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#stapo24 Zurich City Police has "tweeted" every incident it dealt with over a 24-hour period.

Figures 24 hours 2.12. – 3.12.2011







1 Operations Centre

6 tweeting police officers

250 police operations

400 tweets

55% operations 45% replies

Police tweets Major operations

@StadtpolizeiZH: Confrontation on Langstrasse. Man struck by two persons. Several patrols on scene. Two men arrested. #stapo24

Smaller operations

@StadtpolizeiZH: Man with leaf blower disturbing the midday peace on the Züriberg. District police officer sorting the matter out. #stapo24


@StadtpolizeiZH: The police call an arrest report "a red one". Why? Because they used to be typed on red paper. #stapo24


@StadtpolizeiZH: Nice to know: round the world 100 times! The Zurich City Police cover some 4 million kilometres a year. #stapo24

Replies 40%



40% positive

60% neutral

@Hofnaerrin: Great job and mega thrilling! Thanks for all you do. Not just on the keyboard but also in real life!?

@Kourry_Kurmann: When do I have to pay the costs of an operation? Is it always the person who reports first who gets the bill?

< 0,1% negative @kohlenklau: Am I the only one who wonders whether a PR stunt like #stapo24 really is one of the duties of the @StadtpolizeiZH?

Gaining momentum Limmat 6 in action

@StadtpolizeiZH: The "Limmat 6" patrol has picked up a dead crow from the Schaffhauserstrasse. #stapo24


Followers' responses

@stefanbuesser: Best chat-up line this evening: Hey cutie, I'm the guy from Limmat 6... @StadtpolizeiZH #stapo24


Community initiative - Twitter Account - FB Fanpage - Hashtag

@limmat6: Hello, too, to our friends at @blickch. We've got exclusive photos and stories for you. Just sayin': "crow". #stapo24


Followers 7000 6000

6000 5000 4000 3000


2000 1000

800 200

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Resonance TV

4 TV reports (local/national) (German/French)


15 radio reports (local/national)

Print media

Online media

20 reports 30 online media in print media reports (German/French) (Germany/Austria/ Switzerland)


10 blogposts


1000 replies

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#stapo24 - Zurich City Police tweeted 24-hours  

Over a 24-hour period the Zurich City Police has tweeted every of the 250 incidents it dealt with