven by the quick success of the powdered paint, Hidracor soon enlarged its plant facilities and developed new products for the civil construction industry. Today, Tintas Hidracor has a complete portfolio of latex paint, enamels, textures, acrylic accessories, solvents, dyes, in addition to the first products – superlime and powdered paint. Being a member of J.Macêdo Group, one of the largest groups in the North-Northeastern regions of


December 2014



Marco Antônio Correia General Director

Brazil operating in the food sector nationwide, Tintas Hidracor serves the State of Ceará, by means of the manufacturing units of Maracanaú and Acarape. Being also responsible for one of the largest outlet chains of the market– more than 20 thousand places - the company operates from the State of Minas Gerais through the State of Roraima, with more than 8 thousand direct customers, and distribution to nearly 1,200 Brazilian municipalities. MARKET AND CHALLENGES “In the civil construction industry, the strong trend is that small-sized construction material shops join to bargain on better purchase conditions with product suppliers,” explains Marco Antônio Correia, General Manager of Tintas Hidracor. Always seeking to ensure its customers’ satisfaction by offering quality products and

Manoel Andrade Financial Administrative Director

Mário Albuquerque Coelho Industrial Director

“Additionally, our Quality and Occupational Safety Management System works strongly towards ongoing improvements in quality, health and safety” – Marco Antônio Correia, General Director of Tintas Hidracor

w w w. h i d r a c o r. c o m . b r



meeting the industry technical requirements and standards in all lines, the company is always keeping pace with the industry movement. Another trend highlighted by Correia can be perceived in the consumer evolution that ultimately affects the purchase strategy. “They [consumers] have access to several information sources, so they no longer search for a company because of price or product quality. They search for information on the company commitment towards the society, its projects and care for the environment, and these factors are contributing to build the image they have of the brand, influencing their choice when buying,â€? he says. Competition with manufacturing units with no proven quality certification is a critical point in the segment. Correia says that in CearĂĄ alone, there are more than 30 registered manufacturing units that are not included in the divisional quality program and offer lower prices, but the products have

b r az i l

neither warranty nor qualification. To work around cases like that, Hidracor always strives to keep up with consumers’ desires and needs, developing new products and monitoring the entire process by means of a strict quality control process. “The program of excellence in sales is another tool we use to provide our customers and partners with customized services. We try to delight at all suitable times,” adds the director. One condition that has contributed to the sector growth is the fact that many people are spending more time indoors, and more than ever they want comfort and to take better care

“The program of excellence in sales is another tool we use to provide our customers and partners with customized services. We try to delight at all suitable times” – Marco Antônio Correia, General Director of Tintas Hidracor

w w w. h i d r a c o r. c o m . b r



Hidracor reception

Green room

Maracanaú factory


December 2014

of the environment. Occasionally, in terms of environmentalization, the painting can be deemed to be the most practical and expeditious way of change in a home. Even with all kinds of strategy, Correia is pragmatic: “the strength of ‘small contacts’ is the trend that is becoming increasingly stronger nowadays, and that directly affects the brand strength towards consumption. The power of the media is still huge, but on the frontline small details make the difference and have the ability to delight the customer and keep him loyal,” he sums up. QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM Fully mechanized and computerized, the Hidracor concept follows the most stringent and advanced process controls, which in 2009 secured Hidracor


the FIEC-CE award with the clean production certificate. In addition to monthly inspections in the sectors for monitoring, programs such as the 5S help maintain the organization, cleanliness and good use of resources, and are carried out in the entire operating process. The areas of major prominence are awarded, and improvements are required from those with grades below average. In terms of sectors, Hidracor was the first Paint company in Ceará to have its quality certified by the Divisional Quality Program of Abrafati (Brazilian Association of Paint Manufacturers). In this program, the ideal standards are set out for each line of product and the companies following such standards are qualified and supported on the market.

“We are focused on projects that can deliver products with better results and customer-friendly prices. We invest in new machinery and in product development, and we have higher aspirations for the future” – Marco Antônio Correia, General Director of Tintas Hidracor

w w w. h i d r a c o r. c o m . b r



Shipping warehouse

The Green Rooms, democratic spaces for dialogue between managers and employees that work as a time for lining up the demands, evaluate solutions, monitor the status of processes and indicators, are another ally in the internal management system. This model is effective in the production of Liquid Paint and Powdered Paint, in Dispatch and Logistics, 124

December 2014


where it has been gaining momentum and space. “Conversations and ideas generated in these rooms are very useful and help improve processes and promote a greater involvement of their interlocutors. Additionally, our Quality and Occupational Safety Management System works strongly towards ongoing improvements in quality, health and safety,” explains Correia. Still considering customers’ ongoing search for different colors, Hidracor developed its own paint system: the ‘Hidracores,’ where the machines are directed to large Home Centers and stores specialized in paints. With the system, the customer can choose from 600 options of colors and prepare its own paint instantaneously at the store. The success of the GPTW (Great Place to Work) award is only another confirmation of the success the director celebrates, “we have been attending the award for four years, and been among the great places to work in the State in all editions. We are the only paint company to be honored with the award.” Finally, Tintas Hidracor reputation is that of being recognized as the best cost-benefit ratio, and to that end, Marco Correia concludes, “we are focused on projects that can deliver products with better results and customer-friendly prices. We invest in new machinery and in product development, and we have higher aspirations for the future.”

Company Information name

Tintas Hidracor Industry

Real State painting headquarters

Maracanaú, Ceará Brazil e s ta b l i s h e d

1963 employees

Aprox. 500 products/ services

Production and Sales of latex paint, enamels, textures, accessories, powdered paint, dyes

w w w. h i d r a c o r. c o m . b r


Kepler Weber:

tradition & quality in agriculture production units

With innovative solutions, the company is the largest of the southern hemisphere in the sector of grain storage and dry bulk handling Written by: Flรกvia Brancato | Produced by: Nayara Ferreira 127

Kepler Weber

I “Record crops, historically high prices of commodities and the implementation of new modalities of financing to producers from the last quarter of 2012, through Finame-PSI and PCA programs, caused the company market size to double within two years” – VP of Kepler Weber, Olivier Colas


December 2014

nvolved in the supply of equipment for the sectors of agriculture, port, logistics and mining since 1925, Kepler Weber offers the most complete range of products for grain storage, with the most elaborated and diversified models of silos, driers, cleaning machines and conveyors. Globally recognized for adjusting, producing and installing the most relevant solutions of the industry while meeting customers’ needs, Kepler Weber is currently the largest company of the sector in the southern hemisphere, and the third largest in the world. To keep pace with the quick and ongoing growth of the Brazilian industry, investments in innovation play a key role in their journey. This can be perceived from the success and excellence of the works performed at Kepler Weber’s Cetek – Technological Center for Research, Development and Innovation – regarded as one of the largest technological centers of the world. The relevant support to all such efficiency comes from a great supporting staff, from salespersons and sales representatives trough technical support, engineers and specialized technician teams devoted to developing solutions and ready to inspect over 600 works worldwide, simultaneously. According to the Vice-President of Kepler Weber, Olivier Colas, the solutions developed by the company are the ones that best preserve the integrity of the products to be stored and carried. “That is, the company offers

b r az i l

Factory in Campo Grande, MS

the market the most robust team of professionals with unique expertise to assure the customers the best operating costs and cutting-edge equipment.� states the VP. SECTOR HIGHLIGHT In addition to offering the market one of the largest and most robust team of engineers to implement and create storage units adjusted to each customer’s reality (by means of two plants equipped with cutting-edge equipment), Kepler Weber is able to manufacture, assemble and deliver any type of project required by the Brazilian market in record time. With a considerable projection abroad, the company exports to all five continents, with prominent positions in South America, Middle East and East Africa. The company has recently expanded its activities by w w w. k e p l e r. c o m . b r


0800 7700496 |

There is a myriad of reasons to the success of Kepler Weber, the


AF_SEW_0002_14AA_SEW_Ft_GRAOs_Rev_196x137 Ingles_Port.indd 2

world’s leader in warehousing and transportation of grains. The stringent selection of its partners is one of them. SEW-EURODRIVE BRASIL is extremely proud to be a partner to this agribusiness giant, and to participate in its story of success.

16/10/14 16:37

b r az i l

successfully entering the Dry Bulk Handling sector, selling and manufacturing conveyors to all port and ore areas. Colas assumes the good phase and unequivocal success in a tone of pride, “The company is the only one in the afterharvest sector listed in Bovespa. Clear rules of governance and a positive track record of delivery of value to shareholders led KW to close 2013 at the highest rising (+236 percent) of all companies listed in BM&FBovespa”. One of the main positive factors for all that could be attributed to the fast growth in grain production (soybeans, corn, wheat and rice) over the 2000 years, and according to Colas, “particularly from 2010 on, there was instability between supply and demand of grain storage, and today the storage deficit exceeds 60 million tons.” He said those and other elements are accountable for the enormous growth of Kepler Weber market as well. “Record crops, historically high prices of commodities and the implementation of new modalities of financing to producers from the last quarter of 2012, through Finame-PSI and PCA programs, caused the company market size to double within two years,” he explains. Working in several segments in dry bulk storage, the company is expecting a substantial growth of some of them specifically, and is prepared to meet the demand of sectors such as mining, sea and river ports, household solid waste

Technology for storage and shipping Flat Bottom Silos

Elevated Silos

Tulhas (Grain storage)

w w w. k e p l e r. c o m . b r


Usiminas e Kepler Weber. Uma parceria que dá liga.

A Usiminas tem orgulho de somar forças e contribuir para o sucesso da Kepler Weber. Alinhados com o programa de crescimento da empresa, desenvolvemos soluções inovadoras em aço que contribuem para a excelência de sistemas de armazenagem reconhecidos mundialmente. No que depender do nosso apoio, essa união trará ainda mais conquistas, consolidando a Kepler Weber como líder em seu setor.

Usiminas. Fazer melhor sempre.

b r az i l

and brewery, for example. PROFICIENCY AND QUALITY With a forecast to reach an annual production of grains (2014/2015) of about 200 million tons in the coming years, the Brazilian market seems to be among the leading powers of the global agro-business, while Kepler Weber is responsible for storing almost one half of such amount, positioning itself in markets of different cycles to ensure greater force of sales, profitability and continued growth. Not only the recent investments, but also the after-sale operations, are definitely some

“92% of the employees in all functional categories benefitted from it. Operating technicians were the ones who got more hours of training, 69% of which covered by training programs” – VP of Kepler Weber, Olivier Colas

Elevated Silos, brewery in Rio de Janeiro w w w. k e p l e r. c o m . b r


Motors | Automation| Energy | Transmission & Distribution | Coatings

WEG and Kepler Weber Efficiency and reliability going beyond the borders

b r az i l

of the differences that place the company on the top of the list. Colas assumes that the investments made in the factories of Panambi and Campo Grande place the company as one of the world’s most competitive companies in the sector, and assures: “the after-sales mainstay is the segment that transversally serves other segments of the company. This area includes the sale of spare-parts and technical support services. It will soon be expanded to preventive maintenance, training and after-harvest maintenance.” Moreover, the company coordinates the development of its employees in a peculiar way. They learn by means of programs in the commercial area, internal and external training sessions, they get financial support for professional education, and there are also Programs of Incentive to Education, which offer scholarships for language programs and specialization or Master of Business Administration (MBA). The vice-president discloses that, last year alone, the company invested BRL 800 thousand in training, amounting nearly to 17,000 training sessions. “92 percent of the employees in all functional categories benefitted from

w w w. k e p l e r. c o m . b r


More than a way, a clear direction Deloitte offers the best services to plan, develop and implement business solutions to connect you to the market changes, keeping your company always one step ahead. Deloitte. Multidisciplinary solutions for all business segments.

+55 (11) 3126-6000

/SondaITBrasil /company/sonda-it


Sonda celebrates 40 years delivering responses to the business needs of our customers through end to end IT services and solutions


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Proud partners with Kepler Weber since 2008



# 1305-4610565

BlueScope and the BlueScope brand mark are registered trade marks of BlueScope  Steel Limited. © 2014 BlueScope Steel Limited ABN 16 000 011 058. All rights reserved.

b r az i l

it. Operating technicians were the ones who got more hours of training, 69 percent of which covered by training programs,� he summarizes. INVESTMENTS AND CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY Between 2010 and 2013, nearly BRL 90 million was invested, mostly to increase the company production capacity and productivity gains. Still this year, investments will reach as much as BRL 65 million, corresponding to the modernization of factories and industrial processes, as well as to operating improvements including the launch of the world’s largest silo, with no central column and able to store up to 35 thousand tons of soybeans. Keeping pace with all the technological evolution required by the market itself, the initiatives go from implementing SAP through introducing new

w w w. k e p l e r. c o m . b r


Kepler Weber

M. Dias Branco project

software to all operating areas of the company. In production, for example, state-of-the-art laser machines and modern profilers were purchased, which place Kepler Weber among the most advanced and competitive companies in the world. For example, the company offers an exclusive and innovative solution for grain storage and maintenance for family farming in Africa, allowing a substantial increase in the income of small agricultural producers. “The benefits of the silo Kikapu go beyond the field. One of the main differences of the product is the ventilation system that works by means of a solar panel, which adds environmental responsibility to the product and enables its installation in any region. The ventilation allows for storage in optimal conditions for grain maintenance, thus reducing production losses by the action of moisture and fungi,� boasts Colas. Another important feature is that the equipment is practical and easy to 138

December 2014

b r az i l

Company Information Industry

Agriculture headquarters

Panambi / RS - Brazil e s ta b l i s h e d

1925 Products/ Services

operate, since all the procedures from assembly to operation can be performed by the very producer. With brilliant - and evident - performance, the vice-president is concise and admits, “Kepler Weber excellent performance is a result of strategic decisions made over the past years, which have deeply changed the company, establishing its leadership in Brazil.” He adds: “More challenges lie ahead for us to maintain our position and prominence, but we know we can count on a very motivated and prepared team.”

It has a broad portfolio of customized solutions comprised of metal silos, grain driers, cleaning machines and grain pre-cleaning, as well as horizontal and vertical conveyors m a n ag e m e n t

Olivier Colas: Vice-president Manoel Piragibe Teixeira Júnior: Industrial Director João Tadeu Franco Vino: Supervisor

w w w. k e p l e r. c o m . b r



The Brazilian Chemical Industry Association

Written by: Adriana Nakamura | Produced by: Nayara Ferreira 141



he Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquim), a non-profit organization, founded on June 16, 1964, gathers small, mid and large-sized chemical companies, as well as service providers which work along with areas such as Logistics, Transportation, Waste Management and Support to Emergencies. Well structured to provide statistic follow-up to the sector, it fosters specific studies on the chemical industry activities and products; it also follows up changes in legislation and provides support to associated companies on economic, technical and foreign trade issues. Abiquim represents the Brazilian Chemical Industry as it is associated to national and international forums, acting on behalf of the segment at the Council of Chemical Industry for Mercosur (Ciquim) and the International Council of Chemical Industry Association (ICCA). It holds a place in the Energy and Climate Changes and Chemical Safety and Human Health

Abiquim - Headquarters


December 2014

b r az i l

Key People > Managing Board: Carlos

Fadigas > Executive President:

Fernando Figueiredo > Foreign Trade Affairs

Director: Denise Mazzaro Naranjo > Technical Affairs

Director: Andrea Carla Barreto Cunha

ENAIQ 2013

Policy Leadership and Advocacy Groups of ICCA. It represents the ICCA and the Brazilian Chemical Industry in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management/Latin America and Caribbean Region Group (SAICM/Grulac). Its executives are members of the Organization for The Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW/ Opaq), The National Council of Chemical Safety (Conasq), Technical Commission of Industrial Plan (CTPIn) in Climate Changes coordinated by Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC) and Ministry of the Environment (MMA), besides integrating Councils and Working Groups in agencies and private entities, such as CNI Environment Issues Council (Coema), Fiesp Superior Council of Environment (Cosema), the Business Coalition for Genetic Assets, the Intersectoral GTI on Production and Sustainable Consumption, among others.

> Economics and

Statistics Director: Fátima Giovanna Coviello Ferreira > Foreign Trade Affairs

Manager: Éder da Silva > Management and

Finance Manager: César Augusto da Costa Lima > Business Manager: Luiz

Shizuo Harayashiki > Regulatory Affairs and

Sustainability Manager: Nicia Maria Fusaro Mourão > Technology and

Innovation Manager: Mariana Rubim de Pinho Accioli Doria > Institutional Affairs

Manager: Marina Mattar > Communications

Manager: Camila Matos



Commemorative dinner - 50 years of Abiquim

Abiquim is responsible for the coordination of the Responsible Care Program® throughout the territory and for the Pro-Chemistry Operation®, besides administering the CB 10 - Brazilian Committee of Technical Norms for the chemical area. Responsible Care® The Responsible Care Program® aims to support the chemical industry managing its activities on health, safety and environment by fostering a sustainable competitiveness and development of the chemical industry in the country. The Responsible Care® implementation tool is its Management System, which was published in December 2011. The system reassures the commitment made by the Brazilian Chemical Industry in 144

December 2014

b r az i l

April 1992 to comply with the key-elements of the Responsible Care Global Charter of ICCA. Keep an eye on the Road The “Keep an Eye on the Road Program”, created by Abiquim in a partnership with Abiclor, is part of a management system to prevent careless attitudes when transporting hazardous products by raising awareness on truck drivers. The basic concept is that, before a major accident takes place, several small failures happen and they are simply not communicated to the company. The “Keep an Eye on the Road” motivates drivers to report such incidents by enabling preventive or corrective measures. Training is provided by Sest Senat.



Abiquim Technology and Innovation Seminar 2014


December 2014

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Sassmaq Founded and implemented by Abiquim in 2001, the Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Assessment System (Sassmaq) aims to reduce the risks generated from chemical products transportation, storage and distribution operations to minimum levels. The service providers in Logistics area for chemical products are assessed by independent certifying agencies aiming to comply with technical standards of the chemical industry. The assessment carried out by Sassmaq is not mandatory; however, its application generates a differential for certified companies, due to the proof that they can offer highly qualified services in Logistics operations.

Company Information name

Abiquim - Brazilian Chemical Industry Association Industry

Chemical Headquarters

S達o Paulo, Brazil e s ta b l i s h e d

Pro-Chemistry速 The Pro-Chemistry速, a public utility service which has been run by Abiquim since 1989, operates 24 hours/day, including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, offering guidelines on precautions and aid actions in case of emergencies involving chemical products; it can also contact Civil Defense Offices, Fire-fighters and the Road Police in case of severe accidents anywhere in the country. The Pro-Chemistry速 also supplies information related to transportation, handling and storage of chemical products. The free-toll telephone number is 0800-11-8270.

1964 number of members

Effective Members: 132 Collaborating Members: 47



Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil

Written by: Walter Bartels, Chief Executive Officer Produced by: Nayara Ferreira




he Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil - AIAB, is a national trade association that represents the Brazilian aerospace industries, and was established on March 18th 1993, as a result of the global crisis that occurred at the beginning of the 90s. AIAB is headquartered in the city of SĂŁo JosĂŠ dos Campos, state of SĂŁo Paulo, where the majority of the aerospace companies, and governmental institutions of education and research are located. AIAB organizes the joint action of the Member companies in the relationship with the Brazilian Government and Congress, state governments, the Brazilian public and international entities, defending their common interests with the government agencies, as well the international organizations, and in addition to the interaction with international counterparts. The number of members is not large, from the large companies recognized worldwide, to small companies, however all of them with very high technological capacity engineering graduation.

Embraer E 190


December 2014

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Novaer T-xc plane

The Brazilian aerospace industry is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, being its origin from a long-term policy of the Ministry of Aeronautics, at the end of the 40s, to establish the technological capacities in the aeronautic sector, by the Technological Institute of the Aeronautic, and research, located in the Technical Center for Aeronautic, established in Sao Jose dos Campos in 1950. With an unquestionable impact in the course of a nation, the aerospace technology is considered strategic for being on the frontier of knowledge and by duality of their application, as well by its flow-down to other sectors. As a result, its workforce has a highest qualification, with high volume of participation of engineers, masters and PhDs. The classification of industries manufacturing sector by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE), related to a technological intensity of their products, indicates the aerospace industry w w w. a i a b . o r g . b r



as the first one among 22 sectors analyzed. On the other hand there is a strong correlation between products of high technological intensity and its value aggregation, made explicit between the reason of its price/weight: extremes, iron ore 0.08 US$ /Kg and commercial aircraft $ 1,200/Kg. However the matter of technology is not restricted to a large companies. Making use as a basis the Premium of FINEP Innovation, medium companies received a total of three national awards and small companies received four regional awards. The Brazilian aeronautics industry performs all the steps of a project, from its conception to the after-sales service, operates within a framework globalized economic, has technological dominion of its products, and


December 2014

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Key People

Walter Bartels Chief Executive Officer José Serrador Neto Executive Director

Avibras Missile AV TM 300

supported by a governmental certification entity recognized internationally, has access to the world market, competing with developed countries, since the end of the 70s. Has global recognition due participation in the establishment of the niche market of aircraft “commuter”, (in Brazil called regional) with the EMB - 110 Bandeirante; created the niche of coach turbo-propeller trainers, replacing aircraft jet for turbo-propellers (lower cost) with identical operational characteristics, through the EMB-312 Tucano, and the first aircraft certificated officially in the world for the use of biofuel EMB – 202A Ipanema.

José de Sá Carvalho Junior Executive Director

w w w. a i a b . o r g . b r



The contribution of the Brazilian aerospace industry for the Brazil occurs by exporting its aircraft, civil and military, defense materials, and services for maintenance of aircraft and turbines. Considering the period from 1986 to 2014, the total revenues of the AIAB will reach US$ 100 billion, and exports will surpass $80 billion, and several prizes of first Brazilian exporter. In addition to the relationship with entities of aerospace counterparts from other countries, the AIAB, since 2002 is member of the worldwide organization, the assembly of national associations, the International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations: Brazil, 154

December 2014

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Company Information name

Aerospace Industries Association of Brazil Industry

Aerospace Headquarters

São José dos Campos, São Paulo - Brazil e s ta b l i s h e d

1993 number of members


Canada, the United States, Europe (as a whole), Japan and Russia, which the objective is to address the issues of common interest in the world aerospace industries, particularly by providing a single voice to the International Civil Aviation Organization – ICAO, entity linked to the UN, that sets standards and regulations for the safe and effective operation of civil air world transport. w w w. a i a b . o r g . b r


VDI-Brazil :

The Association of Brazil-German Enginee

The Association of Brazil-German Engineers re position as the interlocutor of technological tren on companies and engineers of Brazil Written by: VDI-Brazil | Produced by: Nayara Ferreira


einforces it nds, focusing


VD I - B r a z i l


VDI-Brazil and Germany management align activities to 2014, in D端sseldorf

Magazine cover


December 2014

o be an engineer is something that represents much more than just to exercise a profession. The engineering is the art and science of acquiring, applying and transforming mathematical, technical and scientific knowledge in something useful for the society. Therefore, the engineering allows the advancement of the nation from creations that make a difference, whether in the automotive, civil, energy or health industry among others. In this universe, the VDI-Brasil (Association of Brazil-German Engineers) is, year after year, contributing significantly as a disseminator of new technologies. In addition to act as an interlocutor for technological trends between Brazil and Germany, focusing on companies and engineers in Brazil, the Association also contributes to the development and success of professional engineers. The VDI-Brasil was founded in 1956 in S達o Paulo and, since 2008, works in a partnership with the Brazil-Germany Chamber of S達o Paulo. The Association is currently chaired by the engineer Christian M端ller, who is also the Vice President of B. Grob of Brazil.

A light toward success The VDI is recognized worldwide and has more than 153 thousand members in Germany. The Association also operates in other countries such as Argentina, Australia, France, Italy, United States, South Africa, Spain, among others. In

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Key People

Christian M端ller President of VDI-Brazil

German Vice-Minister of Economy and Technology, Sr. Hans-Joachim Otto, visits VDI-Brazil

Brazil, with a range of more than 100 thousand engineers, the organization provides access to the latest German technologies. In addition to contribute to the professional training of engineers, the Association also provides topics aimed at managerial training and networking opportunities, an important ingredient in the current corporate world. To promote the knowledge and expertise of the engineer in Brazil, the Association offers many activities. We can highlight among these activities: International Symposiums for Technological Cooperation; German Engineering Day the main event of VDI with a current technical topic;

Matthias Neisser Executive Director of VDI-Brazil

w w w. v d i b r a s i l . c o m


VD I - B r a z i l

IV International Symposium

Technological Meetings in many renowned Brazilian universities; Courses focused on the professional development; Technical visits to companies with state of the art technology and Communication Channels as a strategy for exchange information and knowledge. In 2012, the German Engineering Day won something different: the launch of the Revista Engenharia Brasil-Alemanha (Brazil-Germany Engineering Magazine), which was fully related to the topic of the event, having 20 thousand copies in circulation and more than 100 thousand copies online. A network of partners: the window to the world One of the strong points of the VDI-Brasil is its network of partners, which enables and strengthens the implementation of activities. Aiming to further expand this network in the country, the Association began in 2012, the expansion of events and actions to other cities in S達o Paulo and Rio de 160

December 2014

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Janeiro. In 2013, the Association established a cooperation agreement with a wide schedule of activities in the State of Santa Catarina. VDI-Brasil is also planning to reach other Brazilian states. With eyes wide open for trends In 2013, VDI-Brazil introduced innovations that are intended to benefit the engineers and the future professionals, in order to foster and encourage the professional success. These actions include: Campanha +ProPro - Mais Produtividade na Produção (The +ProPro Campaign - More Productivity in Production), ( br), which aims to open the doors of success in the competitive global corporate environment. On the other hand, the Emprego E2 VDI (VDI Employment 2) is a platform of employment of engineers for engineers ( Engineer: the success begins here! The VDI-Brazil opens the doors to all engineers, engineering students, executives in the areas of leadership, as well as other interested people, so they can be part of this universe towards the technological knowledge and professional success. To become a VDI member means, among others, to be ahead of the key technologies and industry trends, as well as enjoy benefits and networking with industry, science, research and technology leaders. (www.vdibrasil. com/cadastro). Join us!

Company Information name

The Association of Brazil-German Engineers Headquarters

São Paulo - Brazil e s ta b l i s h e d

The VDI-Brazil was founded in 1956 in São Paulo and, since 2008, works in a partnership with the Brazil-Germany Chamber of São Paulo number of members


w w w. v d i b r a s i l . c o m


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