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THE CAIXA DONATES 1050 € TO CÁRITAS DE CÓMPETA Caixa Social Works donates 1050€ to Cáritas of Cómpeta. The check was presented to Caritas team by Juan Luis. It was a gesture of solidarity that we all appreciate. Especially the team of Caritas in Cómpeta GIFT OF KINGS We remind the parents of children of Competa between 0 and ten years to come to the Ayuntamiento and sign up their children so that they can receive their King‘s gift, and of course, we must be told if they were good or bad. EXPOSITION “20 AÑOS CON LA GRÁFICA MALAGUEÑA”, 21 DECEMBER The Council, with collaboration of the County Council has organized an exposition of engravings that shows 20 years of malagueña engravings. Inauguration —> 21 December. Time —> 18:00 Hrs. Place —> Salón de actos del Ayuntamiento. CHRISTMAS INTERCULTURAL CONCERT, 22 DECEMBER





DECEMBER 8TH Like every year on Saturday, December 8th, we will have a Christmas Market. In this market we will be able to find all kinds of things (candy, perfumes, clothes, decorations, presents and many more things)


The market will take place in the Paseo de Tradiciones, next to the Church of Our Lady of Ascension but if it rains we will move to the parking of the Ayuntamiento.

Saturday, 22nd of December at 22:00 Hrs. There will be in the Iglesia de Nuestra Sra. De la Asuncion a Christmas Concert presented by ―Coral Una Voz‖ and ―Coro Rociero Almijara‖ A journey through the best Christmas Carols in Spanish and English Day—> 22 December. Time —> 20:00 Hrs. Place —> Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. DELIVERY OF LETTERS TO THE ROYAL PAGE On Wednesday, 2nd of January at 17:00 in the Salon de Actos del Ayuntamiento the Royal Page of their Majesties The Magi will be present so the children can bring their letters and request their gifts.

Farmacia de Guardia. DICIEMBRE 2012 Dias Farmacias 30 07 10 17 24 28 31 03

al 06/12 al 09/12 al 16/12 al 23/12 al 27/12 al 30/12 al 03/01 al 10/01

Inmaculada Romero de la Cruz Varo Ana Asunción Becerra Cabrera Francisco Javier Lechuga López Inmaculada de la Cruz Varo Francisco Javier Lechuga López Ana Asunción Becerra Cabrera Inmaculada de la Cruz Varo Francisco Javier Lechuga López

MONTHLY FRASE ―The best Christmas ornament is a smile‖ Anonimous

A project to create more employment for our county, the Ayuntamiento de Cómpeta wants to encourage the modernization and digitalizing of all businesses and professionals, so that the prosperity of a municipality and Job creation is linked to growth and improvement of its business With this objective, The Ayuntamiento of Cómpeta will provide all the business and professionals with:  

A professional tab in the Platform Negocios Malaga. Web Page in the Platform Negocios Malaga in which there will be inserted * Business Name. * Logo. * Slogan. * Description * Featured Products * Access to web page or social web * Business location on map

 

* Business Image * Schedule * Contact * Photo Gallery

QR code plasticized at the door of the business or on their vehicle in the case of a professional without an office.


Teléfonos de interés Excmo. Ayuntamiento 952 51 60 06 Iglesia 952 51 60 04 Policía Municipal 952 55 37 27 Urgencias (Policía Municipal) 605 27 63 02 Guardia Civil 952 51 60 97 Urgencias (Guardia Civil) 062 Centro de Salud 951 28 97 91 Algarrobo 952 55 24 12 Emergencias 902 50 50 61 Urgencias 061 Oficina de Turismo 952 55 36 85 Guadalinfo 952 55 37 13 Servicios Sociales 952 51 60 63 Bomberos 952 50 05 29 Urgencias (Cruz Roja) 952 22 22 22 Ambulancias 952 51 60 89 Farmacias Inmaculada Romero 952 51 60 31 Javier Lechuga 952 55 34 01 Taxis Nº1 Francisco, Nº2 Máximo, Nº3 Franquelo, Nº4 Cesáreo,

Móvil 657 561 333 Móvil 657 506 954 Móvil 620 267 615 Móvil 657 561 197

Autobuses Loymerbus

952 51 60 56 952 51 61 99 952 55 35 35 952 51 62 05 952 54 11 13

NATIVITY SCENE OF THE ERMITA DE SAN ANTON The Cofradía of Borriquita has built a Nativity Scene in the Ermita de San Antón. Can be visited every day from 11:00 a 20:00 hrs. The inauguration will take place Sunday, 9th of December at 12:00 hr.

* NEW DINAMICS FOR THE YOUTH CENTER. * ACTIVITIES EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY *A DAY OF LEISURE AND CULTURE IN GRANADA FOR THE YOUTH SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29TH The next 29th of December we will share ‗A day of leisure and Culture in Granada‘. Activity, oriented toward the youths of our locality, has two halves: The first half will be spent in the Sierra Nevada where there will be some activities like: ice skating, mini ski, mini snow… And the second half of the day will spent in Granada, visiting different places until the evening, including some free time in the centre of Granada city. Sign up at the Ayuntamiento and enjoy this fantastic day!






The Ayuntamiento has organized due to the Christmas festivities the 2nd contest addressed to children up to 12 years old. The poetry should be delivered to the ayuntamiento by the participant. There will be one winner and he will receive 100 Euros for school material chosen by the winner.

III CONTEST OF CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHY The 3rd contest of photography has been convened. All the photographers and fans of the photography can participate, from all the nationalities; the only requisite is that they have to be 18 or over. The participants must bring their pictures to the cAyuntamiento before the 21st of December. Details can be collected from the reception of the Ayuntamiento or in the Concejalia de Cultura. Each participant can bring up to three photos maximum. There will be a single price of 100 Euros to the winning photo. IV ROCIEROS CHOIR MEETING, 8TH DECEMBER

Day 18

Time 17:00



Picture show “ Caballo de Batalla “



Trip: Visit “Belenes” and Light in Málaga (Sign up in Ayto.)



Inauguration Exposition 20 Años Gráficas Malagueñas



PARQUE NATURAL SIERRAS TEJEDA, ALMIJARA Y ALHAMA Genista umbellata (L.Hér.) Dum. Cours Vulgar Name: Bolina. Family: Leguminosae . Distribution in Spain : In the east and south of Spain, very common in our Sierra, you can find it very easily. Ecology: Grows under full sun, stony and dry. Description: The bolina is a short bush, round and globe Shaped. The branches are rigid and green or yellowish. The flowers grow in the ápex of the branch, they are yellow and look like a star or a butterfly. Blooms January to June. Fruit is an elongated legume the same as the others of its family. Traditional or Medicinal uses: An ornamental plant.



Salón de Actos del Ayuntamiento Hotel Balcón de Cómpeta Iglesia Ntra. Sra. De la Asunción




Tribute to those who turn 18 years

Salón de Plenos del Ayto.


10 -14

Christmas Market

Paseo de las Tradiciones

12:00 19:00 20:00

Christmas breakfast & Inauguration Belén Salón Actos Ayuntamiento Inauguration of Christmas lightning Rocieros Choir Meeting Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Elders‘ Week



Exposition ‘20 years Gráfica Malagueña‘ Verdict of the III Photography Contest Verdict of the II Poetry

22 23


Christmas intercultural Contest Turkey Race

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Plaza Almijara

Belenes Contest Midnight Mass (Canta la Pastoral) Christmas children‘s musical

Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción Salón de Actos Ayuntamiento

Delivery of letters to the Royal Page Magi Ride Children‘s playground

Salón de Actos Ayuntamiento Gift Giving Plaza Almijara Plaza Almijara


“BELENES” CONTEST All those persons who build a Belen (model nativity scene) in their houses, windows, etc… can participate in the context of ―Belenes‖ that will take place on Monday the 24th. So the Jury can see and value it, you must register it at the Ayuntamiento.

Centro de Ocio para adultos


VI TURKEY RACE, 23rd DECEMBER A Ciclo-turista test that makes it‘s way through the Axarquía (VélezMálaga-Canillas de Aceituno-Cómpeta) this year it will have his goal to end in the Plaza de Almijara de Cómpeta. This race will take place the 23rd of December, starting 9:45 and arriving in Cómpeta after overcoming 51Km challenge. The winners will receive their medals, ¡and a turkey! For more information www.clubciclistaveleñ

Lunch for the Elders Tribute to those who turn 65 years CHRISTMAS CONCERT

Place Cocina Guardería Infantil


Saturday 8th of December at 19:00 hrs there will be the 4th meeting of the ―Rocieros‖ choir in the Church of Our Lady of Ascension. The participants will be the Choirs of Sedella, Salares, Canillas de Albaida and Frigiliana, in conjunction with the Choir Rociero Almijara de Cómpeta. Day —> 8th December .– Time—> 19:00 Hrs Place —> Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción


Activity Christmas Sweets workshop


11:00 00:00 28 17:00 JANUARY 2 17:00 5 17:00 6 12:17

Salón de Actos del Ayuntamiento

ACONTECIMIENTOS DE CÓMPETA EN FOTOS Juan Moreau visits Cómpeta. The library is named after him

El Alcalde visita al Subdelegado del Gobierno para subvenciones


Voz 98  

Inglish Version Voz Competa nº 98

Voz 98  

Inglish Version Voz Competa nº 98