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How to Create the Perfect Playlist Manuel Dasilva

Manuel Dasilva is a former disc jockey who still has a huge passion for music. His eclectic and fun taste in music made him a big favorite at parties and events in his home state of Michigan. He still occasionally plays in his new city of Brooklyn, New York just for fun. If you have a party coming up, one of the best ways to make it a smash success is to create a great playlist. Here are some of Dasilva’s tips to make it fun.

• Vary the balance between songs. For example, don’t put too many up-tempo songs right next to each other. You want to put slow or mid-tempo songs in between them. You also want to mix genres and artists to keep people excited. And whatever you do, don’t break the cardinal rule of the playlist: never put two songs from the same artist back to back.

• Know your audience. If you are DJ-ing for an older crowd, be sure to put some throwback hits in there, and don’t expect them to be up to date with the latest indie band or EDM act. Likewise, if you are playing at a party of college kids, be sure to have recent, exciting music that will get them dancing. • Create and save your playlist beforehand on iTunes, Spotify, or a similar app. You don’t want to be fussing with the playlist during the party.

Manuel Dasilva still enjoys DJ-ing occasionally for fun.

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Manuel Dasilva - How to Create the Perfect Playlist  

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