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“AT THE …”            ACTIVITY FOR 1st ESO   ENGLISH In this activity you are going to write a dialogue in pairs. Then you are going to record it. The dialogue must be located in a place in a town, village, etc… ( library, shoe shop, restaurant, hotel, sports centre, butcher’s, etc… )

Steps. 1.

Write a dialogue in pairs. These dialogues can help you.

“AT THE …”            ACTIVITY FOR 1st ESO   ENGLISH

Ask the teacher to correct your dialogue. After that practise it. Be careful with the pronunciation! 3. Now, you are ready to record it. Use a recorder. 4. Process your recordings, use Audacity. You can add some effects and music. You can find some special effects in Banco de imagenes y sonidos and some free music in Vimeo. 5. Now, you can post your recording in your blog. You can upload your MP3 file in Ivoox. After that you are ready to publish your podcast in your blog. 2.


it's a project for children of 1st ESO