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Impact Report Bowlpark 2018 Creative Direction Manuel Paredes & Diego Flisfisch Ilustration Design Diego Flisfisch Photography Tomás Mekis, Federico Mekis, Diana Flores, Patricio Garrido, Lucas Hamersley, Felipe Aguilar, Alvaro Calderón. Edition Valentina Peña, Federico Mekis Text Layout Manuel Paredes


2019, Imprenta Altamar Limitada. www.bowlpark.cl



We are the first skate school in the country and b corp skateboard



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DIRECTOR LETTER 2018 was a year full of accomplishments and transformations for Bowlpark. It was historical for us, adding more than 120 thousand experiences on and off the board. For this reason, we were able to get the B Corporation Certification and became the first skateboarding organization around the world to obtain it. This makes us feel proud and motivates us and our team to generate a positive impact on people, communities and the environment. Bowlpark is and will continue to be what our name indicates, a bowl, a place for gathering where people congregate around sports and cultural activities, accessible for everyone, creating memories and actions that encourage the development of change agents in the community.


In 2018, a dream came true with the formation of the Bowlpark skateboard club. This strengthens our school and the education of our students through workshops that promote the development of new skills beyond the skateboard. We can also highlight that our athletes Marcelo Jiménez, Josefina Tapia and Ronald Ramírez, who belong to the Bowlpark Brigade, have made Chile proud in international competitions. In addition, the Women On Wheels programme is asserting itself as an active community of female empowerment. And regarding our free of charge classes for beginners, more people from different ages and genders are gathering day by day no matter their status, and becoming part of the Bowlpark family.

The maintenance and enhancement of our and others’ skateparks in Santiago have been part of our infrastructure concerns. We have built more than 30 mt2 of new obstacles and maintained our tracks with the best quality standards. It is also extremely relevant for us to invest the 4% of our sales in social causes, as we did in 2018. This defies us to continue working and outperform ourselves in 2019, in order to give more scholarships, donations and to improve the infrastructure of vulnerable communities. In 2018 we suffered the loss of Álvaro Calderón, a fundamental person in our team. It is impossible not to feel sad about it. Nevertheless, his legacy is still alive in our

hearts, demonstrating the importance of following dreams and motivating us to be better people every day. In spite of this hard blow, we are happy to see our team getting stronger with a 10% increase in job generation. We feel proud of being consistent in our work for gender equality and that more than 60% of our directors are women. We have new challenges to face in 2019. We want to contribute to the planet by supporting the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (or UN 2030 Agenda), working to accomplish the goals related to the promotion of quality education (4), the fight to achieve gender equality (5), inequality reduction (10), the creation of inclusive and safe public spaces (11) and finally, goal 13, the promotion of environmental education by making people aware of climate change. We will keep pushing more than ever to generate even more impact on our communities by improving the quality of the experiences and services we offer, creating new parks, realizing the project 2.0 at Mall Plaza Tobalaba and joining the 1% for the planet campaign. We will go with everything we have. Keep Pushing Federico Mekis Bowlpark founder and general manager


WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO. THE BOWLPARK CULTURE. We are the first organization committed to the development of skateboarding in Chile, having as the main focus of our work the formation, education and personal growth of people through different lines of action: Skateboarding school, social, cultural and sports club, meetings production, selling products of small businesses (retail), generating new public and private spaces to promote well-being and the integral development of people using skateboard as the main vehicle for social, economical and environmental transformation.

Why is skateboard our vehicle to generate triple-impact?


Skateboarding is an easily accessible sport (low cost equipment) which goes through every social class. Besides, it promotes respect, perseverance, team spirit and facilitates the development of social and personal skills. At Bowlpark, we believe that generating spaces for inclusive participation based on sports, respect and gratitude is essential for the development of integral people. In that sense, we support educative processes through fun and meaningful experiences, using skateboard and arts as our main tools for social transformation. In addition, skateboarding is a sport with thousands of supporters worldwide and opens a market with great potential, offering more jobs and the development of new parks. Regarding the environment and considering that this is a sport

practiced in cities, for us, the respect for nature is fundamental to be in balance with our surroundings. In this way, we also carry out activities such as surfing and snowboarding, always with a focus on environmental education in our programmes.

PURPOSE At Bowlpark we empower people from different social contexts, promoting an inclusive environment through sports and cultural activities, and encouraging the development of integral people, who are aware of social and environmental issues and aim to be change agents, with a positive impact on our society. We are the point of encounter between families and people of all ages in an artistic, inclusive, sustainable and sporting environment.

GENERAL OBJECTIVES Our main objective is to promote sports and the development of integral people, providing experiences that contribute to a lifestyle based on well-being and motivating people to be social and environmental change agents.


1. Facilitate educative processes and the development of skills through programmes, meetings and workshops, promoting the Bowlpark culture. It implies a positive and collaborative attitude, love for nature and respect for all people and the environment. 2. Train our collaborators to offer a service with the highest quality standards, and being an organization where people feel proud and happy to work for. 3. Empower girls and young people through the Women On Wheels programme, contributing to gender equality. 4. Contribute to the creation and improvement of public and private spaces, so they become safe, inclusive and promote well-being and a healthy lifestyle. 5. Raise awareness, educate and look for solutions to the environmental problem, including this topic in all of our programmes and processes.







We constantly work with creativity and collaboration. We want to be pioneers in everything we do, offering unique experiences in every programme.

We want all our services to have high quality standards. The aim is the satisfaction of our customers.

We promote sports as an educative instrument to provide values and develop skills such as perseverance, team work, frustration tolerance and autonomy. In this way, we train our teachers to manage the best pedagogical tools.



We respect nature by being conscious of our impact on the environment. In this context, we look forward to reducing the negative effects through education and making people aware of climate change.

We seek to develop a sporting culture by merging artistic expressions like music, dance, painting, graffiti and workshops, promoting the development of the identity of persons and recognizing the value of diversity, creativity and self-expression.

BOWLPARK VALUES Having strong values is fundamental for us, both to accomplish our purposes and as a part of the Bowlpark family:








SOCIAL IMPACT Supporting the social development of communities (especially the most vulnerable ones) and promoting inclusion is essential in our job. Hence we constantly make efforts to improve our educative programmes and create new meeting places. Anually providing:

5.500 1.835 Experiences in different activities



Workshop scholarships

PROGRAMMES 2018 1. Induction programme The main objective of this programme is to start training people on skateboarding. This project is developed at Mall Plaza Tobalaba (with its management’s support) and Araucano Park (with the support of the Municipality of Las Condes), providing 3,881 experiences in these locations in 2018.

At Mall Plaza Tobalaba were given



1.522 Experiencies

At Araucano Park (with the support of the Municipality of Las Condes), providing



2.645 Experiencies

(on muralism, audiovisual production, photography and events production with the partnership of Lotus, Snow Day, Inter Escuelas, DIY obstacles construction, DIY stickers’ illustration)


2. Girls Skate (Mujeres sobre ruedas)


The Girl Skate (Mujeres sobre Ruedas) programme was born in 2014 at Mall Sport, with the aim of overcoming gender barriers and empower girls and young women through sports and developing perseverance, self-esteem and self-confidence. In 2018, this programme was sponsored by VANS, which allowed us to double the number of participants in a location with easy access: The Araucano Park skatepark. Besides, we visited 6 different skateparks inside and outside Santiago and had 2 events that added new content to the programme. Nowadays, Girl Skate

(Mujeres sobre Ruedas) has become a community with 52 women participating, who have demonstrated great skateboarding and personal advances, feeling more self-confident and believing in their abilities. The continuity of this programme and the development of a sense of belonging were fundamental for these achievements, and this mixture gives a support network where participants share their personal and sports experiences.

During 2018 were given



1.136 Experiencies

“This programme got me out of depression and anxiety. I owe this to skateboarding and this community� A 20-year-old participant

Girls on Board by Vans On Saturday March 10th, together with the slippers brand Vans Chile, we organized the first great event of female skateboarding: Girl Skateboard Chile at Araucano Park skatepark. The main objective of this competition was to commemorate the international women’s day and launch the Girl Skate (Mujeres sobre Ruedas) programme with different activities. Among them, the presentation of the “Get on Board� film by Vans, that shows the empowerment of girls who come from vulnerable populations in India. Besides, from 3:00 PM on we developed some workshops: Stencil and printing, skateboarding championship, yoga, breakdance, among others. This activity was free of charge and about 250 women from different ages and areas in Santiago participated.

In this event we printed t-shirts with the design of Catalina bu, chilean illustrator.


3. Bowlpark Brigade This programme is focused on children and teenagers ranged in ages from 8 to 19, who want to create a skateboarding-team, strengthening their sports, personal and creative skills. In the Bowlpark Brigade we do different activities centered on the development of aptitudes and disciplines. For example, workshops like the DIY (Do It Yourself) -related to the construction of obstacles-, audiovisual production, T-Shirt printing, or photography. We have also conducted research and presentations on

Logo of the Crew designed by the students themselves.


the history/culture of skateboarding, organized the “Solidaridad� meeting together with the Vive Skate Foundation, and created the Brigade Magazine, with the participation of all the children and young people in this programme. During 2018 Brigade Programme counted on





Five teachers were in charge of the courses, who were trained once a month to improve their pedagogical and sports skills.

In November, together with the Crew, we traveled to the Fifth Region to carry out the DIY project of “Matadero” in Concón, where 100 sacks of cement were donated to collaborate in the construction of a new module for the spot. At the end of the activity and session in this DIY, we travel to Valparaiso to try spots guided by More Fuenzalida.


4. Vive Skate


At Bowlpark, we run this programme together with the Vive Skate Foundation in La Pincoya area, Huechuraba commune. The main goal is to promote sports in this community by training skateboarding teachers and students of limited resources. It is of great importance to strengthen their skills and teach them a trade or offer them a job, so they can grow up professionally. This process works by selecting motivated people, with the necessary ability and personality to be up to the responsibilities involved in the teaching of sports. By doing this, we are able to offer high quality classes at Bowlpark.

During 2018 were given:



1.122 Experiencies

Training 4 skate students with the skate instructor course.

“I was part of this great family in 2018, living cool and unforgettable experiences, sharing with my friends and teachers. I really appreciate the chance I had of being part of this great family”. Yanari Herrera, 18.

“My experience during this great year in the training sessions as a skateboarding teacher was incredible and very motivating. I started learning little by little, gaining more selfconfidence so as to give a fun class and motivate children”. Alan Azocar, 19.


Cachagua Bowlriders

In 2018, several events were held, with 5,480 people participating from different locations across the country. Besides, every activity had a specific goal related to strengthening skateboarding in the community and also promoting values, bringing life to public and private spaces, stimulating recreation and generating educative experiences to support the development of children.

In January, 2018, we reopened the Cachagua Skatepark and the Surf Club in that location. With the support of DC and the Municipality of Zapallar, we rebuilt a bowl which had been abandoned for two years. This bowl was donated to this Club with the purpose of using and managing it. It is on E-30-F Highway, km 28, just beside Cachagua town. About 50 people participated that day in activities that brought life to this park, such as skateboarding workshops,

y r a u n a shows and a competition. Besides, and with the aim of strengthening the development of skateboarding in this community, we offered free classes for children during an entire year, calling more than 15 children from Cachagua town.


Santander Country Club Summer Workshops In summer, skateboarding classes were offered to the children of the Santander Bank workers at the company’s Country Club. The objective of the “induction classes” was to bring skateboarding and its values closer to the children and young people who participated. We offered about 430 original and fun experiences.

Lollapalooza 2018 In March, 2018, at the O’Higgins Park and with the partnership of the dairy brand Yogu Yogu, we had an activity at the well-known Lollapalooza Festival. At the Kidzapalooza zone, there were skateboarding presentations and workshops such as how to recycle tetra pak cartons (making flowerpots for gardens, masks and decorative elements with this material), or how to paint caps. About 1,230 people participated.


Before these exercises, we had had the “I skateboard and recycle” contest on social networks, where participants had to reuse the Yogu Yogu packages and create a useful object. We received more than 100 creations, from earrings to decks made of tetra pak. This way we could offer a new experience and encourage environmental awareness to our followers.

h c r ma

Desafío Levantemos Chile foundation In March, April, May and June we formed an alliance with Mall Sport. The idea was that children from different programmes of the Levantemos Chile foundation could live the Bowlpark experience. Around 60 children from the National Service for Minors (Sename) and from the Valparaíso Region participated in these meetings and became part of the “Challenging Waves” programme, learning to ride a skateboard and also soaking in the values of this sport. During these meetings, children had great fun and faced new challenges through a skateboarding induction class, strengthening their psychological and motor skills in a healthy and safe environment.

DC ASSAULT: CACHAGUA SURFING SCHOOL MEETING In April this year, Bowlpark, together with the slippers brand DC Shoes and the Cachagua Surfing Club, organized the “DC Assault”. This meeting among students from a local school had as its main goal to reactivate the ramp

opened in March, and also to spread the Bowlpark values. The event started with a workshop and skateboarding shows, ending with a competition to bring life to this space. About 30 people participated.

l i r p a 19

BWRAG Pichilemu 2018


In May, Bowlpark organized for the first time in South America a seminar on big waves. The aim of this activity was to train and gather big wave surfers to prepare them to face risky situations. Additionally, Bowlpark was able to get financial support to offer 25 scholarships appraised at $5,000,000, given to surfers from Arica to Buchupureo. This course was lectured by the big waves world champion Greg Long, in Pichilemu, and 50 people attended during 3 days, becoming a milestone in the history of national surfing and giving a professional status to big wave surfing in Chile.


e n u j Tobapark Masters In June, at Mall Plaza Tobalaba skatepark (also known as “Tobpark”) in the commune of Puente Alto, we produced the first version of the “Tobapark Masters” Championship. The objective of this event was to gather all the local skateboarders and strengthen this sport as a positive and free of violence activity, considering the context of vulnerability where this place is located. Besides, in this meeting a new bicycle circuit was opened and a lot of artistic workshops were held, such as T-shirts

printing, muralism, and breakdance shows. This event ended with a digital arts contest, where the emerging artist @alan_kode painted a graffiti mural in our skateshop. In conclusion, sports were defined as the principal activity to enhance the quality of life of children and young people from vulnerable areas. About 150 people participated


Kroksback Kids campaign by VANS June 21st is the Go Skateboarding Day. With the partnership of VANS, we launched the “Support Skateboarding� campaign, inviting people to donate skateboards and old skateboarding equipment to be fixed, enhanced, and finally delivered to children and young people with limited resources. Three skateboarding organizations received the donation in the second semester of 2018: Vive Skate Foundation, Quinta Skate Club and Skate School Rancagua. It is relevant to mention that for every skateboard donated, VANS added a new one.



We collaborated with the realization of free winter workshops at the Municipality of Las Condes, offering skateboarding workshops for all the children who had participated in these activities every year. We covered the basics of skateboarding by using some analogies to help them assimilate concepts like balance and equilibrium. About 120 people participated.

keep ng i h s u p tou r

y l u j


Keep Pushing Tour. In July, 2018, we carried out the Keep Pushing Tour, where 6 children and 3 teachers from our school participated. The objective was to widen our students’ horizons and give them the unique chance to travel and participate of a skateboarding camp in California, USA.


They visited the YMCA skateboarding Camp in California and went on a tour of Los Angeles. In the camp, the students learnt about muralism, printing, music, how to create their own magazine, surviving strategies (building shelters, carving implements, fishing, making campfire, among other activities). During the LA tour, we attended to an international skateboarding championship and visited some skateparks and the Patagonia company, where

our guests learnt about its business vision and history. Through these activities, we offered our students new experiences related to skateboarding, arts, music and nature. In addition, they could know the way skateboarding culture is experienced in other latitudes, having the chance of meeting some of the best exponents of skateboarding worldwide. This mixture motivates and inspires them. Crowdfunding was necessary to finance 2 scholarships given to students who could not afford this trip, and are 100% committed to our programmes.

FUN GAMES In August 2019, the first version of the Inclusive Fun Games was held, led by Incluyamos Foundation, with the support of Ride de Vuelta Foundation. The main goal was to create a unique and entertaining experience to bring skateboarding and outdoor sports closer to many children with cognitive disability, being the first games of this type in the country. That day, children and young people had the opportunity to become familiar with climbing, skateboarding and hip hop. About 50 people aged between 6 and 15 participated, and every child with disability invited a friend, so they could participate in couples, promoting inclusion and teamwork.

t s u aug Kidstock Festival In August, 2018, at the O’Higgins Park skatepark, a meeting was carried out in the context of the Kidstock Festival, with skateboarding and illustration workshops for every participant. The main goal of this initiative was to make Bowlpark known by means of a fun experience through arts and skateboarding.

80 People participated.


Snowboard Rail Jam by Bowlpark


In August and for the second consecutive time, Bowlpark brought snow to the city calling every snowboarder and skier in Chile to participate in the “Snowboard Rail Jam� at Araucano Park in Las Condes. The objective of this competition was to see winter sportspeople competing in an urban context with a special ramp with snow on it, so they could show all their talent.




Competitors participated

INTERSCHOOL SNOW DAY In September, with the partnership of La Parva ski center, we carried out the First Interschool Trip to Snow, inviting different boardsport schools and collaborating foundations: Te Mahatu surf social, Altamar mkt, Vive Skate, Women On Wheels programme and the Bowlpark Brigade. The main goal was to gather young people and children to promote a healthy lifestyle and boardsports (in this case, snowboarding). It is necessary to highlight that these children have no access to activities like those mentioned here.



Scholarships People were given participated in this event


r e b m e t p

The “Choripán” Road In September at Bowlpark Plaza Tobalaba and Bowlpark Araucano Park, we carried out different activities to commemorate our National Holidays and also to generate instances where people related to skateboarding could share, meet and enjoy. In this context, Big Ollie and Big Grind style competitions were developed with the participation of all those present. Finally, we played some national games and ate “choripanes” (bread and sausages). About 75 people attended.

La Bowlfonda

In September 2018, we held the “Bowlfonda” at the O’Higgins Park for the second consecutive year. The challenge of this activity was to join the skateboarding zone with the “fonda”, a traditional Chilean party. In addition, together with Redbull’s support, we renovated the skatepark and donated 2 new skate modules, this brought new life to one of the first skateparks in Santiago. Skateboarding classes were offered to children aged from 6 to 12, and there were also some skateboarding and best trick shows on new ramps, muralism workshops and the “payaya de los gallos” (freestyle rap battle). About 300 people participated.

Andes Consciente Meeting


During June, August and September in Chillรกn, Cajรณn del Maipo and Pucรณn, with the partnership of Patagonia, we organized the Andes Consciente Meeting, with the aim of promoting education in mountain safety and providing tools to successfully face an accident or avalanche. This was a free course to share experiences and learn from previous mistakes. About 60 people participated.

r e b o t c o Solidarity Meeting

CosquĂ­n Rock 2018

In October, with the partnership of Nuevo Horizonte Foundation, we offered skateboarding classes for beginners to more than 35 children in Paine commune. This meeting merged solidarity, sports and arts. The objective was to provide a unique and fun experience bringing skateboarding and its values closer to dozens of children who had not had the chance of practicing this beautiful sport. In this meeting, apart from skateboarding, we had a printing workshop by the end of the day, stamping the T-shirts of every participant.

On Sunday, October 7th at Movistar Arena and together with Lotus Producciones, we gave 30 scholarships to participate in the 3rd Events Production Workshop, in the context of the CosquĂ­n Rock Festival. These scholarships were given to children and young people who belonged to Te Mahatu Surf Social, Altamar mkt, Vive Skate Foundation, Women On Wheels programme and the Bowlpark Brigade. The

main objective was to bring this educational activity closer to these people (they cannot access to this type of event on their own). This experience widened their horizons in terms of professional and working opportunities. After the workshop, we all stayed together enjoying this wonderful Festival.

50 Experiences were offered.


Best Trick Halloween In October at Mall Plaza Tobalaba and Araucano Park Bowlparks, we carried out some activities to share experiences and celebrate Halloween in the skateboarders’ style. We organized a Best Trick style competition among all the participants, who were wearing disguises. About 65 people participated.

House of Vans In November, 2018, Bowlpark participated in this event of music and urban culture by VANS, held at El Galpón with free skateboarding workshops for every participant, and also with skateboarding shows performed by VANS’ athletes. In this Festival, around 1,000 experiences were offered and everybody enjoyed skateboarding, live music by emerging bands and urban culture workshops.



r e b vem




In November, we organized the 4th Mixed-sex Interschool Skateboarding Championship in Chile, together with DC Shoes, Yogu Yogu, Papa Johns and the Municipality of Santiago. This is an open competition, considering different categories according to age or style (Street or Bowl). Besides, we had the 1st Scholar Breakdance Meeting together with the final of the Interschool Bands contest named “Rial Fest�. Several people attended to this activity, with more than 150 athletes registered from all over Chile aged from 6 to 19, and 132 breakdancers. 5 children with cognitive disability also participated thanks to the support of Ride Vuelta Foundation, and showed all the progress they had made in only 4 weeks of training. About 500 people attended.

FIIS Between September 4th and 8th, we participated in the International Social Innovation Festival (FIIS) at Araucano Park. Its objective was to make social entrepreneurship from this region and the rest of the world visible through conferences, talks, concerts and different cultural presentations. On this occasion we showed our social projects and activated a ramp with skateboarding demonstrations and free classes, promoting the values of our organization. Around 300 experiences were offered.




r e b m e c e

Lords of Bowlpark In December, 2018, we enjoyed the 4th version of Lords of Bowlpark at Mall Sport. The aim of this activity was to organize an end-of-year competition calling people from different categories (kids, old-school, professionals), and offering experiences beyond skateboarding through workshops and live music. During the event, music was performed by Vendimia, and the people who attended could participate in an innovative workshop called “Create a Skate”, where they actually learnt how to make a skateboard from scratch thanks to the experience of Sebastián Reyes, who gained this knowledge from professor Smith in California. DC Shoes, Yogu Yogu, Xtrem and Papa John’s sponsored this activity, where attended




People attended

This year the female categories were renamed as “Queens of Bowlpark”.





Voluntary work is fundamental to bring social and professional experience closer to young people. For this reason and thanks to our volunteers, this year we have strengthened our events and improved the construction and remodeling of skateparks. Although we have called a good number of them, our goal is to go further and attract more people to work with vulnerable populations and in our social programmes.

A great part of our job is focused on the integral development of children and young people, but it is also important for us to keep our collaborators happy and with access to ongoing professional development opportunities inside Bowlpark. For this reason, we have trained our skateboarding teachers and workers so that they offer a better customer service and improve their pedago-

gical techniques. We have also given English scholarships to some of them, in order to widen their horizons and knowledge.

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS We believe that generating good relationships and working collaboratively with different organizations is essential to positively impact on communities and our society. Some of our partners are:

Te Mahatu Surf Social Te Mahatu Surf Social advocates for the social inclusion of children and young people using nature and sports (surfing, sandboarding and slacklining) as an educational, emotional and environmental tool. Bowlpark supports Te Mahatu since 2016, broadening the experiences of their members through workshops, snowboarding classes and motivational talks carried out by our director, Federico Mekis.

Vive Skate Chile Foundation This foundation organizes 100% free skateboarding workshops for children (aged 6 or more) and young people in La Pincoya area. Besides, it promotes values that allow people to have a better social development. This institution also provides leadership training for their students, with the aim of forming local leaders.


Alta Mar Limitada Alta Mar Limitada is our supplier and a printing company that facilitates job placements for young people with different types of disability, promoting their inclusion in society.

Incluyamos Foundation The main objective of this foundation is to support educational institutions and their work on social inclusion, especially of students with any form of educational special need. They highly value the worth of diversity.

Ride de Vuelta


This is a non-profit foundation that promotes social inclusion of people with different types of disability and who come from vulnerable areas. They develop educational, sports and cultural projects to foster the access, participation and learning of every person.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT We are committed to the protection of our planet, so it is essential for us to be active agents in the formation of conscious people who love and take care of nature. For this reason, environmental education is central in our programmes, processes and meetings, teaching different techniques to reduce our CO2 footprint and making people aware of climate change.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Recycling workshops: In our events and school activities, we develop different workshops to teach how to recycle old skateboards and tetra pak cartons to transform them into personalized skateboards, rings, key-rings, flowerpots, etc.

Recycling containers: Nowadays, we have some recycling containers at our Araucano Park branch office. In 2019, we hope to have containers in all of our parks and facilities. We also have containers to recycle skateboards, trucks and old wheels.


REUSING, RECYCLING We look forward to working with durable materials and items that can be recycled. We have reduced the amount of paper and the purchase of disposable supplies for our activities. For example: There are some reusable dishes and cutlery for our school activities and birthdays. Additionally, printed material has been reduced, while signs, flags and folding tents have increased. We also try to work exclusively with digital formats.



Reusing is a very strong concept in our construction department, and we always consider the most efficient use of materials and the recycling of several objects. Now, we are working with items such as sheets made of recycled tetra pak carton. In 2018, we created two small prototypes of skateboarding obstacles with this material, obtaining excellent results. One of them was donated to the Bustamante Park skatepark, and the other to

the Araucano Park. In 2019, we want to face more challenges, like the construction of bigger structures such as ramps.

ECONOMICAL IMPACT A company with B certification stands out because it has a triple impact: It positively contributes towards society in the social, economical and environmental areas. Thanks to our business model and work with sectors related to skateboarding, we have reached annual sales for $365,089,932 Chilean pesos. But this is not the only aspect we would like to highlight. It is also relevant for us that we have generated job opportunities, and now we count with 21 hired workers, and about 150 people have worked for us as independent in our events.

Regarding our services and lines of action, they are:

MANAGEMENT OF PUBLIC PARKS In 2018 we managed and activated 3 skateparks in Santiago: Mall Sport (Las Condes), Araucano Park (Las Condes) and Mall Plaza Tobalaba (Puente Alto). And other 2 in regions: Cachagua and Puertecillo. Skateboarding classes were given as part of our educative programmes (Classes for beginners, Wo-

men On Wheels, the Bowlpark Brigade) and meetings (Lord of Bowlpark, Girls Kate of Vans, etc). Our estimations indicate that about 80,000 people enjoy our parks annually.

This year we had an economic growth of



Private and group classes Private classes are given at all of our branch offices: Mall Sport, Araucano Park and Mall Plaza Tobalaba, and their objective is to strengthen the skateboarding level of every student and to share the values of this wonderful sport. In 2018, 431 private and 106 group classes were offered. In total, 128 experiences.

CelebraciĂłn de CumpleaĂąos


One of our services is the celebration of birthdays. We offer a unique and fun experience around skateboarding and a special class for the birthday girl/boy and their friends. In 2018, we had a total of




People in total

RETAIL Our skateshops come from the necessity to offer a variety of equipment in all of our skateparks. In these shops, our clients can find the best skateboarding products in terms of quality and safety. It is fundamental for us to count with a wide range of suppliers, but we prioritize the local ones in order to strengthen small and

medium-sized companies. Among the products, we offer hard goods (products related 100% to skateboarding) and soft goods (fashionable products such as T-shirts, caps, hats, etc).

Skate Camp Skate Camps are programmes for the integral development of children and young people (aged from 6 to 15) through sports, where creativity, perseverance and teamwork are very important. We use skateboarding as the main sport, but activities such as climbing, surfing, printing, muralism, slacklining, photography, among others, are also relevant. These are summer and winter camps, and 35 children have participated. Besides, we have given 9 scholarships appraised at $1,080,000 Chilean pesos.


CONSTRUCTION Construction is one of our new lines of action. In 2018, we could consolidate our team, developing projects to positively impact the communities of some urban and rural areas. For example, we had the first construction workshop free of charge at Araucano Park skatepark, led by Connar Hendri, one of the most important representatives of the construction of skateparks in California, USA. He shared his experiences with the attendees and provided some recommendations in this field. 30 people attended. Regarding enhancements, 2 repairs to the Araucano Park skatepark were made, thanks to the support of VANS. Besides, 4 new spaces were built and several obstacles were repaired. During Bowlfonda, we also made some repairs to the O’Higgins Park skatepark, and donated 2 new ramps with the partnership of Redbull. We built 5 wooden ramps for private companies and other 3 by request. We reconditioned the old biking and running track at “Tobapark” (Mall Plaza Tobalaba skatepark, Puente Alto commune) to stimulate the practice of new sports in a vulnerable area by creating safe and inclusive places.


We rebuilt an abandoned old ramp in Cachagua. Then, we donated it to the

Surf Club. The ramp is now located near the town and open to all. In 2018, together with Yogu Yogu, we developed a prototype of obstacles made of tetra pak carton sheets. One of them is at Araucano Park skatepark and the other was donated to the Bustamante Park skatepark. The objective was to study how this material worked, and evaluate the possibility of future projects with it. Finally, in November, we traveled to Valparaíso with children and young people from the Bowlpark Brigade to develop the “Matadero” project in Concón. We donated 100 sacks of cement to contribute to the construction of a new skatepark in an abandoned place. We carried out a DIY workshop on skateboarding ramp construction, where collaboration and teamwork were the main focus.

BOWLPARK SCHOLARSHIPS The redistribution of our incomes is essential for our social work and also part of our objectives in 2018. For this reason, we created the Bowlpark Scholarships (partial or full) with the aim of including motivated and compromised people in our activities and programmes, no matter their economical situation. The scholarships offered were:

Snow Day Interschool Scholarships


young people were given a scholarship to enjoy a snow day and participate in a snowboard workshop. This project was appraised at


Summer Camp 2018 Scholarships

Event production workshop. Cosquín Rock 2018


With the partnership of Lotus productions, we gave

full scholarships were given during the summer programme. They were appraised at

600.000 Winter Camp 2018 Scholarships:


scholarships to participate in an event production workshop, appraised at

Keep Pushing Tour 2018 Scholarships: Benjamín Navarrete received a full scholarship to participate in the Keep Pushing Tour 2018 in California, USA. He received this benefit considering his strong compromise with the Bowlpark Brigade appraised at.

2.300.000 He received this benefit considering his strong compromise with the Bowlpark Brigade. And the noted athlete Ronald Ramírez, for the second time was granted a 50% scholarship, appraised at



4 full scholarships were given during the winter programme. They were appraised at

480.000 45

DONACIONES In 2018, we collected $568,000 Chilean pesos. This amount was donated to the Punta de Lobos Foundation during the BWRAG PICHILEMU Meeting. We supported the high performing athletes Marcelo Jiménez, Ronald Ramírez, Benjamín Pérez, Josefina Tapia, and also the beginner sportsman, Benjamín Navarrete. All of them received sports equipment appraised at $2,500,000.


We also donated some equipment to the Vive Skate Chile Foundation, Quinta Skate Club and Skate School Rancagua. All these institutions face difficulties to obtain financial aid. In this context we, together with Vans, decided to develop the Kroksback Kids campaign, giving 30 skateboards and 3 protective gears.

“We can now expand our project and reach more people in La Pincoya thanks to this donation of skateboards. It was impossible before, because of the lack of equipment. Now, we can support those forgotten by society”. Sebastián Castro, Teacher


IN 2018 B CORPORATION CERTIFICATION In the beginning of this year we obtained the B Corporation Certification, becoming part of a large community of organizations that work to positively impact the world in 3 aspects: Social, economical and environmental. In November, we participated in the world meeting of B Corps, held in Puerto Varas. On that occasion, we shared experiences with hundreds of entrepreneurs from all over the world, and collected inspiring ideas and initiatives.


PROJECTIONS IN 2019 CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE 2030 AGENDA We assume the responsibilities of our B Corp Certification by forming part of a worldwide challenge, actively participating in the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda. This action plan tries to improve the quality of life of people, take care of the planet and strengthen world peace. From the 17 goals to transform the world, we compromise to: Goal 4: Quality education:


Between now and 2030, we will work in our programmes to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, promoting in our contents

gender equality and a culture of peace, non-violence and sustainability. Goal 5: Gender equality: Through our Women On Wheels programme, we compromise to promote gender equality, empower all women and girls and encourage their autonomy. Besides, we will continue strengthening women leadership at all levels in our organization. Goal 10: Reduce inequality: We will continue promoting social inclusion. In this way, all the people will have the chance to participate in our programmes, regardless their age, gender, abilities, race,

origin, religion, economical situation, among others. Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities Through our construction department, we compromise to promote and create public and private inclusive, safe, sustainable and accessible spaces.

Goal 13: Take action to combat climate change: Our compromise is to include environmental education in all the contents of our programmes, making people aware of climate change and looking for solutions to it. Reducing the CO2 footprint in our processes is also relevant.

TAKING PART IN THE 1% FOR THE PLANET CAMPAIGN. We want to be part of this world campaign and donate the 1% of our earnings to preserve the planet. The objective is to support the conservation of areas threatened by industrial activities and contribute to the preservation of the environment. It is fundamental for us to keep pushing for the development of a responsible skateboarding industry, both socially and environmentally. Our priority is to reduce our CO2 footprint, educate and make people aware of climate change in all of our programmes, promoting love and care for nature. In 2019, we look forward to continue making positive contributions to society and doing everything possible to accomplish the UN 2030 Agenda. We will work hard to outperform ourselves on every challenge.

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