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RIOTINTO. From the metal ages, mining has been one of the economic and cultural motors of Huelva. Rio Tinto has a lot of influence in our province, resalting the British heritage that makes an important point in the past of Huelva. In Rio Tinto mining park you can travel by a different type of railway, go inside a mine, visit an autentic Victorian house and known the history of a region completely transformed by the mining activity.

Mining Museum It Is situated In an old Britanic hospital used for attending the mine workers of Rio Tinto Company Limited. This museum makes a medioambiental, geologic and historic route of all the region. It shows a lot of pieces releated with mining and metallurgic pieces from all times, like the Maharajá wagon. Built in honour of Queen Victoria of England, and given to Rio Tinto for Alfonso XIII´s visit. The three principal minerals that were obtained from the mine were Pirite, Calcopirite and Gossan.

House nº 21 of Bellavista One of the houses built by the company for its British workers is opened to public. When you visit it you can make a time trip to Victorian times and feel the environment of this age, and know how and why this district was built, and discover how lived the british colony during this 84 years.

Peña de Hierro Mine The story of this mine take place in Roman Times, although its greater exploitation was at the end of the XIX century. Peña de Hierro Mine is one of the best landscapes of the village. People can see an underground mine of 200 metres of length, the born place of Tinto River, the place where NASA does their researching proyect of the possible life in Mars.

Rio der tiento  
Rio der tiento