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AÑO X — Nº 103 — MAYO 2013


All those who are interested in submitting a work for the “Noche de Vino 2013” poster should collect the prospectus for the contest at the Ayuntamiento starting on April 15th. Entries must be submitted by June 11th.

READING FOR THE DAY OF THE BOOK On April 23rd on the occasion of the Celebration of World Book Day, some children representing the CEIP Students of “Candido Lara” and some women belonging to the Memory Workshop had the opportunity to read some poems by Gloria Fuertes. The reading took place at 11:00hr in the Paseo de las Tradiciones.

Both written media (LA OPINIÓN, SUR, MÁLAGA HOY) and audio (Radio Chanquete, COPE, SER, 90FM, LATINO FM, CADENA ORO, CANAL FIESTA…) this promotional campaign will run for six months. Hopefully impulses like this, or the one we are doing digitizing all of our local businesses through “Negocios Malaga” and the extra effort of all our residents, will foster together a more prosperous way of life for Cómpeta’s inhabitants. Farmacia de Guardia. MAYO-JUNIO 2013 Días Farmacias 29 03 06 10 17 24 27 03

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Francisco Javier Lechuga López Ana Asunción Becerra Cabrera Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo Francisco Javier Lechuga López Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo Ana Asunción Becerra Cabrera Francisco Javier Lechuga López Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo

MONTHLY PHRASE: “From a tiger you only see a tiger’s skin and not the bones: from a person you only see the face, and not the heart”. Chinese Proverb

Devotion and Worship of the Holy Cross where Christ gave His life for us goes back to the early Christians. In Cómpeta it is traditional to go to the area known as Cruz del Monte in procession with a cross of flowers made by the residents of the Plaza del Carmen and to enjoy a picnic with all of those in attendance. PROGRAM: 19:00 pm Blessing of the Image of the Virgin del Carmen. (Plaza del Carmen)


CÓMPETA PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN The Ayuntamiento has organized a campaign to promote advertising Competa in the media as an excellent tourist destination and to promote our products.




Works are being completed and we are adequately decorating the facilities and very soon it will become the Museum of Art. The exhibition is being organized with great care and finesse to be appreciated by all our neighbours and all those who come to enjoy this Art Museum .

Teléfonos de interés Excmo. Ayuntamiento Iglesia Policía Municipal Urgencias (Policía Municipal) Guardia Civil Urgencias (Guardia Civil) Centro de Salud Algarrobo Emergencias Urgencias Oficina de Turismo Guadalinfo Servicios Sociales Bomberos Urgencias (Cruz Roja) Ambulancias Farmacias Inmaculada Romero Javier Lechuga

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Taxis Nº1 Francisco, Nº2 Máximo, Nº3 Franquelo, Nº4 Cesáreo,

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Móvil 657 561 333 Móvil 657 506 954 Móvil 620 267 615 Móvil 657 561 197

Autobuses Loymerbus

952 54 11 13

The Art Museum will be located on the ground floor of the House of Culture, under the Museum of Arts and Traditions of our town. The inauguration will take place in early June. All residents are invited

19:30 pm Procession of the Cross. Departure from Plaza del Carmen to finish in the area of Cruz del Monte. Participate and help with your assistance to preserve our traditions. VISIT OF THE GOVERNMENT SUB DELEGATE TO CÓMPETA On Friday, May 3, the government Sub delegate of Malaga, D. Jorge Hernandez Mollar came to our locality for the occasion of the celebration of the Local Security Board. At eleven o’clock the sub-delegate visited the Office of the Guardia Civil accompanied by the Captain of the Guardia Civil, Autonomic Police Commissioner and the Head of the local police. Subsequently a meeting was held to address some issues of interest to the municipality and concluded his visit with said Security Board, where new members were appointed as well as the discussion of themes relative to the security of our town.




ITV 8TH OF MAY On the 8th of May in the parking lot of the Post Office a review of mopeds will be conducted . The test that is necessary for the security of your mopeds. 09:30—13:30 hrs - Tel: Information: 902 57 57 57

The Ayuntamiento of Cómpeta will launch a revitalization project of trails in the Municipal District of Cómpeta with the signing of pathways leading to the Natural Park, for the development of new trails of Senderismo The total project budget is 17,432.20€, financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Ayuntamiento . ENTRACE TO THE VILLAGE EMBELLISHMENT


It is near completion, improvement and beautification of another space for our people. This time we highlight the corner that is adjacent to the Tourist Office which has been prepared with love and care to make a good impression on all who visit us and our neighbours.

On Saturday May 18th at 21:00pm the opening of an Exhibition of Prints will be held at the Ayuntamiento, which we will be able to enjoy until June 28th. This exhibition has been donated by the “Engraving & Editions Gravura” for the enjoyment of all citizens of the province provided by the “Itinerant” program of the Deputation de Malaga.


Visits Time: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 15:00 hr.

In the street known as the ‘Corral de los Pollos’ we have completed the adaptation and improvement works, were we have fixed the stairs and installed a new surface for the whole street.

TRIP TO EXPOLIVA (JAEN) On May 8th, the Hon. City Council in collaboration with the oil cooperative “La Reciproca” has organized a trip to Expoliva, the XVI International Fair of Olive Oil and Allied Industries. In Expoliva we will have the opportunity to see first hand all the advances and physical means and technology applied to the olive industry. This trip is for our local farmers. For more information and registration, please contact the Ayuntamiento or Oil cooperative


“ As always, we work to improve our Village”.

INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP FOR UBUNTU OPERATING SYSTEM Promoted by the Malaga Provincial Council, we offer our residents the opportunity to attend a Workshop, Introduction to Ubuntu OS. This Linux based operating system is most used and extended so far as a free operating systems is concerned. A free operating system is one that is maintained by a community and for which there is no charge or need to obtain a license for use.

On the 10th of May at 18:00 hr in the auditorium of the Ayuntamiento, there will be a talk about the values for the education of youth through sports. These talks are aimed at mothers and fathers, as well as personal tutors or others who have contact with children for work or leisure. The content of the talks will be:  Objectives of sport in school  Motives and reasons that lead children to practice and leave the sports.  Slogans for parents.  Common mistakes of parents with children as athletes.  Personal and psychological development of the athletes through the values.



The use of these systems is growing exponentially among users worldwide and is becoming a necessary and indispensable tool for those who see their future careers in computing. Place : Edificio Mancomunidad in Torre del Mar Date : 20, 21 & 22 of May Time: From 10:00 to 14:00 For more information or registration: formació or at 952 542 808 (Mónica)

Ficha XXIV


Vulgar Name: Pink Morning Glory Family: Convolvulaceae. Distribution in the peninsula: It is a very common plant in the Mediterranean. It can be found everywhere in our Sierra. Ecology: They live along roadsides and hedgerows, dry climates. Description: Herbaceous perennial plant. They have creeping stems covered with short hairs, they can become entangled and can climb, if they have places that can give them support. The leaves are very variable in size and shape with deep lobes. The flowers are very colourful, which facilitates their identification. The bell shaped flowers with fused petals are usually pink, but can appear in other colours . Traditional Uses: Used in gardening, because of its showy flowers .

Blessing of the Virgin del Carmen

Visit of Government sub-delegate

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