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THE AYUNTAMIENTO INFORMS THE AYUNTAMIENTO WILL MODERNIZE AND DIGITALIZE ALL BUSINESSES A project to create more employment for our county, the Ayuntamiento of Cómpeta wants to encourage the modernization and digitalizing of all businesses and professionals, so that the prosperity of a municipality and Job creation is linked to growth and improvement of its business With this objective, The Ayuntamiento of Cómpeta will provide all the business and professionals with:  A professional tab in the Platform Negocios Malaga.  Web Page in the Platform Negocios Malaga in which there will be inserted  QR code plasticized at the door of the business or on their vehicle in the case of a professional without an office. * Business Name. * Business Image *Access to web page or social web * Logo. * Schedule * Business location on map * Description * Contact * Slogan. * Featured Products * Photo Gallery 3rd AWARDS- CÓMPETA OF 2013 On the next 28 of February the 3rd Compita-Compitorum awards will be awarded. This year the winners will be: Fandangos de Cómpeta (Art & Tradition) Vagn Brondegaard (Coexistence & Harmony) Dolores Lara Navas (Dolorcitas telephone lady) (For her work and dedication to the competeños) WINNER OF THE BELEN CONTEXT After visiting and counting the points of all the “belens” The jury decided that between all the belenes that were built with such a great illusions, the winner this year are the brothers Jorge and Pablo Cabra. Thanks for your collaboration to make these festivities so especial. CHRISTMAS BELÉN La Cofradía de la Borriquita collected this christmas 150 Kg of food for Caritas & 250 € for the Cofradía de la Borriquita & San Antón, during the exposition of their Portal de Belén. Many thanks for all the competeños for their colaboration. ¿DID YOU KNOW?... IN THE YEAR 2012… Born: 26 Dead: 44 Retired: 103 Married: 12 Reached retirement age: 38 Duty Chemists. JANUARY— FEBRUARY 2013 Días Farmacias 11 18 21 28 01 04

al 17/01 al 20/01 al 27/01 al 31/01 al 03/02 al 07/02

Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo Ana Asunción Becerra Cabrera Francisco Javier Lechuga López Inmaculada de la Cruz Varo Inmaculada de la Cruz Varo Francisco Javier Lechuga López

SENTENCE OF THE MONTH “Hates poisons the soul and wearies the spirit. If you want to be happy for a moment - “Shrug it off” But if you want to be happy for ever, forgive. Anónimo

Teléfonos de interés Excmo. Ayuntamiento Iglesia Policía Municipal Urgencias (Policía Municipal) Guardia Civil Urgencias (Guardia Civil) Centro de Salud Algarrobo Emergencias Urgencias Oficina de Turismo Guadalinfo Servicios Sociales Bomberos Urgencias (Cruz Roja) Ambulancias Farmacias Inmaculada Romero Javier Lechuga

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Taxis Nº1 Francisco, Nº2 Máximo, Nº3 Franquelo, Nº4 Cesáreo,

952 51 60 56 952 51 61 99 952 55 35 35 952 51 62 05

Móvil 657 561 333 Móvil 657 506 954 Móvil 620 267 615 Móvil 657 561 197

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ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS MALAGUEÑA”EXPOSITION “20 AÑOS CON LA GRÁFICA MALAGUEÑA”, SALÓN DE ACTOS DEL AYUNTAMIENTO The Council, with collaboration of the County Council has organized this exposition. You can enjoy it until the 28th of January at the Salon de Actos del Ayuntamiento. SOCIAL THERMALISM The application deadline is open for the thermal baths spaces. As you know this program is to grant a place in a Thermal Bath establishment to retired persons with benefits of disability or widowhood . The submission of the application is the following:  For the sessions from February and August until the 16th of January of 2013. For the sessions from September and December until the 16th of May 2013.

MIRADOR DEL COLLAO The works for the “Mirador” at Puerto del Collao have been finished. It was a work to prepare the land, restore the house and viewing ares, owened by the Ayuntamiento. Another place enabled for the rest and enjoyment of all. INVESTMENT —> 28.763,14 € FINANCED BY —> Delegación de Medio Ambiente y Ayuntamiento de Cómpeta DAY OF THE ANIMALS IN CÓMPETA On Saturday, 2nd of February will be held in Cómpeta an Animal Day in the Salón de Actos del Ayuntamiento. The objective is to disseminate and raise awareness about the rights of the animals. The film “Earthlings” will be shown several times. SAN ANTÓN On Thursday 17th of January we will celebrate the day of San Antón, patrón saint of the animals, with a mass in it‟s Ermita at 16:30 hrs; ending as is traditional in our area with a blessing for all pets (parrots, dogs, cats, rabbits ….) and other animals. CHRISTMAS PHOTO CONTEST After judging, the photo that won the contest is called „Competa Luna‟, taken by the Artist „Conchi Pérez Cerezo‟. The winning photo, and the rest of the photos entered in the contest are displayed in the bulletin board of the Ayuntamiento.


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Borago officinalis Vulgar Name: Borraja. Family: Boraginaceae. Distribution in Spain: Of Áfrican origin. Grows all over the peninsula but in the north not as abundantly. Ecology: Living at road margins, crop edges, roadsides, moist places. They appear in the thermos and mesomediterranean floor, up to 900 meters. Description: Annual herb up to 1.30 meters in height. Plant covered by hairs or white hairs. The oval leaves and flowers are purple, blue and white in some varieties also. It blooms in late spring to summer.

Traditional and medicinal uses. They have many culinary use, although not very popular in Andalusia. It is used in a popular dish of Aragon an Navarre, in salads, omelettes and even in some desserts.

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