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ECOTECT SHADOW DISPLAY & SHADOW RANGE To do this I clicked on: shadows settings tab/check daily sun path and annual sun path, and then click on display shadow or show shadow range for different shadow display.

Stereographic diagram with shading.

MH . 1

DISPLAY SURFACE NORMALS When I was trying to do the radiation on faรงades, I had some issues because of the direction of the surfaces, so I reversed the normals just in the surfaces that I wanted to calculate.

SURFACE SUBDIVISION In order to have a proper faรงade calculation, I subdivide them first. Using: Modify/Surface subdivision/Rectangle tiles, and I offset them just a little bit.

MH . 2

SOLAR RADIATION After reversing the normals, the faรงades were ready to calculate. I tried specified period of time first but it was taking too much time, so at the end I selected the current day choice. At step 6, under surface sampling: Low 1pt and for sky subdivision: low 10x10, and checked use fast calculation method. RESULT


MH . 3

GRID SOLAR ANALYSIS First display analysis grid/adjust grid to objects, choose around/selected objects/and OK. I was looking for a calculation around the block, so I went for adjust grid extents/manually adjust grid extents, and then I choose a small grid spacing.

Now, Calculate/Solar access analysis/Incident solar radiation/current day/cumulative values/Analysis grid (use full 3D extents for analysis grid)/Perform detailed shading calculations, and then I choose 1pt and 10x10. RESULTS

XY axis view (contour lines off)

MH . 4

YZ axis view (contour lines off)

Volumetrics turned on

MH . 5

SPACIAL VISIBILITY ANALYSIS I made the grid a little larger than the buildings in it, using adjust grid extents/manually, and then to start the visibility: first I selected the faรงade or surface, Calculate/Spacial visibility analysis/selected objects and at the last step full 3D analysis grid.


XY axis view (contour lines on)

MH . 6

XZ axis view (contour lines on) ANALYSIS ON BARCELONA MODEL WIND ANALYSIS PROCESS Grid tab/display analysis grid/auto fit grid to objects/select 3d airflow/and OK. A big grid appear, so I click adjust grid extents/manually adjust cell spacing (depending your needs click either option). The smaller the grid spacing, the more detail the results will be, but the longer it will take.

MH . 7

Click CFD Cell Blockages/Perform Calculation/select covered in Z.

Once is done calculating go to the export manager tab, click on winair4/export model data, a new window will appear, type wind speed and select wind direction according to your site, check the three first boxes in the bottom of the window and then OK. May take a while‌ time to get a drink! After winair is done you will have to load the data. Go to the grid tab again/check load CFD/ click load output file, and select the folder where you previously saved the data. DONE! RESULTS, AIR FLOW RATE & FLOW VECTOR

Flow rate - XY axis, plan view (contour lines on)

MH . 8

Flow vector - XY axis, plan view

YZ axis views

MH . 9

NOTE: after trying different grid spacing and calculating cell blockages, the results above are the ones that I choose, based on what I wanted to show for studio. MORE SCREEN-SHOOTS Some exercises trying to find the easiest or fastest way to do the calculations for the Barcelona model. WIND ANALYSIS

MH . 10

Ecotect Basics  

A way to visualize the learning process of Ecotect

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