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The monthly magazine RISK - we edit from 2012 - is a trade publication covering all market segments: property insurance, people, reinsurance, ART, adding an analysis of the pension system and the national economy. Risk television programs that are broadcast by the cable signal inter (tvl risk channel 91) on Monday at 12.30. and Friday 23.30 pm. reach throughout the country, specifying a task of clarification and dissemination of the activity. In addition, the site update daily all the national and international information about insurance. It also provides statistics and performance indicators of insurers and jurisprudence on activity. Risk This website will allow those who view an easy access to the main notes of the last posts and also to a wide range of services that continue to enrich with advancing technology development and growing needs of those involved in the market.

Manuel Gutierrez

Content:  Extended coverage Policy  H.C.M insurance policy

 Commercials

Extended coverage Policy With Insurance Companies can rest assured that we provide you with Automobile Policy for you keeps you and your vehicle covered for any unforeseen as a shock, overturn, among others. Offers a variety of services and financing plans tailored to your chances. You will not have to worry, Commercial else will.

coverage The Auto Policy offers two types of coverage: Comprehensive: Covers all those partially damaged by collisions, overturning, collision, fire caused by the above mentioned causes, malicious damage, riot or riots and the damage of the vehicle for theft, assault and robbery or theft or where the amount repair damage resulting from the above mentioned causes is equal to or greater than seventy-five percent (75%) of the insured value. Total loss: when the repair is equal to or greater than seventy-five (75%) of the insured or theft or riot. Commercial Insurance, thinking once again in your tranquility, offers you the opportunity to supplement your policy with the following services: Catastrophic Event Coverage: earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunamis, floods, among others. Daily Compensation: protection direct consequence of the total loss or theft of the vehicle. Possibility of services: DOF = + Eye Dermatology and Dermatological ODOF = Dental + + Eye Benefits competitive rates Easy issue services Installing a satellite location for all qualifying vehicle. Mandatory Civil Liability Coverage. Service through Automotive Service Commercial and Mobile Modules

H.C.M insurance policy Your welfare and that of your family is most important to us, so we created a policy that covers or indemnifies innovative potential costs of hospitalization, surgery and maternity, of you and your family signed it, both outside and in Venezuela

Global Trade Benefits gives you the best coverage: Hospitalization and surgery. Hospital services. Surgical interventions. Outpatient. Care in the hospital or outside it. Organ transplant. Emergency dental treatment as a result of an accident. Major medical services (medical fees).

sums Insured Annual 6,300,000.00 Bs, Bs lifetime 12,600,000.00 Maternity Coverage up to AU $ 63,000.00 Automatic coverage of AU $ 630,000.00 to the newborn during the first 60 days from birth as well as treatment-related birth defects

Benefits: You can choose different deductible options International Coverage services Endorsement Letter: To access hospitals for treatments and surgeries scheduled. Aeroambulancias: Transfer worldwide. Personalized Service Patient Support: medical services experts can guide you throughout the process so that your medical decision is the right one. Service orientation emergency medical

The insurers' investment grew 5.2% in the first quarter In the Life portfolio, investments totaled 173.401 million, growing by 5.18% compared to March last year, while the volume of investment in non-life was 38.763 million (+2.69% yoy).

As for emissions acquired by companies, "include the growth experienced by those issued in Spain, over the same period last year, rising from 67.5% to 71.1% of total investment "detailed from the association