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Tolerance along with each other Some people have trouble because they don’t accept other people’s pleasures, but this people also have attitudes that others don’t like but why we can´t live accepting the believes of other people? Why can´t we accept others likes?

Today we have a lot of different cultures, activities and pleasures, not everybody has

the same opinions. Each person has their own personality, this personality maybe not be liked by all the people, but we can live in a peaceful community knowing that no one has the same perspective of life.

People should know that if you don’t like something and other person like it, it’s not wrong, simply she or he has their own opinion about life and you need to respect it, because maybe you like something that the other person don’t like and the other person may accept you and respect it.

We do not have to reject or discriminate other persons for their actions, each person

may only make a constructive opinion about other people’s actions and respect them, because each one has behaviors and ideas that maybe other people don’t like.

In conclusion, each one of us has their own mind, their own characteristics who make each person unique, everybody has troubles and satisfactions, no one can be the same

or either have the same likes, but we can respect and accept the preferences of others to finally live in a peaceful community.


The Peaceful Nature Nature of the old wild Take wherever you want from here We like all your fields And all the beauties you give on this sphere. The beautiful abundant nature Who make a peaceful life Marveling with his creatures Everyday of the life. You can prevent the stress With the sensations you can make When we see your long morning dress Even when we see the sunset. All the different species All the different landscapes Nature have some amazing things That we can use to success.


A Dream Within a Dream BY EDGAR ALLAN POE

Take this kiss upon the brow! And, in parting from you now, Thus much let me avow — You are not wrong, who deem That my days have been a dream; Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. I stand amid the roar Of a surf-tormented shore, And I hold within my hand Grains of the golden sand — How few! yet how they creep Through my fingers to the deep, While I weep — while I weep! O God! Can I not grasp Them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?


The Global Headquarters A short story by Manuel Gracida In the year 2384, when all the technological advances had reached a wonderful splendor, which a long time ago men could not imagine, the world was on the golden age of the technological advances of any kind as the tele transportation systems, cryopreservation of bodies, the capacity to travel to other planets within a blink, reanimation of bodies, creation of security systems almost unbreakable, machines that had self consciousness and that could merit by themselves, the famous called androids.

Everything was perfect and the world had reached a level of peace never reached that several centuries ago couldn't have been imagined to get, but every good story of peace and harmony has a little spot of putrid smell on its interior, and this was not the exception since it was achieved the most advanced level of technology, there was also specialized people on that technology, and not all of them wanted to do the right thing with their knowledge, from here raised the denominated Informatics Assassins or also known as


Ultra Hackers, the successors of the common informatics pirates that existed on a distant past, just when the informatics world achieved to reach a technological splendor.






Assassins were equipped with a superior intelligence which get to the level



Computers a






substances had been unleashed all over the Earth giving to humans superior minds, but to a few of these, give them some superpowers. Thanks to this the world could reached a technological splendor.

The world, even though it was a pacific place, was in constant confrontations against these Informatic Assassins, specifically a well known and feared group called Hex Ars, who got into confrontations from time to time with the Computer Cops. They attacked as ninjas, with an incredible agility, but just when it was necessary, what ironically made Cops to be alert even more at any moment of any possible attack.

A long time had passed since the last informatic attack, until the 4th of December of the year 2837 that an attack after another happened on the Global Headquarters that were localized on London, England, where all the machines were controlled.


It was the most crazy and numerous war of all the times. It was so its magnitude that all the informatic departments went to the case, even official Jana who was pregnant was there, the greatest head of all the informatic departments thanks to her ability of deduction of complex cases, and her husband, the great psychologist Fess, who was capable of controlling human minds and to create magnetic shields that couldn't be trespassed by any hack frequency gadget.

The quantity of Informatics Assassins present on the match was countless, as much it was that when they attacked they looked as black birds covering the sky on its totality, filling the robotic bodies and humans of the boiling plasma from the weapons of those times, making all the electronic devices useless as it move forward and creating chaotic explosions without ceasing. Fess did all the possible to retain them with the shields formed thanks to his psychical powers, even making one resistant to plasma. But couldn't impede that pass of the Informatic Assassins, leaving him perplex and








numerous attacks. Nor the abilities of Jana stood with the Assassins. Fess, by the time his shield was destroyed, was reached by a plasma bullet in the stomach which left him almost dead on Jana´s arms, after that he gave his last words: “Jana, take care of our son, our precious Hegan, escape and bring back peace to this World�.

Jana escaped to a refuge that they had underground, protected in case some disaster as this one occurs. She stayed with other survivors of this war.

When the Hex Ars got over the others, they got into the Global Headquarters, place on the palace of Westminster, they obtained within 10 minutes get through the unbreakable security system of this soothes. Once inside they corrupted the Headquarters and due to this, a few seconds after all the connected machines went crazy turning the world into a warlike field of survival.

A lot of people fortunately got to survived hiding on places that were like the one where Jana had hidden.


This battle lasted about 9 Hours leaving the city of London almost under complete destruction, the unbreakable systems were treated as basic encryption codes, the surface had been completely devastated by the driven crazy machines, which these days are still watching.

Weeks after this event named by the survivors “The End of Times," people that were under ground started to reconnect all the refuges in which they lived, in






underground civilization. After 5 months the achieved to connect all the refuges making an almost complete safe place to live but under the ground. The called city Haradwaith that were below the city of London, but they didn't have enough resources so from time to time special people had to go to the surface for some supplies and medicaments for the others.

On this period Jana had a lot of trouble to conceive her baby, due to all the stress of the situation in which they were, she had to keep quiet and not move for her baby to see the world with his own eyes. That was Jana´s major wish and hers husband´s as well who was not any longer with them unfortunately.


After a lot of effort and perseverance by Jana, she gave birth to the little Hegan, a beautiful child, with brown hair as the ancient maps and as the wood of the youngest Oak, and had that yellowish color of his father´s eyes. This event was not just happens for Jana who was still the boss of the Informatics Departments, but for everyone on Haradwaith.

The first years of Hegans life were as other normal Kid´s. He went playing with his friends, ran everywhere and did not had to worry about anything, but he always had curiosity of the people that went to the surface to get supplies, he asked himself what could be out of the refuge, but he was told that no matter what were outside he shouldn't have to go there. Also he realized that no one has ever mention something about his father.

Hegan was a distracted boy during the first years of his life due to his curiosity, which makes other people to think that he wont have any good future, but when he was 11 one day he was walking around the paths of Haradwaith and found in his path another kid of about his age, who was very pale, with black hair as night and blue eyes brilliant as the stars, this kid approached to Hegan and when he was near fainted. Began worried carried him all the way home, and once inside he call his mother and ask her to come and see his friend who had fainted. After 3 hours the kid awoke and told Hegan and to his mother that his name was Yu and that his parents hadn't come back since the last excursion to the surface to


look for supplies and he didn't know what happened, provoking him to worry a lot. Jana with tears on her eyes told him that his parents had been great heroes and wherever that were, that would be find. Then Jana decided to adopt and turn him as one of the family. This awoke even more the curiosity of Hegan to know what was on the outside.

Hegan and Yu soon after meeting have become nearly brothers and shared a lot their idea of knowing what was on the exterior. When Hegan and Yu turned 14 they realized that Yu had a special skill, one of those mental abilities that just a few people had, which gave him the ability to control the body of one person for a certain period of time. When they noticed this they came up with the great idea of using Hegan´s hack skills and Yu´s power at their favor to be able to pass the security of the refuge and get out and at last discover what was outside.

They stayed a whole week `planning how they were going to execute their plan to get out. When the day came, they




afternoon much time when everybody was eating except for one gard that was taking care of the exit, but this was the toughest of the guards, but for their own luck the plan was infallible, but they had to act quickly. Yu possessed the guard, Hegan opened the door hacking it and they crossed as if nothing had happened.


Once they were at the other side of the door, out of the refuge, in the city of London, they realized that everything was under a complete and deep silence, everything was destroyed

and they could beat a sinister air of disquiet, but they didn't care about

that and fortunately that didn't find anything dangerous.

After a while Yu found a house in ruins with Hegan´s last name crafted on it, so they entered to investigate what was inside. t was filled of books, blueprints, computers,

machines you


and find

almost everything in that house, then they went to the cellar and heard a voice that said - Mr. Fess, Is it you? Oh, I´m glad to see you - Hegan looked and found an android cover by dust, old and asked him - Where did you hear that name? - The Andorra answered - I´m sorry, it´s just that you have the same eyes of Mr Fess what mede me get confused - Hegan answered - Fess was my father, What can you say about him? - The android answered with a smile Mr Fess is my creator and the creator of many other things that used to inhabit this Earth and that are connected to the Earth Center, fortunately, I´m not connected that way and thats way I´m not crazy like all the other androids, it was more or less 14 years ago, The Informatics Assassins invaded the Global Headquarters and unleashed a chaos, they killed your father, that´s what it seems to be, but all that can


be fixed and you are the only one who can do it, your retina is the key, you need to go to the palace of Westminster and fix the failure, but I have to warn you that going to that place can be very dangerous since that are a lot of androids and you have to be prepared.

After listening to that, Hegan and Yu went back to the refuge, but in their return they found tow crazy androids, but luckily they could escape almost by nothing because they were almost reached, repeating the same process as when they got out of the refuge they went in.

Four years passed since the first time Hegan and Yu went for the first time to the surface. In those four years they continued going out again and again to gather some materials that could help them to get to their objective. They were building a machine that could control 10 robots at a time, which would allow them to kill other 10 robots and with that free from danger.

At the end they built it and compacted it in a cube so they could carry it in their backpacks, so they went out one more time illegally and put their plan on march.

When they went out it seemed that the androids knew what was about to happen and there were more than usual. Hegan put the cube so they could free 20 robots at a time


and the other destroyed them with their plasma guns. They lasted 9 hours to arrive to the palace where the Headquarters were because there were an amazing quantity of robots.

When they got in the palace it looked as if nothing had happened, but when they walked deeper a trap activated and fell from the ceiling a ultra heavy material over them tripping them and breaking Yu´s legs. Hegan crying tried to take him out and make both of them to keep until the end, but at the distance they coumld hear the androids coming near towards them and in that moment Yu told Hagen with a smile on his face - Don't worry about me, keep going and finish what we started, release us from this agony, bring back the peace, you were the one who saved me 8 years ago and if wasn't because of you, we wouldn't have discovered the truth, keep going brother.

Hegan crying desperation tears faced the left androids and then got to the imposing Global Headquarters and after a while fixed the failure, and then yelled with all his lungs - Yu, we did it brother, We have brought peace back to the world!!!

After few time the world was recovering its splendor thanks to the boy from who no one had hope and to his loyal non-blood brother.


Have Only Positive Expectations