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 KIN CARE S TECHINQUES for a flawless finish

haute fashion in form & texture


i don’t care

the boys of kazaky bring attitude to the stage


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little fox editorial

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09 unraveling don’t ask, don’ tell

40 charlottes web 46 candids from the shoots


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HEALTH & BEAUTY 26 grooming 29 made up deeply 38 tips by martine


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Behind the scenes of the Little Fox editorial with Ty Xavier Weldon 05


William Lenox Tyran Xavier Weldon K Shawn Dent Luis Dante Dustin Shelby Carlisa Flournoy Marcel Weldon Bernard Jones (Mak Cielo Model Management) Beat Dreams Martine Dulce (Dulce) Steven Holiday (Cover Story Candid’s) Jordan Steede (NOD PR) Demanti O’Bryant (St. Claire Model Management)

EDITOR’S LETTER It’s Here, Manuelle Magazine is here, and it’s no turning back. And,the time has come to rollout the premiere “Texture Issue” a visual experience in the exploration of textiles.I found it outstandingthat the definition of texture talked of unity. And, unity is a great parallel of this issue, as it is more than just simple fabrics. As one writer explores the wavering tapestry of don’t ask don’t tell and the effects its appeal. We then dive into our style section where we tackle texture in pattern and all natural textiles with native sun. So on behalf of the Manuelle Staff we are now proud to present you our envisionment of Texture. -William C. Lenox Editor in Chief


IN THIS PICTURE: Steven Holiday, Bernard Jones, Ty Xavier Weldon, Martine Dolce, K Shawn Dent, Maggie Brown, Aisha Albritton, Terrence Dixon

No part of Manuelle may be reproducved in any form by any means without prior written consent from William C. Lenox or Tyran Weldon. For permissions requests, please email to: or Manuelle Magazine is published quarterly by Manuelle Media, LLC. William C. Lenox, Publisher. Headquarters at 7945 Roswell Road, Atlanta GA 30350. All editorial submissions should be sent to this address. Copyright Manuelle Magazine. All rights reserved by Manuelle Media, LLC. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Printed in the USA. Not responsible for unsolicited materials.

from the CREATIVE DIRECTOR It can take a long time to produce a magazine. The preproduction work that is put into everything take just as much time as the production itself. I am very excited to say we worked extremely hard to make this happen and we will work even harder to keep it going. Manuelle Magazine is something that will attract on all accounts. The vision imagery alone will be enough to keep your mind tingling and you creative side urging for more. It takes a very stron team to produce such greantess. K Shawn Dent one of my friends and great stylist, has workd extremely hard on this issue. I seen him evolve & grow into stylist of pure fashion. Let alone there is always more to do and more to come. We will go strong and we will go hard. Enjoy, Ty Xavier Weldon 07


Unraveling Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Written by Dustin Shelby

Many members of the armed forces have become anxious about the repeating patterns of a policy enacted by previous administrations. As the shroud of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been lifted, we can only wonder what thread of hope our service men and women can expect during this time of transition. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” emerged as compromise for allowing LGBT members to serve their country at a time when a LGBT ban policy was being pushed from a variety of officials in various branches of government. The compromise sought to allow enlisted lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals to serve their country, as long as they were not open about their sexual orientation. This policy contradicted the basis of equality that our country was established upon. Although this policy was leading to a higher level of acceptance, it kept many soldiers, marines, recruiters, etc. in the closet. For many who served, the policies inflicted on them pressured them to keep their sexual orientation under wraps. This prohibited those who were LGBT from truly knowing those who served by their side. Undoubtedly DADT took a toll psychologically, in and outside the life of being enlisted in the United States Armed Forces. The deeper sociological implications of silencing LGBTs service members began to affect the armed forces as a whole. This became evident by various cases of service men and women turning against one another based on the socially constructed stigma of being LGBT, which was being reinforced by a government approved policy that encouraged discrimination based upon sexual orientation. However, the repeal of DADT was signed into law on December 22, 2010. Thus the thread that unites enlisted ser-

vice members together has begun to change. As this article was being written many high ranking officials of the armed forces are set to begin training that will implement DADT’s repeal. The end result emphasizes tolerance for service members regardless of sexual preference, and thus the stigma of being LGBT while serving in the United States military has begun to unravel. While the repeal’s implementation is carried out, many won’t feel the effects until the months to come. Will they feel empowered and step into a theoretically non-judgmental environment? Or has effects of DADT permanently shaped the perspective of how Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered service members are viewed by others currently enlisted. As the change is untangled through the various armed forces branches, we can only wait, and hope for the best our fellow lesbian, gay, and bisexual service members. 09

INTO THE ROOTS Phototgrapher Ty Xavier Weldon Stylist K Shawn Dent

Hand chosen from Stylist K Shawn Dent, He places some accesories from his personal collection with a strong color pallete. Martine Dulce reinforces the concept with impecable make-up artistry. Using MAC cosmetics, she uses her blending hand to complete the look

10 11

Deidra wears Bangles Stylist’s Own Dress Stylist’s Own Make-up MAC Cosmetics


Deidra wears Shorts Stylist’s Own Tank Stylist’s Own Turban Stylist’s Own Make-up MAC Cosmetics 13

Deidra wears Bangles Stylist’s Own Shorts Stylist’s Own Tank Stylist’s Own Turban Stylist’s Own Make-up MAC Cosmetics


Deidra wears Bangles Stylist’s Own Shorts Stylist’s Own Tank Stylist’s Own Turban Stylist’s Own Make-up MAC Cosmetics 15

Location ty Xavier studio Stylist k shawn dent Set design william lenox Retouching ty xavier factory Model deidra robinson




GROUNDED CHOICE Step into the earth bound style, native crafted pieces choosen by K Shawn Dent to complete some of the most craftman looks in this issue. Each piece preserves its ability to showcase while providing the quality craftsmanship and design appeal you have to come to expect from such well place jewelry.

The exotic flower bangle from forever 21 has been a big selling in New York stores.


style 19

Exploring the youth of playing in the woods is a great memory to bring back into play

Photographer Ty Xavier Weldon Stylist K Shawn Dent 20

Jeremiah wears Tank, vest, bracelets shorts, belt were all pulled from the manuelle closet 21

Jeremiah wears by Tyran photography top, vest, bracelets, Xavier Weldon hort, fox tail were all pulled styling K Shawn Dent from the by manuelle closet

Model Jeremiah Lyke

22 23


Location Atlanta, GA Stylist k shawn dent Assistance & Videography william lenox Retouching ty xavier factory Model jeremiah lyke (st.claire models) Special Thanks demanti o’bryant (st.claire models) 25

grooming the face with care 4 Basic Tips For Effective Skin Care 26

health & beauty

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A cleansing is an option many hear about. It removes makeup, dead skin cells, oil, and dirt from the skin of the face. This helps to unclog pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne. Many people use a cleanser one or more times a day as part of their skin care regimen together with toner and moisterizer. A facial mask is applied to clean or smooth the face. Many masks often contain minerals, vitamins, and fruit extracts. Facial masks have a variety of purposes including: deep cleansing of pores, healing acne scars or hyper-pigmentation, and brightening for a gradual illumination of the skin tone. Exfoliation removes the oldest dead skin cells on the skin’s outer most surface and has been used for many years to help maintain skine. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas. Exfoliation can be achieved throgh mechanical or chemical means. Moisterizers are designed to make the external layers of the skin softer and more pliable by increasing its hydration by reducing evaporation.

Face Fact: Soap bars are not best when caing for your facial needs. It tends to dry out the skin and cut the natural oils. 27

FAVOR D personal shopper

contact 404-503-8391

Khiana Crockett wears Jewelry pulled from manuelle closet Eye shadow MAC Cosmetics Lip sticks MAC Cosmetics

MUD made.up.deeply.

Photography Tyran Xavier Weldon Makeup Martine Dulce 29

Maggie Brown wears jewelry pulled from manuelle closet 3 0 31


Red highly pigmented powder MAC Cosmetics Red Lipstick MAC Cosmetics Yellow Lipstick MAC Cosmetic 33

Location ty xavier studio Makeup Artist martine dulce Creative Direction ty xavier weldon Styling k shawn dent Models maggie brown (Mak Cielo) & Khiana Crockett (Mak Cielo) Makeup MAC Cosmetics

34 35


b runs the world Image Source:

Beyonce ‘Run the world (Girls)’Video Teaser


Manuelle Magazine lives for everything that is unique, creative, high geared, high fashion and anything not with it “we don’t care”. The Kazaky Boys, a Ukrainian boy band, are taking the entertainment industry with a strong strut. “LOVE”, one of their latest singles, has the fans dying for more. In such simple but affective words it brings strength and passion to the individuals that live by their movement.

Beyonce brought force to this month with a smashing music video. ‘Run the world’ (Girl) is beyonce latest single. Before the video had a chance to be release it was already taken many of the streets and clubs by full force. The choreography and energy keeps you intrigue,

along with exotic animals and exploding cars. This time around it seems as if beyonce has solely brought herself and sasha fierce together to form one high fashion diva. She has her fans now ecstatic and ready for more.

With over a 4 million views on YouTube & varies video feeds, these boys will soon be having everybody wanting to dance with their shirts off and a 6 inch heel. If you want incredible physiques, attitude, masculine beauty, and B-boy choreography mixed with isolations that has your turn your eyes, than Kazaky Boys are your choice for your iTunes playlist.

machoman will be missed Lady Gaga performs ‘Judas’ on ELLEN

‘JUDAS’ FIRES UP DEBATE Lady Gaga is no doubt the favorite of millions, but the chances are many would change their thinking after watching the new single of the star about which is being said that it has sparked a sort of religious debate and has made her controversial. ‘Judas’ is the name of the latest single of Grammy-winner which is said

to be leaked on the internet. The song was leaked morning, and it has been gaining her curses since then. There were already many questions being raised about the lyrics and content of the song, but now when the viewers have watched the video, it has ignited their emotions even more.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage at WrestleMania 7

Wrestling icon “Macho Man” Randy Savage, age 58, died early Friday morning. He reportedly suffering a heart attack behind the wheel of his vehicle and colliding with a tree in Tampa, Florida. Savage was recognizable by wrestling fans for his distinctively deep and raspy voice, his ring attire (often comprising sunglasses, a bandana or head band, flashy robes, and a cowboy hat), intensity exhibited in and out of the ring, and his signature catch phrase 37

How to apply texture in make-up for everyday casual wear The biggest thing that must be remembered is that you do not want to overdue your make-up when adding dimension. Also during the spring time you do not want to apply any heavy coating of make-up.

tips by martine

EYE I typically start with eyes first. It is the smartest choice to make, because you never want the eye shadow work to mix with your foundation. Glitter and shimmer are two great uses for adding texture to your look. With simmer, it is always great to use a nice balance of simmer and matte color. Glitter tends to be the tricky usage because many people tend to want to crazy with dealing with glitter. A glitter liner is simple, strong, and to the point. For your everyday woman a glitter liner would be ideal. If anybody knows how to add subtle glitter in there make-up routine it would be Nicki Minaj. She consistently has a creative balance of glitter or shimmer in her eye make-up. Spring choices for glitter color: Bright pink, gold, yellow. 38

FACE With the face, I conduct a nice foundation cover to

give the face a clean look. In addition, I apply a eye contour.

CHEEKS For spring, minimum is always better. A light blush without much contouring can go a long way. Spring choices for color: Coral, and light pinks

LIPS Keep it simple and use pale pinks and nude colors on the lip.

Terrence Dixon wears Shirt stylist’s own Cartigan stylist’s own Pants stylist’s own

charlotte’s web Phototgrapher Ty Xavier Weldon Stylist K Shawn Dent


Maggie Brown wears Top stylist’s own Shorts stylist’s own 41

Maggie Brown wears Hand picked items from Stylist K Shawn Dent The look evokes true detail and attention to texture.

42 43

Terrence Dixon & Maggie Brown wear Hand picked items from Stylist K Shawn Dent


Terrence Dixon & Maggie Brown wear Hand picked items from Stylist K Shawn Dent

Location ty xavier studio Models maggie brown (Mak Cielo) & terrance dixon (Mak Cielo) Stylist k shawn dent Assistant william lenox Videography steven holiday (Mak Cielo) Makeup martine dulce Special Thanks bernard jones (Mak Cielo) 45


we work hard, we play hard and when you combine both. you have something incredible



the time it takes to convince a person “I am going to put mud on you� actually is a swift process. Takes new ideas and openning the brain to amazing ideas

Candids by steven holiday 47

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