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TOWN HALL INFORMATION PATRON SAINTS DAY SATURDAY 14TH OF SEPTEMBER On the 14th of September we celebrate the Patron Saints Day in Cómpeta, “Ntra. Sra. de los Dolores”.

YEAR X — Nº 107 — SEPTEMBER 2013


EVENTS ORGANISED BY THE PARISH CHURCH ON THIS DAY: 12:00H Prayer of the Angelus in the Parish Church. 20:00H Mass in Honour of Ntra. Sra. De los Dolores. Presentation and Blessing of all children born this year (Sept. 2012 to Sept. 2013) 20:45H Procession by Candlelight. (Bring candles to accompany the Virgen) ALL MORNING FLORAL OFFERINGS WELCOME THE TOWN HALL TAKES CHARGE OF “HOGAR DEL JUBILADO” DAY CENTRE FOR THE ELDERLY During the present year the Unicaja Bank has closed all its “hogares del jubilados” in which it collaborated in Spain. For this reason from the 1st of September, the Town Hall has taken control of these instalations destined for continued social use by our elderly persons. The Town Hall is undertaking a series of improvements before re - opening this centre. During the Works the centre has moved to the “Fabrica” in Camino de Archez, where the Peña Flamenca is also based.From the Town Hall we are very sad that Unicaja has made this decision.




On Friday the 6th of September at 21:00H. The Town Hall has organised homage to the songs of the Zambomba in the Calle Arenas, known locally as ’El Corral de los Pollos’. An act to thank all those who are working to keep our traditions alive. We shall also unveil a monument to the Zambomba.


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Francisco Javier Lechuga López Ana Asunción Becerra Cabrera Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo Francisco Javier Lechuga López Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo Ana Asunción Becerra Cabrera Francisco Javier Lechuga López Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo

FRASE OF THE MONTH : “ September sees the grapes harvested, cutting the bunches two by two” Unknown.

The Town Hall has organised a day of walking on Sunday 22nd September. This activity is designed to encourage the practice of walking as a sport which is healthy for all.


Those interested in joining us must register in advance at the Town Hall or the Tourist Office. Day: 22nd of September. Start:10:00H Tourist Office Dificulty: Medium. Time: 4 hours. Advice:Suitable footwear, sandwich and water.


Important Phone Numbers

We remind everyone that the pool will close on the 30th of Excmo. Ayuntamiento September for vital Works. Cleaning of Iglesia Policía Municipal the installations and preparing the Urgencias (Policía Municipal) heating system ready for the Winter Guardia Civil Urgencias (Guardia Civil) months. At the same time we will comCentro de Salud plete the Padel Courts. Algarrobo Duty Chemists. SEPTEMBER -OCTOBER 2013 Day Farmacias / Chemists


Emergencias Urgencias Oficina de Turismo Guadalinfo Servicios Sociales Bomberos Urgencias (Cruz Roja) Ambulancias Farmacias Inmaculada Romero Javier Lechuga

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Taxis Nº1 Francisco, Nº2 Máximo, Nº3 Franquelo, Nº4 Cesáreo,

952 51 60 56 952 51 61 99 952 55 35 35 952 51 62 05

Móvil 657 561 333 Móvil 657 506 954 Móvil 620 267 615 Móvil 657 561 197

Autobuses Loymerbus

952 54 11 13

On Saturday 7th of September we can experience one of the most traditional nights in our locality,‘Noche de las Lumbres’. (Bonfire Night) By the light of the large bonfire in Plaza del Carmen from 20:00H. We can enjoy some appetizers, aguardiente and of course music and dancing.






The summer holidays are at an end, we remind all our students that school starts in the “Cándido Lara” School on the 10th of September and in the Secondary School “El Almijar” on the 16th of September. Make a good start to the new course.

During the month of September in the Youth Centre there will be a free patchwork course offered by COAG of Málaga in collaboration with the Town Hall of Cómpeta. The course will run for 2 weeks in the evening from 17:00H to 21:00H. This course is especially directed for persons of a practical nature.

FREE CLASSES IN “BIODANZA” FOR PERSONS OF 55 AND OVER The Town Hall in colaboration with the area of Social Services in the Diputacion Provincial of Málaga and Promotions Fiestasur have organised free classes in “BIODANZA”. If you wish to pass some time in good company and meet people try these classes. The interaction of the music and dance helps to increase your self esteem and of course your general health. CLASSES START: 17th of September (Every Tuesday 12:00H to 13:00H, for 12 weeks).

For more information and subscriptions ask at the Town Hall Monday to Friday 10:30H to 14:00H.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES The 30th of September signals the end of the Town Halls work in adapting the sporting facilities. We shall then start our Town Hall Sporting Activities.


From the 2nd to the 13th of September you can register for a course in the Adult School. All those who wish to join must collect and fill in a “solicitud” in the Town Hall from 08:00H to 14:00H.

GUARDERÍA / NURSERY As in previous years the starting date for this age group is Monday 2nd of September at 11:00H. On this day there will be a parents meeting to explain how the municipal guarderia ‘MATRONA ÁNGELES CABRA’ functions. The children start on the 3rd of September. The proffesionals providing care and education for our “Little Ones” are:

On the 10th of August the final judging took place. On Saturday 11th the 10 poems entered were read. The First Prize was given to “¡Vaya faena en la Plaza!” by Luisa López Ruiz who collected a plaque and a cheque for150 euros, the Second Prize ‘El anhelo del recuerdo’ by Raúl Martín collected a plaque and 100€ and the Third Prize for ‘A cualquier hora del día’ by Noemí Escobar gained 50€ and a plaque.

Family: Lamiaceae - Mint Family.

To learn more we invite you to a meeting on Friday 27th of September at 18:00H in the Salón de Actos at the Town Hall.

WORK ON THE INFRASTRUCTURE COLEGIO CANDIDO LARA: We are completing the works which have gone on during the Summer. The Town Hall has repaired the roof, removed steps and built ramps, made new zocalos, fixed toilet doors, created new garden areas and painted the whole school.

Replacing the drainage system and water supply and finally concreting.


Common Name: Cantueso rizado - Lavander.

Animate and practice a sport to keep fit and healthy.

CALLE TRINIDAD: The work continues in this street.

Director: María Teresa Bueno. Head of Studies: Nazaret. Monitors: Ana Amalia Mesa García and Neiba Rodríguez Ruiz. Cook: Carmen Cebreros Fernández.


Sport is Health, Sport is Life, join one of the many activities that the Town Hall sports courses offer: Keep fit for the elderly, football, badminton, basketball, swimming, zumba, etc.


TIDY UP IN ARROYO LARA: We have given this area a good tidy up as it forms a first impression as you enter the village and the park. We have created new garden areas, resurfaced the road, installed a new fountain, improved the childrens play park and painted the sports courts.

VI DAY OF THE BICYCLE Competeños and Competeñas, Ladies and Gentleman of Cómpeta prepare your bikes ready for the 13th of October when we celebrate the VI Day of the Bicycle As in previous years we will start from the Mirador at Portichuelo 10:00H. Don´t miss this, join in for a fun packed healthy day.


Distribution: Mediterranean Europe, Portugal. Ecology: Found mainly in limestone and arrid soil. Description: An arromatic shrub, small and woody growing to a height of 1 meter. Stalks of pale green softly hairy, leaves pointed with entire margins. The flowers appear in tiny sprigs violet in colour. Flowering in Spring from March onwards and early Summer. Traditional Uses: Used as an ornamental plant. In Murcia local medicine uses it for stomach and kidney problems. Notes: Very similar to Lavander stoechas and multífida, but its leaves are quite different.

The Secretary of State

“Charanga” fiesta fun

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