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Manuel Salazar Serje

Industrial designer Profile

I’m an industrial designer with experience in project management in the fields of graphic and industrial design. I consider myself as dynamic, resourceful, adaptable and always focused on high quality results. I’m always willing to learn and to take on new challenges creatively and efficiently.


Dibujos e Ilustraciones

Parlantes Zippo Diseño de Producto

Sistemas Opertaivos Diseño de Producto


Catalogo Teucali Flowers Diseño Editorial Diseño de Marca


Diseño de Marca

Flats 101 Real Estate Diseño de Marca

Miceláneos Curriculum Vitæ


Drawings and Illustrations

The following work is a sample of different sketches, drawings and illustrations that are part of different personal and academic projects. I used graphite, markers, water colours and diferent digital tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop among others.

Rainbow Chair

Concept design for a plastic chair Personal project



Graphite Drawing Personal Project

Little Red Riding Hood Graphite Drawing llustration for an Academic Project

01 Portrait

Graphite Drawing edited in Adobe Photo Shop CS 5 and coloured using Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Personal Project Bogotรก, 2011


Collage from graphite drawings edited in Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Illustration for an Academic Project Bogotรก, 2011


Graphite Drawing edit. Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Mascot concept for a housing project Bogotรก, 2011


Satyr & Nymph

(Satiro y ninfa) Grafite drawing, color markers Drawing excercise


Zippo Speakers Product Design

Volume control

My Zippo Speakers was one of my first product designs. It was the result of a series of exercises that asked us to transform one object into another, utilizing either its form or function or both. The Zippo Speakers are the result of the geometrical and functional analysis of the iconic Zippo lighter.

Audio input

Zippo Speaker Sketches Graphite drawing vector Corel Draw X5 Bogotรก, 2008

02 Zippo Speaker

3dMax Rendering The speakers open as would the iconic lighter they are inspired upon. Bogotรก, 2008

Zippo Speaker Layout 3dMax Rendering Bogotรก, 2008


Zippo Speaker Detail

3dMax Rendering The volume control icon illustrates the concept behind the design. Bogotรก, 2008

Zippo Speaker Colours 3dMax Rendering Bogotรก, 2008


Plastic Waste Disposal System Product Design

This was the final project of the Operative Systems Design workshop at the university. This course was focused on introducing and developing tools that enabled the students to understand and intervene in any given problematic from a systematic perspective. This series of objects were designed to modify and improve the sequence of events that take place in a public area where plastic waste is gathered for its disposal. The system is designed to gather, compress and store plastic waste for recycling purposes in public areas such as commercial centres, airports, food courts, etc.

System Analysis

Vector Drawing Conceptual Map Illustrating the process through which plastic products turn to waste in any given public area Corel Draw X5 Bogotรก, 2008














VL 70,21 6,24

Waste Bin & Compressor 3d Rendering 3dMax Bogotรก, 2009

Waste Bin & Compressor VS 45,00 55,00 78,35

Vector Drawing Constructional layout. Corel DrawX5 Bogotรก, 2009



45,32 11,93

VS 45 grados

30 grados




12,00 250,00

60,00 37,29







15 grados

Forklifts + Waste Bins 3d Rendering 3dMax Bogotรก, 2009



Vector Drawing Constructional layout of the forklift and its handle. Corel Draw X5 Bogotรก, 2009


Teucali Flowers Catalog Editorial Design

This catalog was designed to showcase the numerous varieties of flowers grown by Teucali Flowers, a Colombian flower growing bussines based in Bogotรก.

Early Concept Designs Pencil sketches of a folding catalog concept. Pencil drawing Bogotรก, 2012

Content Design

Vector Mock-up of content material for the catalog. Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Bogotรก, 2012

04 Alternative Cover Designs Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Bogotá, 2012

Teucali Flowers Catalog

Laser print & cut “leaves” coupled together with metal document cogs Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Bogotá, 2012

05 Brand Design

SalviMed is a personal webpage project, a medical web directory where doctors and medical services within urban Colombia are listed. I designed the logo and assisted, a web development agency, with the web design.

MediGuía ServiMed ServiMed Logo Design Process

Examples of how the concept, the name and the overall logo changed throughout the design process. Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Bogotá, 2012

SalviMed Logo

Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Bogotá, 2012



Brand Design

Sigaia ( is a Colombian based Geographic Information Systems development company. I was commissioned to design the logo, business cards and additional printed material for company use.

SiGaia SiGaia Business Card Adobe Illustrator CS Bogotรก, 2012 SiGaia

SiGaia Logos

Coloured and black & white versions of the SiGaia logo. Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Bogotรก, 2012


Flats 101 Real Estate Brand Design

Flats 101 is an up-and-coming real estate agency based in Miami and Bogotá. I was brought in to design their Logo, business cards their website’s basic layout and look.

Alternative Flats 101 Logos Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Bogotá, 2012

Flats 101 Logo

Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Bogotá, 2012


Miguel Villa Uribe

Gerente Comercial

310 870 5837

Bogotรก - Miami

Flats 101 Business Cards Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Translucent Bi-Pack Print Bogotรก, 2012

Flats 101 Webpage Layout

Adobe Illustrator CS 5.5 Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Home, Search and Sear Result Layout Bogotรก, 2012

08 Micsellaneous

Drawing Wall

“I’m no fun” T-Shirt Design Pencil Drawing + Adobe Photoshop CS 5 Bogotá, 2011

Conceptual design of a foldable drawing surface for children. Vertor and Pencil drawing Personal Project Bogotá, 2010


Escritorios Infantiles

Render de escritorios infantiles Google Sketch Proyecto Personal Bogotรก, 2010

Curriculum Vitæ 09 01. Experiencia Laboral 03. Formación Académica Universidad de los Andes Bogotá

Teucali Flowers Feb. 2012-Ago. 2012

Diseño de catálogo, tarjetas de presentación, papelería y material P.O.P para el 2012, Bogotá.

Flats101Abril 2012-Mayo 2012

Diseño logo, tarjetas de presentacion y y asistencia en el diseño de la pagina web, Bogotá. (

Unique Carwash Mar. 2012-Mayo 2012


Titulo obtenido: Diseñador Industrial: Énfasis en diseño de producto y comunicación

Colegio Helvetia Bogotá 2001-2003

Collège et Lycée Paul Bert Paris, Francia

Diseño de logo, tarjetas presentación y material P.O.P, Bogotá.


Elemental Store Nov. 2011-Mar. 2012

04. Referemcias Profesionales

Apoyo en producción y ventas, Bogotá. (

Dosuno Design Mayo 2011-Nov. 2011

Nicolás Guzmán

Project Manager/Assistant Project Manager, Diseño de catalogo, Bogotá. (

Fundador y gerente general, Elemental Store Bogotá/Miami Página Web: Email:

Asistente de traducción español/francés/inglés, Bogotá.

Erna von der Walde

Traducir Internacional S.A.S 2009-2011

Traductora Oficial, Traducir Internacional S.A.S Cel: 311 449 5003 Email:

02.Competencias Software

Adobe Flash Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign CorelDraw Microsoft Office 3dMax Google SketchUp


Ilustración: Digital y a mano alzada Bocetaje: 2D / 3D Storyboards Edición digital de imágenes Renderización Diseño de producto


Español: Nativo Inglés: Nivel alto Francés: Nivel alto Italiano: Conversacional

05. Referemcias Personales Andrés Frey

Gerente Senior, HELM Financial Services Cel: 320 834 3816 Email:

Claudia Steiner

Profesora del Dpto. Antropología, Universidad de los Andes Cel: 315 343 2023

Juan Pablo Ruiz Medina Gerente general, Teucalí Flowers Cel: 310 222 7904 Bogotรก - Colombia Cel. 320 302 0701

SalazarSerje Portfolio 2012  

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