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Who am I?

Hello, I’m a Spanish building engineer with experience as an engineer and architectural technician. Very reliable person, fast learner and always looking for new challenges. While I’m working at Interior Design & Architecture Studio, I develop my own website focused in architectural and engineering courses, and studying a Master’s Degree in BIM Manager. I’m looking for new opportunities where I can develop my skills and knowledge.

EXPERIENCE 08/2015 - Present ARCHITECTURAL TECHNICIAN at Oro Interior Design&Architecture (Sydney) Making detail drawings and creating 3D Concepts. 10/2012 - Present EDITOR IN CHIEF at Plano y Escala (Spain) General manager. 12/2013 - 12/2014 BUILDING ENGINEER as a freelancer (Spain) Energy certificates, energy audits, technical inspections of building, and technical consultan. 08/2014 - 12/2014 TECHNICAL CONSULTANT at Vertical Green (Spain) Designing structures for green walls.

EDUCATION 2016-2017 MASTER’S DEGREE IN BIM MANAGER E-Zigurta. E-learning Institute for Engineers & Architects 2013-2014 MASTER’S DEGREE IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND STRUCTURAL REHABILITATION University of Granada 2008-2013 BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN BUILDING ENGINEER University of Seville

Resume COURSES 2014 Autodesk Revit 2014 at Foundation Construction work


2013 Certification Rating and Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings at Render’s Factory

08.01.1990 (+61) 0413 309 920



Currently living in Sydney

ENGLISH. Greenwich English College - Upper Itermediate - FLUENT - C1

COMPUTER SKILLS Professional knowledge and experience in Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, SketchUp, Adobe Suit (Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign) and Microsoft Office.


1. Origani_Sydney

3. Cnr58_Sydney

2. Neat_Sydney

4. Rehabilit ect_S

tation ProjSpain

7. Personal Project

5. Structural And Constructive Analysis_Spain

6. Execution Work Project_Spain


March 2016

Origani Oro Interior Design & Architecture Origani is a luxury company about skincare products which is currently expanding around Italy and Australia. Oro Interior Design & Architecture is responsible for making the designs of its stores, so we know perfectly how the designs are, and what our client expect from us. Although we worked before on other design, from the first moment the client warns us of the importance of this store, located in the heart of Melbourne. They wanted to continue our previous design, but they wanted to make special this shop. So my role was, based on previous design and client’s comments to create a new concept, build the 3D, and show them how the shop was going to be.

Swanston Street, Carlton VIC 3053


December 2015

Neat Oro Interior Design & Architecture Neat, before called The Creative Shop, is an interactive marketing agency. According to the moodboard, which was created by my colleague, I was the person in charge to build the 3D concept. The idea was to create a warm and fresh environment to motive their worker to be creative.

Hiles Street, Alexandria NSW 2015


November 2015

cnr-58 Oro Interior Design & Architecture Since the beginning cnr-58 was a big challenge. It was my first project that I was involved as a part of Oro Design & Architecture, and also it was my first project at Sydney. I was therefore under a lot of pressure. My role in this project was to assist the Senior Designer on the construction drawings; elevations and detail drawings.

Mortlake Street, NSW 2137






July 2015

Rehabilitation Project Final Master Project The objective of this project was to study a building which was built at Granada (Spain) in 1973.We need to understand how the structure and system energies worked to propose a rehabilitation to improve the systems and consolidate the old structure.

Polo y Ca単a, 10 18014 Spain

We studied that adding new feature wall on the current facade, and adding solar panels to support the heating and the hot water, the building can pass to issue from 72.1 CO2/m2 a 9,5 CO2/m2 per year. And also we realize that if they added all these features, they would return their investment in 10 years.


July 2014

Structural And Constructive Analysis Final Career Project This study was based on intervention to restore a special Arabic Batch (Ba単os de la Reina Mora) in the heart of Seville. The challenge of this study was study the current structure, how it was built, and how, it was possible, I could improve it.

Ba単os St. Seville Spain

Although I made a historical, constructive and structural analysis I always focused more on the structural analysis, and I realized that I was able to reduce the dimensions of the current steel structure. It means where you could find a square steel tube of 200x200mm, it could have been used a square steel tube of 100x100mm, so they could have also reduced a lot the budget of this project.


June 2009

Execution Work Project University of Seville. Detail Drawings The objects of the subject are to do details drawing of the most important elements of the structure (foundation, structure and roof), stimulating their construction.

5 Tramontana St., 41012 Spain

The objective is to resolve the union between the support of reinforced concrete, the structure floor and the two beams of reinforced concrete

3D Detail of the roof

Details and process of construction of a windows


Since October 2010

Personal Project Plano y Escala Plano y Escala is a website focus in about architecture and engineering courses. Plano and Scale is news, it’s today’s construction, it’s design, it’s engineering, it’s education ... it’s architecture. 1.500 visitor per day and more than 2000 followers are our success


IMAGINE THAT YOUR JOB IS YOUR HOBBY We are architects and engineers who are part of the educational revolution in web and we work to make easier to learn online


thank you

Profile for Manuel Montero

Manuel Montero - Building Engineer Portfolio  

Manuel Montero Morano. Building Engineer Portfolio

Manuel Montero - Building Engineer Portfolio  

Manuel Montero Morano. Building Engineer Portfolio


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