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Sexual addiction | 24 hour addiction help Jesse James initially enjoyed fame as a television personality. He customized motorcycles for a living, and became known to the public by hosting shows such as Monster Garage in The Discovery Channel. However, he was thrust into the Hollywood spotlight by marrying one of the world’s most beloved actresses. The marriage did not last long though, and the failed relationship brought to light a condition that deserves attention: sexual addiction. Introducing Jesse James Anyone who has seen Jesse James’s shows knows that his passion was clearly custom-made motorcycles. However, he did not think he would make a living out of his passion. He had a promising football career in college, but it was cut short because of a knee injury. He eventually went on to become a bodyguard, going on tour with bands such as Danzig, Slayer and Sound garden. Unfortunately, another injury threatened his career as a bodyguard and he was forced to go on another career route. He then pursued a career as a motorcycle mechanic and founded West Coast Choppers, which customized bikes for famous clientele such as Shaquille O’Neal and Kid Rock. Jesse James in Hollywood At first glance, it is apparent that Jesse James did not fit the Hollywood stereotype. Hollywood loves rebels, but it is uncommon to see actors covered in real tattoos in the small or silver screen. Nonetheless, James found himself walking the red carpet, thanks to his then-wife Sandra Bullock. Without a doubt, they were an odd couple—he the tattoo-covered mechanic and she America’s sweetheart. They were married in 2005 and he was there when she won an Academy Award. Unfortunately, Bullock was not able to celebrate her victory for long. Soon after her win, there was a media scandal regarding James’s infidelity, with several women claiming to have an affair with him throughout his marriage to Bullock. After he admitted his infidelity, James checked himself into rehab to get sexual addiction help Sexual Addiction Jesse James is not the first celebrity to be admitted to rehab for sexual addiction | 24 hour addiction help. Actor Michael Douglas and singer Eric Benet also got treatment for the condition. Though some argue that that this kind of addiction is not a real ailment, many experts agree that it is indeed a problem which requires treatment. Many sex addicts, including James, suffered from childhood abuse and their behavior was found to be a reinforcement of their low self-esteem.

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sexual addiction | 24 hour addiction help