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artenoguerra 100 days project

manuel noguera sept 2015

MANUEL NOGUERA artenoguerra


For 100 days I have explored my creativity by creating one piece everyday in mixed media. Now that I have completed the project it is time to show it to the world.

My art is an assembling of forms, structures, colors, feelings, experiences, dreams, questions and reflections. Created with fragments of paper (comic books, antique ephemeral, news papers, etc‌) and recycled imagery. I am intrigued in the process of deconstructing images and then reintegrating the many pieces on to the canvas, creating and ongoing visual experiment, where intuition is the driving force for the composition of the piece, the work evolves layer by layer, eventually working together into an unique and original work of art.

100 D A Y S P R O J E C T The idea behind the 100 DAYS PROJECT was to produce an artwork every day for 100 days and during that period to explore my own methods and creative processes in a regular pattern of daily activity. It meant that I had to acquire the discipline to work and be creative every single day, no matter what else was happening around me. Spending regular time like this, sometimes stealing time, fitting it in, staying up late was challenging but also often relaxing and like meditating. As the days were passing there were more and more possibilities. Even though I often found it hard to fit in with day to day living the daily repetition made it easier as time went on. I was happy that I was doing regular creative projects Sometimes I created works, things that took less time, others involved more effort and I was happy with either and with the creative energy and intent that went into anything I did. The whole project was a process of discovery, repetition made it easier and more effective as I went along but never, ever did I lose the initial idea which was experimentation and exploration with different media and materials. I eventually let my intuition take control I never wanted to plan too much‌..the ability of the work to speak was more important than my telling my materials what to do. The outcome of the whole project was a great deal of satisfaction and excitement which came together in the exhibition at the George IV in Chiswick on Sunday 6th September. It has left me looking forward to working with materials in a more considered and free way‌.bringing the things I have learned, about the materials and my artistic perspective into the real world.

" Sometimesit was hard to fit in with the demands of everyday living but being imersed in creativity consistently for 100 days was also deeply relaxing and a bit like meditating " 07743709500

manuel noguera SEPT 20015

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