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TASK : A trip to... For the 2nd ESO students. You are going to write about an imaginary or real trip. But it is not only a writing, you must create a Powerpoint presentation. Please, follow the steps: 1. Decide the place. It can be a city, a country or a continent. 2. Collect some photos from the web to illustrate the writing. Be careful with the copyright. Flickr is a web where you can find some free photos. Other sites with free photos are MorgueFile, and freephotosbank . 3. Write the text about the trip in your notebooks. Use the past simple and continuous. After finishing, the teacher will correct it. 4. Now, you are ready to create the Powerpoint. Select the pictures and the words that match each picture. 5. To improve the presentation, you must record your voices, reading the text and some music or sounds. Remember to use Audacity program to record it. You can find a lot of different sounds in banco de imà genes y sonidos and free music in freeplaymusic. 6. But the work isn’t finished. Follow the teacher instructions to post your presentation in your blog. You can upload your Powerpoint and MP3 file in myplick and after that, it will be ready to be published in your blog. Good luck!

A trip to...  

A task for the 2nd ESO students

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